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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  July 11, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> coming up this weekend, will you watch, scotty? >> oh, yeah, exactly. >> how to make your husband happy. that will be on the show this weekend. >> finally. >> i don't think scotty cares. >> see you in the after the show show. bill: the irs ordered to go under oath. a federal judge saying they have 30 days to explain in writing where the emails of lois lerner disappeared. martha: good morning. i'm martha maccallum. that ruling comes as the irs faces a big day in court. the conservative group true the vote today will ask a judge to force the agency to let techies come in there and get their hands on these hard drives to
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see what can be done. charles krauthammer said these federal ruling are critical. >> the department of justice has no interests of course. they are part of this let's put it mild, ignoring the issue of covering it up. you see this pattern of conception and concealment on the part of lois lerner and irs consistently. bill: there is a fundamental question out there, and that is what? >> the reason the techies are so important in this story, they are the ones who can answer this question. was there deliberate intent to target the president's political enemies or was it as the administration says the laws were unclear. intent is huge here and the
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emails, the mission emails are the thing that can answer the question about what were people thinking and doing as these misdeeds occurred. bill: how significant so far is the judge's ruling? >> you start to see the time is running out for a slow walk approach the administration has taken. this was may of 2013 this news broke. we still have not seen anything from a an internal investigation from the administration. we have these bizarre-sounding stories about recycled hard drives that contained the data. you get the sense the judiciary is growing frustrated with the administration's ability to answer the questions substantively or they are making
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progress on their own investigation. bill: what is different today? >> i think we need to remember what we learned from lois lerner's old emails. she was actively working to suppress loose talk in emails worrying that congress was trying to get these emails. she says be careful what you say in emails because congressional investigators wants these things. that looks like a smoking gun. that would mean a judge has more reason to say you have to have a good answer to this because it looks like you have collusion going on. you better have a better reason than we can't find them, the dog eight my hard drive to shield them from an inquest. bill: do you think we'll ever find out the truth? >> the truth in washington is
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not always readily at handle. but sometimes accountability is. what the goal this this case is accountability. who did it, and why did they do it and holding that person too account is sometimes an unattainable goal in washington. bill: sometimes. martha: tens of thousands of children now being housed along the texas border and other places they have been transported to by train and plane and bus. the white house says most them in the end they believe will be deported. but the "wall street journal" is telling a different story. most will be here for years to come. many will stay permanently. here is democrat henry cuerez. every day in laredo they are releasing 250 people at bus
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stations. 500 individuals every kay they buy a bus ticket and go to alexandria, new york, awaiting a hearing. martha: the cost of that to u.s. taxpayers incalculable at this point. homeland security will run out of money to deal with this problem by mid-august. the numbers in this "wall street journal" story this morning tell a different tale of what's going happen here. >> they tell the clear, true story. in 2013, 3,500 miners were ordered to be deported. in the meantime 47,000 arrived this time alone.
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of those minors who are here now, very few of them will actually leave and more are arriving all the time. we just heard henry cuelar say 500 a day are being released at bus stations. the former irs commissioner said, they are here, they are staying and whatever else might happen to them is at least a year or more away. meanwhile all of these people have to be tang care of now, cared for now, paid for now and we will an extraordinary large cost for educating and providing healthcare for all of them in the future. costs are enormous. martha: more money from taxpayers is the solution according to the president. he wants $4 billion to handle the issues that exist at the border. there are citizens at this country who feel that that's not fair. here is a woman in houston who was asked what she thought about all this.
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>> is that right? does anybody think that's right? it's not right. billions of dollars want on borrowed from the white house to just feed and house them. what about the kid here in our neighborhoods? in our country. not just this neighborhood, but in our country? martha: she has got a point and i'm sure she is not alone. >> reporter: of the $3 billion the president wants to take care of that problem, most of that money goes towards caring for those who are already here, it doesn't go into securing the bored. that means we have an extraordinarily large cost that we are obligated to bear way into the future. i can't put a dollar number on that cost but it surely is tens of billions? martha: some people look at this
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situation and say they think democrats believe ultimately that lead to more votes to them. leaving that border open and bringing more people in helps them in the election booth ultimately. >> reporter: one has to ask why is the president allowing this to happen. why does he not allocate money to border security. the answer for many people is he is simply importing democrat voters now and in the future. martha: we talked to mike mccaul who believes the trip is so dangerous to these children that that's an unjust. >> reporter: america's are generous. i know that firsthand. how can you turn down these youngster who arrive here with nothing. that's the humanitarian side of it. i think of american their heart goats out to youngsters like
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this. martha: one of the cafeteria volunteers working with these children and you feel their pain. but it's a larger question that need to be dealt with and it's hard to tell where the president stand on it. bill: for our viewers there are countries that have been centered on this story for some time. our border stretches for 2,000 miles. but the principle illegals come from three countries, squat malla, honduras and el salvador. because they are not contiguous with the united states, these are the main border patrol areas where many of the illegals are being held. in brownsville where most of the headlines have been coming from in the southern tip of texas. another area in nogales and
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chula vista, california. you have processing centers. muir yeta, california which has been in the news significantly as well. the next map you will see are the military bases absorbing some of the overflow from the border patrol areas and the processing centers. one of them is in oxnard, california. another one in san antonio, texas and oklahoma. keep your eye on that one in oklahoma. coming up monday we'll talk to a congressman who was not allowed in the other day. the government says ... martha: on media day they wouldn't allow any cameras. there are questions about freedom of the press and how this story is not allowed to be reported at this point. we'll stay on top of it as this continues to come out. take a look at this picture. of the meeting that happened
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with texas governor rick perry and president obama. the president seems to be smiling. it was a millisecond snapshot. but it does reflect something. the president smiling and having a good time. governor perry doesn't look too happy. he's grimacing. we don't know what happened. bill: what they did after that meeting. governor perry went down to the border and the president tipped his tour. hit us up on twitter. the trip is over. it's done with. no visit to the border. martha: whether it was worth it depend on who you ask. more coming up on that. the deadly rocket attacks in israel are continuing as people are trying to dig out their loved ones.
