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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 12, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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♪ ♪ good evening. i'm molly line, in for julie. israel, we'll tell you why the air force targeted a mosque. and angela merkel. >> and we'll take a look at
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stagflation and what it could mean for your money. but we begin with president obama trying to focus on the economy and getting sidetracked by the wave of illegal immigrants at the u.s. border. the ball is now in congress' court. looking at a $3.7 billion bill to deal with the immigrant crisis. and governor rick perry suggests it may be time to call in the pentagon. molly has this story. >> some say $3.7 billion is teach to spend without securing the border first. but president obama wants to spend the money on more judges and facilities to take care of
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the children coming across the border illegally. >> we're open to working with democrats and republicans in congress to get this done. but the president has moved quickly to be very clear about what specifically needs to be funded. and we would like to see republicans back up their rhetoric with the kind of urgent action that this situation merits. >> the president did not go to the border during his trip to texas this week. but he did meet with texas governor rick perry. he says the president has the ability to stop this crisis at the border with mexico. >> he can pick up the phone to the d.o.d. if we start securing the border,
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all of the issues that are facing us begin to diminish. >> but the president believes that a longer-term situation will be sending -- more than 1,000 national guard troops. >> thank you. and with congress reluctant to open the checkbook, can they solve this crisis? we'll have a panel in about ten minutes to talk about this. meantime, the air attack in gaza. the israeli military attacking a mosque. palestinians say more than 125 people have been killed this
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week. john, what's going on? >> first off i want to start with an alert from the israeli defense force saying rockets were fired from gaza at israel. two rockets struck bethlehem, well north of gaza. we'll keep you posted about that. but usually the way this works, the israeli air force counters with air strikes. we've seen them and heard them over the last 24 hours that we've been there. and there's video on youtube showing the knock on the roof technique. they'll call a home or building that's suspected of being used by militants.
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saying, you have a few minutes to get out, and alerting them. some do get out. others have not. more than 125 palestinians have been killed here in gaza since this began on monday, and more than 1,000 injured. rushed to the main hospital in gaza. and many rushing as they pulled the dead and wounded out of the vehicles. people are using their own vehicles, and that's a problem. we're told they're running out of supplies, and the electricity sometimes goes out for hours.
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now, people are sometimes having to be taken to other countries. as air strikes continue, and we're hearing the hum of drones above us. and even at times, the roaring engines of jet fighters coming in right before the air strikes happen. back to you. >> we appreciate the report. it just shows the lethality of the weapons. thank you. more friction between germany and the united states, as the german chancellor asked the u.s. to stop spying on them. she made the remarks shortly after germany's demand that
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washington's top spy leave the country. she said she hopes america can change, but she can't predict it. and a cold front begins to push through the region, calling it a cool wave. potentially setting record lows. and damaging winds, tornadoes. the northeast is expected to see some of these conditions tomorrow. and outrage in california, the so-called pillow case rap t
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rapist's release is causing controversy. >> he arrived midweek near palmdale. about 80 miles north of los angeles. this is him arriving at the property. security guards bringing him to the property there. there was an altercation with the cameraman as this was being filmed. well, the very next day, a group of local women turned up with bull horns, and started shouting and chanting and hazing him. and basically, they said they want to mentally beat him down with words. >> there's no cure for sexually violent predators. >> hopefully he's getting the message that he's, you know, to
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get him out of here. >> he spent 18 years confined to the state mental hospital. he became known as the pillow case rapist because that's what he used to silence the screams of his victims. and the los angeles district attorney has issued a writ to challenge an appeal for him to be located in los angeles. they believe he should be sent up to northern california. but now, he's not facing any -- he's currently undergoing treatment, but locals very much worried for their safety in the area. back to you. >> such a strange circumstance all around.
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thank you for the report. the white house saying it's ready to listen in order to solve the on going border crisis. but congress is cool. our political panel is coming up. plus, 50 years after the signing of the civil rights act, we have a talk with a woman with a front row seat to that. and lebron james is going home to cleveland. ♪ from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. thank you! but i've managed. ♪ i got to be pretty good at managing my symptoms,
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ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible.
