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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 30, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> first grade. >> first grade is like six years old. >> thank you for joining us today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. spoim good -- >> good morning. it is wednesday, july 30. people trapped in their car while gallons of water shoots 30 feet in the air. there are serious questions about our country's aging infrastructure. >> what kind of a person sues the widow of a dead soldier? jesse ventura is the answer. what kind of judge rules in his favor? what about the jury? you're about to find out. >> meet his roommate. have you seen this video? two women trapped on the track as a train barrels right toward them. wait until you see how and if they survive. mornings are better with friends.
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>> it's time for "fox & friends." >> welcome aboard, folks. we were just talking about chris kyl, the late navy seal and this jesse ventura thing has got you talking. so many people are so furious, the jury has spoken and we're going to give you all the details. >> right, on that reward which has you all outraged. first we're going to turn to heather nauert who joins you this morning. hey there, friend. you have a lot going on. >> we talked a lot about this drought in california. with that in mind listen to this story. this morning there are serious questions about the country's aging infrastructure after a water main burst sending millions of gallons of water shooting into the air for hours. look at this.
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>> that is a 93-year-old water main and it is flooding the campus of ucla in los angeles, including the newly renovated pavilion. fire fighters rescued five people trapped underground in parking garages there and it took three and a half hours to get that water turned off. some students taking advantage of the situation having fun with it. repairs and cleanup begin today. it seems like what a waste of water there given all that's going on. a new hampshire teenager comes face-to-face with the man accused of holding her captive for nine months. abigail hernandez sat in a courtroom with her family as nathaniel kirby was arraigned and held on $1 million bail. the 15-year-old vanished in october while walking home from school. she was reportedly locked up in a container in his home. little information about her kidnapping has come out yet or her captivity. few details coming out at this hour. a disturbing discovery
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on board a u.s. cargo plane. the body of a teenager was found in a compartment above its wheel well. it is believed he is from africa but u.s. officials are not sure where he stowed away since the plane made several stops in africa before it landed in germany. in april a teenager survived a five-hour flight from california to hawaii in the wheel well of a boeing plane. the latest politician to weigh in on that redskins controversy, during a new interview clinton calls the name insensitive. >> i think that there is no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation's capital. i would love to see the owners think hard about what they can -- >> that team's name making plenty of headlines. the u.s. patent office canceling the team's trademark and
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late navy seal chris kyl, the author of the book american sniper. in 2012 governor jesse ventura of the great state of minnesota sued his estate for defamation of character because chris kyl wrote in the book in 2006 he got into a confrontation during a wake for a seal who died in combat and he did not identify the seal by name. he referred to him as scruffy faced in the book. however, on the bill o'reilly show chris kyl identified him and it was jesse ventura. >> you say you knocked
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jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. you don't mention his name, but everybody knows who that is. number one, did that happen? you knock him out? >> i knocked him down. >> knocked him down. why? why would you punch ventura? >> it was in 2006, the year we lost our first seals in iraq. we came home, we lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar in coronado and he was there for a speaking engagement. >> because he was a seal? he was a navy seal? he was bad mouthing the war; right? >> bad mouthing the war, bad mouthing bush, bad mouthing america. >> and you took exception? >> i did find a problem with it. >> right. jesse ventura said, no, i wouldn't do anything like that. his lawyer said he would never say anything like that. really? you mean something like
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this? >> they don't fall under any of the rules of war. they're mercenaries and that is what we're turning into today. our military has turned into contract killers now, contract for hire. >> the argument they put forward was, no, it's against his character to say anything like that. meanwhile chris kyle couldn't defend himself. >> he couldn't. well, right now you have a situation where the jury was deadlocked. yesterday at 9:00 a.m. the judge said go back and come up with some type of verdict. can't go with a unanimous verdict. they did. in the end they awarded jesse ventura over $1 million, $500,000 for one reason, over $1 million for another reason. the bottom line is that money comes out of his estate which is his widow who knew nothing about it. she was the last to testify. she had no details. it was jesse ventura's word against somebody who died trying to help a fellow soldier who was suffering from ptsd.
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and there is outrage throughout the seal community. if jesse ventura thought he was an outcast before, i think he's an outcast forever now. >> surely. we should point out that chris kyle was able to testify on videotape before he was killed. so the jury saw that. but at the end the jury found in favor of jesse ventura. the good news -- if there is any good news in this, it does sound like there is an insurance policy written by harper collins which is the publisher. it sounds like the money will come out of that insurance policy and the widow will not have to pay. >> the $1.3 million for the unjust enrichment, that will come out of the profits. >> gateway pondit wrote congratulations, jesse. you proved your patriotism by suing the widow of an american hero. what do you do for an encore? burn the american flag? >> how do you sleep at
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night? chris kyle spent time trying to help another soldier was murdered one year after that video we rolled on bill o'reilly's program there. >> jesse ventura says 9/11 was an inside job, everything is a conspiracy. this goes par for the course. benjamin smith, former navy sale and roommate will be here to give a response. >> he's going to give us his take on this jury. >> by the way, jesse's lawyer says he's not sure if jesse will ever be able to get his reputation back. >> what a shame. >> if you want your reputation, don't sue the widow of an american hero. >> doesn't seem he's concerned about that. let us know what you think. killer of three u.s. marines just got a slap on the wrist. this is a decision here that has rattled many as
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well. a teen who gunned down marines while working out, killed them. one survived. originally was going to be tried as an adult and likely executed by afghan government officials. but, no, they decided to try him as a minor, as a juvenile. was just sentenced to seven and a half years in confinement instead of being tried as an adult and facing the ultimate punishment for killing our military men. >> slap in the face. let's talk a little bit about this. later today it looks like there's going to be a vote in the house of representatives whether or not to sue president obama over his vast government overreach and the rewriting of obamacare. but what's curious about this is this lawsuit suddenly the republicans hoped that would mobilize their base, as it turns out has mobilized the democrats. a bunch of democrats are now saying, hey, the president is going to be impeached, but we're telling you these darned republicans are going to impeach the president of the united states. that is not true. the only people who seem to
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be talking about it are democrats to stir up their base to raise money. john boehner says don't listen to these guys. >> we have no plans to impeach the president. we have no future plans. listen, it's all a scam started by democrats at the white house. >> there might be a bit of proof to say he might qualify for impeachment lawlessly changing obamacare, lawlessly changing energy policy when it comes to cap and trade. charles krauthammer referred to those yesterday. some say this is completely pathetic. karl rove is one of them. >> you have to take your hat off to the cynic in chief who sits in the oval office of the white house. the president of the united states is cynically suggesting a constitutional crisis in order to fatten the bank accounts of democratic fund-raising groups and in order to try and energize democratic turnout for the fall elections.
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the speaker of the house has said we will not consider or take up this issue. yet the president of the united states sends out his press secretary last week to stir the waters and suggest this is real. how cynical. how pathetic. this man is playing with the american people by suggesting a constitutional crisis where none exists. shame on him and shame on those people in his administration who participate with him. and shame on those conservatives and republicans who help him along. >> he is -- he was being sued. he is being sued. the president, the same day was being sued started mocking that fact. everybody remembers in 1998 bill clinton was flat on his back literally. he did very well in the mid term election elections as soons impeachment proceedings went ahead. the impeachment failed in the senate and bill clinton ended up getting back a seat in the house. >> the white house lost all moral high ground because
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they have assisted the democrats in raising money off this. since the lawsuit was announced they raised $7.6 million and raised $1 million on monday alone. meanwhile press secretary josh earnest was asked about fund-raising on this scam. here's what he kind of said. >> i will leave it to democratic strategists who have a much better sense than i do about the best way to raise money for their campaign committees. >> democratic strategists are seen now as basically drawing up faux fear in terms of an impeachment call where this is basically to hold the president accountable. john turley, constitutional scholar says if there is a constitutional crisis it lies in the fact that the president is not abiding by the law, some of which are his own. >> wait until the fall or late summer when the president makes his maneuver on immigration unilaterally. he could be giving
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citizenship status to about four to five million illegals. >> there are some, brian, who feel that move right there could actually be a move of provocation so that by doing something so outside the bounds of law, is he trying to bait on the republicans to impeach him? the republicans are not going to impeach him. that's what the republicans say at this point. >> coming up straight ahead. >> 13 after the top of the hour. coming up, have you heard this one? government workers told their southern accents are a problem. they're too southern and they should go to a class to get rid of it. really? we're going to tell you about that coming up. >> have you seen this video? two women trapped on train tracks as the train barrels right toward them. what would you do? wait until you see what their strategy was. ♪
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ben, your reaction to the verdict yesterday and what his wife now has to deal with. >> well, i was trying to grasp it in hearing it and wondering how our judicial system could do that. i mean chris told me himself about it. there was gold star mothers there. we were at a navy seals wake who jumped on a grenade for his brothers. i don't understand because the facts of this are not in that way. he didn't lie. i saw what the lawyer said, and that's absolutely not true. the people who were there aren't in this for any kind of, you know, notoriety or anything. they just -- that's what happened. he was running his mouth and saying some really vile stuff saying we should lose more men, more heroes, more
3:19 am
guys out there who were fighting the fight. is that not almost treasonous? you know, like you're anti-american, saying we should lose? he said you say that again, i'm going to pop you in the -- i'm going to get you. and he did and he came over and did it. >> how different would this have been had chris kyle been alive to testify on his own behalf? >> well, that goes to actually knowing chris. you know, we were in buds together. he was my roommate. after that, we went our separate ways. but in knowing him, he had this just matter of factness about him. he would do what's right always, and he would tell you the truth no matter how difficult or hard it was on you. he just would tell you what exactly happened.