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now the u.s. says it will help broker a cease-fire. will that help? have we been forceful enough? bill: au.s. marine -- a u.s. marine still jailed in mexico. there is news today on sergeant tahmooressi. martha: speaker boehner lays out his suit against the president. he says it's his responsibility to do this because he believes the president broke the law. >> the part we are going is the right one to defend our institution against encroach from the executive branch and preserve our cobbs institution as it was written and as it was intended. mayo, corn are so out of here! ahh... the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals.
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martha: the map accused of murdering an entire family is due in court today. he's accused of going to his estranged wife's relatives disguised as a fedex worker and murdering the entire family. bill: hamas rockets continue to
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target major cities like tel aviv. israel wasting no time in its response in gaza. running for cover in gaza on this video. an israeli missile snriek the gaza strip. it hit the home of a militant leader. but concerns of another front. rockets fired by rockets in lebanon also hitting israel as president obama says the u.s. is willing to help negotiate a cease-fire between israel and hamas. a lot to go through in the next 3 1/2 minutes. first of all the offer from the president, is that something that could get this done here? >> it's not an offer. it's an implicit pressure israel not to take significant steps against hamas or the gaza strip. i think that's part and parcel
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of the obama administration's strategy which is to prevent israel from doing something that could result in a more secure environment in israel. i think it's unfortunate. it sounds like a good thing. it will have the opposite effect. bill: this is what we are showing. gaza strip is the center of the action now. overnight we got the rockets fired from southern lebanon into the northern part of israel. not quite sure what is happening up there but i'll ask you about that in a second. the covers on the map indicated the range of look the fire hamas currently has. you have got a 12-mile range down here. it's normal sometime. but now you have got rockets that can fire 47 miles away with pretty decent accuracy in tel aviv and jerusalem. for the first time you have syrian-made rockets coming out of gaza that stretch 93 miles into israel. that covers 90% of the entire
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population. in the past when we have seen battles and conflicts. hamas has never had this range before. and now it does. >> there is a reason it has rockets with these capabilities and that is they are being supply offed either directly by iran or indirectly through syria. the effect of this is to give iran the capability of completely blanketing every civilian target in israel either from hamas locations in gaza or hezbollah locations in lebanon. i think the signal being sent here goes well beyond the battle over the three murdered israeli teenagers. this is part of the larger conflict in the reason and specifically it's about iran saying to israel if you attack our nuclear weapons program you can count on this as a response. it's a clear signal to israel to stay away from iran.
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bill: the warning that goes out from israel and the warning that does not got to off from hamas before firing. >> we have been continuing to call on both sides to take steps to protect civilians. while the israelis have taken steps to prevent civilian casualties to provide warning. that's not what hamas is doing. they continued their indiscriminate attacks including the north the nextsrael. front? >> what's interesting here is the similarity to the 2006 war of israel against hezbollah. it started with kid mapping and conflict -- with kidnapping and conflict around the gaza strip. that's why iranian support to
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hamas in the gaza strip is so important. they have got israel covered on both sides. an increase in rockets fired out of lebanon combined with what's going opening in gaza puts a lot of strain on israel on its civilian population and its political leadership. when you consider this is the environment in the region, it's much worse than 2006. syria is already in chaos. jordan under enormous stress and on and on. you can see why what's happening now has the potential for much wider conflict. another significant fact, the united states is almost absent here. bill: john kerpy is in beijing negotiating a global warming treaty. i would expect him to make a move on this soon. martha: a high speed chase that sent our nation's capital into a
6:21 am
frenzy. bill: a u.s. marine facing at least another month in a mexican jail while his attorney says officials handling the matter have crossed the line. >> we have a lot of evidence the arrest is tainted by several serious human rights violations. . did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief.
