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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 5, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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in an hour. >> this issis "outnumbered." here with us today -- for the first time on the couch shannon right here from d.c., she covers the supreme court and anchors america's news headquarters. also host of blue dog tonight on our sister network, lou. you're outnumberedtoday. second lucky guy of 2015. >> seems just about right. i don't know why you call it outnumbered. >> when we start to talk we're sometimes outnumbered. we'll see what happens. >> great to be with you all and happy new year. >> good to be back with you, too, harris. i missed you. we were gone last week. the band is back together. >> i know. >> still no baby from our sandra smith but we'll keep the viewers posted.
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any breaking baby news. it is a new year new week and new congress. republicans get set to officially take control of both houses of congress tomorrow for the first time since 2006. now, in the house the g.o.p. will have the largest majority since the days of the great depression. before f.d.r. was president. in the senate republicans with 54 seats will have a seven seat majority and they get ready to take over republicans are wasting no time in laying out their agenda. incoming senate majority leader promising to put bills on obama's desk that he's not going to like. topping the g.o.p.'s to-do list the keystone pipeline and taking on obamacare. listen. >> we think it's a terrible piece of legislation. we certainly are going to be voting on that. we can put either repeal or take out pieces of it like you know destroying the 40-hour work week, the medical device tax, the individual mandate all of these are highly unpopular with
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the american people. >> he's so energetic. despite the blunt call from senator mcconnell, republican senators say they're willing to work with the president and the new congress but he must, quote, play ball. all right, lou. i'm not very optimistic. i'm sorry. i should start off 2015 with higher spirits but i just think republicans will be able to get a lot done pass a lot of key bills they've been dying to do but i think the president is going to stop them with his magical pen before they even get off the ground. >> i suspect you're right. in terms of the both the republicans and the democrats, but to boost your spirits a bit, to look at this as the greatest majority in the house of representatives since 1928 to look at those 54 seats in the senate and to realize that the republican party is in control i think all of us should have our spirits boosted because harry reid talking about the lack of energy on the part of
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mcconnell, absolutely correctly, transfer that to harry reid. i think that things are off to a very good start. i just hope everybody stays real. this lip service to you know bipartisanship we're not going to be deadlocked or gridlocked in washington you know let's see what happens. it's part of the process. let's return the rules of regular order and let's go. >> harris while harry reid wasn't the most energetic individual or enthusiastic he was enthusiastic when it came to blocking the bills that the house would send him so he was covered for president obama. now obama doesn't have that cover but you notice the rhetoric is different from republicans. john was saying we want to work together. isn't that because the polling showed the american people this last election really want them to work together or at least pretend they're working together? >> i happen to believe that politicians probably do look at the polling, yes.
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but i like what you're saying. play like you've been there. when you forecast too much a pregame, you don't give yourself enough reality. tennessee republican senator said absolutely we need president obama to be involved on the big issues. he's not so much focused on obamacare and the keystone pipeline. he said our pursuit of iran and how they go after nuclear weapon should definitely involve in the conversation republicans. and democrats and members of congress across the aisle. so he said there's some big issues we can come together on. i think that's a nice pregame if they can stick to it. it takes it into the fold of don't we all have a common enemy. don't we all look at it that way? >> i see a loft -- lot of actions that the president wants to take. i don't see that compromise and coordination that they keep talking about. you covered the supreme court for us again at fox. a lot of people talking about the obamacare case that will
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come down in likely june. is this republicans' best hope for getting something done with the repeal of obamacare? >> that would probably be the biggest bite at that possibility. it takes away the subsidies that are helping a lot of people in some three dozen states afford obamacare and afford their health care policies. those subsidies go away. even people who support the law say it could spark that death spiral. it could really take out the heart, a big chunk of the law. republicans, while they talk about doing piece meal things to the health care law, that may be their best bet. >> i see republicans, they know president obama isn't going to go along with them. but this is the time to unify and capitalize on the messages. we're getting stuff done. we don't have gridlock. he's the one that's stopping keystone, obamacare, et cetera. >> i think the public expects big things from the republican party. they're looking at tax reform. they're talking about the 2016 budget resolution. they're looking beyond keystone that we know a lot of democrats
