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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 15, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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he said mom, it wouldn't be solo then. >> he's planning on finishing his degree in mechanical engineering at m.i.t. >> hope he had a good play list. >> that would be a long time in that little plane. good for him. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. thank you very much. so how and when will the bleeding across our southern borders stop as detention centers fill with tens of thousands of women and kids waiting to be processed. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." this is happening as protests pop up across the country over the best way to manage this situation. the white house still pressing congress for that $3.7 billion to help with the crisis as more calls come to bring in the national guard to help. in the city of mission, texas, agents are faced with the mammoth task of trying to cover miles and miles of waterways
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along the river that separates the united states and mexico. that's where john roberts is riding along with the border patrol. what have you learned from that experience? >> reporter: one thing we learned is in answer to your question how long will this go on? the answer is not any time soon. to get an indication of how big a challenge it is, you have to come down here to the rio grande. we took a tour of the river with the chief of the rio grande valley sector of the border patrol. we found 300 miles of twisting, turning river. every few hundred feet you could see where the illegal migrants crossed and plenty of places on the american side with cover is thick enough they can easily disappear and get picked up on a road and vanish into the united states. a lot of these immigrants we should say want to get picked up and they're going to areas where the border patrol can get them and get them quite easily. it's a very sophisticated operation on the mexican side of the border. a lot of observers and lookouts
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watching for what border patrol is doing on the river when they go around the bend they push rafts across and in some areas where the current runs quickly, it only takes about eight seconds to get from mexico into the united states. there's also a big element of organized crime here on the mexican side with these cartels charging people thousands of dollars a piece to smuggle them across the border. >> these people are worse. this is very well organized. it's deep. deep roots. they've been doing this for a long, long time. they're very sophisticate and very capable. with he have to stay on our toes because you can never underestimate your adversary. >> reporter: there's been a 40% reduction in apprehensions over the last few days but that's temporary and he expects to pick up again very soon perhaps when some of the suppressive heat goes away. >> so many of us are watching this from afar. you've been right there. you've been looking into this. how do you think we can stop the problems, the illegal migration
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coming to our country? >> reporter: it's a difficult problem. the border security down here along the rio grande is designed to keep people at or catch people who are trying not to get caught. the problem is many of these central american migrants whether it's unaccompanied children or pregnant women or mothers with small children, they want to get caught. so what to do about that? i put that question to the border patrol union representative down here. listen. how do you secure the border against people who want to get caught? >> you can't. you cannot keep these people from coming in. for various reasons. once they are here, we have to take custody of them and we can't stop them in the middle of the river because we have liability of one of them falling off and drowning. not a legal liability but a moral liability. who could let someone drown? >> reporter: basically what he's saying is if illegal migrants to want to get caught get into the river, they're going to get into
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the united states. this has got to be according to the chief, more than just law enforcement solution here. part of it is apprehension and also there has to be administrative action, reporting these people, removing them back to home countries and diplomacy to work with where these people are coming from and see if you can get them to stay home instead of coming to the united states. >> huge issue. john, great reporting. thank you so much. a pair of lawmakers planning to try to combat the border crisis with a bipartisan bill. it's called the humane act which tweaks the immigration laws that we already have in place. here's what it entails. expediting the process by allowing kids to go before an immigration judge within seven days of being screened by homeland security. authorizing 40 new immigration judges to help keep up with that rigorous schedule. republican leaders like incoming house majority leader kevin mccarthy says it would make sense for the house to act on this bill.
