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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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dolls, trinkets and nicknacks. you knowingly would buy the apartment with those tenants inside and the dolls. >> and the pink paint. looks like a deal. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. a sad day in the netherlands as many of the bodies from malaysia flight 17 arrive from ukraine. this as the investigation continues into who really took down that plane. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome today to "the real story." manhatta meantime, the fighting continues this morning. two fighter jets blown out of the sky over the russian border. kremlin backed militants say they are behind it. one pilot reportedly killed after not ejecting in time and there's word the rebels are hunting down the other pilot. those ukrainian military aircraft downed just 20 miles from where malaysian flight 17
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was taken out of the sky from a surface to air missile. steve, what more do you know now about downing of these two fighter jets today? >> reporter: gretchen, the event happened close to the russian border and just about 12 miles from the crash site underscoring what a hot war zone that area is in and how difficult it is for any investigation to operate. the two planes were single pilot soviet air fighter planes. they often fly low in support of ground forces which appears what they were doing now. what's not clear is what kind of weapons brought those two jets down. was it sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles as used against the civilian malaysian airliner or were these shoulder mounted. it could have been either one. not clear in this case. a sign that russian backed rebels are not backing down and are continuing to knock planes out of the sky in eastern ukraine, gretchen. >> the bodies have started arriving in the netherlands. how long is the i.d. process
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going to take? >> reporter: the whole process could take anywhere from weeks to months depending on the condition of the bodies and the remains. the first 40 arrived today really ending a long journey beginning by the side of the road in plastic bags and then on a soviet train with broken air conditioner and then a transport plane and now for the first time being treated with dignity met by an honor guard in the netherlands and transported by individual hearses. what's going to happen now will be dna identification processes focusing on the teeth and the hair and again depending on what identification the victims still have on them, the condition of their bodies, it could take an immediate i.d. to weeks or months to make the final determination. >> thank you. we're waiting new details on another deadly plane crash. this one in taiwan. a news agency reporting at least 47 people are dead after a passenger plane crashed into an airport on a small island.
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so the plane attempting an emergency landing during storms in the wake of a typhoon. several people reportedly in the hospital with burns. that typhoon sent it over mainland china battered taiwan yesterday morning. another day on the hot seat for the head of the irs. commissioner john koskinen facing questions about his credibility. including those missing hard drives and e-mails. remember, koskinen testified last month that the e-mails were lost for good but then an irs attorney testified they may be saved somewhere after all. house oversight subcommittee chair jim jordan offering his theory that the irs was planning to sweep you will that under the rug until they were caught and they were forced to come clean thanks to a civil lawsuit. >> relevant time frame from 2010 to 2012 when you lost lois
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lerner e-mails and you have to come clean and you do a letter on june 13th? >> can i respond? there are a set of senior staff members and senate finance committee will with dispute your assertion. >> joining me is the anchor of "special report." welcome. more fireworks with regard to the irs. for viewers at home and those of us looking at this on a daily basis even, it's confusing, right? >> reporter: it is confusing, gretchen. the bottom line is that this is the third appearance by koskinen up on the house oversight committee. just moments ago you had congressman accuse the irs commissioner of trying to hide behind the inspector general saying this ig investigation was essentially hiding what the irs was doing. you have a lot of different statements that have been made now that are being contradicted time and time again, gretchen, including this whole thing about
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the hard drive. they said it was destroyed completely unretrievable and now they say it could have been retrieved and it wasn't. now they are trying to get to the bottom of that. it's confusing. bottom line is there's much more to this investigation. >> and if it weren't for those civil lawsuits, at least congressman jordan was saying maybe the american public would never have found out about any of this. i want to get to the reason that bret is in new hampshire. so today he's profiling the two candidates for u.s. senate, former massachusetts senator scott brown who is running for the senate in new hampshire as a republican against democratic incumbent senator jeanne shah n shaheen. you have a beautiful setting there. what are you going to be covering? >> it's the senate race. it is not definitive. scott brown has to go through a
