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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 12, 2014 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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this is mike huckabee from new york. stay tuned for "justice" with judge janine coming right up. >> hello welcome to "justice. ". i am judge jeanine piro. have we lost decency and respect for those who put their lives on the line every day and where is the mentality coming from? a decorated army r8b:eñ asked the flight attendant if she might hang his army jacket full of medals in the closest. she refuses saying it is for first-class passengers only and he is not one of them. to their credit, several first-class passengers who
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witnessed the treatment of sergeant albert marley asked the attendant why she would not hang the jacket up. her response. our airline policy said i am not going to do it and so i will not do it. >> she reiterated it was against the company policy and if you look at the tweet afterwards, it is not against the company policy. she was inclined to go to the captain and she would go>?fç to the captain and to be honest, i wish i had challenged her with that because the captain would have told her to hang the first sergeant's jacket and we would not have this conversation today. >> and when the first-class passengers offered sergeant hnd marley their seat, the flight attendant started yelling to them and speaking to marley as an angry attitude and he walked
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back to coach and declined the first-class offers. u.s. air initial response there was no space in the closest, but the first-class passengers say there was space. you know, those pesky eyewitnesss contradicting the airline's excuse. and so now u.s. air is investigating and saying we have a long and proud history of serving our military members and holding the men and women who serve our country in the highest regard. really? how is it that your employee, miss not so friendly skies, wilj not hang up a jacket that the passenger say was not full? have we all lost our minds? miss not so friendly's job is to accommodate the passenger it is and you can't assist a decorated vietnam who quietly and humbly
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walks back to coach? so let's talk. do you think for one minute if a hollywood celebrity asked that same attendant to hang up his jacket she would have refused? if george clooney walks on a plane that has a full closest, you can bet miss how can i help you? would remove coats and hang up his with a smile on her face. surprise? why? it is it a tone set in washington. there is no respect for the etp÷ military. veterans are dying because they can't get an appointment to see the doctor in the veteran's hospital and the schedulers are lying so they can get a bonus. every day two veterans commit suicide. why are you surprised. the veteransgy
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government in the shutdown and occupy wall street gang makes pigs of themselves in public parks and places. and now our commander in chief reduces the size of armed forces by 90000 members some getting pink slips upon their return from combat duty. he unthe laterally provides people who come here illegally the so- called dreamers with the opportunity to join the armed forces? last i checked, the federal law it is a felony to possess a fireman as an illegal. and last i checked this is the same president who is doing his darnest to take guns away from lawful gun owners like me. we'll talk about that. back to u.s. air. they have not stated that they
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had a so- called policy. if it does have a policy, air should lose the privilege of calling its united states air. ç in this country no longer respect the people who give us the right to say whatever we want and practice the religion we want and enjoy the freedoms that we hold so granted. what should happen in the not so friendly sky and snubs a army ranger who she said is not first-class and yells at passengers who offered to give up their first-class society. ma'am, i don't know what your name is and i hope i never find out, because not only do you have no class, you have no honor. and you know what, if u.s. air investigates the role of the flight attendant. i will be kind. she shouldn't lose her job.
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she should stay in the employee of the u.s. air in maintenance. cleaning the toilets on all flights coming in from west africa, someone's got to do it. and that's my open. you tell me, what should happen to the flight attendant who refused to hang the army ranger's jacket in first-class. send me a tweet. isis militants continue to advance on the syrian border town of kobani and inches closer to baghdad. with me and the generals. gentlemen, general, we have a jvp and a ragtag group and we
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the united states have been conducting air strikes for three weeks and this ragtag team is about to> are inching closer[e4qz to bag so everybody agrees air strikes will not do it, how do we do it, general? >> we will do it in the early days of the afghan war in 2001 and 2. highly trained and special forces soldier much like that ranger and put them in small teams and have them close to the front lines to call in air strikes and that makes them more an kill the enemy face-to-face. right now this is plinking. the air strikes are ineffective because the enemy is hiding among the people and everykp8óg that goes by. >> and you know what, general, they have this first.
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isis gets it. but they are attacking from the east and west and they are coming in on both sides. colonel hampton. you think we should join forces with assad, why? >> judge, we need boots on the ground. >> all right. they don't need to be american boots. assad has a vested interest in making sure isis doesn't suck sowed and more at stake than anyone else and he can handle it and do it especially if american air cover provide support. >> we are not sending the,'hkz s and we can't train the rebels and who should send the troops? >> i think assad can. >> he'su he's fighting them now? >> he's doing it but we haven't offered him an incentive to do more.
