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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 24, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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frankly, said that much about it. not a lot of other people have either. >> because the pope doesn't have an army. we have an army. see you back here tomorrow. officials at the state department and the pentagon say russia's military, not separatists, russia's military is attacking ukrainian military targets. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. it's been clear for quite some time that russia's been aiding the separatists. though there was no smoking gun, russia created the conditions that led to the shootdown of flight 17. but today we learned of a clear escalation. russia is directly firing at ukrainian forces. steve harrigan is on the ground
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in the ukraine with the latest. hi, steve. >> reporter: bret, today, the assertion from the u.s. state department that the russian military is not just aiding the rebels in eastern ukraine, but doing much more. according to the state department, the russian military is attacking ukrainian government forces from russian territory. >> we have new evidence that the russians intend to deliver heavier and multiple rocket launchers to ukraine and evidence that russia is firing artillery from within russia to attack ukrainian military positions. >> reporter: such direct action would be a considerable escalation from simply supporting rebel fighters with ammunition and training. it comes at a time when ukrainian forces are gaining ground, but with a shaky political situation in kiev. in the middle of an armed rebellion, a financial crisis and an aviation disaster, ukraine's prime minister resigned. the sudden move by pro-western
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comes at a time of concern, about the government's ability to meet its financial obligations. how are we going to pay for the fuel for armored vehicles, he told parliament today. how will we pay those families who lost soldiers. the collapse of the governing coalition came off two days of fist fights between lawmakers in parliament. with some accusing the communist party of aiding the russian-backed rebels. meantime, the violence is impeding progress in the investigation of the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17, in pro-russian rebel-held territory in eastern ukraine. at this major section of the plane crash site, you can tell there's no sense of security, no investigation going on here either. if you take a this sec hon of the plane, it looks like someone took a power saw to make these jagged edges, perhaps cutting away what could be important evidence. 74 more bodies were transported to the netherlands from eastern ukraine today. identification of the bodies is
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expected to take anywhere from days to weeks. the russian-backed rebels have been steadily losing ground, but direct intervention from the russian military could shift the balance and escalate the war. bret? >> steve harrigan live in donetsk. with more on what this means with the escalation, let's turn to jennifer griffin here in the bureau. jennifer, is this the first time the russians have fired on the ukrainians? >> the u.s. and the pentagon have been watching this develop for weeks. we have video from july 16th of russia firing the multirocket launcher over the border from russia. we can't confirm the authenticity, but it is fired in the same region where russian troops are. then there's this photo posted today on twitter, showing the aftermath of a russian artillery strike today on the ukraine border. according to ukrainian intelligence, russia fired at
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eight ukrainian positions in the past three days alone. just yesterday, less than a week after the downing of the malaysian plane, two ukrainian fighter jets were shot down. one ukrainians believe was brought down by missiles fired from the russian side of the border. the day before the malaysian plane was shot down, bret, by a russian sa-11 missile launcher, a mig fired from russian air space, bringing a plane down. this has been going on for some time. remember, there are still 10,000 to 12,000 russian troops on the border. they are dug in, have camouflaged positions. it's the magnitude of the weapons used that has increased since april 22nd when the first ukrainian plane was fired on by russian weapons. the pentagon began getting worried about this when they saw the buildup on the border. today they said it was 122-millimeter batteries and rocket launchers that hit the
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checkpoint near the border. >> what about this? the timing of state, talking about it, from the podium. why now, if they've had all this, why talk about it and come out and say what you said? >> you have to look at it in terms of what else happened today. that is the canadians and eu for the first time ratcheted up sanctions on russia. the eu targeted 15 individuals, 18 companies that are supporting the russian government. and they described the reason for those sanctions as ukraine's territorial integrity is being threatened. so this provides some evidence of that. canada, on the other hand, it focused on gas prom bank, which is in the energy sector. does this mean that finally the canadians and others are going to target these russian banks and the energy sector? >> shore them up, basically. more on this with the panel. thank you, jennifer. the death toll in the israeli/hamas conflict continues to climb. as it enters its 18th day.
