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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  July 15, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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folks. and outnumbered in the web, go to fox and happening now starts right now. join us now. >> and right now three developing stories that we are watching right now, the plane load sends illegal imdprapts back to honduras. and now the house moving forward with a spending plan with the board crisis. president obama putting the pressure on law makers to act on the highway trust fund ahead of a fast- approaching dead lune that could see that program run out of money. and a new look at november's crucial midterms from a respected political analyst. and why he claims that is a lot up in the air. first, a proposal for peace unravels in the mideast.
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israel and hamas firing back after a ceasefire deal falls apart. it is the second hour of happening now. im jon scott. >> i am jenna lee. the israeli military keeping its vow to hit gaza hard if hamas rejected that deal. and there you can see some of what is happening today on the israel/gaza border. plumes of heavy smoke from the strikes. hals hams rejected the ceasefire and it appears we are back to where we started. john? >> reporter: jenna and jon, in terms of the rockets, we saw five firing from a location probably if i had to guess five empties or a five- minute walk
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up the rod here. those rockets were fired in the ceasefire time frame. israel stopped firing and hamas did not launching those at israel. and it was not that much longer or after that. there was a huge explosion that israel air force hit that location with a missile strike. and we have seen and heard a lot of action in this area. missile strikes and rocket launches and that has increased in the course of the last few hours despite the potential and egyptian brokered ceasefire agreement that israel accepted six hours before the operation. and hamas said it was never consulted and fired rockets at israel and some were intercepted over tel aviv by the iron dome. and others around the southern
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israel and gaza border area. we are hearing about the first civilian casulty in israel. 200 palestinians were killed in the cop flikt and 1200 injured, only several israelis were injured and tonight we hear that one person died because of according to officials of a hamas mortar attack. will it intensify and the ceasefire agreements broke down. will that intensify the fighting. as we go in the evening and overnight hours, the pattern is that things pick up and the question is will that intensify and will there be a ground force offensive? we saw the israelis on the ground over the weekend. and more so, the fighting intensifies. >> thank you, jon.
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intense negotiations with iran over the nuclear program are falling short of the resolution. secretary of state john kerry is returning to wash wish with no deal to put a firm hold on teheran's nuclear activities in exchange for the end of the sanctions. the secretary said there is more work to do. >> as i have said and i repeat, there has been tangible progress on key issues and we had extensive conversations in which we moved on certain things. however, there are also very real gaps on other key issues. >> the main disagreement is over iran's nuclear enrichment and they need to expand to make reactor fuel. the u.s. and other nations fear it could be used to manufacture nuclear war heads. in the meantime in iraq law
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maker ares breaking loose a dead lock, and electing a new parliment speaker. there is a ways to g. they are under pressure to get a new prime minister and form a new government and helping to stop the march of the isis. >> and a whistle blower testified that the nsa shred untold documents. and this comes with the report that the va made more errors as it tried to fix the back log. mike? >> hi, jon. the va is under intense pressure of reducing the benefits for veterans claim. and the law makers heard about a whistle blower in the philadelphia office. they shred mail or just hide it. >> they gave incentives to get a
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lot of mail sorted and i saw the boxes with my own eyes and i saw what was in the boxes and a lot of that stuff should not have been shredded. the va told me because i didn't see the shredding happening it was not shred. >> a key veterans affairs official tried to convince law makers she would welcome the whistle blowers coming forward. >> management cannot tell you not to talk to me and management can't look at you funny if they slip you a note do not tell me something. i want you to send me an e-mail. >> you are seeing things that sound good but actions haven't matched the rhetoric. >> hickey told law makers that the va completed 1 million benefits claims on the way to finishing up 1.3 million by the end of the fiscal year.
