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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 10, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a big date with lois lerner's e-mails and the irs. shepard smith is reporting live now. >> a google exec give accused call girl, drugged and accusations of murder. a seamy story of heroin and sex onboard a yacht and now reports the suspect may have done something like this before. cops say a man wore a fedex uniform, walked into a home and gunned down nearly an entire family. murdered adults and children together, but one young girl survived, and she may be the hero of the day, having helped police stop him before he could kill again. let's get too it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours, first from the fox news deck on this thursday afternoon. the suspected gunman fromzp(c te rampage outside houston in court
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just hours ago after what police call a massacre at that moment. they say a heroic 15-year-old girl stopped the man from killing more members of the family after he shot her in the head and killed her parents, her two brothers and her two sisters. the children who died, between the ages of four and 14. investigators say the gunman gathered up the children and waited for the parents to come home. prosecutors say he then tied up everybody, placed the victims face down and shot each in the head execution-style. so, why? will, police say the suspect was looking for his ex-wife. court records show that the woman had previously filed an order of protection against him. and that later they agreed to a restraining order when they got divorced. cops say at least one victim in the home was a relative. investigators say the suspect surrendered last night after a standoff that went on for many hours. they say the gunman was, as they put it, cool as a cucumber, even though he had been holding a
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pistol to his own head. cop says he was wearing the fedex uniform when he forced his way into the victim's home. a representative for fedex confirms they man did work for the company but his employment ended in january. cops say that 15-year-old girl played dead until the shooter left the house, and then she called 9-1-1, to report that he was actually headed to her grandparents' house, to kill them. police say they managed to box in the man's car after he led them on a chase. >> the silver car pulled into the cul-de-sac and all the cops zoomed right past us and followed him. >> this is the perp walk, he is due back in court tomorrow. >> now the call girl accused of injecting a high-ranking executive from google with heroin, then leaving him to die on his yacht. vectors say she may have killed before. even writing about her love of killing sprees on social media.
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i'll have more on that in a moment. first the back story here. the suspect, 26-year-olding a tempt tickingman, calls -- alex tickleman, calls herself a makeup artist. cops call her a prostitute. the google executive was forest hayes, five kids, the two reportedly met on a web site. that matches so-called sugar babies with riff older men or women. police say the executive and the suspect had seen each other a few times before the night of his death in november at a harbor south of san jose. investigators say they have surveillance video that shows the woman, tickleman, giving the victim a dose of heroin. shortly after they say he collapsed and that tickleman did nothing to help him. in fact, they say the video shows her stepping over his body to gather her own belongings and finger her glass of wine -- finish her glass of wine withgetting off the boat. she was arrested last week,
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appeared in court yesterday, facing drugs, prostitution, and manslaughter charges, she did not enter a play. trace gallagher is in los angeles. how did police come to name her as the suspect in the first place? >> well, that wine glass she talked about may have been her undoing. they identified her using fingerprints from that wine glass. they also matched her to the video on board the boat by using her tattoos and they found a trail of e-mails and text messages between her and the google executive. investigators then lured her back to santa cruz by posing as a client who was willing to pay upwards of a thousand dollars for sex. when she showed up at a luxury hotel, that is when police busted her andvmp;n she was arts carrying heroin. here's police now talking about the motive. >> i don't know that her motive was necessarily to kill. but she territorially had a negligence and callous disorder
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showing there was an attempt to save herself and lack of responsibility toward a situation she created. >> police had been tracking this woman for the better part of eight months and financially decided to nab because because they believed she was about to flee california. >> there's another death where she is somewhat of a suspect? >> yes, three months before the google executive died of a heroin overdose, her 51-year-old boyfriend in georgia also died of a heroin overdose. apparently she was in the area and she is a known heroin user. she once bragged how she and that georgia boyfriend were into s & m and bondage and wore dog collars to night clubs. she admits she has a dark side, on quiting on facebook, it's nice to talk with someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold glove and they love it, too. no judgment, yay. right now she is being held on
