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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  January 3, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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six days after it disappeared from the radar indonesian officials say they believe they have found air asia flight 8501. sonar equipment detecting massive objects on the okaycean floor. a story of horrible loss and miraculous survival. a private plane goes down in a remote area of western kentucky. an entire family lost. except for a soul survivor. >> i answered the girl and there stood a little girl about 7 years old. that was bloody. she said that her mommy and dad were dead. and she had been in a plane
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crash. >> and as millions of americans head home from the holidays they are facing some wicked weather from mother nature that could cause some serious travel delays. we'll get the very latest from our fox news weather center. i'm leland vitte in for uma pemmaraju. new information on the search for the wreckage of air asia 8501. sonar found four massive on jekts on the bottom of the java sea. he joins us from bangkok where it is now late saturday night. >> indonesian officials say search teams have found those four large objects on the ocean floor and they seemed very confident now they are part of the missing air asia plane.
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we found using our geosurvey ship, a ship with the ability to find objects under water. we found four large objects from the aircraft we've been looking for. >> they are planning to send down a remotely operated underwater vehicle to take pictures of the objects which are about 100 foot down but bad weather continues to make that difficult. so far 30 bodies have been recovered. indonesian official is quoted as saying some of them were still belted in their seats. it's thought most of the bodies of the 162 people on board the air bus are still trapped inside the fuselage of the air craft. a flotilla of ships including the uss sampson and ft. worth are continuing to search for bodies and debris in the rough seas. the recovery of the black box recorders is key to figuring out what caused the plane to crash but so far they haven't been able to fix up their signals.
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officials suggest the weak signals from the black boxes are difficult to find because of the sound produced by so many ships in the search area. the areas the jet disappeared last sunday. the pilot radioed in shortly before contact was lost, that he was facing bad weather, and wanted to climb. the request was denied by indonesian air traffic control because another plane was above. it's also been revealed today that the air asia wasn't allowed to -- they weren't registered to fly the route on sundays. it could for four other days of the week. the indonesian transport ministry has now stopped air asia flying that route for now. back to you, leland. >> david piper live in bangkok where it is also monsoon season, making it all the more difficult for that recovery effort. thanks for your report, sir. a 7-year-old is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her parents her sister
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and her cousin. the 7-year-old managed to wriggle free from the wreckage and find her way to a nearby residence for help. >> i just thank god that i was here when she come to the door. i brought her in and laid her down on the couch. put a pillow under her feet. lifted her feet up. and called 911. >> the plane was bound for illinois. but crashed in a wooded area in kentucky. the faa says they received a distress call from the plane shortly before that crash. final hours and fare well for officer liu, one of the two police officers gunned down in his police car. his partner was laid to rest a week ago today. at that last service thousands of officers turned their backs on mayor bill de blasio as he spoke in protest of his perceived hostility of the nypd.
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liu's wake starts in about an hour in brooklyn. thousands of mourners are expected to arrive some time soon. bryan llenas is there now. >> we are less than an hour away from officer liu's wake here in southern brooklyn. the 32-year-old was killed about 20 minutes away from the funeral home that you see behind me. again, it will be an open casket. liu has his detective first grade badge pinned to his uniform. there will be no speeches today. today's wake will include buddhist and chinese traditions. in one room the family will be in front of a photograph of liu and will perform a ceremonial burning, paper items such as money, for the after life. in many ways liu represented the bright future of the nypd
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and the american dream. he moved here with his family from southern china when he was just 12 years old. friends and colleagues say he always wanted to be a cop and was always kind to strangers. he knew several chinese dialects and was able to help build a bridge with an asian community here in new york wary of police. he was killed a day before his three-month wedding anniversary. commissioner bratton and embattled new york city mayor de blasio are scheduled to arrive at 1:00 p.m. today. last weekend many officers turned their backs on de blasio during the funeral. accusing him of supporting protests and an anti-cop climate leading up to the murders. in a department-wide memo, bratton called the turning of the backs last week an act of disrespect and encouraged officers from doing it again this weekend, saying, quote, i understand that emotions are high. i issue no mandates and i make no threats of discipline but i remind you when you don the uniform of this department, you are bound by the tradition,
