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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  July 22, 2014 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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sum. >> thanks for joining us today. we'll see you tomorrow on wednesday. >> i think we should have forever young on the show. >> isn't he great? "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. >> good morning. it is tuesday, july 22. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. this morning president obama heads west on a fund-raiser tour, but one stop he did just cancel. a sit-down with this guy. >> it seems like the only time the president comes to l.a. is for money. he's like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from the fridge. >> ouch. even though he canceled kimmel, is now the time to fund raise. >> an american marine jailed in mexico since march. despite hundreds of thousands of people like you signing a petition for his release, the white house does nothing because
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handling the white house beer recipe is an issue more pressing? we're going to break down the president's priorities by the numbers. >> it's one of the most iconic casino moments. >> are we just supposed to walk out there with $115 million in cash? >> yeah. >> this time it's real. how crooks robbed a casino in broad daylight and are still on the lamb. that's true, as is everything else we're about to say because mornings are better with friends. >> it's time for "fox & friends." >> does anybody know george clooney's exact whereabouts yesterday afternoon? >> why? he could have been at ocean's 15 or whatever. >> exactly. brad pitt, where was he
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yesterday? just the facts, folks. that's what we get on the program. for them, we start with heather nauert. >> good morning. we've got news coming in from overseas and specifically what is going on in israel right now. calls for a cease-fire in the middle east growing louder as israel and hamas trade blow after blow. secretary of state john kerry in cairo this morning. he's pushing for international support for a cease-fire. but that cease-fire looks less and less likely by the hour as military and civilian deaths continue to grow. 559 palestinians and 29 israelis are dead. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu talking about the growing criticism of civilian casualties on special reports. >> before we went in, we said please leave.
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we text them, we called them on cell phones, we dropped leaflets, we told them where to go. and those who left were safe. those who didn't leave, you know why they didn't leave? because hamas told them to be there. so this is the cruelest, most grotesque war that i've ever seen. not only does hamas target civilians -- ours -- and hides heend their -- hides behind their civilians, theirs, it wants to pile up as many civilian deaths as possible. back here at home, if the federal government won't do it, texas will. texas governor rick perry is now deploying the national guard to the border there along mexico. 1,000 troops over the next month will head there and it will cost the state and taxpayers each month but perry says he cannot stand there and watch. >> i cannot stand idly by
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while our citizens are under assault and little children from central america are detained. we are too good a country for that occur. >> the white house says the number of children crossing the border is dropping and they say troop deployment is symbolic. this week president obama will meet with central american leaders to talk about ways to stop immigrant children from crossing our border. a fox news alert. overnight raging wildfires in washington state now becomes the largest in state history, and we have been watching this story for days and days. it's the carlton complex fire. it was sparked by lightning last week. it's now burned 379 square miles. to put that in context, that's more than four times the size of the city of seattle. 200 homes have been destroyed so far and 1,200 more homes in 12 towns are being threatened by that fire. one person died trying to protect his home from the flames. right now that fire is just 5% contained.
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look at that airplane. he held the line under enemy fire, and president obama is honoring an american hero. president obama presented retired army staff sergeant ryan pits with the medal of honor yesterday. in 2008 pitts held off a wave of taliban fighters in afghanistan who attacked his outpost, returning fire with grenades and a machine gun despite being severely wounded by shrapnel. pitts paid tribute to his soldiers in his unit who died. >> valor was everywhere that day and the real heroes are the nine men who made the ultimate sacrifice so the rest of us could return home. it is their names, not mine, that i want people to know. >> sergeant pitts is the ninth living veteran of afghanistan or iraq to receive the medal of honor. he'll join us live on "fox & friends" on thursday morning. can't wait to hear more from hum. and those are your headlines. >> a terrific story. unbelievable.
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and he is truly a hero. heather, thank you very much. >> five minutes after the top of the hour. it's incredible, the velocity of stories coming through. major world crises. you heard heather open up the show -- we know what's happening in gaza and israel. we know what happened last thursday as a malaysian jet airplane was shot out of the sky. 298 lives ended, and yet the russian leader continues to point fingers at the west and say it's not our fault. you can blame ukraine. back and forth. people more and more are looking to the president of the united states to take the lead, get nato involved, get western europe mobilized and finally come down on russia with the condemnation they deserve. but the president seems to have a different agenda publicly. >> where is he going? he's heading west. west coast that is. by noon today he's set to arrive in seattle for a
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fund-raiser there at the home of the madronas, democratic donors bruce and ann. he then is going to head to san francisco and then to los angeles by wednesday. the fund-raising tour continues despite harsh critique from most americans who are feeling there has to be some priorities here from the oval office. >> a couple of days ago, on thursday, when malaysian flight 17 was shot out of the sky by the russian rebels -- we know that for a fact -- it was extraordinary that the president of the united states didn't take to the air waves and do something. but the first time we saw him, he was at the charcoal pit ordering cheeseburgers in delaware. it seems like this white house is simply tone-deaf. and do you know what? i think maybe they realize we've blown it all over the place. in fact, they just canceled that man walking on the stage of jimmy kimmel. he was supposed to do that while he's in los angeles. he will continue to fund raise for democrats all over the place, but he's
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not going to sit down with jimmy kimmel as he did with that young woman right there, maybe because he simply doesn't like being mocked. maybe he's a little thin scend. -- thin-skinned. >> this happens when i talk too long. >> there you go, that's obamacare. the number of speeches obama has made about affordable health care is greater than the number of people who have actually signed up for affordable care act. it seems like the only time the president comes to l.a. is for money. he's like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from the fridge. ron ford's approval rating has not dipped a bit in toronto. he's still holding steady, rock steady at 44%, which i think is better than president obama does here. >> not only is he thin-skinned, i think he's
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gotten backlash realizing when you get a call from josh earnest saying why is he having a hamburger, with the press saying is it necessary for him to fund raise? should he have altered his schedule in light of these international crises. he knows jimmy fallon, what is it called, slow wrapped? >> slow talk. >> slow jammed with jimmy fallon, fallon took stops at him. jay leno took shots at him. i don't think that bothers him. i think the american public is outraged he'd go on jimmy kimmel at the same time there are bodies laying in a field in the ukraine. >> kimmel's a supporter. >> or perhaps maybe there's not enough money to be made at kimmel. maybe he's looking to make good on the fund-raising tour and make sure there is a profit there. >> if jimmy kimmel was going to have a
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fund-raiser, i'm sure the president would have agreed to show up there. meanwhile, a fox news alert. for four days those bodies were rotting in the sun in the ukraine in that conflict zone. those are the refrigerated cars that held 196 of the bodies. they're finally on the move. it looks now that they have left the rebel territory. they will soon be flown to the netherlands. the good news is the black boxes have been handed over to malaysian officials as well. but is it too little too late? you read a lot of editorials today, in particular in "the new york daily news." they say where's the leadership of the president of the united states? he should be tough at a time like this. charles krauthammer was on the channel last night. he put it all in perspective. our president is a big talker, but he doesn't really do anything. >> he said three years ago, assad has to go. he's not exactly gone. he said at the speech at the national defense university three years ago,
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the war on terror must end. isis, taliban and al qaeda haven't exactly signed up. now he says all of this must happen with russia. of course it's not going to happen unless america leads. that kind of speech you make if you're the leader of belgium. you don't if you're the leader of the one country who can make things happen. >> you look in the camera, who's running britain right now, he sounds like sarkozy did years ago. he said three things that are going to happen in russia if they don't step up, i watched tony blair say yesterday we have to stop begging america to act. he said it is time for the e.u. to say we're big enough economically to become more of a military force and we should stop looking to the u.s. which is both true yet alarming, because i think tony blair in some way, shape or form is saying we're not going to step up so stop waiting for us to step up and stop begging for us to step up. >> he called for a ban on
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military sales and criticized france's plans. remember when vice president biden came back from a visit with putin? listen to this. >> here a deer caught in the headlights of history. it must be, you know, even though he's president of the united states, to me, it would be a hellish thing to live with such timidity, to be such a frightened man. i really feel on a visceral level, on a profound level, president obama is scared of vladimir putin. >> what a sound bite. >> he's a deer caught in the headlights of history. >> you can't say the president is scared. he's representing a nation. adjust his tactics. you can't say a president is scared of a human being when he represents a country.
