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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 30, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hopefully those can be dry cleaned. yuck. thanks for writing. i'm jenna in for gretchen and shepard is reporting now live from the fox news deck. breaking news on fox news channel. this in to us in the last two minutes as the war in the middle east is heating up and our correspondent conor powell are hunkered down in a hotel in gaza strip. live pictures now as the israelis have just fired into the hotel where they are. conor powell down for safety. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, shepard, as we were getting ready for the live shot with you just here in the last few minutes, we saw an outgoing hamas rocket. and then about a minute or so later, we saw an incoming round, probably some type of artillery coming from the ocean over our head. i mean, it was only probably, i don't know, you could see it tracking 50 or 60 feet or so above our head. there was a massive explosion. and then 30 seconds later, you could hear the patrol boat coming in. and it just unleashed very near
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our hotel, probably only maybe 100 or so feet. but this just gives you a sense right now of just how engaged the fighting is along the entire coast. and really, we're in a hotel. the idf, the israeli military, knows where we're at. hamas knows where we're at. everybody knows where we're at. and we have seen tight, tight close-quarter fighting all up and down this area by hotels, in civilian areas, really everywhere along gaza and even here in the international sort of journalist area. it's no different, really, shepard. >> conor, i want to lift the veil a little bit for our viewers and let them see what you were seeing and experiencing in the last three minutes. look. >> get that door open just in case. [ explosions ] get down, mel. hey, guys, we're ducking and covering right now. jesus!
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mel, get down. mal, down. by a wall. hey, we're not moving right now, guys. we're not moving right now. we are not moving right now. better they know we're up here. they're not shooting at us but by us. >> in other words, leave the lights on rather than going to dark. you've been doing this a while, conor, and mal james has been doing this for decades. that doesn't make moments like this any less frightening, does it? >> reporter: it certainly doesn't. the other night when we were breaking down after one of the live shots, it was the end of the night. it was the first time both mal and i left our body armor and helmets on the entire time. we both looked at each other and said we just left our body armor the entire time because that's how intense it's been by our
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hotel. we've never, talking to mal, who's done this even longer than i have, we've never seen anything like this. the exchange of fire here in gaza is probably the most intense shelling and outgoing rocket we've ever seen, shepard. >> i wonder about civilians around you and in the area where you are. give our viewers a sense of what the lay of the land is. >> reporter: right. so the gaza strip is sort of north/south long rectangle. we're right on the coast. i could probably throw a baseball or football into the water from where we're at. but there's a road there, there's a bunch of other -- for the most part empty buildings. but every so often you see a rocket launch from a various different points around the area. not necessarily from our hotel or location or anything like that, but just from the general area. and then within a few hours, we caught it yesterday, a rocket comes in or artillery comes in. and hamas really does have tunnels, it appears, all over the gaza strip. you can hear some more explosions. fortunately that seems to be
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much further away. hamas does seem to have tunnels where they can pop up and fire off rockets all the time. and you know, the israeli military responds. there is talk, of course, that they give warning, but we've not had any type of warnings here. maybe other people have, but we certainly haven't. and we've seen other places not get warnings either. it is -- it's a full ongoing war zone here, shepard. >> with the talk of humanitarian cease-fires and the rest, there's really no signs of anything like that. and really apparently no appetite for it at all in israel. >> reporter: nor here in gaza either. i mean, both sides seem content to continue to fight. normally these sort of battles, these conflicts between hamas and israel last 10, 12, maybe 15 days. we're now on week four. and the amazing thing is despite all of the heavy shelling that we've seen here into gaza, hamas continues to fire rockets. they fired more than 80 today, probably even closer to 100 or so. hamas isn't giving up. israel says that they're not
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pulling up until they silence these hamas rockets. both sides appear to be digging in. and i'm not sure there is an end in sight. we've been saying for days it seems like it's going to -- you know, it's just going to end one day. we're not seeing anything close to an end, shepard. >> the palestinians, hamas doing the fighting and the palestinian people in general, they want, i guess, what everybody wants, and that's a little bit of freedom. they want border crossings, they want food and water. they want to be able to live normal lives. what the palestinians have said and hamas has said in the last couple of days is we want to gain something out of this. what is there for them to gain? >> reporter: well, the irony is before this war kicked off, hamas was losing massive support. they had done a unity deal with the palestinian authority because they couldn't pay their people here in gaza. they were so restricted from loss of support around the world that hamas was really losing a lot of support. but the blockade was the one thing that palestinians in gaza were unified in terms of their support for hamas here.
