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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 24, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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we'll be back tomorrow. ç check it out. >> and right now, threeç developing stories we are watching this hour. ç hamas militants show no signs oç letting up as israel pushes terror. and we have fox polls of what americans think ofç president obama's foreign policy. and more on the victims arrive negligentnnetherlands today as eu ministers considerç sanctio against russia. >> and the man behind ç a $20 million fraud is sentenced after passing off fakes as rare vintage wine. but first, this fox news alert.
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french officials say a commercial jet liner with 116 people on board likely crashed on the way to africa. i am jon scott. >> and i am jenna lee, the plane was heading to the capitol of algerriaç and the search for t plane is now underway in ma li. the plane disappeared from thero screen and as you likely know northern mali and that is creating a lot of questions. and amy kellogg is live with the latest on this, amy? >> exactly. when a plane disappears over a conflict zone, all sorts of thoughts come to mind and at related and we have no indication that that is the case and what is frustrating to anyone watching the story and people looking for loved ones at
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this çpoint, there is no news about why itç crashed. we just heard from the french president who said it is problemable and likely it cras&ed, but they simply don't knowç what happen. he would devote all of the france military might currently in the region fighting terror to the search forç the plane believed to have gone down inçn areaç of mali. he çecheed the sameç thing th was said that theç pilot askedo divert the planeç because of weather. no trace of it was çfound. and despite the earlier reports that it had done"çlocated. the french believe is crashed but why they don't know. the search effort çincluding
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french, and u.n. forces is undeç way in a area that is seat of the ta rig çreprobable and overrun by islamic rebels. it came from the spanish company swift air andç operating as an air algerie. and 116 people were on board. they come from 15 different nationalities and most of them are french, and that is why the french have taken the lead in giving information on the investigation and the details. the state department does not believe any americans were on board. but so many questions, jenna, we don't know when we will hear from the french president tonight, but i repeat he said his forces will look throughout the desert.
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>> another mystery that we will have to seek answers, too. amy, thank çyou. an investigation is underway and the airline blames the weather for a plane crash in taiwan and leaving the families of 48 people in grief. you can seeç the transasia turboprop isç depolished in a small island in china. and remarkably ten people onç board survived and fiveç on th ground also injured. and the plane flewç just after a typhoon passed thatç cancell 200 flightsç in the day. >> and two more flights out of the ukraine poday. and the downing of a malaysian jet. 25 additional experts andç dozç of support staff are working. eu ministers are considering a long list ofç sanctions agait russia in its role and the
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shooting down of the jetç line much more on that and why the russian presidentç vladimar pun is showing no signs backing down from theç crisis. we'll talk with that on the wall street journal. >> president obama's jobç approval ratings are still under water according to the fox poll. 52 percent disapprove of president obama's çperformance commander in chief. and that is a slight uptick. and meanwhile 58 percent said that the administration is incompetent and comes to managing the federal government. and here to tell us what itç means, chris wallace, they have to be in the white house bemoaning the circumstances that have taken place overseas. israel versus the palestinians and the downing of the airliner in ukraine, the fact that russia and ukraine are battling it out,
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there is almost no good news anywhere in the world. does that reflect on the president's performance, chris? >> sure. you could also talk about the spread of isis in syria and northern iraq and talk about the fact that the first roundç of t iran produced no deal, it is a regular mess. and so, i think it is a combination of things, çone,o many troubled spots and thereç seems to be a perfect storm of troubled spots around the world, and secondly, the u.s. çinfluee seems so low. in a case like ukraine, you do a poll and ask if weç should b more involved in ukraine and?x iraq, most people say no, we don't want to seeç u.s. troopsn the ground in either ofç those situations and still give the president lowç marks because n