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the authors of the bill praised jeh johnson saying he knows this type of solution is needed. indiana senator dan coats, welcome to the show. what do you think of the proposed bipartisan bill? >> well, there's some good ideas here but it's not enough. we have to go to the source of this. that means going to the leaders of the government of these central american countries basically demanding that they use whatever resource this s the to tell the women and children that live in their country that this is a perilous trip to make. there are cartel gang driven issue here and we have to put pressure on these countries to stop this at the source. otherwise we're continuing to just have people flood across the river and across the border and we don't have the capacity to deal with it. it's important to send them
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back. >> the problem though, senator, is they are desperate in a lot of these countries and they just might risk even their children's safety for a chance at getting to america. what about cutting off aid to these particular countries? >> i think we need to use every leverage we can to get their government to take a role in this. this issue of their desperate in their countries, not a lot has changed over the last several decades in these countries. what's happening is this narrative get your kids to the border and they'll be in the united states and taken care of. that's something that's going to happen. we need to send them back. we need to care for them of course while they're here. we need to adjudicate them as quickly as possible but when plane loads and buses pull back into their towns, they'll understand you're not going to risk your child on a 1,500-mile journey under the control of drug cartels and abuse that takes place not to be able to stay there. >> you bring up a good point about the fact that you are
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right about desperation. that's been going on for decades. what is it that has changed it? thank you for bringing that up. i want you to listen to the white house spokesperson, josh earnest, when asked about this today. >> after an individual has gone through the removal proceedings and an immigration judge concluded they do not have a legitimate claim for humanitarian relief, we would like the secretary of homeland security to have the authority to use his discretion in some cases to act quickly to remove those individuals back to their home country. >> that's an interesting statement, is it not, from mr. earnest? he's actually agreeing with republicans i think. >> slowly the white house is coming around to the reality of what's taking place on their border but leading from behind and waiting for something to happen and trying to figure out what to do with it instead of anticipating. we should have seen this coming. numbers were there months and months ago if not years ago.
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now they are starting to hear from the american people that their policies of adjudication, can't find kids, don't show up, that's not working as a solution. this is an emergency. it's a humanitarian crisis and we need to get full force into it. that will work with the president if he'll work with us. >> senator dan coats, thank you for your time today. sir. the transparent obama administration under siege from new whistle blowers. more coming up to reveal a new scandal at the department of veteran affairs. this time involving va benefits and pensions. and once again it appears to be all across the nation with complaints coming in from offices all around the country. we have a writer from "the washington times" as my guest. what are we learning now? >> previous stuff we heard about, veteran affairs
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department doles out disability benefits and they treat veterans. health care for veterans. the scandal we've known about was on the health care side. wait lists and veterans not getting treatment and veterans dying and the department had admitted to those problems. this is the other side. just as much if not more money going to veterans disability payments and we knew they had a giant backlog. what's amazing about this is when they tried to get rid of that backlog, they cooked the books. what they were accused of doing on the healthcare side. like th gives you two choices. you can have the books cooked or have a backlog. we're unable to get both taken care of at the same time. >> i want you to listen to one of the whistle-blowers and her startling claim. >> i saw boxes with my own eyes and what was in my boxes and a lot of that stuff should not have been shredded. the va told me because i didn't see the shredding happening, that it wasn't shredded.
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however, when i did a little research about the shredding truck, i was informed that in order to mail to be shredded it gets shredded on the truck and if i would have watched mail be shredded i would have been shredded with it. >> shredded with it. i mean, doesn't this make you sit back and wonder if this is happening at the va? i think it had the second largest budget of any governmental agency. you got to wonder what else is going on at other government agencies, don't you? >> you know, we've come to the realization president obama is a fan of the government and what government can do but so far if you also are a fan of big government, obama may have been a very bad president for you. if you want to show americans that government can have a positive force in their life, make sure the government they have is working. between the va, irs, between what your previous guests were talking about at the border and hiccups with obamacare, this
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president has had a pretty bad string of scandals and hiccups with getting government to work on the things that it is already doing. that's a bad recommendation for trying to do even more through government. you're exactly right about that. who knows what else is out there but what we're seeing and fact that both big sides of the va aren't doing well is a real problem. >> always great to get your insights. thank you. so a new investigation into a different government run agency finding more dangerous safety lapses. this time at the cdc lab where they handle anthrax. dozens of scientists were exposed last month at a lab in atlanta. a second investigation finds they sent the pathogen to other facilities and stored it in an unlocked fridge and transferred it in security of a ziploc bag and some exposed weren't checked out by a doctor for days. a house hearing is scheduled for tomorrow to get to the bottom of the recent violations. you heard about targeting of the tea party groups by the irs,
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there's another organization out there some believe could blow the lid off the whole scandal and not many people are talking about it. we'll have an exclusive interview with the woman who runs a pro-israeli group who is also suing the irs for being targeted. it's a bully all right. the bully fire. pushing people out of their homes. see the devastation this bully has inflicted thus far. just when you thought people had become too complacent to reach out and help others, there's this. >> a group of good samaritans stopping a car jacker from getting away. that's a good-news story and that's coming up. >> i seen a guy in the back seat choking the driver and there were a couple other people at the window that were grabbing the keys from him. sics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms.