3:20 am
and he was just so matter of fact about everything. and i really think it would have made a huge difference. >> well, at least you have -- there is book sales there and his follow-up book. if people want to support chris kyle and are outraged by this decision like both of us are, buy both of those books. that's a way of supporting his family and keeping his memory alive. benjamin, thank you for your service. >> we shouldn't focus on jesse. we should focus on chris's life and what he did for americans. focus on the good. >> you got it. benjamin smith, thanks so much. ten minutes before the bottom of the hour. a major warning for one of the top summer destinations in the u.s. there is something in the water around florida and it could prove deadly. planned parenthood gets millions from the government. now a shocking new report revealing their shady
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quick headlines for you on this wednesday morning. a deadly flesh-eating bacteria is living in florida's waters and thriving in warm salt water. so far 11 people in the state of florida have been infected leaving two dead. those with weakened immune systems are the most at risk. be careful. a major medical breakthrough. a new blood test that can detect any type of cancer perhaps developed by british scientists. the test focuses on damage to the d.n.a. of white blood cells. so far it has accurately
3:25 am
diagnosed lung, skin and colon cancers. so there is hope. >> a shocking new report exposing widespread abuse by planned parenthood all on your dime. planned parenthood gets more than $5 million a year in federal funding and their shady practices already cost taxpayers at least $150 million. joining us is a legal communications director at alliance defending freedom, the legal advocacy group that compiled the report on planned parenthood. thank you for being with us this morning. what did the report actually find? >> it found widespread abuse and misuse of taxpayer money, and even the potential committing fraud of this money. and it's widespread. in fact, the he evidence we compiled in our report showed one in four planned parenthood affiliates are involved in this waste,
3:26 am
abuse and the potential for committing fraud. >> some examples of the fraud and abuse is $1 -- billing for medical procedures not necessary along with dispensing prescription drugs without authorized forms from a physician. are you kidding me? >> unfortunately i'm not. the bottom line is the government has an obligation to spend taxpayer money responsibly and for the common good. and americans who are giving up their hard-earned money in their taxes have a right to know where their money is going, especially if it is being funneled to a group like planned parenthood who is clearly abusing it. >> why has this not been uncovered prior to this? $150 million of taxpayer money is nothing to ignore. >> we have been smith our report for the last three years. unfortunately the reason they're doing it is because they can. no one is holding them accountable.
3:27 am
they're a very special, strong special interest group within washington and across the country, and it's time that our elected officials and the american people put their foot down and say, planned parenthood needs to be held to the same standards as every other corporation or organization. >> americans should reach out to the representation there and get something done. we did reach out to planned parenthood for a statement and did not hear back as of yet. kerri kupac, thank you for joining us. coming up a mother lets her 7-year-old son go to the park by himself. now she's facing neglect charges. have police gone too far? and have you seen this video? two women trapped on the tracks of a train barrels right toward them. what in the world would you do? wait until you see what saved it. first happy birthday to legendary singer-actor paul anka. ♪
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the t.s.a. is offering a $5 sthow thousand reward for the -- a $5,000 reward for the best idea on how to speed up airport security lines. so far the best idea is get lines for people who know what they are doing and a line for people who have never been to an airport before. >> that is true, the t.s.a. is looking for ideas and we would love to hear yours. e-mail them to us at i think a good idea would be to have people go through the line naked because if they're looking for something you would immediately know. >> i think we should just
3:32 am
rotate it randomly. sometimes no checks at all, we walk through. other times we've got to do what we're traditionally doing. >> pop checks. >> you don't like the go through the line naked business? >> that would be interesting. a lot of people would be waiting in line to pat you down. >> either air travel would soar or plummet. e-mail us >> parents being turned into criminals because other people don't like the way they parpt their own children. >> a florida mom let her seven-year-old son walk to the park alone and now she is facing child neglect charges. >> anna kooiman knows about it and is here to talk about it. what is the mom saying? >> she is planning to fight that felony charges. she says she let her son go to the park in florida during the day and he always has his snoan in case of an -- has his cell phone in case of an
3:33 am
emergency. it is about a half mile, tument -- ten minute walk. but the child says he was stopped by someone who wanted to know why he was walking by himself. >> they called the cops. >> i honestly didn't think i was doing anything wrong. >> what happened next a cop shows up at the park and takes dominick home where they question his mom and arrest her. she was released on $4,000 bond. in the police report the officer said dominick was not safe because self-sex offenders live nearby. this is the latest in a string of cases that people are calling the, quote, criminalizeation of parenthood. , an ohio father letting his son skip church to play and the mother in south carolina arrested and spent time in jail for leaving her nine-year-old in the park while she worked her shift at mcdonald's. in this most recent case. the attorney's office says
3:34 am
there are no laws preventing a child walk to the park unsupervised. folks coming to this woman's aid saying you can't tell a child's age by their physical size. on the other hand, could have been picked up by a pedophile, bitten by a snake. >> i wonder if they gave notice in the neighborhood that the sex offenders were in the vicinity. a fine line. you want to protect your kids but you want your rights as a parent to make the decisions you deem best. >> thank you very much, anna. whatever happened to common sense? >> but everyone's got a different sense of what common sense is. for example, we used to go play and when the lights went off you went home. now all of a sudden people want to know how you're walking six blocks, what time you're heading back. you're setting up play dates when you used to wing it. running around the neighborhood until my grandmother called
3:35 am
us back home. i do wonder if people are paying enough attention and if we have a neighborhood that really looks out for your kid in the great way that used to. >> i remember being a kindergarten kid walking home from kindergarten half mile, three-quarters of a mile. never any problem. >> there is no way people would do that today. >> in our town a lot of kids do walk home. >> i couldn't walk home because i had a big accordion. it was hard enough to get it -- >> trying to earn extra money? >> polka band. >> trying to not get made fun of and the bus was a challenge for me. >> we're learning more and more about her. e-mail us regarding what you think about that story. in the meantime, heather nauert joins us with unbelievable video. >> hi guys. good morning. 35 minutes after the hour. take a look at this
3:36 am
unbelievable video coming out of the state of indiana. watch this horrifying moment that a 14,000 ton train barrels right towards two women. take a look. wow. the women tried to outrun the train but quickly realized that was not going to work. one of the women considers jumping. instead one by one they go down on the tracks. incredibly both of the women survived. they were not hurt. there is just ten inches of space between the train and the tracks. both women will likely be charged with criminal trespassing. so lucky to be alive this morning. then this happened once again. another plane makes an emergency landing on a beach in florida. the pilot of a cessna landed on miami beach after a problem with his engine. no one was hurt. of course this happens two days after a plane crashed on a beach in venice,
3:37 am
florida, hitting a dad and his nine-year-old daughter. sadly we learned that she has died from her injuries as well. her father an army sergeant died on the scene. this guy has got to be the luckiest killer in the country. he was tried and convicted but the verdict was overturned because his mom couldn't find a seat in the courtroom during jury selection. the guy was found guilty of shooting the father of a four-year-old baby at a dice game in 2008. he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. but an appeals court ruled that he was not given the right to a public trial because the courtroom was too crowded for his mom to find a seat. what do you think of that? workers at a federal lab in tennessee can proudly speak with their southern accents after their managers scrapped the plan to help fix their southern drawl. it was the oak ridge national lab and they were planning to offer a six-week course on southern accent reduction. but they had to cancel that
3:38 am
because people complained about it. a lab spokesman said -- quote -- "given the way that it came across, they decided to cancel it. it probably wasn't presented in the right way." we want to know what you think about this. send us a video using your best southern accent. and those are your headlines. can you imagine that? living in tennessee, get rid of your accent. >> what were y'all thinking? hello. >> i can't wait to see those videos. we're going to visit with maria who is outside. hey there, friend. >> hey there, friend. good morning. good to see you. hey everybody. another chilly start to the day across parts of the east coast. temperatures in the 50's in places like pittsburgh and detroit. record low temperatures set yesterday during parts of the pennsylvania. we'll see if we set record lows this morning. take a look at temperatures in tennessee. in nashville currently 58 degrees, low humidity.
3:39 am
feeling a little bit like fall. we have a big dip in the jet stream. that is why we have those cool temperatures. farther west, places like arizona, new mexico, texas, still in the 90's and triple digits for many of you. it feels like summer out there. that low-pressure system exiting the rockies will be producing heavy rain across parts of the central plains, as much as six to eight inches of rain possible. flash flooding is a concern. >> let me tell you what's happening in college sports. a head injury lawsuit created a $70 million concussion fund. the money will pay for testing on brain injuries but some say it does not go far enough unlike a similar lawsuit in the nfl, this deal does not set aside money to pay players who suffered brain trauma. instead athletes can sue for damages. let's go to the nfl. new orleans saints practice underway. looks like drew brees already in good form. look at this video.
3:40 am
drew brees doing what looks like skeet shooting with a football, no wonder he says he can play until he's 45. finally, los angeles angels pitcher mike moran looking pretty in pink on his way to the dugout. he's not making a fashion statement. he's getting a bit of rookie hazing, one of the baseball traditions making pitchers carry their stuff and wear embarrassing things. it somehow makes them a better teammate. >> is that from the barbie dream collection? >> how would you know that? >> i've got two kids, two daughters. that's how i know. >> peter wants to defend himself. >> i've got three kids, two girls. a union tricking its teachers to keep their memberships. our next guest, a teacher says yes and you won't believe the stunt they pull
3:41 am
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it's about 15 minutes till the top of the hour. some consumer news for you now. tired of your smart phone dying after just a few hours? you are in luck. scientists from stanford university have just created pure lithium batteries that would make your phone battery last four times as long. drive a small car? you could be cruising for trouble. only one of 12 small cars earned a top rating in a new crash test. the four-door mini cooper received a good from the insurance institute for
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highway safety. the worst, the nissan relief and fiat 500-l. the ice cream that changes color. when you lick it it goes from blue to purple. scientists who created it say it's all natural. >> a michigan teachers union tricking its teachers to ceech -- keep their membership. a public school teacher learned how hard the michigan education soaks makes it to quit their union. he joins us live from grand rapids. good morning to you. >> good morning, folks. how are you doing? >> it's great to have you. in december 2012 michigan passed the right to work law which said you didn't have to belong to a union to be a teacher. so when your contract with your school district expired coming up june of the following year, what did you do? >> i september a letter. first of all, i inquired of
3:46 am
my union how to leave the association. i called them, sent them e-mails and a letter. heard nothing back. then i realized after reading the law a little better and the media coverage, in july at the end of my contract i could opt out. on july 2 i sent a letter and thought i was out. >> but, as it tuns out you weren't because you got your visa bill or your master card bill and what was right there? >> they cheapped the law in michigan so -- they changed the law in michigan so we had to pay our own union dues and we had to use our credit card. i looked in july of twist and there was -- july of 2013 and there was a charge for being in the union. >> you called your union which said you can only quit in one month and the month is august. >> they didn't even let me know august. i found that out after i got my charge.