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get behind. they're even looking beyond the repeal of the medical device tax and looking to break down obamacare and its entirety. that may happen with the supreme court but they're looking for a bigger vision, for republicans ta say we have these things on the table. when it comes to reforming the system and taxes is a big part of that, we've been talking about the i.r.s. i think they're looking for leadership on the republican party for that as well. >> my big question for president obama, what's your pregame you know? the republicans are starting to put their cards on the table. now we have to see what the president will do. it will be interesting. all right. well when the new congress does convene tomorrow john boehner will face growing challenge of his leadership. at least two people of his party want to take his job. one man who is throwing his hat in the ring congressman from texas. >> we have to show the american people they don't need to abandon the republican party. there are people in the party that are willing to stand up and fight for the very things we
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promise we would do. >> all right. so that's one. here is the other. congressman from florida is also vying to be speaker of the house saying he'll stay in the running even though goemer is going for it, too. >> i'm going to keep my name in the ring and we've been actively courting other members and going out and talking to them and telling them why we need a change. >> i hear it over and over again. we ran on washington lacks leadership and i've been there for two years and we lack a leadership and we lack vision of where the country is going. >> it always mystifies me. where have these people been through the years? what is the feeling about speaker boehner? >> conservatives have taken a lot of issue with him. when it comes to amnesty, on spending issues repeatedly the conservatives feel like they can't count on john boehner and that john boehner in some cases isolated conservatives. >> are they right?
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>> i think in many ways there is an establishment wing of the republican party and another wants to stand and hold the old guard accountable. this is an effort to say we may not win this battle but the long term war here is to get conservativism back on track and that's what these guys are trying to do. i give them credit for that. >> for the thirsty democrats hoping for a rift inside the republican party shannon, you say, yeah john boehner is not worried. why not? >> it's interesting. people ask why this didn't happen sooner. election is tomorrow for this particular position. he said, listen. i didn't do it in november. coming off that we had a huge win. republicans had huge pickups and at that time he said that boehner was saying all the right things. we're going to challenge him on immigration, on obamacare. now the way it's played out, all the things they voted through, he said essentially boehner proved by his actions that he was going to work with the president instead of oppose him. >> lou you're the numbers guy, right?
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nine. they call him the gang of nine right? the gang of nine. >> this doesn't sound like a resurrection does it? >> this is a small number. is it a political play to make it look like we're talking to those constituents who might be you know more conservative than everybody else? >> at least nine are. of the 246 republican members of the 435 representative body. these are small numbers. this is small potatoes. i'm going to be talking about congressman on my show tonight about this beginning of resistance to boehner. the reality is boehner is elected by the entire congress. he is a dead certain, lockdown absolute lead pipe cinch to be speaker as a result of the election. >> what are you going to ask him first? >> i'm going to ask him, why is he doing the predidn't able didn'tdictpredictable?
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there are bigger issues. being predictable and being if you will -- there's so much nonsense in washington, d.c. in my opinion, and i'm not in any way -- >> our not alone. >> i can vouch for that. i'm making a bold politically intelligent gesture. no. this is nine people coming together to show that they can be crushed by 435 folks. to go back to the point on establishment politics, this is where the parties come together and this is where people should be very careful in what they ask for. the establishment wing of the republican party and the establishment wing of the democratic party coming together and doing exactly what kay street tells them to do. >> it's interesting. the gang of nine, you're right. but there's some interesting states they come from. texas, arizona, iowa. looking ahead to 2016 kentucky indiana, it's interesting to see where these nine are coming from
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and what that might say. you know, it's kind of like as a political ploy, if you will or play in this instance all voices at the table, we hear you more conservative members of our party and voters out here. we hear you include you and this is us telling you we do. >> it's more from the joggeography where they stand on the republican party. they're representing the conservative wing of the republican party that feels like it's run over on the debt ceiling issue. they've been feeling disappointments with boehner for a long time. however, john boehner delivered big wins and helped funnel a lot of money into his races so his majority, if my math is correct, he has 245. that means he can lose 27 and still have 218. john boehner is not going anywhere anywhere soon and this is the benefit of having a giant majority. >> there you go. here's where we're going. a degreeing rift between new york city mayor bill blasio and
