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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 30, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> is this a joke. are we on "saturday night live." >> longest recovery ever. >> up guys can't handle it. >> don't forget to dvr. you'll never miss an episode of "the five." we'll be back tomorrow. i think. "special report." for an embattled president of the united states, some good news for once on the economy. this is "special report." good evening i'm bret baier. a president who makes no secret of his love for basketball is celebrating what appears to be big rebound. the u.s. economy grew at a 4% annual clip in the second quarter, much better than expected. it comes after a sharp decrease in economic activity in the first three months of the year. that turns out was not quite as bad as first announced.
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white house correspondent wendell goler looks at the numbers and what's behind them tonight. >> reporter: at a speech in which he complained about congress and warned americans not to get cynical president obama had some good economic news to report. >> construction is up. manufacturing is back. our energy, our technology, our auto industries are all booming. >> reporter: fueled by more consumer spending including on big ticket items like cars and by rising home prices and increased state and local spending, the commerce department says the economy grew 4% from april to june after a slump the first three months of the year that was revised to minus 2.1%. nearly a full point better than the decline was first thought to be. and a longer term revision of past reports based on more complete information shows growth was weaker in 2011 and 2012 than previously estimated, but stronger in 2013. wyoming senator says the economy could be even better if his colleagues would pass some of
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the republican sponsored bills the house has passed. >> there are at least ten right now that would improve jobs and economy that have to do with education, energy, health care and government red tape. we should pass those before we go on recess. >> reporter: what the president would prefer before congress is recessed is more money to deal with the central american child my grant problem. he scolded them for not raising the minimum wage and not closing a loophole for corporations to avoid taxes by moving overseas. >> there's some things that just aren't right. this ain't right. >> reporter: republicans aren't laughing. while the president boasted of u.s. gains in renewable energy production coal country lawmakers say his policies amount to a war on their most important resource and feel the rest of the recovery is falling short. >> our medical costs, stubborn unemployment, the feeling of
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less opportunity, and what i'm saying middle class families deserve a break. >> reporter: it is routine for mr. obama and his aides to say they are not satisfied with the speed of the economic recovery, that they wish it was faster but this unexpectedly positive report was all the more welcomed after the first quarter slump. >> wendell goler live on the north lawn. wall street reacted cautiously with a prospect of increased inflation. dow dropped 32. s&p 500 was up a fraction the nasdaq gained 20. the house is moving forward with plans to sue president obama. for what republicans say is executive overreach. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel has lawmakers trying to beat the clock. the politics are not so cut and dry. >> reporter: that's right. they are voting right now in the house and leading republicans say this lawsuit is about president obama rewriting the law to fit his personal policy
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goals. moments ago speaker john boehner made this call for action. >> think not only about the specifics of oath you took but think about how you took it. as one body standing together. >> reporter: republicans plan to sue the president for scrapping the employer mandate of the health care law for 2013 and 2014. some democrats say the gop is just furious because it hasn't been able to stop obamacare. >> the entire republican majority in this house was built on opposition to the affordable care act and yet it stands. and the fact that it stands make the republican leadership do desperate and irrational things. >> reporter: republicans appealed to democrats that it's about standing up for the institution, the power of the legislative branch. >> my point is we shouldn't be callous and short sighted not to defend our article i power simply because the president in question happens to belong to one party. >> reporter: democrats call it a waste of time and money.