3:47 am
i did more investigating on-line and found out in august there was an august opt out window only. my union didn't say boo about it. i sent another letter to my union and my m.e.a. i didn't hear anything back. i had no more charges on my credit card because i canceled my card and disputed the charge. >> in august you did write to them. they did accept it. they stopped. what is the message here? what is the michigan education association trying to do by only giving teachers a one-month window to opt out? >> first of all, they're claiming there is a contract that we as members signed with them, although my local president and anybody else i've talked to, nobody is aware of such a contract between members and the union, the m.e.a. however, they claim the august window opt out. they're fooling us. they're using our money for political purposes. it is a control thing. i opted out mostly because i'm saving hundreds of
3:48 am
dollars a year with a different organization that provides the same benefits, in fact twice the liability insurance. >> that's good. but the m.e.a., which i would imagine is an off shoot of the n.e.a., you felt they were not representing your best interest and certainly didn't like their politics; right? >> exactly. there was a survey done years back where the membership of the m. esm a. a. -- m.e.a. was split one-third, one-third, one-third. yet the membership of the n.e.a. is liberal and you should have a choice. >> if there are michigan teachers watching now, if you want to opt out, do it in the month of august. robert, thank you for telling your story. a lot of people, i'm sure, didn't know that. they do now. thank you, sir. >> very god. >> 12 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, our cars alert us when we're low on gas or
3:49 am
oil. so why not when kids are left ip -- inside. this teenager's invention came up with that. he said he doesn't like photo ops, so what do you call this? it looks like a photo op in kansas city. ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
from being left in a car. 18 died this year alone. >> that's right. on average, 44 children die as a result of being left in cars. there is one teen who wants to change all that with her new invention, a car seat alarm, alerting parents if a child is left in a car seat. it's just one step away from getting on the market. here now to show that off to the parents and really working to help so many of us is 17-year-old alyssa chavez. thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> why did -- you're 17. why did you want to make this car seat? >> my mom has owned a home child care since i was a little girl. i've always been around kids. hearing all the deaths of children in hot cars, i couldn't imagine that happening and i wanted to do something to stop it. >> so this is what you're going to do. you have a doll in a typical car seat and you have in your hand, show the camera. >> i have the pads that senses if the child is in the car seat and i have the key fob.
3:54 am
if i walk away 40 feet and it senses there is a child in the car, the sensor will sound. >> show us. >> we would place this pat underneath the padding of the car seat. i leave my baby here in the car. close the door. and now we can walk 40 feet away and once we get 40 feet away, then this alarm will sound. [sound] >> i got the chills hearing that. >> that alerts you to -- is that for hot weather or the weight. >> weight. leaving a child in the car any time is dangerous, so i wanted my product to be there at all times. >> it's called the hot seat. but this is not climate dependent. >> no, not at all. >> it is literally you're walking 40 feet away from the car. the car -- this pad senses the car is in the car and let's you
3:55 am
know and ultimately saves lives. >> right. >> so let's go back and save the baby. as we do that, you raised how much money and how much do you need to get a prototype. >> i raised 11,000 and i need 20,000 to get a prototype. >> where can people go to contribute? >> i have a campaign running a crowd funding web side called into go go and it's called hot seat one child too many. >> you have been working on this for three years? >> since i was in eighth grade. >> in eighth grade. but because your mother owns a child care and she runs it, you see busy, busy cars, parents coming in, dropping kids off. you know all the responsibilities that parents have. >> i see busy parents all the time. i've seen how busy their lives can be and understand how this happens. >> all right. ly lisa invented something else at 11. i said, what did you invent? she said i can't tell you, i don't have a patent yet. and thanks to rent a car, they
3:56 am
let us borrow this car. >> again, if you want to contribute into go go. >> thank you. well done. steve, i know you love this idea. >> it's a great idea. good for her. coming up, your ideas are pouring in. how would you speed up the security line at the tsa line at the airport? we're going to share some of your comments coming up next. it's the coolest stuff elvis owned, like his script for "love me tender" and his military leave pass. priscilla presley is here live to tell us all about it. ♪ you have made my life complete ♪ ♪ and i love you so ♪ love me --
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
good morning. today is wednesday, july 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert, while you were sleeping, millions of gallons of water shooting 30 feet in the
4:00 am
air for three straight hours leaving people trapped. this morning serious questions about our country's aging infrastructure. and what kind of person sues the widow of a dead navy seal? the name, jesse ventura does and the jury ruled in his favor. america is reacting this morning and we'll share their reaction. no pictures, please. >> i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. >> really? so what do you call that? kind of looks like a photo op. the president pulling pork with fans in kansas city and of course he brought the paparrazzi which one is it? yes or no? anyway, thank you for joining us on this wednesday because mornings are always better with friends. >> it's "fox & friends". >> that's a long time kansas
4:01 am
city resident, i will be curious to see where the president was. i hope it was gates barbecue. it looks like it was a barbecue place. >> he says he was with people that wrote him letters. so he wanted to meet those people behind the pen. >> i thought he just said he didn't like photo ops. >> he did. >> all right. i can't keep up. heather nauert can. she joins us with all that's been going on with the headlines. >> hi, good morning. hope everybody is off to a great day. news out of california, a fox news alert, this morning there are more serious questions about our country's aging infrastructure. a 93-year-old water main bursts, sending 10 million gallons of water shooting into the air for three straight hours. look at all that water out there. california certainly needs it. they've been suffering from a drought. at the university of california-ucla, including the floor of the poly pavilion, that
4:02 am
just underwasn't $136 million renovation. firefighters had to rescue five people who were trapped in park garages. some students having a lot of fun with this, taking advantage of the situation, pulling out their boogie board. what a at this there. overnight, let's go overseas. at least 15 minutes are dead after reports that an israeli tank hit a u.n. school in gaza where hundreds have taken refuge. israel hitting key hamas targets, including region's only power plant. more than 1200 have been killed since that fighting started. the f.b.i. pack up and moving out. for the first time the f.b.i. may move their headquarters out of d.c the j. edgar hoover building has housed it since 1975. they won't go too far. they've narrowed down their choices to just three. two of them are in maryland and one in virginia. all close by. do you remember when president obama said this about visiting the border during a recent trip to texas?
4:03 am
>> i'm not interested in photo ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. >> well, it appears he doesn't mind the photo op when is he's sitting down for dinner in kansas city. he enjoyed ribs at arthur bryant's barbecue in kansas city. those are your headlines. you've been there. >> i have. arthur bryant's is my number two. but gates is my sentimental favorite. the president had a great lunch. >> i love a pork sandwich that's gluten free. >> depends who is pulling it. i got to tell you what's going on. it took so long. relatively a quiet trial. when the jury ended up in a deadlock and the judge said go back and get me unanimous decision, do not say we're a deadlocked jury now, they came back with a unanimous decision against slain navy seal chris kyle. remember, in a 2006 book, he was on our show, on our network and may be on a show that you have
4:04 am
seen talking about what he did while fighting in iraq and afghanistan. more kills than anybody else, true american hero. as you read his story, it's phenomenal. one of the anecdotes in his books talked about how he punched out a navy seal for sa the president, the country, and those who fight, including two who had just lost their lives. so chris kyle talked about knocking this guy out. upon further review and later interview, he made it clear the guy he knocked out was the former governor of minnesota, navy seal himself, jesse ventura. >> right. in the book he was called scruff face. here he is with bill o'reilly going into some detail. >> you say you knocked jesse ventura to the floor with a punch. you don't mention his name, but everybody knows who that is. number one that, happened? you knocked him out? >> knocked him down. >> knocked him down. why? why would you punch ventura? >> it was in 06, was the year we
4:05 am
lost our first two seals in iraq. we came home. we lost our last guy just before coming home. we had the wake in a seal bar there in cover in a know and he was there for a speaking engagement at a ceremony. >> because he was a seal, right? >> yes, sir. >> he was a navy seal. so he was bad mouthing the war, right? >> bad mouthing the war, bad mouthing bush. bad mouthing america. >> you and took exception? >> i did find a problem with it. >> so there is where he identifies that the guy, scruffy face, was jesse ventura. so the jury yesterday found defamation of character, ordered kyle's estate to pay ventura $1.8 million. keep in mind, mr. kyle is dead. he was killed on a shooting range while he was trying to help somebody with ptsd. he's dead. none the less, jesse ventura continued his lawsuit against
4:06 am
his wife, right there. the fact that ventura won the lawsuit and defamation, that offense should be addressed. but it seems like the height of cruelty to punish the guy's wife and that is what jesse ventura has done. >> right. in trying to redeem his reputation when we have multiple sound bites, multiple quotes from jesse ventura, comments against our own military and this nation, to really try to preserve his integrity or reputation among the public by now claiming the victim of chris kyle's wife in this lawsuit just has everyone shocked this morning that the jury ended up ruling in favor of ventura here. you go after the widow of a slain -- >> a hero. >> he's a hero. his friend was with us earlier. they finished their seal training prior to september 11.
4:07 am
you know their jobs dropped today. >> they're considering an appeal. this is benjamin smith. >> i don't understand because the facts of this are not in that way. that's what happened. he was running his mouth and saying some really vile stuff, saying we should lose more men, more heros, more guys out there who were fighting the fight. is that not almost treasonous, like you're anti-american, saying we should lose? and he said you say that again, i'm going to pop you -- i'm going to get you. and he did and he came over and he did it. >> okay. so the jury found that ventura was defamed. all right. so he won that. but if jesse ventura was a real man, there is a lot of people who feel he would let chris kyle's widow off the hook.
