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tv   Forbes on FOX  FOX News  August 2, 2014 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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>> i wish you were president, charles. by don't think he doesn't know anything the market doesn't already know. >> enjoy christmas morning, kids. the v.a. fix is supposedly in, but will it help government unions more than our veterans? hi, everybody, welcome to "in focus." so steve, good to have you back. was this fix designed more for unions than our vets? >> that's the question to answer. of course, it was for the unions. it's a typical government response. spend more money, the more you pill shs the bigger you get. in terms of choice for the veterans, it's severely restricted. in terms of the secretary being able to fire the restrictions
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that make it less than what it's supposed to be, the whole thing is an expensive sham and these politicians in unions are like vampires feasting on vet rans. it's a disgrace. >> rick? >> on the union question, i'm not sure how you say that considering the fact that the bill does give the secretary the power to fire officials that happen to be union members. i support that, by the way. i'm all for getting rid of anybody in the v.a. who is doing a bad job. as for the bill itself, there are some problems. i would never go as far as steve has, because i think it's a step forward, but there were better ways to pucks these problems. >> by the way, it's a very mild pushback on the part of the ability of the head of the v.a. to be able to fire union members. the real key is what steve focused on, outsourcing. whether vets not getting the assistance they need can go outside of the v.a.
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there are a lot of of restrictions on their ability to do that because the unions don't want them to go outside the v.a. >> right. this is a typical government response. it's the exact same approach we take to our public education system in this country. the problem is not a lot of resources or funds. it's a lack of a marketplace. there's no opportunity for real competition of price, k competition of care and there's no outside motivating factor. so to tell a veteran who has been waiting too long that they can now go out and seek private care is like telling a parent who has had a kid in a failing school for four years that now they can lack for a private option. that's too limit, too late. >> the unions are up front about the opposition to it. the head of the biggest union representative out there, two-thirds of the v.a. is unionized and 80% is under this particular union. contracting out veterans care should be used on a very limited basis. so they are admitting they don't
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want vets to be able to do this. >> what they have basically done with this bill is created a new entitlement program that if scored correctly, how it was scored in the earlier version before some accounting gimmicks, it was going to cost $500 billion over the next ten years. as sabrina pointed out, does not even address the problem. >> two-thirds of the employees are unionized. even fdr was against part of the unionization of the workers. this was why the individuals are suppose supposed to be getting the help. >> we want to help the veterans. anything that keeps them inside the v.a. is going to hurt them. we like to talk about government as soft and compassionate, but government is inefficient. so if we want to help the veterans, we should turn their benefits into dollars that they can spend on profit-motivated health care. >> the unions don't want them to
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outsource. >> they don't. the story line now from the federal unions at the v.a. is that you -- it's really wrong what they are saying. they are saying veterans are going to end up at local community hospitals who don't know how to treat ptsd. not understanding that the veterans would have a choice. this is the problem. nearly 270 v.a. full-time workers, guess what they do? they work on union duties full-time. that's their job is working for the union. these are physicians assistants and nurses. they have no standing to argue against veterans getting the choice to get better care outside the network. >> steve, let's spell it out exactly how the unions have made it difficult to outsource. first, if you want to outsource, you have to prove you waited longer than the v.a. considers reasonable. that you live 40 miles from a v.a. facility. then tough go to be put on a v.a. waiting list. all those veterans who called
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waiting for hours, days, months and not getting a callback. any civilian doctor has to call a v.a. hot line for prior approval. then if you manage to get outside care, you can only stay with that doctor for 60 days. they made it almost impossible to outsource. >> it's a sound byte, but as soon as you go beyond, the whole thing is a sham. the union has an agreement with the v.a. 316 pages long. work rules are crushing, the doctors have little ability to have flexibility with the nurses and assistants. so the poor guy at mcdonald's that's taking over. the secretary is going to have the shock of his life when e he finds out he's secretary but has very little power. >> rick? >> there are some problems. i agree with that. i think some of you are very mature for stating it. >> i just read what the law says. >> let me bring something to everybody's attention.
