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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 12, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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you get in twouch us about a lot of things. you don't hold back particularly with me. we couldn't have been here with you and we'll be here for a lot more years. i didn't think we would last for hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's headquarters. >> i'm eric shaun. topping the news with just days left in the summer session on capitol hill, congressional lawmakers are considering president obama's massive emergency funding request to try and deal with the overwhelming flood of children and others who continue to pour across our southern border. and the political boxing gloves are off between president obama and house speaker john boehner. what the president is saying now about mr. boehner's lawsuit against him. you can forget angry birds. our "consumer reports" expert has the inside scoop on the best
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tablets for kids that are fun, educational and they say easy on your wallet. we begin with a crisis in israel and the gaza strip. the death toll jumping to over 135 today as the barrage of hamas rockets continues. the israeli military now ordering palestinians living in northern gaza to evacuate. this is all part of the heavy israeli air assaults on suspected targets, including a mosque they say was hiding an arsenal of weapons belonging to the terror groups. prompting the u.n. city council today to call for a cease fire. john huddy has the latest. >> reporter: arthel, right now there is an erie silence, really the only thing you hear is as i
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said earlier, the him of the drones circling above. every now and again, the rumbling of a fighter jet in the distance. there is no dogs barking or people walking on the street enjoying the ocean breeze. it is an eerie quiet. we hear that. we don't see any lights. there is a silence and then the impact of another air strike. it happened earlier this evening as i talked about. the jet roaring in, the missile hissing, bearing down and then the ferocious impact, the concussion shaking the building we're in and we're in a large business. the last air strike must have come within 100 yards of the location here. presumably the target, a hamas rocket launch site, as we've seen a barrage of rockets launch from this area, the target israel including tel aviv. tonight we've also seen artillery fire from the coast and last night we saw the artillery fire from the israeli border. 155-millimeter cannons,
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105-millimeter tank cannons. as you mentioned tonight, israeli defense force officials are warning gaza residents in the northern part of the gaza strip to get out, get out of their homes, to evacuate their homes as the fighting, as the missile strikes are intended to increase over the next 24 hours. in fact, i'm just hearing a jet right now. i tell you, every time i hear that, i wonder if it's going to come in and you anticipate almost at this point another missile strike. let's talk about the death toll. at this point, what we're hearing is now it's over 150. the last air strike alone we heard 20 people were killed. more than 1,000 palestinians have been injured. as i said earlier today, we visited the large hospital here in gaza city to see what the conditions were like. they're dire. they're running out of supplies. they're running out of bandages. the basic materials, the doctors
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are overwhelmed because of the constant stream of the wound and the dead. a scene, very bloody scene that we saw earlier today there. it continues. the air strikes continue. the carnage from those air strikes again as i said, we're expecting that to increase throughout the evening over the next 24 hours. now as we go into day six of the fighting, remember it's the early morning hours here in gaza. once again, residents being told to get out of their homes, to evacuate. the fighting is only going to increase. eric? >> what is it that i hear flying overhead? >> that's a drone. that's one of the drones. the hum you're hearing, one of the many drones. we've counted three, four, five of them circling overhead. it's a constant thing. 24/7. you hear these things. then in the distance, you hear
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the fighters. you hear the f-16s. i don't know if you can hear that. again, the anticipation. what each been seeing, it's been so steady that when these fighters, they go out to see and they come back around and as they get closer, every time they do, i anticipate another missile strike. israeli military officials said this is expected to increase. back to you. >> okay. john huddy. thank you very much. i want to remind our viewers that israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be on fox news sunday tomorrow morning speaking with brit hume. check your local listings for the air time. should be a very interesting conversation. the turmoil not just in israel and gaza, but another deadly day of violence in iraq. source in iraqi's interior inministry confirm tag women were killed -- 25 women were killed in two housing complex raids in baghdad. the source says unidentified