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. time for a quick check of the headlines. secretary of state john kerry meeting with -- for the second day, trying to work out a plan
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with u.n. to work out voter fraud. and trump plaza is to close. and lebron james is returning home to cleveland, saying he was signing with the cavaliers because his relationship with northeast ohio is bigger than basketball. mean while, this paper treating it like a regular transaction. and the white house wants $3.7 billion to process the thousands of immigrants flooding in to the border. many say a blank check is not the answer, but the white house says it's open to suggestionsep.
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thank you for joining us. just putting it out here, is there a solution with the president and congress? >> i do think they'll come to an agreement. this is something where both parties agree that there is a crisis. i think the devil is in the detail. rick perry said that we should just send the national guard. and john boehner in particular said to get it done quickly before congress goes out for recess. >> and there's a clear need to act.
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$3.7 dbillion, that's a lot of money. tyler, do you they they'll act soon? >> if you have a boat that's leaking, you start to bail water, but also you look for holes and try to fix them. this just buys more buckets. the border is still not going to be secure. and it's not really a republican or democratic problem. it's a problem, we don't have a great idea of what should be done. >> and republicans have said, how exactly are you going to spend this? governor rick perry calling for 1,000 national guard troops. the white house saying this is a temporary solution.
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what do you think? >> well, that's exactly right. as i said, i do believe there's some willingness to deal, but there's no appetite to deal with camp hencive immigration reform solutions. so, it's ironic that the president is being accused of not doing enough, when it was only on the democratic side in 2006 to deal with immigration reform. and with eric cantor's loss earlier this year, that went out the window on the republican side. >> and long term, what about stemming a tide? >> well, tom coper said it would
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take roughly $30 million to fly first-class all of the children in the facilities right now back home. that's the immediate crisis. and the second crisis is securing the border. that would cost a quarter of a billion dollars. and a number of the solutions are being talked over in congress. but the administration keeps throwing a number out there, without any kind of guidance. and that's not the way to lead the country. >> and there are moral issues at stake here. it's dangerous for the children to travel such a distance, and now that we're here, how do we
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handle the situation? >> right, they're coming from really dangerous situations. and it's pretty bad optics for us to send armed guards to turn away desperate children at the border. that's why we're talking about so much money. it's not about giving them a first-class ticket home. maybe we don't want them to go back to these desperate situations. there's actually a 2008 law that says they have a right to an attorney. >> and the journey is dangerous as well. tyler? >> i think until you put up a road block, until you establish not perhaps a physical wall, but at least a perceived wall, that's the only way you can stop the problem.
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unless we start returning those folks back to their locations, they're going to keep coming and come. and the answer isn't hire more attorneys. the answer is, let's make a meaningful stand at the boarder and fix it by closing it. >> thank you both for weighing in. >> thank you. >> and tomorrow on sunday morning futures, maria bart romo will welcome represent jeff denham. that's at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. the united states is in the midst of celebrating the 50th n anniversary of the civil rights
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act. and today, a new book, "king rou rules" shows us how to prosper beyond the dream. >> we need principles that are lasting. >> ms. king believes that the greatness of a nation begins in the homes of its people. she recalls that her family remembered ten principles sitting at the dinner table. sitting with your family, getting a good education, and fighting for peace. old-school values. >> that may not be fashionable,
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but it actually works. it's generation "z," people born in the '80s moving forward. i learned to tweet, there's a chapter on tweets in the book. but i tell my daughter all the time, no matter how savvy you get with technology, don't perfect to care. >> as a child, she watched her father, grandfather, and uncle, dr. martin luther king, embrace these values. all risked their lives by turning the other cheek through
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nonviolence. sadly, for the king family and the world, his stand against injustice took dr. king's life. >> when you lost your uncle, dr. martin luther king jr. to an assassin's bullet, how did you feel? >> i wanted to strike out and blame people. i decided it was white people. i said, daddy, i hate white people. he was on the way to get his brother's body. but he wrapped his arms around me and said, white people didn't kill your uncle.
