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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> a fox urgent. hospitalities in the middle east. and they are telling palestinians to evacuate for their own safety. that following a series of a strikes. they are live in gaza city where we are hearing gunfire and explosions. johnathon can you bring us up to speed? >> reporter: molly there is heavy artillery fire. and i am crouched down and blocked by the hoelt fire. it got tense ten minutes ago, we heard small arms fear and we had tracer ares go over and we got
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everything and we are seeing cannon fire coming from offshore and hitting certain locations and air strikes and hear helicopter gun ships and it is an intense fight. and the israeli defense forces warned people to evacuate their home in the northern part of the gaza strip. they warned people to evacuate their homes and get out of the area because fighting was expected to intense foy and at this point, molly, it certainly is. there is a lot of smoke and i smell the smoke and gun powder and tracers fired and it locks like they are honing in on one particular target. we are hearing and it is not confirmed that israeli special forces are on the ground and may be raiding a particular hams location. there are numberous rocket launches in and around the area including where we are right
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now. we have seen numerous air strikes including one that hit 100 yards from this building. it was so close it literally shook the building and now there seems to be a wall. quiet, and bam, it picked up and intensified, first the small arm fire. and we hear voices and boats those voices could have been the special forces units coming from the south. at one point. hold on. we had, tracer fire going over our head and i am watching and looking north ward. a quarter of a mile in front of us and that's where this location looks like it is targeted. and things are quieted and there are spurts. heavy for ten minutes and it kicks picking up and going back to intense fire.
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we are now safe and in our room and i am blocked by a wall right here and staying low at this point. things have intense foyed and yeah, the feeling is that that will continue and the question at this point and remained the question, will there be a heavy ground contingent moving in. hold on. it doesn't appear that more -- tracer. it doesn't a pore it is the case. it is not confirmed, but israeli special forces may be on the ground targeting a special hamas location whether it is center is unknown. we are waiting for more details and confirmation. but at this point, molly, the fighting has intensified.
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>> if you need to drop off. we understand. and you have been calm to all of. this can you compare tonight's to what was before. >> reporter: it is missile strikes and hold on and bear with me. last night we started to hear artillery coming off of the coast presumably a naval ship i don't know if you can so -- i don't know if that was. >> it is. >> reporter: i am not sure what that was. >> we heard artillery fire from offshore and that is targeting that area a quarter mile north of us. and there was artillery fire to the northeast. and it was in between and there are extra teggic targets.
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we have heard missile strikes and rocket launches targeting israel and heard artillery fire from offshore and then on the israeli border treeps there. 155 millimeter cannons and tonight, molly, this is the first time we heard small arms fire on the ground along with helicopter gun ships. and we are so close to it, at one point, we believe that ground forces are moving up from the south and tracers are going over us. >> john, incredibly braver ary on your part and your kruchl we'll come back to you later on in the show. stay with us as much as you can. consider your safety. israeli prime freedom netanyahu will be appearing on fox news
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sunday and police in baghdad say that gunmen stormed a housing complex and murdered people, including 29 women and the killers arrived in the complex in 4 wheel drive and opened fire. the identities of the gun men and the mottist of the the shootings are unknown. president obama back in washington after a trip to texas. he didn't go to the border but met with governor perry. perry insists more needs to be done to address what he feels is the main issue. and that is border security and send the national guard in and keep the illegal imgrants out of the u.s. congress is considering the president's request for $4 billion to help deal with the
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immigrants, tens of thousands of people who flooded in the u.s. from central america, many of them uncompanied children. molly, back in washington. molly, does the president want to send national guard troops to the border? >> no, he doesn't. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry said that would stem the crisis write away. the president did not go to the border but met with governor perry. perry wants the president to stem the humanitarian crisis on the border by calling the pentagon. >> the president of the united states can pick up the phone to the dod and direct 1,000 national guard troops. that would send a message that the board is secower. if we secure the borders, all of the issues dwindle and diminish. >> reporter: but the white house contends it would be more
