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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  July 27, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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crime is down. >> security is important. but sometimes fewer laws, less policing make life better. that's our show. thanks for watching. >> huckabee starts now. tonight on huckabee. another court ruling against the affordable care act. dr. ben carson said wait, there are more surprises to come. is obama care going back to the court court? >> i was the outsider in the republican primary. >> he just beat an 11- turn congressman. >> people these days are upset about the performance in washington right now. >> outsider david perdue on the new part of the gop. >> in this corner richard. and this corner a nis. and they face off.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you. thank you, and welcome to huckabee for the fox news studios in new york city. president obama is just out there shaking down fat cat donors for the democratic party. how about a combination of boss hogg and daddy warbucks. and it seems like he doesn't have interest in doing the job. his awol indifference to a world in crisis makes his leadership model likeenero and he fiddles and golfs while the world burns.
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in israel's fight for survival. the administration policy is embarrassing. it attempts to equate a terror group target of civilians and a government seeking to protect the civilians and children. the deaths of israelis and innocents in gaza is terrible. but equating israel with the inhumane acts of hamas is ridiculous of franklin roosevelt saying the brits and nazis were about the same. i made my first trip to thegú middle east and tried to be sympathy and wanted to believe that everyone there wanted peace. but several wars and thousands of terrorist acts and suicide bombings and the repeated rejections of peace agreements for the pam pals despite the give away of massive amounts of
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land bite israelis, made me realize radical islam wants a nilation of israel. they openly state they don't want peace for their children, they want death to the israeli children. israel has done more than any nation including the united states to avoid the killing of civilians and went to unprecedented lengths to war resident through phone calls and leaf messages. israel is not trying to take one inch of gaza back. but want hamas to stop firing rockets in their neighborhoods. do they get credit for. that are they thanked for the hospitals and not celebrating in the deaths of children? no. meanwhile john kerry commits money intended for civilians and that money will probably be used
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for rocket. he offers them 47 million of our money and the vast network of tunnels are not for a subway system but for means of murdering israelis. the u.n. ought to demand hamas stop the rockets and disarm. they will not do. that when it was discovered u.n. was housing rockets they were at first outraged and then gave them back. the u.n. shouldn't give money. what they fail to get, the same people who hate israel and enjoy the deaths of jewish people also hate america. and they are merely practicing on israel but hope to one day do to us. if our new r newev president and his clone cabinet don't know
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that then we are in more danger than we have ever been in. (applause) >> well, if you didn't know where i stood on the conflict in the middle east, now you know. my first guest may have a different view. ken, director of the human watch. my views on this is very strong and based on the many, many times i have been in the region. human rights watch feel like israel committed war krieps. help me to understand if they have not intenl tensionally targeted children and civilians. although civilians have tragically died. how is it a war crime if it is result of hamas launching missiles there. >> it is targeting the civilian structures that it shouldn't.
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hospitals, where it didn't allege there was hamas military. >> they felt there was launchers there. and there is terrorist activity and terrorist live nothing the place. >> no, what they said there was a rocket launcher a hundred meters away. that is a long ways away. the they destroyed the hospital and that is one example of a war crime. second example there are times when they claim to go after mill taps and they did do it with civilians. killing nine men watching the world cup. maybe there was a militant there, but they shouldn't have shot him with civilians around or killing an entire family. >> ken, i haven't seen anybody suggest that israel intentionally killed innocents. that is not the standard alone.