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the palestinians here want the blockade lifted. they want to be able to move freely. and keep in mind, it's not just a blockade on the israeli side. it's also egypt, you know, in syria you have refugees streaming out of syria into both turkey and into jordan. egypt hasn't opened their border during this entire crisis, not for women, not for the young, not for the old. palestinians here are locked in on both sides. the israeli side and on the egyptian side. and the palestinians here want that lifted. and they seem, from what we can tell in talking to people, shepard, they seem unwilling to stop fighting and stop supporting hamas until this blockade is lifted. >> yeah, hamas was losing support just as you say, left and right. conor, stay with us. and i want you to talk along with me with former ambassador bill richardson. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations during president clinton's administration. is there a risk -- i shouldn't say that, there is a risk. i wonder how great the risk is that all of this is creating more haters, is creating more
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terrorists, as the western world calls them, is creating more who have resentment against and hate for the israelis. and in the long run, is it possible that this is all counterproductive? >> well, look. this is a very tense moment. this is a very difficult situation. i think this is why efforts to get a cease-fire going need to be accelerated. i think the united states is playing the right role here, pushing for a cease-fire, but at the same time backing the israeli position that is go ahead with a cease-fire as long as israel still has an ability to deal with destroying these tunnels, some of these rocket launchers. but i think here hamas has to get moderated. i mean, they have to stop shelling israeli civilian targets. they have to stop dealing as human shields. some of those palestinian kids.
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they have to be embraced by the moderate palestinian wing. and i think they should take up egypt's effort to bring a cease-fire. include hamas in that coalition of palestinians that deals with constructing a viable cease-fire right now because it's out of control. this looks like it's going to expand. it's going to get longer. it's going to get more killings. and what is needed is some kind of lessening of tension, and that's a cease-fire, be it hours, weeks, months, whatever. >> mr. ambassador, it's one thing to talk about cease-fires. in israel, a country politically very diverse, they've been able to unite around one thing. we don't want a cease-fire. hamas and the palestinian people also say they don't want a cease-fire. we're the only ones wanting a cease-fire. secretary kerry goes over there, and he gets vilified and ripped apart by the israeli media.
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and the conflict continues. it's not a conflict. mr. ambassador, this is a war now. we can mince words if we want, but this is a war. >> yeah, it is a war, but there's massive killing on both sides. yes, the israeli public, if you poll them, they want to see basically a stronger military operation. they support the gaza incursion. but i think deep down, the people of israel and gaza and palestine want cessation of hostilities. i think that's what they want. i think the political leadership, netanyahu, i think benefits from having countries like the u.s., like egypt, say, look, a cease-fire is needed to at least stop -- stop these killings. now, we're behind israel. what we want to see is the security of israel. we want to see them be able to,
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i believe, destroy as many of those tunnels. i think they've gotten about half of them. stop the rocket launchings. get this terrorist organization degraded militarily. i don't think the objective is to terminate hamas. i don't think that's doable or possible right now. but clearly, yes, you need a cease-fire. this can't keep going on. i mean, kids are getting killed. over 1,000 palestinians, many israeli soldiers. i think what is needed is some kind of cease-fire that looks at a political solution. you have to have eventually a two-state solution, a political solution that deals with the borders, that deals with a whole number of economic issues, water issues, repairing that power plant. nobody wants this war to continue, shep. >> ambassador richardson, conor
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powell is one of those, he's on the floor ducking from incoming. conor, you had a question? >> reporter: yeah, shepard. it was just a year ago that i was in tahrir square talking to you while morsi, the former president there, was being overthrown. and i would just ask the ambassador why he thinks egypt could play other than sort of a spoiling role in this. i mean, hamas and the muslim brotherhood have been absolutely decimated by egypt in the last year. and how would egypt play a constructive role in this? hamas doesn't trust them. the united states doesn't even trust this current egyptian government based on the humanitarian violations we've seen in the last year. >> well, this is why. egypt has some leverage. that border that i think you mentioned, the egypt/israel border in gaza, egypt could do something about dealing with that embargo that exists, that shutting off of funds that come in from customs, the tunnels, et
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cetera. that's one source of leverage. secondly, i think that egypt has credibility with a plo, with the palestinian side. hamas needs to get political support from them. qatar is another player that can, i believe, play a constructive role. the good news that has happened is that egypt, yes, they've got their domestic problems, democracy problems, but they have always been a broker, a positive broker between the israelis and the palestinians. and i think through this cease-fire effort, they've proposed at least three. they're trying to play that honest broker, and we should support that. >> ambassador bill richardson with us -- >> reporter: shepard, if i could just say something. >> go ahead. >> reporter: yeah, i mean, ambassador richardson makes some good points. the one thing we think we've seen here in the last few months of covering the middle east is that the traditional sort of alliances and allies that the