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a wildfire in northern california now growing and sparking new evacuation orders with the fast moving flames now threatening unfortunately 50 more homes. right now only 20% contained. the steep terrain and dry conditions hindering this firefight. authorities say the fire was sparked by exhaust from a truck and a 27-year-old man was arrested and accused of reckl s recklessreckles recklessly causing the fire. why is no one in the media talking about another group they claim was targeted by the irs. the group is not a tea party group. it's a pro-israeli group. they were one of the first groups to sue the irs back in 2010 putting the irs on notice that because of that litigation it had to by law retain all information that could conceivably lead to admissible evidence in court. we have the president and founder of the group joining me now.
11:17 am
you've been on the show to talk about the fact you believe you were targeted. you still haven't received your status. what's explosive today is what's being written in the american thinker. the z-street case may be what forces the irs to pull aside its carefully constructed curtain and reveal how it made decisions regarding organizations deemed out of step. how so, lori? >> well, as you mentioned, gretchen, we are the first organization that became aware that the government was dealing with applicants for tax exempt status in a way that seemed to violate the constitution frankly. because we found out back in july of 2010 and filed our lawsuit in august of 2010, with the filing of that lawsuit, the government was under an obligation to retain all
11:18 am
possible information, documents, e-mails, et cetera, that might give rise to admissible evidence in our case. therefore, the government, the irs specifically was under an obligation to have what's called a litigation hold. they had to retain any information about how the irs was processing applicants for tax exempt status and so when everyone learned that lois lerner's e-mails were lost as were six other members of the irs in her circle, they were already under an obligation to hold that stuff. they could not have been recycled to servers. >> that's what's so alarming and startling about your case is not a lot of people know about is they were already legally liable based on the fact that you had filed suit in august of 2010. now, if that documentation, any
11:19 am
of it was destroyed, it's a federal crime obviously. it's called willful spoilation, right? >> obviously it has to be proven it was done willfully and that they were aware of the litigation but no matter where you go down the line, someone was aware and was under an obligation to inform the others in the government and irs and perhaps elsewhere that all of this information had to be retained. >> so this is why your case while it's the same as the tea party because you believe you were targeted but different because of when you filed your exact lawsuit. now, what is going to happen with regard to discovery phase of your lawsuit right now? >> okay. so we entered the discovery phase once the government finally answered our complaint. it took four years for them to answer. and we started the discovery phase. we have our first conference
11:20 am
where z street lawyers and the irs lawyers at the department of justice have a conference call on friday where they discuss the perimeters of discovery and the timing and then on august 12th the parties meet with the judge in washington to talk about those issues. so really we're about to start bringing on the documents, the request for information, the depositions of the relevant officials involved. >> it will be very interesting. please keep us posted on those two dates, august 12th of course being central to that. lori, thanks for your time again. >> thank you. bet a carjacking suspect we're about to tell you about never saw this coming. what a group of good samaritans did when he tried to take off with a van with a mom and child still inside. a storm rolling through the east. weather danger not over yet.
