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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 28, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> and i'm ainsley ear hard. a day at the beach ending in chaos when lightning strikes more than a dozen people. and that rare summer thunderstorm taking everyone in venice beach, california, by surprise. kelly wright is here now with reaction to that. hi there, kelly. what a bizarre situation. >> indeed. it's unusual to see this kind of lightning in southern california. experts say it's the result of monsoon-like moisture in the area. regardless, the cause, it's a storm that turned out to be deadly. on the popular venice beach, emergency crews were franticly working to help someone taken from the water after a lightning strike. sadly, a 20-year-old man was pronounced dead later after being taken to the hospital. his official cause of death is not known, but he was among a dozen people caught unaware by a sudden storm bringing thunder and lightning to beachgoers. >> all of a sudden it was a big flash of light and a boom, and it felt like someone punched me in the back of my head, like
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right here. and it went down the whole side of my right body. >> it sounded like a sonic boom. it literally shook the building, shook us on the courts. >> the l.a. coroner's office reports most of those struck were in or near the water. nine people were taken to hospitals where one person remains in critical condition. lightning also struck a 57-year-old man on a golf course on nearby catalina island. he is in stable condition. >> for the most part, all of them are doing very well. there was the initial person who had received somewhat we consider to be some serious injuries. >> now, the national weather service predicted a chance of thunderstorms hitting that area, but no one was expecting anything like this. ainsley. >> kelly wright live for us here in the studio this morning. thank you, kelly. well, now to extreme weather that is pounding millions in the south. possible twisters ripping through tennessee. speedwell one of the worst-hit communities with as many as 30
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houses totally destroyed. entire neighborhoods, as you can see, reduced to just piles of rubble. wow. and look at that. and then, in lexington, kentucky, wild winds tossing trees just about everywhere around there, one even smashing into the back seat of this car. thousands this morning are waking up in the dark, and that stormy weather is heading east. maria molina is tracking the weather for us. >> good morning. we had over 350 reports of severe weather yesterday, a little unusual for this time of the year. typically during the month of july, you're not talking severe weather in the form of tornadoes or this many reports, but we did see it, a very strong cold front that's pushing east and south across the united states, and that's the culprit for all of the severe weather. today we still do expect more possible severe storms with more hail reports, damaging winds and also tornadoes across areas in southern mississippi, southern alabama and also into the coastal carolinas, southern parts of georgia. you are also included. so, as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, we
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do think that more thunderstorms are going to be firing up with the potential out here for some severe weather. and one of those ingredients is heat. and we do have heat advisories in effect. so, ahead of this cold front you have very hot temperatures. out here temperatures are going to be climbing well into the 90s. then you factor in the humidity, and those heat index values should be over 100 degrees. so, we're talking a little bit on the dangerous side here, and that is why we have several heat advisories in effect. but i did mention this was a cold front. and behind this system, it's unusually cool. in cleveland, ohio, that cold front already cleared through your city. you're looking at highs only in the 60s. low 70s in the city of chicago, but take a look at areas south of that, still hot and feeling like summer. 90s and triple digits from texas through parts of the carolinas. heather and ainsley, let's head over to you. >> thank you, maria. time is running out to secure our overflowing borders before congress takes off for its august recess. the question this morning is, can republicans and democrats agree on a plan? and if they can, will that
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happen this week? for more, we turn to steve centanni, live in washington, d.c., this morning. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning. congress leaves town at the end of this week and there's still no immigration bill to address that flood of central american children crossing the southern border. the house is considering a bill that would scale down president obama's request for a $3.7 billion to deal with that crisis. house majority whip steve scalise says he's going to stay in washington until something gets done. >> the president's been awol on this from the very beginning. we want to actually fix the law. this all has to start with securing the border, not writing the president a blank check to keep doing what he's doing that's not working but actually solve the problem. >> the lone democrat supporting the house version comes from a district in texas that's hit hard by the crisis. >> we're at the epicenter, and we've been working with the men and women at the border patrol, the folks at the community that have been dealing with this on a day-to-day basis.