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the nypd. whole nation watched this unfold the last couple of weeks as officers have now turned their backs on the mayor once again. what does this mean for his administration? and can he fix this relationship? scathing new report finds problems at the department of homeland security, including the fact of 700 miles of our nation's southern border are not secured. but will anybody be held accountable for that? and right after the show it's our first o.t. of 2015. catch more from the couch online with outnumbered overtime. go to fox and click on the overtime tab. there's a live chat waiting for you to show up. chime in while you watch us on the second screen. stay close. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." for the second time in a week police officers turn their backs on new york mayor bill de blasio. it happened at officer liu's funeral. he and his partner were killed whale sitting in their patrol car. the protests coming despite de
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blasio's meeting with police union leaders last week. andrea, this is getting to be a very big deal. now you have thousands of officers doing this. can bill de blasio repair this? what does he need to say today to make this better? >> he needs to not just talk. he needs to take action on the policies he's been pushing forward like getting rid of stop and frisk. police are very smart. they get who has their backs and they get who doesn't. and from day one, bill de blasio ran on an anti-cop platform so anything he said is not going to be authentic and genuine and i believe the comments he made even though he was told don't get political, don't eulogize the cops he should not have showed up, stay quiet and he didn't. i think he used it as an opportunity to fix the damage he caused to his brand. it was one of the saddest funerals. i watched it yesterday.
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i was crying watching the widow of officer liu just two months they had been married. his father he was an immigrant from asia and he decided to become a policeman after 9/11 to defend our country. it's so, so heartbreaking and it's not -- the sadness and the anger by the police, it's not going to be a fixed by a speech or eulogy any time soon. >> i think an apology would help. i do. i think the whole nation, the whole world is watching this city sdeel with this right now because we're supposed to get it right. we're new york. you know? and this potentially puts so many other officers in danger what happened in our great center. so this is more than just about the mayor of new york repairing his good name and his relationship with the police. that jurisdiction across america where there are police put in dangerous conditions and where they're having problems. ferguson missouri. it matters we get this right. the mayor needs to step up today and say, i'm sorry if it looked
9:19 am
like i didn't back the people that keep us safe every day. i'm sorry. i shouldn't have done that. >> lou, what do you think this issue of bill bratton telling the officers not to do this and then defying that? is that a problem? do you think within the officer rank they're sort of disagreeing? is that going to create more controversy and more chaos? >> i don't think it will contribute to any more controversy or tension between the mayor's office and the rank and file of new york's finest. bratton i've known for 25 years. he's -- in my opinion he's the finest commissioner the city has ever seen. he and ray kelly do splendid work. i think stepping into politics of it as i'm sure he was urged to do was a mistake on his part. these cops people may be reminded, i think, they're cops because they got guts. they're not going to sit there and play p.r. games. these five unions mean what they are expressing.
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they have been absolutely betrayed by the leadership of the city. mayor de blasio without any question whatsoever owes far more than an apology. he's oversimplified the issue of law enforcement and race or communities of color as it is popular to express. this is a time when we should have honest discussion as attorney general eric holder people have got to talk about race in the true context. he's lied to the city. the president and the attorney general of the united states have lied to the country. the officers who protect us every day protect all of us and to ask them to play p.r. games over an apology or over pretending this thing has been -- can be papered over it is time for this mayor to do far more than apologize. i don't know if it's even necessary. what is necessary is to get honest on the issue of race and law enforcement and the burdens that we expect these men and
9:21 am
women in blue to lift every day. >> we'll wait and see what he does in the next few days. i think that will be quite telling. another shoe drops in the race for the white house. mike huckabee shaking up the republican field just days after jeb bush and marco rubio make news on the 2016 front. what the latest developments say about the growing field of possible g.o.p. contenders and hundreds of miles along the border with mexico reportedly unprotected and only 3% of illegal immigrants will ever be deported. the scathing new report reporting major problems and disfunction at the agency created to secure our homeland. ♪ ah, push it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ push it. ♪ ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ ♪ oooh baby baby. ♪ if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. ♪ it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. ♪ if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance
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>> with the fox news alert we're just getting news about the u.s. ski team and members being caught in an avalanche. it looks like at least two are prospects for our united states ski team to represent us around the world have been killed today. they are ages 20 and 19.
