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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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that's it for this "special report," fair balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" in seconds. tomorrow join me for facebook q and a 7:00 a.m. eastern time. details on facebook page. "special report" online goes online in just seconds. this is a fox news alert. right now police executing a raid in northeastern france. they are hunting for three terrorist suspects who murdered 12 in broad daylight today in a magazine office in the heart of paris. french police say they know exactly hot terrorist suspect, the killers are. it happened just before noon in paris. 12 people gunned down in the most methodical and cruel method. 11 others. opened office at the satirical magazine charlie hebdo. capturing the terrifying shooting on video. [shouting] [gunfire] >> when the gunfire ended
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10 journalists, two police officers were dead. and tonight the desperate hunt for the terrorists says terror concerns are raised around a the globe. live team coverage from paris to the united states. we begin with fox news correspondent greg palkot in paris. any news. >> greta, we are just a block away from where that terrible, brutal shooting happened just before noon wednesday here in paris. and we are getting reports unconfirmed reports that the manhunt for the three people involved in this brutal attack might be in custody and dead. there are reports that one was killed and two are under arrest in the midst of that raid in the city about 90 miles away here in paris. we don't have that confirmed. what police have told us is that they know who were involved and at least one of them has a record. a record for terrorism a conviction on a terrorism charge just briefly what
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happened here again. just before noon the gunmen stormed into the offices of the satirical offices shouting allah iraq bar that means god is great, also saying we are avenging the prophet. they said that because this newspaper has printed some cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed. and then they opened fire. as you noted, 12 dead, 11 injured. two policemen were some of the people who were killed. one of the police officers was shot execution style. these gunmen made a break for it getting in one get away car then hijacking another car about a mile away. and then they got away from police after yet another shootout. right now out on the street along with the special antiterrorist squad. fanning across not just this city and metropolitan area. but, again, as far as away as 90 miles away from here. also, the mainland marks and
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institutions here in paris are being guarded against any possible new attack. but, again, people are mourning. standing memorial for those killed. if i could ask, i will step aside and ask pierre to show you a few of the candles here. this the kind of the outpouring. not because people were killed idea freedom of speech. freedom of expression has been tried to be snuffed out by these individual today. the people here in france and major rallies across this city and across the continent are saying no, that will not happen just quickly recapping, greta again the reports we are getting unconfirmed is that the manhunt could have been -- it could be over and could be over right now with one dead and two injured we are waiting on confirmation of that. definitely the police know who they want to get and they will will resolve to
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confirm that and back to you. >> thank you. after today's vicious and well-planned attack raising terror alert at this hour. french intelligence officers are scrambling to determine if the paris gunmen are connected to a larger terror group and whether that larger terror group has ugly plans. what are u.s. intelligence officials doing to help the french and to keep us safe here in the united states? fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us. catherine, before we get though that particular question the editor of this magazine was publicly targeted. >> that's correct. >> by terrorists? >> he was publicly targeted by this group al qaeda in yemen. also known as aqap that's behind this propaganda magazine called inspire. and in the march 2013 edition, they specifically identified him in kind of a head shot sheet of the most wanted dead or alive fings there are also other people on that who are named what
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they have in common is they have written about or drawn caricatures of the prophet mohammed. >> now to the united states. what do you know here in the united states about what's going on. >> we were able to independently confirm after the shooting the french issued what amounts to all points bulletin with three names of the suspects. two are brothers, french nationals, 33 and 34. a third individual who is 18. we now know those names have been shared with the fbi and they are being run through the databases that are held by the national counter terrorism center. those databases also include individuals who are known to have traveled to syria. how did they get the names to begin with. any idea how they got the names so quickly. >> the names are in the all points bulletin. open source reporting in france that one of the men lost an identity card when they were transferring vehicles. and that is actually out on the web now, too. it matches up with the name. >> that, of course, was the very beginning of this. >> um-huh. >> is there any thought that they are connected to some