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>> the republican house is about to go out for five weeks but first they are going to sue the president and hope we don't partnership attention to the unfinished business of this country. >> reporter: in kansas city the president said more could be accomplished if congress could cooperate. >> come on. come on and help out a little bit. stop being mad all the time. stop this hating all the time. >> reporter: there was much more cooperation on a $17 billion bipartisan compromise to fix the department of veterans affairs. it will make it easier to fire incompetent executives. includes $5 billion to hire doctors nurses and staff. $10 billion to allow veterans waiting a long time for an appointment or living more than 40 miles from a va facility to see doctors. >> i'm proud of this bill but more importantly one that i believe our nation's veterans can be proud of. it's not a blank check for a broken system but an important first step down a long road
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towards true transformation. >> reporter: some critics say it's not enough to fix the va and will add to the deficit. the vote on the va bill was 420 to 5 in the house. it's also expected to receive strong support in the senate although fewer republicans have signaled they will vote no. >> we'll bring an update on this current vote. the obamacare website has cost you $840 million so far. that's the conclusion avenue report by the government accountability office. the report says the centers for medicare and medicaid services undertook the job without effective planning or oversight practices. a senate bill to deal with the immigration crisis pass ad procedural vote today but faces an uphill climb. doesn't include changes to permit a rapid turn around of children sfrerk something republicans insist on. the gop controlled house will vote tomorrow on a bill that does include that provision. explosive new revelations tonight about exactly how
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strongly the irs official accused of spearheading that initial effort to target conservatives felt about the administration's political foes. this as we learn the agency will also go after religious groups. correspondent shannon bream has new details. >> reporter: house ways and means committee chairman deaf camp citing emails by former irs official lois lerner which camp says shows her referring to conservatives as a-holes and crazies renewed his call for the justice department to appoint a special counsel to look into irs targeting of conservatives. in his letter to attorney general eric holder today camp says the new evidence proves lerner's hostility towards conservatives. we reached out to lerner's attorney for comment but were told he's away from his office. the news of her derogatory emails comes on the heels that irs has entered into a secret settlement with an atheist group which accused the agency of
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being zoo soft on religious organizations. >> the churches can get away with that and they become a political action committee that is not accountable. >> reporter: attorneys from the alliance defending freedom say the public has a right to know exactly how the irs is planning to target churches. it filed a freedom of information act or foia request demanding the details of the deal snoompry american ought to fear when the federal government sets up bureaucrats to censor what their pastor can and cannot say from the pulpit. >> reporter: house members were told the agency is defying requests for information. >> they are making a joke out of foia because now they either don't answer your questions, make you sue them or they lie. >> reporter: as for that secret deal the irs made to crack down on church, the freedom from religion foundation tells me it retains the right to reinstitute it's lawsuit against the irs if it's not convinced the agency is following through.
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the irs says it can't comment on pending litigation. we'll follow it. up next the latest on israel versus hamas. plus a live interview with israel's ambassador to the united states. first here's what's some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering. fox 29 in philadelphia with federal indictments for six former members of the philly police department's narcotics unit. they are charged with using robbery, kidnapping and other tactics to get half million dollars of cash, property and drugs from suspected drug dealers. fox 59 in indianapolis with video of a terrifying near death experience for two women. they were walking along a railroad. railroad tracks there on a bridge when a train shows up. they ended up lining between tracks as the train passed over them. they were not hurt but may face criminal charges. this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11 out there. the big story out there tonight eight could take several days to century old water pipe that burst releasing 8 million
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get the good more with verizon smart rewards and rack up points to use towards the things you really want. get the lg g3 for $199.99. israel declared a four hour humanitarian cease-fire earlier today. it followed the shelling of another civilian shelter in gaza. we'll get reaction from israel's ambassador to the u.s. in just a moment. first correspondent conor powell reports again tonight from gaza city. >> reporter: as the fighting between hamas militants and israel troops continue civilians were once again caught in the middle. multiple israeli shells landed in two crowded areas today. busy market and a united nations run shelter. >> translator: there's no safety at all. no place is safe. neither homes nor inside the schools. >> reporter: by the early evening hours more than 100 people were killed.