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united states and others have had in the middle east have really broken down because of the arab spring. and while egypt has played a constructive role in the past, it's not clear they are. neither is qatar. and the qatar funds isis and other militant groups in syria, and you have the u.s. and iraq essentially siding with iran. and the whole middle east, as we see it, is coming apart. and right here, right now in gaza, you see these traditional allies of the united states unwilling, unable to broker a cease-fire here because of all the other problems in the wider middle east right now. i mean, there's sort of the traditional allies and alliances here, they've all basically fallen apart here. >> and there is no one in short to broker the peace. not a short-term peace, not a long-term peace, not a peace that gets mal james, the photographer, and conor powell off the floor there in gaza. we continue this, we have seen this and reported on this throughout the history --
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throughout my entire 25-year career, and we've had it for many years before that, and it's the exact same story except -- except this time there is no broker for peace. this time it's not the muslim brotherhood running egypt. the muslim brotherhood who had some clout with hamas. it is not the muslim brotherhood anymore. you know, we're in a whole new world. and there's no one to broker the peace. so what happens now? the entire world screams, you've got to quit killing the children! the entire world screams, you have to stop throwing -- lobbing rockets into israel on innocents. the whole world screams those things, and yet what's politically expedient for the two sides right now is for this to continue. there is no military solution to this problem, and every thinking person knows it. there's a political solution, and the political solution won't happen until both sides really do want a two-state solution. until both sides really do want peace. the evidence today suggests the facts today suggest that is not
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car insurance for good. call an allstate agent and get a quote now. 17 minute s past the hour. we're back to israel and gaza at the first bit of breaking news.
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first, though, here, the man accused of kidnapping a teenage girl in new hampshire was rotten to the core during his high school years. that's a quote from a former classmate to the "conway daily sun" newspaper. that outlet reports that the suspect is a vicious bully who terrorized other students and started a gang called the vipers with two "ps." what classmates also tell the paper, that the man was obsessed with dark-haired girls and used to draw pictures of them with their hands tied behind their backs. court documents show the suspect has a long criminal history and that police arrested him twice during the nine months the girl was missing. the documents show both arrests took place away from the man's trailer park home. a local news station reports he kept the 15-year-old girl in his backyard in a soundproof shipping container. think of that. investigators say that teenager showed up back at her family's home last week. hello, i'm home. they have not said how she
12:19 pm
managed to get home. just yesterday she faced her accused kidnapper in court. now, if convicted, the man faces up to seven years behind bars. judge andrew napolitano is a fox news senior judicial analyst. this guy, he's a hater, according to the newspaper, and he kidnapped a 14-year-old girl, as the story goes, locked her in a shipping container. >> right. >> for nine months, and then she just ambled home. that's where it's murky. >> well, that's why the evidence in the case has been sealed so far as well as other complicating factors. whether or not she was a runaway, whether or not she was willingly with him, whether or not she suffers from the stockholm syndrome and refuses to testify against him. what he may have done to and with her while he was there. whether there was violence. whether there was forcement. the government is entitled to a reasonable period of time in which to investigate all these things before it formulates final charges against him.
12:20 pm
but we really know very little about it. she's also a minor. >> she was 14 when -- >> correct. we see her face. we see her name. so she's entitled to certain protections that the government doesn't want to violate. and it's got to be gingerly about all this. so it doesn't blow the case. >> you pointed out that there are, as you put it, glaring holes in the prosecution's case here. >> well, again, if she is old enough to have consented to this, because she obviously ran away from home for some reason -- >> at 14. >> -- correct, at 14, if the reason for running away from home was equally as horrific, in her mind, as the place where she was confined, if she viewed him as a rescuer rather than a cwynar or a kidnapper, the government needs to know all this before it decides what to charge him with. >> indeed it does. judge napolitano, we'll follow it. thank you. some terrific news on our economy out today. this is great news. we'll look at what it means for our money next. plus, insane images of
12:21 pm
flooding at ucla after a water main burst there. millions of gallons of water spilling into the streets and the stairways. now we're hearing it could take days to fix. and the airplane announcement. flush the drugs!