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bill: the justice department ruling police will not face charges in connection with a high-speed chase. they say they were justified in shooting and killing a woman from connecticut. she had her 1-year-old in the
6:25 am
car at the time. her family intends to sue for $100 million. martha: andrew tahmooressi faces more time in a mexican prison. his attorney says the case is tainted by self human rights violations. adam housley is live in los angeles. what is going on here? >> reporter: the main angle the attorney is taking to get him released is to say he was violated at the border. he wasn't allowed proper representation. they made it a criminal matter and i stead of customs matter even then he declared the weapons in his car. then he said there were a number of pages missing. 11 pangs missing. dates on the documents were three days after he was arrested so they weren't incorrect. so there were a lot of questions
6:26 am
he has for the customs agents. here is part of what he said. >> i got a sense the prosecutor wanted to prove andrew had been here before. but even if that's the case it doesn't preclude the possibility of him making the mistake that he made. >> reporter: the prosecutor tried to convince the judge that tahmooressi had gone back and forth to mexico a couple times and knew how to get here. that's what he was up season waiting in this hearing, martha. martha: i think on the face of it from what we have seen on this side it appears he made a mistake and he spoke to people about that right away and said he made a mistake.
6:27 am
is there something more to this we are not getting, adam? >> reporter: from all the evidence we have seen it's the same thing. it goes back to intent. what his attorney tells us -- if he doesn't get it thrown out on human rights violations. he will get it thrown out on intent. if you don't have intent and there are other violations the whole case they believe should be thrown out. it's next in court august 4. the judge handles the case there in segments. so theoretically the judge could throw this out or release him at any time though we don't expect that at this tijuana courthouse. bill: a roadway melting in one of america's most popular national parks. martha: gooey.
6:28 am
plus house speaker john boehner laying out the details on his lute against the president. >> i think this is a pattle between the two branch ofs of government. others -- two branches of government. others can make the argument whether it's impeachable or not. dentures are very different to real teeth.
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bill: at least 30 ukrainian troops said to be killed by pro-russian separatists. russia just announced the closure of the border crossing earlier today. attacks like these more common as rebel groups try and regain stronghold in the east to get across that border. martha: house speaker john boehner laid out his lawsuit against president obama. it will focus on the employer mandate delay and the changes made to that law without congress having any say in the matter. so the speaker claims the president overstepped his executive powers by changing laws that were passed by congress, saying he was trying to protect the system our founding fathers put in place. >> this is a pattle between the
6:33 am
two branches of government. others will make a determination about whether it's impeachable. i believe the path we are going is the right one to defend our institution against the encroachment from the executive branch and to preserve the constitution of our country as it was written and as it was intended. >> juan, let me start with you. what if democrats if the shoe was on the other foot also want to protect the constitution and the law is supposed to be implemented as written unless they decide to change it and that gets approved? >> it's arguable they would be. we have a was where things are so partisan in washington people are kind of nitpicking of little thing. but it's not a violation of the law. clearly this was in the law, the
6:34 am
delay of the law. there is irony in the fact republicans have opposed the employer mandate and now they are suing because obama is enforcing the employer mandate. but in these partisan times everybody is shooting. martha: they didn't delight for individuals and they delayed it for some companies and not the others. >> that was at the request of business and something republicans supported. martha: in terms of this larger questions. there are several other overreaches republicans claim them could have gone. boehner is being very specific in terms of how he's bringing this suit. >> the take parts out of it because they are not politically convenient, as it was supposed to work which i put in air quotes, it's a big deal that he ignored this and it's a play and
6:35 am
the ignoring of the law. there is also irony that this is a laugh he likes. we had a gentleman's agreement known as the constitution at the president what enforce the law and in ways pig and small the administration decided people don't care about process. they won't notice people are violating this process. they save the political winds are blowing this way so i'll waive this. the issue of how you address it. some conservatives would say go full impeach fundamental you are going at all. boehner says that would be hit cally going nuclear and wants to find a middle road. >> he says he's trying to protect the powers congress has vested in it. here is the president's response when he was on the road in texas. >> you are going to sue me for doing my job? okay. think about that.
6:36 am
you are going use taxpayer money to sue me for doing my job while you don't do your job. martha: big laugh line out on the campaign trail. it was part after fundraising trip. how do you think of the president in the way he's reacting and handling it? >> anything, if it was immigration, there was a choice boehner had to make, what is he going to go after. republicans believe there are lots of examples of executive overreach. he picked on this one. the affordable care act is work at the moment. what you have got here is again look at ways to go after this president to tir the republican base in advance of the mid-term election. that's what this is about.
6:37 am
lawyers, republican and democrats don't think this has much chance the courts. >> it's very open question as to whether it's working. a lot of people have seen their premiums rise. and we'll get new numbers in the the fall. in terms of the politics of it. we remember what happened with the impeachment process of bill clinton. it didn't go that well for republicans. is that why john boehner is making that decision to go this route rather than the impeachment route? >> i would argue yes that's what's going on. an intend to find the middle ground where you can rebuke the president in some way without going there. there is a question about whether the congress can establish legal standing showing they have been armed termly by the ignoring of this law. there are bringing a novel approach to this. the congress can't have standing then the president can ignore the law.
6:38 am
that is a serious problem. >> i think that there is a couple ways people look at eight. people look at it and say it's ridiculous. that's a pox on both their houses. there is the underlying legitimate issue and you say it won't hold up in court. but isn't it incumbent upon him as the speaker of the house to protect the rights of congress when they see it -- see it breached, isn't he responsible? >> speaker boehner is not challenging the president's authority in terms of issuing executive orders. the white house says we issues fewer executive orders than our predecessor. >> the supreme court dealt with the executive order issue when it came to the recess appointments. that has been handle.