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manslaughter charges but those could be bumped up to second degree murder in coming weeks. >> in judgment, yay. trace galber. let's talk to a lawyer. evangeline gomez. a defendant attorney. there's a mountain of evidence here. if they have video of her stepody. >> exactly. and it shows callousness, and that's the issue. under california law, if you cause damage to someone, if you're the person who inflicts pain in this situation -- she gave him heroin, lethal dose -- then you have a duty to renter aid or call 9-1-1, and the prosecutor is argue she didn't do this. her attorney will want the autopsy report, the toxicology report to find out if he died from this lethal dote. >> special circumstances they call it. and she is as qualified for that as anybody. you begin with the evidence of what she did, and then what she said about it later. >> yeah. now, that's really interesting because she had these facebook
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posts where she talks about murder, talking to other people about killing in cold blood. this is evidence that the prosecution is definitely going to use. now, is that enough to prove first degree murder in this case? probably not. but what is interesting here is that this is an investigation. this is an investigation that is going on for a couple months. the prosecutor does not have to provide all this evidence tomorrow or two days after. >> this murder allegedly happened last year. >> exactly. and, as was brought out, she had a boyfriend who died under mysterious circumstances in georgia. was this a result of a heroin overdose? was this a pattern she has? she apparently has multiple clients. this is a pattern perhaps. >> as a defense attorney, where do you start with this? >> well, prosecution charges, those are -- the misdemeanor charges under california law probably the easiest to dismiss, can say we had an ongoing
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relationship, which the evidence shows, not their first encounter, they have exchanged text messages, e-mails. so, what this guy somebody who was addicted to heroin? what she supplying drugs to him? >> man, a lot of is. important news overseas today in the middle east. the palestinian president, abbas, predicts an israeli ground invasion of gaza is only hours away. according to the reporting of the jerusalem post. how would the palestinian pratt know about this? he can't know what the israelis are planning, or can he? he claims israely forces are warns palestines, leave the border. this came after prayers asian raid sirens and explosions boomed over jerusalem. israeli officials say hamas
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militants fired rockets into the city. [sirens] >> 15 seconds. that's how much time you have to run for your life. imagine having only 15 seconds to find the bomb shelter. >> with that as a backdrop, israel drama ramped up counterattacks and blew up hundreds of hamas targets and that's just since yesterday. in all, palestinian health officials report 85 palestinian deaths since the israeli offensive began. some of them women and children. so far there are no reports of any injuries or serious injuries in israel at all, where officials say the so-called iron dome defense system has intercepted lots of rockets. back at the united nations, the palestinian ambassador put all of the blame on israel, even accused the country of war
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crimes. >> i speak on behalf of the suffering and grieving palestinian people, who are enduring yet another barrage of death, destruction, and terror. >> that's when the palestinians. the israeli officials responded that the militants have to drop their weapons first before israel will even talk about a truce. they're not talking now. and if they don't drop those weapons, officials in israel say we could see a ground invasion, something an israeli military spokesman called the last option. our john huty with the news along the border with gaza. john? >> shepard, yeah in terms of rocket launches, we have seen several over the last hour behind us from the gaza strip-targeting israel. as for the ground assault, you know, could be hours or days for that matter before we find out if that's going to happen. we took a drive earlier,ousous to see if -- curiouszkb1 to seef they were troops in a
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preparation state on the bored and we found a sizable military con vein gent. heavy artillery, ground troops and we have the video. >> we're seeing tanks with 105 millimeter cannons. have are artillery, 155-millimeter howitzer cannon, all-purpose carriers carriers ad infantry. that if given the order would move ahead with the ground assault. the bulldozers are at the front of the line and clear the way for the ground troops there if was to be an assault. israeli officials had said at the start of this on monday they'd be willing to meet calm with calm. that is, if hamas will cease fire, israel will stop the air strikes. now israeli officials say that option is off the table. as for a potential ground assault could be hours or days before we get an answer to that. >> john, thank you very much.
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the crisis on our own bored -- border here in the united states. president obama heading back to washington after a trip to texas lawmakers talk about fixing the problem by spending million billions of dollars. what to do with the tens of thousands of children caught in the middle of this. that's coming up. you know that dream... on my count. ...the one where you step up and save the day? make it happen. with verizon xlte. (crowd) oh no... we've doubled our 4g lte bandwidth... hey guys, i got it right here! in cities coast to coast. so take on more. with xlte on the largest, most reliable network. get 50% off smartphones like the new lg g3.