9:26 am
ronnie burrlacke and brace axel. you know the teams are very tight, like family. there were only six coming down. what we're learning within the austrian alps, coming down the glacier which is about 10 11,000 feet up and they were skiing down this. there were some avalanche warnings in the area. they knew of the heavy snow. it's always dangerous what these guys do and impressive when they complete it. we're getting word of this accident involving with the avalanche the u.s. ski team and we've lost potentially two members. as we get more information we'll update you. >> as 2015 gets underway, a slew of republicans are already looking toward 2016. with the iowa caucuses just more than a year away, former arkansas governor huckabee, who did well there is the latest to say he's considering a run, announcing on saturday he's leaving fox news and will make a decision by late spring of this year. this follows the announcement
9:27 am
from jeb bush's camp that he's cutting ties to all board memberships as he explores a bid and marco rubio saying he's not going to led his friendship with jeb bush get in the way of his decision making on a possible white house run as well. all right. it's starting. everybody is coming in now and a lot of people think that jeb boush's announcement about a potential decision forced the rest of the field to think about getting in. do you think this is a motivator? >> yes. it's will the almighty dollar and jeb bush he has a lot of friends in high places and that's what you need about a billion dollars to run for president. >> billion. >> i know. a billion dollars. a lot of money. so as much as shannon these candidate don't want to be the frontrunner because the minute you become the frontrunner, you have a bull's eye on your back side so they try to stay out. they need to go after the fundraising dollars and that's exactly what jeb bush and i believe mike huckabee is there
9:28 am
trying to do. >> one of the things that is interesting about both of these former governors that we're talking about here, and both of them have some things in common although some will say huckabee is the -- >> god bless you. >> excuse me. >> that's how we all feel right now. >> that huckabee will be a big attraction for evangelicals more socially conservative but on issues like common core and immigration, they are alike. >> i'm allergic to the idea of spending a billion dollars to elect a president. i sincerely feel that. that's a soap box that everybody stands on that. so jeb bush is now picked greenwich, connecticut, right? >> for fundraising. >> if you're going to spring board from there that gives you access to a lot of dollars on the east coast. i envision lots of dinners and all sorts of things. what will separate those two governors when they do see eye to eye on a lot? it will be interesting.
9:29 am
>> you do have to raise a lot of money. connecticut not a bad place to do that. >> greenwich is a fine place to do that. >> and the bush family has a long legacy. they have roots with very capable donors. >> they have a network that is probably second to none. also there's another fellow in the background here, mitt romney, who keeps showing up at the top of all polls. when rubio said he's not going to let the friendship with jeb get in the way of his need to serve, my guess is that eventually mitt romney may feel the same way. i just worry about the optics here. greenwich, connecticut, the republican party better be talking about working class, small businessmen and women. they're going ir respective of their heady moment of after glow here of the midterm election they're going to get crushed in 2016. >> and so many names out there
9:30 am
we haven't touched on. there are a dozen or more that keep showing up. >> i love that. i love the diversity. when you talk about the democrats, yofsh oftentimes we talk about hillary, very few people. when you talk about republicans, i was making a list. so many interesting candidates very different deliveries on the issues. they all have different records. when i talk to conservatives, i hear the name scott walker a lot because he has a strong record as governor, he's won against nearly insurmountable odds against him and i think he's an interesting goi. he does miss the name recognition of some others. >> can i just quickly bring up one of you just said diverse i believe. i think you've only seen one woman on the list of the republican side. but i'm just curious. you know, some lessons, some tough lessons were learned as diversity as we came out of the midterms for both political parties. >> you asked the difference
9:31 am
between huckabee and bush. while huckabee may do better in places like iowa, jeb bush is suited for a better election. mike huckabee running for president, as much as we love him here, i don't think he's going to be the nominee. >> yeah. we'll see. >> it's going to be interesting to see how this emerges because huckabee, and i'm not disputing what you're saying but huckabee is a man of principle, he's a man of god and he's a man of experience and intellect. you know those are strong ingredients that can be revealed over the course of the campaign. >> amen. >> and i think probably will be rewarded certainly in the primary. >> we've seen the movie before have we not? >> we've seen a lot have movies. i keep going back for more. >> bush movies romney movies. i want to see a new film. no sequel. >> how about a fundraiser where they actually feed people at the fundraiser? >> that would be a great idea. >> i don't know. >> a lot of fantasy going on. great to be a part of it.