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sustainable to send border patrol agents than the national guard troops. >> what about the president getting able to sign on to the spending package for the border. >> reporter: probably not with the 3.7 for immigration judges and detention centers. republicans say it is too much money to spend without securing the border first. the white house acknowledges that the spending pesz're passage faces a tough battle in congress. >> we are open to working with democrats and republicans in congress to get it done. but i would point out, the president has moved quickly, to be very clear about what specifically needs to be funded. we would like to see republicans back up their rhetoric with the kind of urgent action that the situation merits. >> reporter: kentucky ha l
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roberts said they may approve some money. but doubts that the president's spending pablgage would pass as. it >> molly, thank you, covering in washington. >> president obama is using the weekly radio address to strike back at republicans who say he is abusing his executive powers by accusing him of theatrics. house speaker boehner leading in the charge in the looming lawsuit that focus on the president bypassing congress and using executive powers to change theç health care law enforceme >> goff leaders said they have a right to stand up for the legislative branch and constitution. >> if you have a problem with one branch of government, how is it resolved? they all three work together. in this case, the executive, the president chose not to work with
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us. and so we will go to the court system how to find out to get relief. elizabeth? >> reporter: hi, molly, the president is inviting house speaker john boehner to sue him. and he said the7'a1cclicans need to stop, the plans. >> the republicans plan is to instead of work with me is sue me. that's what they are spending their time on. it will waste months of america's time and they will pay for it using your hard- earned tax dollars. >> speaker boehner out lined the suit. changes in the signature health care law without congressional approval such as the employer man date that is delayeded. it is not a political stunt but reforming the way things are done in washington and making an
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example of the overuse of executive action. >> let me make this clear. this is not about me suing the president. it is not about republicans versus democrats, this is about the legislative branch that is being disadvantaged by the executive branch. >> it is about the separation of powers and that's what this lawsuit goes to the heart of in regard to separation of powers and allowing the senate and house to pass legislation and when the president signs it, he is expected to execute the laws. >> the house rules committee will hold a hearing considering the legislation to authorize the lawsuits. molly, back to you. >> thank you. tracey morgan is back home and recovering after the devastating crash. the actor now sowing over the accident that left him critically injured and his friend dead. a military sacrifice and so
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♪ ♪ i had the time of my life. actor and comedian tracey morgan on the way to recovery after suffering near fatal injuries in a car wreck last month. he was released today and will continue to recuperate at home. morgan is suing walmart over the accident that left him critically injured and his friend dead. he sows that the retail giant was negligent. the complaint claims that the walmart should have known the driver was on the rod 24 hours and causing him to fall a sleep at the wheel. it is not known how much he is demanding for damages. but a spokesman for walmart said
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the company is commited to doing all that is right. >> and morgan suffered a broken leg and fractured ribs. thousands of u.s. troops are facing the possibility of losing their jobs as the military down sided due to budget cuts. they could get the pink slipping even as risking their lives on the front line. leland viter has more. >> reporter: in combat, every second counts and ounce of injury is needed for staying alive. many soldiers currently and formerly serving on the front line in afghanistan were risking their lives while foreing for their jobs as part of the pentagon plan to drastically reduce the size of the army. these decisions were firing them while in harm's way. >> it puts the soldier and soldier's family and soldiers
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under the command at risk and creates an environment inside of a unit where young officers look at each other and ask themselves who's next. >> reporter: luke went to afghanistan and survived and came home only to face the lay off view board. >> it is not just a career and vocation for people who stay in. it is it a lifestyle and to say i am sorry, we don't need you anymore feels unfair and betrayal. >> reporter: the army told fox news 26 captains and officers will be laid-off. many of the friends did not as the army goes to 520,000 to 450,000. and many of those combat veterans knowing they are given pink slips overseas. >> people start getting those pink slips tfeels like maybe i
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am next. >> in a similar move, the army chopped thousands of young officers after the vietnam war. and retired major general bob scales lived through. it >> it took decades for the individuals to recover and the army to recover. there was a sense in the '70s of the broken covenant. >> our military's readiness and war fighting capability are not the priorities of the president. nlook at the middle east and somebody tell me that we will not need these men and women dpaen pretty soon? >> reporter: the army's draw down plan maintains readiness minimizing the turbulence in the officer core. >> there are more lay off review boards to come for the soldiers overseas and at home.
