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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 31, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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give yankee great derek jeter as a parting gift. give him home plate from yankee stadium. also, a pat on the back, because he can afford everything else. i guess that's true. thanks for being part of "the real story." shepard smith reports now. >> thanks a lot. news ahead, a shooting at a chicago high school as a worker opens fire on his ceo, and cops say it's because the gunman was upset that he got demoted. the deadliest ebola outbreak in history has killed hundreds so far, and teed today word of a plan to bring americans infected with the disease back to the united states. plus, ever write on your desk at school? you know, scribble something there? maybe the teacher yells at you or gives you detention or something. wait until you hear what ared to one first grader for writing on the desk. let's get to it. a fox urgent and the dow is in free fall this afternoon.
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in fact, all three major indices are down between 1.5 and 2%. closer to 2%. the biggest losers in telecommunications, technology, energy and health care, volumes running about 40% higher than the month-long average. busy pulling cash out of there. exxon/mobil missed earnings, fast food giant problems in china and in addition, more people signed up for unemployment last week. a little bad news all over the place and a lot of noise surrounding it. because of that we have a huge loss day on the dow. the nasdaq, and also the s&p. keeping close watch on it throughout the hour on "shepard smith reporting." first, from the fox newsdesk this afternoon, the war in the middle east, listen to this -- the very real possibility that israel could face a two-front war, not just gaza, also the west bank. who says? our guest coming up today. he'll explain and all the difficulties that surround it. for its part, israel vows it
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will cripple hamas with our without a cease-fire and with no compa sight, calling up more troops. a live look in gaza city now where this time yesterday, you can see, it's very dark there. pow sir out. the power plant is down. no food, no water, it is disastrous in gaza. this time yesterday our news crew was dodging intense fighting nearby. officials in the gaza say today's air strikes killed at least 19 people. that's as israel reports militants firing at dozens of rockets into the country. the white house again condemning yesterday's strike that blew up a u.n. school where thousands were seeking shelter prp palestinian officials say more than a dozen people died. >> the shelling of a u.n. facility that is housing innocent civilians who are fleeing violence is totally unacceptable. and totally indefensible. >> indefensible. for their part, israeli
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officials accuse hamas of storing weapons near civilians on purpose. essentially using those people at human shields, but the u.n. secretary-general echoes the white house today and calls the school's strike unjustifiable saying nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children. meantime, accusing both sides of committing war crimes, israel and hamas. both sides. says hamas broke the law keeping weapons near civilians and israel committing crimes firing on those sites. many palestinians women and children have died. nearly 60 israelis have died, almost all of them israeli soldiers. connor powell, live again tonight in gaza city. what's israel's main target? hamas rockets, the tunnels? do we even know? >> reporter: shepard, started the conflict, the main target and goal, to silence hamas'
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rockets. we continue to see dozens of rockets fired from gaza into israel, more than 2,700 in the last four week, but the israeli military saying these tunnels, cross-border tunnels that hamas has built and used to attack into israel multiple times in the last week, that is a top priority. prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying that israel will not stop the military campaign here until they dismantle and destroy all of these tunnels. that they simply say no cease-fire will be agreed upon until these tunnels are gone. more than 32 discovered, and they are in the process of destroying all of them saying it will take several more days, but that is the main focus now. raising questions whether or not a cease-fire could still be agreed upon, even if hamas is still having the ability to fire rockets. we don't know if that's the case, but in order to silence those rockets, in the future, israel may actually have to expand its military operation here. we don't know if that's simply in the works, but with the call for more troops and the u.s. ammunition supply here in israel, there is a possibility
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that israel may expand the operation here, or they may agree a cease-fire to try to work on some type of diplomatic way, shepard, the silence the rockets. >> for the moment, condemnation from the united states for the israelis. from the united nations, you're committeeing war crimes, israel. what's the reaction there? >> reporter: well, both sides rejected that. no doubt has smas firing into civilian areas using civilian areas to store weapons's we've seen that here. seen rockets fire with our own eyes close to civilians. that's a fact here. the larger question for israel, denies they are firing near civilians, or taking precaution to protect civilian, whether or not they think israel is taking necessary steps to change their tactic, not just are they targeting civilians but whether or not they're taking the necessary steps to protect civilians, and that is something that they're going to simply fight over in the future with reports and investigations, but with more than 1,400 civilians,
