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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 31, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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a san diego shopping center now the site of a fiery plane crash. >> i knew it was coming on the ground and flames and a lot of black smoke. >> the single engine plane went down inside of a parking lot outside of costco. the plane clipped the top of a target store and hit a light pole before slamming into the pavement before bursting into flames. the pilot is in the hospital. the passenger died. there's no word on the cause of the crash. the faa is investigating. >> after a nine-hour manhunt the suspect believed to have fatally shot a cop is now in custody. he allegedly shot officer scott patrick in the head in broad daylight. he leaves behind a wife and two teenaged children. the search for the suspect ended when he got out of a mini van firing at officers. police returned fire striking the 39-year-old. the suspect's condition is unknown.
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a carbon monoxide square at ucla. six people cleaning up the university flooded basketball arena were treated for exposure to the gas. they were helping punch ten inches of water off the court when they got sick from the generator fumes. los angeles water and power has set up a claims process. if your car was in. the house took the first steps voting to sue the president accusing him of abusing his powers making changes to obamacare. liz brea elizabeth prann has more. what's your reaction and what's the next step? >> house republicans are positive about moving forward after voting to approve the lawsuit which accuses the president of executive over reach for carrying out the
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healthcare over hall for scrapping the employer mandate that applies to the law in 2013 and 2014. >> one of the constitution says congress makes the laws. article 2 says the president enforces them. according to article 3 the judicial branch resolves conflict between congress and executives. that's the system the founders gave us. democrats are not staying quiet on this. they say it is firing up voters for the fall elections. it is not something speaker john boehner ever said he is going to do but they say this is an impeachment attempt. >> this isn't about this lawsuit. you don't sue somebody unless you want to prove that they are wrong. this is about the road to impeachment. the speaker hasn't said one simple sentence, impeachment is off the table. >> come on. come on and help out a little bit.
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stop being mad at all of the time. stop this hating all of the time. >> republicans are standing firm in their stance. the white house said the president acted legally fcongres has a five week vacation tomorrow. >> elizabeth prann live for us in washington. thank you, elizabeth. this morning charles krauthammer is talking about suing the president. he says democrats are treating this as a joke. he says it's no laughing matter. >> i think democrats will regret not having taken seriously the president's overage on domestic issues. the constitution is absolutely clear. the president's job is not to help people in his interpretation of what he does. it is to faithfully execute the laws that congress passed. that is as clear as day. that's the definition of his job. there's a strong argument he has over reached that by creating
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law, not enforcing laws, changing laws on his own which he is not supposed to do. there are many examples of it. >> let's keep talking about this, republicans suing the president. do you think they have a case? log on to fox and friends facebook page #keep talking. the texas department of public safety reveals a disturbing trend of attacks against border agents by gangs and traffickers including shooting at the federal agents. today the house will vote on the $659 million immigration bill to send resources down the border for illegal immigrants. after that vote they will vote on another bill to get president obama to expand a program to protect illegals in the u.s. it will stop him from creating a similar program from other
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immigrants here. president obama plans to huddle with congressional leaders as they spiral out of / control. >> on the agenda israel's campaign against gaza. one person that will be notably absent, house speaker john boehner siting a time crunch as congress rushes to wrap up the last day before the august recess. >> more israeli troops heading to gaza. israel calls up another 16,000 reserves allowing it to potentially widen its ground offensive a total of 86,000 troops now active. this as more missiles and shells reign down in gaza. another day of heavy fighting. 116 palestinians killed along with three israeli soldiers. >> how is this for not a smidgeon of corruption.
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lois lerner caught ranting about republicans. the ex irs official really feels about conservatives. this as we learn more about the tax agency going after religious groups. >> dave camp siting e-mails by lois lerner which says shows her showing conservatives as a holes and crazies they appoint a special council for looking at the irs targeting. the evidence shows learner's hostility toward conservatives. we reached out to learner's attorney for comment but told he was out of his office. it am coles on the heels of a revelation the irs entered into a secret settlement with the atheist group the freedom from religion foundation which sued the irs which accused the agency of being too soft on the
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churches with tax exempt status and freedom of speech. >> they boecome a political action committee not accountable. >> they have a right to know exactly how the irs planning to target churches with freedom of information act demanding the details of the deal. >> every american ought to fear when the federal government sets up bureaucrats to sensor what their pastor can and cannot say from the pulpit. >> the freedom from religion foundation tells me it retains the right to reinsurance tut its lawsuit against the irs if it is not convinced they are not following through. the irs can't comment on current litigation. oak oak city bombing trial witness was managing operations at the building which was bombed in oklahoma city in 1995.