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we need the resources and we also need a policy change. >> the house could pass a $1 billion measure, but it would likely not pass in the democrat-controlled senate. heather? >> steve centanni in washington. steve, thank you. well, as lawmakers down in washington work to fix the border crisis before the august break, protesters taking to the streets in providence, rhode island, and also in boston. people there are saying no to illegals in their states. no protests, though, in the city of chicago. mayor rahm emanuel is looking to expand the city's efforts to house illegal children there. emanuel reportedly wants to bring in an additional 1,000 kids into city shelters by the year's end. the mayor says the federal government will pay for their shelter, education, health care and food. well, let's keep talking about this border crisis. when will our leaders get a handle on it and what happens if congress goes on vacation before outlining a solution? head to the "fox & friends"
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facebook page after the show to join in the conversation, #keeptalking. the chairman of the house and senate veterans affairs committee's finally reaching a tentative deal meant to fix all the problems affecting our veterans trying to get their health care. details of that deal will be announced later today, and it's aimed to help our country's vets get the help they need and deserve. the bill is expected to authorize billions for new nurses and doctors and to make the va more accountable. well, to the deteriorating situation in gaza. overnight, the u.n. security council calling for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire. the council calling for israel and hamas to accept the peace deal, which also allows for some much-needed aid to come into that area. well, this follows a brief lull in fighting over the weekend but not lasting long, the violence just raging on. israel continued its ground operation inside gaza, and hamas militants firing rockets into the jewish state. it's now a 20-day war and it's
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seen the death toll climb to more than 1,000. well, violence also raging in libya over the weekend. the british embassy convoy in tripoli was attacked by gunmen in a failed carjacking. this comes a day after all u.s. personnel were evacuated from the american embassy in tripoli. now several european countries are telling their citizens to get out as islamist militias continue to clash with renegade libyan soldiers. so far, at least 38 people have been killed there. ainsley. new overnight, the u.s. releasing satellite images that they say proves that russia's firing artillery and rockets across the border into ukraine. among them, before-and-after images dated just last week showing craters where missiles hit. the state department saying this supports claims that russia is arming, training and financially supporting rebels to fight against ukraine's government. and fighting between the rebels and ukraine is
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intensifying near that crash site of malaysian airlines flight mh-17, causing more delays in collecting the evidence and the remaining victims' bodies. the ukrainian military now launching an effort to recapture the wreckage, saying pro-russia separatists are trying to destroy clues. the rebels are accused of using a russian-provided missile to down the plane. well, it is time now for a "look who's talking," and the world is certainly on fire. russia, israel, libya and all along america's border. so, what is president obama doing about it? he spent saturday playing golf, the same day the u.s. embassy in tripoli was evacuated. this follows that fund-raising stint that he had on the west coast last week. since being re-elected, president obama has played 81 rounds of golf and has attended 75 fund-raisers. former secretary of state madeleine albright says it is time for the president to pay attention to all of the stuff going on around the world and also here at home. >> there have been really two huge game-changers, and one is
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putin's behavior, vis-a-vis first crimea and then now towards ukraine, and a completely different kind of behavior by russia, and the other is what is happening in the middle east, a lot of it due to the arab awakening and also the artificiality of the borders that were established after world war i. so, these are huge game-changers. there are an awful lot of things going on that need understanding and explanation, but to put it mildly, the world is a mess. well, we are about to hear the final buzzer in the donald sterling saga. closing arguments scheduled for today in the los angeles court to determine whether or not his estranged wife, shelly, can sell the team. she agreed to sell the clippers to former microsoft ceo steve ballmer for $2 billion, but donald sterling is still suing the nba for fraud and for violating antitrust laws. well, it is official, nba superstar lebron james heading home to the cleveland cavaliers. he'll be sporting number 23.