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gunmen stormed the apartment with machine guns. five more women and five men were also wounded. the authorities now trying to figure out if that attack is possibly linked to the terror group isis. all this as iraq is sending 4,000 volunteers to a made. the goal is help those fighting there. some volunteers are shiites answering calls to defend their country from those sunni islamics. among those sickened to see these violence and the victory by those in iraq is jon voigt. he ice cease angry -- says he's angry after so many american lives were lost there. >> heartache is that we sacrificed thousands of our american heros, liberating iraq, only for president obama to pull out all troops leading iraq now to be taken over by the
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terrorists. what does he say about that? nothing. >> he spoke out on governor huckabee's program. you can see more of that on huckabee at 8 p.m. president obama tries to move his focus back to the economy. the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over the border remain in the spotlight. the white house asking congress for $3.7 billion. that's to beef up the border. deal with thousands of women and children who are already here, and address the root causes of their flight. but republicans want specifics before writing a big check. molly henneberg is live in washington with more. hi, molly. >> reporter: hi. the top republican on the house appropriations committee, which controls spending, says $3.7 billion is, quote, too much money. that's what president obama wants to spend for example on
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more immigration judges and detention facilities to help care for the tens of thousands of central american kids who are streaming across the southern border. kentucky congressman rogers says his committee may agree to spend some money on immediate needs, but he said the house likely would not approve the president's spending package as is. other republicans agree, spending that much money won't pick the problem. >> he's given republicans this ultimatum rather than really what i would call a proposal. there is no proposal here. what he's thrown out is let's spend almost $4 billion and let's just accommodate the mistakes we've made. let's go ahead and continue to make the same mistakes. >> the president flew to texas this week and met with governor rick perry. perry wants the president to get a handle on this, quote, humanitarian crisis by sending in national guard troops to help secure the border. the white house said it doesn't want to take that step.
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>> sending 1,000 national guardsmen to the border is not an enduring solution. that's almost by definition temporary. so again, if we're into symbols here and if symbolism is what we're looking for, the best symbol that we could send is to authorize the deployment of 20,000 additional law enforcement officials to the border. >> reporter: as for the $3.7 billion package for the border, the white house says it's open to working with congress on it, but insists the president has been, quote, very clear about what his spending priorities are for this crisis. arthel? >> molly henneberg, thanks so much for that report. you know, first it was the u.s. allegedly listening in on german chancellor angela merkel's cell phone. now there is more friction between our country and one of our strongest european allies, germany, over more allegations of american spying. in an interview on public radio, she said she's hopeful, but doubts the alleged spying will stop any time soon. germany decided to boot our
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c.i.a. station chief in berlin after reports that we had recruited two germans who worked in defense and intelligence to hand over secret information to us. this latest comes one year after edward snowden revealed those classified documents that showed there was a massive u.s. surveillance program. ukrainian government forces pounding pro-russian rebels holed up in cities near the eastern border today. kiev claiming nearly 1,000 rebels were killed in air strikes. separatists denying such a large loss of troops. the the attack coming hours after revenge was promised. earlier vice president joe biden reaching out to the president there by phone to discuss the situation in eastern ukraine. former police captain accused of killing a former
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movie goer after an argument during texting, he is now free on bail. a judge released the 71-year-old on $150,000 bond. reeves is accused of shooting and killing 43-year-old chad olson. the attorneys claim their client acted in self-defense. reeves' next pretrial hearing is september 10. prosecutors and defense attorneys are expected to try and set a date for his trial. that could come sometime early next year. there is shock in california after a convicted rapist has been released to live in a rural community. christopher hubbard, the so-called pillow case rapist, admits to having raped nearly 40 women decades ago. now the community vows not to stop protesting until he is gone. dominic dinatale live with the latest. >> reporter: hey there. yes, rural area here in california, quite a protest that has been turning out. ever since he arrived midweek,