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the fbi is tame presidenting to show there is no videos of the attack. they believe there is still footage that shows timothy mcveigh did not act alone in detonating that deadly bomb. rolling up on the road. the house oversight committee is holding a hearing calling it plains, trains and automobiles operated while stoned. the legalization of marijuana they will discuss creating a national standard for driving under the influence of recreational drugs. it would be similar to drunk driving laws. derek jeter getting a presidential send off in texas. george bush honors the captain in arlington by surprising them with a special presentation on the field. getting a signed photo taken the night that bush through out the first pitch during the world series seven weeks after 9-11. he said don't bounce it. they will boo you.
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good advice. now it is time to talk about your first degree weather forecast. for that we hand it over to maria molina. >> we had a lot of flooding across oklahoma with several inches of rain reported. we are expecting more heavy rain today. we have a number of watches in effect and also several warnings out here as much as 4-6 inches of rain still possible across parts of southeastern oklahoma into arkansas even eastern portions of texas. the current temperatures we have chilly air in place still across portions of the east. it is a little milder today. fwr yesterday we were looking at temperatures in the 50's now we are rebounding into the 70's. the high temperatures are a little bit below average but again little bit on the warming trend. upper 70's in the city of cleveland. 82 degrees for the high temperature in new york city. as we head further west you can see the impact of the rain
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across south texas a lot cooler today in dal stas 82 degrees. 100 in dell rio. phoenix another scorcher of 111 degrees for the high temperature. heather and ainsley, let's head over to you. >> new concerns about the deadly ebola virus. a report on how this could impact you. >> teenagers clinging for life 75 feet in the air. the amazing rescue caught on camera. >> think your new college grads are saving money? think again. the top three things they are wasting their money on. literally. fighting constipation by eating healthier, drinking plenty of water, but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief
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at ♪searching with devotion ♪for a snack that isn't lame ♪but this... ♪takes my breath away >> new concerns this morning about the deadly ebola virus.
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two peace corps workers are in quarantine outside of the u.s. after being exposed. anna kooiman is live with the details. >> good morning ainsley. officials now saying this is the largest ever reported outbreak of the disease. those two american peace corps workers came in contact with an individual who later died from the virus. they will likely be brought to the united states once doctors clear them. we are learning they are under close observation and are not showing symptoms yet. the peace corps decided to evacuate 34 volunteers from three african countries out of precaution during this deadly out break. in liberia schools are shut down and employees have been ordered to stay home. high alert around the globe reached north carolina yesterday. an ebola scare shutting down a section of the hospital for hours. doctors thankfully determining the patient is not infected. >> we acted out of abundance of precaution making sure all
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appropriate precautions were in place to protect our patients as well as healthcare workers. >> the ebola virus spreads through close contact with bodily fluids like blood. it has killed one american patrick sawyer who contracted it flying from liberia to leg goos. >> there is no significant risk in the united states in the current ebola outbreak. >> the two other americans fighting for their lives missionary workers in liberia are showing slight improvement. with no vaccine or specific treatment it has claimed more than 670 lives in west africa. ainsley and heather. >> thank you, anna. shocking turn of events. u.s. plane where african stowaway bodies was found was the same one used to evacuate 150 u.s. embassy workers and
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marines who were driven out of libya into tunisia because of increasing violence. they were then flown to a naval base in italy. the teen got inside the wheel well in maui one of the plain plain's -- planes earlier stops. >> three u.s. marines murdered in cold blood during an insider attack in afghanistan two years ago. the gunman who allegedly bragged about jihad about spend 7 and a half years behind bars. now the father of one of those victims greg buckley jr. has written a scathing letter to the marine. he says the marine corps wants to provide no information about the murders. it wants to conduct no investigation. it wants the entire incident to go away. the marine corps says they have been in regular contact with the family since those murders. coming up on "fox & friends", the dad will share his story. >> general motors will be taken back to court once again over