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they face daunting statistics and unemployment rate. one told me, now is not the time when one wants to count on the va for anything. in washington, fox news. >> ozs[$voleland, thank you ver and bringing us the personal side. in california, the outreasonabling over the release of a notorious criminal. one community wants the pillow case rapist to know he is not welcome. there >> and a casinno closing in the fall. why the chips are down on the famous new jersey boardwalk. @g
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fans around the world are remembering the life of drummer timero moan. he was the last surviving original member of the punk rock band and he co-founded 45 years ago in new york city. his simple aggressive drumming helped to define the band and left behind dozens offan themes we consider classic, including i want to be sedated. the songs inspired countless
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garage bands. and earned him a spot in the rock and roll hall of fame. they remember tommy ramone who was 65 years old. >> and well, the ownerlesses of trump plaza casinno expect to have the casinno close down by midseptember. trump entertainment said they will sunday out notices on monday. last year it was last out of a dozen atlantic city casinnos. the losses are not limited to trump alone. rick explains. >> reporter: a sign of the time. union members protest the closing of the show boat casinno that deal 21 workers a losing
4:25 pm
hand. >> i lose my job and i am scared. >> thousands more may get pink slips, after declaring the bankruptcy revel goes on the action block. and will close. a gamble that went bust in two years. the gaming revenues are down 50 percent since 2006. >> it is one of the major markets in the united states and continue to be but no where what it used to be and quarterback who thinks so it delusional. >> the only competition was las vegas and now 1,000 gaming halls nationwide and 60 of them in the northeast, including a dozen in pennsylvania. >> i believe we will survive. and it is how many survivors along with us. >> reporter: the golden nugget
4:26 pm
is a boutique property turning a modest profit. most of the remaining casinnos is in the black. a big one on bargotta. a value proposition that far exceeds what they can get in pennsylvania and new york, that they choose to come an extra 60 miles of driving and 50 or 60 in gas and tolls to come there. that's what we do. >> reporter: the a c's best days are still ahead. >> it is tough. we have to reinvent ourselves like we have done perfect and become more than just gaming. right now violence on the west bank and new clashes with the israelis and palestinians. israel telling people to evacuate for their own safety.
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a fox urgent. hosti hostilities are heightened in the middle east. we are hearing that dozens of palestinian youths clashed with israeli solder yes in the west bank. they threw stones and protesting the military operation in the gaza strip. they are live in gaza city where you are hearing the explosion and gun four. john, bring us up-to-date. >> reporter: things are
4:31 pm
1:15 aim local which is six time time 15 in new york. we heard small arms fire back and forth. and we were listening and that seemed to pick up and increase and we saw the tracer fire coming in from offshore which so manied to be support four and we understand and waiting for confirmation of special israeli forces on the ground and raiding a target just north of us. probably a quarter of a mile or so. and that's when those tracers started to come in, we heard the fire increase. heavy, heavy fire. we are talking about heavy artillery and small arms and it was so intense, we saw the tracers go above us and sounded loc the forces are moving up from the south to the beach and zeroing in on the location.
4:32 pm
and we heard missile strikes and we continue to hear theroar and fighter coming in and launching those missiles. we don't know what the target is or was at this point, but presumably as all of them have been according to the israeli military forces, a hamas location. rocket launch or a military bunker or command center. and what we have seen. hold on, orth loud explosion. we have sewn rockets launched from this area and close to us. and one went right over and sailed over our heads going toward israel. and today there were targets on tel aviv and other location and "ank where there is fighting.