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the president heading out of austin, texas, and back to washington the ten minutes now, after discussing the immigration crisis with officials there in texas, including the republican governor, rick perry. republicans and some democrats criticized the president for not visiting the border but he defended the decision saying i'm not interested in photo ons. i'm interested in solving the problem. ed, the president seems to be demanding answers from republicans. >> that's right, and that's why he met with the governor rick perry last night as you suggest medal threes try to say, look, let's figure out some common ground here. today he was trying to mostly focus on the economy, but in his remarks you can see what he was trying to do is push the idea that, look, it's time to work together because this is a thorny crisis with no easy answers. listen. >> are folks more interested in politics or solving the problem?
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if they're interested in solving the problem, then this can be solved. if the preference is for politics, it won't be solved. >> the president went on to say that he is not going to the border because he thinks it would just be a photo op. that brought a lot of mocking for the president 24 hours on social immediate. today he started with a cup of coffee with a university of texas student where he did basically a photo op, pushing his economic message. >> he did a photo op in sandy and they were mad at him them. so i know he is asking for money to try to fix this and everybody is not on board with that, either. >> no not out all. the bottom line is the president's homeland security, jay johnson, is testifying on capitol hill right now, trying to convince mostly skeptical republicans of the idea that the priorities are in order here. but i can tell you, speaker john boehner is fired up.
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earlier today said he is not onboard. listen. >> we're not giving the president a blank check. beyond that we'll wait further discussions with our members before we make any final decisions. >> one of the concerns runs are raising is they say there's too much money in this $3.7 billion package dealing with detention facilities, givingman to hhs to deal with the children. they say we want to make sure there's humane conditions about has to be moreman -- more money to deal with border security. >> the afghan war vet in a mexican prison for bringing weapons across the mexican border may not be going anywhere for a while. we'll show you what the judge decided and get reaction from the marine sergeant's lawyer. that's next. try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing.
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that former marine locked up for bringing guns and ammunition across the mexican border will likely spend another few weeks in prison if not longer. a judge in tijuana scheduled the next hearing for august 4th. we have some video of she sergeant leaving leaving the coe with police last÷pgt night aftee told the judge his side of the story, story he has already changed after he admits he lied to officials. remember, sergeant tahmooressi claims he missed the last turnoff and concrete barriers trapped him in the far right lane with no way to turn around. the you turn is on the far left lane but he was though far right. keep in mind, tahmooressi initially said it was his first trip across the border. he lied about that. he later admitted he lied. not even his first trip that
12:22 pm
day. he claims his original lawyer told him to lie about that. the lawyer, who knows there are cameras on every lane and have been for decades, the lawyer told his cline -- client to lie, knowing there would be video evidence. that's the claim. we report, you decide. yesterday's hearing was closed to the public though suspect's current attorney did not give many details about what happened at all but said his client made a sound statement to the judge, and he is confident the sergeant's case is on the right track. make of with what you will. either way the judge will eventually if it was a big misunderstand or if hecks the former marine is lying about this. ann shores, i know this is a cause for people all over the country, a cause celeb for people in this building in this room we deal with facts and in
12:23 pm
this case the facts are troubling. some may have told him to lie but he did the lying. that lawyer knew there were cameras. why would anybody lie when you have something like that you begin wondering. >> it's possible he was in mexico before and he still got confused, or it's possible he wasn't confused and he intended to go into mexico this time. so that's the question here, when he lied, was he doing it just because he was trying to convince the court he had never been there before, thought that would clear him? but he really was confused that day or was it's total lie in that he was trying to say eat never been there because he thought the court would let him go it's really confusing whether or not he intended to mislead the court because he told his lawyer he wanted to change the version. >> any lawyer knows lies are complicating in any legal proceeding. >> he told his lawyer he wanted to correct at the story supposedly because he didn't want the prior lie to undermine this credibility.
12:24 pm
his lawyer told him to stick to the script and he fired his lawyer. >> that's luhr told us this. >> the lawyer said when he said stick to the script, he was advising the marine and concerned with the mother. when the marine first lied bass he doing it because he was -- used poor judgment or covering up intending to go into mexico. >> was he involved in illegal activity in mexico? the truththere is nothing to indicate anything like that happened and the facts indicate he was in the far right lane and couldn't make the u-y. >> and he called nine one one and said he was confused and was in mexico and was trying to do something to correct he situation. >> there's a lot of pressure on mexico right now. no evidence he has done anything criminal aside from the thing at the border. will this pressure on mexico be help inflame you would guess it would be.