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israeli commanders say they were under attack and blamed hamas for hiding in civilian areas. the white house condemned hamas for hiding weapons in u.n. sites but also reportedly angry with israel for shelling in civilian areas. saying in a statement quote the violence underscores the need to achieve a cease-fire as soon as possible. the obama administration is furious with israeli tactics during this conflict since most of the 1300 palestinians that have been killed have been civilians. israel says it won't withdraw their trooms from gaza until hamas network of attack tunnels are destroyed. three israeli soldiers were killed while demolishing a tunnel in the southern part of the gaza strip. meanwhile the humanitarian crisis in gaza continues to worsen. water is running low. more than 200,000 people are now seeking shelter and assistance from the united nations. the u.n. saying tonight they are simply overwhelmed. >> conor powell live in gaza
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city. let's talk more about the situation in the middle east. joining us tonight is israel's ambassador to the u.s. mr. ambassador thanks for being here. first your reaction, world reaction is condemning this strike today on this u.n. school. >> well, first of all before we rush to judgment we can't be sure exactly who is responsible for this. you remember a couple of days ago we had an attack on a hospital in gaza and a refugee camp where children were killed and everyone rushed out and blamed israel. i brought a photo, an image of a satellite photo of a radar photo where we find out that it was actually four rockets that were fired by palestinian islamic jihad. one went into the sea. one hit the hospital. one hit the refugee camp and the final one was intercepted by the iron dome missile defense system. don't usual to judgment. we have a process to investigate
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every incident. we don't target civilians. we're dealing with an enemy that places missile batteries next to hospitals, schools and mosques and firing at our soldiers in a war zone from within these civilian areas. we're doing everything we can to keep civilians out of harm's way. >> i want to read the commissioner general's statement. our initial assessment it was really artillery that hit our school which 3300 people sought refuge. three impacts. too earry to give an official death toll. there were multiple deaths. these are people who were instructed to leave their homes by the israeli army. the precise location of this elementary school, girls school and fact that it was housing thousands of internally displaced people was communicated to the israeli army 17 times to ensure its protection the last being 10 to 9:00 last night just before the fatal shelling. i condemn in the strongest possible terms the violation of
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skberj law. >> i would hope you would add a couple of sentence there's for the use of those schools, the u.n. schools in gaza as storage sites for missiles. that's what we had. we had facilities, a relief workers association. we had three different cases where u.n. schools where weapons were found. i don't know what happened around the school. i don't know the facts. i know there was firing around it. i don't know if this is our artillery hitting them. i don't know if taits rocket. u.n. officials should be first and foremost doing everything to make sure there's not firing going on around the schools and no rockets in u.n. schools. >> mr. ambassador here's what secretary kerry said the other day about the efforts to get a humanitarian cease-fire. >> prime minister netanyahu himself said to me can you try to get a humanitarian cease-fire for this period of time. and if it weren't for his commitment to it, obviously the
3:18 pm
president of the united states and i would not be trying to make this effort. now either i take this commitment at face value or someone is playing a different game here and i hope that's not the fact. >> so, mr. ambassador, is secretary kerry untruth there. did prime minister netanyahu ask kerry to go forward and try to get a humanitarian cease-fire? >> we agreed to many cease-fires. i'll take you back to two weeks. peopit. the egyptians proposed cease-fire that was backed by the u.n., backed by the skberj community, backed by the arab league. israel agreed to it. hamas then agreed. we agreed to many -- >> this is about the one that fell apart. he said prime minister netanyahu was the one who told him to get this humanitarian cease-fire. >> i know that we agree with the united states that woe like have humanitarian cease-fires. we want to reach a sustainable cease-fire. our goal is to make sure we stop the rocket fire against israel.
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we take care of these tunnels. after the cease-fire we deal with the problem that's a long term problem, how do you prevent hamas from rearming itself from taking all the concrete and iron and using to it fuel the war machine they created. >> has secretary derry been helpful in that effort to get hamas disarm. >> hamas disarming is not in the hands of secretary kerry. we need to work with the united states and egypt to put a mechanism in place to make sure we don't have another round. this is the third time after 2008 and 2012 and now 2014 the third time we've had a confrontation with hamas. if we don't want to see a confrontation in 2015 and 2016 we have to make sure we have a mechanism in place that makes sure the goods going into gaza are for palestinian civilians and not to fuel hamas' war machine, tunnels and rockets. >> when u.s. bring qatar and turkey to the table, superpotters, open countries openly supporting hamas, is that a positive thing in your view?