4:08 am
>> yeah, $1.3 million. meanwhile, shear what you're saying. here is from jack, says if ventura thought his reputation was damaged by kyle's book, he single handedly destroyed it with this lawsuit. >> albert says ventura had no reputation to lose. his anti-american statements are disgusting to patriotic americans. suing the widow is shameless. >> shameless indeed. another says nothing good ever comes from money gotten in this type of disgraceful way. how do you feel? you can e-mail us. you can tweet us or you could facebook us. >> patriotic americans across this great nation fired up about this today. meanwhile, we got to tell you, you would think that the irs would be laying low, right? there is news today, there is a hearing today to look at the irs. apparently they are targeting again, this time churches. the atheist group, the freedom from religion foundation, sued the irs saying, hey, you're not cracking down on churches. they're not supposed to be
4:09 am
political at all, or they should lose their tax exempt status. now under a secret agreement with the irs, the freedom from religion foundation, atheist group, can reinstitute its lawsuit against the irs if it believes the agency isn't doing enough to crack down on churches. isn't that curious? >> secret deal. the info will waiting to be made public here. remember 1954 congress approved an amendment by senator johnson to prohibit organizations, which includes charities and church, from engaging in any political campaign activity. >> towards the end of the show, we'll have an interview and start expanding on that. the tsa is out of ideas. they gave the idea of metal detector and sophisticated scanning devices. now they're offering up to $15,000 for the best idea on how to speed up airport security lines which are getting worse. here is what you're saying.
4:10 am
>> people are sending in their ideas. taken on facebook said, maybe they should stop frisking grandma and the two-month-old baby. that should help. >> yeah. meanwhile, michael allen miller on facebook, no carry-on bags. that would speed things on. but be a mess at the baggage claim. >> then we'd have to talk to each other. ray martin said instead of having three people stand around watching people work, how about having five actually work on getting people through the line? absolutely. steve, you did this. the precheck. didn't that help? >> it does. i signed upped for it. randomly the airlines will put you on the tsa precheck. it's kind of a strip down version where you don't have to take off your shoes or coat. you can leave your wallet in your pocket. got to take your keys out. but it's fantastic. you can sign up for 85 bucks, i think for a year. >> as long as they're safe. >> or five years.
4:11 am
>> don't drop safety just to expedite the process. but then again, mom going through, i love when they actually help me repack my bags. 'cause i'm not that organized. after i go through, my bag is in better shape than when i started. >> we just respond to every terrorist attack. no more liquids. we have to take off our shoes. thank goodness we can wear underwear. one candidate for congress sending a message the white house can't ignore. >> where do they think their electricity comes from? i'll make sure president obama gets the message. >> that is natalie tanet and she is a democrat. how is her republican opponent responding? the woman right there waving, congresswoman shelly moore capito joins us live to talk about that. a little girl sobbing so hard, she can barely talk. what cause her major meltdown
4:12 am
will make you smile all day long ♪ ♪
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4:16 am
who do they think their electricity comes from? you and i know it's our hard work west virginia coal miners that power america. i'll make sure president obama gets the message. >> that's a funny ad. it's not the kind of ad you would expect from a democrat. but natalie tenant wants to be the next democratic senator from west virginia. and today her opponent, republican congresswoman shelly moore capito is fighting back in this new ad you'll see here first. >> when obama declared his war on coal, natalie tenant not only defended him, but endorsed him for president twice. >> the president doesn't understand west virginia. he doesn't understand the way we work, the way we take care of our families, the way we want to be independent and self-reliant. he doesn't understand that way of life and i want to go to the senate to show him that this is the west virginia way.
4:17 am
>> joining us right now is com shelly moore capito. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what do you make of natalie tenant's ad, saying she would stand up to the president of the united states because there in west virginia, it's all about the coal and this white house doesn't like coal. >> no, we're losing jobs because of that. she supported the president in 2008. when we were bleeding jobs, she doubled down and supported him again in 2012. she gave to his inauguration in 2013. now we see this hypocritical ad being funded by anti-coal supporters of hers that basically try to back her out of that. and west virginiaans, we're smarter than that. we can see through that. >> okay. in your new ad, we saw that image of natalie tenant in 2008 where she was out there with the muzzle loader, which she's carried ever since she was the mascot there for the mountaineers right there.
4:18 am
that particular image was provided by your campaign to show that she was a flip flopper. we asked her whether or not she was a flip flopper yesterday on this program. here is what she had to say. >> what's behind the ad is that i'm standing up for west virginia, standing up for west virginia coal miners. it's sending a message. yes, i did campaign for the president in 2008. i'm disappointed and i'm hurt with the way he is reacting to west virginia. >> would you be there right now -- >> he's not on the ballot. that's what is about this election. this is about me and shelly moore capito and west virginia because i don't answer to the president. >> okay. so it sounds like now -- she is says yep, i did support him back in 2008, but right now i'm standing up for the people of west virginia. do you buy that? >> no, i don't buy that. she was in new york with michelle obama who basically said we need natalie tenant to further the president's agenda. what is the agenda?
4:19 am
we're losing jobs in west virginia every day because of his energy policies. we have lost confidence in his leadership. she supported him. she is hand in glove with the president. in order to make a change, we need to change the senate and part of that is electing me to the united states senate. >> well, she said she wouldn't really say whether or not she would support barak obama going forward because he's not on the ballot. however, you got to figure she would support harry reid if she was elected to the u.s. senate and essentially a vote for harry reid is a rubber stamp for whatever the white house says, isn't it? >> absolutely. harry reid's pac is in west virginia who has ads in support of natalie tenant. it's hypocritical and she has to try to distance herself from this because the popularity of the policies are well below 30%. like i said, west virginiaans, we're smarter than that.
4:20 am
it's not what you say, it's when you do. that's what people are watching. i think a this just rings on hollow ears. it's electioneering at its worse because it's not truthful. >> shelly moore capito would like to be the next senator from west virginia. thank you very much for joining us live. >> thanks for having me. have a great day. >> you as well. >> thank you. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. the mysterious ship found buried under the world trade center not a mystery anymore. the tiny piece of evidence that helped solve the case in identification. elvis week is just around the corner. priscilla presley is here with an inside look at what's being sold with all the memories that go with it. good morning to you.
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
4:24 am
it's time for news by the numbers. first, 2 billion. that's how much money the president wants washington to give him. el salvador and honduras. he claims it will fix the border crisis. next, five years later, hoboken high school, new jersey is getting ready to throw out thousands of student laptops. they were bought with stimulus money, but the school didn't anticipate students dropping them and computer viruses. finally, 18 seasons later, max is done with "dancing with the stars" and rumored to be leaving the show with jennifer lopez. when asked, he smiled and laughed.
4:25 am
>> what does he do on his days off? this year is the 60th anniversary of the release of elvis presley's first single "that's all right mama". ♪ well that's all right mama ♪ that's all right with you ♪ that's all right with mama ♪ >> that's all right indeed. this august, graceland mansion is making its elvis week celebration even bigger than ever with an auction of rare items along with a ground breaking new hotel. >> joining us now is elvis' wife, priscilla presley. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> we are so thrilled to have you here. what does this week mean to you? >> it's huge. especially now since we have some wonderful new enhancements that's been actually long overdue. that's with the new hotel and i think everyone will be very happy about that. that's something that we've actually had about four different plans over the years. this one makes sense. it's about a quarter of a mile
4:26 am
adjacent to graceland and our visitors are absolutely going to go crazy. we have gathering places for reunions, for family reunions, fan reunions. we have a beautiful swimming pool on the grounds. not graceland, but on our property. and we have the tablet tour, which is all new. that's for children also. which they can just push a button, like a trivia game for them to play to keep them interested. you press a button, you get a 360 of the grounds of graceland all around. you press a button in the living room and you see elvis sitting this. >> the elvis app. >> yes. you see the home movies. things you've never seen before. >> does it get emotional for you, now with all the tech bringing elvis back into these moments? >> it absolutely is. i think the fans are going to absolutely love what they see. we talk about all the things that are changing. it's not really changing. nothing really is changing. we're adding to the experience, knowing who elvis presley is, i think that's when i get -- actually i'm happy to be able to -- all of us are happy to be able to show the fans even more
4:27 am
about elvis and i think they'll be very happy. no changes. people get really concerned. the hotel is great. now we have an auction. this is part of the auction. this is not our things. these are not graceland. this is from a third party. greg page, who has been an avid -- one of the well-known collectors of elvis presley. it's his collection. >> let's take a look at some of the stuff. the first item down here i understand is his library card. >> library card. librarian went through the books, and sure enough, there is -- he's about 12 years old, 7th grade. >> the oldest autograph of him? >> full signature. >> what would something like that sell for? >> i have no idea. >> take a guess. 10,000? >> it's personal. i don't know. >> you got something else from the dick clark collection. "love me tender." >> the script. his very first script. he was very proud of it. in fact, a cute little story is about the first film, didn't
4:28 am
know how it all worked. he memorized his lines. but also memorized everybody else's lines. so when he came to the set, he knew the whole entire script front and back. >> if somebody said something wrong, would he correct them? >> probably. >> he could because he had it all there. >> he had it all there. they even added to the script after his success. in fact, because the song was so popular, they changed it. >> you forget there was a time when everybody got drafted, whether you were yogi bera or elvis presley, you went into the military. you say you have a military pass that he got, issued in 1958. >> yes. this is it right here. he was drafted, went to the army. he was there in september and this is october pass, leave of absence for 24 hours because his father and grandmother were coming over to stay with him for the rest of the duration of his stay. >> the most requested image from the national archives is of elvis presley with richard nixon.