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larger group here in the united states, first i selfishly ask. based on conversations with government sources recently left government but worked on the intelligence side. there are really three categories or buckets if you will of ties to foreign terrorist organizations there is al qaeda in north africa, al qaeda in yemen or al qaeda based in syria. a key eyewitness account at the scene was when the two gunmen forced their way into the building and they said to the woman who used the security code that they were with al qaeda. and when you look at the video today, the familiarity they have with the weapons their comfort level, this all speaks to training and it all speaks to recan response. did i not speak to one person today in or out of government who did not call
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them radical islamic terrorists. >> catherine, thank you. >> sure. >> one of the most chilling things about today's massacre is how well orchestrated it was as catherine just described. masked gunmen armed with assault weapons. methodically carrying out the attack and escaping in get away car. what does that tell us about the terrorist lined the plot. oliver north joins us. good evening sir. this is different. this is not your suicide bomber that shows up and blows up the area. >> these guys intended to survive the experience. clearly they had cased the joint as they would say beforehand. i would point out probably the only people interviewed coming to you from undisclosed location. they came after my family in 1986 i was named as a target. >> like this editor of this paper. >> exactly. >> and others we haven't named in the same al qaeda publication. >> exactly. they had a cell of the islamic jihad operation operating in mcclain, virginia, which thankfully
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the fbi had been closely monitoring for some time. when they got the execute order from libya they came to our house and thankfully the fbi had alerted us and we were gone. we hid out at camp lejeune for a number of months and another place and finally moved back into our own home 37 federal agents that took care of us literally 24/7 for months and months and months afterwards. i raise that point only because our capability for doing some of that has been distracted. we had in new york city ray kelly set up an intelligence operation that monitored radical movements in individuals. that was all shut down by de blasio and bratton when they took power here in new york city. what you now have today is a joint terrorism task force in major cities around the country, similar to the one that was operating from the washington fuel office back in the 1980s, but it's been -- this administration needs to right now get on the table and say this is radical islam. they are targeting us.
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if it's true that these guys were trained in syria and it certainly looks to me like they had a good deal of military training, it's a major intelligence failure for the french. because they actually have people with head phones listening to stuff. we're collecting reams mountains of information at fort mead and other places around. nobody is sitting with head phones on like they were when they found out the guys were coming to kill my family and me. second, we have got to stop this idea that you can simply turn people loose out of gitmo. thieves guys were on a terror list in part because they were on a travel record somewhere. today dulles airport i can't get cleared into the global entry system but there are people with u.s. passports and european passports who are a thousand plus of them total operating in syria today and in iraq with isis and we have no idea where these people are we have no idea when they come back through dulles if they are in the global entry system they don't even talk to a human being coming. in what we have got to do is tighten those measures that we can to defend this
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country. otherwise, we are going to have attacks just like we just saw in paris. >> absolutely terrifying. when you look at this video the video that we do have how well orchestrated how they look so professional. these killers had training. this wasn't just a dope that they strapped a couple of sticks of dynamite to his chest. >> this is not the lone wolf who just got radicalized last week. >> this is a plan. this is strategy. >> these guys worked it out beforehand. they surveilled the place obviously. they had a get away plan. august of those things that you are taught to do in a military kind of operation. i wouldn't say this is a great operation. it's only two guys with guns. look at the tight group on that wind chill of that police car. that's an ak 47. that guy knew how to shoot ak 47. france has more gun control than chicago. how do they get ak 47's and nobody knew about it. >> colonel oliver north thank you, sir. >> always a pleasure. >> today was not the first timed that timed that the satirical magazine charlie hebdo.
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publishing car tunes of islam's holiest figure. in 2011 the office was fire bombed. magazine published a spoof issue invited mohammed to be a guest editor. last tweeted from magazine's account featured a cartoon of the isis leader. editor and chief killed in today's rampage had been the target of death threats in the past. also wanted in the al qaeda wanted list as we just noted. but two years ago, the editor told a french newspaper, quote: i would rather die standing than live on my knees. and now to washington d.c. the president obama's response to the terrorist attack. >> see the kind of cowardly evil attacks that took place today i think we enforces once again why it's so important for us to -- stand in solidarity with them as they stand in solidarity with us. >> ed henry joins us live.