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moving to the los angeles area, 80 miles north of where we are. the latest round of protests involves bull horns and also motorcycles being reved at full throttle to irritate him and hound him out of his new home. hear you can see them. these are the motorcycles that rolled up today. together with bull horns hurling insults and messages of protest. the group is largely that of a local group of women called the ladies of the lake and they are determined in their protest, they say. listen. >> we are making him very uncomfortable, so we are just going to keep putting pressure. the more people out here, the more uncomfortable he's feeling. if it's a week, two weeks, a month, i'll be here every day. >> reporter: we're not sure how long he'll be on this property for. he has two guards with him who are there to protect him because
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there is so much concern about just how much reaction there was. there was protests before he arrived and considering the number of crimes that he's committed, remember, he is a repeat offender. we understand from records he'sist there is at least 44 women assaulted and for which he served 18 years in a correctional institute. he's barely seen during the course of the day. they do see him at night peeking out of the windows, we understand. but his neighbors seriously warning about the repercussions of just how tense it could become. listen to this. >> him being here places the whole community in danger. we don't want to hurt him or see him get hurt. we just don't want him to be here. we feel that women dumped on. that's not a nice word to use. this type of person should never be released. he has hurt many, many women. >> this is echoed also by the district attorney and his former
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parole officer. what they're concerned about is despite his age, 63, he could still reoffend. the county district attorney has put a writ in to have his location in southern california area to be reconsidered under appeal. they want him to move up to northern california. no indication where he would go, but it was up in northern california where he committed most of his crimes. everything in los angeles determined to get him moved on. back to you. >> dominic, thanks a lot for that report. from there in l.a., thank you. salvage crews getting ready to move the wreckage of a massive cruise ship 2 1/2 years after it struck a rock and flipped over. coming up, the captain still pointing fingers for the disaster that killed more than 30 passengers. the numbers show the unemployment rate is down, but how about the real rate? the labor participation rate. well, just don't try to convince these folks. recent college graduates about the job market.
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it turns out the picture for them is quite not rosy. house republicans laying out plans for their lawsuit against the president. so is it politics as usual or a much needed check on power? >> every president does executive orders. most of them, though, do them within the law. we're talking about here are places where the president is basically rewriting law to make it fit his own needs really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner. and a loner gotta be alone. heee yawww! geico.
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quick check of the headlines. trump plaza casino owners announcing they'll have to close its doors in september. if it closes it will mean atlantic city has lost a third of its casinos in less than nine months and could affect 1,000 workers. tracy morgan is back at home recovering with his family. morgan now suing wal-mart after one of his semis smashed into his limousine van injuring three people and killing another. they claim wal-mart was negligent. the driver pleading not guilty. tommy ramon, the last original member of the
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influential new york-based punk rock group, the ramons, has died from cancer. ramon was the band's first drummer and helped co-found the group in '74. the ramons were inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 2002. they leave behind a music catalog spanning over two decades in nearly 40 albums. he was 62. the president is firing back today at the speaker of the house over his intent to sue him. in his weekly address, president obama took republicans to task over their proposed lawsuit and he challenged congress to, in his words, do something. but speaker john boehner says the house is obligated to stand up for itself and not allow the president to make up his own laws as he sees it. violate the constitution. is this as critics charge, a political stunts or supporters say, a critical check on the president abusing executive orders? here for a fair and balanced debate, tommy bruce, radio talk