4:29 am
in that picture, elvis is wearing this pendant. >> that's exactly right. this is 18 carat gold, gem stones and diamonds. custom made for elvis. he wore it during the meeting with nixon. he wore it for the jc's award. he wore this a lot. >> does it make you get really emotional or sad to see something, particularly as beautiful and memorable as a piece of jewelry? >> absolutely. the thing is that these are other collectors and hopefully we will be there -- we will be there because we wore all this stuff too. >> if people want more information about the auction. >> a web site? >> it's august 14 is the auction. this is a song list from 1969 that he worked on. >> used a big yellow pad. >> the martin guitar he used in the 50s. then to the gibson and back to the martin in the 70s. >> are there coffee stains on
4:30 am
that? >> yes. >> he bit on some of these as well? >> yes. >> good luck on the opening of the new hotel. >> thank you. priscilla presley. >> i loved new "naked gun." i was hoping for a sequel. did you have fun doing that? >> i did. i really did. it wasn't even work. it was a special of leslie nielsen. he was so much fun. hard to keep a straight face. >> him and oj, that was quite a set. >> yes, really. >> thank you. >> underrated detective, leslie nielsen. it used to be the biggest deciding factor for getting into college. now one university is scrapping the sates. so is it a sign of the times? >> wow. and a big surprise from this youtube star to his parents. >> boom. open it. >> what is it? the answer will warm your heart.
4:31 am
♪ ♪
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4:34 am
♪ ♪ >> it is national cheesecake day. what better way to celebrate than with the experts themselves, the cheesecake factory. maria molina, lucky gal, has more. she's with the cheesecakes. >> look at that one. >> hi, good morning. the cheesecake factory has stopped by our studio here in new york city and they brought different cheesecakes we have here. every year they debut a new
4:35 am
flavor. this year it's this here called the lemon meringue cake. they also have several other cakes. we do have one cake right here that is the oreo dream extreme cheesecake. over here we have the red velvet cheesecake. and then over here is the reese's peanut butter chocolate cake cheesecake, all smell delicious. what a great way to wake up this morning. by the way, for national cheesecake day, the cheesecake factory does offer all their slices for 50% off. so head to the store not only today, but also for tomorrow at all restaurants and they're also doing something very cool, which is where they take a selfy, you can take a selfy with a slice of a cheesecake and you can win up to $4,000. you just have to post it to facebook or instagram and #cheesecakecontest. i'm going to do that right now.
4:36 am
>> which one looks the best to you? >> the reese's peanut butter one. say cheesecake. >> americans love cheese, love cake. national cheesecake day. >> all right. very nice. bring that cake in here right now, would you please? please, please. >> pretty please. >> that looks delicious. heather is here right now. got a lot going on. what flavor cheesecake would you like? >> that lemon one looks really good. i'd take any of them. i've got news to bring you out of miami beach. a lot of people have been there. imagine this, a pilot saying that was actually the safest place to land his plane. another plane making an emergency landing on the beach in florida. the pilot of a cessna landed on miami beach with dozens and dozens of people standing by right there. the pilot reported that he had some sort of a problem with his engine. a miracle no up with was hurt there. this happens just two days after a plane crashed on a beach in venice, florida, killing a dad and hitting his nine-year-old daughter and sadly, we have
4:37 am
learned that she just died from her injuries. parents and college students, listen up. no more sates? not if you're applying to temple university. that school in philadelphia scrapping the sat requirement. love this one here. students can still submit their scores if they want to. but those who don't have to answer four essay questions instead. temple administrators say research has found a student's grades in high school are a better indicator of college performance than their test scores are. this ship has sailed. researchers have been trying to figure out where this old wooden ship came from. it was found during the construction of the new world trade center. scientists analyzed the tree rings in the wood and they found that the ship was most likely built in philadelphia in 1773. they found this at the site. wow. and one son gives his parents the ultimate surprise. >> boom.
4:38 am
open it. that's for the house. >> oh. >> how sweet is that? that is youtube star and he shocks his parents by giving them a check paying off their $200,000 mortgage. he built up over 2 million followers on his youtube channels and invest it in an entertainment company, which sold to disney for $500 million. now he's got a big old pile of cash and is able to help out mom and dad. how about that? nice, huh? >> not bad. >> youtube bought their house. >> i guess so. >> fantastic. >> so your kids should take note. >> they are. right now. so maria is now outside to do a first. science trivia quiz. >> yeah. someone very special. every summer we have special students from across the country come to "fox & friends" and stay in new york and intern for us. then we're sad to see them go. today we have jenia. your internship is coming to an
4:39 am
end. how was it? >> amazing. best of my life. >> you've done an incredible job. today you're going to be helping with science trivia. you're actually going to take over for me. i gave you a little weather briefing, so you know what's going on and you know the science trivia question. here you go. >> thanks. hi, guys. so maria just told me that there is going to be some flooding in the central plains today. so our trivia question will be about flooding. so my question is, it only takes blank inches of standing water to stall your car? is it a, six inches. b, nine inches. c, 12 inches. or d, 15 inches. what do you guys think? >> nine? >> i don't think the question makes sense. it depends if the water gets in your car. >> what height is the water? >> it depends how low you are. >> exactly. six inches?
4:40 am
>> that's right. it's six inches. can you believe that? it's only six inches of rain makes your car stall when you're driving through it. >> unless you've got a monster truck, which is up here, which probably wouldn't stall. >> very true, is very true. >> very nice. good job on the science trivia. >> thank you. >> well done. >> maria thanks for trying to help us. 20 minutes before the top of the hour. let's look at sports. the arizona cardinals now have the highest paid cornerback in the nfl. it's patrick peterson. he signed a five-year, $70 million contract that includes guarantees. three timer with three career interceptions. let me go on. surprise homecoming at a san diego padres game.
4:41 am
wow. marine staff sergeant josh smith arriving home early from deployment in korea to surprise his wife in the stands. reunited after a year away. now the crowd realizes what's going on and they give them a nice round of applause. coming up on radio, joe lieberman, governor rick scott of florida, all coming up on kilmeade and friends between 9 and noon. >> that sounds great. thanks. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. al-qaeda growing rich off of ransom? that's right. how are terror groups around the world really making their money? kidnapping. a little girl sobbing so hard that she can barely talk. >> what caused that major meltdown? when you find out, it's going to make you smile all day long.
4:42 am
♪ ♪
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4:45 am
now to the video trending this morning. scary moments as we begin captured on camera when swimmers don't realize a shark is heading right towards them. >> get out of the water! idiots! >> the only one freaking out there was the man standing on the pier shouting at them. luckily it was a hammerhead shark and they were never in any real danger unless he hammers you in the head. don't believe in goas? this surveillance footage might
4:46 am
change your mind forever. you can see a chair moving backwards on its own. it's a very weird ghost. just moving chairs. then, a table moves. this just happened hours after a psychic medium took the stage in a british medium. a little girl loves her brother so much, she has only one big wish. >> i don't want him to grow up. he's so cute! >> she gives him a few more hugs and kisses before her parents calm her down and let her know you can not stop that child from growing up and bothering you. steve and peter? >> but he's so cute. thank you very much. at least $125 million in ransom money has been paid to al-qaeda and its direct affiliates since 2008. for terror organizations around the world, kidnapping is big business and their pockets are reportedly lined with money from western governments and
4:47 am
corporations paying ransom in secret. so who are the biggest victims of these kidnappings and is there any way to stop them? let's talk to peter johnson, jr., our knocks news legal analyst. >> good morning. this is a dramatic story that's been revealed in the last couple of days. we've seen in bits and pieces, but now we see this has become a cottage industry and the primary source for al-qaeda's financing of its activities around the world. let's look at what countries have paid in the six years from 2008 to 2014. $58.1 million -- >> whoa! >> $20.4 million qatar, and oman. 12.4 million, switzerland. 11 million, spain. and 3.2 million, austria. great britain and the united states do not pay such ransoms. although you can make the argument that the bergdahl-taliban swap was a form of that. al-qaeda raises money in
4:48 am
different ways from donors, from mosques, and charities, certainly not the unitedway. relies heavily on a core of financial facilitators who raise money from donors in the gulf countries, including saudi arabia. we've also found out that isis, which is kind of the new guy on the block, or at least in terms of american understanding, may be the richest terrorist organization in the world. their financing comes from smuggling, extortion, funding from internal recruits. they also extort tacks from businesses -- tax from businesses. we know they raided a bunch of banks as well in iraq. so it's a real problem in that now the united states is pointing out you are european countries funding terrorism unwittingly in the world. $125 million. if do you that, what's the next step? there was a time, unfortunately, daniel pearl, the "wall street
4:49 am
journal" reporter who was so infamously beheaded in such a cruel, horrible way, they would kill hostages. now al-qaeda is saying no. we want to provide them cancer medicines if they need t. we want to provide them medicines if they have diarrhea. we want to keep them alive for a year so we can extort these millions and millions of dollars. one ransom evidently $16 million. another $30 million. and over and over and over again. used to be 2 or 3 you hundred thousand dollars a person. now by countries cooperating with them, it's up to $5 million, an average in terms of bringing someone back. >> sure. so if there was no money, they would essentially go out of business. but because it is very lucrative now to kidnap and then get the money from those countries that you just listed, that's what they're going to do. >> american and britain'sistence has paid off because fewer and fewer of these people who are
4:50 am
being taken are americans and british. >> that's interesting stuff. peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. >> good to see you. ten minutes before the top of the hour. a new study says social networking could lead to divorce. what? is that normal or nuts? that's the topic for keith ablow. he is next. first on this date in 1956, "in god we trust" is established as the u.s. national motto. in 1975, former teamsters union president jimmy hoffa disappeared. currently at the medicine low lands, i've -- meadow lands, i've heard. in 2000, it's going to be me, by n' sync. ♪y wh ♪ ♪
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4:54 am
who is normal and who is nuts amongst us? let's ask dr. keith ablow as we do every week. this time we're going to rip some of the stories from the headlines and focus on the first one, dr. keith, on the story we did yesterday. ready? >> got it. >> mom leaves her kids in the car when she goes on a job interview. she has no one to watch him. she has no job. is it normal or nuts to give her a second chance? first off, let's hear from the mom. >> i believe that i made a choice in a desperate situation. i had to choose between either providing for them or caring for them at that moment. and i made the best choice out of a bad set of options. >> what do you think, doctor? >> listen, i think it's normal to give her a second chance 'cause we got to be compassionate. you know, the government and judges getting involved with this case and charging her,
4:55 am
that's a case of people not having enough to do. here is the thing, she was in a bind. did she do the best thing possible? perhaps not. but she wants to be a good mom. get her some help with her kids. don't throw her in jail or make life too difficult for her. >> i thought she made a strong case yesterday. let's talk about social networking. the stats show it increases divorce rates. should we blame this on our failed relationships? should we blame social networks or was this a relationship more than likely going to fail anyway? >> no. blame it on social networks. it's normal to blame your divorce on facebook if in fact facebook was a factor. you know my position on this. facebook is a drug like any other. it removes people from their real emotions. it takes people out of their real relationships. it's no different than if your husband or wife were on cocaine. >> interesting. you don't think -- well, you're going to meet them on facebook or the club. you're saying social media is different. there is an addiction there. >> correct. >> let's talk about okay cupid.