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primary in early september. everyone believes he's going to sail through that according to the polls going in so then you have incumbent democrat going against scott brown race in-depth. the race is at 10.5 points. incumbent in the lead. scott brown and his people believe once they get past the primary, they'll be able to coalesce republicans in new hampshire and in an anti-administration and concern about the democratic policies here, he believes that he can turn this race around quickly by the fall. we'll get into this race. it's one of the pick six that you can see that we're going to cover intensely and bring the show on the road from time to time including here in concord. >> all right. great to see you in new hampshire. we'll watch tonight on "special report." thanks, bret. breaking news right now, fox news alert because more rocket
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fire erupting in gaza as israel continues to fire back at hamas. john huddy is on the border joining us live. rocket fire happening just moments ago, right, john? >> reporter: absolutely, gretchen. it's been happening with intensity over the course of the last 30 minutes. there's a cannon just to my right that's been firing flares in the distance. let me step out of the way so you can see this. those flares are shot up so israeli forces can move in. forces are continuing to push into an area -- there's that cannon fire right there. this is an area that has seen intense fighting over the course of the last 16 days and another flare- flare-up and in the last six days since the ground offensive began. we've seen artillery fire and cannon fire but it's really
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intensified as i mentioned over the course. another shot right there. in the distance -- let me -- okay. in the distance you can hear machine gun fire. i'll try to point it out. there's been heavy artillery tank cannon fire. another flare. okay. there's another shot there. that cannon is putting up as i said those flares. so forces continue and let me pause for a second. i want you to try to hear this. it's far in the distance. forces continue to move in there on hamas militants and as we've been reporting, u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been on the ground here in israel discussing a possible cease-fire negotiation but i tell you what, gretchen, you wouldn't be able to tell that based on what we're seeing here on the israel/gaza border throughout the day and also we've seen rocket launches fired from this area from gaza on israel. several actually just about maybe 20 minutes ago, 15, 20
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minutes ago. an intense amount of fighting and activity right now as the fight continues. day 16 of operation protective edge. gretchen? >> john huddy reporting live on gaza border with israel. new development in the humanitarian crisis unfolding at our border. with dramatic 911 calls coming in from illegal immigrants flooding into our country. they are calling 911 asking for help from law enforcement after getting stranded in the texas desert. >> 911. state your emergency. joining me a republican from arizona who is on the gop border task force. great to see you, congressman. let me get your reaction first of all to illegals who are asking our government for help by calling 911.
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>> they're taxing our government in virtually every aspect. it's got to stop. the only way to stop it is to end the catch and release policy to the obama administration. i think that's probably the single best thing we can do and that's to get them through an expedited process and make sure that they're not released into neighborhoods. i think if we do that, it will send a strong message to these countries. there is no amnesty in america. you'll be returned to your country. >> i know you are releasing because you're on this task force, you're releasing recommendations about what you feel should happen for this border crisis which include deploying the national guard to help border patrol and humanitarian care of unaccompanied minors. this is something we heard from governor rick perry in texas. he sent a thousand national guard down there. you're asking for this. it's a futile request. the administration doesn't seem to be going anywhere with that. >> we have to put our best foot
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forward. the president said he'll do whatever he wants with his pen. that doesn't stop us from trying to do the most responsible thing we can. we have to change that 2008 law so that these people aren't guaranteed hearings and customs and border patrol officers, these cops, can do what they need to do and that is repatriate them and get them back to their count ris wiries their families as quickly as we can and that's the only way to stop. the $5,000 they pay cartel members to transport them and families across is going to be wasted and they're going to end up back in their country is the only way it will stop. >> another part of recommendation is processing families within five to seven days. making sure children are screened within seven days of detention and sending judges to sort out credible asylum seekers. >> i don't want to hire a bunch
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of new federal judges that will be employees forever where closest thing to eternal life is a federal program for a federal judge. we want to hire people that are retired judges, people that are not expecting to be on for the long-term but just until we get through this crisis. >> very interesting. congressman matt salmon, thank you. a shootout in the lone star state. how did it end? obamacare on shaky ground after a pair of opposing court decisions yesterday. can the law survive this latest legal challenge? one of president obama's law school professors will join me with a surprising prediction. kick to the curb all over a tweet? one man says his entire family was booted from a southwest plane over something he said. >> she said i am going to call the cops. i thought that something bad was
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going to happen, like, my dad being in jail.