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the house veterans chairman was not buying it. >> i don't believe that anybody in the table is telling me the truth. i think you are using the numbers to hide back logclaims and not chosen to use the backlogs. >> and it was a scheduling scandal at the va and now evidence mounting to affecting those who are are handling benefits and showing they were covering up paper work to make it look like they are making progress, jon. >> so much work to do to get that agency fixed. >> republicans focusing on a handful of senate races. come november, they need six seats and the predictions are changing. the analyst writes this. substantial republican gapes seemed certain, but while a republican gain of six seats possible, those are not yet in
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the bag. we are joined by chris moody and michael warren. great to have you both. chris, look at a few notes that you gave to our producer and you use an interesting expression to explain why they are not a sure thing for republicans. in politics, you dance with the one who brought you. how does that apply here? >> the republican ares are looking good for the elections in the senate. but there are three states. pryor and begafternoon and landrieu. who has multigenerational family ties and republican and democrat families know those names and generally like them. republicans are going to have to overcome the high name id that the long entrenched democrats have and they will have to try their best to tie the democrats
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to the obama agenda and prop up the name id of the candidates. >> that is interesting. how do the republicans best do that. and if all politics are local, and it is where money is flowing and that is where american cross roads and super pack put the money in the states. is it a local politics or national referendum. they will focus on the national politics of this. and president obama is at the lowest popularity he's been in his entire presidency and if you look at a lot of those states, chris is right about the multigenerational ties that the democrats have in those states and they are are at dangerous levels for reelection. mid to low 40s and not good, and that is the fact in the colume and that is a hard thing. you have to get 50 percent
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except for louisiana. you have to get 50 percent to get reelected and i think it is difficult. and of course, republicans are very good at matching defeat from the jaws of victory. >> you have a myri ad of different scandals. we have irs and immigration and chris, it is one emerging issue and regardless of what ever state and issue and driver as we head in november. and it is important to look at these things regionally and we have coal and southern states in the border and immigration is going to be big. and the republicans see it, they banked on the popularity of obama care being a issue. we see liberal causes that gives moderatish democrats to break free and publicly disagree with
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the president. and we'll see it in the coal states and allows a candidate like in kentucky that is channelling mitch mcconnell and that might show discord in the democratic party. and it is republicans that have an answer for that and they don't have the president helping them potentially. and what their strategy is on the ground level. >> i think they are in whatever state or issues or coal or imdpragz or whatever are going to muddle that republican message of barak obama is unpopular and he supported obama care and the senate candidate and that's why you get in new leadership. and that is the best republican message going here and they are distracted off of this and they are talking about the southern states like arkansas and louisiana. and they are pushing the income
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inquality stuff. and if republicans are thrown off their message, there could be trouble in those states and focused on obama care and we'll have a new round of insurance premium and it is a perfect time for republicans to seize that message and obama is unpopular. >> interesting. we'll have to see what comes out as far as the rates going up and what we get in the mail box. just real quick. we started with the dance and i want to make a choice. what is actually going to happen here? michael, you are three months away from the midterms and what is the likely outcome as you see it now, chris? >> it is the slimmest of margins you can have a republican majority in the senate come next january. they will give president obama quite a bit of problems and
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we'll see the gridlock between the white house and congressional and in the congressional chamber as we have seen in the past couple of years. what do you think? >> the republicans need six and they will get montana and south dakota and west virginia and i think they will pick up 2 or 3 out of arkansas, louisiana and north carolina and alaska. and take a few in purple states like iowa and michigan and you know, maybe even oregon. i think it is likely they will get six maybe seven and if it is a really, really good year, maybe more. and i do think it is a little too early to tell for sure. >> and what changes for the rest of us with new folks in office and what actually changes in dc? thank you so much. >> and health officials are searching for cases of a rare and deadly disease.