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if you are targeting civilian structures that is a war crime. >> but if it is filled with terrorist and have you ever seen a nation that sent text messages and dropped dummy bombs in advance to say get the heck out of here and while israel is telling them to get away hamas is saying stay put. >> israel is doing the right thing giving warning but not if you are targeting the westerning thing. if you are warning first and make it justified. >> israelis regret horribly the things happening to people that are not the warriors, what i would like to believe this would all stop if hamas would disarm. israel never attacked unprovoked. why hasn't the u.n. and international nation come behind israel and said you step out of
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the way and let us go disarm hamas and take the tunnels out and therefore there will not be the conflict. >> and hamas said the u.n. come in and lift the seige we wouldn't have to shift the rockets. you can argue both ways. who should offer the ceasefire and what is the aggressor. >> they are not equals and i don't think, and i hope you are not saying that hamas and israel are equally wrong. that's what i am so disgusted with the american policy. i can't find that. >> what you have to distinguish the right or wrong of choosing to fight and the separate issue of how you fight. and both israel and hamas chose how to fight. hals hals did it deliberately and israel is doing it by shooting where there is casulties and civilian structures and not taking
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adequate care to determine the person they are firing at is not a child rather than a fighter. >> in light of what you are saying, barak obama has committed war crimes by drone strik strikes. >> and human rights has been critecical. n if killing a civilian and targeting a militant and there may be one civilian nearby it may be an unfortunate mistake. but if it is so many civilian that is a war crime. >> if they congregate the people near the weapon launchers which they have done and herded people in those. and standing them on roofs and if to dare hit me with's martyr, ken, i don't know what we expect out of israel. >> the israeli government said human shield. that is a technical term that
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has people rounded tup. bbc and the new york times said they are not happening. >> i am not sure i would take the new york times over the israelis. i know most of them well and i will go with the israelis. ken, i would love to continue the conversation. i appreciate you being here and i appreciate your candor in expressing the views and look, i agree, i don't want innocent civilians to die. but the way for us to end it for the entire world to express outrage to hamas and coming together to put a stop. >> and everybody wants to see the war over it. but while it is being fought it is important to stress not only to hamas and also israel follow the rules not to kill the
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civilians. >> i will say that israel has never celebrated the deaths of innocent civilians. but leaders in qatar and egypt and other places celebrating that and i don't find that. >> nothing about that. >> i disagree. i will take that up next time. >> thank you. last month i was struck bite awareness of the historical connection with god and the sense of history and how few american kids understand the role of god in american history. god has had a role in making god the incredible nation we are. you can receive a free dvd of one nation under god. get yours at free god dvd prospect com. prospect com. >> he said obama care is on the
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this week, two federal appeals cases issued conflicting rulings. that 500 consumers will receive help for the financial burden. the court in the district of colombia struck down the law and less than two hours later, the panel of the court of appeals for the fourth district ruled opposite on the case. this is a hit to the affordable care act and only in many issues that revealed the flaws in the legislation. >> we have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it. >> since that law was passed, the american people found out
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what is in it. there are 40 obama care feceses and continuous website glitches and over 100 laws foiled and now, the price of health insurance could go up for many americans. 87]bwiw percent of the 5.4 mull enrolled received federal help. subsidies cut the cost of insurance by 76 percent. without the subitdys, the average consumer would pay more every month and in do you know down and in muss miss 415 more a month. and a state that has 94 percent of the consumers receiving subsidies. over all the states would lose out on throw.6 pillion in subides. and that is affecting half of the population of the country. >> the obama administration is
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going to ask the full dc court to look. if it is upheld it is a major blow to the legislation. and shut down the exchange system. joining me now is dr. ben carson. doctor, thank you for joining me today. >> it is good to be with you. >> dr. carson. react to the ruling itself and what it really does mean to americans in 36 states. >> basically the law which is lumnus states that the subsidies are for people who work through state exchanges. there are those who want to come along and say that is not what it really means and what congress really meant those subsidies should be available for anybody regardless of how they are signed up and whether it is a federal or state exchange. it seems to me, the logical