6:39 am
and i think it's on his part to pick one thing very specific. >> it's not the case that he's somehow changing the law. he's delaying implementing one aspect of the law. the law doesn't say -- the law says it doesn't speak to the issue. >> it speaks to the day it's supposed to start which is part of the law. martha: you can go into court now. thanks, guys. bill: parts of yellowstone park too hot to handle. a popular 3-mile stretch of road making popular attractions closed to american tourists because you can see the road is melting.
6:40 am
park's closed. you couldened up at wally world -- you could end up at wally world. the fight for iraq continues. this continues to get extremely volatile. the militant group that rules a large part of that country now has their hand on some nuclear material. could it be used potentially to build a dirty bomb? >> should the national guard be called in. the president leaves texas without a visit to that border. >> as a human being it impacts you. you are just complete reply desense tightsed. i think the mayor is right. why would the president of the united states come to my state and raise money and not go down to see the crisis? here on will be compared to.
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martha: this is a semi annual event. the glow lights up north and south because it goes down exactly along the cross-street in manhattan. it's supposed to happen 8:24 eastern. if you aren't in new york you can probably get on youtube. bill: or twitter. maccallum will send a shot. bill: tens of thousands of illegals flooding detention
6:45 am
facility as they await deportation or asylum. as the humanitarian crisis grows so does concern over the health and well being. >> it's a refugee camp. we saw children and babies, children being quarantined off with scabies. there is a health element to this. it's a sat condition as a human going to see something like this. bill: my next guest participates with aid measures along the border. national guard. now this is the debate. this is the question it there. in the near term this would koiflt, do you agree? >> i think it's a good start. it's been done before. president bush reacted in the
6:46 am
middle of the height of two big wars by sending the national guard to the border and they actually went to arizona. they took a lot of the function the border patrol was getting drug down doing. we see border patrol you hear about them changing diapers and taking caring of these children when their job and what they are trained to do is protect the border. the national guard can alleviate a lot of these extra duties and allow the border patrol to go out and do their job. bill: you are saying the national guard would solve this? is that the sheer presence or the alleviation of duties for others? >> i think it's both. i don't think it will solve it in the long term. it's a short-term stop gap to a border situation the president created. maybe it's medical unit that can
6:47 am
go in and take care of these children instead of border agents having to do it. i flew last year over the border working with the border patrol to get them to the areas where the crossings were happening. we are not talking about troops walking along the border armed. we are talking about people who can do the duties. >> that was 2006 you would do that. you flew over about a year ago. is 2014 that much different from 8 years ago? >> i don't think so. there was a huge surge to the border. it became a little moral robust in 2006 as a result of operation jump-start. but we are seeing now with thissed in of immigrants children and a flood much drugs coming across the border that we need to do this again. ultimately the president has to step up and say we need a border exclusion.
6:48 am
a lot of us think this needs to happen. but not while the border is secure. bill: if you weren't to the white website they say the border security is stronger than it's ever been. it gives the president credit for doubling the number of border patrol agents. is that not true? >> it's not. i'll tell you. he may have doubled the number and it may be more secure than it was in the past. last year when i was flying over the border watching the crossing. groups cross, they move the border patrol to that group. it was back and show. that was before we had this influx of children to the border. now the border patrol are being inundated with these children they have to take care of and the drug cartels are moving with
6:49 am
impunity. billimpunity.. i heard a lot of things this president has said with hopeful optimism that only let me down. if he's serious about protecting the border, great. but i'm not holding my breath. bill: it would be faster than trying to change the law. >> it's a stop gap. we need to get the guard to the border. bill: adam kinzinger, thank you for your time. martha: germany giving the boot. bill: what will le bron do? will he make an entire city stand up and cheer? or crush their dreams. the people of cleveland within miami, the entire basketball
6:50 am
league waits for one man's decision. >> i think it's completely pointless. he left us. now we want him back. we miss you, man. we really do. introducing new dulcogas, which starts working to eliminate gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- nothing relieves gas faster.
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bill: the world cup will not be stopping services at the vatican sunday. from germany mauve living south of roma. from argentina pope francis. according to the vatican pope francis will not call for divine intervention. pope benedict is not much of a sports fan. but he has to be a fan for this one. germany-argentina.
6:54 am
martha: whichever side wins, you can speculate divine intervention smiled on one side or the other. let's go to germany where they are ordering the top spy to get out of the country on allegations of espionage. what's going on here? >> reporter: there is real trouble between the u.s. and one of its most extrastrategic ally. a person working for the german intelligence agency was selling secrets to the united states. the german government demanding the expulsion of a cia station chief at usa embassy in berlin for what officials are calling a breach of trust. she summed up her country's angry reaction to this.
6:55 am
with so many problems in this world, it's a waste of energy to spy on one's allies. martha: we have the nsa issue with angela merkel she wasn't too happy about before this. reporter: there was a rift. it came out last year with the edward snowden revelation that the u.s. was doing a lot of evils dropping on its ally. it's not -- the germans are especially sensitive to privacy issues. we spoke with the u.s. embassy in berlin. they are trying to pass things off. in a statement they say the security relationship with germany is very important. germany also trying to make nice today and officials saying the relationship is in his words without alternative. he receives the foreign minister they just want it to be honest.