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concerns about the plague, right here in the u.s. and we'll tell you where. >> catastrophe in one of the deepest subway stations in the world. lives lost, and passengers trapped and the latest on that investigation. >> and president obama, pressures congress to act before the highway transportation fund runs dry. should law makers raise the gas tax or cut spending to find the extra money? go to fox now. and get your thoughts in the conversation. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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>> deadly subway derailing killing 70 people and it happen in russia investigators are ruling out terrorism and a power surge that triggered the alarm and stopping the train suddenly. it jumped the track its in the height of rush hour. it is 300 feet below the street
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and equivalent of one football field. it is unseasonably warm in moscow and the mayor of moscow is vowing a criminal investigation. >> in this country a deadly form of the plague is popped up in colorado. officials are searching for other possible cases. william has more on that. >> the bubonic plague is highly contagious and no vaccine and can pass from person by coughing. most cases is in africa and this one is not. the colorado man contracted it from his dog. and the dog die. the man is no longer contagious but unknowingly infected others
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and forcing investigators to search for other possible cases. >> people need to be cautious for this particular organism. it is in our environment and transmitted by fleas that live on rodents and if you are aware of die off of small rodents and prairie dogs and squirrels and those die offs can be investigated. >> early symptoms can be benign. fever and weakness and then you caught you have blood. caught early antibiotics can defeat the infection. keep your pets away from dead wild life and rodents. and the last outbreak, urban was in los angeles 1924. and seven cases a year roughly in the united states, bottom line, it is present in colorado, and so if you see a dead rodent go the other way.
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>> very contagious. >> that's the scary part. >> make sure your pup stays away. >> that is a good warning for all of us. >> and keeping senior citizens out of nursing facility and at home. that would roll back a part of obama care and it is following for months on fox news and deadly aftermath and a mess on the highway, coming occupy happening now. (woman) the constipation and belly pain feel like a knot. how can i ease this pain? (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess-- a once-daily capsule for adults with ibs with constipation or chronic idiopathic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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>> a deadly freeway shooting becomes a nightmare. it happen in orange county,
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california freeway. police looked for evidence after someone shot and killed a man in a fort pick-up truck. police only said that the shots may have come from another football. >> and restoring medicare funding for health care. as it stands now the health care law e douces that funding. and the cuts could eliminate half million jobs and most of those jobs belonging to women. they join us from washington with the latest. >> reporter: house republicans were supposed to roll back administration cuts in home health care today. one of the sponsors is greg walden whose own parents got health care. >> i will tell you, it kept them out of the nursing home longer and emergency room and it made
10:25 am
a huge difference in quality of care at home. >> just like janet conner's mother who got home health care when she contributed pneumonia. >> i cooperate have done it without help and it was over in a week and she didn't have to be hospitalized. >> medical care in the home reduces hospitalizations and emergency room visits. >> it is 4r cost-effective. and the administration estimated the cuts would force 40 percent of the home health care companies in the red and 70 percent in rural oregon. >> that is not tollerable and acceptable and smart. >> and not acceptable to most senators, 51 senators urged the administration to back off its 20 billion in cuts including 36 key can democrats like chuck schummer and elizabeth warren and the administration made the
10:26 am
cuts anyway. aside from fear of angerring seniors, there is threatening jobs of mostly women and same time democrats are trying to accuse the republicans of a war on women. >> gender issues are significant in home health care. the vast majority of providers, over90 percent are women and vast majority of the beneficencearies and services are women. >> now that war on women hits the vulnerable seniors and making it a political liesht. the democrats have to figure out how to vote on something that they begged the administration not to do in the first place. back to you guys. >> coming up. awaiting a legal decision that hit a serious blow to obama care. the use of obama care website and payments made to states that do not have their individual exchanges.
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and also the nation's most powerful banker on the economic recovery and how it affects your bottom line. >> and congressman ryan. and elizabeth warren political stars on the campaign trail. the historic election that brought them to the same state. [bell rings] jane. her long day on set starts with shoulder pain... ...and a choice take 6 tylenol in a day which is 2 aleve for... ...all day relief. hmm. [bell ring] "roll sound!" "action!" of swedish experience in insidperfecting the rich,ars never bitter taste of gevalia. we do it all for this very experience. [woman] that's good. i know right? gevalia.