4:56 am
they screwed with people. they wanted to put mismatches together randomly and people were really upset when they found out they were used like lab rats. is that normal or nuts? >> it's nuts they did this, brian. it's nuts that they think they are free to experiment on people. these are psychological experiments without informed consent from people. they didn't know that they were being manipulated and given people who were bad matches for them to see hey, how does that mess with people? so people should be upset. there have got to be lawsuits coming out of this. facebook did this, too. they absolutely manipulated the news to see if they could improve or decrease people's moods. and they could! >> dr. keith ablow, thanks so much. you increased my mood with your insight. for that i owe you at least my deductible. thanks so much. >> at least that. >> coming up straight ahead, we switch gears on a time hour. kelsey grammar's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. it's played out on camera.
4:57 am
the video is incredible. sports stadium destroyed by millions and gallons of water. is our country's aging infrastructure to blame?
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
good morning. today is wednesday, july 30. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a fox news alert. police release this brand-new photo of the oregon mother who vanished without a trace. her husband who was asked to take a lie detector test joins us live. meanwhile, if you thought it was insulting that jesse ventura would soon the widow of a dead navy seal, wait 'til you hear what he just said about the ruling. it's gonna have you hacked off all day. harry reid thinks he can read your mind. >> the one thing the american people are totally focused on is how absurd that republicans are
5:01 am
spending their time talking about impeachment. >> really? so why is our majority leader pushing such a bogus line? i'll have to read his mind and find out. remind me to do that. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox & friends," the number one morning cable news show in america. according to the democrats, number one thing people are worried about is the impeachment of our president. >> right. reid reading the minds of americans there. >> it's crazy. what people do before a midterm election to gin up the base and make money, that's essentially what they're trying to do. we're going to talk about that in a bit. >> jesse ventura has spoken out. also we have lieutenant colonel allen west to close out the show and much more. heather nauert, you have the latest. >> folks in los angeles have a mess. it is a fox news alert. we've got serious questions about our country's aging
5:02 am
infrastructure today. a 93-year-old water main burst in los angeles. it sent 10 million gallons of water shooting into the air for three hours straight. this closing down parts of ucla, soaking the campus there, including the floor of the basketball arena that just underwent a $136 million renovation. firefighters had to rescue five people who were trapped in parking garages there. some students having a lot of fun with this, pulling out the boogie boards and this also closed down major portions of sunset boulevard in los angeles. then in new hampshire, that teen-ager coming face-to-face with the man who is accused of holding her captive for nine months. abigail hernandez sat in a packed courtroom with her family as nathaniel kirby was arraigned and held on $1 million bail. the 15-year-old had vanished in october as she was walking home
5:03 am
from school one day. she was reportedly locked up in a container at his home. we're not getting a whole lot of information yet about her kidnapping. her captivity or her release. but we will keep watching that story. this morning the air force is investigating a really disturbing discovery on board one of its cargo planes. a teenage stow away, it's believed that the young man was from africa. u.s. officials are not sure where he got on the plane. that plane made several stops in africa before it landed at an air base in germany. his body was found during a maintenance check. orlando bloom and justin bieber caught on camera getting into a screaming and shoving match at a club in spain. sources say that bloom threw a punch at the pop star after he made comments about bloom's ex-wife, the model miranda kerr. the bad blood started a few years ago. back in april, bloom reportedly spent time with bieber's ex,
5:04 am
selena gomez. can you keep all that straight? >> no. >> celebrities hook up a lot and get good looking chicks. >> they hook up a lot and get good looking chicks. she does the news. >> okay. >> thank you. someone stole tmz's copy. >> way to go. >> now on a serious look at four minutes after the top of the hour, we told you jesse ventura was suing chris kyle for defamation. he said he never punched me in the face and knocked me to the floor like he said in his book. chris kyle in the meantime sadly, tragically was gunned down when he was trying to help another soldier with ptsd. jesse ventura did not stop with his lawsuit. he sued the widow and estate of chris kyle and he won. you have to see, i was on with michelle malcolm's site, they're furious with him. he's out of the so-called skill
5:05 am
club. >> what's more disturbing, the fact that he went on to sue the widow of this fallen hero here or the fact that the jury ended up coming up with a verdict of 8-2, after six days of deliberation, they decided kyle's 2012 best selling book defamed ventura in his description of a bar fight that you noted there, brian, both of those shocking the nation today. jesse ventura himself defending that day, defending this case and saying you know, it's bar talk. >> the jury rendered that decision. jesse ventura did not render how and why the money would be paid. that came from a jury. not from me. i have no recollection of chris kyle until june of 2012 at the first preliminary settlement hearing. did i meet him? probably. i meet 40, 50 people a night out there. we called the sea story. in the navy it happens all the time. one sailor lies to another sailor.
5:06 am
that second sailor then tells the story three more times and all of a sudden the sea story becomes the truth. and that's what you had here. they were drunk. they were drinking heavily and it was just a story that happened in another bar and erupted six years later. >> jesse is right. the jury did find in his favor. so he won the case. but he's exacting close to $2 million in money from chris kyle's wife. what is curious about that, though, is jesse ventura is referring to himself in the third person and refers to navy seals as drunks and liars. >> he doesn't remember them, but remembers they were drunks. >> he also doesn't remember saying things like, quote, one of his, our military has turned into contract killers. contract for hire, one of his close back in the day. he says it's not in my character. his lawyer maintained the fact that jesse doesn't say things like this and now we hear him.
5:07 am
>> sure. it wasn't a unanimous decision. it was a split decision. i hope some day we are able to hear from the jurors themselves. what's curious is chris kyle did testify on tape in a deposition that was played to the jury, but apparently the jury found that jesse ventura was more believable, so he won the case. yet jesse ventura is worried about his reputation. if you're worried about your reputation, let her off the hook. you won the case. now let her keep the money. >> how much more should this woman have to lose? i mean, this is a basic question here in the heart of america. i'm not sure this is any sort of form of redemption for jesse ventura at all. certainly not from his viewers; when he opens his mouth, he hurts his reputation. one viewer says as despicable as he has become, the only hope would be to donate the money to charity. another says -- >> by this action, he's defaming
5:08 am
himself. >> bobby e-mailed us, this is absolutely nuts. what jesse ventura has done to one of our country's heros, he is the one who should be sued. not the widow of this national hero. good lord. what has happened to our world? >> i know they're too long the movie, bradley cooper will play chris kyle, the american sniper. i hope they leave that scene in it. that will be fantastic. >> they're pushing forward another motion to have that depiction of the story in the bar removed from the book overall. in its publishing. people out there guessing that they will have a hand in trying to change history as well. >> as long as they don't name him as jesse ventura, they probably would have a case to leave it in. >> to leave it in. you would think so. >> according to chris kyle, it happened. jesse ventura says it wasn't him. what will they do? stand by to see what happens in the movies. later on today, the house of representatives is going to vote whether or not they're going to sue president obama for dramatic
5:09 am
executive overreach in the implementation of the affordable care act. so the republicans are going forward with simply a lawsuit. and yet the democrats are using this as an excuse to beat the drum. it's not about a lawsuit. what they really want is they want to impeach the president of the united states. even though it's not even remotely close to being true, it has been very effective. they raised a million dollars on monday they did and they've raised over $7 million, the democrats have, since john boehner called for the lawsuit. >> the overreach by the republicans that they're looking to take a good examination of is lawlessly changing obamacare law as the president has. his own law. they say he lawlessly changed the drug laws, lawlessly changed the energy policy on cap and trade. this is something they're looking to. jonathan if you recallly, a liberal constitutional scholar has got machine there and said -- has gotten in there and said this isn't in the
5:10 am
constitution. you can't change the law without congress. >> the constitution is not a cafeteria? >> no, no. it's not a suggested list of options that might seem tasty. it's to be abided and that was the oath the president took. they're looking to examine that. the democrats are saying they're going to try to impeach the president. >> nancy pelosi almost tackled candy crowley to get that word in. the president will be impeached. everybody in their talking points over the weekend. all the democrats said the president will be impeached. it's time to act. john boehner made it clear yesterday that's not the case. >> we have no plans to impeach the president. we have no future plans. listen, it's all a scam started by democrats at the white house. >> okay. so that's what the speaker of the house says. they're not going to do it. there is not going to be any stinking impeachment. what's behind it? politics. here is karl rove with greta last night explaining it.
5:11 am
>> you have to take your hat off to the cynic in chief who sits in the oval office of the white house. the president of the united states is cynically suggesting a constitutional crisis in order to fatten the bank accounts of democratic fundraising groups and in order to try and energize democratic turnout for the fall elections. the speaker of the house has said we will not consider or take up this issue. yet the president of the united states sends out his press secretary last week to stir the waters and suggest this is real. how cynical, how pathetic. this man is playing with the american people by suggesting a constitutional crisis where none exists. shame on him and shame on those people in his administration who participate with him and shame on those conservatives and republicans who help him along. >> and the return to sarah palin was the first one to bring up impeachment. charles krauthammer had an interesting theory. they may be softening up the american public for his big move
5:12 am
on immigration come late summer, early fall, where he could be legalizing 5 million illegals coming up. >> which is first and foremost on americans' mind is the sovereignty and safety our nation of the border crisis. harry reid went on to note that the impeachment, this faux impeachment is first on everyone's mind. not quite so. >> if you use the invasion of all these kidsen our southern border for political purposes and use all those kids who are suffering at those detention centers for politics, why wouldn't they do this? 12 minutes after the top of the hour. >> a mother of two vanishes without a trace. absolutely no signs of trouble there. so what happened? her husband is here next. and kelsey grammar's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. it played out on camera for the whole world to see. we'll tell you about that as we continue on line from new york. ♪
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5:16 am
a fox news alert. new information this morning in the disappearance of an oregon mother. police just released this brand-new surveillance photo showing 38-year-old jennifer houston inside a local pharmacy thursday night. she has not been heard from since. earlier that evening, houston was spotted filling up her car with gas, but her credit cards haven't been used since.
