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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 23, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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hope you had calf as much fun -- much fun as we did. go to you need a laugh every once in a while. see you tomorrow at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. violence is escalating on american soil near the southern border. now, in a moment governor rick perry will be here to explain why he is now deploying the texas national guard to the region and help secure our broken borders. first, heavy caliber gunfire was shot at a u.s. border patrol agent on the american side of the rio grande, now on the mexican side of the river and sources say they believe shots came from the members of the mexican drug cartels. and one mile down the border a massive shootout ensued as police officers tried to arrest a gang member for his alleged role in the murder of a 19-year-old man. joining me now is texas managing
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director brandon darby. he's been covering all the chaos on the border from mcallen, texas. brandon. >> hey, sean. thanks for having me on. >> tell us what happened. >> well, in the shootout -- the shooting that happened across the border is actually a common occurrence and it has to do with gang members or cartel members across the river shooting at u.s. law enforcement. oftentimes they're not actually trying to hit the u.s. law enforcement. they're trying to draw all of the law enforcement into one specific area so that they can get a high valued shipment across, whether it be a person or narcotics. this happened a couple of weeks ago. and at that point it was a member of the game and wildlife who was shot at. so this is something that happens all the time here even though we're being told the borders are secure. and now an issue with the gang member who was killed, they suspected him of killing a 19-year-old man. and, again, this is a town that is known for shipments coming through. this is a town in the rio grande
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valley sector, the focal point of perry's national guard that's coming. this is another issue of spillover violence happening. and then we also have another issue coming up that's frequently happening here. and this is with 911 calls. the "los angeles times" finally did a piece focusing on 911 calls from brooks county. this is the county that's 90 miles from the texas-mexico border. and the county issi in usi isis with illegal immigrants. cover roughly 1,000 square miles. they find bodies of young women raped and left to die in that region. and there's a series of 911 calls. let's go to the calls. >> 911, state your emergency. >> spanish please. >> hello?
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>> espaniol. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> as you can see we have cross-border violence. we're inundated with illegal immigration crossing the border. this is from the most secure region of the u.s.-mexico border right now, the texas-mexico border, the rio grand sector. >> and texas governor rick perry will join us in just a moment to discuss his plan to secure the border without the help of the president. but first fox and friends first co-host here with an update on a somber homecoming for the victims of the downed malaysian airlines flight 17. they were waiting literally held in the hot weather for days and
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now finally these bodies are being sent home. >> i know. you're right. thank you, sean. well, it was a day of mourning in the netherlands and all across the globe today. the dutch had the highest death toll from the downed malaysian airlines flight 17. of the 298 people who actually lost their lives last thursday in ukraine, 193 of them were dutch. earlier the first wave of those bodies of the innocent victims arrived there in a southern city where members of the dutch royal family as well as the australian parliament greeted those caskets on the runway, which as you can see lined with hearses and the dutch armed forces. ♪ after a moment of silence was observed by the entire nation, soldiers unloaded the coffins and placed them in those waiting vehicles. and then they departed for a
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dutch military base where the bodies will now be identified by forensic investigators. the motorcade to that location included military police escort and streets that were lined with local residents paying their respects. all across the country today flags were flown at half-staff, at government buildings as well as at homes. dutch courts halted courtroom trials. commercials were even pulled from their televisions and radio programs. and hundreds gathered at a memorial service in central netherlands to mark this day as a day of loss and, sean, as a day of remembrance. we'll remember all of those victims. >> all right. thank you so much. our thoughts and prayers are with everyone effected by this horrible tragedy. we turn now our attention back to the immigration crisis in this country. joining me now to outline his plan to actually send the national guard to the border, texas governor rick perry. governor, welcome back. good to see you, sir. >> yes, sir, thank you, sean. >> have you heard from the president at all since you met with him when i was down with
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you on the border? has he gotten back in contact with you? >> no. obviously we're moving ahead. we're not going to wait for the federal government, whether it's the administration or from washington, d.c. for that matter. the crisis is full-blown. everyone understands what the issue is here. and not only have we been dealing with this for a number of years now, it's come to the point where the details of the criminal activities have become so clear that we no longer can wait for washington to secure the border. and texas is going to do it with our law enforcement and with our national guard. >> you know, governor, i just see this pattern, a lack of urgency by the president. we have a crisis at the border. we've got our closest ally in israel under fire in a ground war. and we're lectures them to pull back after 1,600 rockets have fired in. we have a v.a. where our vets are dying and nothing has happened in the two months since that has been announced. and on top of that you have
