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tv   On the Record Special  FOX News  December 31, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ >> we are live from the united states capitol building. we are live at the. i'm at the officer's memorial from houston, texas. >> washington, d.c. from new york city. were you a cub scout? >> i was a cub. >> were you any good? >> no. but i was a cub and guess hot den mother was. i. >> i hate to guess it was your mother? >> sounds like a ham sandwich to me. >> i couldn't agree with you more, greta. >> pretty good. room for improvement. >> you'll come back. >> i don't know. it's a very short interview. >> welcome to a special edition of "on the record" the best of 2014. over the next hour, we're going to bring you some of the bigger stories and some our favorite moments from last year from politics to crime and everything in between.
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first, the top news stories that gripped the nation in 2014. this is a fox news alert. 239 people are missing in what is one of the most bizarre mysteries. the world has no idea where malaysian flight 370 is. >> malaysians are finding it very embarrassing the way the government has handled this disaster. >> world health organization declaring the ebola outbreak in west africa an international public health emergency. >> i stayed in liberia for 9 or 10 days after i he got sick. by that 8th or 9th day i was near death. >> a beheading right here in america in oklahoma. the woman decapitated and then the killer took his knife to it a second woman stabbing her and now new fears that the suspect is islamc extremism. joining us from oklahoma the suspect's sister megan nolan. >> i honestly don't believe it's an act of terrorism, which is what everyone is trying to make it out to be or anything like that. he was just trying, you know, trying to -- journey in life.
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>> shocking evidence surrounding the night hanna graham disappeared. police claiming they have proof she was with this man, jesse matthew just moments before vanishing without a trace. >> good morning vietnam! glmg oscar-winning actor would robin williams found dead in his california home. >> preliminary results of the examination science that mr. williams life ended asphyxia due to hanging. >> this video seems to show her, jenea' palmer knocked out and she looks pretty unconscious to me. >> u.s. army sergeant held captive in afghanistan for five years released in a prisoner swap for five taliban terrorists. >> these people are hell bent on killing americans and destroying america. that's what they're all about. >> the woman who made the world laugh and who loved every second while doing it joan rivers has died at age 81. >> the family wants answers. they want to know how in the
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world this could happen. >> the fans are really still stunned by this news. >> police using tear gas and smoke bombs against protesters throwing molotov cocktails. violence breaking out every night since last weekend when the police officer fatally shot an 18-year-old michael brown. [explosions] >> the attention comes back to the demonstrations here at. protesters gathering all night long. >> suspect in the ambush murder of a pennsylvania state trooper has been captured. >> it was u.s. marshals who had the information that eric frein was hiding in an airport hanger. they got there. they called him out. and he came out, and surrendered. >> beyonce's sister attacking jay-z inside the elevator. the entire attack caught on camera. >> you can tell that solange is outraged by something that jay-z has done or said. when she goes, in the fight's on. >> president obama plans the most sweeping executive action on immigration in
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decades. and republicans are slamming the president's move as a giant power grab. >> why is the president doing this and why tonight? >> because he just got slaughtered in an election. it's crystal clear. it's all about politics. >> and, of course, many of the year's top newsmakers were political leaders. among them, former president george w. bush. future senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and former secretary of state hillary clinton. and all of them going "on the record." >> would you have made that swap for sergeant berg doll five taliban for sergeant berg doll. >> well, as i write in the book and at the time i was trying to put together a bigger deal. a deal that would create a negotiation between the government of afghanistan and the taliban to try to move the taliban to renounce violence and renounce al qaeda and agree to support the constitution laws. >> you have been quoted as saying these five guys not a threat to the u.s.a. when people heard that they were quite surprised. as long as they are in qatar they are not a threat to the
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united states. >> bin laden was never in the united states. >> no, no. but in qatar, with an agreement that has been entered into, they are supposed to be constrained from what they can do and certainly they are not supposed to be permitted to travel. that is as, my understanding tells me, what the deal and in that situation, they are not a threat. now, i agree with you that when the new president, whoever that turns out to be, is sworn n afghanistan, there is no doubt, given the current atmosphere that the taliban is going to try to attack and take back territory. i worry particularly about the gains that have been made, the sacrifice that americans made to enable those gains, particularly for women and girls. so this is a situation that is dangerous, that we have to keep watching. those five men, they are right now not a danger. if he they're kept where they are supposed to be be kept. but we still have to worry about the taliban and everything that they could be doing. >> a lot of attention united