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ed? >> well, greta what's interesting about that statement from the president is you will remember a short time before that his press secretary josh ernest was doing a series of cable interviews and at least one of them he hecked on whether it was a terror attack. referring to it as violence. we have seen the administration do that before. their critics say it's because they are shy about declaring that it's islamic terrorism. the white house insists, no, they are just trying to get the facts straight. they don't want to get ahead of these investigations. it's interesting because pretty quickly the president assembled some of thinks cabinet including secretary of state john kerry, vice president biden and went into the oval office and made that statement to the press that, in fact, it was a violent terror attack. i think it's also interesting that look, this is day two of this new congress. the new senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. been fighting with the president about veto threats and a the like. he went to the senate floor today and joined hands with the president on the idea that look france is a key ally. let's all rally around them. but then mitch mcconnell added that this is a
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reminder what happened today that the president's claim that al qaeda has been disseminateside not really true greta. >> ed, when you look at france and look at how many people go in and out of france so much. they have a very welcome and very porous border, you think what can they do? if ollie north is correct that they have the tightest gun control, if they have got these weapons there it's almost, like you know, cow out of the barn. >> that's difficult. and what i think is also something that is worrying to the administration, obviously is something we heard today from republican senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire who was saying that because of the visa system, if you are in france it's pretty easy obviously to get here to america. as have you been reporting to the top greg palkot it, appears that these particular suspects have been taken into custody. maybe one of them killed. if another situation like this happens again, there is that fear that the terror could spread to the united states. something that the homeland security secretary jay johnson who was on chill one of the president's key advisors saying they are trying to stay on top of
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that greta. >> and president obama spoke to president france from air france one. >> he did. full support. fbi and others have been trying to help french authorities track the suspects down. very bottom line, of course is that france, you will remember, the iraq war, the first iraq war, there was a lot of back and forth about whether this alliance was strong. it's very clear these two presidents realize they have got to work together in this battle against terror greta. >> ed, thank you. and from the white house to capitol hill. what is congress doing and what can it do to protect us from a terror attack right here in the united states. adam kinzinger joins us. good evening, sir. >> thank you greta. >> what is congress doing and what can you do. >> there is a lot more what we can do and what we have done in december for instance on the foreign affairs committee. we had hearings in terms of the question of these foreign fighters. who is being recruited out of the united states to go fight. who is being recruited out of europe. in reality not just because they are drawing from those
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populations. it's because folks are going to syria or going to iraq to fight for isis with passports. which means they get radicalized and how to fight like what we saw you in france. obviously they knew how to fight come back with clean pass port and do terror here. we have got to stop sequestration on our military. this is devastating to our armed forces. we are at a time as a military guy we are making cuts we should not make in terms of executing the war on terror right now. we have got to defeat isis. we have to defeat this growing cancer in the middle east. and as isis is more successful, it's encouraging people to join them because they see success and they want to be part of that success. >> what about how easy it is to come into the united states from france it's not that tough. you could be on a no fly list. alli can't get the global entry thing. annoyed by that terrorists can get in this country. what is congress doing specifically to protected us from people coming here or is that just an impossible task? >> it's not impossible. it's difficult. right? i mean, there is always -- humans are smart. they are going to find a way
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through any security measure that we have. we have to continually understand that the terrorists just like our security measures are evolving, the terrorists are evolving in terms of how they think and how they can get in. really, the front line of this, to be honest with you is in europe. europe has got to wake up and realize their proximity is close to the radicalization of the middle east. they have a much different immigration system than we have here. when we talk about immigration, we talk about people on our southern border, they talk about folks from the middle east coming in and radicalized in their country and not learning their language. they are in he is sentence the front line of this. we have our own issue here in terms of folks coming from the middle east and potentially being lone wolf terrorists here. in europe it's a big fight. >> we got the situation in ottawa last month when they had the attack on parliament. that's a lone wolf, a little different than this orchestrated attack which is so methodical today. it's just not that hard to go to walk across the border from canada to the united states. we all focus on the southern border. our northern border is just as porous. not everybody is trying to enter through jfk. >> yeah. i don't want to sit here and
4:17 pm
say that there is an answer to make this completely 100% safe. we have to congress, the president, in our military, law enforcement have constantly got to be evolving in terms of how they think in terms of how terrorists think. but it's going to be a difficult task. but the one thing we can do is defeat isis, defeat radical islam. and then look at the long game of this. you have young people that are 10, 12 years old that are being radicalized in that drosses right now to believe that the west is evil. >> isis is giving money to poor people in the the region in syria and iraq. they are starting to look like hamas good guys in the community and we're the bad people bombing the civilians. >> after the cold war we disseminated our warfare capability to save money. that's why putin is outmatching us in europe in terms of his information warfare and the same in the middle east. we have got to take the long game here and that's where congress has to invest resources necessary. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> paris mass murder investigation continues ambassador john bolt is here next. from paris to new york, you
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are looking leifer at demonstrators chanting freedom of expression as the world condemns the attacks. latest on breaking news coming up.