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sergeant tamarisi rotting in a prison, he needs medical attention. what's going on? where's the president's urgency here? does that not shock you? >> well, there certainly seems to be a hesitancy to act by this administration, but i can't get into the president's mind. i don't know what he's thinking. all i have to work with is what reality is. and the reality is that texas citizens are being put in jeopardy by this poorest border. and texans, and i think americans, no longer can see a border that's open for the type of individuals that are coming across. sean, there have been over the course of the last five years since the fall of '08 over 203,000 individuals who have come into texas illegally that have been booked in to our county jails. those individuals have been accounted for over 3,000 homicides and over 8,000 sexual
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assaults. we can't afford to wait for washington to secure this border. we've had enough. and we're going to secure the southern border. >> governor, you know, i've been down to the border. i've been from san diego to the rio grande twice now. the time that i spent with you in the briefing before we went out on a helicopter tour and out with the border patrol, the texas border patrol, was very revealing. you had a navy s.e.a.l., i think his name was jj, give a presentation, 642,000 crimes, some real serious crimes like you're mentions in seven years on texas citizens by illegal immigrants. the more important aspect to me as bad as that is, yemen, pakistan, afghanistan and syria, they're catching people from these countries crossing our border. that concerns me. that's a national security issue. reaction. >> as we shared with you the comptroller who has a ranch in far west texas, on her ranch
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last week there were three ukraine individuals that were apprehended on that ranch. so we are seeing obviously individuals from countries that have strong terrorist ties being apprehended as well as individuals who are committing crimes against the citizens of our state. and those numbers that i gave you, sean, those are just in texas. we realize that, you know, they're not just stopping in texas. individuals with criminal intent on their mind are going into the other 47 contiguous states as well. >> yeah. you know, is it true that right now because of this influx from central america and honduras and guatemala and el salvador and elsewhere, is it true that 70% of the border agents are spending time on paperwork and spending time on taking care of those kids that in other words it's even more urgent than when i was down there and that's why you decided to put the national guard down there? >> that's one of the reasons. obviously having the border patrol being distracted from their primary duty, which is to
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control the border from the standpoint of individuals who would come in, the drug traffickers, the other criminal elements that we see along that border. and the influx of these young, unaccompanied children, has been a big distraction for the border patrol. so having them back doing their job -- as a matter of fact, i shared with you last week that the president was not aware that the border patrol was even back 40 to 50 miles away from the border. and they need to be moved forward. he was not aware of that. i think he appreciated me bringing it to his attention. i hope he did. but the fact is if you're going to secure the border, and your philosophy is going to be in the prevention of people coming across, the prevention of crime, you're going to have to be right on the border, right on the river with assets in as you saw with our boats, our parks and wildlife, it's the reason i also ask the faa for the approval to
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use drones. that's obviously the president was asked for that approval as well. to use those drones to be able to look down and make the identification of whether individuals are involved with activities that are inappropriate and then send those teams in quickly to apprehend them. >> governor, thank you. we're going to continue to follow this story. >> yes, sir. >> it's a very important one. >> it is indeed. >> sad government isn't doing its job but glad you're going to take care of it on your own as best you can. thank you so much for the tour we had. >> you're welcome. coming up next tonight right here on "hannity". >> the bishop -- conference of bishop statements in which they said maybe jesus was a refugee from violence. let's not turn away from these children and send them back into a burning building. >> you hear nancy pelosi comparing illegal children crossing the border to jesus. and hamas releases video
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and welcome back to "hannity." so as the chaos on our southern border rages out of control, nancy pelosi appeared on msnbc yesterday and made a startling comparison to unaccompanied illegal children and jesus. take a look. >> in washington i see an embrace to the idea that this is a humanitarian crisis by people who are not politicizing the issue. what we need to do is have the supplemental that gives us the resources to meet the
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humanitarian needs, to do the border control but also to have the judicial peace so that these children have representation and judges to hear their cases. those who have a right to stay, whether it's refugee status or asylum, i always reference the conference of bishops statements in which they said maybe jesus was a refugee from violence, let us not turn away from these children and send them back into a burning building. that's the bishops message. but we have to do this in a way that honors our values. >> here with reaction to this and much more is texas senator ted cruz. senator, your reaction to that. >> well, it's a little rich to see nancy pelosi talking about not politicizing an issue because the approach of president obama and the democrats from the very beginning of this crisis at the border has been all politics and no interest in actually solving the problem. >> senator -- go ahead.