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continuing coverage from the middle east. we're monitoring developments in gaza. this is a live picture from the hotel right there along the sea where our correspondent conor powell was ducking and covering a short while ago. it's ratcheted up to all new levels. in week four now, should there be anything of development, we'll take you there live. here at home, crews in california say it could take days to repair a broken water main that caused some crazy flooding at ucla in los angeles.
12:25 pm
here i want to show you the location here. this is the 10600 block of sunset. so just right off campus. and that's the spot where it happened. take a look at the slide show over here. i'll show you some of these pictures. oh, it's working now, good. you can see this water main broke here right in the middle of sunset boulevard. they can't drive with 13 drops of rain. so think what this did. i'm sure they've never seen water like this before. flooded a bunch of streets. firefighters had to help drivers whose cars got stuck there. look at these folks. the water is just trying to get out of a parking garage with the water just gushing all over them. so far no reports of anybody hurt. somewhat miraculously, i might add. the break sent a river of water through the streets there. millions and millions of gallons of it. this is outside of poly s pavilion. they just did a $130 million
12:26 pm
renovation in the thing. there's water all over the court. arena just had that renovation a couple of years ago. though it is surf time, i suppose, around poly pavilion. crews are getting a look at the hun huge sinkhole. look at this, video coming to us out of los angeles. investigators say they're still trying to figure out why the thing burst, but they say the pipe is nearly a century old. hello, infrastructure? on top of all of this, california's in the middle of a severe drought. residents face fines of up to $500 a day for wasting water. so there's a few million gallons down the drain. some great news on our economy came this morning. the feds say it surged 4% in the second quarter of the year from april to june. that is much higher than the economists were predicting. they were predicting a growth rate of 3%. it all comes after 2.1% decline in the first quarter of the year. in other words, they revised the numbers from before and made things better.
12:27 pm
anyway, it had been the worst drop since 2009. let's take a live look at the dow today. i didn't understand this. i mean, the dow was up at the beginning when i got this great news. the news came before the bell. it was like 9:00 or something i saw it. it did real well on the open. then everybody on wall street is mad about something. >> i know what they're mad about. >> what is it? gerri willis is here. >> they're worried that the federal reserve is going to stop pumping the economy full of money. so that's what all that negativity is. this is good economic news. >> this is great. >> this is a six-point swing. you go from negative 2% to positive 4%. six-point swing on that. so that's big news out there. and i think the big headline out of this is that household spending rose 2.5% in the quarter. that's two-thirds of gdp, as you know. it's all about us. what we're spending, what we're buying, and that's good news. also, let me tell you this. weather. that's what we blamed for such a bad first quarter. now weather improves, so things are getting better. exports way, way up. and businesses are restocking
12:28 pm
shelves. that's always a big thing, when you start restocking those shelves, that means people are buying stuff and taking it off the shelves so you have to replace it. >> people are spending, businesses are expanding, growing, adding -- it's all good. >> six-point swing. >> amazing. thank you. a flight attendant is in trouble now a little bit for telling the passengers don't smoke 'em if you got 'em, but flush them because sniffer dogs are waiting for you at the terminal. "the sydney morning herald" newspaper reports and others say as well, this is a fact, that many passengers had attended an australian music festival, so all of these people on board the plane are rushing to the bathrooms as the flight is traveling to sydney on sunday night. the airplane jet star reports -- the airline i should say jet star reports it's punishing the flight attendant for telling them that they might grab the weed or something when they land. in a release -- they released a statement part of which reads that the crew members' words were, quote, poorly chosen and plainly at odds with the professional standards we'd
12:29 pm
expect from someone on our team. of course, some people have posted to the airplane's facebook page -- or the airline's facebook page applauding that announcement. one person even wrote that the flight attendant deserved a promotion. flush the weed, the dogs are here. more problems for investigators in eastern ukraine who were trying to reach the malaysian airlines crash site. how long has this been since this crash? like ten days or something, john glen? about ten days, still can't get up there to investigate the dang thing. are these people crazy? ukrainian officials say the pro-russian rebels have hidden land mines at the site of the plane crash. unbelievable. plus, russia is pushing back, as you might imagine, after the united states and european nations hit it with brand-new penalties. what does it mean for russia's economy, and what would that mean for the rest of europe's economy? and all those weapons crossing the border? we'll get to that and any action in gaza where the war between israel and hamas rages. entering week four with no
12:30 pm
military solution and no political solution in sight.