9:32 am
well, a scathing new report from the department of homeland security issued by republican senator coburn on his final days serving in the u.s. senate. his report faults the agency for not successfully executing, quote, any of its five main missions. that's 0-5 from protecting our borders to cyber security. in fact, his report finds that 700 miles of the nation's 2,000 mile long southern border is unsecured. that d.h.s. is getting involved in matters it shouldn't be like raiding a lingerie shop to protect trademark major league baseball logos. all of that lingerie? how does that work? and despite spending counterterrorism efforts counterterrorism efforts, they can't prove the nation is more secure as a result. those are problems.
9:33 am
jedediah, are you shocked? >> i'm not shocked. if you look at any government agency i think you would find this. when they produce things like this what happens now? will there be fallout or accountability. this is overstuffed bureaucracy. will they trim it or reform it, so you fix some of these problems instead of saying what is wrong. that's great. we know a lot of things are wrong. we've been talking about border security for a long time. everybody telling us the border is cure, we all know it is not secure. what will you do to fix the department so these problems don't become worse going forward? i don't know that i have any confidence to fix it. >> border patrol and customs over the past decade and this is the result. 3% of those people entering the country illegally are deported. outgoing senator coburn says the things is a mess and a joke. >> his voice will be missed on the hill. he dug into so many agencies and
9:34 am
congress. he earned himself the name "dr. no." it was fitting. he was constantly trying to root out corruption and waste. there is so much of it. we talked about this. are you shocked about the report? i think we would be shocked if an agency of this size is running efficiently. >> watching accountability process, and hearings on capitol hill. to hear secretary jeh johnson appear and not answer a single question straightforwardly directly, what do you make of that? why do we tolerate such responses from our executive department? >> or non-responses as you're talking about. he is either in a position he doesn't know, which is horrible. or he doesn't want to tell us which is equally as horrible. i want to yield my time to andrea. i have a question for you about the whole process. i'm reading republicans are saying, and they have had to see the report, they are not going to defund any part of the dhs with regard to the president's
9:35 am
execu pen on immigration. are they missing out on opportunity to clean up some of this stuff at the same time? >> it's a great question. i do believe republicans as much as they would like to defund, they know the narrative and optics defunding department of homeland security. that would be awful. god forbid it is attack and. republicans are not in favor of security. they don't want to protect your kids. they don't want to protect your family. republicans are mean and not for a safe homeland. >> that was good. >> i can see the messaging come out. i will miss tom coburn. how else do we hear about shrimps on a treadmill and robotic squirrels. and now thong underwear and lingerie. >> coburn is chasing all of that stuff down. >> we are going to miss him. jury selection in the trial of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. he will face the death penalty for killing three people and
9:36 am
injure hundreds. when a 32-year-old married teacher allegedly sleeps with her 18 old student it is not a crime according to her lawyer but should she be busted even though the student is considered legally an adult?
9:37 am
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>> well you are watching "outnumbered." we're glad that you are. a new jersey high school teacher, married mother of two was arrested last week for allegedly having a sexual relationship with her 18-year-old student. her attorney tells, new, that if the 32-year-old did do it is not a crime because the teenager is an adult in the eyes of the law. mcdonough is the been placed on leave. the similar attorney was representing a male teacher accused of a similar crime and that case was dropped s this different because this is woman?