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even designated safe areas are becoming increasingly dangerous for civilians. our correspondent is in gaza city early friday morning. >> reporter: the shelling can be seen from a distance. the northeastern neighborhood in gaza has been the site of growing fighting between israeli soldiers and hamas fighters. thousands of palestinians have followed israeli advice to leave their homes, hoping to avoid being caught in the middle of the violence. many taking refuge in shelters similar to this one. hamas operates in the area. their flags are visible. as the fighting crept closer to civilian shelters, the u.n. said it tried to coordinate a safe passage with israel for civilians to flee. it was never granted. just a few minutes ago, a u.n. school just like this full of kids and refugees was hit by shelling. everybody here saying that they are angry, there's nowhere safe. they want the international community to help. israel says its troops were battling militants. but there are no reports of fighters inside the building
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that was hit. still, israeli shells destroyed the shelter. at least 60 people, including 3 u.n. teachers were killed. the local hospital overwhelmed with dozens of injured women and children. the israeli military said they're investigating the incident. but blames hamas for using innocents as human shields. this comes as at least two israelis were injured by hamas rockets today. civilian casualties on both sides is a major concern for diplomats. >> we urge all parties to redouble their efforts to protect civilians. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry remains in the region, but so far, a cease-fire, even a temporary humanitarian one, remains elusive. hamas is demanding an end to the eight-year-long israeli blockade of gaza, while hamas wants the israeli rockets to end. neither side trusts the other. and neither seems willing to give up. despite the continued violence, the faa lifted its 48-hour travel ban for american flights
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to tel aviv's ben-gurion airport, which had been in place after rockets hit a town near the runway. the removal of the ban was welcome by israel. hamas vows to continue aiming its rockets at the airport. tonight we saw the largest palestinian protest in the west bank since the start of the fatah 14 years ago. a sign of just how angry the palestinian street is at the violence happening here in gaza, bret. >> conor, thank you. president obama is not the only world leader who is dealing with an optics problem these days. here's chief washington correspondent james rosen on u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. and his relationship to qatar. >> reporter: with secretary of state kerry shuttling around the middle east to broker a cease-fire in gaza, he said he spoke by phone three times with the foreign minister of qatar.
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the country whose oil wealth is believed to be bank rolling not only vital infrastructure structure in gaza, but also the rocket launchers and tunneling equipment that hamas has used to attack israel. >> qatar doesn't have the right to send the oil to build rockets and tunnels and support the killing of people. >> reporter: u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon who arrived the same day as kerry faced criticism of how he got there. >> do you think it's appropriate for qatar to be paying for your flight here, giving support? >> reporter: ban said he didn't have time to waste and his aides rejected any conflict of interest. >> there are a number of different parties he's meeting with, and he deals with them equally and even-handedly trying to get at a cease-fire. >> reporter: the latest terrorism report said qatari fund-raisers as representatives of other groups were a significant terrorist financing risk. and may have supported terrorist
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groups in other countries. >> i hope secretary kerry they're telling the qataris to look at their own problem, and being against hamas and pushing for a quick cease-fire without all of hamas' war aims being met. >> other countries in the region can push hamas to effect a cease-fire. qatar is one of them. it's important to get to a cease-fire so we will continue working with them. >> reporter: the head of hamas spoke out forcefully, from the base in do har, qatar. >> when it comes to this battle between us and israel, they are the occupiers. >> reporter: as for turkey the prime minister doubled down on his comments, telling cnn international today, and i quote, you can see that what israel does to palestine, to gaza right now, has surpassed what hitler did to them, unquote.