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we're not going into the octogon. this is his approach. i don't think you should get into the president's personality. >> scared or not care? >> it comes down we're in a vacuum of leadership. at least in russia they've got a leader who is strong and many here are saying where is the president on these things? we just told you governor rick perry is putting boots ond -- on the border but will a thousand be enough? our next guest says our border right now with mexico is a war zone. >> caught on tape, a risky rescue for a dog stuck on a cliff. this video you have got to see. ♪ ♪
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don't mess with texas. governor rick perry announcing a plan for immediate action to secure our border. >> i will not stand idly by while our citizens are under assault and little children from central america are detained in squalor. we are too good a country for that to occur. that is why today i am
3:18 am
using my executive authority as governor of texas and activating the national guard. >> is sending the national guard the right move? joining us is texas congressman louie gohmert who recently traveled to the border for a firsthand look. congressman, this has to please you. you've been calling this. >> i sure have. article 1, section 10, provides if a state is being invaded or in imminent harm, it may act like a country to protect itself. and that's what texas has done. and i know, brian, the white house is responding saying, gee, the numbers are down. you know why the numbers are down? because texas has already spent millions on boats that are down there, that the border patrol don't have. and in fact on saturday, when randy weber and i were out this, they caught a jet ski, and it wouldn't have been captured if the
3:19 am
d.p.s., the texas d.p.h. had not had boats there because the border patrol doesn't have them. there was a chinese man who was captured, brought across on the jet ski. yeah, right, all mexicans and central americans fleeing gang violence. garbage. as one border patrol agent said he speaks great spanish. he said i tell them don't give me this stuff about you were fleeing gang violence. you and i know the gangs brought you up here. >> here is what the president's spokesman said. >> we haven't seen the communication you ordinarily see from a governor when they want to make a deployment like this and we would hope any additional resources they want to add to the border would be coordinated with efforts already in place. >> your reaction saying the governor should have called first. >> the governor has been
3:20 am
calling. he finally got a little bit of time. but the fact is if the president weren't so busy playing golf or pool, he would know the integration has been happening. the border patrol, game war dense, we've got all these people being anded to the border. the last few weekends when i've been down there, they are making a big difference, helping them supplement what he won't do. but i understand, golf takes a lot of time. >> i understand the sarcasm. >> i'm serious. >> hopefully we will start to solve this problem. coming up straight ahead, one of the most iconic casino moments you can remember. >> we're supposed to walk out of there with $150,000 in cash? >> yeah. >> this time it's real. how crooks robbed a casino in broad daylight and are still on the lamb. plus business is booming for one tennessee
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restaurant and the owner says it is because of this sign: your guns are welcome here. she joins us next. ♪ ♪
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quick headlines now. a daring heist at an atlantic city casino like something out of "ocean's 11". watch. >> we're supposed to walk out with $115,000 in cash? >> yes. >> masked thieves walked into a casino in atlantic city, pulled a gunned and got away with $181,000. on a different note, the friend of one of the boston
3:25 am
marathon suspects found guilty of conspiracy. the college student removed a backpack containing explosive materials from dzhokhar tsarnaev's dorm room. >> business is booming at one tennessee restaurant. >> it happened after the owner posted a sign announcing, quote, guns are welcome. joining us now is the bold restaurant owner. good morning, sharma. >> good morning. >> what made you post this sign on your restaurant? >> a couple months ago one of our local motorcycle riding clubs came in, the shepherds, and they told me that they had been over at a local harley shop and had invited a hog chapter to come over to shiloh and they refused to come because they thought i had a sign that said no weapons allowed. so the vice president of the shepherds and i walked around our building, because i told him i knew there wasn't one there
3:26 am
because my husband has a handgun permit, my daughter is a police officer so she carries a weapon. we walked around the restaurant, he saw it wasn't there. that's how it came about. >> you heard about a restaurant in north carolina where they had a no guns, no weapons allowed sign, and then the owner of that place actually got robbed at gunpoint. >> yes. that very same afternoon i was in my office playing on facebook and i saw that article. and then the third thepg was i had a lot of -- the third thing was i had a lot of things stolen from outside my building. an american flag, my whiskey barrels. i thought to myself if people are going to go in and rob people where there are signs that say no weapons allowed, i'm going to do just the opposite and i'm going to invite people with weapons, and hopefully they'll stop stealing from me. it would be maybe i could generate more local business because my
3:27 am
restaurant was struggling. all i can say is it was the best move i ever made. >> have you seen an increase? >> i don't have actual numbers, but we were absolutely totally overwhelmed friday night after the first local tv channel aired the story. we ran out of food. >> i understand -- and you had to have some of your neighbors come in and help wait tables just to serve. i know you suddenly had to hire a bunch of new employees. let me get this straight, sharma. you were on the verge of bankruptcy. there were bills you couldn't pay. and you put that sign up, and word spread like wild flower. next thing you know, everybody is going to your place to eat? >> that is absolutely correct. we had talked about even closing down until this happen. and to me, i prayed about it, i asked god for a miracle, and god sent me-and gun-carrying permit
3:28 am
citizens. >> serving up the constitution and some great eats there. we want to thank you for being with us. it is in merryville, tennessee. 11 to 4, those are your hours? >> 11 to 9. >> 11 to 9. why not? >> sunday 11 to 4. >> drop by the shiloh brew and chew. sharma, thank you for telling us your story in tennessee. >> thank you for having me. >> i have a feeling she is going to have a pretty busy lunch hour today. coming up, an american marine jailed in mexico since march but despite hundreds of thousands of you signing a petition for his release, the white house does nothing because handling the white house beer recipe apparently a more pressing issue. we break down the presidential petition priorities coming up. >> running late. what if you could have your
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what happened? who took it? >> daddy. >> what did he do with it? >> precious girl. give her nose back. this is your shot of the morning. oldest trick in the book for parents. an adorable two little girl in england can't understand why her dad stole her nose. she starts crying and
3:33 am
begging for it back. >> i want my nose back. >> here. >> you got it back? >> yes. >> are you happy now? >> yes. >> that's all she wanted, her nose. >> that video got more than half a million views on youtube. elisabeth, i got your nose. brian, you take her nose. >> i think we're scaring children. >> as parents have for decades. >> that's our message for you today, kids. >> something else with a lot of views. when you go to, the white house official website, they've got a thing called we the people. it allows you to start a petition so that your voice is heard by the government. as it turns out, we've taken a look at three absolutely ridiculous petitions started by people cross the country, and they have actually gotten
3:34 am
quicker responses from the white house than the urgent response needed to free that sergeant from the marines, tahmooressi, who is sitting in a jail in mexico at this hour. >> we're going to go through them. formally acknowledge an extra ter reyes tral -- extra terrestrial presence. that got 44 days response. secure resources funding of a death star by 2016. 60 days to respond. number four, this is behind those demands to release marine sergeant tahmooressi in mexico imprisonment. we are 83 days and counting. >> on top of that, keep in mind that hillary clinton told bret baier, listen, if i was the secretary of
3:35 am
state, i'd make a call. i would call down there to the state department and demand his release. why isn't anyone at the state department demanding his release? >> why is he the one person we can't get cross the border? >> it's crazy. it took 15 days to get the honey ale home brewed recipe from the white house. the website is once upon a time i think it was it was actually a porn site. if you're looking to sign a petition go to >> major news on the i.r.s. today. that thing is really unfolding. >> another story a lot of people are really upset about. a smid john of corruption at the i.r.s. seems to be getting bigger. bombshell new testimony reveals about 20 hard drives crashed in total including employees who
3:36 am
often communicated with lois lerner. >> there's more questions about people that regular ly corresponded with lois lerner, who regularly were part of this targeting of conservatives for their views that now seem to have problems with their computers, and as a result, again, an absence of accountability. >> however the agency is looking into the possibility that they may still have those e-mails somewhere. an i.r.s. official telling house investigators that backup tapes may actually still exist. listen to this story partisan this is going to get you really -- this is going to get you mad. there is an elderly veteran who was arrested for speaking his mind at a county board meeting. 76-year-old eddie overholt was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after he asked a mayor in greenville, tennessee to speak up at a board meeting. this meeting was held to talk about plans of a chemical waste plant to
3:37 am
dump water at a local river. the vet says he plans to fight the charges against him. amazing video. coming to the rescue of a husky dog trapped on the side of a cliff. the dog is named snark and spent all night stranded on this cliff. a local organization was called to help. they wrabd -- wrapped snark in ropes and reunited him with his owners. is it a washing machine, iron or both? look at this new gadget. it's called squash. it will wash, dry and iron your clothes all at once. it doesn't even need water. apparently there are pods of liquid that get sprayed on to your clothes. it takes ten minutes per item. pretty pricey. this thing costs about 500 bucks. i love it. anything to save me time on
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laundry, and i know you agree with me. >> we should give that thing a try. >> would it take the place of dry cleaning? >> it could. it could take the place of me. >> as long as it's not one at a time. you've got to be able to jam more clothes in. >> all right. meanwhile, one at a time, we turn to our meteorologist. let's start with maria molina. she is on tap with a look ahead weather-wise. >> good morning. we're going to be looking at temperatures that are dangerously hot yet again across the central of the country. in kansas city, a high of 100 degrees, 97 in dallas and 101 in del rio. you factor in the humidity and what it feels like is going to be much greater than what the thermometer reads. 107 your heat index value this afternoon in kansas city and it should feel like 101 degrees in the city of dallas. we have a number of heat advisories in effect.
3:39 am
as far as severe weather goes we have the risk again today across portions of the midwest and the and storms forecast across parts of the southeastern united states. let's head back inside. >> maria, thank you very much. >> a mid air mystery solved after someone finds a diamond engagement ring attached to a helium balloon. the twist? the original owners didn't want it back. but why? >> hollywood's left-leaning slant is nothing new. but did this episode of "true blood" on hbo go too far in attacking senator ted cruz. >> when i told her that's where mommy and daddy were going, she hung up. she'll be there. security is going to be tight and it's only a matter of [bleep] >> that was about the least offensive part we could find to air. has hollywood finally crossed the taste line? that is coming up next. vo: this is the summer.
3:40 am
the summer of this. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. a a
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welcome back. quick headlines for you now. a mysterious ring attached to a balloon falls from the sky, picked up by an alabama family in their backyard. they put word out trying to find the owner. as it tuns out, a woman 75 miles away let it go intentionally. tying a ring to the balloon and letting it slide. she's trying to move on from a past relationship and does not want it back. an ironic twist of fate. a memorial tree planted for beatle george harrison in new york city in 2004 died due to an infestation of beetelse.