11:21 am
probably not the best idea. this guy decides to take a selfie during the running of the bulls. so that brings us to our question of the day. what is the craziest selfie -- this could get dangerous -- you've ever seen or taken. tweet me @gretchen carlson. we'll made your comments at the end of the show. i hope geraldo isn't watching.
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a train derailment in west
11:25 am
virginia. clearing the cars expected to take a while as safety teams look into what may have caused the train to derail. a suspected car thief getting a taste of street justice. those good samaritans pulling him out of the van after he tried to steal it with mom and child still inside. you can hear the baby. trace gallagher picks up the story live from los angeles. what do you know? >> happened at a san diego strip mall. the wrong place at the wrong time for the alleged car jacker. he got into the car with the mother and child and drove away for a short distance but he hit a pole and that's all the time the bystanders neededed to jump in and help. you can see one gets in the back seat. two at the window. they yank him out of there. he's kicking and screaming the whole time. resisting. they throw him down to the ground and subdue this guy.
11:26 am
there was a guy across the street that videotaped this whole scene. he didn't know what he was taping. listen to him. >> choking out the driver and there were a couple other people at the window that were grabbing the keys from him. i'm just trying to figure out what's going on. it's great that people will stand up for each other. that won't happen in a lot of other neighborhoods. >> so when the police arrived, the suspect continued to resist arrest and so guess what happens? the bystanders jump back in and help the police subdue the guy until more officers can show up and give him some backup. the suspect's relatives believe that he relapsed on drugs and alcohol and by the way, the mother and the child inside the car were shaken up a bit as you might imagine but we're told they are just fine. >> love to see that story because sometimes people are complacent. they just don't help. they're too squarcared to.
11:27 am
thank you. the temporary cease-fire in the middle east ends with a barrage of hamweapons. passing bills to help the middle class. guess the president missed that or he wouldn't be catching flak from a major d.c. newspaper. we'll tell you about that in a hot debate when we come back. a. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares.
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time for a quick check of headlines now. russian authorities are ruling out terrorism in a deadly derailment that happened in moscow. 20 people killed. 150 others injured. investigators do not know what caused the train to jump the tracks. u.s. military hopes the high tech plane could appear at an
11:31 am
air show in england next week. they were grounded after there was an engine fire. and this f-16 has seen better jobs. this is in tucson, arizona. hit by a powerful storm in the middle of monsoon season. fox news alert right now. the truce is a no go in the middle east. with hamas meeting calls with a cease-fire with more rocket attacks over israel forcing israel to resume its targeted air strikes in gaza. we go live to gaza city. what have you seen and heard today? >> reporter: we just saw an air strike actually about 10, 15 minutes ago in the distance behind us. i'm kind of keeping an eye out to see if anything else is going to happen. things are heating up. not only did we see that air strike a little while ago but over the course of the last 30 minutes we've seen several rockets launched from the gaza city area.
11:32 am
and this just goes along with overall concern and thought that things are going to continue to increase in terms of the violence. earlier this evening israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu addressed his country saying israel would exert great force against hamas for not accepting the cease-fire agreement. israel accepted an agreement that started at 9:00 a.m. this morning and lasted six hours. israel put on hold any strikes against hamas but finally countered and fired back when there was a barrage of 70 rockets at israel over that period of time. israel launched a missile strike like the one we just saw a couple minutes ago. in total, i'll go to my notes on this. 120 rockets have been fired at israel since 9:00 a.m. this morning. 104 have hit. 22 were intercepted by the iron dome defense and israeli defense forces struck 33 targets and that number likely continues to
11:33 am
grow. this as now we hear there's been one fatality. an israeli man killed by fire. this is the first one killed since this started eight days ago. now in gaza city, we're going into the ninth day. the question is will we see things continue to intensify on the ground here in gaza city. we keep a lookout. back to you. >> so much for a cease-fire. thank you. three pinocchios for president obama. "the washington post" disputing the claim that the president made saying republicans block all efforts to help the middle class. >> so far this year republicans in congress have blocked every serious idea to strengthen the middle class. >> but check this out. look at that happy family. one day earlier house speaker john boehner and minority leader nancy pelosi together signing a jobs training bill. boehner releasing a photo with headline, this is what working together looks like. here's what pelosi had to say.