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the devil did. they march with us, they live with us, and sometimes they die with us. you have to love. and dr. martin luther king talked about it. but it's a king family legacy rule. >> this rare picture of the children of dr. king was recently taken after a presidential gold medal was awarded to the king family. and adding that all americans should come to the realization that we have one shared history and future. therefore, we should live beyond the dream. >> and on friday, dr. bernice king, the daughter of dr. king stated that despite the
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difficulties and obstacles that remain on our path, the civil rights act made possible tremendous strides toward a more just nation. amazing. >> and it's great to get insight into this, how it was passed down. >> and if mlk could tweet today, she writes, he would tweet we were made to live together. and in israel, how does the crisis affect us, the rest of the region. stay tuned. >> and taking care of the less fortunate is a daunting task for any city. but one city is having great success with a project that helped thousands.
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. at least four civilians killed by artillery fire in eastern ukraine. a day after 19 ukranian troops were killed by pro-russian forces. and a lightning strike kills a woman in rocky mountain national park. and brazil plays the netherlands in the world cup today, before germany and argentina meet in the final tomorrow. the death toll in gaza reaching more than 125 people. and all this, as the terrorist
10:32 am
group isis continues to attack iraq and syria. so, how does the crisis in gaza impact the crisis in iraq and syria as well? chuck nash joins us to discuss this. good to see you, as always. how do you see this all coming together? what are we seeing unfold in the middle east? >> i think what we're seeing is the further deterioration of the situation. the situations in iraq, the instability in the gulf, to afghanistan, and israel, and going through the northern coast of africa, and the dismemberment of a lot of those governments
10:33 am
that were the fallout of the arab spring. and the focal point, israel, that's where they can coalesce around. when they're not fighting each other, that's what they look to. and hamas is around more than they' they've ever been. a lot of arms and capability have moved into gaza and thus into the hands of hamas from libya. >> and we've seen evidence of that.
10:34 am
rocket fire from gaza has landed in bethlehem as well as hebron. what are your concerns about what unfolds in israel and gaza, and how that may bringmore anti more of the common enemy they have? >> well, any time that hamas expands the reach of their weapons, moved to a weapon that can reach jerusalem, and they fired weapons at demona. so, under the u.n. definition of nuclear terrorism, they've done that. but they have to stay strong on this.
10:35 am
there's a split within the palestinian unity government. the total breakdown, because hamas is dedicated to the total destruction of israel. so, they can't negotiate with them, because hamas is involved. and they must be strong and crush hamas as a lesson to others. >> as they try to do this, it's more of an argument against israel from those in the region who would say down with israel. can we see the entire middle east unravel as a result of israel trying to defend itself? >> i don't think the middle east
10:36 am
can unravel anymore than it is right now. right now, it's more political. >> it's more political right now, but it could go there. what can the united states do, if anything, to try to quell this violence and try to broker a peace deal? >> it's almost too late for a lo lot of things. probably the few remaining options on the table would be the back the israelis. and also get to abbas and tell him that that deal he cut with the bad guys is not going to work. and he needs to cut off that deal with hamas, isolate them, so the palestinian people don't
10:37 am
see that as an attack on them. >> and you have the situation with isis, and the situation from the arab spring. so, having said all this, and the united states not acting to intervene in syria, and many say not doing enough to intervene in iraq. what could possibly unfold here? >> what could happen, the gulf states will continue to back their proxies in iraq. and that in itself could turn into an iranian-saudi overall conflict. which would kick the can of worms over. then you have a gulf war which would be of great impact to the
10:38 am
world economy. >> and that, of course, is what we do not want to see happen. but it certainly could be a back here at home, the city of brotherly love is having success getting people off the streets. what's the secret? brian ennis spent a day with the folks making this work. >> well, they've helped some 8,500 people get off the streets in philadelphia. which had one of the nation's highest poverty rates. like most local nonprofits, raising money is difficult.
10:39 am
big private donors sometimes feel that money is better spent other places. >> most on the street are moved by the plight of people living there. and the solution can only be a public-private partnership. one of the other can't solve this problem alone. >> you all right? >> yeah. >> sam santiago is a retired cop. he spends his day in search of homeless people in need of help. he offers blankets and water, but all in the hope of convincing them to accept long term help. >> it's not easy.