3:44 am
>> the true blood series leaves many asking did the show go too far? >> probably ought to let this -- we told her that is where mommy and daddy were going. she hung up. she'll be there. >> looks like we're going to be a gala. security is going to be tight and they only invited [bleep]. >> that was by far one of the least offensive clips we could air. the program not only attacks senator ted cruz, it also demeans conservative women and conservative values. though a hollywood attack on the republican party or conservatives is nothing new, are they going too far? joining us right now is the editor-in-chief of the conservative website ben shapiro. it's on hbo. that is what hbo does, they make fun of people from the right. >> the creator of this show has said before that he wants all the villains on this show to be right-wing
3:45 am
theocrats. no shock here. the only thing shocking was the level of the language used which i hadn't seen used with regard to republican women before. had it been used about democratic women we would heab up the wazoo about it. >> all you've got to do is watch the comedy central channel. it is pretty much a wing of the democratic party. but what is the impact when a show which is very popular, like "true blood" takes shots at ted cruz, the bush library, conservative women. how does that impact the rest of us? >> tv is all about attitude implantation, about creating feelings inside of you. it doesn't say anything about ted cruz's policies or g.o.p. policies, but it creates a feeling these are nasty, bad people which is why when they call them names and make the villains republicans, what the general public perception
3:46 am
is these must be bad folks. most people don't know who ted cruz is, don't actually know what policy is. they tend to vote based on feelings they have largely implanted by the entertainment industry. >> do you remember when roma downey and her husband did the movie "the bible" and the devil, some people said the devil kind of looks like barack obama. they must have done that on purpose. it turns out they didn't do that on purpose. m this case they actually are taking a shot at a particular person, at ted cruz, at george bush, at conservative women. yet the outcry not so much. >> of course there is no outcry. this gets good on the cocktail circuit. in hollywood this is where you get to go and click champagnes in your mansion while you talk about income redistribution. these are mazzeratti
3:47 am
marxists. >> you say the term limousine liberal, that is so pass say. you've got a new one, i think it was regarding sunset boulevard. >> yeah. these are sunset boulevard socialists, absolutely. >> that's great. ultimately, though, isn't this kind of thing bad for business? if you take a shot at essentially half the country, half the country is not going to watch your show. >> i don't think that the folks who are watching "true blood" tend to be conservatives any way. this is what has created market space for places like fox news, the fact that the left has ignored half the country and then they are surprised when other outlets spring up that are so successful. it turns out half the country is not interested in watching the way republican women are demeaned. >> he is the editor-in-chief at truth
3:48 am
revolt. thank you for getting up so early in los angeles whereby the way it is 3:47 in the morning. you're going to be the first one at work today. congratulations. a dozen minutes now before the top of the hour. coming up, you need government-issued photo i.d.'s to pass t.s.a. and board an airplane. but all an illegal alien needs to do is show that piece of paper. are you using up all of your brain? >> most human beings only use 10% of the brain's capacity. >> imagine if we could access 100%. >> do humans really use only 10% of their brains? if so, how do we unlock the rest? dr. david samadi, a very smart man, has details next.
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taking the brain trauma seriously if you think you're only using 10%. using drugs due to false security. wasting money on brain games, do those not help? >> they redon't work. there is an idea behind the fact that if you don't use it, you lose it. so a lot of people, in order to prevent alzheimer's, it's good to get engaged in some of these things like playing chess, learning a new language, playing a new instrument. all of those keep your brain really active and delays dementia and alzheimer's and things we worry about. but don't invest a lot of money in these vitamins and buying all these games. >> to help you use the other 90%? >> it doesn't really work. read a good book. always try to challenge your brain. you're constantly using your
3:56 am
entire brain, which is absolutely most sophisticated computer that you have out there. there is no time for this thing to slow down or really shut down because it can go paralyzed and not able to function. >> if we were using 10% much our brain, we would -- >> you wouldn't be functional. you wouldn't be working well. it's a great, cute movie. i think they're using this whole myth as a way to really get a great crowd out there. it's exciting, but it's not true. >> dangers in believing it. thank you. >> good to see you. coming up, president obama, guess what? house hunting? wait until you hear where he is looking to buy. and president clinton hasn't been in office since the 1990s. so why he and hillary so popular. a bombshell new book says they the author is in next. ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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all at guaranteed low prices, you can't help but show it in a big way! staples. make more happen for less. good morning. today is tuesday, july 22. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. the train held captive by pro-russian rebels and carrying the bodies of the malaysian flight victim social security finally out of the war zone. we just arrived on the latest on president obama versus putin. president obama heads out on a fundraising tour again. one stop he will not be making is with jimmy kimmel. >> it seems like the only time the president comes to l.a. is for money. he's like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from the fridge. what does that cancellation
4:01 am
mean? we will discuss. then talk about forever young, the viral video that will make you get up and move no matter what age you are. yeah, dance to the music. it's tuesday. you're watching "fox & friends". >> hello, this is weird al and apparently you're watching "fox & friends". >> he's not so weird. >> no, he's happy. according to his -- >> he's tacky. >> i love that song. >> the other was word games. >> word crimes. >> weird al. >> his last album, perhaps. then he'll go song by song. more on the next two hours, we'll be talking nothing but weird al. >> we would have that market cornered. >> oh, we would. heather nauert, you have some news. >> good morning. i've got news about the latest
4:02 am
that went down in ukraine. fox news alert. overnight ukraine a train carrying the bodies of victims arrived in eastern ukraine. this is considered to be the last stop before the bodies head to the netter lands for positive identification. pro-russian rebels are caving in to international pressure, it appears, and are said to be cooperating with the investigation. they are now allowing access to the wreckage and handed over the plane's black box to investigators. they hope to get a time line of the crash and possibly get recordings of that missile attack. we'll watch that throughout the morning. another fox news alert, this has been a big, big story on the west coast. raging wildfires overnight in washington state becomes the largest in state history. the carlton complex fire, it was sparked by lightning last week. it has now burned 379 square miles so far. that's more than four times the size of the city of seattle. 200 homes have been destroyed.
4:03 am
and 1200 more homes and 12 towns are now being threatened. one person died yesterday trying to protect his home from the fire. right now that fire is just 5% contained. they're working hard there. a professional wrestler turned politician versus the wife of a slain navy seal. today closing arguments take place in the case of former minnesota governor jesse ventura against the estate of american sniper author chris kyle. in his book, kyle claimed he had punched ventura in the face in a bar back in 2006, though he never named ventura in the book, it came up later in subsequent interviews. ventura had allegedly told kyle that the navy seals, quote, deserved to lose a few. ventura says that simply never happened and claimed he was intentionally defamed in the book. chris kyle was shot and killed in 2012, but his widow defend her late husband in court.
4:04 am
are the obamas making plans where they'll live after the white house? they could reportedly be the new homeowners of this home in rancho mirage, california. the price tag? $4.25 million. the first family is believed to be in escrow on this home, reports the l.a. times. the white house says the rumors are simply untrue. this is the palm springs area. a lot of golf out there and a short drive to los angeles. >> that's right. the white house says not true. real estate agents in the area, though, say it absolutely is true, that they did buy it. it's in escrow right now and you hit the nail on the head. rancho mirage, known for golf. >> and a lot of gated communities. >> four minutes now after the top of the hour. governor rick perry was here two times over the last six, seven weeks talking about the problem at the border. when the kids started streaming
4:05 am
through without borders, the whole world started to see it was a problem. after a one on one meeting with president obama, governor perry felt as though he had to take action yesterday. >> that's right. immediately he'll send 1,000 national guard troops to secure the southern border where tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have crossed into the u.s., a crisis indeed. he's calling on congress and president to add an additional 3,000 border patrol agents to the texas border to keep our nation safe. >> sure. keep in mind, one of the reasons the governor is doing this, it's not so much about the kids, per say. >> no n it's about the fact that with all the border patrol agents, seven out of ten of them, are busy baby-sitting, these kids and these families are streaming across, they're trying to deter the drug cartels, which are streaming across the southern border with all of their dope. the attorney general of texas, greg abbott, who is running for governor, we should point out,
4:06 am
says it's about time somebody called the national guard. >> it's necessary, because the state of texans is doing what the federal government has failed to do, secure our border. we've had about 3,000 murders. it is a responsibility of a government to keep their people safe. the federal government has a responsibility of securing our border. they're not doing it. so the state of texas will do it. >> i'm wondering -- >> i was going to say, remember, rick perry has been calling for a while for the president to call them up and one of our producers asked yesterday, is there some reason why it would make sense for the governor to ask the president and as it turns out, if the president did order up the national guard, it would be a title 32 activation, which means federal funds. however, the president is not calling it up. the governor is, which means the state of texas is going to have
4:07 am
to pay for it. >> i didn't know you were taking questions yesterday. i would have shown up. how long were you taking questions? >> while i was home. >> this thing is really something! >> that is passing the buck. >> it is. >> on a border crisis. >> big bucks, 'cause we're talk being $12 million a month. it will cost texas to simply keep texas safe. why the president didn't come out and do it? here is louis gohmert, representative from texas, he was on with brian about an hour ago. >> the fact is if the president weren't so busy playing golf or pool, he would know the immigration has been happening. the game warden, we've got all people being added to the border the last few weekends when i've been down there, they are making a big difference. they're helping supplement what he won't do. but i understand golf takes a lot of time. >> here is the thing, too, i'm wondering with a republican governor in arizona, how soon that happens and others. here is the thing, if you could just send the pictures of the border being reinforced, then
4:08 am