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mapart of a house collapsed into a river after heavy rains triggered floods in eastern europe. at least three people died. hundreds more had to leave their homes. here in the united states, more than a dozen small cars have scored marginal or poor on frontal crash tests. that's according to the insurance institute for highway safety. inspectors say in their latest tests, only one car got a good score, the countryman from mini cooper. and a s.w.a.t. team took part in a standoff outside a house that lasted more than seven hours before they realized there was nobody in the house! sheriff's deputies reportedly serving an eviction notice outside san francisco when they saw notes indicating the house was rigged to explode. police say by the end of the day, they determined there were no bombs inside as no people
12:33 pm
inside, and their standoff had been with, well, nothing.
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12:35 pm
just in to us here on the fox news deck this afternoon, the european union reports it has slapped new financial punishment on three sort of friends of the russian president, vladimir putin, including his former judo partner. true stuff. the eu reports this is the first time that it's targeting putin's inner circle. just yesterday, the u.s. and europe announced their toughest sanctions yet over the crisis in ukraine and the downing of that malaysian airlines jet, flight 17. now ukrainian officials say pro-russian rebels have placed land mines and set up firing positions near the crash site. so first they cut the cockpit in half. then they left the bodies of these people out there in the sunshine to rot. and now they've set up land mines so investigators can't get in there in their ready and
12:36 pm
shooting position. this is going absolutely perfectly. international investigators say they have not been able to reach the area now for four days. european observers say they had to turn back again today after talking with the rebels outside the militants' stronghold of donetsk, one of the places that these separatists have just taken over, lowered the flag that belongs there, raised the flag that doesn't belong there and set out the land mines so that the crash investigators can't get in. the observers did not say exactly why they couldn't access the site. of course, there has been heavy fighting in the area. >> [ bleep ]. >> dirty word. ukrainian officials today released video that they say is from a gopro camera on a soldier's helmet. they say it shows artillery fire targeting government troops near the border. of course, fox news can't confirm that. we weren't there. meantime, russia is lashing out at the west for those new economic penalties. russia lashing out at the west as predicted here. reuters reports officials in
12:37 pm
moscow call the measure destructive and warned the u.s. and european union will suffer. steve harrigan is in kiev. the financial penalties haven't stopped the flow of russian weapons into eastern ukraine, have they? >> reporter: not according to ukrainian officials who assert that russia is still sending weapons over the border to help out the russian-backed rebels including tanks. >> just yesterday another seven russian tanks crossed the russian/ukrainian border. they keep destroying infrastructure. they have enough reason to state that the russian federation is conducting at least indirect heightened aggression against ukraine. >> reporter: despite the fact that the rebels are getting tanks from russia, the ukrainian government forces are still gaining ground. in the past 24 hours they have successfully taken another town just north of the rebel stronghold of donetsk.
12:38 pm
>> a quick check of the history books suggest they don't work against putin and never have. >> reporter: the bigger picture in history as you point out really shows success by russia in this technique. almost exactly six years ago, you remember, in georgia. president putin did the same thing, used the military to take a chunk of that former soviet republic, still holds it. before that russia did the same thing in moldova. so this has been done twice before and done successfully. and now it's being attempted a third time on a much bigger stage in ukraine. >> unreal. before we go, real quickly, steve, land mines at the crash site? >> reporter: you've got to keep in mind both sides are making accusations. this one coming from the ukrainian government. they say they have mined the roads into the site. the rebels are denying it. so far the ukrainian government has not offered proof. they're just making the claims, shepard. >> all right. be careful what you listen to. steve harrigan, our eyes and ears in kiev, thanks.