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>> why should we offer him an incentive? his whole regime is the at stake. >> we backed a lot of people that are worse than he was. you remember joseph stalin who is worse than assad. if you want to stabilize the rentalion it will be done by the people there and not the u.s. troops coming 10000 miles away. >> so general, what do you think of that? >> itdldsbñ is a bad idea. forget about the moral and value side of this. a man using gas on his people and talk about national óí:cy security. assad best friend is iran. they are shiits and iran is the greatest exporter of terrorism far worse than isis. next they are a client state and hesbollah is their action agent
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and the nightmare solution is iran a lined with syria to get nuclear weapons and the first thing to worry about our national security and terrorist threats to the united states and the greatest terrorist is not isis it is iran and their u# surrogates. >> colonel hampton you think that joining forces with iran is a good idea and tell us why? >> absolutely. they are going to get nuclear weapons xñ if they were anly of the united states they wouldn't use them on us and we could single handedly cut the knows off of the terrorist funding because they would do it. they crave international recognition and economic splugz to their problems more than supporting terrorism and if they were an ally of us and have a vested interest in defeating isis. >> what doesn't make sense to
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me, is that iran and syria, they are shia. and natural allies. we shouldn't have to give concession. they want to fight isis and general, i agree with you. we haveíd a vested interest in this as well. but how do we win? if syria can't do it, all right. and they are losing although they killed 200000. isis is on the march and about to takedown kobani. if they do is thatuá=ñwin for them. >> yes. that's all of the more reason, judge. you need ah sawed involved. he is the only one that can prevent it from happening. it is time to not live in the past and forget about things perfect. >> cornell. assad said don't you dare come in my country. and then he shut up and tells me
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maybe there is a back room working together. >> absolutely. i think the last words the worst thing we can do align ourselves with the greatest terrorist threat who is in the process of developing nuclear weapons. >> general and colonel thank you so much. great discussion. >> and coming up. why are turkish tanks lined nupt turbish syrian boarder and the fight.
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>> the impepping isis siege of kobani. turkish tanks and their army remain idle. why? with us is john bolton.
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what is stopping turkey from saving kobani? >> the turks have mixed motives. many of the isis fighters involved in syria and iraq got into syria in the first instance by winks and nods by the turkey. it is preventing the struggle from coming into turkey. they don't have interest in defending the kurds. they have had a long difficult relationship with the kurds. they don't mind they are going after each other. it is a demonstration of how complex the environment is there and a nato ally like turkey can have its own interest first than the over all interest to stopping the isis terrorist. >> and in truth, the turk irk
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kurds trying to separate from turkey? >> many of them are. the iraqi kurdis stan is the te factor independent and worry about the immri kagdzs for turkey. the notion of counting on turkey asa a nato ally or we come to turkey's defense. it is a mistake and turkey comes with unclean hands. >> why are they in nato. they have a huge military and$b ambition and jets et cetera, and so if they are not doing anything for nato and literally watching the fight as if they are at a movie, why aren't they kicked out of nato. we are in a struggle with turkey. the erdogan government, when he was prime minister and now president. they followed the plan of a secular westernizing muslim
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country. erdogan, has tried to move turkey in that is not our interest. but we ought to back the secular turks who want to stick with the direction they took after world war i. and the turks are taking themselves out of nato. >> and ambassador, in the end, if kobani falls, isn't there a risk of 160000 kurds, doing in a genocide there? >> this is how complicated it is. j inside turkey and throughout europe. kurds have demonstrated against the turks indifference. they may have provoked a problem by standing off if they had actually gotten involved and this reflects the utter qhzñ of
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leadership with the united states. if we had a coherent strategy to deal with isis and acting effectively against it, it would be easy tore bring turkey and many others in line. >> do you agree that turkey has the boots on the ground if they wanted to use them and the tanks on the hill that would make a difference in this fight? >> that is a very graphic demonstration. this is part of turkey's. they wanted jihaddist in syria to oppose assad and now it has come to by the them. i think we need more cooperation with the saudi and united arab emrates. >> and what a nightmare. ambassador bolton, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> and fbi wants our help
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identifying jihaddist. didn't they tell us they anyhow didn't they tell us they anyhow who they