the message will go back to central and south america, i guess the train is stopping. i guess it's really getting tough. the other question is legally, can they carry guns, because i think there is some complicated law from 1807 that talks about how you can not have an armed military within our border. >> the national guard can carry guns. >> i didn't know you were bilingual. >> a lot of people know about that. so you got the invasion on the southern border. you've got gaza on fire. you've got the trouble with the airplane in the ukraine. so as the world is burning, where is the president? well, of course, he's where he always is when there is times of trouble. either playing golf or fundraising. and in this case, he's off to the west coast to raise money for a bunch of democrats. >> that's right by noon today, he's set to arrive in seattle. tonight he will head to san francisco and on wednesday, he will travel to the los angeles
4:09 am
area. if you want a picture in seattle, it's $2,000 to take a picture with the president there. but the white house facing harsh criticism for having the president go around, continue fund-raisers, particularly after the flight went down killing 298 people. they said maybe they should stop. no. he proceeded to fund raise, is continuing the tour. but maybe they are getting the message because they just canceled kimmel. perhaps they didn't want to be mocked like this. >> you're okay. this happens when i talk too long. >> there you go, that's obamacare. the number of speeches obama has made about affordable care act is greater than the number of people who have actually signed up for affordable care act. it seems that the only time the president comes to l.a. is for money. he's like a college student who only comes home to do his laundry and steal leftovers from
4:10 am
the fridge. >> rob ford's approval rating has not dipped a bit in toronto. he's still holding steady. he's rock steady at 44%, which i think is better than president obama does here. >> it was supposed to be a surprise appearance, but i don't think anything negative about jimmy kimmel and his montage has anything to do with it. him and jon stewart basically think alike. it was going to be friendly. the white house said half was going to be serious. however, it was the backlash from the press, especially if you look at yesterday, that kept him from the show. >> without a strong promised return at a later date, i would imagine the comments would not get more soft. >> sure. so instead of dealing with the trouble that we're facing around the world, he's going to be doing a lot of fundraising, including going to the home of the former ceo of costco, while he's in seattle. he has zero, i believe -- according to the seattle
4:11 am
papers -- public appearances in seattle. however, because one of the main thoroughfares is down to one lane, with the president in town, while nobody will see him except if you're at a fund-raiser, everybody who is in a car today in seattle is going to know he's in town. >> i just know one thing, if anybody in the party ends up with something from kirkland. >> they will end up with 24 rolls of chelsea. >> chelsea? really? >> in bulk. >> 11 minutes past the top of the hour here. coming up, waitress is going to get a $1,000 tip. but it's what she did with the money that makes this story so great. and speak of great stories, another bombshell about the clintons. but here is one you haven't heard. bill doesn't want hillary to win. the author of a brand-new book with the scoop when we roll on life from new york city. president obama said joe biden would be a superb
4:12 am
president. in a related story, hillary clinton punched a hole in a door. ♪ ♪
4:13 am
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4:16 am
well, call them money making machines. bill and hillary clinton raising billions of dollars in the last two decades, making mrs. clinton a formidable opponent if she decides to run in 2016. does bill clinton really want her to win? maybe not, says our next guest. daniel hopper is the on line editor for the weekly standard and the author of a new book. welcome and good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> shocking information here backed by a lot of quotes and accounts. do you think that bill clinton really wouldn't want hillary to win in 2016 if she were to run? >> he's cheated on his wife before and here is another case of him cheating on his wife. the case in point is 2008 where he had reckless behavior continuously. he had to be advised by aides not to bring his mistress on the campaign trail, for instance. and he kept on making gaffe after gaffe. aides who like bill clinton and think he's a great campaigner wonder if this guy is so great,
4:17 am
why is he making mistake after mistake? maybe his legacy is at risk if hillary becomes the next president of the united states. >> there has been some talk there is still a mistress in play here. if that were the case, how would that affect her run in 2016? >> i'm sure it is and i'm sure there are more stories and more scandals to emerge. i try to cover as many -- when you cover the clintons, you have to make hard choices about which mistresses to cover. so i have made mine in the book. >> play on the words there. talk about scandal, what about the deal -- let's talk about obama endorsing hillary and the
4:18 am
4:19 am
trying to leak it against people is clintonian by nature, but i don't know for a fact. >> what is the most damaging piece of information in your book? >> the fact that her biggest assets and her biggest liabilities are one and the same. the biggest asset is the family that bill clinton has a great campaigner is a massive asset, of course, and chelsea clinton, when you pull back the covers, she's the wizard of oz. she's the one controlling the controls right now and that can cause serious damage to the
4:20 am
clinton legacy. >> some people think she doesn't have a handle on it, chelsea. >> she absolutely has a handle. adds aides told me personally, chelsea is running the show and her parents are not able to say no to her, which is a serious problem as you start campaigning and as you start getting into serious politics about the future. >> quick question, anyone borrowed line who reads your book, will they vote for her? >> people are smart enough to think on their own. i show if why it will be a catastrophe if she runs again. >> we want to thank you for being here. >> thanks so much. coming up, if you want to board a plane in the u.s., you better have an i.d but if you're an illegal, all you need is this piece of paper. come on, how safe is that? and orange is the new black, a popular hit tv show, but one prison does not agree. why they are changing what the inmates are going to be wearing.
4:21 am
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we now have some news by the numbers, $10,000. that's how much coyotes are charging to smuggle an illegal immigrant across the border. 10,000 bucks. that includes boat rides, bribing drug cartels and mexican officials and a guide. 10,000. $1,000, that's how much a lucky waiter was tipped at an albany, new york restaurant. the patron wrote, quote, pay it forward. and the waiter did by splitting the tip with all of the staff. finally, one-year-old. that's how old prince george is today as he celebrates with a peter rabbit themed party.
4:25 am
some of the little royals present, soccer ball and a wooden train set, just like every kid. >> no government issued photo i.d., no problem. the department of homeland security is allowing illegals, we understand, to breeze through the tsa and board commercial planes with only their notice to appear document. this paperwork is printed on computer paper and could easily be reproduced. so is this putting our security at risk? what about you flying with them? here to react is fox news contributor and investigator bo deedle. your reaction? >> i heard about this about a week and a half ago and really went crazy. i actually put a memo to everybody. what's happening is they're boarding planes in the texas area there. they put them on planes, giving them a paper, no photo i.d they're coming to boston, they're coming to new york, all over the united states of america. this is a two-fold thing because the central american countries where they're coming from
4:26 am
allegedly, everyone knows you go through those country, you come through mexico, you arrive in the united states. how many people have ill will that are coming through? how many gangs, drug dealing gangs get dressed up, yeah, i'm from honduras. how do you know who they are? when you go on a plane, you have to take your shoes off. off tropical climate in central america, this don't get vaccinated or have good medical treatment. what are these people that are coming to our borders bringing into our country? >> the national border patrol council, spokesperson says basically what you're saying. we don't know who these people are. we often have to solely rely on who they are, where they say they came from and the history they say they have. here is what the tsa says in response. notice to appear issued by the executive order for immigration review is not an acceptable form of i.d. at the tsa checkpoint for mexican nationals without a identification who are returning to mexico. they can be issued a
4:27 am
certification of presumption of nationality, issued by mexico. we're depending on them to screen them. >> right. right. and now the thing that scares me is, again, what kind of health problems are coming into our country? you get onto a plane and a person has a cold on the plane, everyone catches that cold. i'm scared about it. thank god for rick perry. that should be the beginning of everyone to secure our borders down there. i don't mind helping people. i don't mind helping children. but let's help children. we know we got all these mexican gang members now. oh, i'm his father, yeah. he walks in with a kid. we're bringing them in. terrorists right to our borders, it to our southern most border are coming in. it's all gushing in. when are we going to close our borders down and protect the american citizens? i am really upset about the fact that people can board planes without a photo i.d it's ridiculous! >> i want to hear from more people like the border patrol union and people like you.
4:28 am
your job to u.s. to protect the american citizen. >> doesn't it upset when you you hear it? >> absolutely. >> forget your i.d., you're not getting on that plane. >> right. even if i throw the name bo deedle around and you're on all these commercials, it still doesn't get me on the plane. >> you got ice and you have the tsa, they should go on strike and say, we're not allowing them on american commercial airliners like that. >> appreciate your passion. coming up straight ahead, a sinkhole swallows up a neighborhood street and it's getting bigger. the latest on that emergency next. and you don't have to be a boat expert to know this is not how you get out of the water. the ultimate sail you have to see. ♪ ♪
4:29 am
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yeah, baby. here is your shot of the morning. check this out. video of an elderly man in peru. he may need two canes to walk, but he tossed them away and danced. >> what's he got on his side? >> the video has gone viral with more than 450,000 shares. the caption, forever young. looks like he's got a bag of something in his pocket right there. >> i wish i could dance that well now. >> great way to start your day. >> i think a dance party would get in the way. he's a one man show. now to serious stuff. fox news alert, israel and hamas
4:33 am
trade blow after blow. as of this morning, 565 palestinians and 29 israelis are dead. a major israeli air strike hitting more than 20 targets in gaza. netanyahu addressing growing criticism of civilian casualties with bret on "special report". >> we asked civilians, please leave, before we went in. we text them. them, we drop leaflets and told them where to go. those who left were safe. those who didn't leave, you know why they didn't leave? because hamas told them to stay. this is the cruelest, most grotesque war that i've ever seen. not only does hamas target civilians and hides behind their civilians, it actually wants to pile up as many civilian deaths as possible.
4:34 am
>> for more on this grave situation issue we go live to conner powell in gaza city. conner, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. both sides spend a lot of time blaming each other. there is a lot of blame to go around. the one thing that is very certain here is that the death toll is increasing. the violence is growing. the path, 36, 48 hours, heavy fighting. last night we heard heavy artillery shelling of different parts of gaza. particularly folks in the northeastern part. but focusing also in the central part as well. there is a really thick smoke last night, i could smell the artillery throughout the air last night. the palestinian death count is rising. now well over 560. it's increasing nearly close to 600 or so. the israeli side also suffering some significant losses here. israeli military, according to officials, saying now 27 soldiers have been killed.