3:20 pm
>> i don't think the u.s. was bringing the home the tabling. qatar is not a positive force. they are funding a lot of bad actors. turkey has not bean positive force as well. we think the egyptian cease-fire proposal is the only deal in town. >> how do you get back to egypt. >> i think we're there. and the hope is that enough pressure will be put on hamas by the international community making them understand that the only proposal that's in play is the egyptian proposal and hopefully we won't have to continue this that they will stop the rocket fire, we'll deal with the tunnels and get this mechanism in place. >> you said the truth is the israeli defense forces should be given the nobel peace prize. >> that's correct. >> you believe that? >> absolutely. i stand by that. i'll tell you why. imagine what would happen if you had over 200 million americans in bomb shelters. think about what happened to falluja. >> nobel face prize? >> how do you judge an army. you judge an army how they respond under threat. we have civilians in bomb shelters and our army is taking
3:21 pm
greater care than any army in history to keep civilians out of harm's way. >> he'll be answering your questions online right after our show. keep it here on "special report." we'll continue right after this short break.
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two american aide workers in liberia are showing improvement after treatment for ebola. the ebola outbreak has killed 700 women in west africa. russia is blasting new economic sanctions from the u.s. and european union. moscow calls them prosecutoral.
3:25 pm
in calmer political times getting the president of the united states to campaign four and even with you is a major coup. but for many democrats this year the further they can stay away from president obama, the better. chief political correspondent carl cameron tells us why. >> reporter: president obama is so unpopular some democrats running for senate are running from him. in west virginia democratic senate candidate natalie's new attack ad is on obama's power policy. >> i'll stand up to two parties who threaten our way of life. i'll make sure president obama gets the message. >> reporter: this is vulnerable to louisiana incumbent
3:26 pm
landrieu's version. >> it's wrong when it comes to oil and gas production in this nation. >> reporter: in kentucky senate race grimes sounds like a republican slamming the president. >> your epa is targeting kentucky with pie in the sky regulars that are point to achieve. it's clear you have no idea how this affects kentucky. >> reporter: to which the gop says -- >> the best outcome is for change, a republican led senate creates an opportunity for every day americans have a better shot at a better life. >> reporter: on the immigration border crisis vulnerable democrats oppose the president using executive orders saying congress should decide how to resolve the problem. scott brown once slammed the democratic incumbent and president. >> thanks to pro-am nenesty pol
3:27 pm
we have an immigration crisis. 2014 is shaping up as a referendum on obama so democrats will have to persuade voters who have real problems with the president to still vote for them. we'll talk about one of president obama's habits that even the mainstream media finds annoying. why pro choice is no longer the term of choice for abortion right supporters. the grapevine is next. celebrate your love of crab with gthis year's largest variety!. 'cause it's crabfest at red lobster!
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this is a fox news alert. the house has just completed its vote on the republican effort to sue president obama for what the gop considers an executive overreach. the vote was 225-201 to approve. this resolution grants the speaker authority to pursue the action. boehner has denied democratic party charges that the lawsuit is just a preamble to impeachment. and now some appreciate picking from the political grapevine. pro choice groups are choosing to put that label away after using it for more than 40 years. the "new york times" report activists are shunning the term because it's outdated. with a look to the next generation no single phrase is being pushed as a replacement. activists are turning to terms like women's health and economic security. pro life groups are declaring
3:32 pm
victory i find it very encouraging that they find that after 40 years they have to do something different because they know it's not working the. being president obama is an all consuming job and the schedule is often packed. and packed with big things. but one of president obama's habits has not gone unnoticed by the media or the public for that matter. the president's tendency to be say fashionably late. there's even a twitter handle dedicated to it. how late was obama, which tracks the number of minutes late or early the president is to any event. yesterday the president was originally scheduled to give a statement on ukraine at 2:50 in the afternoon eastern time. he began at 3:39 p.m. that's 49 minutes late. the fifth time this month he's been more than 20 minutes late for an event. perhaps in response to the tardiness today the president was prompt for his kansas city speech. he was only one minute late. finally a rhode island woman is celebrating her 100th
3:33 pm