9:41 am
>> no, i don't think so. if it is legal? yes, if there he is 18 years old. is there an ethical issue here? if i'm a parent i want to send my school to get educated, not groped by the teacher not getting that kind of schooling. i wasn't in junior high that long ago. i don't remember hanky-panky between the teachers and students. i remember it between two teachers but not the students. what is wrong with women preying on 18-year-old as! i want to grab them and shake them. it is sick! >> is it a crime shannon. >> i look back when i practiced sexual harrassment law. that is in the work place a little different than student-teacher. underlying issue someone in supervisory position can affect hours and paid, someone authority figure and that is where liability kicks in most liability law cases. that is the same argument. we don't know if he was a student of hers but we know she
9:42 am
was a teacher at that school. that role should play into it whether that plays into it or not. >> interesting. the equivalent of a maybe a grab and shake we are talking about. >> grab and shake. >> would be impeachment. look what happened when a president did this with someone a former president with somebody who was considered an adult. >> yes. >> i guess i have to get into the maning of what is is. >> exactly. and i'm still sort of locked up on andrea recently in the 7th grade she recalls vividly -- i can't make the same claim. >> two teachers during study hall? how could i forget that? >>th grade was just like yesterday for me. [laughter]. reality here is, an 18-year-old and a teacher, let me say to you, if there are men out there who did not fantasize about hot-looking teachers, i only speak from a male perspective. i just don't think there were many of them. the reality is that there is a
9:43 am
high high, standard of conduct that should be required of all teachers but we also have to be very realistic here. there has to be a moral code that means something in the contracts of teachers. there is a standard of conduct that has to be insisted upon by, by the school. there is no doubt about that. >> if they did this with a male, you taught in the classroom if they did this with a male and dropped case, would they have to drop the case. >> i would leave it to the school in either case. there is 18-year-old and 32-year-old, if there is school policy she violated, she loses her job. $75,000 fine. she is paying a$5,000 fine being paid bit school. she is on paid leave. something doesn't make sense this is up to the school. if she violate ad policy, something in the contract she violated absolutely should be fired, i don't care if you're a man, woman, i don't care. >> what is interesting we may look at this differently as a woman with a kid. >> like hot for teacher music video, hot for teacher with the
9:44 am
rock song. when guys do it, high-five. then with a girl, oh. >> there are changing mores as well here that are at work. we have to be honest about that. it has to be a contractual understanding. >> right. >> it can't be ad hoc on the part of a school or, school district. my opinion. >> our twitter will blow up over this because it always does on these topics. we'll be watching it. right now there is snow. my parents in dallas saying it is really cold. look at this, this is texas, people!. that is the just the beginning. deep freeze expected to spread dangerous cold to most of people as it spreads across america. governor chris christie, caught in a christmas sweater. clapping for. when it come to politics do your sports choices really matter? good song. ♪
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>> it is the first monday of 2015 whoo moo. more "outnumbered" in just a
9:49 am
moment. first jon scott with second hour of "happening now." happy new year. >> i'm excited about this year myself harris. the dow is down more than 300 at pun point today. pretty close to that right now. 297. as oil continues to plummet now trading below 50 bucks a barrel for u.s. crude. that is the lowest price in more than five years. we have a quick check on your money. a mass of fridge grid air will go across the country. republicans take control of both houses of congress for the first time since 2006 beginning tomorrow. what does the new majority leader mitch mcconnell have up his sleeve? it is all ahead. "happening now." >> see you at the top of the hour. >> thanks, harris. >> knew injured governor chris christie in some -- new jersey governor chris christie is hot water after he was caught on camera
9:50 am
enthuse i cannily celebrating victory of the dallas cowboys. the cowboys have a rival of new york giants. a teams favored by people in jersey and south jersey. his brother defended the governor on facebook saying quote, to all of those non-cowboy fans who have their panties in a wringer because of governor of new jersey is a cowboys fan, get a life! eagles fans, possibly should worry more about the fact that your sorry blank team never won a super bowl. crazy, pathetic posts. he was directing that right to me here, i have to say jedediah, i saw the man hug not once, but twice and jumping up and down and i looked on twitter a. a lot of giants fans and eagles fans say how could you do this? he always liked the cowboys. let him go. >> i actually like him more for this because it shows loyalty to his team. he will not give up his team.