4:35 am
the real nightmare scenario for the israeli military is developing. there are reports of a missing soldier. hamas claims two days ago they had captured an israeli soldier. but the israeli military saying no the soldier is just missing, it's not captured. but the israeli military is very concerned. they are launching an investigation to try to find out where this missing soldier is. the media here in israel is talking about this nightmare scenario and there is real fear that if a soldier has been kidnapped that this ground incursion will expand and it will really mean that the violence could escalate. there is a lot of talk about a cease fire. right now we're seeing no signs on the ground of anything that resembles a cease fire. >> all right. conner powell live in gaza city, a desperate situation. thank you. >> secretary of state talked to hamas, and that's what he wants to do. he wants to bring this thing to an end. hamas is not signing off on it. >> as they press deeper into the city. the densely population that,
4:36 am
equation points to higher death tolls moving forward. >> that's where the tunnels are. >> 25 minutes before the top of the hour. we've got a whole bunch of other news, starting with heather. a story that kind of sounds like a movie. >> right out of a movie. a heist at a casino in atlantic city. it's one of the most iconic casino moments. remember this? >> we're supposed to walk out with $150 million in cash? >> yeah. >> yep. pretty much. that is exactly what happened during a heist at caesar's in atlantic city. masked thieves walked inside the building, pulled out a gun and grabbed two boxes filled with $181,000 in cash. police are look for those suspects. they are still on the run this morning. "orange is the new black," that popular hit tv show. one prison official doesn't agree with that. >> i read that you're not supposed to ask that. >> you studied for prison?
4:37 am
>> one sheriff in michigan says that show has made orange jump suits a popular fashion statement. so he's decided to replace them with a traditional black and white prison stripes. nice, huh? and los angeles clippers owner donald sterling might be taking a step in the direction of selling his team. he met with former microsoft ceo at his home recently. ballmer and sterling's estranged wife agreed to a $2 billion deal to buy the team, but sterling has been fighting that in court. he says he may still need to sell sterling's real estate company. he owes $500 million. here is a boat president-elect obama not too sea worthy after this. -- probably not too sea worthy after this. yeah. ouch. on its trailer, being pulled out
4:38 am
of the water. it falls back and you see the keel. there was a guy who held the rope and he must not have had a good hold on it. but this strength is no match for the heavyweight of that boat. let's look at it again. yeah. not a good thing. >> he tried. >> did someone have a hunch it wasn't going to go well? 'cause the camera is in perfect position. >> did the rudder at the bottom hit something or was there another rope holing it back? >> someone could have tried to help maybe. >> yeah. >> in the meantime, a sinkhole swallows up a neighborhood street in florida. we were telling you about that yesterday. now it's getting bigger and bigger and it's forcing nearby homeowners to evacuate. it's now 40 feet long, 40 feet wide and 30 feet deep at this
4:39 am
point. >> so how does this even happen? elisabeth won't tell me. it's up to maria. can you tell me? >> good morning. that sinkhole is in the middle of something known as sinkhole alley. you're probably familiar with tornado alley. in florida, we have sinkhole alley. these are very common. they're a natural depression or hole in the earth's surface caused by the erosion of land. this forms when underground water dissolves the minerals in the ground and it creates a hole. this is common in land containing limestone, which is common in florida. it's soft and also has some holes. it does tend to act like a sponge. the rain water becomes more acidic as it filters through the soil. as it breaks down the limestone and cracks and cavities form and eventually the sinkhole starts to collapse. the heavy clay does hold the topsoil intact. it forms bridges over the curating limestone and it can
4:40 am
collapse from changes in weight and pressure above or below the ground. that's how a sinkhole happens. you have rain that comes down, goes through the limestone, deteriorates it and eventually you get a collapse. weather wise, we have hot temperatures across the center of the country. you're looking at them climbing into the triple digits. you factor in some humidity and the heat index values are going to be dangerously high. we have heat advisories in effect out there. let's head back inside. >> all right. thank you very much. now you know. >> i never knew. >> the limestone gets chewed up. >> i think the whole earth is shrinking. >> really? what's your evidence? >> i'm working on the evidence right now. we might have to move to another planet. coming up, texas governor rick perry deploying the national guard to secure the border p between mexico and texas. so what has the president done? this morning new calls for more support at the border. congresswoman kristi noem is here next. and garth brooks is coming into the digital age and it
4:41 am
might make him more successful than elvis. >> but first, the "fox & friends" question of the day. born on this date in 1940, he holds the world record for hosting the most episodes on one game show. who is he? be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer spokesperson: you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card with a new volkswagen turbo. so why are we so obsessed with turbo? because there's nothing more exhilarating than a powerful ride. and you can get that in places you might not expect. like the passat. and also in the fun-to-drive jetta. in fact, volkswagen has sold more turbos than any other brand over the last ten years. that is a lot of turbo. vo: hurry in and you can get a $1,000 turbocharged reward card when you lease a new 2014 passat s for $219 a month.
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quick headlines now. music edition. beyonce is going on display. ♪ ♪ >> i've never seen that. that single lady outfit is one of the iconic look featured on her exhibit featured at cleveland's rock'n'roll hall of fame. it's not clear how long it will
4:45 am
run. and garth brooks set to outset elvis presley in digital sales. he will sell it through his web site as early as this week. industry experts estimate sales will shoot way past the 134 million albums elvis sold to date. next after that, elvis costello. 1,000 national guard troops are headed to the border with texas and mexico. but not because the president has ordered them. texas governor rick perry yesterday taking the border crisis into his own hands while the president sits idly by. new this morning, more calls for more border troops are being made. south dakota congresswoman kristi noem joins us live in our new york studio. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> for months we've been saying there is a border down south. when are we going to fix it? the president has done nothing. now rick perry stepped up and calling out the national guard.
4:46 am
what do you think? >> it's up fortunate because that border is really the responsibility of the federal government. so the fact that the state of texas has stepped up and had to secure it themselves is really unfortunate for them financially and the fact that it's the president's role. we should have national guard troops down there. we need more. but the federal government should be paying for it. >> absolutely, because rick perry called up the national guard. now texas is on the hook for it. >> they are. and really honestly we need more than 1,000 troops down there, plus they're limbed by what they can do on federal land. we have some proposals going in the house that would give us more access to that, get more troops and more border patrol agents down there that would really help the situation. >> what do you think is going to happen with the 1,000 troops on the border? >> i think it helps to have -- >> does it send a message? >> certainly does. it says texas realizes this is a problem. all the people across the country who have been watching this situation unfold realize that it's a big problem with having these unaccompanied minors in our country. we need to send them home. >> sure. you listen to the white house and the president's people are
4:47 am
out there spinning this. forget the fact that we're not enforcing the laws. it's the darn republicans' fault because they wouldn't pass immigration reform. >> our president needs to make a decision issues follow our laws and go down there and take care of our country and get the children back to their families. >> why do you think it's pretty much an open turnstyle down there? >> because they've gotten a clear message that we don't enforce and secure our borders. so these countries have recognized that if they send their children to the united states, we'll interview them, take care of them and deploy them all over the country and reestablish them with families throughout the united states. 72% of these children never leave our country. they get a free pass into the united states of america. they're doing it illegally. so these that are in central america, they recognize their kids will have more opportunities here if they can get them here and get them through this process. we just have to recognize that we have laws and we want people to go through the process
4:48 am
legally. >> one of the laws on the books now is one from 2008 where if you can get to the united states and you just step a foot in our border from guatemala, honduras, el salvador, you're in until you're cycled through the judicial process. >> i worked a lot on human trafficking and sex trafficking and this law from 2008 ensures that any minors that come in that aren't from mexico or canada get an interview and get established with health and human services. the problem is that people recognized that law happens and we lose track of these children once they're in the system. so we need to fix our laws so that we make sure that they get interviewed by the border patrol and get returned back home. treat them the same as if they were from mexico or canada. >> we should point out when governor perry called up the national guard, his main concern are the drug cartels and the terrorists coming across. >> absolutely. it's not the kids, per say. although we do have issues with the kids. they do have safety concerns. we certainly worry about losing them. they could be trafficked in our
4:49 am
own country. so it is a very big issue. >> thank you very much for joining us live, thank you. coming up on this tuesday morning, forget the commute. work from home. cheryl casone has the companies that could make that a reality for you, plus five others hiring right now. good morning to you, cheryl. ♪ ♪ brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at!
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4:54 am
you know it's gigantic. tiffany and company will be hiring, david yerman, bloomingdale, london jewelry, bell corporation, all of this is to get knew the jewelry center, which can be a very profitable industry. sometimes if you get that trade certification, your salary, 40, 50, sometimes $70,000. >> if you love jewelry, this may be a good industry. >> why not? >> 50 company there is. then esurance. car insurance, now they're going into homeowners insurance. based in san francisco. renters insurance as well, motorcycle insurance. god knowed you would need it. 350 job openings. 75 in san francisco. if you work in san francisco, the benefits are great. you can make 100 grand, depending on what you're doing for them. they're going to be opening up a new always in greenville, south carolina. but the benefits themselves, the
4:55 am
wellness. >> tuition reimbursement. >> they always like the physical -- free yoga, all that. kids peace. it's 132-year-old company. it's counseling and it's mental behavioral health counseling for kids. i really like this one. they've got 170 jobs open right now. they need behavior health service workers, nurse clinicians to work with kids. teachers and support staff, hiring across the country. pennsylvania to california: >> benjamin franklin plumbing? >> this is interesting, if you're a licensed plumber, this is a great opportunity for you. 80 -- 40 to 80 grand per year. they've got about 100 jobs open right now. it's a franchise opportunity, but also if you're just a regular licensed plumber, you can work for one of the franchises. they've got 126 locations across the country. >> woodhouse day spa? >> another spa.