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james posting this picture on instagram showing off his choice, along with some simple math, saying two times three is six. no common core there, right? well, james wore number 23 during high school and when he first played for the cavs, but when he went to miami, he ditched 23 for 6. let's start with sports. in the fifth time in his career, jeff gordon winning big in indianapolis. >> checkered flag in the brickyard 400 to jeff gordon! >> well, gordon becoming the first ever nascar driver to win five times in indianapolis. the number 24 car edging out his teammate, kasey kahne, with just 17 laps to go. gordon's first win in indy was 20 years ago in the inaugural brickyard 400. how about that? baseball greats becoming baseball legends. the baseball hall of fame inducting pitchers greg maddux and tom glavine, slugger frank thomas and then managers bobby cox, tony la russa and joe torre. it was an emotional-filled day
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with frank thomas giving a very special message to his late father. >> thanks for pushing me and always preaching to me, you can be someone special if you really work at it. i took that to heart, pops. look at us today. >> a crowd of nearly 50,000 gathering at the hall in cooperstown, new york, to celebrate. well, it is now 11 minutes after the hour, and crowds screaming in terror at a zombie walk? but this thing had nothing to do with costumes. we'll tell you what caused a driver to plow right through that crowd. and a life-changing flea market find. how the stars and stripes tribute will make you proud to be an american. but first, let's look at your gasoline prices. the new national average $3.52. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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good morning. it's now quarter past the hour, and it was a really chaotic scene near san diego's popular comic-con festival during the annual zombie walk. take a look at this. [ screaming ] terrifying screams there as a car drives right through the crowd of people, sending a woman to the ground and then breaking her arm. this is cell phone video, and it shows a costumed crowd surrounding a car as it waited at an intersection. well, when the driver tried to pull started banging on that car, even smashing the windshield, and that's when the driver hit the gas, knocking over a 64-year-old woman, stunning witnesses. >> i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe -- i just, i never seen anything like that.
2:16 am
he just mowed through so many people. i don't know what he was thinking. >> police say the driver and his passengers are deaf and were frightened by the crowd, dressed as zombies. no charges have been filed. two men are being questioned right now at a carjacking crash which killed three young children in philadelphia. police say a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old are now in custody, but they have not yet been charged. friday, a real estate agent was held at gunpoint and forced into the back seat of her suv. the two suspects took off, but they lost control, crashed into a fruit stand and killed a little girl and her two brothers. their mother is still fighting for her life in the hospital this morning. well, tragedy in the state of florida when a small plane makes an emergency landing on a beach there, hitting a father and his daughter. 36-year-old ami arizari was killed and his 9-year-old daughter is now in critical condition this morning. wtvt's vanessa rufies has more. >> it's not something you see every day, for sure.
2:17 am
i was not expecting to come to the beach and see a plane on the ground. >> reporter: but there it was. you can see in these photos beachgoer zach arceneaux snapped, a 1972 piper cherokee, nose down in the sand. >> the wheel had been knocked off, the propeller was bent pretty bad. >> reporter: minimal damage on the single-engine aircraft, but ahe got closer to the scene, arceneaux says the situation looked dire. he says emergency crews were crowded around a young girl and her father. >> they were performing cpr on him. he had blood on his face and it looked like he wasn't breathing at all. >> reporter: the sarasota county sheriff's office says the man and his daughter were walking along the beach when they were injured by a pilot coming in for an emergency landing. the pilot had just called into venice airport and said he couldn't make it to the airport and was trying to land on the
2:18 am
uc berkeley deserves an "f" for this one. alex harris graduated from cal a few years ago, but it wasn't until he was moving that he noticed this, something wrong with that diploma. they misspelled the word communications! they replaced that first vowel with a "u" instead of an "o." now, harris posted that diploma online, where it quickly went viral. he has reached out now to receive a new, corrected diplomaa, but he still plans on keeping that famous one now. >> oh, my. it is now 18 minutes after the hour, and we've got a warning for all iphone users, from text messages to passwords, why all your personal information could now be at risk. we'll tell you about that. and concert chaos. why dozens of keith urban fans