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this is a fox news alert. you are looking live at a police raid in northeastern france. there are unconfirmed reports that french police have found the terrorist suspect who carried out today's deadly, ugly vicious attack in paris. one suspect is reportedly dead. the other two in custody. we're going to bring you more information as we get it and today french president francois vowing to win. david cammeron announcing his country stands united
4:22 pm
with france. looking to take the lead on terror? john bolt joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you. >> well, it certainly has hit france hard today loss of many lives. what should the united states be doing to try to fight this war? >> i think first the leadership of the country has to acknowledge that we're in a war. i mean, let's just take a second and see what happened here today this was a military style attack on innocent civilians in the capital city of a major western country. this is a big, big event if it can happen in paris, it can happen in washington and new york. you can downtown count on it either either qui come to the realization that we are still engaged in a war on terrorism or we are going to see it happen in this country sooner rather than later we can talk about all the different things our intelligence services and law enforcement can do. we can talk about what
4:23 pm
congress can do. unless the president of the united states understands that western civilization is under attack here and spawns accordingly, we will simply see this tragedy repeated endlessly. >> boy, it seems to me you have got to start at the beginning. if you look at this at least one report that shareef, the 34-year-old, the oldest had some connections to syria he had been in syria some time ago it seems to me we need to focus at the beginning of this chain. it's not enough to sort of, you know, look at it just in paris. if it's starting some place else. >> well, i think it requires deciding whether at war with with terrorism or if what happened today was just a more is that jik version of knocking over the local grocery store. this is not a law enforcement question. it's a war. and if you want to protect your civilian population against this kind of terrorism, you have to go where the base camps of the
4:24 pm
enemy are. they are in places like north africa, yemen and isis in syria and iraq. none of which our administration has shown any indication of doing. whatever the french or the british or the other europeans think. they simply don't have the capacity without american leadership to do it effectively. so i think the spotlight is where it should be which is on that big chair in the oval office. >> you left out another big area, boko haram in nigeria. this is -- that's another huge cancerous, you know violent terrorist cell. >> exactly. i think the middle east and north africa generally are descending into chaos. and the united states has focused these last several years on what the administration thinks is the biggest threat to peace and security. namely israel building apartment buildings in east jerusalem. it's time to wake up and acknowledge we are still at war with terrorism and they are either going to kill more of us because we are not doing enough to destroy
4:25 pm
their capacity to do that or we're just going to face this for as far as the eye can see. that's why, to me, this is such a major event. not just the tragedy of these 12 or perhaps more people being killed but the assault on an institution of freedom in the west, in a major western city. so, it's for all of us to wake up. but particularly the united states. we are the only ones who can lead this. >> ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and we continue to monitor the breaking news out of paris. it is just after 1:00 a.m. in the morning in paris. and right now, there are reports police have found the terrorist suspect. live report from paris is next. >> listen up greta talk with s. your new podcast destination. subscribe on itunes, tune-in or stencher for smart conversation or energy. greta gets real with favorite fox personality and shows you a side you never see on tv.