12:39 pm
so will these new financial punishments make any difference? and what about russia's retaliation? maria bartiromo is here. she anchors "opening bell" and "sunday morning futures." sanctions, they have a glorious history of changing the course of human events. >> they really do, shep. you know, i think this has been something of a slow burn. i mean, i can't find many people who think even now these deeper sanctions will have a dramatic impact over the short term. longer term, if these sanctions stick, this will certainly impact the money, putin's russia, the economy's already seen russia plummet. now with these sanctions you're seeing western companies make changes. bank of america for example saying its cut its exposure to russia by 40% since december in anticipation of further upset. and geopolitical upset between the two nations. in addition, financial assets. that's the assets of the banks of russia, they are going to be constrained. 40% of those assets constrained
12:40 pm
by these sanctions. and foreigners expected to pull $100 billion out of russia this year as a result of all of the upset there. so you're seeing it in his wallet. you're seeing it in the economy in russia, the stock market in russia and the currency. and yet i'm having a hard time finding anyone who thinks putin will do an about-face and actually not allow this to escalate. we'll see. time will tell. again, i think it's a slow burn. long term, this is going to hit him where it hurts, but near term, i don't see any impact. >> cuba? i mean, could we just begin and end there, sanctions against cuba? >> exactly. yeah. >> i don't know what you're supposed to do. >> well, i mean, clearly the world has underestimated putin. >> yeah. again. >> i don't think this was brain surgery, but for some reason, people have underestimated him. he is not going to stop here. i think we need steeper sanctions in order to really hit home. >> especially from the europeans. >> correct. europe is really handcuffed because of the gas that it's
12:41 pm
getting through ukraine from russia. they're going to do so much, and they have gotten on board with these steeper sanctions against the banks. but whether or not they take it up to really signify that the world is isolating russia and putin, that remains to be seen because they really need russia because of the energy. >> yeah. careful who you get in bed with. you might catch some communicable disease. >> correct. >> we'll watch for you tomorrow morning and this weekend. >> i'll be there. a terrifying moment for a driver when an ax -- an ax -- came flying through the windshield. seriously, this driver is just going down the road on i-95. >> oh, my god. >> yeah. and look at this picture. julia is here at bat number 9. that's not good. >> no. so this comes from massachusetts state police. and they say the truck over here is a landscaping truck. and when both vehicles stopped, the ax went flying into this windshield. luckily nobody was hurt. but the driver does face a $200 fine for not securing his tools. >> i was thinking maybe this was a yankees fan and that was a red
12:42 pm
sox fan. and they threw it. >> it's possible, no. no, it's not that. no. >> people on their last day do things like that. >> rob over there. >> rob over there. he's sleeping, though. he's not paying any attention. you can sleep today, rob. it's fine. the deadly and highly contagious ebola virus has not hit our departing producer rob but could be one plane ride away from spreading and spreading. be vewy afraid! coming up, the latest on the ebola outbreak and where officials are now checking for new infections. and enough food for two days and just one meal. we'll have the most unhealthy item you can order at a fast food place. did your favorite make the cut? i'll have a triple with cheese and a large french fry, please. then maybe i'll go vomit. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d.
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be afraid. health officials warn the deadly ebola outbreak in west africa could spread all over the globe.
12:46 pm
just days after it did kill an american father of three. scientists say ebola is one of the most contagious diseases anywhere in the world, and it's spread by close personal contact. no vaccine for the virus. no cure at all. now officials in hong kong and the united kingdom are checking airline passengers arriving from west africa and putting anybody who shows any symptoms into quarantine. last week doctors diagnosed two american missionaries with the disease. the same week another american died of the disease. right now health officials say this disease is spread across four nations in western africa, guinea, sierra leone, liberia and algeria. those officials say one person has died in nigeria, and that person was an american. the world health organization reports this is the biggest ebola outbreak ever. and the virus has killed almost 700 people. let's get to trace gallagher who's live this afternoon in our
12:47 pm
west coast news hub. tell us more about these two americans. >> well, they're both with a missionary group treating ebola patients in liberia. dr. kent brantley from fort worth, texas, was diagnosed last week, and they're saying that his condition is improving slightly. but his prognosis is still very grave. his family was actually in liberia around the same time, but they came back before he was diagnosed, and they say their christian faith will guide them through this. nancy rightball was helping disinfect. she is also showing some signs of improvement, but all the members of that group, samaritan's purse, have been evacuated except for the doctors remaining behind to treat those patients there. >> concerns about this american who died and fears that that person may have come into contact with other persons which could spread this. >> right, his name is patrick sawyer, and he flew from liberia to nigeria, and that flight was three legs. and it was on the third leg of