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or people killed here, the majority civilians, that will be a very tough fight for them to make in the united nations, but it is one they are making obviously in the air waives and in public and with the united states administration as well, but it is something that is a challenge here going forward. the larger question really is thought the future in terms of the fight but when does this fighting wrap up? all the other arguments and investigations take place at a future date. the bigger question, shepard, when does this fighting stop? >> can't stop soon enough. connor powell from gaza city. thank you tonight. also, get analysis now from d.c. ambassador be adam ary is with us, former spokesperson for the state department. served and ambassador of iran. talk to you about the issues connor powell was reporting but first this video coming in from the west bank. you remember there's gaza, look at israel. gaza's on the left side on the sea, look at israel, the west bank, that's on the eastern side of israel, and goes all along
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the river there. these protests are concerning to many and you're quoted as saying you believe israel could end up facing a two-front war both in the gaza and the west bank. how real is that possibility, and how do you make those calculations? >> well, i make those calculations, because i believe and so do others that what we're seeing happen between israel and gaza is not a localized conflicts but is part of a much bigger regional war, and that war has iran, hezbollah and the muslim brotherhood on one side and it has the forces of what i would call reason and moderation on the other side. being israel, egypt, jordan, saudi arabia and the countries of the gulf. and the united states has an interest in ensuring that the forces of reason and moderation prevail. the same forces that are fighting israel and gaza are now
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seeking to open a second front against israel in the west bank, and r and what's worrisome to me is when i see palestinian whose had previously been on opposite sides of the issue, in other words, fatah, which believes in negotiations, and hamas which believes in armed conflict, getting together. that's pretty troubling. >> how quickly is this, are tensions igniting in the west bank? i wonder, because there's so much pressure now for some sort of a cease-fire, and with these developments, it's understandable. >> reporter: right. the problem is -- i think the world is being overly affected by the civilian casualties. >> you've got to be kidding me? >> let's be clear. >> wait, wait. the world isoverly affected? have you seen these pictures? >> yeah, i have. let's be clear. i mean, look, civilian casualties of horrible. it's gut wrenching. and nobody likes it and everybody wants to stop it, but civilians are being killed not just in the thousands but in the tens of thousands all over the
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region every day. >> yeah. >> in syria, in iraq, in libya. why is this so much worse than so much more important to stop than civilians dying anywhere else? if you want to stop the conflict, and if you want to protect civilians, which we all do, the way to do that is to get at the head of the snake. the head of the snake is in tehran, which had given hamas the rockets, facilitated the training to build the tunnels, which has provided, hezbollah, the proxy, provided them training and advice, and technical support. so, look, let's be clear. this is not a problem of israeli lobbing shells into u.n. schools that hamas uses as armed storage sites. this is about, as i said before, the fight between violent religious extremism and the forces that support it, and the forces of reason and moderation, which the united states should be standing on the side of. >> the palestinians would say,
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to make their act and keep this balanced, palestinians would say this is not a big con floict me. that's my child who just got blown up in that school. for me on this day it's something else. anytime a government is firing weapons that kill children in a u.n. school whom they knew were there, you have a problem that can create more animosity, more zealots, more who want the death of israel. you wonder and many analysts suggested, that this could be causing a lot of harm down the road. >> well, i would say to that palestinian, you're absolutely right. and there's nothing that can console you or console those of us who care about children from the senseless, needless death of a child. why don't you that he will to hamas? which are using these people as pawns in a game. look, hamas is trying -- has launched hundreds of rockets. they've infiltrated israel, four
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armed encouragenses in israel. they think it's a win-win for them. israel counterattacks, civilians killed, everybody hates israel, we win. israel backs down, we win. and so that's the cynical use of that poor palestinian child and the palestinian parent is caught in the middle. >> mr. ambassador, it's a good thing for you to be here. thanks for your attention to this, to be watched. what happens in the west bank. the cameras are there and we know that thousands were out protesting. we know that hamas and fatah are getting together. look back, google it. look back over the past ten years or so. this doesn't happen. that it is happening giving the aekd pause and should give the world pause. a two-front war on the gaza and on the west bank would be a game changer. in chicago, a gunman with a grudge. cops say a worker upset with his demotion pulled a gun on the head of the company. of course, in this case, the boss did not panic. he fought to get the gun, and by
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the head of a economy chicago in grave condition fox