5:17 am
jennifer's husband and their father, bill turner, are my guests this morning. we thank you both for being with us during this difficult time. u with this photo that we're seeing and given your background investigating for the army, murders and suicides and i am terribly sorry that you have to apply that skill here searching for your daughter. what did this video indicate to you, this photo that we're seeing here and what do you know? >> the photo is valuable because it shows what she was wearing that night when she disappeared. >> and so from that, you're saying the tangible clues as to what she has on her body, if anyone can recognize this, they then can apply that information and share it? >> that's correct. >> do we know what she was doing there at that rite-aid? >> she's making a purchase of what the police have described as a bottle of gatorade, trail mix, and some sleeping aid pills. >> okay. so i would ask you, are sleeping
5:18 am
aids something that your wife jennifer used before? >> she didn't use them regularly. i think maybe once in a blue moon she'd use it to get a good night's sleep. but it wasn't a regular thing that she would use. >> okay. the police did give you a lie detector test, correct? >> they did, yes. >> and the results of that? >> i passed. >> you passed a lie detector test. was jennifer, as you can recall looking back understanding these purchases that have just come into the information here, does it make sense? was she complaining about having anxiety about anything, worried about anything leading up to thursday? >> she had complained of headaches for several days in a row and as a norm, i ask her every morning how did you sleep? i ask the boys the same thing. and the only thing i can think of is that she bought the sleep aids for potentially helping her
5:19 am
to get some sleep over the next few nights, or that was her plan. as i said before, she was suffering from headaches for several days prior to her disappearance. >> bill, piecing this all together now, many times in this situation, people, investigators turn to the husband. he just passed the lie detector test as he indicated here. what do you think here? what's your gut instinct? this is your little girl, this is your daughter. do you think there is foul play? >> i don't want to even try to go there. what i really feel is she probably went for a walk and she's just unable to come home at this point in time. >> how can we help? what can people do if they see this photo and know something? >> i want to make sure people are look for the vehicle, 'cause if we can find the vehicle, that's the first starting point to any type of search effort. so just reminding people what the vehicle looks like, the license plate number. asking anybody who has property
5:20 am
or parking garage where a vehicle might be stored at to check their property, to look around their parking garage in hours when it's not used, if there is a vehicle there that matches this description. the very first thing is find the vehicle and then we can focus some search effort in a particular area. >> if you could say one thing now to jennifer, if she's listening, what would you say? >> jennifer, i love you very much. the boys love you and miss you. if you can come home, please come home. if you're being held against your will, stay strong. we're praying for you and we're not going to stop look for you. >> i want to thank you both for being with us. we will stay on this and we will be right back. >> thank you. female announcer: you're on the right track to save big
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back. medical headlines, the american doctor who got the ebola virus while treating patients with the disease is getting worse. this outbreak in west africa is the worst in history. nearly 700 people have died. in florida, a deadly flesh eating bacteria is living and breeding in the water. it thrives in warm salt water and you can get it into your cuts and scrapes. so far 11 people have been infected, leaving two dead. a new warning from the surgeon general here. don't tan ever. the nation's top doctor says there has been a 200% spike in deadly melanoma, cases since 1973. a warning to heed there. brian and steve? homeless shelters in colorado seeing a surge in young
5:25 am
people showing up in need of a place to sleep ever since pot became legal. is that a coincidence? >> the ceo of urban peak, a denver organization that helps homeless youth is here and joins us live from the mile high city. good morning to you. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> it's great to have you. ever since marijuana has become legal in colorado, the homeless shelters are finding a huge surge in the number of people who are there and they need a place to sleep. is it related? >> we believe there is some relationship between the increase in new faces to urban peak and the legalization of marijuana. about one in three of our new faces are reporting they're here because of the legalization of pot. >> could be just an excuse 'cause it is kind of a short period of time to have this conclusion and your colorado governor said this, quote, we don't have the facts yet. as we look ahead of this, we don't know what the unintended consequences are going to be. i urge caution. so he doesn't know for sure, but
5:26 am
you're saying that when you eyeball this and talk to these kids, you're thinking this has a lot to do with the edible and everything else that is now legal in colorado? >> it definitely is related. i believe there is some misconceptions by youth coming here to think that they can smoke more than they can because it's not legal to smoke on the streets or in public. but just the fact that they can't be arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana is incentive enough. >> it seems like they just, in some cases -- this is just a feeling -- they got in the car and say, we're moving to colorado because you can smoke weed legally there and you can if you're above 21. but unfortunately, a number of the people show up in colorado and say, okay. i'm here to work at the pot store. but because they've got a felony on their record, they don't get the job. >> this is true, although most of the youth that we talk to are not here to be working in the
5:27 am
industry. that's more of an issue with the adults population. >> right. you do say that -- you focus on the youth. it doesn't mean this is just a young person's problem. this also is a problem with older people, correct? >> that's right. all of my peers in the homelessness services are experiencing increase this summer and the self-reported anecdotal information is that many of them are here because of the legalization of marijuana. >> are you pretty much to the point, kim, where you just can't take anymore? i know you're talking about maybe 25% or 30% more than before weed was legal out there. are you stretched to the limits? >> it definitely has an impact on our ability to provide services because you have to remember, over 2500 kids get services at urban peak every year and most are not here because of marijuana. they're here because of extreme trauma and horrible circumstances that have left them homeless.
5:28 am
so when we have an increase in need, it stretches our resources thin. >> we'll see. the colorado is one of the pilot programs where we're supposed to learn from to see if we should legalize this nationally or stop it in its tracks. thank you for joining us, kim easton, giving us your insight. >> thanks for your time. coming up straight ahead, kelsey grammar's emotional confrontation with his sister's killer. a mother let's her 7-year-old son go to the park by himself. now she's facing child neglect charges for walking in the park. have the police gone too far, we ask you, as we roll on life from the playground and new york city. >> this is asia. ♪ ♪
5:29 am
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5:32 am
according to the new york post, beyonce has started shopping for a new apartment without jay-z. it doesn't necessarily mean she's a single lady. but she was recently spotted with her hands up. >> that could explain what was going on in that elevator, right? >> perhaps. >> what do you think? project a little bit. solange angry at the way jay-z is treating beyonce and she goes after jay-z. is that what you project? are you reading lips? >> no, no. not at all. there is trouble in paradise. the local papers are saying they're going to split up. sad. >> maybe a new song will follow as well. >> i'm sure they will. we are seeing more and more of this kind of story every single day. parents being turned into criminals because other people don't like the way that they do their job as mom or dad. >> you make the call. a florida mom let her 7-year-old
5:33 am
son walk to the park alone and now she's facing child neglect charges. >> anna kooiman is following this. all right, what is the mom saying this morning? >> good morning. that mom is now planning to fight that felony charge. nicole gainey says she let's her son go to sportsman's park in port st. lucie, florida during the day and always has his cell phone in case of an emergency. it's a half mile away from their home, about a ten-minute walk. this past saturday, dominic says he was stopped by someone who wanted to know why he was walking by himself. >> they asked me a couple of things and i got sad and i ran off to the park. then they called the cops. >> i honestly didn't think i was doing anything wrong. i was letting him go play. >> the cops showed up at the park, and then took him home where they questioned his mother and arrested her. she was later released on $4,000 bond. in the police report, the officer said dominic was not safe because several sex offenders live nearby. this is just the latest in a
5:34 am
string of cases that people are calling, quote, the criminalization of parenthood. we recently told you about an ohio dad arrested and charged with child endangerment after his son skipped church to play in the neighborhood. a mother in south carolina arrested and spent time in jail for leaving her nine-year-old at the park while she worked her shift at mcdonnel's. in this most recent case, the saint's attorney's office confirms there are no laws preventing children from walking to the park unsupervised. they say neglect charges are on a case by case basis. but folks rushing to this woman's side, saying you can't tell how mature a child is just based on their physical age. but on the other hand, he could have been hit by a car, he could have been bitten by a dog or picked up bay pedophile. >> all good points. >> sure are. thank you. >> yeah. by that stapped, my mom would have been in prison. she let us walk everywhere. >> perhaps. you know, now you're concerned that people aren't looking out for your child the way that they were when we grew up.
5:35 am
i feel like everyone had eyes on me when i would walk around alone. >> or were the same amount of bad stories out there, just with the 24 hour news cycle and everyone so aware have we become too suffocating to our kids? >> perhaps. and not giving the rights the parents deserve, which is knowing their kids best, knowing what they're capable of. >> i remember i was six years old, i didn't come home for two weeks. no one asked about me. i was just i said listen, i was gone north texas one asked my questions. >> the question is if you suffocate your kid when they're little kids and it's time for them to leave the next what, do they do? >> right, they wait for you to come back with worms. >> let's take you out to oak ridge national laboratory in tennessee. apparently some genius out there at this lab thought, you know what? many of our employees have a southern accent. let's have a southern accent reduction class. well, as it turns out, a lot of people there were outraged. they like their accents. so now the government has decided to go ahead and drop the
5:36 am
southern accent reduction class. >> so drop the accent, open the borders. >> what about that accent? >> the accent on crazy. >> it's a big relief to ainsley, number one. let's hear what you're saying to us. larry on facebook says, the federal government can kiss my hillbilly grits. all right. i think he's open to the change. >> dan from jacksonville e-mailed us, we don't have an accent. y'all do. >> that's right. >> we should also point out there is a recent dating web site that found that southern accents, the sexiest accents in all america. >> right. >> not only that, they were trying to kick the accents out of the job and ruin their dating life. >> all right. it's 24 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got some news with heather nauert. >> hi. good morning. i got some stuff to bring you. take a look at this. out of indiana, unbelievable video. watch as a horrifying moment that a 14,000-ton train barrels
5:37 am
right in the direction of two women. look at that right there. sort of this dash cam video on the front of that train. the women tried to outrun that train, but then quickly realized that wasn't going to work. so you see one of the women considers jumping over the train to the water below. instead, one by one, they laid down on those tracks. incredibly, both of these women survived. they were not even hurt. there is just ten inches of space between that train and the tracks. both women, we understand, will likely be charged with criminal trespassing. how frightening. this could be the biggest pot bust in all of texas history. a deer hunter discovered this massive grow operation about 70 miles outside of houston in goodrich, texas. cops say it could hold as many as 100,000 plants.