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a wildfire alert. hundreds of people in northern california fleeing their houses as crews are battling two massive wildfires. the sand fire now 50% contained, burning about 3,800 acres east of sacramento. 13 houses have been destroyed and 500 more are now threatened. the fire sparked when a vehicle drove over some dry grass. and crews now gaining control of a fire near yosemite national park. 2,100 acres burning there and at least one house destroyed. a real nightmare at 125 feet in the air. people swinging 60 miles an hour at a popular ride at an ohio amusement park and one of the
2:23 am
cables snaps. now, one rider took this photo of the cable dangling over the seats. he said when the cable broke, operators at cedar point didn't stop the skyhawk ride. they shut it down and apparently just kept on swinging. two passengers were hurt. that ride is now closed until the park completes an investigation. there you can see it right there. it was shut down, by the way, for technical problems last year as well. apple admitting this week several new security flaws in their iphones. the tech giant acknowledging your personal information, text messages, contacts and photos can be extracted through unpublicized techniques by apple's own employees. apple says they're expecting to make some changes to that program in the near future. well, here's a gift for someone who has just about everything. i love this story. a tiny town in wyoming, it's called alladin, it's up for sale for $1.5 million. here's what it gets you. it gets you 30 acres, including a 126-year-old general store, a
2:24 am
post office and a bar, also houses for the town's 15 full-time residents. what more do you need, ainsley? you've got everything. >> a bar and a general store, there you go. >> just need a church there. >> just need the money. >> a couple bought the town 28 years ago and now want to move on from running it full time and do something else. >> church would be a good idea. go to the bar on saturday night, but you need to repent on sunday. >> right! >> it's now 24 minutes after the top of the hour, time for your "monday morning motivator," an inspiring story. a tribute flag for a fallen marine is found at a flea market in houston. >> and after nine years, the flag is being returned to the family of the marine. reporter dmalie keith has the reunion. >> reporter: this flag is a surprise and a blessing of a lifetime for patsy maciel. >> get a piece of my son back. >> reporter: when her son, lance corporal lance maciel was killed in 2005, she received her son
2:25 am
back for burial and was given all of his belongings, or so she thought. >> i told my sister a couple months ago, i was scared i was going to forget what he looked like, and fred said, no, you're not, mom. boom, pictures of him all over the tv. >> reporter: his picture is all over the news because former marine walter brown and his wife, lani, were shopping at a flea market more than 100 miles from houston and they came across this flag for messages from deceased lance corporal maciel from his marine buddies he served with. >> i got goose bumps all over. just watching all this. all this for my son. >> reporter: this ceremony is so the browns can return the flag to maciel's mom. >> when i realized that the boy had been killed, that's when i -- that was probably more emotional for me, because i didn't -- i knew, that's when i knew that the flag had to come back to his mom. >> i got pretty choked up whenever we made the corner and saw the flags. >> we had a son and a son-in-law serve during the iraq war. >> i think we felt a big
2:26 am
responsibility to get this home to her because our boys did come home safe. i'm really glad it's home with patsy where it's supposed to be. >> this flag will stay with me until the day i die. >> wow, what a story there. 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a mother of two goes out to run errands but never returns. the latest on the frantic search to find her. and as you drag yourself out of bed for another workweek, as so many of us are doing right now, we'll tell you a warning about a lack of sleep and what it could actually do to your memory. hi, i just signed up forr credit report site and i have a problem. i need to speak with your fraud resolution department. ugh, we don't have that. what should i tell him? just make that super annoying modem noise... ( ee...dong...shuuuhh...) hello? not all credit report sites are equal. classic. members get personalized help plus fraud resolution support. join now at with enrollment in experian credit tracker.