6:56 am
secretary of state kerry is meeting tomorrow on the sidelines much a relate together iran nuclear issue with his german count are part. this is one example of the many relationships and cooperation between the u.s. and germany. martha: where the rubber meets the road and the real diplomats are made and broken. bill: a new crisis and the president says it's someone else's fault. house speaker is asking one question, will the president take the blame for anything. martha: we are waiting for a key ruling from a federal appeals court that will spell big trouble for obamacare. what is its snake this decision. we'll tell you what's going on right after this. [ male announcer ] people all over the world know us,
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a crisis unfolding on our
7:00 am
southern border and president obama blames republicans and asks for more money to solve the problem. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom" i am martha maccallum. >> and i am bill hemmer. the border is still open. everyone demanding action with disagreement on what to do. the president is demanding billions for illegles crossing the board. >> john boehner is tired of the finger pointing. >> when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> bret baier is here. you had boehner. he said republicans are tired of being blamed as inaction in the
7:01 am
moments of crisis. >> there is a lot of frustration here all around. some of it stems from the dallas speech the president gave and handing it to the president on the $3.7 billion. the law dealing with sex trafficking and enabling the central american kids to be here as opposed to being turned away at the border -- there is not a legislative push to change that law. so they put up this supplemental for the $3.7 billion but no specific request to change the law. many people have to see that happen before they can get on a plane and speed up the process to get them back. republicans say that is the president not pushing for because he wants this issue and for them to stay. >> such mixed messages from the
7:02 am
white house. initially they suggested the law should be changed and then dropped the ball and didn't do anything. and josh ernest thought most would be deported because they didn't fall under that clause but that is not happening now. it is hard to see where the president stands on the issue. >> you listened to him saying i am going to use my pen and my phone and you remember the so sue me about the executive actions and when it comes to this it is wait and see, wait for the supplemental, they are trying to speed up the process in the hearings but 55,000 hearings is a lot to get to and that means the kids will be here a long time if this is the
7:03 am
process they use to go back. >> jay johnson said we are running out of august by mid-august. this is an emergency. hair on fire we need to take care of this right away. republicans as they typically do say where is the money coming from and let's not add to the budget doing this. that is where both sides bet stuck on everything. >> that is true. there is a specific analysis of this request and republicans argue a lot deal with keeping them here and funding hhs efforts to move them around the country and not as much on the turning them around and stepping up security at the border. it is also important to point out security at the border doesn't factor in that much because they can turn themselves into border patrol agents and we
7:04 am
have to absorb them. it is complicated and you you cannot explain it in one easy bumper sticker but there is a sense the administration isn't changing the law that would effect it right away. >> and they continue to pour across the border and the white house appears to be a bit surprised by what a lot of people felt was coming for some time. very confusing and a lot needs to be answered. karl rove is fired up in the president's attempt to blame the republicans for the crisis but asking for billions. >> if you want to get something done don't go insult the people you need to get the thing down with. he should be consulting with congress and going over the $3.7 billion and open to changing the
7:05 am
number, changing to what he wants to spend it on. instead he knows texas. has he sent the details of the proposal to the hill? no. but we get insults saying pass it now even though you have not had a chance to review things. >> we ask you was it worth to go to texas in the end? hit us up on twitter and we will read responses throughout the show. >> doesn't appear anything has happened as a result of that exercise. but let us know what you think. weigh in on twitter. testimony is shedding new light on what happened during the benghazi attack. military leaders say in closed door interviews there was no stand down order to hold back and a special ops team evacuated
7:06 am
in tripoli wouldn't have been able to reach benghazi in time to help. our ambassador and three others were killed on september 11th 2012 and many wonder why military assets were mobilized to save them. a plaintiff is saying the laj language of the law is restricting health care to exchanges. modern health care is writing a legal victory would achieve a large part of what republicans have sought but unable to achieve: rolling back and ending obamacare. melissa francis
7:07 am
>> hos host of money is here. what is the sure here? >> this is a big one. it is one that has been quitely brewing. it states the language of the law itself limits those subsidies to states that are using state-run exchanges which is 14 states so it is saying it is illegal for the irs to give exchanges where they use the federally run and that is 36 states. if this challenge goes through, 36 states subsidies would no longer be valued or use. >> what happens if they go away? >> a lot say it would expose the cost of those in the exchanges and that means counting on the
7:08 am
young healthy people that are supposed to sign up in droves but only signed up in a trickle. and the real cost would be those using it. >> what are the odds for the court to succeed? a lot of democrats on the court? >> right now it is on a three-judge panel. it could go all the way to the supreme court but there has been so much focus on the hobby lobby case but this one has been quitely brewing. this is all about money. don't loose sight of it. >> money is your middle name. >> that is right. 2 p.m. fox business. there is a new legal push to try to find lois lerner's lost
7:09 am
e-mails. the federal judge's ruling that could put the irs on the record and under oath as to what happened. >> a fierce storm causing injuries and leaving behind significant damage and we will tell you where that wicked weather is headed networks. >> and terrorist seizing a hundred pounds of nuclear materials raising alarms for our safety here. >> isis is a threat to us. three years ago when they called themselves al qaeda in iraq three members were arrested attempting to attack fort knox in kentucky. they have made it clear they want to a tack the united states.