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the federal reserve announces its plan to continue to give a boost to our economy. janet yellum delivering the message on capitol hill and gave an economic report card to congress. more needs to be done to speed up economic recovery. >> and the economy continues to improve, the recovery is not yet complete. and even with the recent declines, the unemployment rate remains above the federal open
10:31 am
market committee. and participants estimates of the longer run label. labor force appears weaker than one expect based on the aging of the population. >> and nicole is live in the new york stock exchange with more, nicole. >> we were in record territory with the the dow jones industrial average. this morning when the dow moved to to 17, 120. and they came out and gave a picture on the economy and basically saying yes. we have a recovery. but there are so many things that they are worried about. the economy is extending in the moderate pace and mortgage rates are on the rise and there is concerns there. and she talked about the labor force, right. we have seen improvement and
10:32 am
recovery, yes, that is great. however, it is extremely slow and that labor force, and basically americans who want to work and willing to work is at 30 or 40 year lows and people become disgrunteled and they don't want to look for jobs and they are frustrated and that's what janet yellum is talking about. you need to have people in america who want to work and be able to get jobs and they have gotten jobs and part- time jobs and paying jobs that are less than what they are used to. and what is interesting. janet yellem talks about social media with facebook and yelp and we are seeing them selling off. she painted a moderate picture on the economy and we went from
10:33 am
positive to negative territory. and interest rate hikes, you probably will not see them until next year. 401 and ira college funds so far, so good. 6500 in the lows of the financial crisis to 17,000. you are doing great. and we had hit a record and administrators still take the path of least resistance and more records are to come. we'll see and that is the feeling here, back to you. >> dow two points on the dow right now at this moment. nicole, thank you. >> in the beginning of our show. we talked about the balance of power. and one such race we are watching is in west virginia and regardless of who wins, history will be elected in west virginia. and a star power cast is turning out to make the case for either of them. carl cameron is live with more,
10:34 am
carl? >> you were talking about the democrats assertion that the republicans are waging war. and here in west virginia, there is a major battle regarding the war on coal with republicans and energy supporters saying that the obama administration is waging a war on a big part of the economy in west virginia. yesterday two senate cappedidates and a secretary of state natalie teinant had major star power. and in the case it was paul ryan and 2012 vice-presidential nominee. and every single county went for rit romney. and it is an increasingly republican state. natalie teinant had on campaigning with her. and the massachusetts progressive fire brand hiberlib elizabeth warren.
10:35 am
she was mixing it up with ryan. here is a excerpt. >> elizabeth warren is left of the left of the democratic party. and elizabeth warren is part of the warren call. and part of the u.s. senate that is blocking legislation to preserve coal and energy jobs in america. i stand with shelley moore because she stands with the people of west virginia. >> republicans say no to raising the minimum wage and equal pay for equal work and say we are cutting social security to make our budget balance. and they say no on the pension promises and they say it is important to stand up for wall street than it is for the families across the country, i tell you what, they can say it, but they are going to lose. >> searring rhetoric on both
10:36 am
sides and repreponderates the battle over coal and women's issues here in west virginia and here in the the mountain states, it is the case of war on women and the republican leads the polls and favored on actually taking the seat of one of the six that republicans will need if they want a senate majority next year. >> and we are standing by for a huge decision from a federal appeals court that could come this week. it could deal a crippling blow to the affordable care act. the lawsuit claims that obama care restricts federal subsidies to those who use a state exchange and that health, the federal exchange does not allow those subsidies. since there are 36 states that rely on health care.goff. that would be the entire system.