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4:30 pm
ongoing in the city. it's about 90 miles from where we are in paris police are surrounding a location. they have been shooting at and working around unconfirmed reports' two brought into custody that were involved in the shootout here in paris on wednesday that left 12 people dead but the interior ministry and the french police are not confirming that to us. what they're saying though to us is that they know who did it. one individual, in fact even has a terror record that he got a conviction for assisting individuals to go to iraq and to fight u.s. soldiers in iraq in the year 2008. as of now, no word on whether these gentlemen are in custody. what we do know is that they left 12 people dead, two police officers and ten
4:31 pm
staffers of the satirical newspaper charlie hebdo which is known for controversial cartoons and articles cartoon must have set these people off was the satirical cartoon about the muslim prophet mohammed. manhunt is ongoing. operation a bit of a distance away from here but no confirmation to us from the police of arrests there are reports who out there who are tracking it for you. back to you. >> greg, to sort of correct one thing. i know it was a slip you referred to the three as gentlemen. i know you are going to get a lot of mail and i am too. that's just the way you speak gentlemen. that's not the word i suspect you want to refer to them as. no i definitely -- they are males for sure. and these males were involved in the shooting of 11 men and one woman. so i don't think anyone would refer to them as gentlemen. you are absolutely right.
4:32 pm
>> indeed, anyway, thank you, greg. and for more on this vicious massacre that left 10 journalists and two police officers dead, grn correspondent catherine field joins us from paris. catherine, what are people saying in paris? are they worried that this is going to happen again or is this a -- are are they satisfied that this is a one-time deal despite the sleuth horror of what happened? >> you know, i don't even think authorities have got that far yet. at least not the ones i have been talking to. it's just complete shock. shock that once again paris has been the center of the terrorist attack. let's not forget in the 80's and 90's there were terrorist attacks in paris. the fact that this has happened again it's happened right in the heart of paris. it happened against a newspaper a newspaper that wasn't really big a very small circulation about 20,000. the fact that people went to the heart of their community, freedom. this is always what built
4:33 pm
on. this was the first big editorial meeting of the year at this newspaper. all of their famous cartoonists were there. everyone was there. there was all the getting together. set the tone and set the pace for how this weekly magazine was going to go for the rest of the year. >> do you think they knew this was the big meeting that they had scoped it out so is much or was it coincidental that it hit this day? >> you know everyone -- that is the question really, greta, did they know? certainly here's the thing. the meeting was today they were there at the time when the meeting took place. this is probably the only time of the week when all those people are together in the building. generally, these cartoonists, they are freelance, they work for a lot of other organizations. one of the people who was murdered there today, is he an economist. he actually works in other buildings around town.
4:34 pm
that's the question. of course that's going to be the question that the police are going to have to answer in the next couple of days. which f. it was so much. if charlie hebdo was such a target why was the security so lax? was the security aimed at the christmas period the christmas new year period when police are saying to everyone keep on your guard this is a time a lot of people are shopping be careful. had we got through that christmas new year period, and everyone's guard was down a bit. >> catherine, thank you very much for joining us. thank you, catherine. and here in the u.s. americans woke up to the gruesome news this morning of that massacre in paris. here is how it unfolded. >> [gunfire] >> fox news alert learning this together. a shooting at a news headquarters in paris. [gunfire] >> various reports indicate multiple casualties after several masked men came into the building armed with machine guns and then
4:35 pm
reportedly opened fire. police confirming 10 people are dead. [siren] >> breaking right now. it's being called a terror attack. 11 people shot dead as masked gunmen with machine a newspaper in paris they got away on stolen motorbikes. there are cars. they are still on the loose. >> what's the president saying about this, josh? >> you know, bill, this is an act of terror that we condemn in the strongest possible terms. >> paris is on lockdown at this hour. a manhunt is underway for three terrorists who got away. this is a deadliest attack that we have seen in france in two decades. >> the murderers dared proclaim char buy hend's death. make no mistake. they are wrong. >> we have to respond in fact according to the crime that has been committed first of all by finding
4:36 pm
these infamy arrested and then charged and punished very severely. >> the paris massacre happening in broad daylight midday in a busy paris neighborhood. capturing the terrorists on video. attacker can be heard saying god is great in arabic. [shouting] [gunfire] >> who are these terrorists. walid phares joins us. good evening walid. >> good evening, thank you. >> walid, who are these people? do you have any idea? >> well, what we know so far is they got military training. what average people can't see from this people and of course experts can certify this that this was conducted a as very small military operation. they would move in,
4:37 pm
eliminate the securities. they have is called individuals and killed them. this has been very much planned on the one hand. on the other hand jihadists and there is now a police report or french report that one of them at least has been involved in jihadi activities in the past. that's as far as we know about the group. my concern is not just this group. does this group belong to a chain of other groups, a chain of cells. that's where the french think something right now. >> this so so different than what we have seen in some places where the dynamite essentially strapped to the chest you have the suicide bomber and of course we saw the video or we were able to see what appeared to be the video of one of these killers executing a police officer and having it so methodical and so strategic broad daylight. targeted in a magazine. this is so vastly different to me. >> it's very different. you are absolutely right, greta. now we have three types of the jihadists in the west. today is first encounter.
