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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 10, 2014 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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don't like what you give them, they're choosing. the world now, beggers can choose. that's it, huh? >> way to depress us. >> i know. don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. the bad optics continue on immigration for a president who now insists he has no interest in photo-ops. this is "special report." good evening. bret baier is on assignment tonight. president obama has put significant geographical, if not political distance between himself and the continuing immigration crisis on the southern border. chief white house correspondent ed henry reports from austin texas, tonight, where the president could not escape the growing turmoil earlier today.
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>> reporter: one day after explaining away the visit to the border, president obama held a photo-op over a cup of coffee in austin. a student had written the president about both of her parents losing jobs. >> part of what touched me in the letter -- >> reporter: when the president tried to keep to a speech today focused on the economic message, an immigration reform sparked an angry outburst from protesters on the left. >> i'm sorry, what are you yelling about there? sit down, guys. i'm almost done. come on. sit down. i'll talk to you afterwards, i promise. i'll bring it back to you. i'm wrapping things up here. >> reporter: back in washington, republicans grilled the president's homeland security secretary, jay johnson, whether the $3.7 billion budget request misses the mark. >> while the president is seeking billions for the admissi admission, detention and care of illegal children, and adults,
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only -- yes, only $45.4 million, is my understanding, is requested for the department of justice's adjudication and immigration proceedings. >> this request has the right focus on deterrence, added detention, and removal. >> reporter: republicans are skeptical after the president on wednesday appeared to offload the responsibility on congress and texas governor rick perry. >> i suggested to the governor, i suspect some influence over the texas delegation and that might be helpful to call on them to pass this supplemental right away. >> reporter: perry put the onus back on the president saying he shouldn't have rejected a direct plea to send the national guard to the border. >> i don't know whether he heard what i said. because a leader acts. and what i haven't seen out of this president are actions that make me think that he
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understands what's going on. >> reporter: their meeting was more cordial than either side expected, the flash point was the president refusing to visit the border. >> this isn't a theater, this is a problem. i'm not interested in photo-ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. >> reporter: that comment quickly went viral. the president's critics starting to #not interested in photo-ops, connected to a stream of tweets, with photos ranging from the president shooting pool at a bar in denver a few nights ago, to some infamous selfies with prime ministers and baseball sluggers. today when senior adviser valerie jarrett tweeted a bik in austin, the senior adviser was mocked on social media. while a fired-up speaker of the house unloaded on the commander in chief. >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for 5 1/2 years. when's he going to take responsibility for something? >> reporter: two other big moments at this senate hearing. administration officials said
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without new money they're going to run out of beds for kids in august. when lindsay graham pressed if the kids are being turned over to adults in the u.s. illegally, they admitted they don't know. graham's response whether the kids will show up at deportation hearings, zero percent chance. >> ed henry in austin, texas, thank you, ed. a federal judge is ordering the irs to explain under oath how it lost all those e-mails from former official lois lerner. the judge gave the tax agency a month to split the explanation in writing. lerner is the central figure in the scandal of targeting conservative groups. they said they lost the e-mails in 2011 when lerner's computer crashed. an irs employee has agreed to a 100-day suspension for urging voters to for president obama in 2012. you could soon need protection from president obama's environmental protection agency, raiding your paycheck.