10:37 am
and here is the deal on. that they are both with us. and i am sure you read the 28,000 pages of obama care, right? >> i am directing the question. >> but question did write in the law that they slammed together. and they wrote a clause that says, you know, the subsidies are available to use the state exchanges. >> i am a very simple lawyer and it said state and state only. and now they wrote that and they are hoping and thinking that all of the states are on board and it would not be a problem. that didn't happen. >> that is a way of reducing twisting the arms of the state to take up the. >> and they are trying to do that in the court system and
10:38 am
rerugulate the law. and we affirmed on principle that an agency will not rewrite a statutory term to have their own idea. the law is the law. that is for the legislature to decide. >> you are of the opinion, that if the court grease and throws it out, obama care goes away. >> it does in the sense that it is only states that get the subsidies, unless you want to go back to the legislature and change the law once again. >> all right, counsellor? >> i read the opinion by the district judge and that's the opinion they are appearing from. he disagreed and i think it is a open question. a lyss is citing the law. and if the meaning is plain and apparent from the face or the text, you go with that. others say if there is ambiguitty you go elsewhere. that is not the argument. and i think the a ca and
10:39 am
affordable care act said that the secretaries of hhs is jon and treasury, shall have the authority to implement the statute. and what that means, it passes regulations. and i am not a fan one way or the other and i am giving you the legal arguments. >> and that is right. and shall does not mean must and if you don't go with a shall if you are changing the law as it is written. >> and there would not be an appetite in congress especially with a republican house to change the law to allow the states that are covered by health care.goff to allow on to subsidies. it is funny when you say. that that is a better way to go. >> it is like the justice skralia. >> and don't do it in the courts. >> if you are against obama care, why would you do that?
10:40 am
it could be devastating. >> but that is the way the law is written. >> it come cans down to numbers, quite honestly. that is not the law case. but it is interesting to work with the dc circuit does. and if it goes in the supreme court, they have justices ka ga n and schedulia. and they say uh-huh. and it is interesting. >> how would you go back. if you had two decisions and we are finding two decisions that say that and then go back to the court court and change that based on politics, that would be a hard one to get around. >> it is not the point and not a supreme court case just yet. >> it goes to the court court, and it is going to be close on many levels it is important than the previous case on obama care.
10:41 am
and it is a lot of them that seem to be woman over the dam and we have it up and running. >> that's about the politics and same thing we have to look at. and i hate to be so simple. lawyers need to look at the law as written and when a statute is chlor and only go to the state or federal, that's it. end of story and we can argue all day long about that. >> and there is a lot of laws that get ignored in the country every day as you well know. >> we can talk about that but it takes four hours from now. >> and no. your time is up. >> and i am going out here. doug burns and a lyss wheel. >> oscar pistorias getting in trouble. what happened when he showed up at a bail and the night did not
10:42 am
end peacefully. and a suspect in the shooting death of a police officer is gunned down himself after he kills the cop. and now the cop killer is honored with a memorial larger than the officers, we'll tell you about that next. p÷úññ
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why is no one talk about this irs case that could blow the lid. whose nose is growing. after getting three pinociose after saying the republicans struck down every idea. we'll have the debate. this guy here is learning how to be a good samaritan. he saved that elderly man from a hot car. find out how he did it at the top of the hour. >> just one day after a rookie police officer in new jersey was shot and killed, friends and family create a makeshift memorial for the cop's suspected killer. lawrence campbell ambushed the rookie officer as he responded. officers returned fire and killing campbell. one of campbell's said he was a good man. a smaller memorial is set up in
10:47 am
front of walmart. and the mayor was outraged over the memorial and calling the comments ignorant and disgusting. and pistorias, the blade runner getting into a fight in a bar in south africa. and awaiting the decision of whether he was guilty of murdering his girlfriend. john thon has more. >> reporter: jenna, there is a case in incidents like this, two different versions of what happened to jo hansburg vip night club? according to a spokesman for oscar pistorias, another man approached him in a booth. the individual according to my client started to interrogate him on matters relating to the trial and an argument ensued in which my client asked to be left
10:48 am
alone. the other man tells it differently claiming that pistorias was drunk. mortimmar told the star newspaper that he was poking me and saying that i was never going to get the better of him. and i pushed him to get away from me. and a chair was behind his legs and he fell to the ground. none of this is likely to affect the trial which was used on closing arguments on august 7th and even pistorias own prr team admit he regrets going to the night club as he waits for the judge's decision on the shooting death of reeva steenkamp. and now the olympian is largely silent during the trial although several religious tweets appeared on his twitter account yesterday.