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with enrollment in experian credit tracker. welcome back to "the real story." shots fired at police during an hours long standoff in south texas. two officers wounded in this incident. investigators say police were trying to serve a warrant to a murder suspect barricaded inside a home. one of the officers now in critical condition. the other is stable. police say the gunman was later found dead. the duelling rulings on the obamacare tax credit setting a stage for the next legal challenge. even the president's old law professor wouldn't bet the family farm on obamacare surviving. but could harry reid play a big role in this. joining me is professor of constitutional law at harvard law school. great to have you on, professor.
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>> great to be on, gretchen. >> all right. so you gave an interview a couple weeks ago before these two court rulings came down yesterday. but essentially you were pred t predicting in your mind you wouldn't bet the family farm on obamacare surviving these legal challenges. why? >> because there are a lot of judges who pay very little attention to the purpose of the law. the purpose to make healthcare affordable. they pick apart the words in great detail and i knew that given the judges who were hearing the case, there was great likelihood that by a vote of 2-1, the court of appeals for the district of columbia would say that all the people who are on healthcare exchanges that were triggered by the states but actually run by the federal government in the 36 states where the federal government has acted on behalf of the states, that they would not be able to
11:18 am
get federal help. when it gets to the supreme court, i sort of count four votes each way and i think it's going to depend in the end on the chief justice. now, he, too, was a student of mine. i think he's got a lot of common sense. he's not very likely in my view to take the language of the law, which says that exchanges established by a state are the ones on which people can get financial help. and emphasize that little word buy. the court of appeals in d.c. said that if a state can't establish its own exchange but asks the department of health and human services to take the burden on for itself, that kind of exchange is run on behalf of the state and for the state but not literally by the state. >> we are parsing words.
11:19 am
i know that interpretation -- >> it's not literary criticism. we're talking words that are designed to protect ordinary people, middle class people, people who can't really afford -- >> i understand the premise. there are people on the other side -- >> should they be tripped up by what even the d.c. circuit court of appeals said was an unintentional gap in the language. >> okay. but there are other people who are criticizing your assessment of this saying that maybe in fact you're doing something to influence the supreme court so michael cannon said this. "he's obviously trying to coach the supreme court on how to rule for the government here. he's also ignoring or not aware of the legislative history showing proposals that would withhold subsidies from states that didn't establish exchange
11:20 am
or do other things." he says you're trying to coach the supreme court. you say what? >> i wish i had that influence. even when john roberts was a student of mine, he had a mind of his own. someone like john roberts who also has common sense is not likely to buy into an interpretation that holds a gun to the head of each state and says if you don't set up your own exchange, what we're going to do is punish all of your people. we'll hold them hostage by withholding money from them. that's the kind of gun to the head that john roberts said made the medicaid part of the affordable care act unconstitutional. that was a vote of 7-2. i'm not coaching anybody. i'm simply trying to figure out what practical and intelligent people are going to say. i think it's a close question. that's why i wouldn't bet my life on it. >> you wouldn't bet the family farm. you said you wouldn't bet the family farm and we'll have to see because it's undoubtedly going to go to the supreme
11:21 am
court. professor tribe, thank you so much. professor lawrence prescribe is author of "uncertain justice." criminals can get desperate sometimes but this guy took this patrolman with him to get out of charges. see how he finally got caught. and a southwest airlines flight attendant taking criticism personal. a passenger gets pulled off a plane for complaining. what he said about their service and why he's now demanding an apology. lebron james is sorry. the nba superstar handing out cupcakes as an apology to his neighbors after his coming home caused a traffic jam and disruption to his neighbors. what's the best apology gift you've ever gotten? tweet me. we'll share your comments at the end of the show.