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honor and decency that go with it. the funeral will be held tomorrow beginning at 11:00 a.m. fbi director james comey and the mayor and commissioner are expected to speak. officer wen liu is going to be buried in the same cemetery as his partner. >> sad story. bryan llenas, thank you. we have some more incidents of police officers being targeted to tell you about. growing alarm over sabotage after one officer discovered his car brakes had been cut and two reported incidents of officers being shot at. this all happened within the past week. >> it's very very alarming to us. definitely will say our persons out there putting on this uniform every day to keep the streets safe are very very alarmed. >> area police are being warned to be on high alert and to travel in pairs whenever it is
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possible. coalition forces are pounding islamic extremist targets in iraq and syria. so far, there have been at least 23 strikes since new year's day. while on wednesday, u.s. and allied forces formally turned over combat operations in afghanistan to government forces. a nato ceremony was held last sunday to mark that occasion. president continues to empty guantanamo bay's detention center sending five more detainees out the door monday, after saying they did not pose a security threat. joining us for more, retired general and fox news military analyst bob scales. we appreciate you being here. for so long, there has been this discussion by you and others that the u.s. was really polling its punches when it came to isis. this was not an all-out campaign. have the gloves come off or is it still too little too late? >> still too little too late.
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way too little. in the campaign in desert storm we were delivering 1,800 strikes a day. on the march to baghdad, it was about 800 strikes per day. so that puts it into perspective. of those 23 strikes, they don't tell you how many came back with their ordnance still under the wings because the targeting system used in syria is so ineffective and so poor and since there's nobody on the ground to spot for these strikes, the feedback is -- the battle damage assessment is they're being ineffective. in other words, you're using $1 million munition to blow up a pickup track. that's not an air campaign. >> certainly it hasn't made much of a difference on the ground. we have a map to show you in terms of what dine of territory isis controls not only in iraq but also in syria. a lot of people will tell you this map has changed a very little bit in iraq. it's actually grown in syria. in the sense that isis now controls more of that territory
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there. what does this say about the united states ability to actually project force? is this a military problem that they can't target these places? or the political will to take the fight to the enemy not there? >> it's all about time and will. time and will are on the enemy's side. remember, the military philosopher once said war is ultimately a test of will, not a test of material and the enemy owns the high ground in both. they own what they call the caliphate caliphate, which is the territory they own in syria and iraq. and we and the iraqis have done very little to take it back. but more importantly, every day that goes by and our air strikes fail to dent isis, tells the rest of the arab world that by golly, the propaganda works. by golly isis is right. by golly, this insurgent force is beating the west's technology. and every day that goes by, every week that goes by, another 1,000 young islamic men join isis. and so right now, initiative,
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time and will is on the enemy's side. >> the other thing that's on the enemy's side is the u.s.' will in terms of the resources we're putting into it. during the iraq war, 2003 to '08, $25 billion spent eight years, countless lives spent, training the iraqi military. they crumbled literally like that. we watched it happen. iraqi soldiers just abandoned their post. now we're hearing there's another 3,000 u.s. troops heading to iraq to train some more iraqis. does this make sense that this newfound iraqi military is suddenly going to take the fight to isis? >> i can find no one in the military who has any real surety this is going to work. >> why are we doing this? >> we're doing it to keep the shia side of iraq from crumbling. this is called the nine brigade gamble. what the administration has done is they basically have thrown
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away most of the iraqi army as ineffective and focused on nine brigades. that's about 50,000 men. that's a very small force. to fight back and take back the territory that isis now controls. oh, by the way it's very interesting, this won't even begin to start until next year, if not 2016. >> meanwhile, isis can just run amuck amuck? >> they're trying to turn a terrorist state into a legitimate state and they may succeed succeed. >> in terms of the latest releases from guantanamo, five people have been released because the president says all of a sudden we don't think these people pose a threat. we know about one-third of people released from guantanamo head back to the battlefield. quickly here as we are pulling out of afghanistan combat operations leading to fewer troops there we're putting these people back in the free world. does that in some way, in any way help u.s. security? or is gitmo something that the world doesn't care about and this is a political move that in some way endangers the u.s.? >> the world doesn't care about
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gitmo anymore. the point is the 116 left are bad guys. they've been undergoing a graduate seminar on terrorism. military people told me these guys that are left manyter the fight. the irony is, we may empty gitmo in the next two years but at the same time, we also may be putting american soldier's lives at risk. it's not worth it. >> i thought you were going to have some good news for us in 2015. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, general, thank you. you just heard from the general. now we want to hear from you. if you were running the fight against terror, what would you do differently in 2015? you can send us your tweets. that's @lelandvitter or @anhqdc and we will read some of your answers coming up later in the show. one of the terrible consequences of fighting has been the millions of people who have been displaced. many trying to escape to western europe and being taken advantage