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thing to do rather than putting on the magician's hat and figuring out what congress meant. why not send it back and ask them. what do you mean? they are right around the corner. >> they are on vacation rit now, doctor carson they are taking five weeks off. >> even if we have to wait five weeks we can find out what they meant. they would be afraid to send it back, as nancy pelosi, you have to pass before you find out what is in it. there is not a chance that it would pass. they will not send it back there. >> you make an important point. words mean something and when it is written in the law and told this how many times, this is the law of the land. i remember the phrase. the law of the land. well, if it is the law of the land and they wrote it all
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screwed, we'll have to change the law of the land and we'll have to admit they didn't have a clue what was in it. and so going forward what alarms you most and what have we still not encountered out of obama care that we are going to? >> look at all of the delays that occurred and the employer man date that is pushed back to january and well beyond the november elections. when that hits tens of millions of americans will be affected by that and see sky rocketing premiums and inability to get the insurance they want and if in fact, they can't get subsidies because of the way the exchanges are set up, it will make it that much worse. and the real problem, as far as i am concerned not the glitches with the computer sign up. but we took the most important
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thing people have the health care and put in the hands of bureaucrat. the va scandal shoes what happens when you but the bureaucrats between people and health care providers. why do we have to make something so important in a political issue? and we have the ability to provide good health care for people and it can be in their open hands and health care providers. this is not necessary unless you are attempting to control the populs. >> dr. carson. i would love to get the prescription. i would like dr. ben carson's prescription. what should we be writing out for health care in america? >> bottom line, a lot you can read in the book. health care savings account is important because it puts it in your control and you can decide
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whether you need an x-ray or birth control and no hobby lobby situation. you give people flexibility within a family. dad's 500, he can get it from the mother and sister. and makes every family the insurance company with no middleman. you are not infringing on the major health care and the cost goes down. and you make that available cross state lines and that put its back in the hands of people. you have a variety of ways to fund the hsa's and all of which cost considerably less than that debackable. >> it is a great prescription and i think you are on target. that is real health care reform. doctor ben carson thank you so much. great to have you here. >> thank you. >> if we want to change washington, we have to change
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he's an outsider and career businessman who never held political office and on tuesday he won the republican nomination for u.s. senate and defeating jack kingstop in a run off election. he will run against democrat michelle nunn. is there a changing the guard in the republican party? david perdue joins me now. congratulations, it was a long and hard fought battle but
8:26 pm
congratulations. (applause) >> david, you are a political new newcomer and defeated jack king stop who i know and like a lot and i didn't get involved in the race either way. i think you are both good guys, what was your election saying to the voters? >> you are right. and thank you for having me. i run against a popular congressman and been in congress 22 years and did a great job in the people of georgeia. we ran on the failed policies of the administration. people in georgia are concerned about debt, economy and jobs and what we talked about. >> i was imblessed with the way you handled your win and gracious and congressman kingstop was extremely gracious and pledged his support to your election. tell me, what is different about
8:27 pm
the relationship you guys have and some in the country it is anger and bitterness. >> i think we both love our country, governor and we are concerned about what is going on in washington and we are looking for a new direction. the administration is a failed administration. and we agree with that. congressman kingstop agreed in the run off, no matter who won, the objective is to keep the seat in the republican hands and i intend to do it with his help. >> david, your background is business and you have not been in politics. what lessons as an executive that you feel like will help you in the united states senate? >> it started when i was a child, my mother and father were school teacher, if you don't have it, you can't spend it. in business you have to have results and those are things i
8:28 pm
hope to bring to the debate in the senate and develop a sense of urgesy and get america working again. we have a lower percentage of americans working today than any time since jimmy carter and there are things to allev that. >> it sounds like the republican party of georgia is fortunate not only to have you and the other candidates uniting. you have a tough battle. michelle nunn, the country loved her dad. and i know your work is cut out. and i think the way you got off to the start is the right path and spirit and i congratulate you and it is great having you here. >> thank you, governor. thank you for having me. >> david perdue, republican nominee in georgia. (applause) >> one is a oscar winning actor and focusing that americans
8:29 pm
learn about civics and the other is a film critic and critical of the administration. they love america a
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a rare lightning storm killing one and injuring others. they are struck at ven this beach and a 14th person was hit at catalina island. a 20-year-old man died from his injuries. a second person remains in critical condition at a los angeles hospital. experts saying the unusual weather was the result of monsoon moisture in the area. hundreds of lightning strikes were reported. and the war of words between the u.s. and russia continues. the u.s. releasing satellite images claiming they show rockets fired from russia into eastern oouk. the u.s. saying the images prove