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routine traffic stop turns into one very wild ride starting after the suspect is pulled over. he begins fighting with the officer and eventually pulling the officer inside the car before stepping on the gas. the officer dragged for a bit before struggling to get back on his feet and then comes the chase with the suspect clipping one car, slamming into some other parked cars after driving into an alley the suspect puts his car in reverse going toward the officer who opened fire then. the suspect is shot twice but still manages to take off in his car again coming to a stop a short time later and then after all that, he was taken into custody. so a minnesota man says his family got booted from a southwest airlines plane because of a tweet that he sent. trace gallagher is live with more on this amazing story.
11:26 am
what happened? >> the man is an a-list passenger which means he gets priority boarding and that is the difference between getting a good seat and bad seat but on this flight he was traveling with his 9 and 6-year-old kids and the gate agent said they're not a-list passengers so they can't board with you. he was not happy. he and the gate agent had this exchange that watson said went something like this. listen. >> i said, real nice way to treat an a-list client. i'll be sure to tweet about it. wow rudest agent in denver. not happy at southwest airlines. >> reporter: they boarded but then he and his kids were asked to get off the plane because the
11:27 am
agent said that her safety was threatened and they couldn't get back on unless he deleted his tweet. instead, he tweeted again quoting here "unreal experience. awaiting response from airline. asked for name of rude gate agent. we board. i tweet. kids and i pulled off unless i delete. are you kidding me?" turns out watson and his kids were apparently not a very big threat because southwest has now apologi apologized. it's unclear if the gate agent was disciplined. they did offer the family each a $50 gift voucher to fly and mr. watson said thanks, but no thanks. we're not going to fly southwest airlines ever again. >> wait a minute. $50? when you get bumped off a flight for overcrowding, you get 200, don't you? >> we just talked to southwest. they said they're going to give us more robust response to our question but they haven't gotten back to us yet. we'll let you know what the robust response is. >> i like that word. robust.
11:28 am
all right. trace, thanks so much. the united states facing a series of threats from abroad. you know all about it. it's not just what's happening in the middle east and the ukraine. >> terrorist threat is not diminishing. it is spreading globally. and it is morphing into more and more so-called franchises. >> so as the world waits for a response from the u.s., the president continues raising money for midterm elections. plus, someone takes down the american flags flying over the brooklyn bridge replacing them with white flags international symbols of surrender. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani will talk to us about this serious security breach and so much more. hi, mr. mayor. >> hi, gretchen. how are you? >> great to see you. >> great to see you too. woooo.
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time to check out stories making headlines around the country and the world. a new hearing today on the iraq crisis. lawmakers are told that isis is "worse than al qaeda." president obama declaring a state of emergency in washington as crews in that state battle the largest wildfire in its history. so far hundreds of homes have been damaged or destroyed. one person has died. a chemical fire in north dakota sparking evacuations there as crews decide they'll let it burn out. the chemicals burning are the ones used in fracking and there's concern that adding water to them will create a hazardous mix of materials that
11:33 am
could run into the nearby red river. criticism today for president obama as tensions in ukraine keep rising. two military jets shot out of the sky today in the same region where flight 17 was brought down and the president continues his fund-raising trip raising money for the midterm elections. ed henry joins us now. there's criticism not just from republicans but now democrats joining in too? >> reporter: that's what's interesting about this story now and you see these crises deepening now. republicans have been hitting the president because it's not just about this week. he's now in his second day of a three-day fund-raising swing out west as you say. remember last week when the jetliner went down, fund-raising in new york city that night. week before fund-raising in colorado and texas as border crisis was deepening. now democratic senator dianne
11:34 am
feinstein, senior democrat told msnbc this. listen. >> i'm not going to tell the president what to do. i think the world would very much respect his increased attention on this matter. and i think there ought to be increased attention. >> reporter: also interesting, the president continues to focus on midterm elections and in the last few moments house democratic whip staid the fact that the president's popularity is not as high as we would like it is a factor. that's probably an understatement at this point. interesting that as president is out there doing so much fund-raising focusing on mid terms, democrats are questioning how much of a positive impact he'll have. >> very interesting. okay. so any signs that the president is going to cut his three-day fund-raising trip short? >> reporter: so far, no. i pressed josh earnest on this yesterday. he said, look, you've got air force one. you've got the president's staff. they follow him everywhere. he has trappings of office to do