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states on isis and what's going on in iraq and syria. as you noted, that's the battle. the real war that matters much to your country as well as to the world is iran and nuclear weapons. where are they on their nuclear weapons? >> they are trying to get a deal which would leave them with the ability to get, to make enough enriched uranium for a bomb and have all the sanctions, the tough sanctions lifted off them. that's what they are trying to do. they shouldn't get it i think it's important to specify. the problem is that militant islam is trying to dominate the middle east number one target is ultimately the united states. they view all these branches. shiites, radical shiites, radical sunnies, they see you as the great satan. they saw us the small satan because we are a frontal position, a forward position of the united states. they want to destroy us so they can get to you. the greatest danger is that any one of these groups,
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either isis, on the radical sunni side or iran that leaves the radical shiites that any one of them would get nuclear weapons is a tremendous threat to the future of our world. a tremendous threat not only to israel but you to the united states as well. >> the senate sort of frequently didn't vote anymore for the last four years and the reason for that was the president figured he got all the legislation he wanted the first two years and after that he wanted to be left alone. harry reid and the democratic majority basically guaranteed he never got anything, that even made him think twice. and so we became dysfunctional. a place where nothing happened. >> so why weren't there votes? was that senate majority leader harry reid's decision or the president's or they were working in concert and talking back and forth? i think the president didn't want anything to come to his desk that he didn't like. it served his purpose for the senate not to vote. and reid convinced his members that these would be bad votes that would hurt
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him in the election. it was to their advantage not to vote. proved to be a very bad miscalculation. >> what do you make of the president using his executive power you? are a legislature. >> i think it's fine. we had been urging him to set the example for raising the minimum wage anywhere within his power to do so. of course, we would prefer to pass legislation to raise the minimum wage for everyone. over 60 officers of those getting the minimum wage are women. so we think it's really an important initiative. lift millions of people out of poverty. maybe 6 million as well as inject demand into the economy with the purchasing power it creates. >> what about the problem the precedence it sets. presidentspresident used execute order. people tend to like when it's your party. is he a democrat, you are a democrat. what about the idea of using executive order and bypassing i don't think. >> well, i think again president has urged congress to pass the minimum wage and they have done. so i think
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the question would be more to the president if you want congress to do so, use its power why don't you use your power by executive order to raise the minimum wage. >> your party has been branded as being anti-poor. >> i think that's people who basically want to stick with the status quo or want to have a partisan game to say things like that. >> tough partisan in this country. >> sure, it is. i mean, if we accept the status quo as unreformable. if you want to serve people in congress and you think that you can't solve a problem that's a problem in our communities, you shouldn't be in congress. so the way i look at this is i look at the condition of the poor and i see opportunity. i see potential. i see people who could be fantastic contributors who need assistance from getting to where they are to where they want to be. we in the federal government are not doing our job to making sure that that occurs. and what i think the federal government in many places
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does is it displaces many solutions. it crowds out what we call civil society. local groups making a difference. we want to empower that we want the public and the private sector working together to help pull people out of poverty. and i would argue that washington frustrates that it should facilitate that. >> this is where every journalist asks you the question whether or not you are going to run for president. so i will ask the question i always ask, packers, how are they going to do this year. >> i think we will do well. i think we are going to have a very good team. we i would the holes we h as long as he would healthy, we are going all the way. >> the phone, one phone line in the family. >> 4480. >> you remember that? >>. no. >> of course, let me give you the tour of your own childhood bedroom. >> how about this room? >> this is fantastic. >> yeah. it's awesome. it's beautiful, isn't it in the wood is beautiful. that's exactly the way it was. >> were you a cub scout? >> i was a cub. >> were you any good. >> no. but i was a cub. >> guess hot den mother was?