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good morning. it is monday, july 28th, and we start right now with a fox news alert. a rare summer storm turns deadly. lightning striking more than a dozen people on a packed beach. we'll tell you about that. and tick, tock, tick, tock. time is running out. congress and the president still don't have a plan to protect our borders. will that stop lawmakers from
2:30 am
going on vacation? and he was training to fight for our country. and while he was gone, his house was torn down. we'll tell you about the outrageous excuse that the county is now giving to defend itself. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ rockin' robin >> a little jackson 5 to wake you up on this monday morning. thanks for joining us. it is monday, july 28. i'm ainsley earhardt. >> and i'm heather nauert. good to be with you today. it's half past the hour and we start with that fox news alert. a day at the beach ending in panic and chaos when lightning strikes more than a dozen people at that beach. >> the rare summer thunderstorm taking everyone in venice beach,
2:31 am
california, by surprise. kelly wright is here now with the latest. good morning, kelly. >> ainsley and heather, good morning to you as well. the national weather service had predicted a chance for thunderstorms for southern california, but no one was expecting anything so severe and so deadly. >> all of a sudden, there was a lightning bolt, and it hit here and then it hit over there as well. so, it was scary. and somebody got hurt. >> okay. >> if not killed. >> scary, indeed. nina preba describing how a tre lightning strike at the beach into a deadly ordeal. >> people just frightened for their lives. i mean, people running, people looking up in the air. it was really scary. so, i ran out, and they unfortunately were trying to revive a surfer that it struck in the water. i didn't see it come down, but it was an incredibly loud, like flash, like a bomb went off. >> first responders were seen providing cpr for one person
2:32 am
pulled from the water. a spokesman for the l.a. coroner's office says 14 people were hit by lightning. a 20-year-old man died. he was among them. two were injured critically and others were treated at the hospital. >> for the most part, all of them are doing very well. there was the initial person who had received some, what we consider to be some serious injuries. >> we just don't see storms like this. it's texas or new york weather. >> yeah, they're not used to this at all out in california, south at venice beach. a 57-year-old man was also struck by lightning on a golf course on catalina island. he's being treated at the hospital. ainsley and heather. >> they will be in our thoughts today. thanks so much, kelly. now to an extreme weather alert pounding millions in the south. possible twisters ripping through tennessee. speedwell's one of the worst-hit communities there with as many as 30 homes destroyed. entire neighborhoods just reduced to piles of rubble. >> but not just tennessee, also in lexington, kentucky.
2:33 am
wild winds tossing trees around, one even smashing into the back of this car. thousands this morning waking up in the dark, and that stormy weather is now headed east. >> maria molina's in the weather center. she's been tracking this for us this morning. what's the latest? >> good morning. you mentioned tennessee and kentucky, and those are two of the hardest hit states of the severe weather outbreak and we had reports up into ohio and interior portions of the northeast. now, today that storm system is on the move and it does still have ingredients in place where it could potentially produce more severe weather, and that's specifically going to be across parts of southern mississippi and alabama, also western parts of the florida panhandle, georgia and into coastal areas of the carolinas. so, heads up if you live in the city of charleston, southern parts of georgia. you could be looking at more severe weather, and the concern is going to be yet again large hail, some damaging winds and tornadoes that are possible. now, ahead of this storm system, we have very hot temperatures, well into the 90s, and a lot of humidity as well. some of these heat
2:34 am
could be as hot as 112 degrees. and we do have heat advisories in effect out here. that's florida, georgia and coastal areas of the carolinas as well. that's before those storms hit. you do have dangerous amounts of heat. now, this cold front is also ushering in some very chilly air, especially for this time of the year. in cleveland, you're going to be well below average. your high temperature only 67 degrees, low 70s in the city of chicago, but take a look at areas farther west, heather and ainsley. upper 90s forecast in the city of dallas. and as far as travel goes, do expect to see delays along parts of the gulf coast and also areas in new england could be looking at some areas of heavy rain. let's head over to you. >> maria molina, thank you so much. and i guess that cold weather meeting the warm weather creates a whole lot of problems there. well, time is running out and there is still no plan to fix our borders and congress leaves washington in just a few days for their annual august break. thousands of illegals continue to cross into our country and the border states are hit harder in this crisis than anyone. so, can the white house and congress act before they take