11:35 am
these secure phone calls with world leaders, with his national security team. you listen to senate republican leader mitch mcconnell, he's not satisfied with that answer. >> look at what president obama and the majority leader have planned for the coming days. the president off campaigning for workforce training bill he's actually already signed. it makes no sense. but this is a man who just cannot stop campaigning. >> reporter: remember the president did cancel an expected appearance tonight on jimmy kimmel while he's in los angeles fund-raising. josh earnest left the door open when i pressed him on this to more changes to the schedule if any of these crises get worse. >> ed henry live at the white house. thanks, sir. fox news alert for you now because the faa extending its ban on flights to israel's main airport in tel aviv for another day after rockets landed just a mile away. hundreds of people have died and
11:36 am
israel combats hamas terrorists in gaza and death toll keeps rising in ukraine as russian backed rebels try to carve out pie peace in that country. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here live with me now. great person to have on this. many people call you america's mayor. you know how to lead. should the president be doing something differently? >> yes, he should be doing a lot of things differently. first of all, this whole story that he's not paying enough attention whether it's true or not, you wouldn't have someone like dianne feinstein scolding him for what he's doing if he wasn't. the president should be in charge. he should be in charge in substance and in appearance. and flying around to fundraisers does not look like a man whose total concentration is on this and it sends a signal to our adversaries when he's doing this. he's taking this seriously and
11:37 am
there could be serious consequences to follow. not handling it on the fly. giving a fund-raising speech and going off in the back room for a conversation and another fund-raising speech and a little conversation. that's not the way john kennedy handled the cuban missile crisis and not the way to handle september 11th or the way i handled the building collapse in new york city. >> so it's interesting. one of the excuses that's being given in the last 24 hours is that it's just impossible to govern the united states as one person anymore. >> that's a frightening thought. there were two books written that say new york city is ungovernable. that's because it wasn't governed well. i think i and mike bloomberg proved that you can't govern it perfectly but you can govern it if you stay in charge and stay engaged and you don't lead by following, which after all is following. it's not leading. you don't lead by following. your following somebody when that happens.
11:38 am
so i think that article is a big blow to the obama presidency. to write that this country can't be governed anymore means the person in charge is not doing a good job. >> i want to come back to a situation here in new york city that happened. there was a stunt, a prank or some sort of other statement raising serious security concerns in new york city. check out the video. it shows the lights on top of the brooklyn bridge going down being replaced with a white flag. a flag of surrender. 13 years after the twin towers went down saying "many americans think the terrorist threat is waning. that as a country we can begin turning back to other concerns. they are wrong." i assume, mr. mayor, you would agree with parts of that statement. do you agree with all of it? >> you even have eric holder
11:39 am
telling you the terrorist threat is now significantly worse or aspects he's more concerned about. no disagreement about that. that flag going up really troubles me. my uncle was a police officer and last day on duty he took down a person on top of the bridge. that's a very dangerous thing. the people who did that are either totally crazy or they're dangerous people. >> with a does it say about the security of new york city? you would think we would still be vigilant and the fact that someone was able to do this. >> in light of the fact that my recollection of one of their favorite targets -- this comes from having seen arrests of islamic terrorists and looking at things taken from them, very often when they are arrested back in the '80s and '90s, they would have in their possession plans for the brooklyn bridge, plans for the lincoln tunnel. plans for the holland tunnel. they had a fascination and obsession with our bridges and tunnels. i don't know what this means. this could be some nutty prank
11:40 am
or it could be some kind of signal to us. it certainly does indicate that we're missing something in terms of vigilance. >> back to the world stage just for a moment. the former mayor of new york city, mike bloomberg, took a flight to israel. >> i congratulate him for doing that proud of him for doing that. >> you did similar things. why is that important? >> i did it three times. one time with him actually and then twice when a place was bombed. it's important because israel -- if you stop traveling to israel because there's a fear of some terrorist thing happening, nobody is going to go to israel because they have been under threat of that constantly. there's no better place in the world for protecting people. the number of incidents in terms of the chances of being killed in 80 other parts of the world are much less. i do security for a living. i know the really dangerous places in the world in terms of the percentage of what can happen to you. israel is not one of them.