8:33 pm
russia moved heavy artillery across the border for pro-russian insurgents. moscow accusing them of an unrelenting campaign of slander against slander. i'm kelly wright. back to "huckabee concerned >> on friday president obama met with leaders of honduras and elsal vador. the president is prepareed to go ahead with executive action by the end of the summer and the republicans are challenging the immigration plan that houses more children in the military bases. joining me is founder of the dreyfuss initiative richard dreyfuss and conservative film maker deniche d'souza. >> richard, let me start with
8:34 pm
you. since we last talked, there is quite a bit of news and development in the area of immigration, i think all of us, i would like to believe that america ought to be a welcoming place. i always said we ought to get on our news and we live in a country people are trying to break into and not out of. that is a good thing. but are leaders sensitive in balancing the legal aspects and the humanitarian? >> i would say that we are not being told enough about either side of the issue for us to be informed enough to have a real opinion. i do think that there is a ethic in the country that is on the side of compassion and when you are talking about children, you have to be slightly more compassionate than normal. but our newspapers and our
8:35 pm
schools don't instruct us anymore in what the reasons are for these things to happen. so in fact, i have to say, i have no opinion about a current event because we are not taught how to study them. >> interesting perspective. denesh you are a immigrant that came legally. when you so the issues on the border. i don't think we have much of a board these days and how do you react to it? >> i agree with richard dreyfuss, the great puzzle is why now? they are mysteriously showing up on the board. they are not refugees, that is someone that is coughed by tyranny and a revolution that is causing an exodus and none of that is happening in south america. it was the same as it was 10 or
8:36 pm
20 years ago. and most governments are democratic. i think it can be explained not by looking over there but here. our political leadership is signaling it is not serious about locking the border and wants to give amnesty to law breakers and the word gets over there. if you show up with kids with outstretched arms. it is a country that has people that are decent and hard for them to say no. i fear the obama administration is exploiting the decency and good will of the american people to make a political point. >> richard, the immigration situation, i think it is different with kids versus drug cartel and criminals and central terrorist. do you have any idea. you don't have an opinion. i can't imagine you don't have an opinion. how do we make the distinction
8:37 pm
of the good guys and bad guys if we don't check them in the dor? >> if we don't check them, that means we don't check the history of the region, and to say that 20 years ago is same as now, we had gangs killing families and people worked against those gangs through their fathers who were killed and it took 20 years for people to realize kids were on their own and they better get the hell out of there. but it is not that it is it a different situation upu1(8> it is the same situation that we learned how to difficult. and they learned how to deal with differently. and i will admit, we are not supposed to take care of all of the problems of the world. we are not. but when children show up in our borders, and turn and we want to turn them back to what? to the people who raped their sisters and killed their
8:38 pm
brothers? i don't think so. >> but a lot of the crimes that happen to the kids happen as they made the junior to america. not in their home countries, but they were abused by coyotes. and people are mad at the government and not the kids. i blame the government for not making sure we know who they are. >> look, i have nothing but compassion. half of the earth would come over here if they could. but i would tell them look, there is a process. and we let in 800,000 or million people and i understand your plight and there is a line and process and follow the process and you can become a citizen. >> stay put. i the film is america, imagine the world without her. >> they will tell us why when we
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the most intellectual story and his body and required reading in many high schools and even tony soprano's kid had to read it. >> his history teacher is teaching if columbus was alive he would go on trial for krieps
8:43 pm
against humanity. >> your teacher said that? >> it is the not only my teacher. it is the truth because it is in the history book. >> it is in the history book, that makes it true? >> we are back with richard dreyfuss. that is the film america imagine the world without her. >> kids are indoctorinated in a version of america that may not be complete and full. do you feel like your film shoes a different picture of america? >> it is a narrative and it is taught in the colleges and spread out in elementary and secondary schools. american history is defined by american being the bad guy. take the example of columbus. he came in 1492 and america was started in sphene 76. it is interesting that america gets blamed not only for
8:44 pm
columbus who by the way never landed in america. but the portuguese and prettyerb and french all saddled on america? it is called the shaping of america. there is a political desire to undermine the patriotism of young people by telling them the american story is a story ofosh pregz. i challenge that narrative and look from an imgrant's point of view. not that america hasn't made mistakes. but they are union versal. >> richard, i don't know anybody who is more unspoken in saying we fail to know our history and uniqueness of america. what is your reaction to the film that presents a different side of america? >> well, actually, it has a title that america, what would be world be like without her?