7:10 am
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7:12 am
severe storms rolling through virginia and a possible tornado near norfolk. reports of golf ball size hail. luckily after seeing all that no injuries. sunni militants seizing control of chemical compounds from a lab where they have taken over things. the prospect of a dirty bomb is
7:13 am
cause for alarm despite the obama administration playing down the danger. >> we should be concerned. the fact the government is trying to pass it off as not being enriched or weapon grade the fact is it could be used as a dirty bomb. you get uranium and radio active material and case it in conventional explosives and the blast will kill many people. >> tim walsh is a security associate at the mit studies program. good to see you. >> good to see. >> are you concerned about this? >> i am concerned about a general problem but in this particular case no, i am not. the international atomic agency said this isn't as a threat or
7:14 am
safety to proliferation. iraq was scoured for weapons many times. >> we know isis considers themse caliphate and they want to spread across the border. so they have this, and weapons, and they are a frightening force in total, are they not? >> absolutely. when they took over to cities they broke into the banks and some estimate they got $480 million and that is a lot to a group that only has 5,000 victories. and they are seizing the weapons of the iraq army and in many cases the united states gave those weapons to them. i think you are right saying they may not stop here. what happens if they go to jordan or lebanon? it underlines the need to secure
7:15 am
nuclear materials everywhere. uranium is not that active. if they could get other items they could make a dirty bomb. >> and we know about the doctor tat supplied many of the chemicals in that weapon, and as isis grows on, what can be done to stop them? they have so much money. >> the iraq government has to get its act together. there is a bit of fiddling while rome burns. they have to meet and need a government that reaches out to sun
7:16 am
sunniw s and s and surds kurds. we can help the iraqi people but they have to pull their act together. >> is it too late? there was a moment we could have acted in syria but that moment passed. is it too late? >> i don't think so. parts of that army were well-trained and could be constituted. isis is going to run into problems over time. initially the towns welcome the folks in and that honeymoon begins to end as they enforce a violent type of law. you say see over time the relationship of convenience begins to fray. if you take the fight to them
7:17 am
they have their own internal problems and hopefully we can push them back. this is the most serious issue in the middle east. >> coming from you that sound significant. you have to have an alternative because they will get tired of this group but they need an alternative that provides safety and security. the immigration crisis take as disturbing trend. members of a violent street gang are among those crossing the border and the fbi says they target children to get new recruits. we will have that and this: >> yet another rocket explosion on the gaza strip has clashes escalate. and another country's militants might be joining the battle. u always have.
7:18 am
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wild fire spreading in washington state at mills canyon. 200 miles east of seattle. dozen of homes are threatened. no injuries thank fully. another fire in northern washington forcing the evacuation of 25 homes in that area. more rockets fired into the israel and the israeli's step up the air offensive on the gaza strip. death toll said to be up to a 100 palestinian dead and lebanese militants have fired rockets on israel's northern
7:22 am
border. bill lee is there live. >> reporter: this is friday, the start of the jewish sabbath. normally it is a quite day but it is anything but that. the big question on the mind of many is will there be a ground invasion? 103 killed since the fighting started. 13 people died in gaza today and five people were from the save family and a 5-year-old girl. this as the military goes after launchers. and the israeli navy filled on fish vessels today. and today the deadline for u.s. citizens in gaza to alert u.s.
7:23 am
officials they might be needing assistance -- let's see if we can come back to a live picture. i want to show you off in the distance and you can see a c couple miles. there was just another airstrike in gaza. we have seen many in the last few hours and we have seen a number of rockets being fired by militants. at least 70 rockets today alone were fired from gaza into israel. one of the rockets hit a gas station and that station erupted into flames. a disabled personal couldn't get out of their vehicle and was seriously injured.
7:24 am
another rocket smashed through a roof of a home and smashed through the kitchen. luckily the habitants of the home heard the warning and were able to seek shelter. and very quickly i should add 200 miles from where i am speaking to you the border with lebanon it looks like there has been another situation that has israelis concerned. in south lebanon, two rockets were fired into northern israel and they responded to armory fire. they found a third rocket ready to be launched on scene. it appears to be an act of solidarity. but with what is happening on the southern border people are on edge and mindful of what happened in the past and there
7:25 am
is concern there could be escalculation. we are expecting to hear from israeli's prime minister in about 30 minutes. he spoke to the country last night and he is going to speak tonight about will there be a ground invasion. >> the airstrike you witnessed is how far away from your location? we have another camera angle we can show our viewers that is from the gaza city that shows the airstrike damage. >> reporter: i would say 3-4 miles is the tip of the gaza city. as you look at the border, to
7:26 am
get a sense of our position, you might be able to see antenna towers and that is the end of the border. that is the end of israel and the beginning of gaza. i am guessing it is 3-4 miles from where we are. the border is only one border. we didn't see the blast but felt it. >> you stay safe. and you raise a great question. what is the end game and how far will it go? we don't know that. thank you for that david lee. could the big apple be the biggest amnesty city in the united states? >> what is is labron going to do? >> some people don't care. some people do. >> is he going home or back to the people of ohio?