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one is listening to him andbuz doesn't have a clout with the friends and no fear factor with theç enemies. and a sense of u.s. fecklessness andç lack of influence in the world is oneç of the largest reasons his poll 99 numbers are so low. >> doç you approve of presiden obama's foreign policy performance? ç 56% disapprove and 36 approve, general foreign policy is not something that is front and center on the minds of theç american people. it is usually the economy when asked if you approve of the work that the president is doing on the the economy. right now 40ç percent approval rating and 57% disapproval rating. pocketbook issues, chris, are usually front and center. >> right now they are not, but closer to the election, people
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vote on how their life is going and if things seem good and they were optimistic about their personal situation. this could have an impact. this week, there is a lot of conflict about the fact that the president is not in the washington or situation room and not tending to the international crisis and instead on the road raising money for the democrats in the midterm election. fund-raising will help. money is helpful when you are runningç for election and re- election. butç on the other hand, the president's approval rating is important. and historically since 1946, that the president's personalç approval rating is above 50ç percent on average, the party in pour in the third term, rather the sixth year of a two- term president, then his party will loseç only 14ç seats and belo
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percent. @íd he's helping them by raisinç money and supporting the candidates, but if hisç approv rating is low it impacts the party in the çmid- term electi. >> it is low in the house of representatkv as well. and we'll talk about the moves they are making whenç asked if president obama exceeded his authority by making changesç t the health care law with an executive order without theç approval of congress. 56 percent of the american people say yes,ç he exceeded h authority. that's why john boehner wants to file a lawsuit against the president. some are suggesting çimpeachme might be a better answer and 36 percent of the americans favor that. and 61 percent said bad idea. there doesn't seem to be the appetite for an impeachment
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move. >> absolutely not. this is a case where republicans couldç be taking one step too r and you run into the problem of republican overreach. remember what happened with bill clinton in the scandal, people were not happy he had an affair with monica lewinsky and he lied about it to the grand juriy. they didn't want to see him impeached and the republicans pressed that. and that is rare in the sixth year, the democrats ended up gahíing seats and not losing seats. republicans have to be aware of overreach and impeachment, that would be a case of overreach. >> who do you haveç coming occy fox news sunday. >> we'llç have the latest in t international trouble spots, in gaza and israel, their fight continuing strong as well. and the latestç on the malaysi airliner investigation, andç ao
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do domestic politics and we'll have the first national tv interview with steve sca les. know whatç he. the new congressman fromç louisiana and when eric cantor wasç defeated and kevin mccart moved up, sca çliste was a lengthed the house whip and thiç will be the first time for him on a national stage and we'll and policy. and we remember whatç was happening last week at this time, everything could change by the time sundayç rolls around. >> chris wallace, good to see you, thanks. >> and moving onç to another story. 41 deaths in gaza, israeli forces are continuingç their assault against hamas. they are resisting an attempt at
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ceasefire and officials in gaza said the fighting spilled over tkç a u.n. compound with a schol inside, connor? >> reporter: we have seen growing fighting in northeast gaza and palestinians taking shelter in u.n. run facilities. and not even those facilities are safe. the fighting can be seen from a distance. civilians take shelter in u.n. schools like this one. hamas operate and their flags are visible and with the fighting intensifying there is a hope to let civilians leave. >> the u.n. school was hit byç shelling and everyone is angry and there is no where safe israel said hamas was in the inside of theç shelter instead
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israel destroyed the building. 15 people killed. >> we seeç them. and it isç endless amounts of casulties. >> israeli military is blamed hamas for usingç civilis as humanç shields. >> reporter: many civihp's have fled their homes and toç t to safe areas and finding it not safe at all. andç fighting continues in gaz the faaç lifted the american flight ban toç the ben gurion airport. we should pointç it out, hamass vowing to continue toç target e airport here. that could change defending on how much fighting there is inç the future. >> conner, thank you.
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ç letters of three nations arrive in dc and what minority leader nancy pelosi is saying about theç role of u.s. policy vladimar putin is standing firm as international pressure grows over russia involvement in ukraine. and brand new fox polls onç president obama's job performance. we want to hear from you now. do you approve or disapprove of the job that the president is doing. go to fox and click on america's asking and you can get your thoughts in the conversation.