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reports this hour after one of his employees shot him during a meeting. before has worker shot and killed himself. all of this from police today. they say it happened this morning on the 17th floor of this building, 231 south-southwest street not far from the big building, a few glocks from the chicago mercantile exchange and tower i mentioned. a picture of the ceo now in the hospital. police say the company has been downsizing and the employee i'm talking about learned less than a week ago he'd been demoted. with more, live for us in chicago this afternoon. garrett, what happened? >> reporter: well, police say apparently that employee was so despondent learning he would be demoted he requested a one-on-one meeting with the ceo this morning. in that meeting he gun. when he pulled out a gurch from that backpack, the two men began to wrestle over the weapon until the ceo, was shot in the stomach
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and then again in the head. the shooter then took his own life. the 54 ceo is married with three daughter, and remains in critical condition in this company aerostream, a logistics qualitying firm and downsizing and demoting a number of people for some time. shep? >> garrett tenney live from chicago. thanks very much. well, the department of homeland security hey a new warning for stores and shoppers. the fed say thieves are using new software and with it can steal your personal data. investigators say this software is calmed back off. and that most anti-virus programs, most anti-virus programs do not and cannot detect it. they say it allows hackers to get ahold of credit card numbers and e-mail address, mailing addresses even phone numbers. this comes after, less than a year after major breaches of target and other stores, which i'm sure you remember, affecting tens of millions of credit and debit card numbers during the
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holiday shopping season. some breaking news now. the sudanese woman who faced a death sentence for not renouncing her christianity is set to arrive in the united states this hour. it has been a very long journey for her family and her. sudan's highest court overturned her death sentence. then the government blocked her from leaving the country. at one point she and her family took refuge at the american embassy before an italian army sent a sdwroet fly her out of the country. she met with the pope who reportedly thanked her for her faith and courage. the woman's name, miriam ibrahim, raced christian, however her father was muslim, automatically making her muslim under sudanese law making it illegal to practice another religion or marry a non-muslim man. well, her husband's christian, and american. so sudan sentenced her to die. by the way, she was pregnant apartment the time. they reportedly refused to remove the shackles even as she
12:18 pm
gave birth. but today the woman, her husband and their two children are expected to arrive in the united states, and to their new home. updates as they get here. the feds say several police officers spent years stealing from suspects. abusing those suspects and so much more. now those officers are behind bars, and wait until you hear what they supposedly did while dangling one man from a high-rise building. officers of the law, in a world of hurt, as fox reports live this afternoon.
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a breaking news and a bad day on wall street getting much worse. see the numbers from the dow. off 294 on this session alone. on track for the first losing month, this is the end of the
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month obviously. first losing month since january. listen to this. if we hold at these levels the dow will wipe out almost all of its gains for the year 2014. and we are cruising towards down 300 on the day. there is pressure from every sector, every sector is down at least 1% as a whole. energy sector taking a really big hit. transportation taking a hit. it's all across the board, and there you can see the dow jones industrial average is off 1.78% and more than 300 points, or it was, at that second. on the session. continuing coverage here on fox news channel. we'll will be for the closing bell. if you want more detailed business news, fox business network is right up the dial, offering fail and balanced coverage to prosper. google managed to capture a police chase from start to finish through one of those street cam things that rides around spies on us. we have the pictures here in our slide show. you have to wonder if this wouldn't eventually happen. this happened last year as it
12:23 pm
turns out, in the second largest city. cops got word of two students planning to rob a jewelry store. here's a police car driving down the street. google blurs out license plates and faces for privacy, obvious lis. apparently when cops tried to question the men involved here, they sprinted down the street. you see somebody running around the corner. the next slide, cops sas one of the guys was carrying a loaded gun. well, here the chase continues, on and on it went. a few minutes late police finally arrested their guy. again, from the streets of serbia. thanks to google's all-seeing eye. six philadelphia police officers, now facing decades behind bars. in what officials there are calling one of the worst corruption cases in deck dades r kads. mind you, this is philadelphia. they seem to know a little bit about corruption there. here are pictures of the six cops what they're accused of, unbelievable. all six either country or former narcotics officers over the year, the fed say they stole
12:24 pm
more nan half a million dollars, in drugs and cash and other stuff from suspects. but that's really just the beginning. investigators say these men often beat and kidnapped suspects. in one incident, investigators say an officer dangled a man over an 18th story balcony for information. at the same time they say another officer or other officers, stole a few thousand bucks worth of stuff from the guy's place in order a pizza to pass the time. the feds say the officers came up with a game. a game in which they scored points by coming with defendants, ducoming up with wa for defendants to be a abused. the list goes on and on. how the police commissioner reacted today. >> i can ai've been a police officer more than 40 years and this is one of the worst cases of corruption i have ever heard. >> one of the worst they've ever heard. again, talking philly. the city is zero stranger to police corruption.