11:34 am
>> thank you very much, mr. speaker, for bringing us together. thank you for your leadership. thanks to chairman klein, chairwoman foxx, ranking member miller and others for getting us to this place where we can all come together in a bipartisan overwhelming way to support this jobs training bill. >> kumbaya my lord. remember that from camp? everyone working together to help the middle class if it weren't so sad, i don't mean to laugh, but everyone taking credit for coming together. not president obama. all right. you remember kumbaya? they are a happy family but the president got his nose grew over the weekend. he got three pinocchios. >> it took "the washington post" this time.
11:35 am
i've been watching that vision for the last six years here with the nose crashing through the screen. the question is who is playing gepetoo and working on puppeteering here. in defense of the president, that was so yesterday. what difference does it make if it was just a couple days ago there was an agreement because today's truth is all that matters. >> what are we to make of it? i guess politicians can say whatever they want and it's up to "the washington post" to figure out whether they're telling the truth or not. they did sign the farm bill. the homeowner flood insurance act and water resources reform and development act. i mean not huge issues but there has been co-mingling. >> here's what's going on. it's political season so you'll see hyperbole on both sides. i think the bigger issue is the decline of bipartisanship and finding increase in political
11:36 am
negativity we've seen go on for the last couple decades. it's a failure of leadership on both sides and on the speaker's part he can rarely control his conference and failure on the president's part because he doesn't understand the basic operating principles of politics. number one of which you have to invest in building relationships, personal relationships that yield political rewards. he hasn't done that. >> don't you remember that your mom or dad told you to rise above the situation. >> the president is trying to do that in talking to the people and saying -- >> not really. if you saw how much glee there was between boehner and pelosi that they could agree on something. that's a great example. we should do more of that. >> you want to keep making it seem like people are playing in the political sandbox and he'll take his -- he doesn't use a phone to call them very much. this just continues to complicate it. when you deal with moral
11:37 am
relativism and you start today with today's truth, the president truly believes they have been hammering the middle class when his policies have been jack hammering the middle class in many respects for the last nearly six years. >> are speaker boehner and nancy pelosi being disingenuous about happiness in coming together. they haven't figured anything out on the big issues. >> they are working in the interest of the country. the voters disapprove of what's going on. president's approval rating is 43. congress is at 15. the truth is we are a divided country and divided government and we'll have a divided government until 2016. the only way we can move forward is to move forward together. i think it's unlikely that much is going to happen in the waning days of this congress. i'm hopeful that somehow we bring back some spirit of bipartisanship and let's get immigration reform done before the election not going to happen but in looking forward to february. >> keystone is good progress. >> that would be bipartisan.