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the surgeon general in the bush administration has come up with an idea for a surge at the v.a., which is really nothing short of brilliant. you need to tune in to what he's thinking. basically what he wants to do is get the v.a. working 24 hours a day, which is doable, forget about going outside because people are going to run sba into the same problems we all do which is we have to wait to get an appointment. activate people in the national guard who do their weekend duty. train the clerks to take some of the v.a. over. >> this doesn't give people a choice if they are not getting what they need from the v.a. >> it all comes back to the unions. public support has been dropping in. the last few years. it's because the public perceives unions as thinking of their own interests ahead of others. whether it's veterans or
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civilians. this is exactly the same. not to go back to the school system, but this is why we don't have competition in the school system. this is why we don't have competition in health care. that's what it comes down to. there may be little fixes on the margin, but we need an overhaul where you have real competition in choice and care and price. >> our kids and our veterans, what more precious commodities do we have than those? >> that's the real tragedy. when it comes to votes in this country, this legislation is going to hurt the republicans more than the democrats. you expect this from the democratic party. but when mainstream republicans vote for this piece of garbage, what choice are we giving voters in this kocountry? >> that's a great point. why did some republicans sign on to this? >> that's a great point. i'm not. sure why. i have to research that. when you look at what the v.a., you have to read what they are saying. they are saying the v.a. created this crisis just to outsource and reck the v.a.
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unions have to stop behaving like this. they work for us. they work for the veterans. they work for taxpayers. they don't work for themselves. >> you'd never know it when you look at legislation like this. >> i think it even goes well beyond the unions. we have to remember if you're talented as a doctor or administrator, odds are you don't work for the v.a. if we want to help the veterans, we should free them up and let them go outside of it. >> is this ever going to change? >> e venventually it will will, not with this president. we'll finally get real choice and no more of these work rules. this is an absolute disgrace. >> the more we know, the more i love my dog. this is a disgrace. coming up next, as the battle between israel and gaza continues over there, is the irs trying to suppress pro-israel
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wrooilgt. the violence going up a notch. israel pounding as it searches for an officer that was apparently captured in. an ambush and dragged into a a hamas tunnel. the attack yesterday shattered a cease-fire only hours after it went into effect. it also left two israel soldiers dead. in the meantime, congress voted to approve a $225 million aid package to replenish the iron dome missile defense system. in this country, a deadly standoff in california after a wanted parolee is wanted and shot by police. he was holding a woman hostage. at some point he exchanged gunfire with the the officers who then stormed the house. none of them were injured.
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i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. eastern for america's news headquarters. as israel and hamas continue, they are battling the irs over here. they gave the green light to sue the agency. just this week the irs filed an appeal that puts a stop on discovery of evidence during the remainder o of the obama administration. they claim an irs agent admitted that the irs carefully scrutinized all applications connectioned to israel to determine whether they contradict the obama administration's policies. it sounds a little familiar. >> this is a case of the irs, the astonishing thing would be if it was innocent. this administration is the most anti-israel administration since the creation of israel. and back in 2010 notices were going out to the irs to examine some of these organizations.
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it wasn't just tea party groups in the cross hairs. pro-israel groups were too. >> so this is not the intention of the irs. it's not what lawmakers intended for the irs. i don't think the founding fathers wanted the irs picking and choosing. i'll give you information. this is according to documents in the case. what the irs is looking at is they were calling this group occupy territoried a va cosi and then the individuals were saying that there was high risk of terrorism in israel. so this sounds to me like bureaucratic bungering. >> but it does sound very similar to the sort of stuff we were hearing with lois lerner. we got some more e-mails showing her intentions. >> this is par for the course. we learned that conservative talk show hosts, radio show
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hosts, they are crazies and worse than alien terrorists. i mean this is what the administration thinks. they have forgotten who is friend and who is foe. the head of hamas has said they want to destroy america. i mean, it's bizarre how this administration forgets our heritage as staunch allies of israel. >> so whether it's domestic or foreign, if you're against the administration's policy, they are going to sick the irs after you, right? >> if the allegations made in the complaint, and i have read the complaint and i have read the judge's decision on this, if themp to turn out to be true and we have noted a jute indicated this yet. let's wait and see. if it turns out to be true, what this organization is saying, yeah, it's a problem. >> by the way, when the shoe was on the other foot, the media around the world was screaming about this. now that the shoe is on the democratic foot, you don't hear a peep out of them except from
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us. but the fact is that as early as 2009, the treasury department and the obama administration was contacting the irs about some israeli groups. this goes back a long time. >> it's always bothersome when the irs is less than neutral. it's been that way for quite some time. the founding fathers didn't want us so involved around the world like this. we talk a lot about limited government. i don't see what's limited about lobbying legislators to put our resources overseas. i'm as both red by the lobbying group as i am by the irs. >> hold on a second. give mike a chance. what is this for? the lois lerner stuff or possibly a legitimate complaint that the irs might have? >> the irs stuff with this is a smoke screen over the big issues. the big issue here is that the obama administration has put
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hamas and israel on equal footing which is not the case. hamas wants to destroy israel. policies have made this an issue. if he was doing what was right and being for israel, this would not be an issue. >> we know that this is an administration that clearly is trying to get the irs into the mix of their political interests, right? >> democratic senators and congressmen doing the leg work for the administration. post 9/11, there was a crackdown on advocacy groups. but your point is well taken. the irs is not some cultural thing like a sewing machine. it's populated by people who make mistake who is are under pressure from the irs constantly. i have u heard from former officials when the white house calls, you pick up the phone. >> but in this particular instance, this particular group
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was supporting an ally of the united states, a clear ally. there's no question that israel is not a terrorist organization, but is an ally. >> this administration has totally twisted the reality. the only reason this has come to light is because of the brave staffers at the house ways and means committee who have forced us to bring this to light from treasury u. kudos to them. >> of course, they are an ally. but if the irs did this, they shouldn't be challenging them whether they are supporting an ally or not an ally. >> the bottom line is, the irs has been hopelessly politicized, which is why radical reform is needed. coming up, chicago residents blasting the mayor for inviting more illegal immigrants to the windy city. why taxpayers in all cities may take a hit from his plan. but first here, forget the audio tape of bill clinton saying he had the chance to kill bin laden and didn't.
