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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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today. we'll see you on the next "fox news sunday." an emotional goodbye for the second police officer murdered in new york city. hello, everyone. i'm julie baderas, and this is the fox report. [ taps playing ] >> the streets of brooklyn transformed into a sea of blue. as thousands of officers gathered below a gray skye from all around the country to pay respect and tribute to officer winjian lu while he was laid to rest. today his widow fought back tears as she said farewell to the man she says was her hero.
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>> a caring son, a loving husband and a loyal friend you are an amazing man. even though you left us early, i wish that you were still with us. his spirit will continue to look up to us. >> officer lu and his partner rafael ramos were both shot as they sat in the patrol car. bill bratton remembered lu with a hopeful and dedicated public servant. >> officer lu believed in the possibility of making a safer world. all cops do. it's why we do what we do. it's why we run towards danger when others run away. >> new york mayor bill de blasio also spoke. officers once again turned their backs to the mayor, despite
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commissioner bratton's urging not to repeat the inappropriate gesture that we also saw at ramos's funeral. despite the tension today it was all about honoring officer lu, right. >> julie, it really was. police commissioner bill de blasio, fbi director james comby and lu's family giving touching tributes to the 32-year-old seven-year veteran of the nypd officer winjian lu. some police officers came from canada to watch the funeral on giant screens outside the church here in brooklyn. he was a man who loved fishing lu was an only child devoted to his parents and he would call these parents at the end of every shift to let them know he was safe. today helicopters flying in a missing man formation in honor of lu, his casket carried and
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draped with an nypd flag. he called him fearless. her soul mate. >> although he worked often, he would always make sure to take time for me. his number one fan. his family, and his friends. >> his father crying speaking at the ceremony in chinese, a ceremony that included buddhist monks. >> detective lu lifted all of us up in the too brief time we were fortunate enough to have him with us. and new york city stands a little taller today because he walked among us. >> lu is now buried in the same
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cemetery as his partner, officer rafael romamos, they are as the commissioner said last week, partners for all time. >> the police officers being urged not to turn their backs on the mayor they still did today? >> reporter: as near as i could see there's dozens of retired cops and -- now again i asked current cops why they did and none of them would speak on camera, but we did speak to an nypd veteran of 28 years, a detective who said you know what? the mayor has contributed to the anti-cop climate leading up to these murders and he felt that turning his back this week, despite the memorandum sent out by commissioner bratten this week urging them not to turn their backs. this detective thought it was the right thing to do. listen. >> he gets what he deserves he
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brought all this upon himself, we have a right to do what we wish, just like the protesters do. and if i want to turn my back on him, i will. that's what i'm here for, an american. that's what i'm going to do. i'm an american i'll always turn my back on him. >> obviously tensions runging high, but remembering a great man, 32-year-old officer winjian lu. >> the sports world also mourning another great man the death of iconic espn anchor stewart scott. he died this morning after a seven-year courageous fight with cancer cotscott's friends and colleagues -- his two daughters whom he loved with all his heart, even while undergoing intense treatment. earlier this year, he talked about his fight. >> when you die, it does not
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mean that you lose to cancer you beat cancer by how you live why you u live and the manner in which you live. >> that powerful speech at the espy awards in july. president obama releasing a statement today saying quote 20 years ago is stu helped usher in a new way to talk about our favorite teams and the day's best plays, for much of those 20 years, public campaigns have kept me away from my family but when i turned on the tv, stu and his colleagues were there. in the end he inspired us with courage and love. several games today held moments of silence for the anchor, including the bengals colts playoff game in jambs. steward was as his catch phrase goes, as cool as the other side of the pillow. he was 49 years old. also tonight, new year, new look
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for washington this week for the very first time since president obama look office republican also control both houses of congress when the new congress is sworn in this week, gop law makers say they will hit the ground running mitch mcconnell who is expected to be the next senate majority leader says that washington has heard the message sent by voters in the midterms. listen. >> i think jobs and the economy are clearly what the voters are concerned about. they're tired of inaction and they want us to act and what does acting mean? just to give you some action that won't surprise you, just like improving the keystone pipeline that would put a lot of people to work almost immediately. >> but republicans must pick who will lead them. it could get interesting, on the house side you have texas congressman louie gomer.