4:56 am
are we that stressed out in this country? i keep finding spa jobs for people. manicure, we all love them. >> great salaries. >> good salaries. 900 job openings. within the next ten months they'll add another 400 people. you can make as a manager, 35 to $50,000. a spa professional, masseuse, anywhere up to 75 grand. 100 if you're really, really, like working a lot of hours and you're very popular with clients. if you work in the home office, there is an organic juice bar, yoga. >> thank you for this. has all the info. don't forget. then soon we're going to bring this to you. two world crises explode. the show will go on for president obama's fundraising trip. but one thing, laura ingraham
4:57 am
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good morning. today is tuesday, july 22. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. the train carrying the victims of the mh 17 crash finally surrendered by pro-russian rebels, along with the plane's black box. what this means for the investigation ahead. forget all about the problems of the world. president obama headed back to the west coast to fund raise for democrats. but is now the time to do that with everything it seems like on fire? laura ingraham weighs in on that in moments. then have you ever played the kim kardashian iphone game? the epa has. the tweet they wish you didn't
5:01 am
see at the top of the hour. they're in the hamptons this year. mornings are better with friends. >> you're watching "fox & friends." that's the great way to begin your day. fox news alert. casualties grow by the hour. as we speak, israel and hamas trade blow after blow. >> secretary of state john kerry in cairo this morning in a big push for international support for a cease fire. that's looking less likely by the hour as military and civilian deaths continue to mount. as of this morning, we have 565 palestinians dead and 29 israelis dead. >> for more on the situation, we go now live to conner powell in gaza city. what can you tell us now? >> reporter: good morning. both those numbers of death
5:02 am
tolls are likely to rise today. already we're getting unofficial numbers and those put those numbers up much, much higher. neither side seems to be really giving in much. we are continuing to hear heavy arrest killly fire off in thegan the distance. all through the night there is heavy sounds of artillery pounding parts of the gaza strip. there is a heavy smell of smoke and artillery fumes throughout the area. there really is no end to the conflict here despite it being now day 15. already we're hearing nearly 600 palestinians have been killed. about under half of those have been killed in the last 23 days. israel suffering some significant casualties. their death toll for their soldiers now up to 27 military soldiers. we also understand that there is a missing israeli soldier. the military says that they are investigating this. hamas claims they've actually kidnapped this missing soldier. but offered no proof of this. but it's a real big concern for
5:03 am
the israeli military. it also is a huge concern for everyone here in gaza. if there is a kidnapped captured soldier, it would open up the possibility for a much bigger, much broader ground incursion into gaza. that would only raise the death toll and the injury tolls that are high now. the u.s. says 100,000 or so palestinians have taken shelter in different u.n. facilities across the gaza strip. they're trying to escape the violence. as we continue to see and hear in gaza, the fighting is ramping up despite the talks of a cease fire with secretary kerry in the region. back to you. >> conner powell live in gaza city where it is a mess. we thank you very much. we turn now to heather nauert who has headlines. >> hopefully this will bring a little bit of peace to the families. overnight the train that was carrying the bodies of the malaysian airlines flight 17 victims arrives in eastern
5:04 am
ukraine. this is considered the last stop before the remains head to netherlands for identification. in the meantime, pro russian rebels are apparently caving in to international pressure now and are now cooperating with the investigation by allowing access to the wreckage and they have apparently handed over the plane black boxes to investigators. analysts looking at them hope they can get a time line of the crash and possibly get recordings of that missile attack and learn more about it. back here overnight, a raging wild fire in washington state now becomes the largest in that state's history. the carlton fire was started by lightning. so far it burned 379 square miles, that is huge. sort of put that in context. four times the size of the city of seattle. 200 homes have been destroyed so far. and 1200 homes in 12 different towns are now at risk. one person has died so far trying o protect his home from the fires.
5:05 am
right now that fire is just 5% contained. you know that smidgen of corruption at the irs? that now seems to be getting even bigger. there is bombshell new testimony that reveals more information about those 20 hard drives that crashed, including those of employees who often communicated with lois lerner. >> there is more questions about people that regularly corresponded with lois lerner, who regularly were part of this targeting of conservatives for their views that now seem to have problems with their computers and as a result, again, an absence of accountability. >> irs officials telling house investigators that they are looking at the possibility that back up tapes with e-mails may actually still exist. this is quite a story. apparently someone who works at the epa really likes playing kim kardashian's new mobile game. the office was busted when this post went out on the agency's twitter feed saying, quote, i'm
5:06 am
now a seamless celebrity in kim kardashian's video. come join me by playing on the iphone. that's from the epa's twitter feed. it stayed up for hours and hours. thousands of people responded, including texas republican congressman steve stockman. he tweeted, i hope the kardashians don't mind being associated with something that spends millions without contributing to society. perhaps the best one, though, comes from long-time democrat who was one of the original authors of the clean water act. he said i don't know who or what a kardashian is. you guys okay, epa? >> running the twitter there. >> thanks. we know yesterday was not a good day for vladimir putin. when he appeared in front of a town, he was wiped out. he did not look like the confident, cocky guy that we're used to seeing. he knows that at least indirectly and who knows, possibly directly, he was responsible for the deaths of 298 innocent passengers who just
5:07 am
happened to be flying over the ukraine-russian border on thursday. as international outrage starts to build, you're wondering what the president is going to do to form a coalition and rally the world against this horrific scene and this incident and the violence that the russians have began. >> let's deal in laura ingraham. she joins us once a week. today is the big day for her. good morning to you. >> hey, good to see you. brian, how do you tell what the facial expression on vladimir putin actually is? he's been shot up with so many fillers and botox. you can't really tell the different facial expressions. >> i'll give you that. it's as frozen as cher's face. but i will say this, he looks sweaty, clammy and totally disheveled. >> that's how he always looks. the russian psyche is such that -- especially the kgb experience of vladimir putin, i wouldn't take a lot away from how he looks on any given day.
5:08 am
they're able to get into this crime scene through their proxies. i don't call them pro-russian rebels. these are putins proxies on the ground in ukraine. they got on the ground at that crash site. it's compromised. we were not able to get access to it through any international community norms, whatever you want to call it. so that's already done. so the fact that they're turning over bodies and the black boxes, that's much ado about nothing. >> the jury is in. >> it's his weaponry. these are his people. the language has to change. they're not pro-russian rebels. these are putin agencies proxies -- putin's proxies who have been infiltrating the country of the ukraine for a better part of the year. they've been streaming across the border. they've been bussed in, dropped in. they've come in in cars. this whole propaganda game that -- well, they're separatists. they are putin's people on the ground and they are in charge of all the propaganda.
5:09 am
i slip into that, pro -- i do the same thing. these are putin's people. that's how they should be referred to. >> has the president been strong enough, as of yesterday, in your opinion, in terms of the language? >> elisabeth, president obama -- i don't get a great joy in saying this. he comes out three days after this horrific downing of this jet and he comes on and gives this white house statement of we want to see more from the russian government. i mean, there is nothing new there. he could have done that friday and given the statement. the compromised scene, the crime scene, terrorism scene of that downed jet, that was happening on friday late day. so the president comes out monday and it was like he was a news reader. well, this has happened. yeah, we know it's happened. you're way behind the news cycle on this. again, it's leadership from the back bench. i think americans might not want to get involved militarily. but they want to see a muscular,
5:10 am
strong, american -- at least rhetorically, even retore iraqcally it's quite anemic. >> no kidding. remember back in '93 when russia shot down korean air flight 007. >> right. >> '83, that's right. >> reagan was very clear. he was strong. he was muscular. now we got the president yesterday said putin must be accountable. the burden is on russia. now they're really shaking in their boots. what's interesting, though, rather than continuing with this tough rhetoric like this, the president is doing what he loves to do and that is golf and fundraise. he's heading to the west coast. he's got a bunch of fund-raisers for democrats. one thing to his credit, apparently the white house thought if he shows up on jimmy kimmel, that might not be good optically. >> now that's sacrifice. come on. that's steely resolve that we really want from the president
5:11 am
of the united states. canceling kimmel. okay? so that's actual progress. look, he didn't cancel fund-raisers. never. he didn't cancel it after benghazi. he made a few brief remarks and went to vegas. other people asked the question, but what would it take to actually cancel a fund-raiser? we haven't really seen a lot of that yet. but i do think we know this, the president can demonstrate that kind of gritty, steely resolve when he's confronting tea party types on capitol hill, or republicans on any given issue, maybe the contraceptive mandate or reorienting the military and issues like that. when it comes to fox news, he's steely. >> what about the border there? perhaps too many parties have taken place and showing up fashionably late is what he thinks is the best thing for the
5:12 am
border. rick perry is sending national guard troops in doing the job that the president should have been doing. your thoughts? >> perry is responding i think i'm glad he's responding now. i wish he had done it weeks ago. but he's doing what pretty much every public opinion poll indicates the public wants. of course what the texans want, someone to stand up for america, for the sovereignty of texas, for the security of texas, the health situation. obviously being compromised there. and we all have enormous empathy for the children who have been brought here, who didn't have any say in this matter. but the fact is we must secure our homeland. we must secure our own people's future and renew the american economy and the middle class. i think people are now saying this is just beyond out of control. this is someone in the presidency is just being derelict in his duty to uphold the basic oaths that he swore to uphold when he was sworn into
5:13 am
office. so perry is doing this. i don't know how much ultimate effect it will have. i hope it sends a very strong message to central america. but i think he's doing what people want and that's refreshing to see. i hope it actually has a profound effect down there. >> before you go, i know you're not a country music star, but you're headed to nashville tonight, aren't you? >> i am. there is a big rally, 7 p.m restore america, it's tribute for joe carr. he's challenging lamar alexander. he's kind of an underdog in this race. but i think lamar alexander voted for the amnesty bill and given what's happened to our country over the last couple years, this out of control border, people are paying attention to this race and joe carr, retire lamar. hire joe carr. >> travel safely. we'll see you back here next week. >> thanks. 13 after the top of the hour. iran still hasn't agreed to a nuke deal. but we're about to give it more than $2 billion for good
5:14 am
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5:17 am
iran getting a $2.8 billion payday from the united states for playing nice with its nukes.