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at
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>> ultimately an american citizen unless the passport is revoked can come back. if they fight with isil we'll track them carefully. >> they will track any americans who return after fighting isis. really, track them, that's it? why are they allowed back in the country? steve emerson and national review columnist tom logan. good evening, prime minister
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came ron faced with the same issue on the return of fighter returning to the uk is trying to prevent them from coming in. >> yes, thank you for having me on. he's doing a number of things and the british intelligence are concerned about the threat that the islamic state poses to the uk mainland. there will be a bill to allow the british government to refuse entry to people coming back in and denied british citizenship and sending the message that if you go fight with the islamic state which david hanes and allen hening declared enemy of the united kingdom. it is a tougher line than the u.s. government. >> certainly, and steve, i am sure you can speak of that. and what we are seeing and you are investigating is the uptake in terms of the recruitment in
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western europe and the united states. >> judge, there is a tremendous uptake in recruitment. intelligence estimate say up to more than 5000 volunteers came from europe alone. and several hundred from the united states. and the notion that we can track them when they come back to the united states is questionable since it takes 24 agents to track one person for a 24 hour. and our policy of radical islam is screwed up. praises a raddac shake and he issued a fata for killing american soldiers and the american president sending's welcome
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message in the oklahoma mosque who had the islamist who beheaded. and had praising 9/11 and bin laden. and i think our own policies including that the fact that the attorney general prohibited the fbi from using religious criteria. and right now, we have a policy that doesn't exist. >> you know, you may not know but tom fls nodding his head. tom, one of the things that stove is referencing, by our not identifying certain things as terrorism and calling things work place violence. you know, the united states and the department of justice is tying the hands of investigators. what is the perception of britain and the united states? ? we are facing the same disaster. >> the british government is
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reluctant to critize the u.s. government. there is greater concern in the uk and should be a great are concern here. the islamist state know to stay off of the internet and they know to come back and not engage in the open extremist activities that they had done before. and so that they can stay, bide their time and move to an attack. it makes it difficult for intelligence services and british intelligence to develop the intelligence picture and same monitor with large tonights of offices and it is stretched to the brefrng. that's why david cameron is concerned about preventing people to come back. we don't have the capacity to monitor the people. >> what is interesting, tom. i have an article that said terrorist chatteruu%.l raises threat for uk police. >> yeah.
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it is raised there from moderate to substantial. what can we do here, stevet/ gn the constraints and reluctance to identify things as work place violence. we have nadal hasan who writes the pope who said i am a terrorist. what can we do? >> we have to reverse the damage done by the attorney general. >> how? >> first of all stop the purge that was done in the fbi of all material that was considered to be offensive against islam. that stripped the fbi of thousands and thousands of books and power points of anything that dealt with radical islam and that has to be restored and the training of the fbi informan informants. that was slashed in half. and there has to be a policy decision that recognizes the muslim brotherhood and the other
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groups are a threat to our way of life as isis is and if we don't recognize that judge, we'll bedomed. >> i couldn't agree with you more. thank you for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> you saw how well the dallas hospital handled ebola. what happens voguel and back t
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"justice" with judge jeanine. i visited an urgent care center to find out what precautions they have in place. i am joined by the doctor and clinical director who is the founder of the center. thank you for having us today. urgent care. we are seeing these things pop up all over the united states.
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what is the difference between urgent care and emergency room. >> if you call the ambulance deputy to the hospital. heart attack or stroke go to the hospital setting. but walking wounded is where urgent care comes in play. >> when we come in the facility like. this there is a front desk and recent outbreak of ebola in dallas. people will be coming in with flu like system that could be flu or ebola. >> we have signage instructing people what to worry about if you go to west africa, you may need to go to hospital or contact the health department. >> if i am coming in and sneezing with a fever and stomach aches and pains. >> we err on the side of precaution. >> would you give them the mask and gloatings.