10:49 am
among them, lord, today i ask that you bath those who live in pawn in the rougher of your healing and the lord is close to the broken hearted. pistorias, of course, is facing a possible 25 years to life prison term if found guilty of pre-meditated murder, jenna. >> johnathon thank you. >> and california is one of the biggest and populs states and big and disverse some say it should be broken up in six individual states. and one plan to do that can get to the ball on the box. and speaking to california, it is hurting the industry and helping another. will ca rris live. >> reporter: hi, john. a number of people lost their jobs in the drought. not these guys. we'll tell you what they are doing and coming up on happening
10:50 am
now. ...
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10:53 am
we have a lot of ahead of us when we look forward to elections in two years. we'll elect a new president. in california, voters may decide whether to break up their state. one venture capitalist thinks he has signatures necessary to put his proposal on the ballot. he wants six different californias. it would have to be a constitutional amendment which means more than 800,000 signatures to qualify for the ballot in california. democrats call it a waste of time and energy. they are developing a countercampaign to take on the idea. a massive drought in california and other parts of the west devastating crops leaving farmers and ranchers
10:54 am
struggling to survive but other folks in central california are finding the businesses are actually booming. will carr has details live from mcfarland, california. >> reporter: farmers have to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars to pull water from the ground. you may think they're drilling for oil but in the midst of a severe drought, no rain and zero water from the state, third generation farmers are investing heavily in this water well. >> we saw the writing on the wall. >> reporter: they aren't alone. in fact, so many drought stricken farmers want water wells that business is booming for drilling companies who have seen orders spike in the last year. >> i've never seen it like this. in 2011, we only drilled two large wells. it was so bad we had to lay off
10:55 am
40% of the employees. now we've got more than i can handle. >> reporter: with the backlog, many longtime farmers and valley residents like richard gaylord are desperate for water. >> if we move, we drop the house. it's not worth anything. no water, no value. >> reporter: they were lucky enough to drill now and welcome the water but say they are only pumping half of what they need. >> everyone is more or less in the same boat that we're in. we're trying to keep our crops alive and keep our people employed. >> reporter: critics worry with so many wells popping up right now, they may take too much water out of the ground too quickly so lawmakers are looking at regulations to regulate the well like the one behind me. immigrant children are
10:56 am
flooding our borders and fox news are getting a chance to see what border patrol agents are up against on a day like today. we have an exclusive tour and we'll take you along for ride on that and historic feat by one teenager. record breaking trip he just completed all by himself. >> it's nice to be back. >> i give him a lot of credit for what he's done and what identify done a long time ago, absolutely not. what he did was big. ♪
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a california teenager completes a record breaking flight. the youngest pilot ever to fly solo around the world. he flew for a month and a half covering 29,000 miles in that single engine plane. the solo pilot making his final landing in california last night. all smiles as he was greeted by family and friends. what did you say when he said, mom, i think i want to fly around the world? >> you know what i said? i want to go with you.
11:00 am
he said mom, it wouldn't be solo then. >> he's planning on finishing his degree in mechanical engineering at m.i.t. >> hope he had a good play list. >> that would be a long time in that little plane. good for him. thanks for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. thank you very much. so how and when will the bleeding across our southern borders stop as detention centers fill with tens of thousands of women and kids waiting to be processed. i'm gretchen carlson. welcome to "the real story." this is happening as protests pop up across the country over the best way to manage this situation. the white house still pressing congress for that $3.7 billion to help with the crisis as more calls come to bring in the national guard to help. in the city of mission, texas, agents are faced with the mammoth task of trying to cover miles and miles


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