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for over 19 million people. [ alex ] transamerica helped provide a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica. >> happening çnow. violence in eastern ukraineç showing no signs of slowing down. and it is a çflow of weapons t pro russian separatistç in ukraine. why isç russia so focused on ukraine and poland. and so çunlike ukraine.
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poland joined the european unioç after the war. and they write when russian presidentç vladimar putin saw ukraine going the sameç directn as poland he was faced with russia colliding head-on with the spread of eu model for europe which isç seeping towar russia's doorstep. swim with the tide or try to turn it and heç choice the latter. jerry? your column brings us to the bigger story on the immediate horizon, and that is the downing of the malaysian airline flight. what is at stake for russia? >> you have to ask yourself whaç is the puttin vision for russia and how does ukraine and poland fit? recreate if not a russian empire
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a sphere of influence. not recreating the former soviet union but having an area of russia that is seeping in eastern europe where russia is a dominant power. poland is a former warsaw pact country and afterç the cold wa ended decided not to turn east and it joined nato and joined the european union as it reformed its economy andç in t end of the cold çwar, poland h grown fast. it grew three types as fast last year and gdp that is 2ç or 3 times the size ofç ukraine eve though poland is smaller. there is a polish model and interferes with the putin vision for çeurope. >> we show you the present day map and what th zoviet union looked like and some of the
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viewers say. ç the soviet union and we don't want to see it çagain. it is far enough away from the united states. ç what is the risk if vladimar puddin isç successful. >> the riskç first and foremos is europe. but the u.s.ç has a extra tegg vision in europe. and no oneç denies that russia should be a player in the part of the world. but the question çis, is that going to interfere with the countries deciding for themselves. ukraine wanted to make a turnç the west similar to the one polland did and would they be allowed to do that. that's the question? from theç european point of vi. eu model with the stable and economy or will that be stopped by russia. >> it is a day before the
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downing of the flight in ukraine. the pentagon is confirming two ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by the russian border. they say they know it happen. what will be a deterrent to vladimar putin. >> economic sanctions are on the table and eu ministers are discussing that. and the question of where the europeans go and where theyç catch up to president obama. over the last decade trade between the eu and russia tripled in size. and that has to do with the europeans buyingç russian gas. the economicç innerdepeppedenc of russian and eu has grown. and it will be large until the europeans óe anthems offç of russia natural gas. that will take a while probably.
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>> food stampsç causing more headaches for the obama ç administration. we'll tell you more about that on happening now.
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a convicted wine fraudster might do whining of his own when he learns his fate. $20 million solid in fake vintage vino. >> reporter: jon, he could face 40 years in prison. he was found guilty in december of selling $20 million in fake wines. one of his victims billionaire william coke lost 2 million in the fraud and millions more investigating it. heç used his family's vast
10:26 am
fortune to build a çcollectionf wines. he manufactured bogus bottles and sold themç as vintage. thatç gave him a feeling of achievement. and he is asking the district court judge to sentence him to time served. he is a chinese and will deported anyway. he commmed mail and wire fraud andç flaunted that wealth with wine and cars and beverlyç hil mansion and flights on private jets and fineç arts and more. sentencing guidelines call for at leqs, 11 years in prison. >> wow, patty annç brown, keeps up dated. >> and the signs that the time managing its funds. theç fda overpaid 2 billion in
10:27 am
food stamps in one year. that is on top ofç a steep increase. we have details on this, shannon. >> reporter: the new report on the stafus of the food stamp system run by the agriculture department shoes in the last few years we have data available, the government hadç made 2 billion, and that is on top of the growing explosion. payments up 115 percent from 2007 to 2012. >> in previous economic recoveries, food stamp use went down as the economy got stronger. that's not happening. and we have to look at finding out why that is. to what extent is the program subsidizing nonwork for able- bodied individuals. >> reporter: i reached out to the agriculture department to ask about the 2 billion in overpayments and didn't get a response so far. the agency called it the lowest
10:28 am
error rates in the program's history. critics say that program and other programs need an overall. congressman paul ryan rolled out a plan thatç stream line and merges food stap and cashç welfare and housing assistance. >> let's stop propping up the poverty management system and get to result resultç oriented and integrate andç bring the private and public sector together and not competing with one another so the focus isç o results. >> reporter: by the way,ç paus program would give oversight to the states and that would build in a lot more çaccountability. >> thank you. firefighters put theirç lis on the line every day. howúa)new innovation could give crews better information and savingç lives and time. and a live report from the
10:29 am
white house onç how president obama is balancing the multiple foreign policy crisis with his fund-raising duties.