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it was said secretary kerry is protesting his remarks in his talks with turkey's foreign minister. >> all of this with the panel. president obama is still fund-raising. ed henry has that. first, what some of our fox affiliates across the country are covering tonight. in philadelphia, covering a shooting in the psychiatric ward of a hospital this afternoon. one employee at mercy fitzgerald hospital died. two people were hurt, including the gunman. fox 43, in norfolk, virginia, has extreme weather in the area. two people died, at least 20 others were hurt when a fierce storm tore through a campground. one camper described it as, quote, all hell breaking loose. this is a live look at detroit from our fox affiliate there. the big story, the special delivery canada is bringing south, if it can get past the border guards. tap water is on the way to
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detroiters. the bankrupt city turned off water to residents who didn't pay their bills. the shutoffs were put on a 15-day hold monday. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. avo: waves don't care what age you are. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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president obama has been under fire this week for fund-raising during world crises. now he's brought back his theme of chiding republicans and their so-called foamy scandals. chief white house correspondent ed henry has that story. >> reporter: wrapping up three days of fund-raising, president obama visited a los angeles deli to talk about his basketball shot has gotten weak. also getting old, some of his campaign lines a as he tried to turn away from the foreign policy crises that followed him to the west coast this week, by reviving an old standby, phony scandals as he told donors,
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obviously people are concerned about some of the turmoil that's taking place around the world. but the conflict that probably makes people most discouraged is the conflict they see in washington, where members of congress can't seem to do anything. where all we hear about is gridlock and all we hear about is posturing and phony scandals. well, that may rev up democrats before the midterms, speaker boehner was having none of it. >> maybe he should reorganize his priorities. >> reporter: boehner charging all the fund-raising is sapping time away not just from the foreign policy hot spots, but the negotiations over the president's $3.7 billion request to deal with the border crisis. >> we've got a president that's awol. >> reporter: the pressure on the president is clear in a new fox poll. asked if they're satisfied request twith the country, 40% say yes, 60% say no. 41% say yes, 55% say no, the economy is not turning around.
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donors balked at giving $25,000 to sit down with the president. and were offered a cut rate of $5,000 instead. a senior democratic strategist noted, since boehner announced his lawsuit against the president, house democrats have gotten a surge of $4 million in online donations, adding, quote, democratic voters are highly motivated and having the president out there is one of the best tools. other democrats admit a fatigue that all presidents eventually face is now setting in. >> we saw the same thing, bush had a terrible 2006. clinton had a pretty bad six-year term in '98. i think people are tired of obama. >> now, after that rough pr week, the obama white house getting lessons in damage control from the clinton white house. josh earnest invited lockhart and jake seahurt in the clinton administration to have lunch in the white house today. >> ed henry, thanks.
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reports of a death row inmate, gasping for air hundreds of times during his execution, has arizona governor jan brewer ordering a full review of her state's execution process. witnesses say it took condemned inmate joseph wood two hours to die by lethal injection yesterday. critics called it the third botched lethal injection this year, citing issues with executions in oklahoma and ohio. gm says it will spend at least $400 million to pay victims of the millions of cars with potentially faulty ignition switches. the automaker said the number could rise to $600 million. gm has recalled nearly 29 million cars in north america this year. sales of new homes slumped 8.1% in june. the commerce department also revised down may's sales rates. stocks nearly unchanged today. the dow lost 3, the s&p 500 gained 1, the nasdaq finished 2
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behind. children are flooding into the u.s. now the presidents of two latin american countries are placing blame. first, a plane goes missing, and is feared lost. breaking late this afternoon, it's been found. details right after this. [ woman ] i've always tried to see things from the best angle i could. it's how i look at life. especially now that i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. i was taking warfarin
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late this afternoon, the missing al al jerry p plane was found. >> reporter: late tonight an official announced the wreckage had been found and there were no survivors. >> translator: the exact position is 50 kilometers north
3:23 pm
of gibo. >> reporter: the flight 5017 was supposed to land here, at algiers airport this morning. it never did. the plane with 116 people onboard took off from the capital in the early hours of the morning. after passing into mali on the enl of the sahara, the pilot asked to change course due to inclement weather. all contact with the plane was lost. no traces of it were found. the french were involved in the certainly. france has considerable military assets in the region. it has been helping mali fighting insurgency. the vast swath of desert are a magnet for militants and al qaeda. coming on the heels of the downing of malaysia air flight 17 over the conflict zone in ukraine, and just months after the complete disappearance of mh-370 over the indian ocean, this catastrophe initially raised more questions than usual.
3:24 pm
the plane was similar to this one, a mcdonald douglas 83. owned by spanish company swiftair. there were 15 different nationalalities onboard. the greatest numbers were french. many planned to change planes in algiers and return to france. >> translator: this tragedy is confirmed. it is a major tragedy that affects our entire nation and many others. the president, the government, and all the french people are standing by those families affected by this tragedy. like all those who have recently been in mourning. >> now, bret, while the french who have been out front on information about this, are still denying the plane has been found. the mali president is even saying wreckage has been found. was it weather, was it something else, hopefully with day break, more will become clear. bret? >> amy kellogg in london, thank you. now to iraq, where kurdish politician has been named president.