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another big power grab for the epa. >> reporter: as bureaucratic nightmares go, the internal revenue service garnishing your wages to collect delinquent tax debt is the most familiar, because it's been happening for decades. however, under a new proposed rule, the environmental protection agency would also be able to garnish wages without a court order to collect unpaid fines and interest imposed on individuals found to have violated environmental laws. >> i think the obama administration, the way to use the epa to implement policy that they can't do through legislation. they operate with significant revenue inside their own legal system, this administrative legal system and they set the rules of the game. >> reporter: epa cites the debt collection improvement act of 1996. the obama administration said that law empowers all federal agencies to garnish wages provided they develop the same due process protections built into the irs enforcement model. some agencies, like the
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department of education, and federal trade commission have already adopted the practice. epa told us administrative wage garnishment would only apply after the epa attempts to collect delinquent debts through other means. and provide notice through any action the spokesman said, including the opportunity for the debtor to review, contest or enter into a repayment agreement. it also outlines procedures for a hearing at the debtor's request. >> one of the tools of last resort is wage garnishment. what they're doing right now is just complying with that law. >> reporter: critics argue the epa has a track record of mismanagement and bullying. as such, should not be invested with irs style powers. three gop senators have written to epa chief gina mccarthy demanding the rule be withdrawn. >> i think the irs should not, they do have that power and they use it, i do not want that power
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extended to the epa, specifically when we see the abuse by the epa in this administration. >> reporter: this rule goes on the books september 2nd unless epa says it receives adverse comments by august 1st, in which case it said it would withdraw the rule. we asked how many adverse comments were required, and epa told us, quote, any. officials there also confirmed they have received such comments today. so the fate of this rule, doug, appears at this point very much up in the air. >> thank you, james. stocks were down today. the dow lost 70 1/2, the s&p 500 off 8, nasdaq fell 23. the white house says it is talking with the german government about its decision to kick out the cia station chief in that country. the move comes amid allegations that two men have been spying for the u.s. relations with germany, are already very tricky. after revelations that the national security agency had been monitoring angela merkel's cell phone. this is a fox news alert.
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breaking news on the israeli situation right now. we have learned president obama spoke with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu just a few minutes ago, about the violence with palestinian's hamas. they said the president expressed concern about the risk of further escalation, and emphasized the need for all sides to do everything they can to protect the lives of civilians and restore calm. the united states remains prepared to facilitate a secession of hostilities including a return to november 2012 cease-fire agreement, it says. correspondent david lee miller is jerusalem again tonight. >> reporter: israeli forces continue to amass near the gaza border preparing for a possible ground invasion. some 20,000 reservists have been called up, bracing for what could be a bloody confrontation. in the last three days, there have been over 800 israeli air strikes that have dropped more than 400 tons of explosives on gaza. at least 87 gaza residents have been killed. palestinian officials say more
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than half of the fatalities are civilians. mostly women and children. 600 others have been wounded. >> translator: we're doing everything possible not to hurt civilians. if there are any innocents that are hurt, it's because hamas hides behind palestinian civilians. >> reporter: for the first time since the current conflict has got ununder way, two soldiers received light to moderate wounds from mortar fire. much of israel endured more than 120 rocket attacks on thursday. in the city of ashto, about 15 miles from the border, a rocket set a car on fire. but no one was injured. tel aviv and jerusalem also came under attack. the u.n. security council convened an emergency meeting to try and resolve the conflict. the palestinian representative demanded intervention. >> they must bear responsibility, must act to protect the civilian lives,
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de-escalate the current crisis and salvage the prospect for peace and security in our troubled region. >> reporter: israel's u.n. ambassador played the warning siren before a rocket attack to demonstrate what israelis endure. >> 15 seconds, that's how much time you have to run for your life. imagine having only 15 seconds to find a bomb shelter. >> reporter: despite the escalating violence, israel today allowed some 200 trucks hauling things such as food and fuel and other vital supplies to enter gaza. it's an effort to try and avert a humanitarian crisis, especially if israel launches a ground invasion. doug? >> david lee miller, in jerusalem. thank you, david. up next, the latest on the fate of the u.s. marine held in a mexican jail, after one very wrong turn. but first here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 25 in boston, a house fire
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has left seven penal dead. the blaze tore through a home overnight. 48 people were inside when the fire broke out. fox 26 in houston where a 34-year-old man is facing charges in the deaths of six family members. authorities say ron lee haskell surrendered after a standoff. four children among the dead, a 15-year-old survived. this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11. one of the big stories there, game of thrones leads the way with 19 nominations. also nominated the episode of the "between two ferns" featuring president obama. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. kid: hey dad, who was that man? dad: he's our broker. he helps looks after all our money. kid: do you pay him? dad: of course. kid: how much? dad: i don't know exactly. kid: what if you're not happy?