5:18 am
how nice? that's up for debate for sure. according to united nations, iran has converted its enriched uranium to much safer levels. we still haven't struck a deal and they're still making more. peter johnson, jr., are we making the right decision? >> we've paid $3 billion to keep talking to us. that's a rather expensive conversation. the watch road has been in foreign policy, trust, but verify. here we don't trust and we must verify. so let's talk about what iran wants out of this deal. >> what do they want? n they want to continue their nuclear program until 2021. they want to pursue well unlimited research and development and they want to limit duration of the deal to eight years or less. they want the centrifuge supply to become ten times its current amount. >> they still insist they're using nuclear power stations for medical purposes only. so what does the u.s. need? >> we need a lot of things and
5:19 am
don't really have all or any of them. we want them to stop enriching uranium to the level need to do fuel nuclear plant. they say they have done and it's been verified they've gone partway and that's why they're getting the money. flash centrifuge supply by -- slash it by 80,000. even though the ayatollah says they want to increase it. restrict power nuclear generation program for ten years. the ayatollah and the president say no. we want a full robust industrial nuclear program going forward. >> what will they not agree to yet? >> iran is saying they have not agreed to a, eliminate the nuclear infrastructure. b, disclose all of their past nuclear efforts, civil and military. and something that's really essential, any place and any time restrictions. meaning that we can go, or international nuclear agents can go at any time into iran and say, what's going on here? what's going on there? open this door.
5:20 am
open that door. the centrifuges here? how are you enriching uranium. we've had a great effect on the iranian economy. world exports have been cut by more than half. and their currency value has been reduced by more than half. and inflation has increased greatly. so the sanctions have worked. these are sanctions going back 35, 40 years that we ramped up recently. >> the last screen indicates the value of such sanctions. >> awork and so a lot of americans are questioning why are we giving them money without a deal? is this a false promise that's going to fall on their face? they received $11 billion over the last six months. let's see what happens going forward. critical question for us and israel. >> thanks for being here. >> good to see you. coming up, the most decorated sniper in american history claims he punched out jesse ventura and now the minnesota governor and professional wrestler is suing kyle's wife. will he get a dime? a live report from the
5:21 am
courthouse next.:"@;néc4ukp n mexico, tamarisi has been there since march. apparently the white house has bigger priorities
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
experts say andrew zale is a new threat because he does not fit the profile of islamic
5:25 am
terrorists and is the ideal mule to carry explosives onto airplanes. president obama presented retired army staff sergeant ryan pitts with a medal of honor yesterday. in 2008 he held off a wave of taliban fight increase afghanistan who attacked his outpost. returning fire despite being severely wounded by2ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ. he will be right here live on "fox & friends" thursday morning, 7:15, tune in then to see a real american hero. in minnesota a big battle is brewing in the courtroom. politician versus navy seal. closing arguments in the case of former minnesota governor jesse ventura against the estate of american sniper author chrisxçññ kyle. his wife forced to testify even though not knowing anything about the incident.
5:26 am
kmsp's reporter is live at the u.s. district court in st. paul. what can we expect today? >> reporter: lawyers for both sides right now are preparing for closing arguments here at the federal courthouse in st. paul. then a jury is set to deliberate. former minnesota governor jesse ventura is suing the estate of author chris kyle. in kyle's book, he claims he got into a bar fight with ventura in california in 2006. he says that ventura was criticizing fallen soldiers, sew punched him. ventura claims that fight never happened. kyle apparently talked about the incident in publicity toward his book and ventura says that damaged his reputation and he is suing for defamation. the author, kyle, actually died last year at a texas gun range and his widow is now the defendant in the case. during deliberations here today, it will be up to a jury to
5:27 am
decide the validity of both sides in this case. again, closing arguments expected to begin this morning and then a jury will deliberate in the jesse ventura defamation trial. back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. that's the latest on the trial that really should not be happening. straight ahead, a veteran arrested and humiliated in front of his entire community for speak his mind at a county board meeting. wait until you hear what he said. and camping in the great outdoors gets a little too real for one family. an alligator. how they got away thank you daddy for defending our country. thank you for your sacrifice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them.
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5:30 am
governor rick perry announced plans to send 1,000 national guard troops to the
5:31 am
mexican border to increase security. if you really want to slow down the flow of illegal immigrants, send the tsa. sir, i need you to go through again. >> by the way, we understand that tomorrow the u.s. house, the republicans, are going to have their proposal. the president wants close to $4 billion to stem the flow of illegals across the southern border. tomorrow the republicans will pass -- have their bill ready and present it. >> some of the money goes for lawyer for the kids and for legal representation and food, clothing, showers and everything else. >> we're moving on to three months, when you look at the border, where jailed sergeant marine tamarisi is still there. still not able to come home. if you go on white, there's a petition they've been answering and their priority seems to be a little slipped. we're going to show you three of them that answered prior to the petition for his release. >> he hit the threshold. he got his hundreds of
5:32 am
thousands. >> the whole idea is if you go onto the web site at the white house, and if you get enough people, then they're going to take action. it took 44 days for the white house to take action on people who wanted to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence. they the home brew ale recipe. 15 days. looking at the destruction of a death star. 60 days. >> this is not fictional. >> the sergeant got new lawyers and his hearing, but went back to jail. he sits there in a mexican prison suffering from ptsd. get this, the state department has not picked up the phone, tried to get him out. there has been no push at all. it would take very little, that according to secretary of state hillary clinton, the former one,
5:33 am
to get him out. yet he sits there. things to do list. >> the american people are saying our commander in chief, bring our marine home. you can't continue to ignore the situation. >> the white house gets to decide what the white house wants to act on. clearly at this point, they don't want to act on it. >> but the beer recipe is out. >> people need beer recipes. hello? you can facebook or tweet us. in the meantime, heather nauert joins us with the news. >> good morning. i've got a story from tennessee. listen to what happened to an elderly vet. he was arrested for speaking his mind, 76-year-old eddie was charged with disorderly conduct in resisting arrest after he asked the mayor of greenville, tennessee, to speak up at a county board meeting. they were not using microphones and the meeting was packed with people and many folks there could not hear what was being discussed. locals there were concerned about plans for a chemical plant to dump waste water in a local
5:34 am
river. the vet says he plans to fight those charges against him. his next hearing is next month. scary moments for a group of kids in texas. a 300-pound alligator was looking for food and chased the kids out of the pond while they were swimming there. the kids ran out. they grabbed their parents who then called a game warden for help. >> this gator was hunting kids and probable low would have killed one if we hadn't have got it. i captured it. i knew it was bigger than what they were describing. >> could you imagine? that gator will be taken to a wildlife park that's about 60 miles west of dallas. they plan to put it on display. here is a bit of a horror story that is what one california resident is now facing. she's had a pretty bad experience with the popular web site called airb and b. a lot of people use this to rent and sublet their apartments and
5:35 am
homes. here is what happened. 39-year-old cory put her palm springs apartment up on that site and she rented it to a guy and his brother for about 30 days. when she called them to tell them that their time was up and they had to leave, they refused. the man threatened her with legal action, saying they have scatter's rights under california law. she has now hired a lawyer and it could take months and months to evict these guys from her own house. boy, how angry would you be. here is another story. is it a washing machine, an iron, or both? check out this household gadget called swash. it will apparently wash, dry, and iron your clothes all at once. it doesn't need any water. these pods of liquid that apparently get sprayed onto your clothes. it takes ten minutes per item and costs about $500. you could save money on your dry cleaning bill. >> i kind of like that. go in on it with a friend.
5:36 am
>> we can put one in the green room. >> thanks. maria molina is outside. >> thank you. i'm definitely in and i will contribute. that sounds like a great idea to put in the green room. let's take a look at the weather conditions across the country. i want to start out with your high temperatures. they're forecast to reach the 90s and even triple digits for many of you. take a look at kansas city. 100 degrees is the forecast high there. 101 in del rio. 97 in dallas. you factor in the humidity and this is what it's going to feel like as we head into this afternoon. we're going to be looking at temperatures climbing well above the triple digit. 107 in kansas city. 101 in dallas. there is also the potential for some showers and storms across portions of the northern plains and the midwest. some of these storms out there could be producing some severe weather. we're looking at damaging winds and hail being a main concern. if you live across the southeastern united states, expect showers and storms and
5:37 am
some possible travel delays out there. let's head back inside. >> here comes the rain. maria, thank you very much. it is now 24 minutes before the top of the hour. president obama says he's sick of playing games with russian president vladimir putin. but are words enough? should there be some action or something? chairman of the house homeland security committee congressman michael mccall joins us next. and you don't have to be an expert to know this is the wrong way to take your boat out of the water. ouch. >> oh, no! >> oh, no is right. ♪ ♪ s
5:38 am
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5:40 am
20 minutes to the top of the hour. quick headlines now. amazing video of two men coming to the rescue of a husky trapped on the side of a cliff.