12:25 pm
in fact, a former officer who pleaded guilty to stealing from a drug dealer a few months ago is helping with this inve investigati investigation. of course, the commissioner points out these six cop doss not represent the majority of the department. either way, courts have overturned dozens of drug cases as a result of this very investigation. the officers each has pleaded not guilty. one lawyer said the fed should not be rushing to judgment. another reportedly says the accusations are coming from a "bunch of police-hating drug dealers." manry mack el voi is with us. an ann marie, stunning. >> over a period of many, many years on top of it making it worse. it give as black eye to all law enforcement. it's terrible when things like this happen. you hope there's evidence to support these charges. from the prosecution point of view, of course, if this is in fact true, but it's a terrible thing all the way around. >> and there's a lot to sort through here for a prosecutor. >> there is.
12:26 pm
apparently what happened is, they got somebody last year, one of these police officers, involved with this, and he decided to cooperate. so through that, they then expanded the investigation as often happens and got these six gips through that cooperator's assistance. >> you wonder if, sounds like these guys might be living above their means. might be telltale signs? >> usually that's what happens. i actually unfortunately came across a group of d.a. gts many years ago as a federal prosecutor doing similar things. maybe not to the extent but involved with drug dealers and wound up one wound up being arrested. a few put out of dea, and it happens. one sign in that case, and is often the case with one of the folks was wearing a lot of jewelry, traveling a lot, eating at expensive restaurants, driving an expensive car. some have other means of income, but in that case certainly that was the sign. >> you wonder how many casing are in jeopardy because of this?
12:27 pm
going on a long time according to prosecutors? >> a huge problem. one of the issues already raised here is, what about the other cases where these officers were involved? could there have been lies by the officers that made it so other people wound up pleading guilty when they otherwise wouldn't have? where there wasn't anything they actually had done? set up situations? all kind of questions and now the d.a.'s office in that area will have to go back reeshgs view those cases, defense attorneys go back and review them and some of the convictions may get set aside, even when people did do something wrong. >> ann marie mack avoi, nice to see you. social media slips taken down many a politician and celebrity. now some instagram pictures could become a big headache for russia's president putin. the photos a soldier posted that could prove putin is a liar. and the worst ebola outbreak in history. why could some very sick patients soon be here in the united states? the ebola crisis, as they're
12:28 pm
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angie's list is revolutionizing local service again. visit today. a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news desk. the cia confirms workers improperly -- hmm -- snooped through senate computers according to the senate watchdog. investigators say it happened while the senate intelligence committee was looking into interrogation techniques trntlating in english to torture. a spokesman says the cia director apologized to lawmakers. americans are borrowing less money for college according to sallie mae, paying for 42% of college costs from their own income and savings up from 40% last year. and crude last night shut off the pipe that burst under sunset boulevard in los angeles. ship 20 million gallons of water flooded the area including much of the ucla campus.
12:31 pm
nearly 900 cars are still trapped in underground garages and ucla says this is los angeles's problem. the city's got to pay for this. the news continues, next.