3:25 pm
he's considered a soft-spoken moderate. the announcement came hours after a prison convoy killed dozens of people. the violence underscores the challenges faced by leaders struggling to form a new government. pope francis praised the mother for refusing to recant her christian faith. he met privately with ibrahim at the vatican. an italian diplomat helped negotiate her release. just how long does it take the government to upgrade its computers. and l.a.'s traffic is legendary, but wait until you hear just how bad it is when president obama's in town. the grapevine is next. nexium®,is now available, without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection.
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the political grapevine. upgrading computers is expensive. but it makes them more efficient. the social security administration embarked on a plan to replace computer systems handling disability claims saying the upgrade would take two to three years. now, six years later, the improvements are still two to three years away from being done. and have already cost taxpayers nearly $300 million. with the project still in the testing phase, critics are calling the problem an i.t.
3:30 pm
boondogg boondoggle. an outside group found no single person was in charge. assistant deputy commissioner has now taken the lead and says the administration is committed to delivering the upgrades, though the agency can't say when they will be done, or how much they will cost. the warrior ethos is leave no one behind. one marine veteran was left behind, but not in iraq or afghanistan. but in a veterans affairs doctor's office. jeff went to an outpatient clinic for pain medication refill, and waited to be seen, and kept waiting. after a few hours he discovered he was all alone in the office. and then took this video. duck said the incident is an indication of just how much fixing the va has left to do. in the military, you never leave anybody behind, he said. obviously i was left behind. the va has apologized and says they will make changes to prevent any similar problems. no one was there. finally, traffic is
3:31 pm
frequently bad in los angeles, everyone knows that. the worst in the nation, according to "time" magazine. when the president is in town, it's a nightmare. well, one woman learned that the hard way yesterday. she was in labor. yes, in labor. and prevented from crossing the street to a medical center because the road was shut down for the motorcade. local reports say a few medical staff made their way to her. critics called it unbelievable, and a bad pr move. but they said it was part of the necessary security. the woman waited about 30 minutes before heading into the clinic in time to have her baby. we've been telling you for some time now about the humanitarian crisis involving a legal immigrant children on the border. presidents from the two countries where most of those children originated from have come to washington. carl cameron has more on where they are placing the blame. >> reporter: looking for help from washington, the presidents of guatemala and honduras blame the flood of undocumented
3:32 pm
unaccompanied minors at the border on latin america drug cartels and the united states. >> it's the hallmark over immigration reform in the country. >> reporter: they'll ask president obama for security money to fight the cartels. but they complain latin americans see reform promises as a, quote, farce. >> we hope that the current crisis in central america will not lead to this reform not moving forward. we don't have a lot more time. >> reporter: nor is there much hope the house and gop senate will reconsider reforms. jeb bush is considering a presidential bid, in a "wall street journal" op-ed wrote, congress should not use the present crisis as an excuse to defer comprehensive immigration reform. the president wants $3.7 billion in new spending. senate democrats slashed that to $2.7 billion. and house republicans want no more than $1.5 billion.
3:33 pm
and insist it's paid for with savings from elsewhere. the latest fox news poll said 56% disapprove of the president's handling of the border crisis. 45% think the unaccompanied minors should be deported. 40% say they should be allowed to stay as refugees. republicans blame presidential indecision, noting mr. obama's on-again/off-again situation to the u.s. law requiring unaccompanied minors from u.s. and canada be immediately deported. >> the president and his team have apparently flip-flopped. the process has been hampered by the contradictory messages being sent by the white house. >> reporter: in an interview with greta van susteren, the mexican president said it is lagging u.s. leadership. >> translator: the language is ambiguous. that's why the human smugglers take advantage of this situation. >> reporter: the guatemalans and honduran presidents say their problems are now u.s. problems.