7:27 am
will they forgive him? only one man knows and he is not talking. bronlebron
7:28 am
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7:31 am
prevent former loss from the e-mails of lois lerner. a federal judge is being pulled into this and it is his decision when he hears true the voit request to investigate the missing e-mails that is brought against the lawsuit against the agency. this is another level to seek information and get it another way. the hearing is starting at 11 eastern and doug mccowell is live. this hasn't been a good week for the irs because they were the only people that could control the information out but now they are trying to change that. >> emit sullivan, another federal judge, ordered the taxiing agency to explain under oath how they lost the e-mails. >> he took the step of appointing a magistrate to
7:32 am
supervise and help the parties come up with a solution to recover the items. given the litigation that is second to none this rarely happens. >> and another no non-sense federal judge will hear true the votes motion. they are expected to ask for a forensic expert to investigate how the e-mails were examine whether that data can be recovered. in a letter to the irs, true the vote's legal council wrote the fact they are required to hold the records but claim they have been lost is evidence of bad faith. the u.s. crime makes it a crime to construct congressional
7:33 am
evidence. >> that is why we have three branches of resolution. and what about the situation that asks the house arms members to arrest lois lerner? >> yes, this was filled on tuesday. it was written and we are wroteing asking the justice department to process lois lerner for illegal activity is a joke. the obama administration will not prosecute the obama administration. critics say that is a partisan theater more than anything. what is happening in the federal courts however is not theater. the motion as you said is set to be heard at 11 o'clock this morning. >> and a very judge from what judge napolitano told us. we will see what happens, doug. thank you very much. >> my pleasure. new york city mayor signing a controversial new bill into law that will offer city id
7:34 am
cards to anyone who can prove their identify and residency in the city regardless of their immigration status. supporters say it will help people get a job interview or apartment. critics say it is a case of amnesty. lars and cindy are here. good day to both of you. is new york city the largest amnesty city in the world now? >> you know it is a sancuatry city and bill is aid and abedding criminal activity. remember when jan brewer tried to enforce laws on illegal alians and the justice department and the president came down on her saying you have no business acting like an agent of of thegration limmigration
7:35 am
law. here is new york city and the president is aiding and abedding them in their crimes by giving them an id. >> leslie, do you have an issue with this? you have to prove your identify so you have a car with your name on and you have to prove you have an apartment or home in new york. what do you think? >> i think lars is going to be surprised. i am going to agree with thim for a reason. i have no problem with homeless, veterans, and lgbt community where there is confusion about identity in order to get a bank account or apartment. i believe we should have immigration reform and provide a pathway to citizenship and that is not lar's position. but two things i have with this. one is this doesn't address the
7:36 am
immigration issues but the majority are not going to come forward to get the card. and this doesn't do anything for the discrimination. it allows them to have the option of a bank account or apartment but the facilities can still reduce you. >> you will have a city of 8 million with this law starting in 2015. some argue you trace this back to the border issue and people are asking the questions like this woman in houston texas, burn det, and she is wondering about the people here who are
7:37 am
and she asks what do we do them. >> open the school up for them? is that right? does anybody think that is right? billions of dollars want to be borrowed from the white house to help feed and house them. what about the kid here in our neighborhood? in our country? am i the only in this community that is watching the news this morning? don't bring them here. we don't have nothing. they are already take away from my kids and grand kids to get to somebody else. i understand president obama it is a humanitarian issue but look in your back yard. >> houston texas there. what do you think of the point she is making? >> bill, i ran her sound byte last night.
7:38 am
she is a real american saying you are not taking care of people here and you are proposing 90,000 immigrant children coming in and billions in resources. she is right. people are not paying attention and watching the news and understanding what this is going to do to american schools and neighborhoods. she is absolutely right. >> leslie, what do you think of the point she is making? >> the education of the children in houston where i used to live in texas is up to the school district in houston and the state of texas. immigration is a federal issues and that is under the guidelines of the federal government and the president does have some say. legislation passed in 2008, directly with the 3-4 year ba
7:39 am
backlog in the court, doesn't allow us to deport the children. honduras is the murder capital of the world and we cannot just drop them back up there. and in guatemala and other areas they don't have the needs to take care of the children. money is needed. the national guard can't help with that. lars, are you proposing we allow the kids to starve? >> the segment is about the 500,000 illegals in new york that will be granted a card and that is happening in new york city. lars, final comment. >> that law was passed design today stop sex and human traffics. these illegal aliens are taking advantage of the law. they are not being sex trafficked.
7:40 am
>> well this is the smugglers trafficking humans and they are children. as far as new york because i live in la, i want people to be able to see their children in schools and the teachers even if illegal. but here in los angeles we didn't have a huge amount of illegles coming forward. >> thank you leslie and lars. >> thank you, bill. violence, robbery and murder are the hall marks of a violent street gang and they have their hooks into some of the kid streaming across the border. >> and a great escape. zoo gorillas find an open door and go for it. and go for it.