3:21 pm
show host and doug shown, former advisor to bill clinton and a fox news contributor. tommy and doug, great to see you. tammy, let me start with you. does speaker boehner have a point with this lawsuit? >> look, he has his own point, i suppose. but it's even for me as a conservative seems a little ridiculous. there is real things happening on the ground. there is a lot of chaos in the country. and he's saying he's going to send a lawyer and sue? obama would perhaps be taking congress a little bit more seriously if congress was actually doing its job. you wouldn't have to sue the president. i think obama has taken certain actions because he feels there will be no repercussions. so for the american people, it looks like it's a silly thing to be doing when we've got border chaos, obamacare is destroying the entire medical infrastructure of the country. it does seem to be slightly a
3:22 pm
light touch when it comes to the nature of what congress should be doing. >> doug, why is it silly if potentially there are legitimate congressional constitutional issues that are potentially being violated? that's something that the supreme court deals with. it cuts to the basic tenets of our country and what our founding fathers intended. >> i think you answered your own question. this is a matter for the courts to rule on. not the congress. tammy is absolutely right. there are legitimate and very serious issues facing the country. like obamacare, that require legislative solutions, not legalistic and lawyered solutions. with the border crisis really out of control, immigration, serious issue, congress should do what it was elected to do, legislate, not file lawsuits. i think tammy is absolutely right when she calls this ridiculous. >> what if the president is violating the constitution, overstepping his bounds? two dozen or so changes to
3:23 pm
obamacare and they say it's regulatory. what if a president vital the constitution? he shouldn't be held accountable? >> you know, he can be held accountable. and congress and the republicans have passed a number of bills as an example to rein in obamacare. there is a number of other options that congress has. like regarding the border and regarding obamacare, you can defund certain things that you don't need the senate to be involved in. you can send a message to obama in a variety of other ways, with other legislation, with other behavior to work with him to force him to try to govern. i think is really the -- >> tammy, that hasn't worked very well. boehner and the president had a beer together. so much for that. >> that's the point. that's the point. you do more than have a beer and play golf with the guy. this is why congress' approval rating is so low and as a conservative, i'm horrified when i have to agree with president
3:24 pm
obama that this is a stunts. this is why americans are upset, because the timing indicates it's a stunt. the nature of it indicates it's a stunt. we want serious governing and this is like tweedle dumb pointing the finger at tweedle dee. >> some disagree saying you have these legitimate issues that have to be legislated. doug, you worked with a master back slapper, bill clinton. how is anything going to get done when you have a president who says it's my way or the highway. so sue me. is he going to call saul from "breaking bad"? >> first, if you remember in 1998 bill clinton ran and i was part of that campaign on progress, not partisanship. the republicans overreached then with the impeachment. it failed. for one of the few times in history, the democrats picked up seats in a midterm election. again, i would just tell you that really what the republicans should do is legislate, not
3:25 pm
impeach. not shut down the government. not try to impede through legislation. they're suing now on a delay of the individual mandate which strikes me as a regulatory change. but to put all your eggs in that basket i think is a profound mistake. >> quick answer, who wins the lawsuit? >> i think obama will win the lawsuit. >> tammy? >> eric, let me say, it's hard to say these days. but for the democrats to suddenly be complaining about spending taxpayer dollars, that in and of itself is the irony for the democrats who are suddenly aware that taxpayer dollars are being spent. that's pretty rich when it comes to this argument. >> then you better call saul. tammy and doug, thanks. >> thank you so much. taking care of the less fortunate can be a pretty daunting task for any community in our country. one city is finding great success with ahat's helping thousands. plus according to economists, the job market is
3:26 pm
improving. but a study shows one generation is being left behind.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the hamas terrorist rockets continue to rain down on israel. this as the israeli military continues to defend its country. the death toll now passing 135 people in gaza with the military of israel ordering palestinians living in northern gaza to evacuate. meanwhile, the united nations security council is calling for a cease fire.