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andrew tahmooressi is back in a jail one day after his day
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in court. the marine who was caught crossing the border into mexico with weapons is still waiting to get back home. senior correspondent adam houseley has the latest from los angeles. >> reporter: andrew, how did it go today? after a nine-hour hearing in front of a mexican federal judge, andrew tahmooressi is still officially in mexican custody and still charged with illegally transporting weapons across the california border. >> we feel the hearing was a success. and we feel we are finally on the right track in order to achieve what every one of us is ultimately hoping for. >> we're optimistic about the future. he's very strong. he's very strong and positive. >> reporter: the 26-year-old marine veteran has been under arrest and held without bail in a mexican jail for 102 days. wednesday was the first time he faced a judge and testified that he accidently drove into mexico because he was confused by poorly marked signs. tahmooressi said he waved over
3:16 pm
mexican authorities and told him he had three legally registered u.s. weapons in his car. during the evidentiary hearing, those mexican border agents were questioned by his attorney. >> it was finally and officially discovered that there are multiple irregularities with the order to search his vehicle. >> reporter: tahmooressi's family hopes those discrepancies will lead to his release. though they weren't allowed inside for his hearing, they did get to see him afterwards. >> i was able to talk to him for 20 minutes. he's strong, he's confident, he is very privileged to have mr. bonitez defend his innocence. >> reporter: the mexican judicial system allows for the case to be heard in segments, which means the judge could rule at any time. however, that is not expected before the next scheduled hearing on august 4th. >> thank you, adam. the initial argument that the benghazi terror attacks were spontaneous reactions to a
3:17 pm
video, catherine harris reports on the latest evidence. >> reporter: the transcripts released by the house oversight and armed services committee has reinforced the conclusion that the 2012 attacks were premeditated. general carter who led the military's africa command at the time told congress terrorists who attacked the cia during the third wave of the assault had professional training. quote, given the precision of the attack, it was a well-trained mortar crew, showing a degree of sophistication and military training that is relatively unusual and certainly i think indicates that this was not a pickup team. ham also testified that the eight-hour gap between the consulate attack and the strike on the base in the early morning hours of september 12th was significant. i think it's reasonable, ham testified, that a team came from outside of benghazi. despite the new testimony, the state department doubled down on its characterization of the attack. >> we've been pretty clear, or we've stated many times, and
3:18 pm
very consistently, that we believe it was an opportunistic attack on our mission, that did not involve significant preplanning. >> reporter: but those with extensive military experience with mortars strongly disagreed. >> this was the one piece of evidence that convinces me, and certainly convinces others with experience with mortars or attacks that this was pre-planned, well laid out, well thought-out and reasonably well executed. >> reporter: in most cases, mortar crews can't see the target, so they're trained to rely on complex maps. the first two missed, but the next three were direct hits. ham testified the mortar crew likely used a spotter to recalibrate. >> there was no happenstance luck there. they knew exactly how far it was from their mortar round to the target. >> the suspect links him to the
3:19 pm
mortar strike. and is part of the ongoing investigation of the terrorist attack. fox news was the first to report in december 2012 that it was the trigger to shut down their operations. >> thank you, catherine. why most top republicans are trying to tamp down talk about impeaching president obama. but first, smoking popular and dangerous. in keeping the denture clean. dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can multiply. polident is designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains, cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why i recommend using polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. [ male announcer ] polident. (vo) ours is a world of the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired.