4:33 pm
we have seen the barrage of rockets fired from here and up to this point, we have only seen missile strikes and several throughout today in this area, the last one that came, it was within a hundred yards of the place we are staying at and hit so hard and the force was so dra matec it shook the building. we saw targeted missile strike and heavy artillery and it qatn honing in with their cannons and tonight things intensifying and the fire fight 35 minutes and steady arms fire and heavy artillery and pounding in this specific area just up the coast here a quarter of a mile. we are hearing explosions whether they are missile or heavy artillery is unknown. when it all started there was four support for possibly
4:34 pm
israeli special forces moving in on an intended hamas target. we are waiting for official confirmation about whether forces are on the ground. i think it is safe to assume they are because of the small arm's fire that increased the fire fight. >> what are are you seeing in the daylight hours? we can hear the booms and then you see the results when you are out inefñjc]gy the streets in t >> that's right. yesterday, we went to a location that was hit by an air strike and literally a three store tore building was reduced to rubble and people describe what they saw and heard. and the israeli defense forces have been doing, they give warning for people in the area. what is happening, according to the military officials, hamas issousing civilian location and homes where civilians are for their command center and tunnels
4:35 pm
where they store and transport these missiles. some of them have a range of 50 or hundred miles. and so we have seen the air strikes and?[én7sn7sn7sn the im air strikes and today we went to the main hospital in gaza city and watched the dead and wounded brought in and that hospital has been overwhelmed with the amount of people. last count 150 dead and obviously that is way higher at this point. and a thousand wounded. but this hospital is running out of supplies and in dire straights. and now the small arm's fire has started and that is very, very again, an israeli officials as we have reported, they have warned residents here in northern part of gaza to evacuate their homes and get out of the area. and that evacuation and warning order and telling people to get
4:36 pm
out of there. and hamas is using the location and we will target and it looks like the fight is begun. g escalation over what you have seen in the previous several days? >> reporter: yes, on the first day on monday when it started there was heavy missile strikes and bombing and rocket launchers. and rockets launched and israel reporting fire with the missile strikes and second and third day we saw the heavy artillery and started to see 155 millimeter cannons that have a range. i can't tell you what the range is. at least a mile or two miles. and then the 105 maybe a quarter mile. and we started to see that on the second and third days and we
4:37 pm
department so small arm's four and any tight quarter fire until tonight. yesterday, as i reported, we did firing in on a specific targetd
4:38 pm
and fire north of us. >> incredible. incredible reporting from you and your crew and certainly we hope to hear more from you tomorrow. and as daylight breaks we'll get insight as to what is happenoth ground. outrage in southern california, a convicted serial rapist is two decades behind bars. eedom his name is christopher hubbard known as the pillow case rapist and he is living in a desert community an hour outside of los
4:39 pm
angeles. we have the story fromdom in the west coast newsroom. give us insight in this. >> reporter: look, molly, first taste of freedom. how free does he feel when his neighbors all around him want him to leave and making no bones about it. what we are seeing a campaign of intimidation and not just protest. people are gathering outside of the home of christopher hilliard 80 miles north of the they turned up on motorcycles and they are there be megaphotocopies and demapping that he leave there. this is where he is put by the authorities. we don't know if it is a temporary location. the local community doesn't think he is be living in the outside worlgd. >> there would always be a threat. >> we'll not take this.
4:40 pm
>> hopefully he's getting the message to get him out of here. >> christopher hubbard spent 18 years inside of a state mental institution after assaulting 44 women. this is him arriving in his property. he has two guards on 12 hour shifts that protect him round authorities are concerned that he might be attacked by people locally. and so such is the amount of worry and concern. particularly amongst the females in the community. a lot of women who claimed to be assaulted and raped in the past nou not by hubbard but other people. there is an uneasy tension and hostility. >> we tried to put his face out so people recognize him. he doesn't look different.
4:41 pm
and nothing that makes him outstanding and we want everyone to know what he locks like, we are so isolated out here. >> the situation is escalating and day poi day, he is aware that he's not welcome. >> how is he reacting to all of the protestors out here. >> he's concerned and still traumatic for anyone. >> and so he's tagged with a gps ankle bracelet and under a curfew. and because of the scale of the protest of the locals, they are having food delivered to the house on a weekly basis. they don't think it is safe for him to deputy in the local community and do his shopping on his home. there is an appeal for him to be located in los angeles area. and there is no indication if he
4:42 pm
will be there to stay or sent back north where he committed most of his crime. >> difficult situation there, it is unclear where he would go next. recurring safety breeches in the centers for disease control one involving anthrax and we hear about an incident from earlier this year that was kept under wraps. ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" but they don't yet know we're a family. we're right where you need us. at the next job, next adventure or at the next exit helping you explore super destinations and do everything under the sun. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world.