11:38 am
maybe in the commercial break you'll tell me who will play gepetoo. >> thanks to both of you. lots of extreme weather around the country today in the form of heavy rain. this is the scene in arlington, virginia. further up the coast in new jersey, some flash flooding going on. meteorologist janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center. some people just coming in say it's bad even right here in new york city right now. >> let's take a look at times square right now where it feels very ominous. almost like 8:00 at night. look at that. we have a flash flood warning in place and potential for severe thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening. let's look at it. we have a cold front bringing record setting cold to parts of the midwest and great lakes. ahead of it, warm, unstable air and that's why we have potential for severe weather across the northeast down toward the mid-atlantic. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for the next several hours including new york city, d.c. you're under a severe
11:39 am
thunderstorm warning and all of the way down to portions of west virginia and virginia and look at all of those severe thunderstorm warnings. no tornado warnings but we could see some rotation with some of these cells. we'll certainly keep you up to date and then the flash flood watches and warnings posted from maine all of the way down towards new jersey so again we could see several inches of rain in a very short period of time for the next several hours. your severe threat for the northeast down toward the mid-atlantic for the rest of the afternoon and another risk for severe weather across portions of the rockies and part of the reason is we have this very powerful cold front bringing record-like temperatures to minnesota. >> i know. i was there. >> wacky weather all over the place. >> i know. wait a minute. do you have a new hairstyle? >> it's on the other side today. >> it's looking very sleek and lovely, my friend. >> so glad you noticed. >> i like the red lipstick too. wow. doesn't she look fantastic today? all right. too bad you can't report on
11:40 am
better weather but you look great. >> i'm glad i'm inside. >> good news. thanks. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. are you wearing your hair on the other side today? >> yeah, the other side of my head. >> what do you have coming up? >> tough valley out of silicon valley. a crime that shocked that region of our nation. we have new information today. a high priced hooker accused of shooting up a google executive with a deadly dose of heroin and leaving him on his yacht to die. investigators are now revealing more about this alleged hooker from her wealthy upbringing and expensive schools to her downward spiral of drugs and prostitution. it's a sick story and it's top of the hour. we'll see you then. >> thanks much. a very unlikely hero. how this 3-year-old little boy saved a man's life who was stuck in a hot car. that incredible story coming up. >> he kept pulling at my hand.
11:41 am
i looked at him and said what's going on? he said locked, locked.
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here's a story that will make you think. a stolen phone far away now raising a ton of questions. that's because the jeep was reported missing in miami between june 30th and july 1st. then on july 2nd, look at the map. it turned up all of the way in washington state some 3,400 miles away. google maps say that's a 50-hour
11:45 am
trip and only if you drive straight through. so police are trying to figure out who was behind the cross-country joyride and how it could have happened but they don't have much to go on. clothing found inside that jeep. now police are trying to get the car back to its rightful owner. in the meantime, the disturbing death of a 22-month-old boy left in a hot car by his father sparking concern around the country to make sure it doesn't happen again. jonathan serrie is live for us. that georgia case has put people on high alert, right? >> reporter: it really has. people are taking the warning seriously nowadays that if you see a kid alone in a car, don't assume that everything is okay and move on. that's just what happened with people taking matters into their own hands in texas. shoppers noticed two kids crying inside a hot jeep at a strip mall so the shoppers smashed open windows themselves to rescue the little boy and girl. witnesses say the mother was getting a haircut a
11:46 am
and in nearby houston, police arrested another mother who they say knowingly left her 1-year-old boy in a hot car in a shopping center parking lot while the heat index was 98 degrees. in this case, firefighters broke the window to rescue the child who was said to be doing fine. gretchen? >> so it's not just grown-ups rescuing kids, it's the reverse happening too. tell us about it. >> reporter: that's right. in knoxville, tennessee, there's a good little 3-year-old boy who decided to return the favor. it happened in a church parking lot. an elderly man with health conditions had trouble unlocking his car and found himself trapped in his car with temperatures in the 90s outside. he saw that 3-year-old boy walking nearby in the church parking lot and called for help. little keith williams sprang into action and ran to get his pastor pulling on his hand saying locked, locked. the pastor followed the boy back
11:47 am
to bob king's car. listen. >> very thankful because i don't know how long i had. probably another 20 minutes sitting in there if he hadn't notified somebody. >> in case you couldn't make that out, little keith was saying i saved his life. >> wow. that's probably going to be one of his first memories at three and it will be a good one. thanks for the great news. thank you. here's a question for you today. can the poor be the saviors of capitalism? one author says his practical solutions on income and equality could help drive the economy. thor could look different than the god we all know. the shocking announcement marvel just made that could change the back story of a comic hero forever.