4:38 pm
levels doing different things. unsophisticated but all connected with unideology. secondly the more advanced. those individuals goes in two or in three like the london bombing or the north carolina or the fort dix six or the others. if you compare this video with the video we see now on eye sis iraq syria. almost the same. the way they move, the way they retreated and the way they left is all command activity. >> we only have 10 seconds left is this a euro problem or u.s. problem too. >> this is a trans-atlantic problem. international problem from russia to los angeles. this is the world, the new world we are going to be meeting now more militarized jihadist urban terrorism. >> walid, thank you. >> thank you. >> threat of islamic terror as noted spreading across europe and possibly the united states. our next guest says today's
4:39 pm
attack should be a giant wakeup call for us. that's next. plus the french manning magazine targeted today has a history of outraging muslim radicals. was this an attack on freedom of expression. hear from our political panel coming up. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. how could a luminous protein in jellyfish impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong and the optics industry in germany? at t. rowe price we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 70% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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we still don't know which terror group was behind today's massacre in paris. both al qaeda and isis have repeatedly threatened to attack in france. next guest says there is no safe haven from islamic terrorism anywhere in europe. now margaret thatcher center for freedom joins us. nice to see you now. >> nice to see you greta. >> i remember a few years ago that prime minister david cammeron in munich at a conference talked about multi-culturallism being a problem for the uk. he got jumped incredibly. talking code people coming from from rather unsavory places and bringing rather bad things to u.k. >> i think is he really talking about the huge wave of immigration that has happened in europe in recent decades with many immigrants, of course, not exactly simulating into
4:44 pm
european society. that, of course, is a huge problem in france. there are about 5 million muslim immigrants in france alone. many of those immigrants have not really assimilated into french society. >> but not all of them are blowing up magazine either or shooting up a magazine. >> no. that's right. but you have a very significant minority that are highly radicalized and up to a thousand french citizens have traveled to syria and iraq to fight with isis. many of those have returned actually, to france. and this, of course, is a massive security problem not only of course french but across europe. around 3,000 european individuals have traveled over to iraq and to syria. and a large number of them have actually been returning in recent months. >> are they tracked? do we know who they are or is this sort of a -- can they be identified? >> well we know who some of them are and in britain, for example, they have been arresting a large number of individuals who have been coming back actually, from the middle east. the french have also been doing that to some degree.
4:45 pm
but, of course, many have been coming through the -- it's difficult to identify all of these individuals. but we are talking about you know, a large number of of hardened radicals. who have received military training in syria and iraq now coming back to europe in order to plot atrocity we saw today in paris. there is no doubt about it. we are at war against militant islamists who seek our destruction and the destruction of everything that we stand for. >> uk on high alert tonight. >> yes. uk is on very very high alert today. and for some months the threat level has been extremely high indicating that a terrorist attack may be likely. and i think you are going to see across europe terror raised. free war against a vicious enemy. we need to identify who that enemy is. we are fighting against islamist terrorists driven
4:46 pm
by islamist ideology and it's important for leaders on both sides of the atlantic including of course president obama to identify the nature of the enemy that we are facing. >> is president obama doing that do you think? >> his press conference today actually was very very weak on the french terrorist atrocity. and he did not use the word islamist at all. and, you know, we gheed to really have strong robust leadership in the west we ever engaged in war. we do not need policies of appeasement. war vast civilization against individuals who seek our destruction. we simply cannot give into these individuals. we must absolutely take the war to the enemy thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> leaders around the world are calling today's massacre and attack on freedom of expression. does the media need to be careful about discussing islamic extremism. our political panel is here to talk about that next. hey, how you doin'? it hurts.