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of by smugglers while they do it. this includes 400 syrian refugees aboard a ship abandoned at sea by the crew. it's believed the crew jumped ship to avoid arrest. a passenger managed to sound the alarm and call for help. they've now docked safely in italy. they were given food and water and are now being sent to other parts of that country. still ahead, thousands of people forced to leave their homes as wildfires burn out of control near a subdivision. >> just helpless. there's not a fire service anywhere in the world that could put this fire out at the moment. >> we're going to tell you where they're facing the worst fires in a decade. and obamacare was supposed to make getting medical care easier for millions of americans. remember that promise? so why is it causing many in the middle class to cut back on visits to the doctor? we'll tell you why, coming up. and tuesday, the gop takes
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full control of the house and the senate. but that doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing ahead. will splits in the gop lead to problems for republicans? our political panel weighs in. >> in the coming days, the house will also act on legislation to improve the keystone xl pipeline and restoring the 40-hour workweek. that's what you can expect from this new american congress. [ narrator ] mama sherman and the legion of super fans. wow! [ narrator ] on a mission to get richard to his campbell's chunky soup. it's new chunky beer-n-cheese with beef and bacon soup. i love it. and mama loves you. ♪ ♪ does a freshly printed presentation fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. get a $15 gift card when you buy $75 in hp ink or any hp toner multipack. office depot & officemax.
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thousands of australians are being forced to evacuate their homes today, hoping to run from out of control wildfires charring southern parts of that country. hot dry weather and strong winds are fueling the flames. more than 2,000 firefighters are struggling to contain these fires. t six homes have been destroyed. so far, there are no serious injuries. this week the new congress heads to capitol hill with both the house and senate controlled by the republicans for the first time since 2006. 54 seats in gop hands for the senate and a super majority of
9:20 am
247 seats in the house of representatives. with so many members representing everything from establishment republicans to conservative tea party members, will gop leaders be able to keep everyone in line in order to govern? our power panel is here. former massachusetts senator fox news contributor scott brown in nashville. former senior adviser to president george w. bush republican strategist, brad blakeman here in washington. brad, first to you where we have heard the republicans in both the house and the senate, out of the gate are going to bring up keystone. something that the president reportedly takes a very dim view of, is this the right way for the president -- for the senate to be dealing with this the house to be dealing with this, in terms of trying to take the fight to the president? >> absolutely. it's not taking the fight to the president. because if the president were smart, he would pick up on the fact that the xl pipeline is very popular. it's not only popular amongst republicans, it's popular amongst democrats. i consider this low hanging
9:21 am
fruit. the president should use this as an opportunity to compromise with the new leadership and to create opportunity. that's what it's about. it's not taking on the president, because we thing this can be done and done very easily. >> mr. brown want to start with you here at this point. do you think that the republicans are in a dangerous spot in the sense that they've got all this power, but how they use it will be very carefully scrutinized as everyone heads to the white house race in 2016? >> well, the dangerous spot was not being in charge. when you had harry reid in charge, you had almost 300 bills sitting on his desk. right now, the people in this country have spoken. they gave the house a super majority. the difference i noticed in the three years i was there is that the republicans, whether it be mitch mcconnell or speaker boehner, they allow their members to vote off, have some independence. but the democrat, how high do i jump, where do i go? they fall in line in large step
9:22 am
with their leadership. there's ability to have some fraction within the party. there's also the understanding that they were send there to do the people's business. and they have a really amazing opportunity to roll up their sleeps, get things done. the question really is, what's the president going to do. is he going to continue to use his executive authority, executive memos and use the power, the pen and the phone as he said he is going to do. or as referenced earlier, going to be inclues inand try to work together with the leaders of the house and senate. >> you've been in the white house, brad. if you were advising president obama, from his side of the aisles, take off the republican hat, put on the democrat one for a second. would you say it's important to get into a duel here right now, stand on principle or do you compromise? >> no, listen to the american people. senator brown has it right. elections do have consequences quoting our president. barack obama should go up to the hill compromise with congress, come with his wish list. the house and senate comes with theirs. attack things that you can do immediately.