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their faulty ignition switches. lauren simonetti is here with the latest details for us. >> hi, heather. good morning. a new lawsuit claims even more deaths to general motors faulty ignition switches. filing a new suit naming 29 people killed 629 hurt in crashes after gm emerged from bankruptcy protection five years ago. he's seeking at least 75,000 dollars in damages for each plaintiff. that may not be the end of it. he's also speaking permission to file another couple hundred cases from before the bankruptcy. check this out. for $12 a month, that's it, sprint is selling a wireless data plan that let's you connect to facebook, twitter and pinterest but only one. if you want connection to all four pay more. if you tweet or pin and nothing else this may be right for you. there are ways to make wireless
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internet more affordable. this plan only available at wal-mart. where do millennials spend their money? coffee, booze and fast food. 20 somethings in maine and on the east coast is the most captivated shelling out 300 bucks a year. east coasters like their food. massachusetts you find the most millennials at the bar. for fast food young adults in oklahoma spend the most about 1200 a year at mcdonalds and the like. let's show you stocks this morning sharply lower. the dow off in the triple digits. this is a day after the fed delivered no surprises in the policy statement. argentina now defaults for the second time in 13 years, ladies. >> lauren simonetti live for us. >> 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a terrifying moment for a driver when an ax goes flying into his windshield on the highway. incredible ending coming up. the bad blood boiling
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now, go to xfinity on demand and select the people's hotlist to see this summer's top 100 shows and movies. i voted! >> this is something you see in a movie not in the news an action flying through the air and hitting the windshield of a car. the kaax came lose from a landscaping truck driving in front of them and smashed into their windshield. it stopped a few muches from the women's face. >> it was right at eye level with this woman. if this ax had penetrated through further she would have
2:23 am
been injured or killed. >> the driver of the truck accidentally forgot to secure the ax. he got a ticket for 200 bucks. thankfully nobody was injured. a dramatic helicopter rescue as two teenagers are clinging to that cliff in california. could you image? no shoes. they decided to climb up 75 feet. they got stuck and said they felt like they were going to fall if they went further. they sent a helicopter to rescue the teenagers safely. >> thank you, ainsley. justin bieber lashing back at orlando bloom. instead of using his fist he's using the social media. he used this pick on instagram of the british actor crying after bloom through a punch at bieber. caught on camera outside of the restaurant in spain.
2:24 am
the stapat started after bieber made a comment about bloom's ex-wife. michael tammero isf look at the hard hitting news. >> these are the things that keep me up at night, heather. i don't think he's crying. >> i don't think he's crying. >> after the scuffle the other night people were cheering orlando. make a punch at bieber, you might as well make contact. apparently he didn't make contact. this goes back to 2012 after the victoria secret fashion show where bieber, orlando had more than a flirtatious moment. since then they have divorced and bloom was later seen with selena gomez earlier this year who you know dated justin bieber on and off again through out the
2:25 am
years. the two of them met up by chance in spain early wednesday morning, nothing good happens after midnight. that's true. they had been drinking and partying and bieber said something like she was good or some sort of rude remark in which orlando through a punch. not advocating violence here but a hit in the head could be what he needs. >> i know that people can't get enough of bieber and bloom but we are going to move on. talking about fox fan weekend. we were both there. also the star of the new show that's on star. >> power on stars is about a former drug dealer trying to turn his life around, little bit like godfather. joe sikora plays one of the characters helping the other turn it's life around. it got picked up for a second season. the finale was saturday.