3:31 pm
israeli deputy defense minister says that's like the u.s. settling with the 9-11 terrorist s. >> cease fire is between hamas and israel. it's like i will tell you that president obama will sign a treaty with osama bin laden, with al-qaeda. those people you can actually by cease fire or get into a cease fire only when you show that you are strong and you are determined. i think it's too early to speak about it. >> authorities there are starting prepping the wreckage of the cruise ship costa concordia for towing. the ship's captain is now on trial for manslaughter, but in a television interview this week, he blamed another crew member for that disaster. the netherlands winning third place in the world cup. they beat brazil in their own backyard 3-0 and man, can you imagine the sad brazilians this afternoon? germany and argentina will meet
3:32 pm
tomorrow, 4:00 p.m., in the final game tomorrow. oh, boy. the jobs market may be heating up, but recent college graduates and millenials are being left out in the cold. new research finds young people have been hit hardest by the recession and have a more difficult time finding jobs than older generations. with more on this, scott gamm. hi, scott. >> good to see you. >> so let's break this down. you say that the recession is not over for millenials? >> it's not. the unemployment rate for those ages 20 to 24 peaked at 12.2% in march. that's double the national average of 6.1%. we're seeing student loans become more of an issue for young people. student loan debt up $31 billion during the first quarter to a total of $1.1 trillion. we're seeing students take jobs that don't necessarily require a college degree. keep in mind, these unemployment numbers, a lot of people are saying, well, the unemployment
3:33 pm
situation is getting better. but if you look at the labor participation rate that at its lowest level since the 1970s. these numbers aren't tracking that people who have given up looking for work. the unemployment rate will drop below 6% very soon. that will be good psychologically for the economy, but doesn't necessarily mean things are getting better. >> you have these graduates, college graduates, they're living at home with their parents after they complete their studies. then the parents are supporting the kids after graduation. >> it's true. there was a study in may that showed that 50% of parents plan to support their kids financially for up to five years after graduation. this comes at a bad time, especially for baby boomers who saw their 401(k) balance the plummet during the recession. so if they're supporting their kid, that hamps their ability to not only save for retirement, but to pay off their mortgage and attain other testimony goals. >> let's not mention the irony because a lot of those baby boomers you're referring to are actually being replaced in the job market for the millenials who will do the same job for
3:34 pm
much lower paycheck. >> good point. they're staying in their jobs longer. >> those parents have to take care of those kids. but that's a whole other -- we'll do another segment on that one. you talk about the graduates living at home and staying there for five years. but you say after a while, it does get a little better for the college grads? >> here is the thing, especially when you look at housing. you have a lot of students living with their parents, but as they gain more financial stability, they'll be able to move out, maybe get a rentsal of their own. the real question for the economy is when will they be able to buy a home on their own? a study showed that the number of young people in their 20s living with their parents rose 2.1 million last year. the number of households in their 30s is expected to increase by 2.7 million over the next ten years. so these people are going to need houses. that's going to be a real boon to the housing market, which is one of the biggest drivers of economic growth. that's the silver lining here. >> one of your points that you
3:35 pm
sent was when the graduates who are being forced to live at home, this might be a good time to save, perhaps. but we kind of go back to if you're living at home, you might have to actually contribute because your parents now spent the last four, possibly six years supporting you and paying for your education. at least helping pay for that. now you're back home and you're staying in your room again. so maybe you need to contribute to the electricity bill a little bit. i get your point, you want them to save at the same time. but you see this conundrum. >> it's huge. ultimately if you can't find a full-time job, try to find ways to make money, whether it's a part-time job or maybe something you didn't study in school. but ultimately it's about taking advantage of any opportunity to save because ultimately do you want to get out of the house and move on your own. >> definitely. help save my, scott, always good to see you. take care. eric? the city of brotherly love is struggling with poverty
3:36 pm