9:23 am
start small. build big. we've seen so much gridlock here. a lot of people have been in washington for so long. we'll tell you the partisanship and the rancor is worse than it's ever been. reason the republican party itself. everyone now talks about, oh everyone should compromise. when has that happened? when is the last time that happened? >> ronald reagan is the perfect example of it. he had many battles with tip o'neill. but they were able to compromise. the opportunity is there. the question is will the president seize the day? look to his state of the union. that's going to be the perfect road map as to where the president is going to take us over the next two years. >> to get republicans in the senate, some of whom are extraordinarily conservative tea party members. laying down foundations for a 2016 presidential run. what does he have to say if anything, to try and rebuild these bridges? >> the problem is is he hasn't
9:24 am
said much of anything for six years. when i was there for three years, he rarely came up rarely met with the leadership of the republicans or the democrats. he's always been somewhat aloof doing his own thing. so to think he's all of a sudden going to have a wake-up call and come to congress and hold out this olive branch i think is really not accurate at all. i think it's almost a false premise. i think what he's going to do is continue to, as weep've seen go further and further left. doubling in, as you see harry reid doubling in elizabeth warren in his leadership team to talk about policy. the policy the american people want to see is they want obamacare to basically go away. if not go away at least have the basic changes be done to it. they want the keystone pipeline approved. they want a pro-growth pro-business agenda where washington functions again, dealing with our debt and deficit and doing a budget i think are the two first priorities we should be doing. >> washington functioning again
9:25 am
may be a very, very high bar for a lot of folks. i want to get to you on this though. somebody was described this as the next two years becoming an endless game of chicken. at the same level, though, the white house is a very coreesivee ive cohesive unit. the house, especially the senate, there are these interesting cracks that appear. for example, the latest budget battle where you had an odd alliance between cruz and warren. does the president here have the upper hand because he's able to exploit those in a very, very shrewd way? >> no, i think the upper hand is mitch mcconnell and the speaker. i think the president has a decision to make for his legacy. either he's going to be conciliatory and try and compromise or as the senator suggests, he's going to double down. the ball is in the president's court. and i think he will be well received on capitol hill, if he acts in good faith. if he doesn't then they're going to do what they have to do. >> "wall street journal" article said that -- >> you've already got -- >> -- plans to try and work on
9:26 am
that, whether anybody on capitol hill accepts it. as "the wall street journal" said, there's a lot of skepticism about it. sir, thank you for being here. good chatting with you both. coming up on "america's news headquarters," one middle eastern country is threatening to arrest the new mrs. george clooney. we'll tell you why they are so upset. plus, a closer look at the massive search under way for the black boxes of air asia flight 8501. while family and friends simply await for the recovery of their loved ones. >> translator: we pray for those who passed away. we beg god for theel is vasion el issalvation of their souls. i always hope and pray for the finding of plane wreckage. it could be passengers are trapped inside. i hope they can be found.