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instant trouble. instagram photos can prove one russian soldiers inside ukraine at least once. that's according to the daily mail newspaper that reports this is the soldier. the guy apparently takes a lot of selfies, and his account shows earlier this month he posed, or should say posted two from inside ukraine. just across the russian border. here they are. according to the daily mail newspaper, the one on the left here seems to be inside an armored personnel carrier, that man apparently deleted the photo a short time ago. we looked for it. now it's gone. a map showing where instagram indicated he was when he posted the photos. you can see. the red dot, an area of pro-russian rebels control. meantime, the associated press
12:34 pm
reports international investigators reached the area where the went down, what, like 12 days jag actually, no. two weeks ago. the ap reports pro-russians fired a warning shot to scare journalists away. australian officials say there may be as many as 80 bodies still there lying out in the open and elements around the animals and the sun for two weeks. two weeks. steve harrigan is live in ukraine's capital city of kiev. how did the investigators manage to reach the crash site after all of this time, steve? >> reporter: shepard, especially after the last four days they set out and were turned around due to security concerns. today the ukraine yn government said it had a one-day cease-fire giving them safe passage through. despite that, still shelling in the background. tough going passing from one economic point to the other. some territory held by the government, others held by
12:35 pm
rebels. you mentioned as many as 80 bodies still at that site and the australia's prime minister says the priority now is recovering those bodies, not handing out blame. >> look, i think russia is pursuing its own interests, but i suspect that it is at least partly in russia's interests at this time to ensure that our police mission successfully goes ahead. >> reporter: the government here in kiev has given 500 experts per in addition to work on that site. international experts. but that's just permission here in kiev. the site itself, 500 miles away, still controlaled by the rebels. shepard? >> stephen harrigan in kiev tonight. thanks very much. well, there's word now that the german chancellor angela merkel and the russian pled vladimir putin have been working on what's call add secret deal to end the crisis in ukraine. getting this from the british newspaper, "the independent." it's reporting that chancellor
12:36 pm
merkel has been negotiating directly with vladimir putin to essentially trade land for natural gas. the newspaper reports that under this proposed deal, russia would withdraw support from the rebels in eastern ukraine, and offer the country a new long-term agreement with the russian natural gas giant gasprom. in exchange, the international community would recognize crimea's independence and russia's annexation of the territory. something the united states for one has refused to do. in other words, president putin gets crimea as long as he leaves the rest of ukraine alone and keeps gas flowing. russia supplies europe with about 30% of its natural gas and half flows through ukraine. according to the independent, the newspaper we're sourcing here, the deal has been on the back burner since the airliner attack. german officials, though, are denying the independent's report saying we don't talk about this sort of thing and are denying details of the report. the "wall street journal"
12:37 pm
reports chancellor merkel and president putin haven't spoken in more than a week. with us from the "wall street journal," assistant managing editor and executive business director. a deal? >> yes. interesting story. in the independent. they point out after the crash, everything stopped. and that's what our reporters have a story in today's paper and on the web now. says the same thing. up to right after the crash, during the entire ukraine crisis, merkel has been acting a a broker between the rest of the world and putin. they talked something on the order of 30 times. three days after the crash, she said, look, give me a call once you've begun to diffuse things and they haven't talked since. that deal, if the eindependent has it right, probably much on the back burner for now and probably in danger because world opinion turned strongly against russia. >> wield for vladimir putin to get crimea with just a pat on the back. >> i don't think the u.s. would agree to a secession of land.
12:38 pm
this is an incredibly important relationship putin has with the white hou the outside world. a russian speaker from former east germany. he's a german speaker. they see their ties historically going back to world war ii. for him now to not be talking with his chief outside broker to the rest of the world shows how willing he is to be isolated from the rest of the world. that what's going on in ukraine is that important to him. >> these sanctions, are there any signs they're having an affect? >> these are pretty stiff ones that were enacted this weekend and that the eu importantly signed on to. >> surprising. >> this is against the banking system, against the military. against the energy sector of russia. jay solomon, our reporter out of washington, who follows sanctions and has written a great deal what it took finally to bring iran to the table, what kind of sanctions. his estimate is that, and he has another story in today's paper, his estimate you're going need
12:39 pm
much more severe sanctions than where we are now but we come strongly down that road. >> this business right here, this is troubling, i guess, on the surface. i pushed the wrong button. that's troubling. this is a lot of fear, that correction you were talking about in the kmecommercial. >> so much talk, the market's gotten ahead of itself, stocks are fully valued. we're in for 20%, some say, correction. you talk about it enough, if there's eastern an slightest indication of economic weakness, a couple bad earnings reports, people will say, i'm taking my profits off the table. let everything else kind of -- let the dust settle then i'll come back in. that's maybe what you're seeing. a lot of international instability right now. the markets have had a tremendous run-up. this is a reflection of some folks just saying, i'm out right here. i'll get back in later on. >> more with gerri willis on the fox business network. that reporting at