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peter, how much danger is speaker boehner really? >> so far he's got two roans challenging him for the speaker ship. they are ted and louie. by announcing their opposition to boehner these two say they're just trying to give other members of the gop conference an aal terinive. >> it really is time for a change, you deceived us when you went to obama and pelosi to get your votes for the cromnibus. it was a terrible strategy and it follows a number of years of broken promises. >> so far it does not seemlike boehner is sweating the challenge as spokesman for the speaker says he still expects to be electedably the full house this week.
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have republicans be -- gop leaders have been crystal clear keystone xl has been their number one priority. with the minnesota senator saying it's time for president obama to make up his mind already. >> the president needs to make a decision, a lot of us are frustrated that it has taken this listening. >> i have always voted to allow the process to continue. >> by to kongtd -- >> i'm getting very frustrated with it. >> also close to the top of the new republican congressional to do list is tweaking obama care, the employer mandate is now effect and republican lawmakers think by changing the workweek from 32 hours a week to 40 hours a week they can help small business owners save
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money. president obama back in washington following his family vacation in hawaii but he won't be there long he's got a lot of trips to make. the white house says the president will hit the road this week announcing a series of executive actions and legislative proposals leading into a state of the union address. he'll begin with a speech on the auto and manufacturing industry, following a stop in phoenix on thursday to announce plans for the housing sector. president obama's trip concludes with a stop friday in tennessee with vice president biden to talk about administration plans for college and education. coming up inside the fox report our political insiders will talk about more about what to expect from the any gop congress. you can get in on the congress by tweeting me @juliebaderas. unfortunately stopping
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attempts to recover remains and debris from the crash of airasia flight 8501. crews are working to confirm that several large objects at the bottom of the java sea are indeed parts of the plane. the u.s. nave pitching in with high-tech under water sonar, indonesian officials are still looking for the plane's so-called black box, they say they have not picked up any signals from it which range up to a mile. the airbus dropped off from radar last sunday with 162 people crews have recovered 34 sets of remains. know the young girl who survived the deadly plane crash in kentucky, where she is now and how she may be able to help out in the investigation. plus much of the u.s. bracing for an arctic blast we'll show you which areas are in for a
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the federal aviation -- what exactly brought the small plane down. bad weather is hindering the investigation. officials say it's going to take at least two days to complete. the girl's parents, sister and cousin all died in the crash. reported engine failure to air traffic control. the young girl survived and walked nearly a mile through the woods looking for help. will carr has been following the story. will, how bad were this little girl's injuries. >> reporter: she broke one of her arms and had some scratches on her legs but authorities made it very clear that they think it is a miracle that she walked
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away from the crash at all. the fuselage of the plane ended up being flipped upside down and there was a small fire that was sparked on the plane after the slash. while all this was going on, the 7-year-old was able to unbuckle and according to -- at first she tried to light a stick on fire to light as a torch in the dark. that didn't work so she started walking, navigating dangerous terrain in freezi temperatures wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts until she saw a light on at larry wilkins house and knocked on his door. >> i went to the door and there was a little girl about 7 years old, nose was bloody of course trembling, crimeying and she told me that her mom and dad were dead, that she had been in a plane crash. >> wilkins immediatery called 911, sailor was taken to the
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hospital and then released into the custody of a family member. julie? >> the story cannot be more heart breaking. have investigators been able to figure out exactly what went wrong? >> reporter: the ntsb is on the scene now and they plan to sit down with her in the coming days, local authorities say already though she has aba tremendous help. >> i was literally distraught by how calm she was able to and the ability for her to give us information, you know, he was obviously distraught, but probably in shock, but she was able to amazingly give us very detailed information. >> >> reporter: authorities say all of the passengers except possibly the father were sill in their seat belts evidently bracing for impact. it is possible that sailor survived because of her size, because she was smaller than everybody else on the plane,