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happening now, theç presidt monitor several global hot spots as he presses ahead with the fund-raising trip out çwest. here's a fox poll of how americans think the president is handling foreign policy. ed, itç seems like the crisis e
10:33 am
piling up and nowç democrats a critizing the president. >> reporter:$ç you have seen senatorç diane feinstein who thinks that the president needs to çfocus harder on the polici. he is out in los angeles andç wrapping up the last çone, the supporters gave big money coming in to the democratic çcofferes the white house said he is on the theç rod and jug lipping ts with the foreign policy. and on theç phone with secreta of state john kerry who is in egypt and pushing for a çceasefire that is elusive s far between israel and hamas. but the speaker of the house john boa'er said the president can juggle all he wants, boehner believes he needs to change his
10:34 am
priorities. >> the fox news poll came out and looked at the president's handling of foreign policy. a strong majority 56 percent disapprove of his handling of foreign policy. pretty low, but we should note, that last month, the fox poll had the approval rating at 32 percent, four points wer. the president has to take the good news when he can get it. >> thank you. airlines have first-class seating and priority boarding. apartment buildings did the same thing. ç developers of a complexç in ne york city received permission to put up a building as long as they have affordable çunits. now the builderç plans to give those residents a fewer
10:35 am
amenities and a separateç entrance. is that legal. our legal panel takes onç the class of class welfare. ç fred and ashley who is a criminalç defense attorney. the whole building has 229 çuns and they are going to set aside 50 of them so-ç called affordae housing and those 50 unitsç wi have their own separate entrancç so the poor- folk don't have to mingle with theç people who afford the high rent district, % ashley, is it legal? >> it is legal but wrong. ç you can't legislate good taste or behavior. it is perfectly legal. o be a jerk. >> fred? >> i am not sure i agree with. that i am sorry i interrupted ç you. >> if you are representing someone from the poorer side of the building, do they have
10:36 am
a case? >> unfortunately they don't. theyç don't have a case for racial discrimination. this is a consequence of a policy who said if you build, buildings you can put them off site as long as you do low income housing. what is the lesser of two evils? do we make them use a different door or put them where the rich don't have to see the huddled masses? the whole thing is a little disgusting. >> reminds me of the story of the titanic. ashley, those folks get views of the street and the others get views of the hudson river. but their own separate entrance and not allowed to use the pool and facilities çon-site?