12:40 pm
the ebola virus could be on american soil by the weekend. fox news learned a charity group is working to bring home two americans infected with the deadly virus in africa. the doctor and nurse are reportedly stable now, but still fighting to survive, obviously. we have a picture of the doctor. even as his health worsens, his organization reports he's still putting others ahead of himself. when a single dose of an experimental medicine arrived yesterday, the doctor insistented that it go to the sick nurse instead of him. the american patients are part of the worst-ever outbreak of ebola. a virus that essentially eats its victims from the inside out. health facials say almost always deadly and no cure. they add more than 700 people have died from this vary outbreak. where it is hitting in africa now. the most deaths in guinea and sierra leone. it records the virus is spreading rapidly in liberia and at least one person has died in
12:41 pm
nigeria. john roberts with more on this in our atlanta newsroom, the atlanta home to the disease control and prevention. where are we with this thing, john? >> seeing stories of heroism and tragedy as this spreads, shep. the headline this afternoon, the centers for disease control upped its travel alert to the highest level now. warning americans against traveling to west africa. cdc director dr. tom frieden is sending 50 more disease specialists from the cdc into the hot zone to try to get this epidemic under control. >> ebola in west africa is worsening. we're responding by surging the cdc response so that we can lep countries find patients, ice lett them, stop spread and appreciate future cases. but it's not going to be quick and it's not going to be easy. >> in fact, frieden told me this ank, finally stopping the outbreak could take three up to
12:42 pm
six months in the best shot. >> what about ebola patients who could be coming to the united states, john? >> they're workers, volunteers with samaritan's purse and service in mission. dr. kent brantley and nurse nancy rightpol, both severely ill. samaritan purse is working with the centers for disease control and state department to medevac them back to the united states. if they come back, the first-ever cases of ebola in the u.s. samaritan's purse director franklin graham told me all necessary precautions would be taken. >> people are afraid. but these are american citizens, and they want to come home. we're going to help them get home but to it safely and do it following all of the protocols in place. >> eight organizations meantime are scrambling to get their volunteers out. the peace corps wants to bring back 340 people. a statement to foz news, volunteers with no known exposure to ebola do not need screened.
12:43 pm
monitoring health and any symptoms. shep, the radar are up to an intense level ay cross this country and around the world because of this epidemic. >> john roberts in atlanta. thanks. next, the story of the mother who says her little girl's death got taky away at school, her little girl forced to sit on the classroom floor for weeks. why would a teacher do that to her daughter? it is stunning, and kennedy is here to talk about whether the punishment fits the so-called crime. plus, what happens when nearly 30 sumo wrestlers get on a jet or a passenger plane? we'll have the pictures, next. stay with us.
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12:46 pm
what they do if she'd broke an pencil? a mother claims her daughter's first grade teacher forced the child to sit on the floor for more than four weeks. because the little girl drew on her desk. happened at an elementary school in houston. the mom claiming the teacher took the daughter's desk away and the family didn't even know
12:47 pm
until the girl finally spoke up about it. the school gave us a statement reporting to punish the teacher and it's offered the family options including transferring girl to another school. kennedy's fleer the independence on the fox business network. a little bit of scribbling on the -- i love -- oh, shep, aren't you the best. we're going to break you in half and throw you in the wood chipper? >> hey, whattened to sitting on an uncomfortable floor. your friend in the wood chip perp totally outrageous. i would be devastate fundamental this happened to my child. what a crazy over-reaction. first graders are supposed to be creative. she transferred from the paper to the desk, drew a nice scene. wasn't in sharpie, wasn't in black crayon, merely an expression, and the teacher said that she just had the little girl wash it off, see the principal, lose recess, by the way, already too much. >> extreme, too. >> lock it up, come on, sister.
12:48 pm
when the little girl came home 272 272 -- 22 days later. >> probably embarrassed. >> worried she wasn't, a, going to get her bask back until second grade and if she told anyone would get in trouble by her second grade teacher. >> what did the parents do? >> yanked her out of school. putting her in a different school. unfortunately they can't do the same with their older son, because the elementary school where the new girl is going, his grade is capped. meaning too many kids in his grade level. now they have to take their kids to two different schools. part of the problem -- >> what did they do to this teacher? >> reprimanded her. she's been reprimanded. >> john glenn walks ashds too much behind you. noticed that? in charge of these people back here. he walks around too much and i -- >> i thought he was on the space shuttle. >> maybe sit him on the floor. >> firm discipline on the news deck is in osrder.