11:41 am
if there is specific information that i'm not privy to with the faa, that's a different matter. that they would have to inform people of. they may know something that i don't know. generally, israel is a safe place to go. there may be some safe relative to a lot of other places you could go. on the other hand, there may be specific information and i'm not privy to that. >> thank you for being here. great to see you on "the real story." and new york city mayor mike bloomberg will be on today at 4:00. >> i hope he's talking about the trip. >> live from jerusalem to talk about the crisis in the middle east and his trip over there. always great to see you. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. >> at the top of our news today, a marine's wife missing for weeks. we've covered it here. now we learn there's much more to the case than we knew including accusations that the marine's wife was having an affair with another marine. that the other marine got her pregnant. and that she disappeared while on a hunting trip with the other
11:42 am
marine. in the next hour, how investigators say they unraveled this case and what we're hearing from the lover's wife. the other marine was married too. we'll hear from that wife about whether police will ever find the missing woman's body. they've already searched through hundreds of square miles in joshua tree national park and the search continues. the story is top of the hour. >> made in the usa. a label we all like to look for. how do you know what you're buying was really made in america? now the feds are cracking down. a swarm of one kind of bug so big it caused a car crash and even showed up on weather radar. and a new program reuniting o country's heroes returning from war with their battlefield canine companion. look at those pooches. moderate to severe crohn's disease is tough, but i've managed.
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time to check out what america is clicking on today. tsa wants your help to solve those slow snaking security lines. i got to hear this. they are holding a competition with a prize of $15,000. if your treat says tweet to eat, throw it out. a recall for peaches and plums and sold in walmart, costco, trader joes and other chains over upon contamination. and swarms of insects conversation buildings and lights and causing blinding blackout conditions for drivers. gross. so many of these lake flies there are swarms showing up on the weather radar. a lot of companies tell consumers their product is made in the usa. but how do you know it's really made in america? can you trust the label? turns out the answer is no.
11:47 am
the federal trade commission is accusing the outfit behind these seals of false advertising. ftc says that company, made in usa brand, is deceiving consumers by selling seals to companies to use without checking to make sure products are made in the usa. doug and donna join me now. is someone in trouble? >> you know, not enough trouble. this to me is like the best kept secret scam going. i'm concerned because i buy made in the usa. i buy organic. i buy fat free. and they better make darn sure that what they're putting on my labels is true. but apparently the ftc is really only giving this company a slap on the wrist. that confuses me to be honest with you. >> where do you fall? there are people watching out there, myself included, we want to support american made products. >> where i come out is this couldn't be simpler.
11:48 am
if it says made in the usa, you want it to be true. what's interesting is the company sold the license but they really didn't do the due diligence. this case hopefully and we talked about this will get moving in the right direction. a little more compliance and more checking and more background work to make sure the label is true. >> maybe one of the reasons they didn't do some of the checking, maybe just looking sort of from my point of view is that it's hard to make your entire product just in the usa, right? >> it's very difficult. the guidelines say it has to be virtually entirely made in the usa. so all of your nuts and bolts and your threads need to be made in the usa. it's hard. then okay don't make money from selling the license if you can't get enough people to comply with it. >> let me ask you this. lets say that you're a company that actually does make everything in the usa. do you have a case in any of this? >> that's a great point. those are ones that want to defend the idea that i want to play on a level field.