9:51 am
anyone knows i'm from new york. i like chicago bulls. why do i like the chicago bulls. i wanted to be a rebel when i was younger and my dad like the knicks. i will not abandon my team if i chose to run for office in new york. i would support the bulls. you have to stand by your team. go chris christie. he is not backing down. >> shannon, there is complicated past when it comes to sports and politics. rudy giuliani on eve of new hampshire primary came out and said he liked the red sox which is like the death knell for yank sees fan. rudy was lifelong yankees fan didn't win the primary or presidency but does your sports team and loyalty to it matter? >> it is very touchy for politicians. it is a way to seem like they're a real person and i'm one of you but it can backfire. think about a few years ago if president obama was asked you're such a huge white hooks fan and who was your -- white sox fan and who was your favorite player.
9:52 am
and said kaminsky park instead of comisky park. if you have a genuine allegiance like governor christie, maybe that is legit. if you don't get that exactly right, true fans will sniff you out in a second. >> what about sports, harris, mom jeans president obama remember that one? >> viking helmet. >> he didn't have to worry about it. i have a few things to say about that too tight red sweater but we don't have time for that. exclusively be of my friend greta van susteren. emailed me during the segment. by the way don't forget in 2004 john kerry made the huge mistake calling lambeau field lambert field. no one in wisconsin ever forgotten that. if chris christie runs for president in 2016 and wants to win the wisconsin primary better cheer for the packers not the cowboys. go greta. >> maybe the big issue is not disloyalty to the giants and eagles but problem with aggressive man hugs?
9:53 am
chris christie seems to aggressively manhandle the president. aggressively man hugging owner of the cowboys are the man hugs pointing to something much deep? >> may be so. but more, thank you for getting off of that. i think the more likely reaction to sports fans is, what in the hell he is doing in the owner's box where the rest of us are watching the gail? >> that's a great point. that's a great point. >> who people are associated with right now you think you may be a football fan. he could be a money fan since jerry jones is not only a great owner but a great businessman and known to sprinkle a few dollars around to some politicians. >> someone said on twitter he better fund his whole presidential campaign after this. you know the feeling. you're in the crowd someone is pressed up against you invading your personal space. i hate. that you need to dress like this. keeps them away but does something else too. we'll explain. ♪
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hello... i'm an idaho potato farmer and our big idaho potato truck is still missing. so my buddy here is going to help me find it. here we go. woo who, woah, woah, woah. it's out there somewhere spreading the word about america's favorite potatoes: heart healthy idaho potatoes and the american heart association's go red for women campaign. if you see it i hope you'll let us know. always look for the grown in idaho seal. ♪ >> have you ever been in line on the subway or crowd and have someone pushup against you in your personal dress. this dress uses sensors that
9:58 am
literally slap people away. it can also beckon someone to come closer. >> i love this thing. very dr. octopus. i wanted to distress up to do the segment but our producer said. >> and it is a lover of comic book characters. it doesn't look human and if you really want to keep people away that badly, stay home. >> you know those people on the subway that crush up against you. this is like get out of the my way. >> or the ones on the street or close talker that comes to close to make the point. >> my hand bag is covered in spikes. it is covered in spikes and if someone gets close i leaned my
9:59 am
hand bag. >> that is like a spider outfit creates a comhither and it works. nimagine a guy with a come-hither. >> don't spiders kill the things in their web? >> black widow. >> what guy would be dumb enough? >> i could tap you on the shoulder and order one from wardrobe. we would like four. >> please leave me out. >> no, thank you. >> i have an invisible force. >> no one touching me nothing gets to me. >> i will get invisible. >> thank you so much for being with us today. it is amazing and welcome back and we'll stay right here for overtime. and "happening now" starts right now. we'll so you tomorrow at noon.
10:00 am
>> and fox news alert. two members of the u.s. ski team died in an avalanche in austria. >> the deaths of 20-year-old ronnie burrlack and brice. they were in a group of skiers that may have triggered the avalanche. we are covering all of the news "happening now". >> the american people have two messages. >> after a big victory in november. the gop takes over both houses of congress this week. >> they want to do something about the dysfunction in washington. high drama ahead as a conservative congress takes on a liberal president. >> they were certainly unset with the president and wanted to express that opposition. >> and plus he just started walking. >> the little girl


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