birthday with something she's wanted for more than eight decades. her high school diploma. mary attended two years of high school before her family left the country because of the great depression. the presentation of the honorary diploma was a surprise set up by her son. congratulations, mary. a few weeks ago the veterans health care scandal was front page news. lead the newscast kind of material for much of the media. but that is no longer the case even though the problems are far from over. fox news media analyst and fox of "mediabuzz" takes a look tonight. >> reporter: when news organizations revealed the va hospital in phoenix was keeping secret waiting lists of patients whose care had been delayed for months, a major scandal exploded. >> now we turn to the growing national outrage about what has happened to american veterans inside va hospitals. >> it is lunacy to have shinseki
3:34 pm
investigate anything. >> reporter: congress is on the verge of passing legislation attempting to fix the problem. bernie sanders and jeff miller have hammered out a bipartisan deal to pump $17 billion into the va. but that has drawn limited media attention a few articles and tv segments at most. why? covering slow motion congressional compromises is a slog that does little to boost ratings or circulation and other important stories have erupted in the meantime. the crisis at the texas border. the shoot down of a plane over ukraine. the war between israel and hamas. all this making the va seem like old news. the va scandal was supposed to be different. a heartbreaking tale of those who have served our country being denied medical care and in some cases dying. but the media have a short attention span and even less
3:35 pm
appetite for examining how a law is working or not working once it passes. the economy rebounds at a fast clip in the spring. what does it mean long term? we'll get answers from the panel when we return. up here creates something else as well: up here jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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test test. test test
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this morning we found out that in the second quarter of this year our economy grew at a strong pace. and businesses are investing. workers are building new homes. consumers are spending. america is exporting goods around the world. so the decisions that we make to rescue our economy, to rescue the auto industry, to rebuild the economy on a new foundation, to invest in research and infrastructure, education, all those things are starting to pay
3:39 pm
off. >> the president talking today, talking about the economy. the gdp growing 4% from april to june, up 4% after a slump in the first three months and that's a big, big jump and for the first quarter it was a revision that it went down 2.1% instead of 2.9%. nearly a full point better than the decline was first thought to be. take a look at the gdp since 2013 and you get a kind of a sense where things were and where they are. is this the rebound that we've been waiting for? the administration clearly believes so. it's touting it. let's bring in our panel. charlie lane. julie pace. and charles krauthammer. chuck, what do you think? >> well, i think it's been expected this number would come in about it did. the fort worth quarter was an anomaly having to do with
3:40 pm
weather. part of that was revision of what happened in the first quarter so it wasn't as bad as we thought. on the whole it supports my view all along we achieved more or less a soft landing out of the great recession and that what is in front much us now is the nagging left over issues, especially the long yerm unemployment, fiscal problems like the deficit and entitlements and so forth, all those big issues are still out of there. when you look at these good numbers and you ask yourself why is it not showing up in the president's approval rating which remains low in spite of this economic progress you have to look at all of that unfinished business, all the stuff that is a bad hang over of the great recession and people still feel uncomfortable about and are not ready to sort of reward the democrats and the president politically. >> the president, julie, on these stump speeches out and about has been chiding republicans over and over again. take a listen to one thing he says and a response from a top
3:41 pm
republican. >> imagine how much further along we would, how much our stronger our economy would be if congress was doing its job too. >> he does not want bills coming from congress to the desk to his desk. what we're seeing is president obama, i believe, telling senator reid to continue blockading amendments and bills, they are stacked up now in the senate. if the president wanted to act on these you can be assured harry reid would call for the votes. >> what about that? there's a lot of things that pass the republican house that are held up in the senate. >> sure. the president wants bills to land on his desk. it's just that he wants his bills to land on the desk and most the house gop bills to land on his desk. there's a little bit of difference in the policies. certainly if congress were acting in a bipartisan way you can imagine that there are things they could be doing to address some of the nagging issues and make this economic recovery hit home for a lot of americans.