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>> flu- like symptom no harm no foul. >> we are all about customer experience and so they are brought in this private rooms. if there was anything concerns and they are not in the open and contained in a private room. >> as i look around here. it is clean and pristine and you are confident so what happen in dallas? >> i think it was early in the sort of radar. >> no? why do you say early on the radar? we are all prepared. >> that was several weeks ago. >> and we are prepared now. >> on the front line, you have dallas, that is a huge hospital and a big city. we already sending our troops to west africa because it is a problem and they just look at a guy with all of the symptoms is sit at home. >> and don't listen to all of
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the facts and that is a big fall and we learned from that. only thing we can do. >> should americans feel comfortable now. >> we9oo7rld say americans are 100 percent comfortable. we are thinking about it in the school nurse office and urgent and er setting. it is pervasive and on everyone's mind. we have the protective mechanism in place in theory to prevent the outbreak. >> and with me now former fda commissioner practicing physician dr. scott lead. and we laughed at that having everything in place. health officials are quick to reassure us that these disease is not easily spread and dr. jay was kind enough and agrees with them. do you agree?
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>> they have made statements that are not entirely true. it is not air-borne in the traditional system. it does not survive like the flu or measles. but you can get it if someone coughs or sneezes and you are a meter away. that's how americans understand air-borne. that constitutes air-borne transition. it-e7;)j not true. >> and what is interesting. you have the֍>v head of the c. frieden. if you are sitting next to someone on the bus you are not exposed. i don't believe that. i am not a doctor. >> and the president reported it. >> why are they down playing it. >> i don't understand it. they are trying to reassure the public. but the worry is needlessly getting the credibility away.
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and the scope of infection spreads. we could see larger outbrakes. assuming it doesn't mutate and become more contagious. but we could see larger outbreaks. >> is there an antidote that is a cure? we don't have that? >> there are drugs in development that look at this virus. >> and operative word in development. >> they have been developed and they could advance them quickly. there is nothing complex that we can't get a drug for it. >> you have doctors and nurses who are completely covered and you know, know the dangers and treatment, and there is something else going on. if i go to a coffee shop and i sneeze and someone with ebola sneezes and i put my hand down
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and rub my eye. the virus lives. >> sixyii>v days under optimmal >> bee need to show more you maility in a deadly virus. and i am worried we are not doing that. to your point saying you can't catch it unless you are sitting next to someone on a bus. >> what do you recommend people to do? go to the emergency room and hopefully, there will be and help hospitals would get their game in order. i was supposed to go to two hospitals. and they cancelled and i have no idea why. >> we might see a spread in the cases. but the concern is two months from now if it is epidemic and
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goes in india and latin america and then outbreaks in united states and could be large 5;ná outbreaks. that's why we are going to have to treat the infection there. >> and with me now. conservative talk show host sam malone. you are the voice of texas and morning host of a m1070. i will read it in the thursday fort worth star telegram. sorrow and anger as the dallas ebola patient dies. >> we are very angry. people are angry and you go to baseball games and this is all the parents are talking !labou someone from a well known disease and virus that is fatal came to america and came to dallas which is our throw hours up the 6óíaw and quite possibly could have infected 30 or 40
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people and like a virus where 5 or 10 or 15 friends. we are angry and that the government has no plan. jfk is going to start today with a fever squad. and chicago in the middle of the week, come on! >> the doctor is laughing here. sam, cvc director that genous tom friedan said no point of closing the border from west afray ca? who do you think? >> nonsense. the obama administration had no problem shutting down the airport in israel because of one missile landed a mile away when the muslim terrorist attacked israel. they had no problem shutting down. limit the flights from liberia and sierra leon and say we need to do it to protect 300 million
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americans. it is common texas sense. what do your listeners think of the hospital. >> he didn't tell the doctors. i carried a sick woman. don't lie to your profit landscaper or doctor. >> i will not go there. he said he was from liberia. >> he said he was from liberia but said he didn't have direct contact. be honest. they should have a sign. tell us the truth and we are here to help you. >> and we are are not the government. sam malone thank you for being here. >> and coming up. our military reduced by 90000 and yet they are hiring illegals and arming them? wait until you
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>> the obama administration reducing our military by 90000 and issuing pink slips to the veterans after their return from combat duty and at the same time putting illegals in the military and arming them by his unlateral executive order. beside the problem of kicking our military to the curb. isn't this a violation of federal law? with me is the colonel west.