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now to our top story today,
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search teams finding four large parts of air asia flight 8501 at the bottom of the java sea this morning. nearly a week after the crash there's still really no hard answers as to why this plane crashed. our guest is a former test pilot, captain for airlines. joining us now from new york. let's talk for a second about what we know. we know the weather was terrible at the time of the crash monsoon season there at the java sea. we know the pilot asked to climb. he was told he couldn't because there was another airplane in the area. lastly, we know there was these six minutes between the time of that transmission saying can i climb to when the plane fell off radar. from those three things what do you put together? >> well, what i probably put together is the thunderstorms are not the problem with modern aviation. and there is a dangerous overreliance on automation. there's a subsequent degradation of pilot hand flying skills. that is endemic throughout the
9:32 am
aviation industry. i think it all came together when this pilot, i think, attempted to top an active thunderstorm that was not mature but still growing and growing in violence. >> and when you say growing in violence, people think about a thunderstorm and they say, well, aren't planes equipped to fly in thunderstorms, aren't they made to be safe enough to fly in thunderstorms? but what we're understanding is particularly in this part of the world, those thunderstorms can be so incredibly violent they can break up a plane or make it uncontrollable. >> they're no different than any other part of the world. a thunderstorm wherever it is in the world has violence updrafts. could be 90 miles, 100 miles an hour. if it's not fully matured, it could have a horizontal wind of 50, 60 miles an hour. if that thing is building it could be sucking up water. it could contain ice. it can overwhelm the flight control systems and the
9:33 am
indicators, the angle of attack indicators pilots use that are fed into the computer. so it can be overwhelmed in literally seconds. >> the picture at the side of your screen is what the weather was like at the time of the crash. the red of those thunderstorms being the most intense. i want to talk about this. because we often say in television you don't know how long a minute is until you have to fill it. you spend a lot of time in airplanes. you've been a test pilot. you've been there when things go very, very wrong. how long is six minutes in a cockpit? is that a long time for a pilot to work the problem or relatively short? >> you never have enough time to work the problem. and i would remind you, again a good example, an outstanding example, is sullenburg's splashdown on the hudson. the entire flight was six minutes long. but the three minutes of the initial flight, he made, and his
9:34 am
co-pilot made incredible decisions that were actually the result was the saving of that -- all the passengers and no loss of life. but within that three minutes, how long the air france 447 came down in four minutes that was coming up from south america, another air bus. i don't know. a lot of times when i've had an emergency in an aircraft, it seeps s seems like the time clock is going a mile a minute, the sweep hand is accelerated. but basically you just always hope you have enough time to complete the checks fly the airplane and bring it in for a safe landing. >> obviously, that didn't happen here. we really appreciate your time. leave it there. the one thing you pointed out that i thought was interesting was you said sully burgeon's landing on the hudson was not a miracle, it was the combination of luck and also some incredible aviation skills. obviously, a lot of grace under pressure. appreciate your time, sir, and your insights as well.
9:35 am
>> my pleasure thank you. switching gears right now, human rights lawer amal clooney claim egyptian authorities might arrest her. telling the guardian news she helped compile a report that identified flaws in egypt's interview additional system. officials according to her threatened her and her team with arrest if they presented findings inside egypt. the report led to the conviction of three al jazeera journalists now jailed inside cairo. clooney represents one of those journalists. more than 7 million people signed up for obamacare. yet health care costs are still on the rise. particularly for the middle class. fox business's rich essen will join us. plus wicked weather causing a major pileup this week. and it could just be a preview for the travel nightmares coming this weekend. as winter weather alerts blanket much of the united states.
9:36 am
janice dean is in our fox weather center. >> we have winter weather advisories, freezing rain warnings and tornado watches to talk about. stay tuned. i'll tell you where the latest storm is heading and will you get home after the holiday. back to you. ♪ >> the sun went dark. up next what happened and how long it will last.