2:26 am
here's what he had to say. >> i am from chicago. >> this is incredible. my second home over here. i am a yankees fan. a chicago cubs fan at heart. the yankees everybody has been incredibly gracious. i love the yankees. he is from jamaica queens, how did you work that out? >> you drop all of your r's. >> drop all of your r's. >> the season finale saturday night on star's network. for all of the latest news on celebrities fox light michael. >> very nice guy. a big fox fan, too. >> good fox fan can't be bad. the time is now 26 after the top of the hour. he's accused of kidnapping a teenaged girl holding her captive for nine months. why a storage container could be
2:27 am
the key to the case. the latest details on the developing story. >> are you constantly surfing the web or scrolling through instagram on your smart phone, michael tammero. one will punish you for using too much data. captain obvious: i probably wouldn't stay here tonight.
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2:31 am
>> the incredible act of bravery you have to see to believe. are you about to pour yourself a bowl of cereal? why it might make you eat more. the foods that are making you hungrier. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> good morning. the sun coming up in new york city. it is thursday july 31st. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you for joining us. >> appreciate it. a san diego shopping center now the fight of a fiery plane crash. >> knew it was going down and
2:32 am
then they were on the ground in flames and a lot of black smoke. >> the single engine plane went down in the parking lot outside of costco near a city airport yesterday evening. the plane clipped the top of a target store and hit a light pole before slamming into the pavement bursting into flames. the pilot is in the hospital. her passenger died. no word on the cause of the crash. the faa is investigating. the suspect believed to have shot a cop is now in custody. he shot officer scott patrick in the head in broad daylight. the officer leaving behind a wife and two teenaged children. the suspect got out of a mini va officers. police returning fire striking the 39-year-old. that suspect's condition is unknown. a carbon monoxide square ucla, six people cleaning up the university flooded basketball arena treated for exposure for
2:33 am
the toxic gas. they were helping pump 140 inches of water off of the court when they got sick from inhaling generator fumes. as for who will pay for all of the damage after the 93-year-old water main burst, los angeles department of water and power. the agency set up a claims process. if your car was destroyed. but people are being urged to call their insurance provider. this morning lawmakers are ready to take the white house to court. the house took the first steps last night voting to sue the president accusing him of abusing his powers when changing obamacare. >> the suit is what house republicans believe is the executive over reach and changing the implementation of obamacare without the consent of congress. they passed it 225 to 201 right along party lines. the president's unilateral options upset the constitutions careful balance of powers.
2:34 am
>> are you willing to let any president choose what laws to execute and what laws to change? are you willing to let any one tear apart what our founders have built? think not only about the specifics of utah, think about how you took it as one body standing together. >> democrats tore into the suit on several fronts claiming it is a political stunt that squanders time. in the last days before the long august recess. democrats are pushing the line that the suit is a prelude to impeachment. here is minority leader nance pelosi. >> it behooves the speak er of the house to say impeachment is off the table. >> the speaker has already done that. democrats are quietly cheering their fundraising has taken off in recent days. one sign demoralized democratic
2:35 am
base may be getting a bit of energy for the mid terms. >> the main vote for today is whether or not they decide to sue me for doing my job. don't boo, go out there and vote he said. it is in the hands of the speaker which will write it file it in the federal court yet to be determined an hope the court will hear it. >> doug mckelway live from washington for us. >> you want to talk about the republicans voting for the president do you think the gop has a case? log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page for a live debate and uses the hash tag keep talking. >> fox news has exclusively obtained a report by the department of public safety which reveals a disturbing trend of attacks against border agents by gangs and traffickers
2:36 am
including shooting at the federal agents. the house will vote on a $659 million immigration bill to send resources to the border and speed up the return of ill real immigrants. after that vote republicans will vote to move on another bill to block president obama from if expanding an existing program to protect illegals who have grown-up in the u.s. >> how is this for not a smidgeon of corruption? lois lerner caught ranting about republicans and new e tails show how the ex irs official really feels boo conservatives. this as we learn about the tax agency now going after religious groups. shannon breen has the latest. >> dave camp citing e-mails by lois lerner which camp says shows her referring to conservatives as a holes and crazies had a special council looking into irs targeting of conservatives.