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>> i hate to guess. your mother. >> i peeked as a cub scout, i was a proud cub sought soyuz to quip that mother has gray hair because she was the den mother. >> it has not been a good year for the obama administration. 2014 riddled with scandals from the obamacare architect are americans stupid to the irs targeting scandal. >> the irs has broken laws and the american people need to-to-redress this grievance. >> every week, every month that this goes on, we uncover more and more information and the furnace gets hotter. >> there are a range of investigations going on across capitol hill and throughout our federal government looking into the irs scandal. >> the irs conduct was intentional and deliberate and done many times. >> this is taking scandal at a whole new level of the country to have a president and administration using the irs to target citizens. >>
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>> we now have lois lerner as a criminal con spirit in this. >> koskinen told the committee we would have all of the emails without any hesitation, without any delay. we found out earlier this month that in fact two years worth of emails that we were requesting were, in fact, lost. >> i did not say i would provide you emails that disappeared. if you have a no jik call way for me to do that i would like to know about it. >> i don't know exactly what all lois lerner did. i know on day one when she chose to plead the fifth and refuse to cooperate and testify, that immediately raised my ears and my eyebrows. >> we, of course, held her in contempt for improperly not telling us the truth after she said things like i didn't break any rules. i didn't break any laws. she broke rules. she broke laws. >> the president says in a phony scandal. >> phone scandals that are generated. >> he said there is not a smidgen of corruption. >> not even mass corruption'. not even a smidgen of corruption.
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>> you say that lois lerner is at least -- involved in a criminal conspiracy. so, now what? where does that leave you? >> well, it leaves us at odds with the president who initially said this was awful. he was going to get to the bowl of it. and then turned it into yet another one of those it's not scandal and it's just republicans. well, it's not just republicans. >> there is no question this is a scandal. it's a scandal of epic proportions. big enough that it could bring down a presidency. >> the veterans affairs scandal growing by the minute. >> the v.a. has always been problematic. >> disturbing allegations of treatment, delays and preventable deaths now under investigation in more than two dozen v.a. facilities nationwide. that includes the phoenix hospital where 40 veterans died. allegedly while waiting for treatment. >> this is shameful under any circumstances. it is 10 times more shameful because it's being done to the men and women who have put their lives on the line. >> and it worked. >> americans are just fed up literally up to here with what's going on in this city. the reality of it is, the
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veterans who are are paying the price for it are in hospitals or can't even get seen in hospitals. >> it's gotten all of a sudden so much worse. it's gone so far below the baseline that it it is outraging people. if you know a veteran, you go help him because that person who is going into a v.a. hospital may not come out alive. >> big development in benghazi. today speaker of the house john boehner announcing the house will form a select committee to investigate the benghazi attack. >> not only are we trying to get questions with respect to benghazi. we are also now investigating what appears to be a white house coverup. >> secretary of state john kerry has been subpoenaed by house oversight. >> a year ago he said with respect to benghazi if you are having any trouble getting information, let me know. well, mr. secretary, we are going to let you know. we are not getting the information. >> to former white house spokesman tommy veiter down played the talking points controversy is is a giant understatement. >> did you also change
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attacks to ghoxes in the talking points? >> maybe. i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this is like two years ago. we are still talking about. >> dude, it is the thing that is everybody is talking about. >> the way he corresponded last night with the dude, it was so flippant and juvenile it almost seems that he didn't understand the seriousness of the question. >> how does anyone keep their job when we abandon four americans to die in benghazi. that's the big-million-dollar question. >> former state department diplomat accusing staff members former secretary of state hillary clinton of secretly removing politically damaging documents before turning over files to the accountability review board. >> did the administration mislead or lie about a terrorist attack in order to further political or an ideological narrative that suited their needs? >> the investigations that have been carried out basically conclude we can't say that everybody was influenced and we can't say everybody wasn't. but what the intelligence community said was spontaneous protests. and that is what at the time they thought. >> a stunning admission from one the architects of obamacare. >> americans are too stupid