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heck, i saved dith here a fortune you make a mighty finesus, m'l. i'm nosaying mark's thrifty. let's just say, i savehim $519, and it certainly didn't go toward that ng. am i right [ laughs [ dancmusic playing ] so visit today. i call this one "the robox." >> the centers for disease control is shutting down two labs following safety problems. an incident last month could have accidentally exposed workers to anthrax. and another this year involved the deadly bird flu. from coast to coast, it
4:46 pm
ranks among the nation's biggest problems, the plight of homeless americans. now philadelphia reports progress in getting impoverished families off of the streets. brian joins us now. >> hi, molly. what we can learn from the city's main organization that is fighting homelessness. project home helped 8500 people get off of the streets. it is difficult because advocates say potential private do nors don't donate and they think it is the project of the government. they are managing to get a private donation. one of the largest to help them get affordable apartments and job opportunities and a learning center and free health care clinic. >> most people seeing someone living on the street are moved
4:47 pm
by the plight of people and want to know what they can do? and the solution can be a public/private partnership. one or the other cannot solve this problem. >> reporter: they hope it will inspire wealthy donors to help in the fight. >> what is a typical day like there? >> it is in short, a dedication to help people help themselves. sam santiago is a retired cop and searches for homeless people and offers water and blankets all with the hope of ultimately convincing them to accept long- term help. >> you know it is it not easy. but you also know that you are the probably the only contact that these folks on the streets might have. and medical and va, and with
4:48 pm
housing at some point. >> he's done it 15 years. david brown couldn't read or write and lived on the streets 25 years. >> if you understand the words, you understand the mission and eight for housing x. 0 for opportunity. and m for medical. and e for education. if you give the homeless person those four things, he will not be homeless. >> and philadelphia's homeless problem has improved and dpn down. hopefully the other cities will look at. that >> and thank you for the story. of all days, your birthday. >> some insiders are convinced that mitt romney is the strongest candidate for 2016. could a come back be in the cards? my daughter is studying to be a dentist,
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>> governor mitt romney is making it clear he has no plans to get back in presidential poll teches, saying no, thanks, i am not running. but some romney supporters don't seem to be getting the message. carl cameron has more. >> reporter: the first presidential primary 18 months from now. mitt romney leads by 28 points. the romney revival started last august when republican held the meeting. and romney insiders asked if a third rom no run seemed plausible. and now comes utah congressman jason cha ffetz. >> you will have to have someone who can raise a billion and
4:53 pm
convince the public he is the right person. if there is a void, i think mitt rom no gets recruited for that. >> romney endorsed 2014 candidates and of all places in iowaos for joany hertz. and that is where it is loud and proud. >> he doesn't lack on policy positions and sounds like a candidate. >> i will speak about foreign policy and where the country has to go and why we have to be involved. i am coping the conversation going and fighting for change. when romney lost. his wife said never again. it is romney ruling it out now. but the whispering that ann may be leaving it open a crack and
4:54 pm
publicly dismisses the idea despite the fact that her husband is popular. >> i am the one to convince him? >> and his five sons are critical particularly tag whose business partners, swiowa qk was his campaign and financing whiz. for romney all of the positive attention feels good. but gop voters want other options and romney may be one of them. >> and can we asked you what you thought about mitt romney run nothing 2016 and responses from twitter. he said. i hope he. he is a brilliant man and more than qualified. everything he's touched has turned to gold. >> ain't going to happen. >> i would love to see mitt rom
4:55 pm
no in the white house. he could turn the country around and restore the exceptionalism. >> the republican base is sick of moderate candidates. that's why he lost. just like john mccan't. >> and a marathon flight in the books with a person with a very famous name. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. age? who cares. really... so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 dollars a month? yup. all five of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line anytime for 15 bucks a month. low dues... great terms... let's close.
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the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. where memories will be forged into the sand. and then hung on a wall for years to come. get out there, with over 50,000 hotels at $150 dollars or less. expedia. find yours. a pilot named after amellia earheart. completing the journey in california. the women are not related but she said the flying pioneer inspired her to make the flight. >> from day one it is a passion and people ask me do you feel forced to fly, absolutely not.
4:59 pm
it is a part of me and what i was born to do and we finished the flight around the world. >> what is in a name. aryhart flew a single engine plane 27,000 miles and made 17 stops. and plans to give away ten scholarships to young women who learned to fly. >> and the second of the last netherlands boat brazil to finish third place. they scored in a penalty kick. and that loss adds insult to injury for çj[(#brazil. following the defeat of the hands of germany. germans face argentina in the championship tomorrow. that's how july reports. thanks for watching, and huckabee starts now.
5:00 pm
♪ ♪ tonight on huckabee. croisis on the board, the white house said border security is stronger than ever and patrol agents say they are overwhelmed. >> there is no way to keep up with the amount of people. >> and it is not just uncompanied children coming cross. >> you are not seeing the terrorist coming from the other country. >> the real story on who is coming to america. and rockets fired in israel and israel retaliates with air strikes. >> we will defend ourselves and we will win. >> how far will israel go to


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