8:45 pm
and never addresses that question. what it does, is a traditional overview of america's past and say well, other people had slavery and other people had capitalism and other people had thievery. but it never addresses the issues of what did we do about these things. >> i think it did, richard. in fact one of the points i completed danesh on, that we were the only nation that addressed slavery from wen. and we addressed and fixed it and women's rights we fixed. it >> excuse me one second. >> the the problem nowadays in america is that we are actually expected to understand the american history from sound bites and from chapter headings without going into the chapter, the fact is, the united states
8:46 pm
civil war was fought for slavery but it was begun for union. if you ask the fight for slavery in the againing of the war it would been no. it took three years to get to the moral level of slavery. it is a complete difference. but danesh is doing, is trying to defend any mistakes. we department do any mistakes that other people didn't do. >> you think we avoided. >> i was trying to make two points. first point, slavery was not ended first in america. british and french did that. there were not many slaves. shavery was driving the industrial revolution and
8:47 pm
critical to our economy. we were the only country to fight a great war. it was not the revolution of the repressed but the repentance of the tyrant. northern boys who died 300,000 died to secure the slaves freedom that the slaves were not able to get for themselves. reform in america is always a going back to the presence pels of the american revolution. i am not saying we did not do wrong. segregation was wrong. but when martin luther king said this is my note. who wrote it. thomas jefferson. martin luther king civil right's movement was not pout the princ american revolution itself. >> i don't want to be a partisan discussion. i am neither democrat or republican or liberal or conservative. i look to the constitution of
8:48 pm
the united states. i would say, that the most mysterious thing about me being on the show, this book is called america, what would the world be like without her? and it never answers the question. >> all right. i will answer it right now. the world from dawn of humanity is driven by a conquest epic. america invited a rival ethic which is welt creation. if the world didn't have america right now. conquest would return with a vefrmance. chinese and russian use wealth creation but believe in conquest. all of the commerce over the world's oceans would be unsafe if not for the u.s. navy. the world needs america now as it has in the past. >> it is great it have you both. i wish we could continue the discussion. y love bofth you.
8:49 pm
you have great perspectives and it is a delight to have you. thanks for joining us. >> she's 19 years old and got tons of talent and performed in the biggest names of country music. music. mary sarah one of our hey. i'm ted and this is rudy. say "hi" rudy. [ barks ] [ chuckles ] i'd do anything to keep this guy happy and healthy. that's why i'm so excited about these new milk-bone brushing chews. whoa, i'm not the only one.
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a >> so you're a young, up and coming singer trying to make it big into country music. how do you just make sure your debut album is a big smash hit? how about recording a bunch of duits will legends like willy nelso, dolly parton and ray price? that is what mary sperra has
8:53 pm
done. mary, it's great having you here. >> thank you so much. so excited to be here. >> i am so jealous when i look at the people you've done duets with. including neil sedaka and oak ridge boys. >> it's just amazing. >> how did you pull this off? >> i started singing and ended up going to nashville and meeting a couple people they said we think you can do this. we want to work with you and see you grow. it just, you know happens as time went on. artists kept coming on the album. by the time we're done it was crazy to think we had this album. >> we're going to do a song you recorded with merle haggard himself.
8:54 pm
>> and we get to do it together. >> a great classic. "the fighting side of me". me." >> three, four. ♪ ♪ i hear people talking bad about the way that we have to live in this country ♪ ♪ harping on the wars we fight and i don't mind switching sides and standing up for things they believe in ♪ ♪ when they're running down my country man they're walking on the fighting side of me ♪ ♪ they're walk on the fighting side of me running down the wind ♪ ♪ if you don't love it leave it
8:55 pm
let this song that i'm sinning be a warning when you're running down my country man you're walking on the fighting side of me ♪ ♪ ♪ well i read about a guy who don't believe in fighting and i wonder just how long the rest of us can count on being free ♪ ♪ they live milk and honey but preach about the money's way of living ♪ ♪ when they run down my countryman they're walking on the fight side of me ♪ ♪ they're walking on the fighting side of me running down the way of life our fighting men ♪
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♪ if you don't love it leave and let this song that i'm singing be a warning ♪ ♪ when you're running down my countryman you're walking on the fighting side of me ♪ ♪ when you're running down my country heart you're walking on the fighting side of me ♪ ♪ [ applause ] >> that's mary sarah. beautiful music and due yets with the greatest in the music business. i'll be right back with some closing thoughts right after this. ♪ you're walking on the fight side of me running down the way of of me running down the way of life --
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thanks to all my guests.
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we've had a great time and so glad you joined us for the show. that's it for this week. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and good evening everyone. i'm megyn kelly. welcome to our "kelly file" special on bill, a man who admits to bombing this country repeatedly. the state department, the pentagon, the u.s. capital among other crimes during the 1970s. and he got away scot free. because this is america he wound up as a college professor who even helped a president launch his political career. over the years he managed to redefine himself not as a domestic terrorist but as a revolutionary, a kid who merely vandalized, not one who inspired murder. he is a man who took chances with other people's lives. and took every chance to


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