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a new twist on an old habit could lead to unforeseen problems for people seeking an alternative to cigarette smoking. fox news medical analyst mark siegel describes how hooka smoking is catching on despite the risks. >> at a time when cigarette smoking is declining rapidly among america's youth, hooka use
3:23 pm
where smokers draw flavored tobacco through an ancient style water pipe is on the rise. a university study published in "pediatrics" reveals a whopping 18% of high school seniors are now using hooka. and hanging out in hooka lounges. but why? >> i think it's somewhere to go when there's nowhere else to go. something different to do. because a lot of people don't really do it. until they get into their teen years. >> it's relaxing. it's like you're hanging out and you smoke it, and you just relax. you don't get high or anything. >> reporter: hooka is a social event where smokers share. many of those polls say they believe hooka is safer than cigarettes. however, it is a myth as old as the hooka itself that the water somehow filters the tobacco. the charcoal adds more carcinogens, there's more tar
3:24 pm
and nicotine than a filtered cigarette, and proof that it's linked to lung and oral cancer and low birth weight infants. on top of that, the risk of sharing. >> a lot pass around the hooka pipe. without changing the mouthpiece. that basically increases the likelihood of you catching or spreading any infectious disease. and whether it be cold sores, or the flu, anything like that, if you're putting your mouth on something, you're passing it to the next person, the whole germ factory waiting to happen. >> there are individual mouthpieces, but part of the social event is not to change them from one person to the next. doug? >> thank you, doctor. do not look for the last folks to put the silly wagers on the world cup final. the vatican said it is unlikely argentina native pope francis and pope benedict will get together for a watch party.
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. there may be no more polarizing word in presidential politics than impeachment. calls for president obama's impeachment are increasing. so is the worry it could backfire on republicans. mike emanuel is looking at who is pressing the issue and who wants it to go away. >> prominent outside conservative voices called for president obama to be impeached, house speaker john boehner disagrees preferring a lawsuit to be filed by the house. >> the path we're going is the right one to defend our institution against the encoachment from the executive branch, and to preserve the constitution of our country as it was written, and as it was intended. >> a key house democrat says boehner should stand his ground. >> on this, i happen to agree with speaker boehner, that we should not be spending our time and wasting our money pursuing impeachment of this president. >> many say it would be a waste
3:30 pm
of time. >> i think it's a distraction not shared by most republicans. i think that we realize, let's do this at the ballot box. let's win the senate in november, and the white house in 2016. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi recalls president clinton's impeachment. >> what he did was stupid but it had nothing to do with public policy, and his office. >> pelosi resisted calls from some liberals to impeach the last republican president for the iraq war. >> i do think people could have made a case about president bush. but i did not want to go down that path. because of what it would mean to the american people. >> a prominent legal scholar said mr. obama has violated separation of powers, and has increased the growth of presidential power. >> i believe it's reached a constitutional tipping point. but to impeach him at this stage would be very difficult. and i think unwise.
3:31 pm
>> turley testified in the clinton impeachment said congress should fight to get its power back another way. >> the talk of impeachment sheds more heat than light in this debate. i think the congress is wise to try to find other means to bring this president into line with the separation of powers. >> as for the boehner lawsuit, we learned a short time ago its focus will be on the president's unilateral actions changing the health care law's mandate. there are examples of executive overreach, they maintain what president obama did with health care gives them the best chance for success in the courts. doug? >> thank you, mike. the immigration crisis may be serving as something of a political rehabilitation for texas governor rick perry. the former and possibly future candidate for president took his lumps in the past most of them self-inflicted. carl cameron reports perception may be changing. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry's been all over the
3:32 pm
u.s./mexico border crisis. >> since back in 2005, we've been saying that this border is an issue. >> reporter: president obama that perry warned about the problem and chastised him this week for not seeing himself. >> that's what leaders do. they show up. they interact. and they see for themselves what's going on. >> reporter: he's been all over tv, too, and very much wants to be president. now, when immigration comes up in the debates in 2016, he can always start talking about how he faced down president obama in that meeting about the border crisis. >> reporter: it was a debate gap that did in perry's first run when he infamously couldn't recall the third government agency he had been making campaign promises to close. >> the third one i can't, sorry. oops. >> reporter: the oops jokes have subsided, including the wisecracks about him wearing glasses to seem smart, rather
3:33 pm
than to see clearly. the republican gets equal praise. >> governor perry's been the governor of texas for 16 years. and he's done some things that i agree with. the same holds true for the president. >> reporter: turning off hardliners in 2012 for allowing undocumented youngsters without their parents to maintain legal status. 71% of republicans would rather vote for a presidential candidate who supports reform. unlike perry's ill prepared and late entry into the 2012 presidential race, he's gearing up early this time. he's campaigned two times in three months in iowa. visited south carolina twice in the last year. hosted a group of new hampshire power players in texas. and campaigned in the first primary state next month. not to mention creation of a political action committee and a growing team of seasoned pros. he was the gop front-runner in
3:34 pm
2012. he knows his image needs more rehab. if he remains gaffe-free, it could mark the first time voters taking him seriously. we'll be watching that. ohio senator rob portman said he might make a run at the republican presidential nomination. his focus is seeking senate reelection in 2016, but if he does not see a strong presidential candidate emerging to address the economy and other issues, he will take a look at his own possibilities. president obama avoiding a brder photo-op, but not avoiding heavy criticism from rick perry, other republicans, and even some democrats. we'll talk about it with the panel when we come back. latte or au lait?