5:41 am
take a look at this. the dog spent all night stranded after escaping from his new mexico home. a local wildlife sanctuary was called in to help. they safely got him back down, reuniting him with his owners. and you don't have to be an expert to know this is not how you take a boat out of the water. oh, no. the guy holding the rope there must not have had much of a hold at all. clearly someone knew they weren't doing this right because they had the sense to record the whole thing. brian, if i had a boat, i know you would hold the rope and not let it go in the water. >> anything for you. give it to tim. he's stronger. president obama claims he's finished playing games with vladimir putin. >> now is the time for president putin and russia, a pivot -- to pivot away from the strategy they've been taking and get
5:42 am
serious about trying to resolve hostilities within ukraine in a way that respects ukraine's sovereignty. >> wow. hardly the firey rhetoric we were expecting. a speech and in the speech is a speech. what could president obama do to put potato machine a corner? texas among condition -- putin in a corner. texas congressman is here, what should the president do, concrete move number one today? >> he can do several things. i think the prime minister of england has come out to be the leader here, calling for putin to number one, have a cease fire. number two, to stop arming and funding these rebel separatists, stop training them. even though putin is in denial that he's even doing this. so i think that, along with tougher sanctions on their energy sector and finally, we banned the export of crude oil to europe and ukraine. we could actually export that from the united states to ukraine and europe, get them off the russian dependence.
5:43 am
the russians currently strangle them with energy. we could help them and not only that, but help our own economy and create jobs here in the united states. this president talks a tough game. but i want to see more than words. i want to see action. >> you're happy with the president's words, saying that if russia continues on this path, they'll be isolated? you think those words were sufficient? >> again, it's tough talk. but if you don't follow that up with specific actions, it really means nothing. the good analogy is reagan in 1983, the last time the russians shot down a commercial airliner. look how reagan responded, rallied the world against russia and look what came out of that scenario. that's the kind of leadership that we need right now and we're seeing it more from england than the united states. >> but chairman, there is a sense that the russians have the economic and the energy leverage over europe and we want their cooperation when it comes to iran and north korea. so they have leverage on us.
5:44 am
are you willing to give up the iranian leverage and the north korean leverage in order to get the message across when it comes to the ukraine? >> i'm not sure how much i want the russians in iran. their long-term strategy is to take back the old soviet empire. when i was in russia, it's clear that putin has a sense of nationalistic pride, wants the glory days of the old empire, and so any russian-speaking peoples within the baltic states and elsewhere are fair game for him to go in. this is an act of aggression. weakness invites aggression. churchill warned against this. reagan warned against it. that's exactly what's happening with russia and mr. putin. we need to stop it and more than just words. we need to take specific action to stop it. >> tony blair, the former prime minister of england, yesterday he called on europe to stop begging the u.s. to act. he says it's time for us to step up, looking at the combined economies of the e.u. do you think that's desperation
5:45 am
because we have not been stepping up, or do you think this is something long overdue? >> i don't think it's a lack of leadership. i think our president wants to shrink from our global world responsibilities and sit back. that's when you see things like this happen. we saw this in the carter administration, again, when weakness invites aggression. i think he really needs to be firm, stand up. two things immediately a cease fire and a call upon mr. putin to take responsibility and withdraw his support with arms and weapons and training for these rebel forces. this is a game changer. they shot down a commercial airliner with almost 300 people, including many children, on board. if that doesn't wake up people, i'm not sure what will. >> three infants, 80 kids, and they treated their remains horrifically. i think the whole world saw it. if they aren't form russian
5:46 am
officers, they're currents officers. hopefully the president is listening. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. coming up, a judge just ruled that it's okay, but should you have to go to court as a parent to get your own way? is this legal insanity? keith ablow is here. and a guy that also knows the law, arthur eye della live. let's check in with bill hemmer who watched l.a. law in the 1990s. >> i did. >> i'm going to roll that episode tomorrow. >> are we done now? >> yep. >> another big morning of headlines. developments on the shoot down of flight 17. we're live in the middle east war as well. back at home, rick perry putting the national guard on the border. we'll talk to his right hand man. ben carson is here live. there is yet another obamacare
5:47 am
exemption. we'll see you live at the top of the hour. 14 minutes away on this tuesday÷ morning.
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5:50 am
insanity, nearly nine out of ten parents admit that spanking appropriate and this week a new york court agreed, ruling a father charged with abuse used what is called a reasonable amount of force. it begs the question, should the government even have a say in this case, in a minor case where someone spanks their kid? let's talk to psychiatrist and fox news contributor, dr. keith ablow and fox news legal analyst arthur aidala. it's the battle of the bald guys. >> that's right, it is. 'cause we disagree.
5:51 am
the woosification of america. if you're with your friend, your eight-year-old curses your friend out, take their ipad away for the day. do you know what i want to do? get over here. turn around. i love the fact that arthur aidala, even though he does not have a breath of air in his lung, because he just ran ten blocks to be here, he's sandbagging dr. ablow. >> i'm letting him dissipate all of this fire and then telling the american public the truth yet again, which is only this. it's never a good idea to spank your kid. i don't care if nine out of ten parents say it is. i've had people in my office, one of the complaints about their upbringing frequently is i love my parents, but my dad hit me. >> nobody wants to get hit! >> that's right. exactly. >> if you hit your child, that's your business. not the state's.
5:52 am
>> the ultimate dog trainer, the dog whisperer, he doesn't hit. he does it correctly. just enough to snap the dog out of it. >> why don't you use that on your children, arthur? >> the world war ii -- give me a break. >> the ablow children, seem to respect authority. the bottom line is it's always the end of a discussion hitting your kids. it's never the beginning of discussion. teaches them nothing. nine out of ten americans do this. you're wrong. 10% of you are right. >> so the court ruled it's a reasonable use of force for parents to spank their kids. when i was growing up, my parents both spanked me when i did something inappropriate. i remember one time one of my kids ran out into the street and when i grabbed that child and gave him a spank on the butt, they never did that again.
5:53 am
it was just a one-time only thing and that's the idea. >> what i did was i took an m 80, which is a quarter stick of dynamite. i lit it and took it in the middle of parade and my father caught me. what do you think he should have done? put me in the corner for time out? gave me long lecture and took off his belt and hit me three times in the butt. >> i think it was totally inappropriate. >> of course you do. >> if your dad were here, i would say listen, i wish you had the words to share the words with arthur. >> he did share words. >> he used a belt on me. >> now we have the prejudice that we needed to know about -- you were brutalized with a belt. >> brutalized. no violation. >> you're not on prescription drugs. >> it only took 11 questions to
5:54 am
get to the bottom of exactly what the scars are that remain. we'll get to that after this. >> in new york, it is a reasonable use of force. a belt is bad. >> the court is wrong to get involved. >> ladies and gentlemen, the battle of the bald guys, one of them particularly sweating here. >> i'll win every time. >> okay, fine. people vote. whose side are you on? dr. ablow, it's a mistake to spank. or -- >> warming of the backside never hurt anybody. >> that's what you tell all your dish. >> thank you, arthur. coming up, one texas congressman says he has an idea to fix the border crisis and he shares that with you in just a minute.
5:55 am
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before we go. time for one for the road. texas republican by the name of michael burgess, he's got a suggestion on how to cut down the invasion on our southern border. what he is suggesting is to deduct the immigrant cost from foreign aid that we give to the country. when it comes to el salvador or guatemala, we give them each millions and millions of dollars. he suggests for every kid from every country, deduct $15,000 per kid from that country. do you think the invasion would stop? absolutely. >> and new york giants player retires after ten years. two super bowl rings later, married to an incredible woman. coach tom coughlin's daughter, an emotional end to his career here, retiring. take a listen. >> it's no secret, but i'm going
5:59 am
to retire. >> emotional for a lot of fans as well. that is one outstanding family. he will be missed. the kids were your set. that's with they grew up in. >> daddy's done. >> he's a great dad. >> and a teammate of our own keith jennings, who was on our staff here. >> yep. and also tim and he played together. >> i got a story about the president. one thing he was doing yesterday, i thoughts it was a fantastic program. raised $104 million already called my brother's keeper. it's a private-public partnership. it's going to affect the inner cities. one ofs his comments stood out. he talked to the african-american community like no other president can. he says there is a sense that if you speak well and read a lot, you're acting right. that's notion that has to stop within communities. the president to say that, i
6:00 am
think it can penetrate those communities. >> so that is one for the road for this tuesday. thank you for joining us live. tomorrow, are you normal or are you nuts? we're going to try to find out. >> that's right. and the unbelievable 911 calls coming in. morning. fox news alert now. we have new developments on two major stories breaking overseas. one step closer to home. the victims of the passenger plane believed to be shot down by those russian separatists last week handed over to authorities. the train carrying the bodies pulling into eastern ukrainian city a bit earlier today. good morning, everybody. as we follow this. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom." welcome, heather. >> she is off. i'm heather childers. we are hearing the pro-russian rebels finally hand over to authorities two of the black boxes from the downed flight. bill: middle east is on fire. fighting in gaza intensifies


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