almost more than any other u.s. city. thanks to a nonprofit group in philadelphia, a lot of people are getting much needed help and hope they're setting an example for other struggling cities across the country. bryanian -- bryan llenas has more. >> project home has helped 8500 people get off the streets in that city, offering a affordable housing, jobs, education. raising money to fight homelessness is difficult, often potential wealthy private don'ts don't donate because they think the problem is too overwhelming and is the responsibility of the government to solve. but project home is convincing donors otherwise and has received a $30 million private donation. one of the largest in homeless philanthropy. >> they have to be a public-private partnership. get involved in the political and civic life of your communities. say that you care about homelessness. invite housing into your
3:37 pm
neighborhood. there is many ways that we can make a difference. >> reporter: this retired cop spends his days searching for homeless people in need of project home's help. it's all with the hope of ultimately convincing them to accept long-term help. >> you saved my life, i'm back to school. i got my kids back, i got a place. i want to thank you. you're welcome. >> reporter: david brown accepted sam's help after living on the streets for 25 years. he couldn't read or write. today he lives in an apartment and works at the project home's clothes store. >> if you understand the words of project homes, once you understand their mission, like the h is for housing. o is for opportunities. m is for medical. e is for education. if you give a homeless person those four things, he won't be homeless no longer. >> reporter: a great example for cities. from 2012 to 12013, home --
3:38 pm
2013, homelessness dropped in philly. >> thank you. alleged prostitute charged in the heroin overdose death of a google executive. should the web site that put this couple together hold some responsibility for his death? our next guest is making that argument, so stick around for that debate. look at what could be the perfect guest for that true weekend warrior. just make sure you got enough room to park it. >> if the neighbors have loud parties, i would ask them to be quiet [ cat meows ] ♪ ♪ da-da-da-da-da, bum-da, bum-da ♪ ♪ bum-da, bum-da ♪ the animals went in two by two ♪ ♪ the sheep and the frog and the kangaroo ♪ ♪ and they all went marching, marching in two by two ♪ ♪
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largest auction of military vehicles that have ever been held. a google executive, heroin, an allege call girl. here is the woman police say worked as a high priced escort. she's charged with manslaughter. cops say she gave her boyfriend a deadly dose of marijuana and left him there lying to die. they also say the pair met on a web site that caters to wealthy men known as sugar daddies and women who want to meet them. so the question, should these web sites be accountable? my next guest says yes. susan estridge writes, when prostitution leads directly to death, there is a case to be made that all those compliesity share in the death if not under the criminal law, at least under the civil law and certainly as a matter of morality. susan is here now. professor of law and political
3:44 pm
science at usc. did i get that right? >> you did, art. of course. >> you didn't say ucla. >> i'm a local foggy today. i want to make sure. >> you look good. that's all that counts. >> thank you. also fox news contributor. when you first -- i want to hear when you first learned about this story, your reaction. and tell us if you think more people should face charges. >> you know, i find it really horrifying. i heard arguments for years about how prostitution empowers women and it should be legalized and it's sexual power. and i've never bought into that at all. when i heard about this, obviously it's horrific. the details -- her stepping over his body. first she injects him with heroin. he goes limp and dying. she finishes her wine, according to the camera. steps over the body. and then gathers up her stuff and the part that really got to me is on her way off the boat, she pulls down the blinds so
3:45 pm
that nobody walking by can see the dying man inside. that to me is as bad as you get in terms of indifference to human life. so i think not only is she responsible, but i think this web site is now on notice if they weren't before, which it would be hard not to be. that their site is being used for prostitution, it's being used for drug hookups. being used for criminal activity and it doesn't mean that you're punishing free speech. you're punishing the consequences here, which were criminal. >> susan, the web site that connects these, quote, sugar daddies with sugar babies, those who run the site say this appears to be a case of recreational drug use gone wrong. so does this provide them impunity? >> well, right now they're saying we had no idea. we're just a web site. no idea these recreational drug use gone wrong. the police are saying this is a prostitution relationship. and i think the answer to the
3:46 pm
web site is, first of all, what's happened in the past? were you on notice in fact by past complaints and past incidents that your web site was actually being used for what appears to be its intended purpose, which is prostitution. and if you weren't on notice in the past, you're on notice now. >> prostitution is illegal. correct? >> prostitution is illegal. and it goes back to the original question. why is prostitution illegal? it's in part because it tends to be wrapped up with drug use and other criminal activity. in this case, the woman, if the facts prove out, has been in this type of situation before. last year with a guy -- she's taking a shower. he dies of an overdose. this is criminal activity and it's dangerous and it's wrong. >> yeah. the web site, getting back to your point about how people, some may say prostitution on some level empowers women. the web site lists sugar baby