2:35 am
off for a month? for more, let's turn to doug luzader live in washington covering this angle. doug, what do you think? >> heather, good morning. we'll see. sometimes a deadline will help focus minds around here, but as both congress and the president prepare for their summer vacations, there seems to be little progress toward an immigration bill, and the administration, meantime, is spending more and more money to deal with this crisis at the border. there are some signs there that this influx of children is slowing down a bit, but the f d fundamentals that are drawing south americans to make that long trek to the united states are unchanged, and both democrats and republicans are hoping to get some kind of legislation passed this week that will help foot the bill for all of the children that are already here, and some also support changing the law to make deportations easier. >> the american public wants us to have an orderly border. right now they're not seeing that. they're seeing chaos at the
2:36 am
border, number one. >> i do believe we need to amend this law, which never intended for this to happen, to make sure that you can treat people in non contiguous countries just like we do mexicans and canadians, so that we can stop this crisis. >> the white house, though, after initially supporting those kinds of changes in the law, back pedalling quickly because of pressure growing on the left. meantime, there are a number of reports that president obama is considering some sweeping executive actions that would in many minds, at least, offer essentially amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants already here. ainsley. >> doug luzader live for us in washington. thank you, doug. tennessee's governor slamming the obama administration after finding out his state is getting more than 700 illegal immigrants. bill haslem says that no one notified him. instead, he find out by checking the health and human services website. the republican governor writing a letter to the predsident, saying in part, "not only was
2:37 am
our state not informed prior to any of the children being brought here, i still have not been contacted and have no information about these individuals or their sponsors." no response yet from the white house. well, let's keep talking about that border crisis. when do you think we'll get a handle on it, or will we? and what if congress goes on vacation before agreeing to a solution? head to our facebook page right after this show, and that's #keeptalking. >> a lot to talk about, certainly. well, the chairman of the house and senate veterans affairs committees finally reaching a tentative deal that's meant to fix the many problems affecting veterans trying to get health care in our country. the bill is expected to authorize billions of dollars for new doctors and nurses and also make the va more accountable. it's also expected to lower wait times for vets as well as making it easier for them to get care from a private doctor. now to the deteriorating situation in gaza. overnight, the u.n. security council calling for an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire. the council calling for israel and hamas to accept this plea deal, which also allows for
2:38 am
much-needed aid. this follows a weekend of brief lulls in the fighting, but none lasting long as that violence still rages on. israel continuing its ground operation inside gaza and hamas militants firing rockets into the jewish state. the 20-day war has seen a death toll climb of more than 1,000. well, violence is also raging in libya. a british embassy convoy of trucks in tripoli attacked by gunmen in a failed carjacking attempt. this happened one day after all u.s. personnel were evacuated from the american embassy there, and now several european countries are telling their citizens to get out as islamist-led militias continue to clash with renegade libyan soldiers. national security adviser ben rhodes says the united states simply needs to do a better job of working with european nations. >> what gadhafi left was an empty shell of the government. we still do need to get better, though, i would acknowledge, in working with the europeans in trying to integrate these militias into what can be a truly national libyan security
2:39 am
force. >> and the white house is saying europeans need to lead the way in libya and that's just the latest example of president obama leading from behind, say some critics. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have been attacking the president's lack of response to all these crises around the world, from israel to russia, but house minority leader nancy pelosi says that the president is out front. >> the president's leadership has been very strong. in the issues that you're dealing with this morning, the president was in the lead on supporting iron dome and asking for more resources now to help israel defend itself. >> but senator lindsey graham says that president obama hasn't shown leadership. >> what we've learned from these changing times that without american leadership, the world disintegrates pretty rapidly. i said last week, america's the glue that holds the free world together. when you see us missing or awol, as president obama's been, you see fracturing on multiple fronts.