3:34 pm
if we don't fund their efforts to fix it and reform our immigration laws, it will get worse there as well as here. bret? >> carl, thank you. don't miss greta's full interviewer with honduran president hernandez, next, at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. what do you think should be done about the illegal immigrant children on the border? use the #special report. amid plagiarism allegations, montana senator john walsh is getting fresh backing from fellow democrats in montana, and the governor, who appointed him to the senate earlier this year. the iraq war veteran used passages from other scholars without attribution in his 2007 army war college thesis. quote, i don't want to blame my mistake on ptsd, but i do want to say it may have been a factor. walsh told the associated press. my head was not in a place very conductive to a classroom and academic environment. walsh says he will not drop out of his senate race against
3:35 pm
republican congressman steve daines. we'll talk about the ex ka lags in the ukraine conflict. what russia's doing, what we're doing, with the fox all-stars next. woooo. i know what you're thinking. you're thinking beneful. [announcer]and why wouldn't he be? beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. it has carbohydrates for energy and protein for those serious muscles. [guy] aarrrrr! [announcer]even accents of vitamin-rich veggies. [guy] so happy! you love it so much. yes you do! but it's good for you,too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina.
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we have new evidence that the russians intend to deliver heavier and more powerful rocket launchers to ukraine. and have evidence that russia is firing artillery from within russia to attack ukrainian military positions. >> translator: it was declared that the data collected by u.s. technical intelligence in the satellite photographs proves that the rocket was launched from the territory controlled by the rebels. question, where is this data? why is it not presented to the public? >> the state department, now the pentagon as well saying the russian military is attacking the ukrainian government forces
3:39 pm
from russian territory. this is youtube video. we can't authenticate that it is exactly the border there. but it says it is. and it goes along with whatarin government, that these artillery positions, including this one that was on twitter today, are in russia. run by the russian military, firing on ukrainian forces. so, with that, let's bring in our panel, editor of national review online. juan williams. and syndicated columnist, charles. jonah, what do you think about this? >> i think it's in putin's interest to keep this as cloudy and as non-definitive as possible. because he knows this administration will not do anything as long as they keep it murky. but now i think for any honest observer, it is obvious -- what should have been obvious a long time ago, which is putin has essentially declared war on a
3:40 pm
neighboring country, something that the entire international order from left to right understands that you're not allowed to invade other countries and carve off pieces of them and make them your own. and that is what putin has been doing. he's been doing it since he put russian forces in non-descript uniforms, you know, in the spring. and what jennifer griffin was saying, when a mig is shooting down another ukrainian plane, that's as dispositive as you're going to get. at this point, it seems to me the administration, it reminds me a lot of syria. every day that you don't do anything makes it harder to do anything. we should be sending in lethal aid to the ukrainians. we should be sending in advisers to train in western ukraine. and we should be trying to uphold the international order. >> isn't it interesting, why do you think, marie, from the podium at the state department says it today? jennifer griffin reports they've been looking at this for a long time. but publicly to say the russian
3:41 pm
military is firing on the ukrainians today. >> well, they say they have the u.s. government now, the defense department said they have evidence that there is conclusive evidence. no doubt about it. now, obviously you have a response from the russians who say, well, show us the evidence, bring it all and all that. i think that's game playing, as jonah was suggesting. but there's no murkiness to any observer. the question now is about the international response. we heard in the report earlier tonight that you're seeing more of a response coming from the eu and the canadians specifically in regard to the gas and lights. and the other element to be considered here is u.s. public opinion. i think it's still the case that most americans don't think that we should be sending more troops, or even more weaponry into the ukraine. i think putin is playing a game in which he is seeking to stir on, fire up russian nationalism at a time when the economy is going to have a really rough go. and his leadership is going to
3:42 pm
be questioned by a number of his cohorts. >> new fox news polls. number one, u.s. in ukraine. should the u.s. be more involved in ukraine. take a look at now, 32% should. the situation in ukraine, who has the upper hand. vladimir putin. 75% of the people responding, sapg the president of russia does. president obama on foreign policy. approve 36%. i want to skip down to job performance overall. you can see all of the other issues there. health care, economy, foreign policy, and how the president is stacking up. charles, what do you think of those? >> look, i think there's a general perception of the world is going to hell and the president's out there playing golf. it doesn't mean people want to go to war in ukraine, so i'm not at all surprised people say they don't want to be involved.