3:47 pm
perks as financial stability, also says be pampered, indulgent shopping sprees, expensive dinners and exotic travels. i don't know. >> right. we do know, art. and the men get no strings attached, ideal relationships. the whole idea that the ideal relationship is a no strings attached relationship between a man with money who will pay to have no connections to young minimum, some of whom may be financing their college education and some of whom apparently are financing drug use and illegal activity. i don't know who could be in favor of this kind of relationship or encouraging it. >> what do you think will happen with this woman? >> she's in a lot of trouble. i think she's going to -- more junk is now coming out. looks like she has this 2013 incident. looks like the police had other
3:48 pm
reasons to suspect her. she's looking at prison time. i don't think there is any doubt about that. but i think the larger question is how do we stop this ugly business out there and i don't want to suppress free speech. but i think anybody going on web sites like this ought to know better and the fruits of prostitution seem to me to be a nice target for both the government and civil plaintiffs. >> i have to leave it there. always great to talk to you. you have a great evening. >> thank you. >> thanks. don't forget, you can read susan estridge's syndicated column in newspapers across the countrevery wednesday and friday. friends, classmates, neighbors and loved one gathering at a communities memorial in texas. they were there to remember and honor the six members of the stay family. they were allegedly killed bay former family member, 33-year-old ronald haskell, who police say knocked on their door posing as a fed-ex delivery man,
3:49 pm
and opened fire. the lone shooting survivor of that massacre, cassidy stay and her grandfather, they were in attendance today. the brave 15-year-old expressed thanks to the public and to the first responders. >> i'm really thankful for all of the people that have been praying for me and keeping me and my family in their thoughts the past couple days. and i'd like to thank all the first stoppedders, nurses and doctors that have taken care of me. i'm feeling a lot better. i'm on a very strict forward path to a full recovery. >> talk about courageous and brave. cassidy suffered a skull fracture and she lost part of a finger in the shooting. she told police her mother looked up at haskell and screamed, no, before he shot her first and then the other family members. cassidy was discharged from the hospital on friday. we'll be right back.
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summer travel season is here and the kids in the back seat saying are we there yet? you need's tablet. >> consumer reports did all of
3:54 pm
the hard work for you. and it is an august issue. and carol mangus is here and she is the consumer reports electronic editor and here to tell us what they found. >> good to see you. >> you brought three tablets. what was so great about these and what did you test for? >> we do the same test with regular grown up ta blets and battery life. >> and tell us about the first one. >> this is a school zone and scholar tablet and it is $200 and we like it for the younger kids. they can click on different icons depending on their age. and the games and activities will be geared to that age. >> that is $200. >> and this has a nine hour
3:55 pm
battery life. and you think of taking it for a long trip. >> that could be good. >> that is good stuff and i like the color on this red one. >> i do, too. nunfortunately the screens go off. >> that's why the battery last so long. this is nabby dream tab. we like the nabby tablets. this one they worked with dream works and a lot of the content and animation are dream woshs characters that kids already love. ntrying to make it move. >> i must be a child to operate this. >> there you are. we have the games and a lot of them are educationally focused and learning letters and stuff like that. and this has great parental controls. they only have certain amount of time on a tab authority the let and i am going to sleep now.
3:56 pm
>> 270 and finally eric show this one. >> which one is this? >> that the vinchi mz. it is also a song and works on a throe g network. the others are wifi connected only. >> this has educational content on it and doesn't have the parental controls and you need to be more super visory with your child. >> you do a screen test. >> no, i scream, we are getting out of here. carol. thank you so much. >> molly is here for julie bandaras on the fox report. have a great evening. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals. 9 grams of protein... with 30% less sugars than before. ensure, your #1 dr. recommended brand
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>> a fox urgent. hospitalities in the middle east. and they are telling palestinians to evacuate for their own safety. that following a series of a strikes. they are live in gaza city where we are hearing gunfire and explosions. johnathon can you bring us up to speed? >> reporter: molly there is heavy artillery fire. and i am crouched down and blocked by the hoelt fire. it got tense ten minutes ago, we heard small arms fear and we had tracer


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