11:49 am
if i make it in the u.s. where labor might be more difficult and so on, i don't want someone else to say it unless if you're going to say it, it has to be true. keep it simple. that's a good point. >> do you think this will now be the start of these other types of labels that we see closer examination of like the fat free and organic? we're paying a lot more money for this stuff because of the labels. >> that's right. when i eat my three pints of fat-free ice cream i want to rest assured that -- >> a day? >> a girl has to do -- >> if it's a movie -- yeah. you want to rest assure that what we see on the label is what we're getting. only thing that concerns me is because this company is not really getting in trouble, nobody is going to go to jail for this or get a huge fine, it might not deter other companies from doing the same thing. we'll have to wait and see on that. >> make sure to check the label and then do your own due
11:50 am
diligence. >> only two pints of ice cream. >> no way you could eat two points a d pints a day because you look great. they are some of our heroe. and now these military mutts, a live picture, who served in battles overseas are getting a new leash on life. right here on our shores. also, police say this drunken driver had a death wish, walking right onto a busy highway. we'll show you what the officer did next. >> get back in the car! get back in the car! get back in the car! when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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welcome back. the obama administration today announcing plans to improve the safety of oil trains after a series of fiery derailments there coast to coast including one in canada last july that killed 47 people. so the proposal calls for lower speed limits, improved brakes and phasing out older railcars. the department's order will take months to finalize and applies to shipments with at least 20 railcars. a canine connection for some of our nation's heroes. some charities are now helping reunite military dogs who served in iraq and afghanistan with their handlers back here at home. and our own peter ducey is live in washington. so peter, what are these dogs doing on capitol hill today? >> reporter: gretchen, these dogs and their handlers on the hill right now to make sure that people in power know these animals are more than just more than a piece of equipment for sniffing out bombs and biting bad guys. >> it's hard. i mean, when you spend, you know, five, almost five years
11:55 am
with your best friend and your partner and then it's just really difficult to, you know, leave one another. and i'm just glad that i was given the opportunity to get her back. >> reporter: and believe it or not, facebook is how jason bos found out the dog he worked with overseas, sila, was going to be retiring. if adoption papers are approved, it still costs thousands of dollars. the sergeant needed help ba bankrolling transportation. that's where the american humane association and mission canine rescue come in. they're trying to make it easier for handlers to adopt military dogs, and their charity efforts reuniting animals and their handlers helped one vet we talked to, sergeant miller, out of the depression he sunk into when it was time to say good-bye to the dog that he worked with, thor. >> really traumatizing for me. and everyone got back, we were all excited, oh, we're home again. yeah, that wasn't me. i was kind of sheltered and just kind of kept to myself after that.
11:56 am
>> reporter: and the american humane association estimates that each working military dog like the one here saved between 150 and 200 american lives when they are on deployment. gretchen? >> what a great story that they're being reunited together. all right, peter ducey live in d.c., thanks much. so a big-time nba superstar with a my bad for his hometown. lebron james telling his neighbors he's sorry. we'll tell you why and the sweet way he made up for it. right back. you're a warmonger. we'll debate that with bob beckle. presidential vacations. how much is too much? next "factor." [ male announcer ] away...
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ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand now introduces ensure active. muscle health. clear protein drink and high protein. targeted nutrition to feed your active life. ensure. take life in. lebron james, some up wanted headaches for his neighbors during his homecoming. king james sending them cupcakes and a note to apologize for the media circus as fans and media lead siege to his home. several neighbors tweeted photos of the cupcakes and the note saying "we are sorry for the chaos." so we asked viewers what's the best apology they've ever gotten? lee says courtside seats would be a start. love that.
12:00 pm
ralph gets serious and says a truly-meant apology that was proven by their actions. todd, i got balloons and a stuffed animal from my girl. yeah, s-e-x. you know what i mean. i'm gretchen. here's shep. new claims that russian. backed rebels have shot down two more jets over ukraine as we get the first word about what's on the black boxes from the malaysia airlines crash. another passenger jet crashes. this time while trying to make an emergency landing. dozens reported dead, but some apparently fought through the flames and survived. plus, the missing wife of a united states marine. court documents reveal incredible details including accusations that she was having another marine's baby. and the day she disappeared, she was going on a hunting trip with her lover who was also married. so let's get to it. now "shepard smith reporting" live from the fox


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