10:37 am
>> it is legal but goes against the policy of the fair housing act. what they are doing. housing units that are just in poverty- stricken area and congregated together. they are trying to mix everybody together. byç allowing this it doesn't serve tje purpose of mixing al different walks ofç life together. you are creating twoç separate classes. >> we'll take you out to hawaii for a second topic. a pilot wasç arrested and towi an aerialç banner and here's t plan andç said marry me, rache inç this case. he was arrested and outdoor advertising isç not legal exce for the politicians. if the politicians want to hire
10:38 am
a çbanner or plaster the reele me signs all over the place they can do that. what do you think aboutç that? >> like the public needed another reason to dislike politicians. it is a border- line first amendment. lawsç have to be contact neutr. what if i wanted to fly a banner that said throw everyone of the bums out? that is a political statement. i know it is commercial speech, but it is a first amendment violation and this guys case my soar all of the way. >> one of the banners read. advertising is not just for politicians, politicians unfortunately don't seem to have a sense of humor. >> right. and i think this -- fred is right. it is a first amendment issue
10:39 am
andç the pilot has taken heart with the issue and trying to get this out there. he's the same pilot that flew an american flag on the 4th of july and arrestedç for that. that could arguably je politicl speech and he went back and did it again. i think he is trying to take a stance against the law. >> the mayorç asked the publico callç 911 if they see the bann. oh, boy. >> oh, yeah, the guy is a threat to theç security of hawaii. >> talk about overwhelming the 911 system with nonsense. we'll have toç leave it there. >>ç fred and ashley thank you. >>p'k you. ♪ ç firefighters risk their lives to save other people everç day. when a volunteer realized they wereç missing information. and he created a map to hopefully save lives. ç
10:40 am
doug has more. >> reporter: yeah, jenna, the job of a frefighter is difficult and dangerous and often made more so by çlogisti. kyle is the deputy fire chief?x' princeton, new jersey. >> we'll have to go through two more of those. >> and in the the past 14 years fought thousands of fires. sometimes you don't knowç if t building is commercial or residential. >> that's correct. and i don't know if it is several stories in the building and main points are to the building. >> i have been a volunteer firefighter since 16. >> reporter: it was a problem charlie experienced as a volunteer firefighter. he came to princeton university, he invented fire stop. fire stop is a app that gives
10:41 am
firefighters a central fire- fighting information. >> as they are arriving to the emergency they will know where the çhydrants are. >> reporter: it includes satellite imagery and building schem attics and so they know theç best way to enter the fir and more impo@tantly the best way to exit. >> it will be in the fire truck. each firefighter willç be ableo pull up the app andç see the information. >> reporter: it tells the trucç the location of the other truck and the list of theç truck's equipment and makes rendal'sç b of coordinating the fight a lot easier. >> having everything i need with this appç helps me to establis where we are going and theç hazards and weigh the pros and
10:42 am
cons of the çincident. >> reporter: weighing the pros and cons andç enable him and h company to save lives. back to you. >> the number of people applying forç jobless benefits continue to fall and the labor department report that çapplications dropd 284,000. that is the lowestç in eight years. >> house speaker john boehner is knownç for getting misty- eyedn capitol hill and the way he introduced a colleague and her child may have tears of your ç own. >> i want to recognize a special guest in our nation's capitol today.
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>> hi, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. coming up on the real story.
10:46 am
another missing airplane and crash. how do you know if the plane you are on is safe and flying over a dangerous zone? how a company and a leaked comcast memo about what they thought about a performance. and ever hear of a ever cookie? it is all at the top of the hour. we are carefully following the threat of childhood disease. diseases like whooping cough and measles. there is an outbreak in kansas where doctors are on high alert. 11 confirmed cases in one kansas county and one than 100 reported in 20 states after a drop in
10:47 am
imnunizations. in 2011 there were 19,000 new cases of whooping cough. and we'll talk to the doctor about the measles. we thought no more measles in the united states. >> and it is a combination of factors, the controversy with the vaccines. vaccinations have taken a bad rap and media and lay people making comments and autism rates and all of that jazz. but in reality vaccines are safe. measles is a gold been around since the 1960s and we should not have measles in general. it makes you sick and people can die from the measles. they used to die in the old days. >> the side-effects were severe? >> right, right. you can usually live through it if you are healthy and young. but if it gets out of control it
10:48 am