2:40 am
russia is more aggressive, not less. the sanctions clearly are not working. hamas is demanding open borders. these are a stark contrast and we're not responding. passive responses to naked aggression all over the world is our foreign policy. with the world's attention on gaza and on libya, the obama administration quietly sending more military advisers to iraq. the white house sending 62 advisers to act as the eyes and the ears in a response to isis militants taking over towns in western and northern iraq. the total number of advisers in iraq now is 242, still short of the 300 that the president authorized last month. and more concern about security in the skies after the malaysian plane crash in the ukraine. now emirates is banning planes from flying over iraq. the airline says the planes will now be rerouted to avoid becoming targets for surface-to-air missiles from terrorists taking over that country. the dubai-based airline makes up
2:41 am
the largest number of flights passing over isis-held territory in iraq. well, pope francis is coming to america. philadelphia's archbishop just said that the pope accepted his invitation to attend the world meeting of families. it's a conference that takes place in philadelphia next september, and this will be pope francis's first visit to the united states. well, sarah palin has a new job. >> hello, and welcome to a new project. this is a newschannel that really is a lot more than news. >> that is right. she is starting her own newschannel. it is her own subscription-based, online network called the sarah palin channel. it bills itself as a direct connection for palin and her supporters. the former vice presidential candidate says she'll oversee all the content and it will include her own political commentary. congratulations for her. i'll bet her fans are excited about that. 19 minutes until the top of the hour. new concerns about one of the most deadly diseases in the world after another american
2:42 am
contracts it. why ebola could be spreading. and are you about to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast? well, it could be your last time. we'll tell you why cereal could soon disappear from store shelves. oh, no. and are you sick of heading to the gym every day to shed those pounds? well, guess what? now you don't have to. the five easy ways to boost your metabolism right now. fice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. : if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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two americans helping to combat the outbreak of the oebola virus are now fighting with the disease. nancy wrightbole works at the same hospital where dr. kent brantley, also from texas, contracted the highly contagious disease. so far, the outbreak has spread to three western african countries and left more than 670 people dead. it has killed 62% of those infected.
2:46 am
well, dozens of fans at a keith urban concert hospitalized after some sort of a wild booze binge. ♪ >> well, that was in massachusetts, and 46 people needed medical treatment. 22 of them were rushed to the er in mansfield. 50 people were arrested for intoxication. boy, what a night. americans are cutting back on many things that we used to love. >> laurie rothman from the fox business network joins us with what we're not buying anymore at the store. hi, there. >> hi, good morning, heather and ainsley. chock it up to the fact that we're more health-conscious these days or that life is too darn hectic. we are seeing a drastic drop-off in the types of foods people are spending money on. the "wall street journal" is reporting people are grabbing a quick yogurt at home or fast food on the road. kellogg's sales decreased 10% recently in a one-month time period. soda sales absolutely fizzling,
2:47 am
especially diet soda. people are turning instead to energy drinks and flavored water. and get this, chewing gum sales are off over 11% over the last four years, but really, that's okay. watching someone chew gum can be pretty disgusting anyway. cupcakes. apparently, people refusing to pay up for the gourmet cupcake as evidence by the shutting down of crumbs, the upscale bakery chain. and finally, if you notice, fewer restaurants are putting bread or rolls on the table. well, sales of white bread are down substantially all around the world as gluten-free and low-carb trends have taken hold in recent years. back to you. >> all right, lori rothman from the fox business network. we'll keep on buying the cereal. >> especially lucky charms. >> oh, that's a good one. it's 47 minutes after the top of the hour. he was training to fight for our country, and while he was gone, his house was torn down. the outrageous excuse that the country is now giving to defend itself. and the bumbling bandit whose grand exit has everyone pretty much laughing this morning, including the owner of
2:48 am
the store. but first, let's check in to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." hi, there! >> took a little tumble. >> you're supposed to make a big entrance, not a big exit. that's crazy! all right, we'll watch that in a couple of minutes, ladies, coming up on "fox & friends," 12 minutes from now. call it a world in chaos, as violence in libya forces the united states embassy to escalate and tensions between israel and gaza are on the rise. the president spends his weekend golfing with his friends from espn. also, a va bill to reform the troubled department being introduced today. we've got those details. and it's wedding season, so what are the worst gifts you can buy? we've got the list. plus, donald trump, red bear and you kicking off 11 1/2 minutes from right now, right here on your channel for news.