4:47 pm
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four leaders are condemning the terrorism in paris including the condemnation that it is an attack of freedom of expression. the attack was satirical magazine lampooning islam. that is not the first time journalist had been targeted. 2011 the magazine's office fire bomb editor and chief been walking around as with a body guard as a consequence. are terrorists winning their attack on freedom of expression. joining us have is susan ferrechio and the hill's a.b. stoddard. first we have the terrible crisis with james folly being beheaded in syria and now no news organizations dare go into syria. now we got the this situation what happened in paris. no news organization dares shows the pictures so the terrorists are in essence sort of winning against the media i think the media should all band together and stand tall and start showing this stuff rather than running. >> it is upsetting because
4:52 pm
we're never really going to stand terrorism with weaponry. we are going -- it's going to change if and only if people react against extremism. it's not -- if we back down and change the way that we do things, the way we cover things, the way we talk about things, the way we react to things, then they win. then they have taken our freedom. the difference is. >> that's also democracy. they have also, you know intimidated so the democratic process of the open press to tell what's going on. everyone is scared to death. you know the media should band together and be forceful. >> i think the differences though this was a satirical magazine. these people were brave. they have been targets for years. their offices have been bombed and bureneld. they absolutely did this knowing that they could -- they were risking their lives and they could lose their lives. >> susan no, one is showing this stuff tonight and it's actually part of the news story. >> to me it's as a reporter, it's shocking. now, i can't argue with it
4:53 pm
on a personal level because i think they are trying to protect themselves their employees. this is an awful thing that happened today. >> everyone should stand together. all the networks, all the newspapers and by the way we have got pictures in new york city. look at these demonstrators hundreds of them standing in solidarity with the french right now. they are talking about this. >> right. that's where they are all gathering. i think that's great. there should be more of that. i was a little bit dismayed to see that all of the major organizations today were refusing to show the images offensive to these groups and then saying trying to cover for themselves and say we don't show offensive religious images when everyone started pulling out offensive images about catholics or jews or other religions. >> it's out of fear. >> it is out of fear. >> can i understand not wanting to be the one and only. what i can't understand is all the news organizations not getting together on this. >> then you have all of them do it a.p. or pick the major
4:54 pm
news organization to make a real example of them. you know these conversations are happening in numerous because i'm a reporter. i know these conversations go on. you care about the safety of your employees and you don't want to. >> no one wants to be the first. in a situation like this. people don't want to break the mold. they want to follow. >> how bad is it when the media is afraid though? >> well, it's bad. because we can -- we can walk away in fear. but it only ultimately in the long run makes the problem worse. it's easy to be afraid but makes it much worse and much faster. the only response, again, it's such a different example because this magazine was in the interest of offending people and that's their right. and i don't want -- i don't want to take that away. >> where do you draw the line? how do you split the hairs. >> panel, thank you. tough question. and we are monitoring the ongoing situation in france. the latest on the police raid and terror investigation is next.
4:55 pm
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greta the manhunt continues for those responsibility for the brutal killing of 12 people in paris the injuring of 11 more. there has been a police action a raid perhaps a search in one spot about 90 miles away from here. there had been reports that, in fact, two suspects were in custody and one was killed. but we do not absolutely do not have confirmation on the that we what we do know is that the police know who they are looking for. that even one of these gunmen have a conviction for terror charges from a few yards back. remembering those killed. there will be three days of mourning. and this manhunt not resolved officially yet will continue and perhaps
5:00 pm
intensify. back to you. >> greg, thank you. and follow fox news for all very latest. see you tomorrow night for 7 p.m. eastern right here. >> the o'reilly factor is on. >> tonight: 12 people shot dead by muslim terrorists in paris. the motive, a magazine that mocked islam. tonight, why do some continue to down play the terror threat? the efforts of surveillance have to be faced on specific information. >> the new york city police department under mayor de blasio shut down surveillance on muslims at mosques and other places. is that putting all of us in danger? also tonight, new york city cops leak embarrassing information about al sharpton. dennis miller will t


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