is it problematic. >> in this case in kansas. a baseball tournament came from texas, and there is a concern are the people visiting exposed to measles and are they taking it back to another state. i am curious. folks are getting ready to go back to school. and if you haven't had the measles shot will you be from the disease? >> there is a period of incan youubation and you can transmit it easily. for the most part, yeah, it is a person-to-person transmission. and if you have a group of people infected and you don't realize it, then go ahead and check it out with your doctor. this is a perfect time to talk to people about back to school. thank god, going back to school. and this is the time to check with your pedtrician. is your vaccinations up-to-date? if you have a older child in
10:49 am
college. i checked his vaccine for the measles. he had it but it wore off. >> that happen to a friend of mine. >> i told the doctor. give him a shot because he's going. and now to a dorm in college. for a lot of parents, check out whether or not if you have older teen, whether the vaccinations is strong enough in their immune system. and you got to do it. >> speaker john boehner talked about a special child of one of his colleagues. let's listen to this. >> dr. jessica beanstalk is the resident director of department at the john hopkins school of medicine. she has delivered over a thousand babies and one of them is well known to all of us and she is a bigal rose butler who is the daughter of our
10:50 am
friend. (applause) >> speaker boehner, getting choked up there. congressman butler had abgal rose who was born with no kidneys and a miracle baby for sure. potter syndrome is a condition where the baby -- the kidneys are not working. the baby isn't making urine and the lungs do not develop. this is almost 100% fatal. what the doctor did at johns hopkins which is an avatar treatment replaced the fluid with saline at multiple times during the course of her pregnancy to give a chance to lungs to survive. they delivered the baby at 32 weeks and everybody, every obstetrician was standing by waiting for that miracle to happen which was to have the baby take the first breath of air and it did and doing great waiting for a kidney transplant. a miracle of science. >> nice to end on that story.
10:51 am
great to see you. thank you. john? investors are suing the federal government for putting a stop to a potentially lucrative project. we'll tell you why washington blocked a new copper mine. you do a lot of things great. but parallel parking isn't one of them. you're either too far from the curb. or too close to other cars... it's just a matter of time until you rip some guy's bumper off. so, here are your choices: take the bus. or get liberty mutual insurance.
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for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. call liberty mutual insurance.
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investors suing the government for blocking their request for the mother lode. it could be the biggest copper and gold mine in north america but the project was vetoed over fears to the state's huge salmon fishing industry. investors say the epa didn't even look at their plans. dan springer has more on this argument from the northwest newsroom. dan? >> another federal agency under fire for abuse of power and just like the irs scandal, the environmental protection agency can't locate e-mails from a key
10:55 am
now former biologist at the center of this storm. the pebble mine has been controversial from the beginning containing the biggest deposit of copper and gold in north america worth hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of good paying jobs but it's also in the bristol bay watershed home to the largest salmon run in the world. alaskan natives asked the epa to veto the mine under a rarely used provision in the clean water act. >> the authorities there in law and question we asked if not in this place and not on this issue and not at this time, when are they going to use it? there's so much at risk. >> now the government oversight committee and inspector general are looking into whether the epa violated the law by killing the mine before anything was filed. one reads "we should be the ones to shape the discussion.
10:56 am
we will need to do tribal outreach. they need to understand the risk." >> allowing a federal agency to have this control over private land, they can argue all they want about this. this is a taky. >> the epa says it did nothing wrong but can't find one of the employees on that e-mail and mysteriously two years worth of his e-mails have vanished. john? >> missing e-mails. where have we heard that before? >> i know. >> dan springer in our northwest newsroom. >> you've been getting my e-mails, right, john? >> i do get yours. an aggressive phone call between comcast and a customer caught on tape but that customer service rep wasn't doing exactly what his bosses wanted. details ahead on "the real story."
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they are calling it bear
11:00 am
proofing. bears were killed when they came too close to people. one colorado city is creating bear proof bins and using bears to test them out. not a tear is acceptable. it looks like it worked pretty good there. >> that's a good sized bear. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. tragedy in the air to tell you about as potentially the third passenger plane falls from the sky this week. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story" today. french officials say a missing passenger jet probably crashed in northern africa. french fighter jets looking for wreckage over mali. the air algeria flight dropped off radar. the pilots contacted towers and tried to change course because they were being hit by heavy storms and that's the last anyone


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