2:37 am
in his letter to eric holder it shows learner's hostility toward conservatives. we reached out to lerner's attorney for a comment but told he was out of the office. it comes on the heels of a revelation the irs entered into a secret settlement with the atheist group freedom from religious foundation which sued the irs accusing the agency of being too soft on churches with respect to the tax exempt status and political speech. >> if they can get away with that they become a political action committee that is not accountable. >> an attorney says the public has a right to know exactly how the irs is planning to target churches and filed a freedom of information act demanding the details of the deal. >> every american ought to fear when the federal government sets up bureaucrats to sensor what their pastor may or may not say at the pulpit.
2:38 am
>> it retains the right to reinstitute the lawsuit against the irs if it is not convinced the agency is following through. the irs can't comment on pending litigation. heather, ainsley back to you. >> investigators stepping up their search for evidence on an accused kidnaper's property. they start the this shipping container where tib bee reportedly held abby hernandez captive for nine months. this as it emerged the structure might have had three separate soundproof rooms. officers were off the scene looking at his trailer using bomb disposal gear. they have questions about why she vanished. >> another scare for malaysia airlines avoids colliding with an incoming flight. m h136 was going down the runway in australia when the tower
2:39 am
canceled takeoff forcing the plane to slam on the breaks and come to a stop. a plane was coming into the landing on the same flight path. it took off about 25 minutes later with no other issues. check out the cell phone video capturing the huge flames as a fire rips through a home in minnesota. a neighbor said he had a feeling someone was inside that's when he rushed up to the home he saw a young women with a baby girl. the video shows the chaos as the mother then hands her child out the window. he then helps the mom safely escape. >> everyone in afghanistan and iraq are fighting for us here. act of kindness i guess you could call it, something that anybody would do, you hope. >> police say that fire was intentionally set. no arrests have been made. president george w. bush keeping busy in retirement by writing a book about his dad
2:40 am
george h.w. bush. it will be released on veteran's day. george h.w. bush is a great servant, statesman and father. george w. said i loved writing the story of his life and i hope others enjoy reading it. >> the weekend is here not quite yet. >> downhill for the weekend so all will be okay. before is this flooding? >> across the central plains. yesterday we had a storm system over oklahoma, northern texas and eastern colorado. across these areas picked up several inches of rainfall in a short amount of time. we have localized flash flooding out there. that potential is still in place across texas and oklahoma and southwestern parts of arkansas. as much as 4-6 inches of rain are going to be possible out here. across the northeast in portions
2:41 am
of new england we have an isolated risk for sever weather. there's a chance some of these storms could be producing damaging winds, isolated tornadoes. i think they will be scattered enough where in places like boston you are not going to be seeing the delays. it will be isolated. showers in miami there we could be seeing delays at the airport. >> maria molina. thank you. 41 minutes after the top of the hour. looks like a scene out of oceans 11 a bold casino heist. it might have been an inside job. >> you have heard ferrell's advice about being happy. now pope francis is weighing in his tips on happiness.
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>> the obamacare roll out leaving you the tax payer with sticker shock. $840 million. the new report from the government accountability office revealing a series of management failures led to the botched rollout. according to that report, tight led dines and a lack of -- deadlines and lack of understanding of what the web site would need led to cost increases and changes. consumer federation of america releasing their list of biggest customer complaints. coming in at number 3, credit and dib bit servidebit services. they complained about abuse of debt collection tactics. number two, home improvement and construction. the biggest complaint poor workmanship and inability to finish the promised work. finally automotive issues. misleading ads and faulty repair led the way at the number one
2:46 am
complaint. you can find the list on our facebook page. for all of you bosses out there a new study says it is time to be nicer to your employees. >> we need to trim some of the fat. >> what do you mean trim the fat? >> i want you to fire the fat people. >> that is the movie "horrible bosses" but the most effective bosses are humble bosses. they empower and appreciate they are employees are open to feedback and care about the greater good. >> verizon announced they would have fees for data guzzling customers. >> listen up verizon wireless customers especially those with the unlimited data plans. the federal communications is calling the company's new usage plan deeply troubling. last week it would begin slowing speeds for wireless customers
2:47 am
with the unlimited plans who stream large amounts of videos they characterized it as network management. the chairman tom wheeler sent a letter to verizon wireless it is disturbing to me that verizon wireless would base management on distinction among customer data plans rather than network architecture or technology. wheeler is concerned it is a tactic to boost the company's revenue. it goes into effect in october. but verizon says customers can have a data cap plan but[g÷l customers still face higher charges for busting that minimum usage. so far verizon wireless has not responded to fcc's inquiry. >> the time is 47 after the top of the hour. coming up a drone crashes into maximum security prison. that's not the shocking part. wait until you hear what it was carrying and why.