3:42 pm
obviously that's not happening and i wouldn't recommend that anybody hold their breath for that happen certainly not over the next couple of months or the rest of this presidency. >> charles the administration celebrating this. you talk to most people around the country they still have this cautiousness. >> this remains the weakest recovery since the "second world war." if you average the first two quarters you're still under 2% growth. if you look at the last four quarters, the last year, under 2.5%. the average since the recovery, five years ago is less than 2.5%. again the worse since the "second world war." and the president's policies, i would interpret it, the president, of course, heaps all the blames on republicans. he's overtaxed and overregulated and sort of stomped on the recovery and here we are five years later and touting it as a
3:43 pm
great recovery. the unemployment rate is still relatively high. what chuck calls the nagging issues those are the fundamental issues. i mean he scolded companies that went abroad to avoid our tax rate. we have the highest corporate tax rate. and one thing he agreed on is we ought to lower the tax rate, especially on corporations and reduce the loopholes. this is win-win for anybody. he doesn't do anything large. all these nagging issues, entitlements, and all the high taxes and regulations is something he doesn't want to touch and will not be touched until he leaves the presidency. >> chuck, there are a lot of thing out there still pending. one is if inflation ticks up what the federal reserve does in turning off the spicket with their stimulus, obviously the market is watching that very
3:44 pm
closely. you have world economy, argentina is not going to make its debt deadline tonight. what does that do to the world picture? you have a lot of uncertainties. >> add europe to the list. that's been asleep for a while. i sat in on a briefing today yesterday about all the risks still posed by europe. that point about the fed that's very crucial to this growth figure. the growth figure is crucial to what they do. they came out and said in response to economic trends they will continue to tighten slowly but surely, they are setting wall street up for what looks like a first move off zero interest rates sometime next year and then they got to unwind the whole balance sheet that they built up in this emergency. that's what i refer to. perhaps inartfully as a nagging issue, it's a fundamental issue. that one, however, i think is out of the president's hands. that's up to the fed. when we talk about these numbers we have to remember of all the things that have been done,
3:45 pm
good, bad, and indifferent the fed's activity is the most important. i think it behooves us to acknowledge they have more or less seen us through this crisis. >> janet yellen, julie, now at the head of the federal reserve believed to be much like her predecessor in the way she thinks about things. but how much the fed has impacted this economy is something we don't talk about enough. >> absolutely. i mean this is something that is kind of in the weed for a lot of americans. they are not actually sure what the fed does. the fed has kept this economy afloat through a lot of tough quarters when we have seen unemployment at low levels, when we've seen very low growth rates. it will be interesting to see where the fed goes. the white house -- kind of like a stock market when it comes to talking about the fed. they don't like to make prediction or point recommendations but certainly watching that closely for the rest of this year. >> what the fed has been doing is pump trillion dollars of cash into this economy every year. 85 billion a month which makes
3:46 pm
it sound reasonable. you do the multiplication, trillions of dollars a year into the economy. the best news is that if it keeps up to some extent, that means that the fed could stop doing that. it's all the way down to 25 billion a month. and if it eases on that, that huge threat of inflation which happens if you continue this, pumping money into the economy will recede and be extremely healthy for the economy. the reason the dow went down is because despite the good news it means fed willing tighten which in a stock market inflated by the fed is going to contract. >> not to squash this good news but if interest rates go up one point we will pay more on interest of the national debt than we pay to fund the pentagon. >> yes. the low interest rates have been enabling deficit spending and that's got to be dealt with.
3:47 pm
>> you know, i do hate ending a segment on a happy note. >> next up the house votes to sue president obama. avo: waves don't care what age you are. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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why pay more for less? call today for a low price on speeds up to 150mbps. and find out more about our two-year price guarantee. comcast business. built for business. they have announced that they are going to sue me for taking executive actions to help people. so, you know, they're mad because i'm doing my job. political stunt. but, every vote they are taking like that means a vote they are not taking to actually help people. this isn't about republicans and democrats.