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an awful lot of people who didn't think they could or would find quality affordable health insurance are actually able to get assistance from the government to help them pay for their health care plans at a cheaper rate. >> that was vice president joe biden touting the president's signature health care law in the white house weekly address that
9:41 am
was released today. in just three days house and senate republicans will have their first day in control of both chambers under president obama. and of course repealing obamacare remains one of the gop's top priorities. as new numbers show the middle class is getting hit hard with rising out of pocket expenses from their newfound health care coverage. at least 7.1 million people enrolled in state and federal health care plans. this year 87% of those enrollees qualified for federal subsidies on their premium payments. that's up 7% from last year. joining me now to break down the numbers, fox business washington correspondent rich essen. i want to touch on this numbers thing that biden said. he said quality and aed forable health care. if you look at what's actually happened it seems like the middle class is getting certainly not more affordable health care. their deductibles are going way way up from $500 to $2,400 out
9:42 am
of pocket costs. the quality's going down. a lot of doctors are saying i don't have time to treat all these new patients. >> there's a lot going on. any time you reorganize the entire health care system, there are going to be those who have gotten better coverage and there are those who pay more for some coverage. what you're looking at now in the report you're citing is that dealing with deductibles. how much is your out of pocket expense before your health care starts to kick in. and a commonwealth fund or study says the average deductible has risen nearly 50%. 47% from 2009, from about -- less than really $1,000 to up over $1,214. that means you're dropping $1,200 before your insurance benefits kick in. that's pretty tough. >> the difference in that between what your deductible used to, money you don't have to spend on clothes for your kids or go out to dinner. all of a sudden it seems like the gdp, which one-sixth of now
9:43 am
is health care is growing everything else is shrinking. >> you flatten them out, basically as a country haven't gotten a raise in more than a generation. but re are spending more on things we have to spend money on like health care like housing. so we have less money relatively speaking than we did 25 years ago to spend on disposable items and then of course we didn't have a cell phone bill 25 years ago. a whole slew of other things we're spending money on now. when as a country we really haven't gotten a raise. >> haven't gotten a raise. in some ways, your disposable income is going down. you spend time on capitol hill. do you get a sense the republicans bleach that votes to appeal obamacare and put on the president's desk, repeal obamacare, check yes or no, obviously he's going to veto it do they see that as something as
9:44 am
a moral cause or think there's some political points? >> i think their get both. they disagree with the law as passed. they didn't participate in its construction. the numbers have been upside down. more americans have disapproved of obamacare. there are plenty of provisions within the law that americans do like. the law as a whole has not polled well since it passed. you saw in 2010 the republican wave that brought them the majority in the house. both candidates, or candidates from both election cycles ran obamacare or anti-obamacare ads relentlessly. it's a winning issue for republicans. they're still going to message on it. they're not going to pass a bill that the president will sign that repeals the whole thing. they'll chip away at pieces of it. these aren't the types of things that are going to undermine the entire law. if you're a republican and you want to see this law erased or
9:45 am
undermined from the american landscape, the supreme court across the street is your best hope. >> well, and that's coming up. we've got arguments coming up. a decision could change everything. appreciate you coming in on your day off to break it all down for us. >> my pleasure thanks. millions of americans are heading home after the holidays. we're happy to hear. and they're running straight into severe winter weather. in west texas an ice storm is being blamed for more than 300 car crashes. that is just a preview of what could be ahead for large parts of this country. meteorologist janice dean. as i look behind you there's not a lot of clear space. >> no, especially across the east coast, the gulf coast the mid-atlantic. this is a slow moving storm that has been moving across the country. with it, not only winter weather, but severe storms. including the potential for tornadoes. if you can believe it. heading into the new year. here's our tornado watch until
9:46 am
6:00 p.m. local time for parts of louisiana, in towards mississippi. the area of concern along the gulf coast. and the deep south where we can see large hail, damaging winds certainly even isolated tornadoes. the good news is we don't have tornado warnings. the bad news, we with are going to watch this area very carefully for all those things i mentioned, hail, isolated tornadoes and flooding. we have flood watches posted for all the areas you see in green. a flash flood warning for the maroon shaded area in arkansas. not only are we dealing with severe weather but also wintry weather. for folks trying to travel home not only today but tomorrow. look at this mess as we move into sunday. a lot of snow for the midwest the great lakes, up towards new england. and then on the back side of this, some of the coldest air of the season. these are highs this is windchill, we're talking about highs below zero across a lot of the northern plains. and, again, some of the coldest air we've seen all season long as we get into thursday and
9:47 am
friday. sinking as far south as the deep south. so january is here with a vengeance. winter is finally here, leeland, buckle up, back to you. >> fabulous. it's such great news. the on thing i can think about is when you still have chicago newark, all those airports with all that snow and ice. you can't imagine the delays coming over the next couple of days. janice dean, thank you. the sun starts the new year -- i don't know if it's a new year on the sun. we'll have to look into that. there's an enormous hole near its south pole. nasa captured this image on january 1st. the holes are regions of the sun's outer surface where the magnetic field reaches out into space instead of looping back to the sun's surface, creating that large dark spot you see on the bottom of your screen. although the exact shape constantly chan constantly changes, the holes can be seen for five years or longer. good luck to the sun. coming up, new sanctions on
9:48 am
north korea over the sony hack attack. how much does that hurt a nation that is already so isolated? a live report coming up next. ♪ nothing beats that new car smell ♪ . . .