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>> this weekend i was down at the border. i was down at mcallen. i met with the chief of border patrol, i met with a number of border patrol agents. and i asked the agents, i said, why is this happening? why are so many children coming now? what's changed? every single border patrol agent answered, they said they're coming because they believe they're getting amnesty. this is a humanitarian crisis, but it's the direct consequence of president obama's lawlessness. and we're not going to solve this crisis until we stop president obama's amnesty. >> senator, i've been down there nine times now, most recently with governor perry who we just had on. >> right. >> i got the exact same answer. they were all coming with a plan. they turn themselves in. they're not even trying to hide. all they want to do is step foot on american soil to hand themselves in. you challenge -- the president wouldn't go to the border. i actually went there and i got the briefing that i think he should have gotten. you took on harry reid this week and you said, hey, he's living in the ritz in washington. why isn't he down at the border?
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>> well, and this has been the pattern of president obama and the democrats, which is that they pay no attention to the suffering that their policies are causing. you know, several weeks ago i was at lackland air force base where there are roughly 1200 of these children being kept. and it's important to understand these little boys, these little girls, are being brought into this country not by well-meaning social workers with birkenstocks and beards. they're being brought in by violent, vicious drug cartels. and these little boys and little girls are being physically assaulted, being sexually assaulted. and it's really sad to see president obama and the democrats unwilling to do anything to solve this crisis. you look at the president's proposed supplemental. it's a very cynical bill because it's all hhs social spending with nothing to solve the problem. which means the president is assuming next year tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of little boys continue to be brought in by
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drug dealers and cartels, continue to be physically sexually assaulted, that is not compassionate. that is not humane. the compassionate humane thing to do is enforce the law and stop president obama's amnesty that's the direct cause of all these little girls. >> they could do this -- the president wants consensus. you can change the 2008 law, which was to stop against child sex trafficking. you can control the border -- republicans would sign onto that in a minute. the president, it's not even an option. let me switch to the president and obviously the open mic segment with john kerry on fox news sunday. this is not a pinpoint strike, et cetera. and he's outraged. i've got some video that i want to show you. i'll explain to you what it is in case your monitor doesn't put it up. you've got hamas masked militants inside these sophisticated tunnels they've built. you can see they've got cement reinforcement there. you've got various hamas armed
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gunmen in the tunnel, militants with lights on their heads, green uniforms, masks inside the tunnel. you can see the weapons, walking inside the tunnel, they've got them. they have literally various hamas militants in there. this is how they kidnapped those three boys. this is how they launch a lot of their attacks on israel. >> right. >> why isn't the united states saying 1,600 rockets, we're with you, we support you, you have the right to defend yourself? >> right. well, and these hamas terrorists have tranquilizers and handcuffs there precisely to capture innocent israeli citizens, to capture children, to capture soldiers and hold them for ransom. israel is defending herself against vicious terrorist who is are trying to murder innocent civilians. as prime minister netanyahu put it very effectively a couple weeks ago, in israel they use missile defense to protect their civilians. hamas is using their civilians to protect their missiles, which
7:20 pm
is a war crime. and you ask why aren't we doing this? sean, the reason is sad, it's tragic, but the obama administration is the most anti-israel administration this government has ever had. yesterday, we saw the faa make an unprecedented decision to ban all air travel to the nation of israel. and i've asked today the very simple question, did president obama just unilaterally launch economic boycotts on the nation of israel? because john kerry showed up in israel, gave $47 million to hamas in gaza. >> that is insanity. >> and simultaneously -- >> we gave $1.5 billion f-16s and tanks to mohamed morsi, was the head of the muslim brotherhood who said the israelis are descendants of apes and pigs. >> this decision by the faa raises serious questions. was this a political decision,