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to understand. [ laughter ] >> claims the lack of transparency and in his words the student of the american voter. >> help the obama administration get the health care law passed. this is the kind of thing we need to change in washington. >> call it the stupidity of the american voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical to getting this thing to pass. >> i assume we would like to hear president obama to say something. maybe to say to the american people we really don't think you are stupid or something. >> don't hold your breath. >> it's emboldened the republicans right now. >> it's clearly offensive and just confirms americans' worst fierce about the government. so we see this slap in the face and an insult to the american people. >> his credibility is completely shot. >> it undermines efforts to defend the law. also severely undercuts any efforts they have to strengthen and improve it this is just going to fuel the other side in terms of trying to fight for appeal. >> this is why the american people are is so cynical about washington elite very
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clever exploitation of the lack of the understanding of the american glort talks about the stupidity of the american voter i think it would be more accurate to say the stunt of the american politician who thought they could tell me these lies. >> i'm embarrassed and sorry but i would rather have this law than not. >> straight ahead, the biggest mysteries of crime stories in 20146789 ferguson, missouri, riot and disappear and of unv co-ed. dollh sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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"on the record" investigators and this year we hit the ground to get to the bottom of the biggest crime in justice stories in 2014. >> "on the record" hitting the road, covering crime and mysteries across america. our investigative team
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attorney and former homicide detective ted williams and "on the record" correspondent griff jenkins leaving no unturned. in charlottesville missing student hanna graham. surveillance showing graham and matthews the night she disappeared. >> this is video the last time they were seen together. allegedly he brought her a drink before leaving this bar and going back to the pedestrian mall. >> just more than one month later on october 18th. police discover hanna graham's remains. >> could she have been under these leaves over here kind of covered up or was she just out in the open? >> it's my understanding deputy sheriff and his team that found her found her actually out in the open. what they observed was skeletal remains and they also observed items of clothing in this area. >> our team heading to ferguson, missouri to investigate one of the' of
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2014. >> police michael brown hit the officer in the face and michael brown was somewhere on top of the police officer struggling for his gun. what is going to be significant about this was if there was an actual struggle for the gun, there should be some d.n.a. on that weapon. >> "on the record" even investigating the exact type of weapon used by the officer. >> officer wilson would have had to continue to pull this trigger for it to operate. let me demonstrate. up in front of us here we have a target. [gun fire] many of officers are taught to shoot center mass. they are taught to shoot until the target itself or whoever it they are shooting
4:23 pm
at is down. >> and from fighting crime to fighting ebola, "on the record" covering the crisis from the beginning. we talk with the doctors and nurses fighting on the front lines including kent brantly who got ebola and survived. we also learned firsthand how difficult it is for healthcare workers to it stay safe. >> the brave nurses and doctors treating ebola patients putting themselves at risk every day. sometimes the layers and layers of protection fail. "on the record" investigated what they must do to stay safe. >> now we come out -- what do i take off first. >> the first thing you want to do is make sure that they spray you with chlorine. >> okay. sprayed me with chlorine. >> spraying with you chlorine. >> okay. >> you wash your hands then. you always want to watch your hands, okay? >> yeah. >> after that you go ahead and take off your gloves. >> and that's just the first layer? >> yep. and after you have done that then, greta, the next thing you want to do is take off your apron, okay?