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switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. a judge in texas now ordering a guy to pay $375,000 in damage to the academy for trademark infringement. don't do that. pizza hut rolling out the new addition to its menu. you'll think it's a new pizza. no. chocolate chip cookie that's 8 inches in diameter cut into eight slices. the cookie is meant to draw in millennials after they discovered that they like to knock off a great pizza with a
11:52 am
great dessert. thor is now going to be a woman. modeling herself after the original one after he saved her life. president obama seems to be pivoting away from the issue of income equality now. the topic is sparking strong opinions. improving credit scores in poor areas, middle class tax breaks
11:53 am
and auto debit for the earned income tax credit. joining me now to explain, the author of how the poor can save capital jim. >> let's start with middle class tax cuts. >> every story you shod before we came insuring that's all entrepreneurship, all american gdp, that's what makes -- except the guy making the false awards. >> let's leave him out. >> look, we have this great country, and we are taking it for granted. for the first time since 1978 we have more small business debt than small business startups and 70% of all jobs come from businesses with 500 employees or lessment half of all jobs are 100 employees or less. the dentist, doctor, architecture office. we're looking for love in all
11:54 am
the wrong places. we tell owl kids to get k through 12, get $200,000worth of student loan debt, and then work for a big could who is not hiring. the jobs from startups and entrepreneurs and small-business owners, that's what we need to be focusing on, and we need to be helping the middle class, which is the heart of america, one of which is a midding class, yes, tax break. >> you have hope initiative to help people out. got love it. one thing you want to do is establish 1,000 bank branches throughout america. what would they do. >> it's what lincoln tried to do in 1865. he chartered the freedman bank to teach free slaves about money. nobody knows about that. he thought the most important thing he could do is too teach free trades' enterprise and capital him. he was killed two weeks later. locations moved bank branches, grocery stores, credit unions,
11:55 am
pnc banks, regence banks, moving credit scores to 700. nothing changes your life more than god or love or moving your credit score up. >> establish 2,000 hope business in a box. >> these are entrepreneurial equal centers for young people. our kids are dropping out of high school because the haven't connected education with aspiration. they want a good job or opportunities. well give them a pitch, shark tank for kids. 25 businesses you can start with five dollars or yes, and your pitch, two minutes, we'll fund the business, give you role model, surround you with data and research, and then you have a creation of maybe the next steve jobs. >> i'm already feeling inspired. and you also talk about mentoring, which i think is the most central thing for young people. >> it's the key to your and my
11:56 am
life. i'm a business man because my daddy was. you're in broadcasting because you saw a woman. why a kid in an urban neighborhood want to be an athlete, or actor? they're modeling what they see. we want to give them something different to see. >> you're giving us hope. >> thank you so much. >> if you didn't think running with the bulls was dangerous news, this daredevil took a dangerous selfie. wait until you see our executive producer's running with the bulls selfie. defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. easily absorbed calcium plus d. beauty is bone deep. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, shopping online is as easy as it gets. carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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you're thinking beneful. [announcer]beneful has wholesome grains,real beef,even accents of spinach,carrots and peas. [guy] you love it so much. yes you do. but it's good for you, too. [announcer] healthful. flavorful. beneful. from purina. >> police in spain are trying to find this guy for breaking a new law trying to stop reckless behavior in running the bulls but our own playback operator was there. he made it home safely. the "the real story's" executive producer catching this photo of a bull while she was on vacation, right here in -- look at that bull.
12:00 pm
>> two guys in a costume. not a real bull. >> that's bull, jen. >> i know. sorry. >> that's not the real running of the bulls. but it's still a cute picture. thank you for being part of "the real story." here's shep. >> the u.s. government is now getting involved in the crisis in the middle east. this comes after a proposal for piece between hamas and israel went up in smoke before it really even began. now a new warning from israel's leader about what will happen next. talk of fines of up to $500 a day just for washing your car or watering your lawn. the incredible drought hitting hard in golden state. and relief may be a long time coming for lots of farmers. how would you like to take your next flight perched on a bicycle seat. just for commuter airlines, right? the new airplane seat that you have to see


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