3:43 pm
nobody wants to be involved. particularly the president who doesn't go out there and make the case for it. why would anybody decide to get involved. and of course, when the president is inactive as he is now on this issue, has done nothing of substance, they say, what do you want to do, go to war? send troops into ukraine? whereas, as jonah indicated, the alternatives, the other policies between nothing and war, there is a huge territory, within which lies sending weaponry to ukraine, which has been begging for and which we have not been giving yet. for instance, jamming equipment so when they want to shoot down your plane, it will protect you. second, to guarantee east europeans by deploying american troops there. third would be to galvanize the europeans. people are talking about the europeans being -- world opinion is now inflamed over the shooting of the civilian airlines. world opinion on its own is useless.
3:44 pm
it's ephemeral and without leadership, it does nothing. the europeans have done nothing except add a couple of names onto a list of people who get their assets frozen and denied visas. so they can't vacation in disney world. that is not exactly going to bring down the russian economy. >> speaking of president obama, a fund-raiser yesterday, he mentioned briefly these crises that he's looking at. here's the quote. obviously people are concerned about some of the turmoil taes taking place around the world and they look at the middle east and see a transition from an old order to a new order. and they're not sure how that's going to happen. and the terrible violence that occurs as a result. but the conflict that probably makes the people most discouraged is the conflict they see in washington, where members of congress can't seem to do anything, all we hear about is gridlock and posturing and phony scandals. and no offense, scandal is a great show. but it's not something that we necessarily want to be living
3:45 pm
out day in and day out. >> could have told some of his employees a while ago and saved everybody some bother. look, there are a couple of things to say. first of all, it is sort of -- he was the guy who was supposed to be bringing in the new order. that was his promise. that was the whole 2008 parts the ocean, send back the oceans and all the rest. second of all, this is sort of -- fits perfectly within the long story arc of obama's foreign policy going back to the very beginning where, you know, don't look at the world in flames. rome wasn't burnt in a day. what really bothers everybody is that the republicans in congress aren't doing exactly what i want nem to do. the real issue here is my political opposition that is stopping me from enacting my narrow political domestic agenda. that is the argument that he's been making since he got into office. it was the argument that made him back up on the surge in afghanistan. it was the argument that caused him to abandon his red lines in
3:46 pm
syria. it's this constant narrowing the political agenda above the foreign policy and commander in chief. >> juan? >> wow, i don't know what to say to that. i've been here, and what looks like to me is you've had republicans obstructing obama's agenda and succeeding in large part and saying to their constituents, hey, look, this guy's no good. the government's a failure. government doesn't work. but they don't do anything. that's why if you look at obama's ratings, they're pretty low for him, 41%, 43%. but look at congress' ratings, they're almost in the single digits. when you say that he's done nothing, though, i think in terms of the sanctions that have been put on, put in place. i think we're by far more aggressive than the europeans, or the canadians who are just getting in the game. >> naes a very low bar. >> i'm just saying. we are the world leaders. trying to stop him from his aggression. the second thing to say is, don't forget that the ukrainians
3:47 pm
have been doing very well because of u.s. support against this rebel force. and was winning. and i think that in part is what has inflamed putin who feels like he's losing this game against obama. >> i'll just ask you, don't you think there's a hunger to hear from the leader of the free world when we supposedly have this new evidence of russia military firing on the ukrainians, instead of a third paragraph with all due respect to marie from the state department podium. >> the question is, do you need to hear from him right now at this instant? i don't think so. but i understand this is something he will have to help the american people put in context. i think it was charles who said you want to hear from the leader of the free world in terms of making the case. that will be part of it. >> look, there is something that borders on the obscene. within a week of the shootdown of a civilian airliner with 300 people dead, for the president to say that what really disturbs
3:48 pm
americans is not what's happening abroad, like that. like a massacre. but too much congressional time spent on the irs scandal, the phony scandal. i mean, when a president actually says that, you wonder, can you believe it? and if he does, is this really something that anyone can give any respect to? >> next up, israel's offensive, hamas, and supporters, and the prospects for a cease-fire. avo: waves don't care what age you are. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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3:52 pm
don't accept the egyptian proposal for a cease-fire. >> i completely stand by my comments. because naziism, the fascism that was applied by hitler, if you you put all these on the table just like that, you can see that what israel does to palestine, to gaza right now has surpassed what hitler did to them. >> well, a cease-fire remains allusive in the israeli hamas conflict and some people are pointing to the country's of qatar and turkey for one of the reasons why it's allusive. their support for hamas. weaver back with the panel. charles, this comes on a day that israel shelled a shelter, at least 16 people include. including three israeli teachers much the military said they blamed hamas for using innocent human shields. this doesn't seem like it's ending. >> but there was some ambiguity in that report. the head of u.n. agency
3:53 pm
which administers the schools, a a man called robert turner said and is quoted in the "new york times" online this afternoon, that they are uncertain who actually hit the school, they are still investigating, and the initial reports that it was israel was, of course, what you would expect from eyewitness -- from palestinians on the scene and in other areas of gaza. and he said this is a u.n. spokesman, who isn't exact lay pro-israel guy. they are still investigating and is not clear whether it was israelis or whether it was rocket fire from gaza, which has hit sometimes it lands in gaza, actually hit some areas, palestinian areas in the west bank. so we are not sure who did it. assuming it was israeli fire, let's understand what was discovered earlier this week. on two instances. there were rockets found in u.n. schools in gaza. supposedly smuggled in. but it's not easy to smuggle in a missile.