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that's why i always choose the fastest intern.r slow. the fastest printer. the fastest lunch. turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. we came out of the white house not only dead broke but we had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages for houses, for chelsea's education, it was not easy. >> well we already know that wasn't exactly true. a new report finding former
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president clinton raked in millions giving speeches in foreign countries while his wife was secretary of state dealing with some of those same countries. isn't that a con flit of interest? >> yes, but we smont be surprised. she was holding those secret and illegal health care meetings. we learned it with cattle futures where she deceived the public how she made a profit there. she did it with boeing when she was secretary of state. this shouldn't be a surprise to anybody. >> they file joint tax accounts. it's the same pot that the money is going into. doesn't that mean that when he's raking in millions perhaps because of his influence with her, that's a conflict of interest? >> yeah, but you have to look at it was not mostly him. it was the clinton foundation and there's a a big distinct. >> we have a chart of all the money he was making in speeches. >> i have not counted the money from the speeches, but i know in
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this instance it was mostly about the foundation. i also know there was an agreement reached in writing when hillary clinton became secretary of state and they were all reviewed and legitimate. you can't say this if you don't have proof of it. >> look who was reviewing these cases. sheryl mills was hillary's chief of staff at the time she was secretary of state. she was also deputy counsel for bill clinton. >> we're not supposed to question that. if the clintons were an s&p sector, they would rank pretty decently. bill clinton gave speeches in china, russia, egypt, these countries, people in countries like saudi arabia gave money to the clinton foundation. don't you think we should be asking questions about that? >> is it worth asking a couple questions? >> of course, it's a con
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applicant of interest, but we're mistaking symptom for the real problem, which is big government, government that has lots of activity around the world that a lot of people support. if government were smaller, clinton's speaking fees would be smaller as would the clinton initiative. >> as the u.s. is, and i'm curious to know whether or not some of these people paying bill clinton thought they could have extra influence with the secretary of state because hillary and bill are married and share the bank account. >> i'm sure that's what they thought, but if they thought that, they were mistaken. just because bill will take the check and go on to his next speech. and he probably doesn't even remember who he spoke to five minutes ago. so it's about the money. i don't worry about a conflict of interest. i worry about her judgment as secretary of state. >> there's an old expression. this person can't stay bought. do you think that might apply to
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the clintons? >> i don't think so because what bothers me the most is when they talk to the american people, it's with such contempt. they are full of so much virtue. this shows how much gor badge that is. coming up, more than one in three americans are facing debt collectors over unpaid bills. our kbies have the stocks to own to get that monkey off your back.
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we are back with stocks. we have a package of stocks. >> van gart energy index, it's a play on a wide range of stocks. it. >> sounds good. >> stronger dollars going to weaken the energy sector. >> you like costco. why costco? >> they have amazing stores and people in debt need to buy in bulk to keep costs down so works
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on a lot of levels. >> if you're going to play the sector play, i don't like the overall space here. >> that's if for forbes on fox. thanks for watching. have a wonderful weekend. the number one business block continues. mr. president, we're asking for you. you're spending billions of dollars in texas, but we have a problem here in chicago. >> wow, if you think chicagoans are ticked off at president obama, wait until they hear this bomb from their own mayor. telling the white house, send illegals his way. and it ain't just chicago. illegals coming to a city near you. plus americans are working harder but have less to show for it. households deflating, so whose fault is it? and madonna, celebrities mouthing off over the war.


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