12:48 pm
that flight that they noticed he was showing signs of being very ill. he was vomiting with diarrhedia. that's bad because ebola is contracted through body fluids including sweat. patrick sawyer was quickly quaranti quarantined, but he flew with hundreds of other passengers who then flew to dozens of other countries. now, the incubation period for ebola is 21 days. so even doctors in the united states are now on alert. listen. >> it's on everyone's radar. we don't know when people come in what they have. and any virus presenting this way could be ebola. we practice standard control procedures and precautions. so that minimizes the effects. so if it is ebola, then we're well prepared. >> we should note that patients in the uk, in hong kong and the united states have been tested for ebola. so far those tests are all negative. shep. >> trace gallagher out in los angeles. trace, thanks very much. a nutrition watchdog group is out with its annual awards if you want to call them that for
12:49 pm
the unhealthiest restaurant dishes. sara has some of the winners, if you will. i guarantee you they're delicious. this looks amazing until you read the bottom line. >> it does indeed. the center for public science interest looked at 200 restaurant. red robin's monster burger meal at almost 3600 calories. but the cheesecake factory also cleaned up. by the way, that would take 12 hours of brisk walking to burn off. the cheesecake factory cleaned up getting three out of the nine awar awards. >> they do good. zloo including brule french toast which has almost a week's worth of saturated fat. and just about 2,800 calories. but their farfalle chicken dish is also up there with 2400 calories. this looks good, their reese's peanut butter, cake, cheesecake,
12:50 pm
reese's all rolled into one, and it's 1,500 calories. >> good lord. >> this didn't make the list. it didn't win within award, but it is from philadelphia, pyt, it's a a doughnut cheese cake burger. and we have seen burgers like this before, but this is a cheek steak burger with the whiz and it's really got the works. >> how much 30,000 grams of fat? >> i don't know how many grams of fat, but they said it's 1,100ish calories. which is actually kind of low when you look at it. >> a burger with cheese whiz. >> cheese whiz. >> we'll be back. his doubleheader day at the park starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. peanuts! peanuts! crowd cheers!
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found this woman's body in a drainage ditch. dogs are supposed to -- armada, michigan. about 35 miles outside detroit. one that read omg, i think i'm being kidnapped. cops tell us they are looking at the text messages from her phone, but none is worded exactly like that. police have sent for at least a composite sketch for what they're calling a person of interest. they also tell fox news they're getting closer to solving this case. police say they have some new clues. >> investigators are saying that they are starting to steve back the results of evidence they sent to the crime lab for
12:55 pm
testing. chuck also mentioned that new composite sketch has been released from a possible suspect or a witness. police say he was seen on a trail near that drainage ditch. they heard from other witnesses who claim they saw someone riding a motor bike there. now investigators released this family photo we received of april's dog penny. and they're asking anyone who saw penny to call police. some interviews with folks that will kind of their row down to where our focus should be in this investigation. >> police are being very tight lipped about what they do know including those text messages that you mentioned and april's funeral is scheduled for friday. >> what happens in vegas winds up in our wall. how cops say a casino heist and a night of hookers, plus one
12:56 pm
nice bag of weed. ended with this.
12:57 pm
12:58 pm
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ensure. take life in. guy in vegas due in court today after cops say he casino. been partying with prostitutes and a bag of weed. they had to hold the suspect's head for the mug shot because he would not cooperate. one friday he walked up to a cashier's case at bellagio and held out that case and said give me the money. then he went on a high end shopping spree and partied with four hookers. they say his ladies had wads of cash with bellagio labels still on them. ah, vegas. back in 1729, baltimore officially became a city. former president john quincy adams gave the nickname monument city for all the churches along the sky line there.
1:00 pm
in 1944, now stands as a major sea port. but baltimore made it on to the map. 285 years ago today. the orioles still looking for a win, aren't they? come on, os. >> all right, we're getting there, but just because it's closing in, does not mean that montel the giving in, because when it comes to protecting our vets, montel vows he is not letting up. >> this is business as usual in this town. how ignorant can we be to put together a bill and come up with an amount of money to pay for it and we don't even know what we're paying for? specifically in the bill, we just happen to notice that they specifically wrote in the bill that they're going to let them keep the bonuses. there's people sitting in this room, i don't give a damn what you think about what i'm saying, if you signed


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