4:24 pm
>> all right. >> so you lean forward. there you go. >> lean forward. >> you try not to touch -- yeah, try not to touch the item. on the strings. and you drop it in the chlorination bath. >> "on the record" took you inside a high tech lab at walter reid where this ebola vaccine test something underway. >> take three different types of sample of this particular trial. so plaza, take -- plasma. >> that's the blood spun into the yellow basically? >> yes. >> and it has some amount of the virus in there from the vaccine. >> and essentially spun. >> it's actually spun. and they pull off the that doesn't have any cells. we take a little portion and put it in tubes, freeze it down and send it over to these guys and they are able to test in to see if there is requires in there. >> dr. kent brantly doctor
4:25 pm
to contract the disease brought back to the u.s. for life saving treatment. >> i stayed in liberia for nine or ten days after i got sick. by that 8th or ninth day i was near death. >> what -- i mean, you have horrible diarrhea, right? you lose all your fluids. >> i had almost every classic symptom of ebola except external bleeding. hit high fever, headaches, muscle aches, extreme fatigue just being really weak and tired. but i also had blood in my diarrhea. i vomited blood. i had a rash that's classic of ebola. my eyes were bloodshot and red all the the things you think of when you have ebola. >> the fact that you could walk that was a big deal. do you remember walking off the plane? >> i i do. i walked off the plane and climbed up into the ambulance it had a really high bumper. a lot of people have asked
4:26 pm
me about this. why did you walk out of that ambulance? what message were you trying to send? >> and, greta, i had no idea that people were watching me. >> and straight ahead, the global war on terror taking a devastating toll on families right here in america this year. parents of children murdered by terrorists share their heart breaking stories next. yo. no question about that. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long term injury, get medical help right away
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for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any allergic reactions like rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial.
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i'm jackie. from coast-to-coast americans are in celebration mode as we prepare to ring in 2015. right now, you are looking live at one of the hottest places to be on new year's eve new york's times square. wrestling for a prime viewing spot when that crystal ball drops at midnight. about 1 million people are expected to be here when did it all happens. security will be tight. there have been threats posted on social media against members of the nypd and police are taking those
4:30 pm
threats very seriously. another new year's celebration. this one in china has taken a tragic twist. reports from shanghai say at least 35 people have been killed. another 42 injured in a stampede at the city's river front area which was jammed at the time with people. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "on the record" special. to many americans, the war on terror seems like it is being fought far away. but for the families of those killed, it hits home. in august, u.s. air strikes bombarded ice cities strongholds in iraq. and in retaliation, isis began beheading measure -- american hostages. one of them was journalist james followy. his parents spoke to us in their new hampshire home. >> because he was american, greta, he was the whipping boy. he was beaten and tortured. he was starved.
4:31 pm
we are only finding this out now. horrible, he endured you know greta it was horrible. as a frantic mother, did i my best, not enough. but i did my best. >> if jim hadn't been in sirria, i may not have been as pro-ransom, negotiation, et cetera. but when it's your own son, after the r. and you have been not been told other activities going on that might mitigate the situation what do we as family have left? we have no other alternatives and we began to raise ransom. >> hope of negotiating we asked for people to pledge
4:32 pm
us donations if, in fact, we got the situation where money was asked for. >> we were told that we might be prosecuted. big deal. i would rather be in a prison here than my son being in a prison over there. >> james folly was a journalist who knew the risks he was taking. but what about brendon tevlin in the 19-year-old lacrosse player was gunned down on the way home from a senator a quiet new jersey suburb. and when his killer alli mohammed brown was finally caught and confessed to the murder, he called brendon a just kill in the name of jihad. "on the record" spoke to brendon's parents at his former high school. >> i really haven't thought too much about the people who did. this obviously from the reports he is not a very nice person. >> in our opinion, he he ask is a murderer and in this case i don't think he acted alone. whether down the road the law enforcement comes to the conclusion that he is involved with something bigger or whether he is
4:33 pm
self-proclaiming this for some other reason is up for the -- i figure the truth will come out. >> we are really just trying to keep brendon's memory out there and really just if anybody can, you know, get anything from it, just remember how good of a kid he was and, you know, live like brendon. >> new jersey to benghazi. on september 11th, 2012, terrorists attacked the american consulate in benghazi. four americans were murdered including ambassador chris stevens and former navy seal glenn daughtery. "on the record" spoke with glen doherty's mother in october o. >> do you have any problem with the fact that even though this days you are reading different stories about what happened? >> some of the stories like glenn went up to help and one of the sod he was the only one that came up to help. that's a good story.