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good morning. it is now eight minutes before the hour. there is a desperate search that is right now underway for a missing mother in oregon. jennifer hudson went o to runner randz and never came home. her husband says there is no way she would willingly leave her boys, just two and six years old. >> jennifer, i love you very much. the boys love you and the boys miss you terribly. please, if you can, come home. >> she was last seen on surveillance video buying gas thursday night. she was driving a green lexus with the plate number wxh0-11. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> a federal court slamming miami dade county for demolishing the home of a soldier. he knew there were problems with his house including exposed wires and a broken roof but when he was
2:53 am
deployed to the middle east he asked for an extension from the county to fix those problems but they tore down his house any way saying active duty wasn't a valid excuse. his wife didn't even have time to get their belongings out. the trial is set for september to decide how much is owed to the family. >> a clumsy crook caught on camera in oklahoma as he's trying to get away while robbing a convenience store, he face plants trying to get out the door. the surveillance video shows the store clerk turning his back, the man reaching over the county ripping out the cash register. then he stumbles out the door, he recovers, runs away and does get away with the cash. police are still looking for him. >> high five can sometimes be dangerous. >> yeah! very nice! what was the point of that? >> a new study says you should not take that risk. that's because a high five
2:54 am
transfers fewer than half as many germs as a handshake. british researchers say a fist bump is even cleaner transferring just 5% of the germs that a handshake passes. >> as if you didn't need any more reasons to get a good night's sleep, here's one more. a study says sleep deprivation can take a devastating toll on your memory. researchers found people who stayed awake all night were more likely not to remember details and even give you false memories. the c.d.c. recommends seven to eight hours of sleep for adults. >> if you want to boost your metabolism try these five tips. if you're making a smoothie, slow in whey powder. having a cup of coffee is boosting your metabolism by speeding up the central nervous system. if you're more of a tea person, that is pretty
2:55 am
good. unsweetened green tea can burn 100 more calories a day. probiotics are also good for boosting metabolism. where can you get them? yogurt and sour pickles. laughing a bit can boost your metabolism. a good chuckle can lead to a 20% increase in energy. coming up, talk about a diving disaster. a woman goes off the high dive but doesn't exactly -- wow. wow. we'll tell but this. for a sec. unlimited. as in, no limits on your hard-earned cash back. as in no more dealing with those rotating categories. the quicksilver card from capital one. unlimited 1.5% cash back on everything you purchase, every day. don't settle for anything less. i'll keep asking. what's in your wallet?
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>> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. we're going to start with the good. the oldest living female world war ii veteran getting a heroes welcome in texas after a special trip to washington, d.c. 108-year-old lucy coffeey toured the white house and the world war ii memorial which she had never seen before. next the bad. it might be dumb, that might be a more appropriate word. this daredevil decides to jump over a crocodile. the crock snaps nearly nabbing him. the ugly. this is not how you jump off a high dive. that woman having second thoughts about jumping and then bounces off another platform and then slamming into the water. the clock is running out for congress to come up with a solution to come up with a border crisis before they go on vacation before the end of the week. what will happen if they don't get it done before
3:00 am
the recess? log on to our facebook to see the solutions. use the hash tag keep talking. good morning. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. it is monday, july 28. a fox news alert, a day at the beach turns deadly. details on a deadly storm straight ahead. >> the federal government dumping illegal kids across the country but they're not telling the governors about it and one governor got the word by logging on to a government website. how convenient. >> remember this video? daredevils jumping off the freedom tower. wait until you hear how their lawyer is going the extra mile, literally, to help their case. are you intrigued? i hope so. that was the whole intention. mornings are better with friends. >> it's time for


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