12:49 pm
>> imagine the teacher making your little girl sit on the floor. >> to months. not like we will to take your desk away to be cleaned. when it's cleaned you get it back. not until you're in second grade. something is desperately wrong there. >> how did they discipline the teacher? >> reprimanded. >> what does this mean? >> not going to say. they're kbarembarrassed and goio keep it to themselves. >> and stephen a. smith got a worse -- >> and you know what happened -- took the paddle on the butt over and over -- >> corporal punishment still an available option. problem, tell you this as a mother of public school kids, two of them. >> good girl. >> tenure. >> that's the problem. >> not there, do they? >> they don't have tenure. they might. teachers unions, they're crazy.
12:50 pm
>> be careful. they'll pamake your kids sit on the floor. >> ucla. >> just shut it off. what is going on when it takes you two days to shut off the water main? >> the biggest water crisis in u.s. history. >> no one will ever be able to shower in los angeles county ever again. >> stanky. smell like paris. >> the thing i liked about it, a lot of bruins out there enjoying the water. the water sport, fully engaged there. >> kennedy, see you tonight on "the independence" 9:00 eastern. >> on tomorrow night at 9:00. >> stophal. >> thank you. might be worse than crying babies. a group of sumo wrestlers traveling together in japan made for a very full flight. look here. the pictures. look at them. >> yeah. 29 sumo wrestlers traveling in a group together. and can you imagine on this airplane? you can barely even get up and down the aisles. it is so jam-packed.
12:51 pm
you see them getting off the airplane looking relieved to stretch their legs. did get a break during a welcoming ceremony. the next leg of their trip on a bus. that looks worse than the airplane. >> have to sit in the aisles. can you see them? not in first class. back in the back. can you see them trying to tuck all that down into the seat? a better picture. notice they didn't send that. good luck, guys. >> yes, indeed. >> hmm. >> jam-packed plane. we'll be right back. the dow. hang on.vent e starts with knee . and a choice. take 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. onward!
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eating healthier,lenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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breaking news. a huge gas leak, an explosion in southern taiwan. at least 15 people are dead. a chinese news agency reports
12:55 pm
before the explosion smoke with a gas-like smell was coming out of the drains in the streets. more on this as the news break. over on wall street now, the dow in a major freefall. the dow is now close to losing all of its gains for 2014. the july gains are gone. down more than 300 points. jerry willis is with us now. a lot of bad noise but you have our own theory. >> earnings are not looking hot right now. but we had this report today, first-time unemployment claims was a positive number for the economy. but wall street doesn't like that. exxon, whole foods, we knew whole foods was in trouble. big sales troubles, not meeting expectations. yum has its own troubles with chicken in china. but what's happening with the jobs number, the economy may be stronger than some people think.
12:56 pm
so wall street is worried then that what might happen is the federal reserve might take its foot off the gas pedal. they've been supporting this economy for quite sometime now. if that happens, we'll have to wait and see. >> things would change. argentina is about to default again? >> every once in a while they default, nobody pays attention. steak prices, maybe, could get hit. >> thank you. all right, geri, have a nice day. we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
on this day in 1964, nasa's ranger seven took the first closeup photos of the moon. it was nasa's second try that year after the cameras failed on an earlier mission. it took more than 4300 photos of the lunar surface. scientists say the images were 1,000 times as clear as what they had seen from telescope.
1:00 pm
unfortunately, there was no cheese. ranger seven made its own history 50 years ago today. when news breaks out, we'll break in, a lot of news from wall street today. gains are gone. the dow down 300 plus. all right. stocks heading south because of some big problems south of the border. not that south of the border, not mexico. and no, not guatemala. keep going. no, not el salvador either. past honduras, too. i'm talking further south. keep going, keep going. bingo, right there. argentina. yeah, argentina. remember them? damn near won the world cup. now damn near creating a world crisis. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. and do cry for argentina, because argentina is making a lot of investors cry all over the world. for the second time in 13 years, argentina is facing default. and investors the world over are paying ar


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