7:41 am
7:42 am
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7:44 am
maybe these guys are trying to catch an early screening of dawn the planet apes. three gorillas escaped in st. paul. staff member left a door open and they found a way out. >> they are smart. >> they were behind gorilla-proof barriers. >> perhaps not. >> no one was at risk they say. a small amount of the tens of thousands of children crossing the border a part of a gang called ms-13. they are from el salvador and
7:45 am
they are frequently targeting children. they are violent members. how many instances do we know of gang members that crossed? >> this week in an internal executive summary from the processing center was obtained by us and it showed 16 unaccompanied minors happened to be ms-13 gang members. they were discovered after they put graffiti it those gang signs on the bathroom stalls in the facility. after a line of questions they admitted to engaging in torture and murder in their own countries. >> what happened to the 16? wouldn't they be sent back immediately?
7:46 am
>> these border patrol agents are processing them but they are not allowed to take out juveniles. under u.s. law you are minor until 18 but these 15-17 year olds are working for the cartels and the ms-13. and i did a story on them using this facility as a recruitment center trying to recruit other boys sharing the cells and they are supposed to be using the phones the red cross set-up as a way to commit with gangs in atlanta and new york. it is becoming a huge problem because border patrol agents have their hands tied. the leader of the border patrol says we are not allowed to deal
7:47 am
with this in a way that allows us to separate it out. they are recruiting other member and there is not a lot they can do about it. >> and some of the kids are traveling without parents and maybe susceptible to being pulled into a gang. i would think homeland security suggested that there was a concern about some of the teenage level children that were coming in. why doesn't homeland security do something about this? >> i do know that border patrol is supposed to process these people and they are turned over to isis which falls under homeland security and they are given a court date and told to show up were the immigration hearings and often times they don't. and the ms-16 members are
7:48 am
scheduled for placement in the united states somewhere and that is a safety concern for law enforcement and it could be solved if they would change the policy and allow border patrol to separate out the juveniles from the rest of the population. >> especially if they are c confe confessing they are members of ms-13 which is a very violent gangs. >> it is one of the most dangerous gangs i would say in the world. one agent described them as teenage enforcers. we have minors but we have to be careful about the definition of minor because the 15-17 year olds know who they are working for and they are supposed to be recruiting more. >> it seems like an fbi issue because they have defined, targeted and gone after the
7:49 am
group so they should be concerned. thank you very much. good story. on a much different topic it is the decision 2.0. is lebron james staying in florida or going home to cleveland? >> i told him to go to the knicks. but that is not going to happen. vo: this is the summer. the summer that summers from here on will be compared to. so get out there, and get the best price guaranteed. find it for less and we'll match it and give you $50 toward your next trip.
7:50 am
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7:52 am
this is the question. not will germany or argentina
7:53 am
will but where will lebron james go? he could continue in miami or go back to his home state and put cleveland back on the map. the last time he had a decision like this he sat down with jim gray and announced it on tv. jim gray is with me live from las vegas. good morning and one big question. what is he going to do? >> i don't know. i told lebron don't tell me last time and anyone who tells you at this point tells you would be guessing. >> does he have a deadline? >> it would seem to me there is no deadline because if there was it would have passed because a lot of people are waiting on
7:54 am
this. i think it will come to a head shortly because chris bosh has a huge offer, and he is very fond of him, and if lebron isn't going to stay, he doesn't want to hold up bosh. bosh would return to miami, for less money, it lebron stays with the heat. >> what a rollout the last decision was. he is holding up the decision of other teams and players before they make a move, right? >> yes, the whole nba has been put on hold. it is funny that chandlar parson got an off from dallas and he is playing in houston. anthony is waiting. the knicks have a huge offer,
7:55 am
the lakers and chicago and perhaps miami is in the mix. there are so many things that could happen. but lebron is deciding between cleveland and miami. i think he would like in many cases to go back at a cleveland. it is where he is from. akron. it would be a story book ending but he is loyal to the miami heat and particularly wade and bosh. but the problem is the roster hasn't gotten better and they were beaten by the spurs and to figure out how to heat can get back and be competitive has been a process pat riley is trying to figure it out. they signed a couple agents but i don't know if it is enough help. >> they despised him in
7:56 am
cleveland when he left. is the welcome mat out there? >> he is from ohio, i think it will always be there. the owner of the cavaliers issued a letter that night lebron left and he never issued an apology. it was a vicious letter and an emotional outburst tea at the time. i think the fans would forgive him quickly. >> thank you, jim. jim gray live in vegas. as president obama continues to bypass congress to implement his agenda we are getting details about house speaker john
7:57 am
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martha: that's it for us. if lebron wants to announce here he is welcome. please, come over here. bill: have a great weekend, everybody. martha: "happening now" starts right now. see you later. eric: tell us what happened to those emails, now. that is not a request. that is a demand. an order from the federal judge to the internal revenue service happening now. the case of missing lois lerner emails in the tea party targeting scandal is back in court for a second day. now another grassroots watch dog group, dallas based, "true the vote," is suing irs. it wants a forensic expert to determine how lois lerner's emails mysteriously vanished and if any of the data can be recovered. lerner was the director of the irs division that processed tax-exempt status for non-profits. yesterday a federal judge ordered an agent to explain under oath how it lost so many


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