4:34 pm
but his love for his fellow man is what cost him his life. you have the sadness there but you also know he did the right thing in his eyes. he always went to help somebody. >> do you have any, i guess criticism is a harsh word especially for the mother of a child who has lost his life. but about how the government handled it that night? >> well, the more we are finding out, the more criticism you feel, yes. i dealt in felt in the beginning that there was such chaos that it couldn't be helped it wasn't. >> 214 days that's how long u.s. marine andrew tahmooressi was locked behind bars in mexico when he returned. when he was finally released sergeant tahmooressi spoke
4:35 pm
only "on the record." we retraced tahmooressi's steps driving the same route he did before he was arrested and thrown in prison. >> look at the signs, it says mexico only. that's not illuminated sign. the only is rather faded. the other sign over here, which says mexico only, no u.s.a. there is graffiti over the no u.s.a. and the mexico only. here is the confusing part is that you would be be inclined to want to go that direction to go to san diego. since that's the direction of san diego. if he had intended to go to mexico, you would expect that he would look for a road that would go in that direction. >> we are coming right up to where he got on. right beyond the shrubbery. i'm staying in the left lane. because i want to return to the u.s.a. i can stay in the left lane. he is over here to the right. he can't get over here i'm in. >> "on the record" spent two days sitting outside a mexican prison. inside that prison u.s. marine andrew tahmooressi. the jailed marine cuffed to
4:36 pm
a bed after making a wrong turn to mexico. the mexican government gave us two days in a row. his mother jill tahmooressi who spoke to our team spoke to the son and went "on the record." >> he is not a criminal. he made a mistake and made a wrong turn and said right at the border i've got guns. i don't want to be here. let me turn around and go home. he certainly doesn't want to be with with criminals. because is he not a criminal. >> 214 days. our u.s. marine jailed in horrendous conditions wondering when or even if he would ever set foot. >> 100,000 of you have officially signed that white house petition to get sergeant tam tahmooressi's. "on the record" didn't let up and neither did u.s. marine and former talk show host montel williams who regularly spoke with andrew. >> andrew, how are you doing? i said look, you know,
4:37 pm
that's a stupid question. you know the question i'm asking you, brother, how are you doing? his exact words were: i can't keep the bad thoughts out. that right there is what's going on. finally freed. andrew tahmooressi walking out of mexican prison and back on american soil. sergeant tahmooressi going "on the record" days after his release telling you everything including his daring escape attempt. >> what happened after they caught you trying to escape? did they then lock you down or what was their response to it? >> their response was after i had given up, after i have surrendered, i laid on -- well, i laid on the ground. i laid on the ground and then comes over running and starts whacking me with a stick. another guard puts his boot
4:38 pm
on my head stho drag me wall put me on my knees up against the wall. and then they just started hitting me. they started hitting me, hitting me in the face with with open palms. nothing full blown but, you know, just like. >> a lot of americans especially the vets. montel a marine though really want to help you. they appreciate the fact what you did for our country. >> i know. >> they want to make sure you are okay? >> yeah. i'm okay. i'm going to be okay. >> i know. >> i will be okay, everyone. i promise. >> and coming up, what goes on behind the scenes at "on the record"? well, you are about to it find out. stay tuned. >> my producers want me to sort of get in on this washington fun. so they made an "on the record" valentine. i do not blame me for this
4:39 pm
one. i had absolutely nothing to do with it totally their idea. but here it is and let me repeat i had absolutely nothing to do with this. >>
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each night i go off-the-record and give you my thoughts on stories. let's take a look at some of the most memorable "on the records" from 2014. i smell a rat. just how bad does our government think we are? no wonder this country is such a mess. i'm lived with attorney
4:43 pm