7:21 pm
was it driven by the white house, was it driven by the state department? if it was based on airline safety, as they said, why did they single out israel? why not ban travel to pakistan, or yemen or ukraine? but instead they targeted israel. and the timing -- >> couldn't have been worse. >> at the exact moment kerry was there trying to strongarm israel into stopping their efforts to shut down hamas's rockets and tunnels. >> you said you believe they were trying to blackmail israel -- which i agree with. they're cutting israel off from the rest of the world at a very important time, you're right. the state department, you have a spokesman responded to you. i want to play it and give you a chance to respond. >> senator cruz just released a statement saying that the faa's flight suspension to israel is economic blackmail and the obama administration is doing this to punish israel. >> ridiculous. ridiculous and offensive quite frankly. the faa takes its responsibilities very seriously. i will speak for them in this
7:22 pm
case. they make decisions based solely on the security and safety of american citizens. for anyone to suggest otherwise it's ridiculous. >> response, senator? >> you know what is ridiculous is the obama administration refusing to answer simple questions about whether this was dictated by politics and why the faa is singling out israel while not focusing on other areas of the world. and what is offensive is the obama administration giving $47 million that will go to hamas, who is actively trying to kill civilians, while simultaneously imposing millions of dollars of economic harms on our friend and ally, israel. the state department needs to answer those questions. and, sean, i announced today that in response to that refusal to answer from the state department, i intend to hold all state department nominees until they answer these questions. >> good for you. >> congress deserves to know and the american people deserve to know, was this politics from the white house? or was this an airline safety
7:23 pm
decision? and i think the facts strongly suggest it was politics in an effort to strong-arm the nation of israel. >> i wonder if your fellow republicans will support you this time. last question, senator, true blood depicted at ted cruz fundraiser. quick response we're running out of time. >> well, hbo's vampire show "true blood," they did have vampires murdering a bunch of texas republicans at a ted cruz fundraiser. i have to say i posted on facebook that of all the places i never thought to be mentioned on hbo's vampire show would be right up at the front. but i said, you know, well, i guess i may have lost the vampire vote. >> i think you might have. >> but i find it interesting and amusing that hbo is suggesting that the far left are blood sucking fiends. >> might be something there, senator. i'll let the viewers decide. thanks for being with us. >> thank you, sean. coming up, you're not going to believe what came out of president obama's mouth yesterday in a particular how
7:24 pm
he's kept informed of world events. we have the tape to prove just how out of touch he really is. and later tonight -- >> oh, okay. wait, you would actually use a whip? oh. interesting. >> a new undercover video has now surfaced of a planned parenthood employee encouraging a young girl to experiment with whips. we'll continue that investigation as more of "hannity" continues.
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welcome back to "hannity." another day, another example which proves that your commander in chief is oblivious. now while on a three-day fund raising trek out west the president told a group of seattle donors that he doesn't watch much news because "whatever they're reporting about, well, usually i know." well, really, you already know? mr. president, we have the tape to prove otherwise. >> specific allegations that i think were reported first by
7:27 pm
your network out of phoenix, i believe, we learned about them through the reports. >> well, let me take the irs situation first. i first learned about it from the same news reports that i think most people learned about this. i think it was on friday. >> let me just be clear, we don't have any independent knowledge of that. he found out about the news reports yesterday on the road. >> i certainly did not know anything about the i.g. report before the i.g. report had been leaked through press -- through the press. >> joining me now with reaction from the national journey, rob and fox news political analyst juan williams. neither members by the way of the vast right wing conspiracy. so this is interesting. ron, you have some interesting comments, fund raising on the titanic, was that you? is. >> actually a headline in politico. they pulled a couple paragraphs of my story. what i did in my piece was talk about, hey, the president can't be held hostage by events.