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. republicans have said once
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they take over the senate, the first order of business will be approving the controversial keystone pipe line. natural resources committee is set to vote on it next week paving the way for the bill to quickly come to the senate floor where it's expected to have the 60 votes needed to pass but may lack what's needed for a presidential veto. you're looking at protesters braving wet and cold weather to stand outside the white house asking the president to do just that veto it. they say the pipeline could end up harming the environment. the u.s. has hit north korea with new sanctions as punishment for the cyber attack against sony last month. there has been no response -- seen blessing children in an orphanage in pyongyang today. but for a nation already under strict sanctions, some question what the effect of these sanctions will have.
9:53 am
peter doocy is here live. >> the latest sanctions on north korea show even though some private cyber security experts now doubt north korea was responsible for the sony hack, the obama administration blames pyongyang and may be more sanctions to come because the white house press secretary says our response to north korea's attack against sony pictures entertainment will be proportional and take place at a time and in a manner of our choosing. today's action are the first aspect of our response. now, the new batch of sanctions target three entities that are tiled to the kim regime and ten north korean officials. all are now excluded from the united states economy and none can come to the u.s. either. but north korea was already under heavy sanctions by the u.s. government and nuclear activities. so now president obama's critic are scratching their heads wondering why sanctions are being issued again since they haven't been much of a deter ent so far. >> everybody in the world has
9:54 am
seen how he's handled putin and how he handled iran. he goes and makes nice with the worst people on earth. i don't think they have any fear he's going to do anything substantial. may tweak him a little bit economically and tell people they can't come to the united states and get bank accounts accessed. do they really fear this is a president that draws a red line and keeps it? he hasn't so far in six years. >> the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee, ed royce wants the white house to consider taking action outside of north korea against banks elsewhere in asia helping to get some operate and oppress. >> thank you, sir. it is the end of an era for the grand ole opry, we'll say
9:55 am
good-bye next.
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fill you with optimism? then you might be gearcentric. get a $15 gift card when you buy $75 in hp ink or any hp toner multipack. office depot & officemax. gear up for great. grand ole opry figure jimmy dickens passed away yesterday. he was famous for songs like i'm
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little but loud and bird of paradise. he was hospitalized christmas day after suffering a stroke. he died at 94 years old. >> we asked on twitter if you were running the fight against terror what would you do in 2015? robin says, i would start by eliminating our own acts of terror in other countries so that we had more credibility as a country. but destiny had a different thought, she thinks we need more special forces like navy s.e.a.l.s and rangers and less air strikes. we want to thank you for your tweets and we'll keep reading them even after the show. the red army choir is wishing everybody in russia and around the world a happy new year with their edition of "happy", they have gained fame for the covers of top pop hits. at the ceremony at the sochi olympics they performed get
10:00 am
lucky. i'm not sure what the choir and antics are doing right now. that's all for me here in washington. america's news headquarters rolls on. one more thing before we go tomorrow fox news sunday -- hello, everyone i'm julie banderas. >> good of you to be with us and and topping the news this hour, president obama wrapping up the holiday break. a republican led congress waits for him back in d.c. but he insists he wants to work with them. >> a 7-year-old girl is a sole survivor of a deadly plane crash. she walked away from the wreckage and knocked on a door for help. >> putting a hold on a u.s. military exit, afghanistan's new president says he wants to rethink the time line for the u.s. to pull our troops out


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