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the only question at this point is, why the texas delegation, or any of the other republicans who are concerned about this, not want to put this on a fast track and get it on my desk so i can sign it and start getting to work. >> this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for 5 1/2 years. when's he going to take responsibility for something? >> i think you could have a thousand national guard troops on the border, the message sent well before that, but in 30 days, actually have them in place, and the message would be
3:39 pm
overpowering back to central america that you no longer can put your kid on a train, put them on a bus, send them up with a coyote, and have them come into the united states because that border is now secure. >> one thing you can say about texas governor rick perry is he succeeded in getting the president to have this meeting over the crisis at the border, even if he didn't succeed in getting him to go to the border. but he brings himself front and center over this issue. and for a guy who's got his toe in the water of the 2016 presidential campaign, he brings some liability as well as a lot of benefits. let's bring in our panel now. juan williams, and elise, and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. let's talk about the liabilities that he brings. >> well, obviously, he did not prove to be quite the tough candidate in the last go-around, and fell out early. and actually, fell out over this immigration issue, if you recall. he was the republican who said that he thought that there
3:40 pm
should be in-state tuition for children of immigrants. >> we have that sound byte from 2011. let's listen. >> you say that we should not educate children who have come into our state for no other reason than they've been brought there by no fault of their own. i don't think you have a heart. >> much like jeb bush's comment that this is an act of love. >> exactly. remember, marco rubio, who, of course, is closely tied and somewhat damaged by his support for immigration support in the senate. that hurt him with some of the hard-liners who oppose immigration reform and amnesty. >> i think it's interesting, rick perry, what he needs to do is boost his policy and intellectual chops at this point. that is what was lacking for him in the last cycle. that would benefit him as he seeks to either climb the conservative ladder.
3:41 pm
he is standing up to president obama which is popular with the base, but he has a lot more work to do, particularly to regain his credibility with the national media, which still has it in for him, we have to say. >> charles, to his benefit, there's a new harper's poll that came out that said 71% of republicans would rather vote for a presidential candidate to back immigration reform, who prefer a reform. >> first of all, i think what's really helped him the most are the eyeglasses. he looks like a male librarian. i think he's great. look, i don't think the poll means anything. reform could mean strengthening the border. 70% of republicans want to support a candidate who backs reform, unless you tell me the content of the reform, i don't think it tells us much. i do think that what we don't quite remember is that towards the end of the primaries, after the implosion in that debate, where he couldn't remember the
3:42 pm
three points, he did fairly well when the spotlight came off him and he was no longer the front-runner. he could not get himself fairly well in the subsequent debates. he came out not bad. so i think he is positioned right now by at least being visually out there, kind of a photo-op toe-to-toe with the president on immigration and defending the border, i think that's helped him a bit. if he wants, i think he could be one of the major candidates. >> back to the $3.7 billion that the president wants congress to approve for the border security problem. listen so senator richard shelby who commented on how this money will be divvied up. >> while the president is seeking billions for the admission, detention and care of illegal children, and adults, only -- yes, only $45.4 million is my understanding is requested for the department of justice's
3:43 pm