7:28 pm
obviously he can't cancel every trip when there's crises going on. but you can't pretend, as this white house does, that, oh, they're above politics while they're immersing themselves in politics. and you have to pay attention to the optics of the presidency, the theatrics of presidency -- >> when you have one of our political foes that russia seemingly responsible for shooting a plane out of the sky and closest ally, israel, being involved in a ground war and the president doesn't do anything, he goes to new york for a fundraiser. he's in dallas, we have a huge problem at our border and he wouldn't take the time to sit through a briefing that i sat through and toured the border to get a good eye on the ground itself. seems like he's out of touch, ron. >> again, that's a good example. you could make a credible argument why a president should not go to the border. you could make an argument. the problem is they didn't make
7:29 pm
that argument. the argument they made is we don't do photo ops. i'm not interested in photo ops. the same day he did photo ops because all presidents do photo ops. so it's the hypocrisy that gets me actually even more than what i think is often failed crisis communications. >> the headline in the national journal in your piece was, is the white house lying or just bad at crisis communications? you have your own conclusion? >> i think they're very, very bad at crisis communications. this last week shows it. for example, i -- >> i actually think they lie. i think they lied about benghazi. i think they lied about the irs. i think they've told a number of lies. >> i think there have been lies out of the last two administrations. we want to talk about lies. >> but six years since the last one. we talked at nauseam about the last one. >> i've talked about this one as well and held the president accountable. >> you have. >> no, i agree. all right. >> juan, you've been one of the president's biggest supporters. >> come on.
7:30 pm
>> juan, let's be real. >> no, i think what's real is i come on with sean hannity who are is one of the president's biggest critics. so i think, sean, there's another side to the story and you position me as the president's defender. that's not fair. >> juan, i would argue that everything i said in 2007 and 2008 and the lead-up to his election about him being radical, rigid and arrogant is proven true. i think he's out of touch and i think he's over his head. >> i got the idea you would not have voted for him. i got that picture. >> i think it's bigger than that. bill clinton showed a pragmatic side. bill clinton, the era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it. give me one time that obama has deviated from his rigid ideology. i can't think of one. >> i think the biggest story in the world right now is iran is negotiations with iran. and i think it's required the united states government to vary from our posture of not talking with the iranians, not dealing
7:31 pm
with them. >> but do you think the president is in touch when he's playing 180 rounds of golf, headed to martha's vineyard, on fund raising treks while john kerry's lectures our closest ally to pull back when 1,600 rockets are fired into their country? i think it's a president out of touch that won't go to the border. a president that just does not seem engaged. >> well, i think there are lots of people who don't have much confidence in any source of leadership approval ratings for the president, for the congress or both down in the tanks, sean. but if you're asking me is the president engaged, i would say, look at the sanctions that were put in place even before the airplane issue in ukraine. look at the efforts in terms of negotiating with the palestinians and the israelis. they failed, but that's what's going on. look at what's going on with afghanistan, iraq, iran. i don't think that's a disengaged man. >> jonathan turley, george washington university law professor weighed in on the
7:32 pm
court decision yesterday, which could be the final fatal blow to obamacare. i want to get your response to it. let's play it. >> just last week i told congress that a live torpedo in the water for obamacare. and that torpedo just hit. >> what do you think, ron? could this in fact -- i don't expect that the circa court is going to follow with the d.c. court. but i do believe the supreme court would follow in this way. because the reading of the law is very clear. >> my guess is they don't. roberts had a crack at this law, and he let it go through. my guess is he does again. the barre is pretty low for the administration. they basically legally only have to show when the law is ambiguous and it is because the democrats wrote a sloppy law. >> but not the specific provision if you read it because it's very -- about state exchanges and what they get and those that don't. >> i have read it. but all they have to show is that they have a reasonable argument. the burden of proof is not very high for the administration. i think it's very possible they could overcome it.
7:33 pm
but i think one thing you will agree with me on is this brings up the original sin of aca, of obamacare, which by the way i would like to see succeed. but the original sin of it is is they did nothing -- didn't do anything the way they needed to to get any republican votes. this has been a partisan bill from the beginning. and now it's a partisan bill going to the supreme court. and no matter how the court rules, this is going to be seen as a polarized supreme court. and that's not good. >> you had me up until the point you said you wanted it to succeed. it's impossible. >> i do want it to succeed. >> financially it is a game changer that we can ill afford and will never work, i don't think. >> wait a second, i thought, sean, i thought you weren't exactly an obama basher, a critic of everything. i thought you were trying to be -- >> juan, he's now accumulating more debt than every president before him. >> oh, come on. >> 50 million americans on food stamps. 50 million in poverty. >> oh, yeah. >> ukraine -- egypt, you want me to keep going?