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that's something investigators they be looking at. they should release an initial report on the cause of the crash sometime next week. >> a weather alert now. and a b bracing for a deep freeze next week and in some places, the temperatures are expected to drop down below zero degrees. brace for it. >> it's snuggle weather, that's what it is, julie. >> i like. >> we got to try somehow, because these temperatures are very, very cold. take a look, coming from our folks in canada, dipping southward and struggling to get past 0 degrees. we have this cold front, that cold front was part of the reason why we had several tornado warnings in parts of mississippi and alabama and a
4:19 pm
lot of damage as well. look at the windchills this is dangerous cold so folks really need to be inside you cannot be outside for any length of time here, in fargo where it feels like minus 25. this cold is going to last for several days, so not a quick fix here. we have that cold front that's moving, we have showers and thunderstorms along the front, behind it that cold air, so potentially several inches of snow for the great lakes region and then we watch our next weathermaker across the northwest, the northern plains, bringing up to a foot or more of snow across the northern rockies and spreading across the plains state and parts of the midwest but the cold is really going to be the headline as we head into next week. there's some of the snowfall, a couple of inches here across the ohio river valley higher totals for the mountainous region of the northwest. that arctic air mass struggling to get out of the sincegle digits. those are your mornings ahead
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for chicago minus 13 degrees when you wake up on monday morning. really dangerous cold, we want to make sure everyone is safe and indoors. dropping oil prices turning into big savings at the much but shouldn't it make airfare cheaper too, what's going on? we're going to take a look at that. just when you thought driving had gotten more affordable could a higher gas tax be on the way, that's next. ple pill the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand available without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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the bill that funds or nation's roads and bridges riveruns
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out today. senator jim soon the ehead of the transportation committee says he doesn't favor raising any tax but isn't ruling it out. listen. >> i don't favor increasing any tax, chris, but i think we have to look at all the options, we have a big delta we have to meet, the highway bill expires at the end of may, and there's a 100 billion short fall -- at the current level of operations. >> that interview with chris wallace on fox news sunday. the latest -- amid a sharp drop in gas prices but that drop not slowing down the energy debate on capitol hill. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel explains. >> we're saving drivers about 70 cents a gallon at the pump over last christmas. >> in killer texaseller, texas the
4:25 pm
---the exxon went even lower to $1.69. one expert says competitive fuel prices are good news particularly for american drivers. >> the basic effect of lower prices of oil is more money in consumers pockets, we're a nation that still is a net importer of oil and that means that cheaper oil means more money for american consumers. >> this comes as congressional republicans are planning to start 2015 by pushing the long delayed and studied keystone xl pipeline. >> the first item up in the new senate will be the keystone xl pipeline. >> the president made the case that the pipeline is a lot of hype. >> there's very little impact nominal impact on u.s. gas prices what to the average american consumer cares about by having this pipeline come through. >> speaker john boehner said kbrve the house left for the
4:26 pm
holidays, the president and hiss administration don't get it when it comes to energy. >> whether it's the keystone pipeline, whether it's the president's war on coal whether it's the epa out of control or osha, these policies are hurting job creation in america. so the economy and jobs will continue to be our top priority. >> while the president and lawmakers are expected to continue arguing about the pipeline lawmakers are not likely to have an impact on those seeking to get away by preseason. american carriers -- over reducing ticket prices and experts say the airlines plan is to increase profits over giving their customers the benefit of lower airfares. >> a lot of the airlines will hedge, they'll use futures markets to guarantee ups or downs in the costs, but so ill doesn't translate as directly into the cost of an aerial ticket as it does in the price of gasoline that you pay at the pump. best advice for consumers is
4:27 pm
enjoy the extra cash in your pocket because most people don't believe the price will stay this low forever. the supreme court will hear the second major challenge to obama care in 2015 and it's just one of several major cases the justice also have to decide on. we'll preview what could be a landmark session for the supreme court. next republicans having to make the most of the midterm victory, so what will this new congress be able to tackle when they get back to work this week? political insiders are getting their mikes on. so get in on the information by tweeting us @juliebaderas @fninsiders. your tweets next.
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i'm julie baderas in for harris faulkner. today in brooklyn, the skies were gray and the streets were blue with thousands of police officers gathered for the funeral of nypd officer winjian lu. he was one of the two officers killed in an ambush attack last month. and thousands filling the streets in pakistan to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the islamic profit mohammad. the supreme court gearing up for a new year with several blockbuster cases in its sites, including once a again a challenge to obama care as well. as cases involving free speech.