adjudication and immigration proceedings. >> that's a drop in the bucket of $3.7 billion. >> right. so what you have to ask him, i think that's the concern up on the hill, what's this money going for. we don't want to write a blank check. of course, you're going to authorize the white house to make a lot of these decisions on this emergency basis. they say it's for not only added judges, in terms of what the justice department would get, but you also need then people who would be court security, court personnel, you need people who would handle deportation, you need to transport people who are not being allowed to stay but are being deported back. >> there are skeptics saying even if the president devoted billions and billions of dollars for enforcement, one wonders if they would be used at all. i haerken back to the testimony, of chris crane, head of the i.c.e. unit who said this, about border enforcement. keep in mind, this is well over a year ago. >> as our officers are investigated by i.c.e., for
3:44 pm
enforcing u.s. immigration law, as they see other officers threatened with suspensions for making lawful arrests, increasing the officers who feel they have become the enemy of this administration, which certainly is not a healthy sign for any law enforcement organization. >> charles, have things improved since he said that? >> i think everybody here is missing the point, especially the president. when he talks about this supplemental $3.7 billion. if you look at it, as shelby indicated, this is almost entirely money that will be spent to absorb the refugees, or the illegal immigrants, if you like. this is going to do absolutely nothing to either reverse the influx, or to prevent further influx. you can get all the judges you want. these kids are not going to show up at the deportation hearings. everybody understands that. the problem is the 2008 law which the e would get changed, that's the law that makes an exception of
3:45 pm
central americans, if you're a mexican kid apprehended at the border, you get returned immediately. the central americans are treated differently because of an obscure law that was intended for sex trafficking. unless that law is changed, this crisis will continue. everybody understands that. this supplemental is a distraction, it's a red herring, the problem is change the law. only the president has the power. >> but i don't know how it could be a red herring, charles, if at the moment you have 50,000-plus people now, who are making appeals. that's not a red herring, that's a reality. >> you have to deal with the -- >> there is a crisis at the border. >> you have to deal with the fact with the border. u.s. and mexico today has as much about reality as the border between iraq -- >> there will be mexican kids crossing. these are central american kids in a crisis. rick perry said to the president, he should act without congressional approval.
3:46 pm
i thought politically was dangerous for rick perry to say, as you know, the congress thinks that the president acts with an imperial manner anyway. >> he could propose a change in the law. he said he would. >> he proposed comprehensive immigration reform. >> in fact, there are two efforts in congress to reform the 2008 law that charles alluded to. in fact, that's likely to be attached to the passage of the supplemental. >> where is the president on that? >> he said last night in fact he would support that. >> why isn't it in the package then? >> well, that's a good question. but congressional republicans are going to take care of that for him. >> coming up next, one e-mail that is not missing is causing quite a stir for the irs. our cheese is going thin in a big way. with our ultra thin slices, the same natural sargento cheese you love, just thinner and just 45 calories a slice. sargento ultra thin slices in three new varieties.
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here's the takeaway. nine days after the irs knows they're in trouble, lois lerner's trying to cover her tracks. that's why we've got the e-mail exchange here. >> the facts to cover her track. that's why we have the email exchange here. >> the facts are that ms. lerner did not destroy any records subject to the federal records act she did not cause the computer assigned to her to fail. and she made every effort to recover the files on the computer. >> the government needs to be transparent and part of transparency is telling people when there is a problem. and the fact that they didn't want to tell people there was a problem and they are still being cagey about what that problem is shows you they have something to hide. >> big news in the irs situation today. a federal judge apparently agrees with tom fitten of judicial watch filing suit against the irs for their targeting of conservative groups. judge emit g. sullivan ordered an irs official.