7:34 pm
>> if you want to talk about economic crises, we can go back and talk about other republican administrations. let's get with the reality. >> what has he done to create jobs? where are those shovel ready jobs? >> i think we're now like five years of continuous job growth in this country. >> you are very -- you have lost it. you're one of those people that fainted in 2007. you've had an obama gasm for god sakes. >> i think you get a kick out of kicking this guy in the teeth on a daily basis. >> i want my country to succeed. the world is burning and he's out raising money for the democrats. engage. do your job. >> imagine, a president is not supposed to raise money after citizens united. oh, no, don't do that. >> i love ron more than you tonight, juan. i love you both. >> i'm here to help you, sean hannity. >> oh, god, help us. i don't need the government's help and i don't need your help. no offense.
7:35 pm
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when a pro at any 2014 pga tour event sinks a hole-in-one, quicken loans could pay your mortgage for an entire year. truly amazing! enter today at welcome back to "hannity." the third installment into investigations into planned parenthood released today. it is video you have to see to believe it. this time a 15-year-old girl got disturbing advice from a staffer. this time it's in portland. we must warn you that what you're about to see is extremely graphic and, remember, is being funded by 500-plus million of your tax dollars. >> when they tie up sometimes
7:41 pm
they use scarves, sometimes more extreme and use actual handcuffs. >> oh, really? >> but then you have to trust your partner will unlock you. >> right. >> and it can be, you know, you're tied to a bed or tied to a tree or, you know, tied behind your back. >> okay. okay. >> whatever. >> being spanked or hit or whipped. >> oh, my. okay. so you actually would like use a whip? >> uh-huh. >> oh, interesting. >> i would find books on sex and kinkiness and all of that. >> okay. >> here with reaction from concerned women for america, penny nans, and policy mic social editor liz. let me ask you this, do you have any kids? >> i don't. >> okay. maybe one day you want to have kids, maybe not. maybe, maybe not. do you want your 15-year-old daughter going to planned
7:42 pm
parenthood, tax dollars being paid to this organization to learn to be tied up to a bed, to a tree, behind their back, being whipped, do you want your 15-year-old daughter getting that advice from a stranger? is that appropriate to you? >> i think it's weird. i think we can definitely both agree on that. but a lot of people -- >> you didn't answer my question. stop. focus. i'm asking you a simple question. do you think it's appropriate to use taxpayer money to tell kids about being tied up, whipped -- and this is not one incident. this has happened a bunch of times live action has caught them. do you think that's wrong? don't parents have rights to guide their own children? >> i think that they do. and clearly planned parenthood decided to fire this employee. >> only when they get caught. >> right. but they got caught by live action, who's an organization that's known -- >> so what, they got caught. >> who knows what happened before and after that conversation. >> no, all you care about -- this is what drives me nuts about feminists. why can't you state the obvious?
7:43 pm
this is wrong. to do this to kids that are that age like they do so often, why don't you say it's wrong? >> wrong to give them information? >> about whipping cht do you want to be whipped, put up against a tree, tie your hands behind your back, 15-year-old kid. is there any line we shouldn't cross here? >> i definitely think there are lines and those are the lines that planned parenthood and -- >> they don't know where they are. >> i think that they do. >> you think they do? so that didn't cross the line? >> that employee got fired for a reason. >> did that cross the line? >> i'm not a counselor. >> did that cross the line for a 15-year-old kid? >> i'm not sure. >> did that cross a line? >> absolutely. in fact, i would say, sean, this is government-funded child abuse. this child came in and asked for information. but what she was told is to let a manti her to a tree and beat her. it was fine as long as she said the word jell-o. this isn't new. we know that planned parenthood gets over half a billion dollars
7:44 pm
a year as you said of our tax dollars. they get money from obamacare. they get money specifically to give this kind of advice from the taxpayer. and we've caught them over and over again doing things that are illegal, that i thinks that are inappropriate. they're hiding children who are being sexually abused from the authorities. >> that's true. >> they were willing to fund abortions based on sex selection and based on race. yet the government continues to shovel boat loads of money -- >> we've got to go. >> of our money. >> i'm just going to say this. how about this. you raise your kids any way you want, but don't feel that the government has the right to tell kids about their whipping and bondage and pain and all the other crap that they get into. is that fair? >> i think that's fair. that's not what most of planned parenthood does. >> planned parenthood has been caught 15 times. >> about whipping? >> yes. look at live action's website.