2:48 am
>> trying to fight off the hunger later in the day? skip the juice with your breakfast this morning. why it might actually make you hungrier. first let's check in with brian kilmeade. >> good morning ladies. indiana's governor learned about illegals coming to his state on the news. he joins us live on the news. rudy giuliani wants to be on the news so he will join us live and talk to us for about 10 oh minutes. remember this the mom raised for letting her son walk to the park by himself. clipping coupons it's possible. our expert shows you how. throw back thursday. today's theme the summer jobs you were hoping you would forget. did you take a picture? if so send it to us. we will share it with america. deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag.
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welcome back. the man who murdered kelsey grammar's sister nearly 40 years ago denied freedom. the colorado parole board rejecting his request to walk free from his life sentence one day after the actor testified against his release. she was a terrific kid, a wonderful, wonderful person. i miss her all the time. and i accept that you live with remorse evidence of your life but i live with tragedy every day of mine. >> grammar's sister karen was stabbed to death in 1975 after she was kidnapped from the red lobster where she worked. >> the search is on for the person who tried to fly a drone full of drugs and other contraband into a maximum security prison. officials say the drone
2:53 am
crashed into some bushes outside of the lee correctional institute in south carolina. that drone was filled with marijuana, cell phones and tobacco products. one suspect arrested, the others at large. the drone attempt is the first for south carolina's state prison system. >> a bray is en casino heist -- a brazen casino heist might have been an inside job in atlantic city. five made off with $140,000 after swiping the gash at gunpoint but police tracked them down. three are being held on an as sortment of charges. more arrests are expected. >> time for your five at 5. they are foods that actually make you more hungry after you eat them. number one, sushi rolls.
2:54 am
mostly rice. number two, artificial sweeteners. studies show they increase your cravings for sugary sweet. number three, kids cereals made of white flour, a bowl will leave you wanting more food. number four, pizza, white flower and preservetives. number five, juices. >> the ten commandments are one of the corner stones of the christian faith. now pope francis is making a few of his own. live and let live, be giving of yourself to others, have a healthy sense of leisure. don't get too consumed in the hustle and bustle of life. and do not be negative. words of wisdom. it is now six minutes till the top of the hour. everyone wishes had a they could strike it rich. you're going to get to meet
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before you leave the house here's what's happening. two american workers are in quarantine after being exposed to the ebola virus. the long awaited house intel report on benghazi will be finished today. that report will not
2:59 am
immediately be made public because it still needs to be declassified. a key witness will take the stand today in the oklahoma city bombing trial to testify about surveillance cameras. the f.b.i. attempting to show there are no unreleased videos of that 1995 attack. time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a florida man striking actual gold on the bomb of the atlantic ocean. last year he also dug up more than $300,000 of treasure. the bad, a suspect running from police in california thinks he found a perfect hiding spot. that is until he gets stuck under the house. officers spept an hour trying to get him out. the ugly. a home run lands in a fan's beer during the san francisco giants game against the pittsburgh prices. that is one expensive home run many >> we want to cope talking about republicans -- to keep talking about republicans suing the
3:00 am
president. do you think they have a case. log on to the show, use the #keeptalking. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. it is thursday, july 31, 2014. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the house gets the green light to sue the president for making his own laws, but the president just laughed it off. >> stop being mad all the time. stop just hating all the time. >> and today he plans another executive action. surprise. >> and we now have the lois lerner e-mail she wishes got lost as well, and they reveal why she may have been targeting conservatives. because she thinks republicans are [bleep] and [bleep]. we're going to tell you what she was typing straight ahead. >> the video that just will make you


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