general eric holder. president obama has lost his mojo. senator harry reid is a bully. since the rest of us can multitask, the president can do. get to work. washington, d.c. is is the city of no consequences. >> tricky, tricky, tricky, tricky that's what politics is all about. something is wrong with some people. the american people deserve better. >> that sounds like a ham sandwich to me. >> what a dare devil. yes, i'm talking about president george h.w. bush. remember this? two weeks ago on his 9th birthday. that's scary any time. i wouldn't do that on my 18th birth d.a. that is not crazy enough for president bush. he likes scary stuff like jumping out of a plane. yesterday president bush 41 took a big risk, this time it was with me. he got in a cart with me at the wheel. now, that sounds dangerous, doesn't it? but i was his designated driver at a charity event in maine. well, mrs. bush, of course she was there she didn't ride with with me. she is way too smart for that president obama has
4:44 pm
been repeatedly threatening congress saying if congress won't act, he is just going to pick up his phone and pen and act without them. well, that's just silly politics it doesn't make the president look like a leader. it makes him look like a bully. >> now, this is one of the strangest things. politicians who don't like fox news talk about us all the time. they just can't help themselves. i love it every time they get all revved up about fox, we get the free advertising. yeah, i know, of the critics are not saying nice things about us, but that's their problem, it's not ours. it makes them look petty, doesn't it? sometimes like they are hiding stuff. their cracks are helping us. they are giving us free advertising. advertising we can't pay for. they have been doing this for years. and we have been number with one since january 2002. have at it it keep it up. i have a one page jobs bill. no kidding. one page. it's for anyone, any age, out of work nor than a year who wants a job and a future. it's a $35,000 paid
4:45 pm
internship. any company big or small can hire an intern for one year. now you are asking where in the world do we get the $35,000 to pay the intern? that's easy, a tax credit. this plan is simple, targeted, matches needed skills with jobs available. we don't even need to add any bureaucracy. businesses just take that $35,000 credit on their tax return. should we lighten up on kids? of course, vandalism is wrong, it's against the law. cheating in school, that's wrong too. but i wonder if the punishment she's days for children acting stupid like children do too harsh. now, when i was a little kid and you got caught cheating and don't tell me you never did or if you did the unthinkable, minor vandalism and i mean minor like a prank, you got a different punishment. you that could be hellish. >> on the autoth anniversary of my getting picked up by the police in appleton, wisconsin for soaping windows, yes, i was a little kid can and a very stupid kid at that it was enough to catch hell from my parents. i think i turned out okay.
4:46 pm
certainly not perfectly but okay. >> shear a little preview of my acting shops. >> mr. dean are you surprised by the actions of the l.a.p.d.? >> no, no. this is nothing new for the l.a.p.d. rodney king ramp part. this is an organization that's been defined by scandal, as far as i'm concerned. it's as if once one black eyes heals they punch themselves in the face again, greta. >> thanks to mr. can a near and the rest of team for bringing out my inner actress. >> i'm here in washington, d.c. and i want to talk about the policemen and women who serve our country there are more than 20,000 names on this wall. more than 20,000 names of police officers, member and women who have died in the line of duty protecting you, protecting me, protecting all of us. so let that be a reminder to some charlatans who will seek to demonize all police
4:47 pm
that is so wrong. what goes on behind the scenes here at "on the record"? plus a surprise, one that i don't know about. my staff won't even give me a hint. you and i are going to find out about it together coming up. >> you will come back? >> i don't know. it's a very short interview. maybe i will. >> maybe you will, maybe you won't? >> maybe i will, maybe i won't.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
have you ever wondered what's goes on behind the scenes "on the record." inside look at what we do and it's all caught on camera, whether we like it or not. >> i paid a dollars at this lovely stand here outside the prison. they are very nice. so that i could have my own table for the day as i wait to get into the prison. it's actually quite nice. the weather is nice. little breezy, a little cold. but i got these great coca cola chairs. i wish i had brought a deck of cards though or something. anyway, i think it's kind of nice. for some reason i never dreamed when i was growing that up some day i i would be sitting outside a prison in mexico for two days, hopefully it's not three days, for two days and renting a table. it just wasn't on my career path. i always hoped i would get to the u.s. supreme court or