3:51 pm
it's about defending the constitution that we swore an oath to uphold and acting decisively when it may be compromised. think not only about the specifics of the oath you took but think about how you took it. >> >> the president will be sued by the house of representatives. the resolution passing the house 225 to 201, just within the past few minutes. you heard the president talking about it today it. we're back with the panel. julie, what is the administration thinking about this? clearly they are talking about it a lot. and it's seeming to help democrats in fund raise. >> they are wrapping their arms around this lawsuit and hugging it tightly. they think this is great politics for democrats. they think they can point to the republicans spending the last week of this session doing nothing but doing nothing but voting to suit president. they think this speaks to the general attitude that republicans have had which
3:52 pm
is to just target the president and not do anything else. if you look at fundraising numbers this week for democratic committees, there is money coming in on this issue. so, they will be talking about this through the summer. >> yeah. i mean, they don't talk about the bills that are stacked up in the senate that have not moved through. >> absolutely. >> okay. charles? politics aside, what about the substance of this lawsuit and what it really means? there is not politics aside. you can't say that the substance of the lawsuit include the politics. >> the substance is a very serious issue. and i think democrats will regret not having taken seriously the president's overreach on domestic issues which i think are unprecedented. there has always been argument about the president's powers on foreign affairs. no president, for example, has accepted the restrictions of the work powers act. democrat or republican. because it's ambiguous. on domestic issues the constitution is absolutely clear. the president job is not as the president says to help people and his interpretation of what he does.
3:53 pm
it's to faithfully execute the laws that congress has passed. that is as clear as day. that's the definition of his job. and there is a very strong argument that he has overreached that by actually creating law, ignoring law, not enforcing law, changes laws on his own, which you are simply not supposed to do. the only problem i have with the lawsuit is they chose one specific issue because they wanted to narrow down the lawsuit to one law and not 15. which i think is problematic. it's one that i think could be seen as a negative for republicans because, in effect, it would enforce the employer mandate. that would be the result. the principle is a president can't change it, which he did clearly lawlessly. and i think the one thing to be said about it is they are trying to find a way less than impeachment, some step that is not about impeachment which is a constitutional crisis as a way to rate as a run away president. i hope it succeeds.
3:54 pm
>> charles? >> it's ironic. suing to enforce a law that they say should be repealed. that's weird. creates a problem. the second thing that's a little weird is precisely this idea that this is more moderate and acceptable than impeachment. the problem is impeachment is the prescribed constitutional remedy when you think a president has overstepped his grounds, violated his oath, so forth and so on which is what they claim he has done. they don't have the political wherewithal to go from that. this is, i think, a mistake. the law i will leave to the lawyers but it's clearly a mistake in both terms of the optics and the substance. this is like shutting down the government and all these other things. these tactically, sort of wild gestures that please the base and in the end they are going to back fire. >> it's cop constitutionally serious. it's over issues that you might say are not high crimes but medium crimes. and this might be a break through.
3:55 pm
it might be a novel. >> why didn't the founders put in the constitution clearly you can sue the president for medium crimes? they didn't put that in. what they put in is you can impeach him for high crimes. if they are so upset for what he has done, that's what they should do. >> didn't have a provision for every actuality. this is a way to improvise and less than impeachment. >> julie are there democrats concerned about executive overreach considering that could be a republican president some day again and it may go the other way? >> washington, is a funny place. because people tend not to think that far down the road when they do things. and so certainly if you ask that question in a broader context, are you concerned in general about executive overreach? you would say yes, of course we are. if you ask them are they concerned about specific actions this president has taken, not so much. >> that's washington. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how a lack
3:56 pm
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finally tonight. coffee is key in most offices around washington, d.c. sleep is in great demand most times. so why not one more contest because the camera is always rolling. [ laughter ] that was a long one there.
4:00 pm
thanks for inviting us into your home. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. greta goes "on the record" right now. we have a special report online with a guest israeli ambassador to the u.s. joins us in seconds. >> this is a fox news alert, just moments ago the house voting giving speaker john boehner the green light to sue president obama. republicans accusing president obama of abusing his executive power with a quliewn lateral decision to delay the obamacare employer mandate. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. mike, what's the latest? >> greta, good evening. the vote was 225 to 201 along party lines so it had all republican support to authorize this lawsuit a lot of times before big votes you have passionate speeches on the house floor from lawmakers trying to drive something across the finish library. in this case you had house speaker jo


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