4:32 pm
>> it's a potentially very critical decision. >> reporter: in march 2015, the supreme court will once again devil into the legality of the affordable care act, and how it's being interpreted. and it's hard to overstate the impact the justice's decision could have. at issue it's language in the law which is -- to help people buy health insurance can only extend into states which have established their own exchanges. 36 states chose not to, but the irs decided to extend subsidyies into those states anyway. >> i think everyone agrees that if you construe the statute literally, well obama care could be in jeopardy. >> and that could be problematic for those who are getting the credits and also what could be called a death spiral in the insurance industry overall. >> reporter: and the nation's highest ---the justices may no longer be able to avoid what is
4:33 pm
likely to be an historic debate. until recently there was no split on the issue on the federal appeals court. >> now there is, and that really pushes the pressure on the court to take the case u now. >> i think this is one of the most important constitutional questions of our time and i think the time is right for the supreme court to jump in and despite the case. >> the issue of religious freedom is on the docket again this term, from a case involving a muslim inmate the right to grow a beard, to a church's plea for equality when it comes to posting signs in public. all these cases will be due when the term ends and when speculation over possible retirement really heats up. many on the left are publicly urging justice ruth bader ginsburg to retire so president obama can appoint another. >> she's active she's engaged and i don't think she's going to
4:34 pm
retire at least in the near future. >> four of the current justices are 76 or older, including justice ginsburg who is 81. in washington, shannon breen, fox news. >> well in less than 48 hours, it's back to business on capitol hill, with republicans taking control of both the house and senate for the first time since president obama took office. gop lawmakers say they plan on getting a fast start in pushing their agenda, but first things first, deciding who will lead them. the fox news political insiders are here with us. pat k c arks and you can join the conversation on twitter as well. at julie baderas, hash tag fox report. >> hash tag. let's just move on into this, because boehner is being challenged for house speaker.
4:35 pm
in fact this morning on fox and friends today, texas representative louie gomer announcement that he will challenge speaker john boehner when congress returns to washington this week. >> he will survive this challenge, but he's got extraordinarily weak support nationally. we're going to put a poll up here in a minute that shows that 60% of republicans around the country don't want boehner as their speaker. >> will you electon boehner as current speaker of the house, or would you appoint someone new. new definitely, 34% new probably, 26%. how does this look for republicans and specifically what to do with the house speaker role? >> well a couple of things, and, pat, i should say did the poll and he can speak to it quite eloquently. but the general significance of this is it would be a profound
4:36 pm
mistake to read into the november election any embracing of the republican philosophy or leadership. in fact, there's widespread anger with the entire political class in washington julie. and what i pick up from this poll and others is people want cooperation, they want a clear agenda to move america forward and business as usual as it's been practiced, whether by the republican leadership or president became they have just had it. >> mcconnell and are both not polling well amongst republicans, what does that tell you? >> well, it tells me how -- just how fragile the republican coalition is. there's a narrative in washington by the main stream media, and people who play in politics, and the political class there that they're working orb a strategy, they're doing this they're doing that. well, let me tell you what's happening, in this polling that i was involved with and the question not only do 6 0% of the
4:37 pm
people want someone new, and only 25% of republicans wanted boehner to be elected speaker again. but more -- interestingly, 2/3 of the people thought of the republicans thought he was ineffective, in opposing obama, and a quarter, excuse me in ---split right down the middle on whether or not he favors people ordinary people or special interests. that's pretty bad when your own party says those things. and by the way now when we release the results on mcconnell. look, 16% of republicans want both boehner and mcconnell elected, 40% to 50%. want neither of them elected, want new people. that is an indictment of a party, republican ss -- it's a
4:38 pm
pretty serious situation. >> john is champing a the bit here, i can just feel it. >> i agree with everything pat and doug said and doug said something that you used in the introduction about a clear agenda. what is the republican agenda? other than keystone which all republicans are in favor of. in the two months since the election, there is no republican nourjts we're going to do this on immigration, we're going to do this on health care, we're going to do this to revive the economy. there has been silence there's no republican agenda, individual republicans may have one, but the party leadership has nothing, and what has happened, obama has stepped into the vacuum after getting shellacked in november. he has gone left, but he's dominated the news and his ratings are up because the republicans are nonexistent. >> so then why are -- that's a great point, why are republicans so silent on things they feel so strongly about like obama care and immigration?