10:40 am
but you know that you are probably the only contact these people will have with medical stuff, with housing at some point. >> david brown lived on the streets for 25 years. but today, he lives in an apartment and works in the project's store thanks to sam. >> if you give a homeless person these four things, he won't be homeless no longer. >> during that time, homelessness rose by 13% in new york, but project home in philadelphia is obviously doing something right. >> great to see them making such
10:41 am
a big difference. thank you for the story. and weekly jobless claims dropping. a sign that the market continues to improve. but economists saying that this may bring some problems. and is moderate drinking good for you? we'll tell you about a study that challenges this claim. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd.
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some encouraging news on the jobs front. jobless claims dropping to 304,000. but this could fuel inflation, and in that happens, this could cause stagflation. now, what does this mean to all of us? joining us now, mike mcqueen. thanks for joining us. we're talking about stagflation. is that actually going to happen? >> i don't think so. we're starting to see a little bit of wage increases. this jobs report that came out on friday, lots of new jobs created. and it doesn't always happen early. people that were expecting it to happen, they're not seeing it.
10:46 am
and they're thinking that's why we will not have stagflation. >> 2.4%, that's quite a bump. do you think it will come to pass? >> well, it may not come in for the full year that high. but that's still a pretty darn low rate historically. but it does tell the fed rate board they need to start thinking about it. >> will we see an economic downspin? >> well, they're starting to see the economy gather some steam, but they'll probably have to start letting interest rates inch up, maybe in the start of
10:47 am
2015. small steps, but probably starting in 2015. >> what does this mean for investors? >> well, lock in your rates. and bonds, sometimes they can under perform when interest rates are going up. you want to be careful about the maturity of the bonds funds. >> and what about for the average middle class american that does have a 401i "k" that they try not to mess with? >> when interest rates start to go up, the stock market does
10:48 am
tend to go up as well. so, being a stock market investor is probably a better bet than being heavily on bonds. >> thank you. and it's time again for the super moon. that means a full moon will appear bigger and brighter than normal. taking a look at it here. these pictures showing last night's moon. got to see it myself. looked pretty nice. and nasa says the next super moon will be in august and september.watching. well, the thinking for a while was that a glass of wine is good for you. but a new study says that it may not be the case. ♪
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welcome back.
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a brand new study suggesting that maybe having a glass of wine isn't good for you at all. cutting back is actually better for you. doctor, this is quite a study from the university of pennsylvania. right down the road in philadelphia. they're not stating, if you drink one glass a day, it might be harmful for your card owe vassi vascular health. >> when he will, we're finding out it's not so, it's not good for you. it's a great study. looking at about 50 different
10:54 am
studies. 260,000 different patients. and a long follow-up. what they see, if you're taking light or moderate drinking, one glass of red wine a day, it's going to hurt you. so, this is a game changer for us. as doctors, we always said that socially, it's okay to drink some alcohol. now, we have to look further. now, they found out if you're drinking 17% less than others, you have 10% less chance of heart disease. and if you have a gene, it breaks down the alcohol very fast. you may drink some alcohol, because you're going to get
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sicker faster. if you have the gene, it's better for you, because you're going to feel the alcohol, breaks it down faster, and you're not going to touch it as much as people that don't have it. >> how does this all break down? people walking around without the gene -- >> they would like to know if they have it or not. >> if you don't, you need to be careful. and all the studies about red wine, they're all in animal studies. we don't have good human clinical trials. in order to get the benefit of red wine, you should be drinking
10:56 am
gallons and gallons. so, the affect of alcohol is going to build up. what i would recommend, social drinking, once or twice a week, i'm still okay with it. but if you're drinking every day, starting with one or two glasses, that's too much. it's going to take a toll. >> everything in moderation. but everyone has a different definition of it. >> thank you, as always, doctor. >> and "the journal editorial report" is coming up next. gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- nothing relieves gas faster. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- i make a lot of purchases foand i get ass. lot in return
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this week on "the journal editorial report," as president obama struggles to deal with disorder on the boarder, how we got here. plus, is israel preparing to take on hamas once and for all? and we'll look at what's behind the shooting spike in new york and chicago. are folks more interested in politics or solving the


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