3:51 pm
he did not specify who, must swear in writing under oath in the next 30 days about lois lerner's lost emails and computer crash. he also ordered irs officials to explain how lerner's files may be recovered through, quote, other sources a big development. elise? >> that's right. i hope that i think that many americans hope this will take it out of the discussion. steve stockman a conservative in the house filed a resolution with speaker john boehner putting pressure on him to in fact arrest through house sergeant. exerting its wing. putting pressure on john boehner in order to take action against lois learner. >> john sullivan means business. he wants an answer under oath. he wants it in writing within 30 days. no ifs, ands and butts. >> apparently the irs commissioner is glad to come talk to the judge as he did the hill, so he will get that what's interesting here though i think it's exactly
3:52 pm
what elise said. you are going to get a judge refereeing this issue because it's so highly polarized and political at the moment. it's hard to it make sense of it it at some level. people are very suspicious of the fact that anybody's emails suddenly disappears. the irs says no it's not atypical that other events do occur. other news today is the inspector general at the irs says he is going to look into this as well. >> charles, one of the interesting things is the court seemed to be making much more progress than congress. >> that's right. i think the reason that we are not making progress are because it looks so not because it's become a partisan issue. but it's because the administration, the irs has shown contempt for congress, has been subpoenaed, doesn't answer, waits a year, waits two years, and then reports stuff that is incomplete and has to be learned through lawsuit and there is a tough judge here. is he going to lay down the law, literally, you don't want stunts like the sergeant of arms of congress arresting lois lerner for
3:53 pm
god's sake. that's almost as idiotic as impeachment, but what you do is you trust to the courts because the democrats, the administration and the irs are going to have to respect what a judge does. you lie to a judge, you are going to be in real trouble, you are going to end up in jail. theoretically it also happens in congress, it looks as if the way that the department of justice, the administration, the white house have treated the congress with such contempt that is actually no apprehension. what we saw in that email today, that new email from lois lerner where she is obviously instructing people by code to be careful what's in your email, shows you so obviously that they are trying to hide things. it's the most powerful agency in government after the military. and they are hiding things from oversight, from congress, which is required by law, clearly trying to underline any attempt to reign in. >> let's take a look at those emails because i know you ran the first of them.
3:54 pm
i whole series of them. three parts of it the question and the response. she says in the first email we need to be cautious about what we say in emails. someone asked if instant messaging conversations with also searchable she said i don't know. i told them i would get back to them. do you know in the response to that is this my general recommendation is to treat the conversation as if it could is being saved somewhere as it is possible for either party of the conversation to retain the information and have it turn up as part of an electronic search. and lois lerner's response is perfect. as if things are taken care of. nothing is going to come to the surface. the curious thing to me and the significant thing is the timing of that email because it happened just days after the irs found out that the ig was doing an investigation. >> right. but, you know i mean, look, everybody knows that in any company we have email exchanges like that about, you know, beaware of what is in your email is very public. again because this does spark suspicion, it looks like the timing was intended to obscure something that we
3:55 pm
are having this conversation today. i might add that there are now republicans on the hill that want the defense department because of nsa and all the rest of it to look at their files to see if possibly they have some, you know, contemporaneous record of what was in lois lerner's emails. >> i say all we do is ask snowden. he could turn over all the documents. >> he is one of the few government employees or contractors who did a good job of retaining emails. that's it for the panel. stay tuned to find out which u.s. president is the true romantic in chief. introducing nexium 24hr finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™
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4:00 pm
her other half. that's it for "special report." i don't know yord "on the record" coming up next. >> mexican judge orders a a u.s. marine back behind bars and tonight, only right here, you will hear from the marine's lawyer, sergeant andrew tahmooressi fighting for his freedom in a grueling 9 hour court hearing yesterday. the marine finally tell the judge his side of the story. sergeant tahmooressi was arrested for making a a wrong turn at the border and carrying guns in his truck that was 102 days ago. right now a marine is still stuck in that mexican prison. so did the court hearing bring him any closer to freedom? [sirens] >> got a chance to get my client's statement. >> he is very strong and positive. and is he confident. >> there are multiple irregularities with the order to search his vehicle. he had not an adequate