4:39 pm
>> they can't get together on what to do. >> does it make the republican party look weak going into this new set of control they have? and can they get anything done with this notion? >> it's going to be very hard for either party to get anything done, julie with the republicans not having a veto proof majority with argues for cooperation. but the specific answer to the question you and john were debating is this the republicans have basically for the last few years only had one message, one word, no. no to president obama, no to his agenda. and it worked very well in the election. the problem s u you can't govern that way, you can't win support and as pat's poll suggests quite clearly, the republican electorate and i dare say the american people more generally are fed up with a political class that offers nothing, no leadership, no direction. >> eileen payne writes, boehner should go. let me get to this gallup poll
4:40 pm
talking about sucking us all dry, because if you take a look at these numbers, it tells you a lot. it's a politician. >> as government/politicians, the number one problem to the american people which to me and pat and doug -- >> are politicians in government? >> well, yes. the three of us have been harping on this all along, and this will tell you how smart the average voter is, that they have correctly diagnosed what the ruining this country, are these jerks in washington who have subverted the system for themselves. they're out for the american people. >> let me jump in here, look that 18% the first time since the end of the year, people have been asked and that came from the voters, they were given a list. when you look at what americans feel about their government one they're angry that it doesn't work, and secondly, they're
4:41 pm
alienated from it, they feel that the country does not work for them but works for special interests, whether it's on the left or the right and they are basically getting screwed. and those numbers are in the 80 and 9 0 percentile. look at the republicans, 90% of them believe that. this is a very popular stuff that the political class cannot afford to recognize and it looms large, because i'll tell you, looking at republicans, because if they fail to have a message that unites their party, and is effective. i'm looking at a quarter or a third of their base could absolutely just dessert them. >> may i just say in behalf of pat and doug -- >> we have to take a quick break. >> they call us the political insiders, we were all inside this thing but we're outside now and we're trying to tell the viewer, what is really going on inside and this tells me that people
4:42 pm
people know, they know this is rotten inside. >> very telling we just hope washington is listening. you guys stand by a tremendous loss for the state of new york. what washington can learn from mario cuomo and his legacy when the fox insiders come right back. all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve.
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. friends and even former rivals are remembering cuomo as a champion for family values. the fox news political insiders are back, pat kadell and john --
4:46 pm
mario cuomo is perhaps the most unselfish politician, and republicans seem to lack the animosity ---certainly are not following in cuomo's lead. >> of all the people i worked for, he was probably the very top with president carter and ted kennedy and george mcgovern and people i worked with character. this is a man who had great principles, he had great passions, he was greatly persuasive and he was a patriot and he rose above the battle. this is a man who worked he stood by who he believed in, he took care of ordinary people not interest groups, he was a governor who put aside as a candidate and as governor i worked with him in 1973 for a long time trying to get him to run, he made people come together as he did in forest
4:47 pm
hills and corona he believed in unifying people. he was the most articulate spokesman for what i call classic liberalism, which we don't really have in the democratic party today. and he expressed in that speech in san francisco and i remember he called and read me this speech in the weekend before and read me the speech and i was in tears, i don't think you should change a word of it. then he said we stand on the shoulders of giants, he was a giant, and we have a bunch of pig mys in politics now. >> and there are so many politics. >> they have personal class. >> they 20 years later, and look what we have here in new york, mayor de blasio and al sharpton. there's a big article out about
4:48 pm
how he shakes out companies, and this guy is a power broker behind the de blasio government. de blasio and sharpton make a policy of attacking the new york city police. 13 years after 9/11, when we honored those who sacrificed in young form. we now have the government of new york attacking the police. it's crazy. and it's unmario cuomo. doug, right. >> the president of the united states has a relationship and has openly shared views, similar views with al sharpton, of course most recently, the president would want to distance himself as much as possible considering. >> weal, considering that sharpton has been to the white house 80 or 85 times, the president has spoken at his national at work network,
4:49 pm
unfortunately the rhetoric the president has been -- much more critical of the police and much more inge sensitive to the need to do what john and pat were talking about, bringing people together than he should be. the other thing that's missing, there's a lot of rhetoric, mario cuomo believed in social welfare people. we haven't seen as a result of ferguson or the staten island desk, we haven't seen new programs to break the cycle of poverty and change the criminal justice system. so i guess from my point of view, the legacy of mario cuomo is not some unity, but it's action and compassion, something our political leaders today sadly lack. >> and will it change now? >> i mean with the republican house and the republican senate will there be any change. >> we're going back to the national picture. the sad thing is we talked about it all during the past year the republicans ran a seinfeld campaign.