3:54 pm
this is everywhere. this it's in hospitals, and mosques. israeli was killed today by an antitank rocket from hamas. the israelis, of course, attacked hamas. how else can israel respond? and there is one other factor. israel accepted a cease-fire a week ago, none of this would ever have happened. hamas refused. >> what about these countries supporting hamas and, you know, qatar, obviously has a close relationship. amir went to the west point speech. >> certainly. the sad fact is this is a huge propaganda war going on. what happened today is a coup for israel's enemies. some reporting that israel didn't even intend to hit it. it was just a misguided missile or whatever that hit this school. but when you have 15 people dead, when you have lots of people injured, it just looks bad. then you hear some of these comments, oh my gosh the turkish prime minister is out of his mind.
3:55 pm
so, you know, the point is though that hamas is waging a guerrilla war against a far superior military outfit. there is is no way hamas can beat israel. instead of simply saying oh gee anything israel does is okay. we have to look at it in terms of how israel can get the best deal and stop this fighting and, therefore, not surrender the moral high ground. >> what about negotiating with qatar who clearly is supporting hamas? >> right. and lots of reports say that basically what hamas is holding out for is for qatar to pay the salaries for all the hamas fighters and hamas civil servants wanting paychecks. that's what they're fighting for. not this struggle against design but is a payday. and i think the -- much like our relations with central america on the immigration thing, there is so much stuff that can can be done at the diplomatic, pier to pier level among these leaders. if barack obama and these guys were actually interested in pressing that,
3:56 pm
more forcefully, maybe there could be some progress made here. on the turkish prime minister thing. i'm glad juan spoke out about it. there is this unbelievable effort and so much of the mainstream media and certainly in the international press, to confuse arsonists and firefighters as at least morally equivalent and it is outrageous how much air it gets. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for creative local news reporting. dig into a succulent selection of crab entrées. like new crab lover's trio! with sweet snow crab legs, split king crab, and jumbo lump crab over savory shrimp. crab three ways! all on one plate. or try new jumbo lump crab over wood-grilled salmon. experience crabfest at red lobster today. only for a limited time. come in and sea food differently!
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finally a michigan jail swapping out orange jump suits for black and what. orange is the new black. bunch of ways to play with that headlines or not much in news. >> no longer the black in his jail. >> michigan says orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the
4:00 pm
new black. >> orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the new black. >> orange is no longer the new black in his jail. [ laughter ] >> creativity, that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. here is greta. >> president obama where are you? crisis after crisis exploding around the world and right here in the u.s. from israel it ukraine to our own southern border and now many americans standized by president obama's focus on fundraising and hollywood hobnobbing making it look like that is his top priority. >> i i feel like the president only comes to l.a. for money. >> i don't get that he likes the job. you know, i think he almost hates the job. >> i believe that the president is more so concerned about going to these fundraising events where he is applauded, it is all about him. >> one of tonight's fundraisers was held at scandal producer sean da rice's house. >> please, getting my hopes up. >> it's a matter of him wanting to be around people