5:38 am
investigators finding a complex irrigation system and living quarters on the site. inmates from the county jail are being drafted to pull out all those plants. one person has been arrested. another one is on the run. this guy has got to be the luckiest killer in our country. a machine who was tried and convicted, but that verdict has now been overturned because his mom couldn't find a seat during jury selection in the courtroom. this guy was found guilty of shooting a father of a four-month old baby girl while at a dice game in 2008. he was then sentenced to 15 years in prison. but an appeals court ruled that he was not given the right to a fair trial because the courtroom was too crowded for his mom to find a seat. what do you think of that? kelsey grammar ready to forgive, but certainly never forgets. the actor testified at a parole board hearing for a man who murdered his sister nearly 40 years ago. freddy glenn is serving a life term in colorado and is now seeking parole. grammar accepted his apology,
5:39 am
but said he still wants him behind bars for the remainder of his life sentence. listen to this. >> she was a terrific kid. she was a wonderful, wonderful person. i miss her all the time. i accepted you actually live with remorse every day with your life. but i live with tragedy every day of mine. >> that board has yet to make a decision on glenn's parole. those are your headlines. thank you very much, heather. >> you don't ever get over that. >> tough story. really heartfelt statement by him. tragedy every day of his life. maria molina is here to bring us a smile after that, outside with some weather for us. >> that's a tough story. but let's take a look at the current conditions now across the country. we're looking at some very chilly temperatures across the eastern half of the country. actually some record lows being set out there. we have temperatures in the 50s all the way down to parts of tennessee. your high temperatures are going to remain below average across
5:40 am
portions of the northeast and also in the great lakes. still hot from texas to parts of arizona. 110 in phoenix. we want to talk about flash flooding. this is going to be a big concern today across the central plains, as much as eight inches of rain are forecast here. flash flood watches are in effect. let's head back inside. >> all right. maria molina on the streets of new york city with the weather. it's chilly outside. this global warming is killing me. >> it's really chilly out there. >> this has been the most awesome summer, though. >> fantastic. >> it's been incredible. special thanks to the people burning coal. it's really working out. coming up straight ahead, scientists say they found the holy grail of gadgets, one that can make your cell phone battery last four times longer. i need that. >> we all need that. and first, the irs targeted the tea party groups. but now they're targeting churches. but just conservative churches. you got to hear this as we continue on live from new york city. ♪
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5:44 am
the stories making headlines and the consumer world, tired of your smart phone dying after a couple of hours? scientists from stanford university just created pure lithium batteries that make your phone last four times longer. and do you drive a small car? you could be cruising for trouble. only one of 12 small cars earned a top rating in a new crash test. the four door mini cooper country man received a good from the insurance institute for highway safety. the worst? the nissan leaf and the fiat 500-l.
5:45 am
the ice cream that changes color when you lick it. it goes from blue to pink to purple. the spanish scientist who invented it promises it's all natural. it looks delicious. elisabeth? >> i'll give it a taste. first they targeted the protesters, next up, the pastors. the irs could be coming to a church near you and you can thank the atheists for that. they struck a deal with the troubled agency, giving it the power to keep a closer eye on nonprofit religious groups. jack hitt is senior pastor of calvary chapel in california and says the worst part, churches like his are completely left in the dark about this. good morning, thanks for being with us. the atheists in essence are forcing the hand of the irs to go in and take a look at sermons and see if there is any political fire in there. is that correct? >> that is exactly right. here is the ironic thing about it is, you're looking at a 501 c 3 group, atheist group that, is
5:46 am
petitioning the federal government to threaten the churches in america of losing their 501 c 3 status if we in some way influence or speak out against cultural issues and we believe that is fundamentally wrong. if it's going to be an issue of that, then where do they stop regarding our free speech, the pastor's ability and freedom to say whatever is involved in their culture and we are number one highly offended at that. and secondly, we should be able to say whatever, frankly, god puts on our heart to say. >> if you do feel that way indeed, one would say fine, let's go back and reverse that amendment and fight to have that undone. but as history has proven in recent weeks and months and the past two years, the irs has had some specific targeting, particularly when it comes to a conservative message. so how afraid are you that they're not going to be looking at churches that belong to jesse jackson, vivian, reverend samson? these are churches with a liberal perspective.
5:47 am
those that have gotten behind the last election on the side of president obama, do you believe they will be looked at? >> i honestly do not believe that they will be looked at. if we look at the track record of the irs of late, it has not been stellar. it has certainly not been fair and this is something where the american people need to stand up because if they don't stop at the church issue and keep moving forward, we're talking about not only our first amendment rights for all american citizens to speak, but churches should be able to speak into the culture. at what point, elisabeth, do they say, for example, the fact that jesus christ came, died on the cross for our sins, rose again from the grave. now that is a political statement, or causes people to feel uncomfortable. we need to stop that as well. so that's why we're standing behind the pulpit freedom sunday initiative to speak out on these issues and to exercise our freedoms, frankly. >> well said. you raised a lot of interesting questions there. we want to thank you for being
5:48 am
with us this morning, pastor. our best to your congregation there. >> thank you. the terrorist who murdered these brave young men will only get the minimum sentence. is that the way we honor our hero as soon as colonel allen west will weigh in on that coming up next. first we're going to check in with martha mccallum for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> 10 million gallons of water flooding the campus of ucla. incredible pictures that we got of a historic campus under water. where some are saying hamas is winning the pr war through the calculated deaths of their own people. michael oren will join us. benghazi back in the news, the investigation by trey gowdy gets underway. why the sun may be the new smoking when we come back.
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i did what you asked him to do. and the people he was training and helping over there. they turned on him. they turned on him and he told me weeks ago that they're shady. i don't want to be here. >> wow. disturbing news this morning for that father and the families of two other u.s. marines gunned down by one of our afghan so-called ally, shot in the back while they worked out. the self proclaimed jihaddist who bragged about murdering the men will only serve 7 1/2 years. why? they charged them as a minor. lieutenant colonel allen west served over there as a contractor and in the military. he says add this to the growing list of insults. your reaction for the tremendous effort to charge this guy who killed our guys while they worked out in the hellman
5:53 am
province. >> yes. this is absolutely unconscionable to what happened to lance corporal buckley and the two other marines, as well as a fourth marine who received severe wounds. what happened was this man who was given a bone test and proved he was somewhere between 17 and 18 years of age, he should not have been tried as a juvenile. as a matter of fact, the family of lance corporal buckley was told he was not going to be tried as a juvenile. the trial goes about and they find out that he's only going to get 7 1/2 years. this is heinous. this is something that should not have happened. he should have been adult. and he should have gotten the death penalty for what he did in cold blood, going into fob deli in hellman process and gunning down the four marines. >> it was marine lance corporal buckley, you saw his dad there. three others. they have lost their lives because they trusted the people that they were training in
5:54 am
afghanistan. so in the big picture, colonel, you talked to the people in the military every day like yourself. what does that do to morale? >> well, it's very damaging because it's not just this incident. when you think about the fact that we're handing out pink slips to our combat leaders who are still there in afghanistan, but yet we can not hand out pink slips to any of the managers and officials that are in charge in the veterans administration and have the blood of our veterans on their hands. you have lois lerner with a six figure taxpayer funded pension. where is her pink slip? when you look at the fact that we are allowing all of these individuals to include ms 13 members to come across our border, but yet we can not bring our own marine, sergeant andrew tamarisi across the border back home. this is a powder keg building up in the military community and if we don't do the right thing and charge bowe bergdahl as a deserter, which i think the administration is trying to sneak past us and classify him as a p.o.w., he gets $350,000 of taxpayer money. i think that might be the fuse.
5:55 am
>> by the way, mullah omar in an address to the taliban, said it was a spectacular victory, the exchange of five major taliban officials for bowe bergdahl. and it's hard to disagree with that. colonel, thanks for putting it in perspective. have a great day. >> thank you. see you. final segment coming your way. a major meltdown when we come back. >> i don't want him to grow up. he's so cute.
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♪ i fill you up ♪ ♪ . >> we're having a party. our youngest sally doocy today is 21-years-old. >> wow! >> happy birthday, sally! >> so fun. >> she's a wonderful girl. she's going to be in her final year of school at smu and hats
5:59 am
off to her mother who has raised three beautiful kids. >> nice. >> now she's finally going to know what beer tastes like. >> she's a doocy. she knows. >> have fun with that celebration. speaking of adorable and sweet, did you see this little girl and her video? she loves her brother so much, she has one big wish. >> i don't want him to grow up. he's so cute! >> she gives him a few more kisses and hugs before her parents calm her down. it happens to everybody. >> a classy moment last night at the dodger game. scully will return again as dodger announcer. listen to the reaction. >> take a bow. standing ovation here in los angeles. moments ago they just announced on the big board here that vin scully will be returning for the
6:00 am
2015 season. >> he's 86 years old. unbelievable that he could be this good, this long. >> that's great. >> that's it for today. thanks very much for joining us. i think we're going to do another show tomorrow. >> why not? fox news alert right now. limited four-hour humanitarian cease-fire moments ago announced in effect for parts of gaza, but overnight accusations back and forth and targets hit as israeli forces pound hamas. israel hitting dozens of high-profile hamas targets. meanwhile palestinian officials accusing israeli tanks of firing into a crowded school, run by the u.n., that was sheltering refugees. good morning, everybody, we're sorting through all of this yet again today here in "america's newsroom." martha: good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. israeli aircraft hit dozens of sites in gaza early this morning incl


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