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evening. >> good evening. >> the federal law said it is it a felony to arm an illegal with a fire arm? >> you are correct. that is u.s. code. what does law mean to barak obama? if you go to the constitution and article a one clause only the congress has ability to make rules or laws with naturalization. the president does not have that. when you look at the executive order and calling it a dream act and edict that he sent down. it is it an unlawful order. he is saying to the army and recruiting commands, you will sign up illegals and they cannot do that. and they are well within their rights to disobey and not complay with the order from the
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xhaner in chief. >> very interesting. if you have the eric holder, he will not prosecute the cases anyway or have any u.s. attorneys do that. but the concept is a constitutional issue. this is a citizenship. congress is supposed to do this? >> yes, you are absolutely right. you brought up an interesting point. when you look at our status of united states military. the army that i served two years in currently at pre1940 conscription levels and the u.s. marine corps 19sphene and united states navy at world war one and united states air forces the smallest and oldest float. but yet the president said even as we are pink slipping our combat leaders and combat zones and give them 30 or 60 days, he will open up the military to people here illegally.
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this is the increddil h, where pochrissy. barak hussein obama said if they defend the document they have disregarded in being in our country illegally. >> you know, colonel, the idea of the president making an effort to chip away at our second amendment rights. it is it a constant and yet they are looking to give illegals guns to fight for&:b give them a path to is theship admitting they are not citizens yet. what is he thinking aside from the pen and phone and all of the other stuff. why is he doing this? >> it goes back to something he said to the congressional hispanic caucus foundation. he will use executive orders to see how he can provide amnesty to 11.foif million illegals that
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are here. basically what president obama is doing not million he wants to send to the syrian free rebels. but here in our country, he's outsauersing our national sáty to people who have no care or concern about the united states of america. the important thing for obama is the demo dprtgraphic transtomorrowation and so they will vote for a one party system. >> colnet allen west. thank you for being here. >> coming up. are americans concern body ebola epidemic? i take to the streets to find out. what should happen to the flight what should happen to the flight attendant
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a single ember that escapes from a wildfire can travel more than a mile. that single ember can ignite and destroy your home or even your community you can't control where that ember will land only what happens when it does get fire adapted now at
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is anyone out there afraid of ebola? take a look. why are you afraid of ebola? >> i don't want to die. >> do you think the government has our back? >> not really. i don't think the government is telling us everything we need to know to curtail this disease in this country. >> are you worried about ebola? >> not really. >> where are you from? [ inaudible ] >> give it a week. what does ebola remind you of? is there a movie it reminds you of? >> a movie can dustin hoffman. >> you have to isolate them. get them in housing and keep them there. >> we are doing that. >> no, we're not doing it. if one of them's got it, then
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ten of them have it. >> if there were a case in new york, would you be worried? >> yes. >> do you think there will be a case in new york? >> eventually. >> is this just the beginning? >> i think so. >> the walking dead. >> why? >> the walking dead. >> it's not over until we are all dead. >> are you worried about ebola? huh? are you worried about ebola? you can't kiss me. i need to know you don't have ebola. last week, i talked about the handling of the patient from west africa. stop flights from the country, it's a no brainer. is there such a thing as political malpractice? that's what's going on. shutting down flights to and from israel. obama doesn't care about anything else. george says who is paying for the medical, the clean up, the
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income losses endured by the quarantine. the odds of experiencing an ebola outbreak are slim. they are trying to encourage fear. here is the thing. would you prefer we don't tell you about it? every man for themselves and you are on your own? now the results of the poll. we asked what should happen to the flight attendant who refused to hang the army sergeant's jacket in first class. should he get special treatment? by the way, chris, it ain't special treatment. i live on airplanes and they hang up people's jackets in the closet all the time. i'm surprised this administration hasn't offered her a state job. give her a transfer to malaysian air. the one that got lost. let her work for air force one.
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that's it for tonight. you don't ever have to miss justice. set your dvr and tell your friends to do the same. friends to do the same. friend me on
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i will so you next week end. >> president obama and nancy pelosi and harry reid are toxic and democrats are running from them instead of with them. we'll tell you why. shocking details of how far the irs will go to make your life miserable. and bill afmrek and bill ma hr talk about the islamic culture. tonight we'll meeted who survived radical islam and calls it barbaric. all that on "huckabee". ♪ mauz mrauz >> good evening, i am mike huckabee. thank you for joining us tonight. i


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