7:45 pm
>> i would like to see more of the video. >> it's being said. they put the nonedited version up. coming up next, tonight right here on "hannity". >> i'm so tired of hearing about bill clinton's sort of extracurricular activities because the bottom line this is to shame hillary. >> all right. the wheels came off at "the view" yesterday. and the newly revealed cold hard numbers to prove michael moore is a complete phony rich hypocrite. more as "hannity" continues. she's still the one for you.
7:46 pm
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the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "hannity" the cast of "the view" are so tired of the media using bill clinton's extramarital affairs because in their opinion, what difference does it make? in their opinion anyway sth >> i'm so tired about hearing about bill clinton's extracurricular activities. this is to shame hillary, right? i think we should stop doing. that why are we shaming women for the actions of their
7:51 pm
husbands? and if >> it's their private affair, isn't it? >> it's a record of that there are audio tapes of him having phone sex with monica. >> hello, she stayed married to him and blamed the right wing conspiracy on the monica lewinsky allegations. it is the phony bologna sandwich of politics. >> and of course, you know what -- >> if i had, if she stayed married don't you think she would have had a kill switch installed on the thing? that she can zap it? >> a woman energizer would run into the house. >> as talk radio people, that
7:52 pm
have been accused of smearing this woman, there is nothing that is going to rise to the level of disrespect bill clinton presented to her. >> the ladies bring the topic up and say oh, my god we shouldn't be talking about this. you talk about hypocrisy. this is a silver hiening to get back in the white house. let's go to occupy wall street. a guy says capitolism is evil ask jesus would hate it. >> this economic system, has no moral or ethical pull to it. it's only about how much money can we make? can you imagine if jesus was here today? what would he say? what would moses say? what would mohammed say? what would buddha say?
7:53 pm
they would say this is an evil system. >> let's take a look at michael moore's michigan water front mansion, by the way. pretty nice house by the way a full screen of the mansion assessed value, $1.2 million. oh, his net worth? $50 million. i was at an event. on the tarmac was his gulf stream. >> consider wearing a basketball cap? he should be wearing a figure top hat. this hypocritical hippo wants to have his cake and eat it, too. they're talking about gender equality. and fat jokes are okay because the pc police ignored it with governor christie. so what is good for the moose is good for the chubsy. >> i love the idiot paying to see his movie and watch him take a limb scene to occupy.
7:54 pm
>> it's shameful about the left and liberals that success is shameful to them and in the divorce decree he was upset with the amount of money his wife was spending. >> how many kids from the border were in his mansion? or people from detroit sf >> liberals are only again were yous other peoples' money. happy birthday to imus. someone give the guy a hair cut anyway. >> it's a look. >> you're talking about someone's hair? really some >> i got nothing to say. factorn negatively impact good bacteria? even if you're healthy and active.
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that is all the time we have left this evening we hope you'll tune in tomorrow night we're going to speak with a christian living in fear as terror leaders are demanding
8:00 pm
christians in mosul denounce their faith. don't forget fox and friends tomorrow morning, thanks for joining us. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what about president -- what about the fact that there is five work days this week and three of them he is fundraising? >> the fundraising controversy hits the fan as president obama once again travels on the taxpayer dime to raise money for democrats. but all americans are paying for these trips. this is wrong. we'll have an extensive report. >> we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it. >> congresswoman pelosi's statements coming true. and healthcare chaos is in the air once again. we'll have an extensive report on that. >> some people -- [inaudible] >> oh really? okay. >>