4:52 pm
something. well, that didn't work out. but, so here it is and actually, you know what? this actually more fitting for me. i actually -- i'm having fun. i enjoy it. so, family room any of you happen to be mexican prison i have three extra chairs. join me, i will buy you a diet coke. >> so cold and so tired and so i have moved. >> debbie's bed. now we are fridaying cold it is so cold outside this prison that we can't see straight. >> congratulations. >> woo hooh. >> congratulations for all your hard work. >> look at that that's fantastic, 12 years. who would have guessed that? what are they doing with lawyers on tv? have you figured that out yet. when i was a kid lawyers weren't on tv except for
4:53 pm
perry mason now we are all over the place. now 12 spectacular years. i think we have the best staff on tv, don't you? >> hands down. >> hands down. >> i have got to get us a german shepherd. i need another one. >> the best. smell my dog? he is great, isn't he? very popular. potato chips. i got a kiss. you didn't have any interest in me. i have over -- that he sold me. >> check these out. oh my god, look at this. this is fantastic. of course, i can't get it open. look at all the mittens and gloves. i have a box full of mittens and gloves that i'm going to give to -- look at these. fantastic to kirsten powers
4:54 pm
to bring to the shelter. look at them. they are great mittens. the fox river is the name of the mill in iowa. here is a lesson to be learned that do not forget ever the kids you went to grade school with because some day they can have a factory and give you a fantastic deal on mittens. >> i do feel a little bit like of a bartender and i feel like when people come in i say, you know, would you like a tap or, you know, offer them some alcohol or maybe even like i feel like i'm at starbucks, would you like a vin at a grande or whatever they call those things? i do feel a little bit like that. but hopefully i will get used to this. but this is the new sheik stand at your desk me. and coming up. an "on the record" surprise. even i don't know what's happening next. my producers won't even leak this one to me. stick around so we can find out together. you're here to buy a car.
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. that's never really been possible. but along comes a radically new way to buy a car, called truecar. now it is. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. ♪ dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money.
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kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy? does he have to pay you back? dad: nope. kid: why not? dad: it doesn't work that way. kid: why not? vo: are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab welcome backs to the special edition of "on the record." now, this next segment is so special even i don't know what it's about. my producers have done a great job of keeping it a secret all right. i can't wait anymore. let's see what our surprise is. ♪ >> happy new year. >> happy new year. thank you.
4:59 pm
>> hi, greta. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year from the. >> happy new year. >> hi momma. i wait for you. god bless you. >> we love fox news. >> yea. >> hello, gte. thank you for coming back to visit us. happy new year. love you. >> i miss you. come back soon. >> happy new year. that is a fantastic surprise and it's incredible. thank you. and thank you to all the children at greta home. i'm definitely putting that video up again on gretawire. as we say goodbye to 2014, i want to take a moment to thank you, yep, you, our viewers for tuning in each night to "on the record" at
5:00 pm
7:00 p.m. and for sharing your thoughts on twitter, facebook, and gretawire. thank you for being with us for this special edition of "on the record," the best of 2014. have we missed any of your favorite moments from the past g tweet us at greta. good night. >> hello everyone, happy new year's eve i'm eric bollingng along with kimberly guilfoyle. the countdown is on and this is the five. ♪ ♪ well, just hours until the clock strikes midnight and a new year begins. two people who are going to help ring in the new year from times square shortly are kimberly and bob. don't miss the all-american new year extravaganza tonight with special host, bob, kimberly, anna kooiman jesse watters and kennedy. that's going to be one heck of a party. the big question we have been wondering for the past 364 days is what's going to happen at midnight between bob and kimmie. it was ee


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