4:50 pm
they ran on nothing, so now that they're in office they don't know what they ran on, what to do, they have no agenda if they don't get it together really fast the obama administration will overtake them in public perception. >> pat, do you believe that to be true? >> i think there's a real danger here, the republicans they're not narrative as john and doug have pointed out. they have no master plan, they have run this narrative, they have not really laid out a -- he has opposed every effort if the republicans have anything to do with it. it has been individual american ingenuity that has made us now a power in the energy field and the saudis feel they should break. president obama is a divider. mario cuomo i am sure in his heart of harts is very
4:51 pm
disappointed of what the president has done because mario cuomo believed we all should come together. >> the insiders are back, don't go anywhere. uis, and i quit smoking with chantix. quitting smoking is a challenge and it's a lot easier to go into a fight when you've got somebody that's got your back. having chantix as a partner made it more successful. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix helped reduce my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. some people had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix or history of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. chantix absolutely helped me quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you.
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the u.s. and nato ending the combat mission in afghanistan after 13 years. president obama says america's longest war has come to a responsible end. but the stanley cup port for keeping troops there is actually growing.take a look at this post abc poll, support for the afghanistan war actually rises at the end of the combat mission. while most still disapprove they do believe it's more worth fighting for in afghanistan,
4:55 pm
more so in 2014 than they did a year ago. i would imagine the threat that has been born in iraq and isis would be the reason for that. would you agree? >> absolutely. and indeed the threat from the taliban in afghanistan and in pakistan. put simply, julie, we are under siege around the world, the obama administration to a very large extent has been slow to recognize and we talk strategy today, and there really is no strategy that i can see for our foreign policy. so what voters are saying in this poll is that they see a threat that is becoming all too apparent from terrorists and as you say from isis and sectarian groups. >> okay i got to 1yu9you for just a second, john, because basically the gop leaders have two months to figure out how to handle funding for the department of defense and that very much has to do with wars that we are
4:56 pm
fighting, the money that we are using to fight isis. >> there's a short-term continuing solution until the end of february, and that has to be done. they ought to be clever. they're going to pass the keystone pipeline easily in the house and senate in the next week or two. i guess he'll send it right away, the president will veto it as he sucks up to the environmental left. it now sits there they probably continue have the votes to override u it. he'll be doing it, not us. somehow a trade with him keystone for something. >> pat, we have 15 seconds, many republicans are calling the pipeline a jobs bill would you agree or disagree? >> i don't think it -- it's become an icon for american energy and independence. you can make it better, you can
4:57 pm
make this steel american as -- the problem is the extreme environmentalists will not hear of it. and they will lose. >> that's fox reports this sunday, january 4, 2014. this is julie baderas, have a great week. than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm... amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. patented sonic technology with up to 27% more brush movements. get healthier gums in two weeks. innovation and you philips sonicare save when you give philips sonicare this holiday season.
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throerd. 2015. we salute you mike huckabee. >> it is a brand new yearn it's a brand new year and the president says he's actually going to try to work with congress in 2015 wonder how long before he writes his new year's resolution. and some prisoners released from gitmo go back to being terrorists. but over the christmas break the administration let a bunch of them go anyway. plus some gloomy news for a agree camp. and an important announcement that you don't want to miss on huckabee. >> and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york. a story about white house officials indicating that president obama was


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