12:25 pm
you got have the country screaming and yelling. >> we're not dealing with the u.s. legal system. he is presumed guilty until proven independent. a closed hearing so a lot of pressure on the system. not the same rule of law here. so pressure is really important. already seems to have gotten him better treatment. he was being abused in jail. now at least he is being traited in a humane matter. >> if the facts are on his side, we hope he gets out there. >> and he is an american hero. two tours in afghanistan, suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and hopefully he comes back soon. >> let's hope. thousands of firefighters gathered along a narrow new york street today to pay their respects to a lieutenant who died trying to save lives. lieutenant gordon ambla was looking for victims in a high-rice apartment building fire when the fire and smoke overcame him on saturday night. he spend 14 years as a
12:26 pm
firefighter in new york. including during the attacks of 9/11 and during super storm sandy. firefighters from boston st. louis, and other cities showed up in uniform and shined a small street for the funeral. it was a stunning sight. the man leaves behind a wife and two young girls. his wife wrote online, she would raise their two girls to make her husband proud. he is the first f -- firefighters to die in the line of duty. >> washington trying to calm the crisis in middle east and dramatic images as israeli forces square off with hamas, and a devastating typhoon heading towards a nuclear power plant in japan. the same one than went into meltdown several years ago. now engineers are working to prevent another disaster. that's coming up.
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showing smoke and flames in a deadly fire. the bodies of seven people were found. the victims were on the top story of the building. some of them jumped out of windows. >> in california officials are warning people near los angeles that a dangerous sex offender moved into the neighborhood. the so-called pillow case rapist admitted he raped at least 40 women decades ago. 40 of them, some neighbors prosted as he arrived at his new home yesterday. >> we don't want him here! >> a judge ordered him sent to a state hospital. in washington, dc, police shut down part of the capitol building. workers were removing asbestos and may have released dangerous material. no one reported injuries. news continues after this.
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the united states is now trying to calm the crisis in the middle east.
12:32 pm
even as both israel and hamas vowed the will not stand down. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he has spoken to both the israeli prime minister and the palestinian president about the escalation in fighting. secretary kerry says the united states is trying to stop a violence in a way that lets israel defend itself. now we're seeing dramatic new pictures from the region. this is some shelling that's been going on. you can see israeli missiles -- they say they were blowing up smuggling tunnels between gaza and egypt, used to bring weapons and people. here's one of -- a rocket fragment you can see on the concrete, and there have ban lot of these as the palestinian militants fired into israel. this one didn't cause any real damage. this picture, interesting, because what is in the back here. see that? that is a human being, the
12:33 pm
palestinians mourning -- mourners carrying bodies of not one but eight people. palestinian officials say they died in a strike on their home this morning. the israel military reports it's now investigating. and here, see the hugging happening here? we have told you about the iron dome system. these are israeli soldiers hugging after the iron dome's defense system successfully blew up an incoming palestinian rocket. that's the slide show for today. and david lee miller is in jerusalem. there were more attacks where you are today, right, dlm? >> that's right in total the israeli military says ill tenants in gaza fired 428 rockets into israel. we saw some rockets overhead here in jerusalem. there were four rockets. two of them landed in an empty field two others were intercepted. we watched the interception which took place a short distance from our office here in jerusalem. and also a short time ago one
12:34 pm
city came under attack, a city 15 mills from the gaza border. a rocket there hilt a car. it caused a massive fire of that vehicle. but there were no injuries. once the alarms go off in the sea, people have 45 seconds in order to seek shelter. and lastly, for the first time since the conflict got underway we have seen a couple of israel soldiers who have been injured. light and moderate injuries. they came under mortar attack at their base. the conflict continues to heat up. >> what's the latest out of gaza? >> palestinian officials say at least 87 palestinians have been killed since this conflict got underway, and they also emphasize that at least 50 of them, they say, were civilians, and most of them women and children. they also say as many as 600 others have been wounded. israel's prime minister spoke just a short time ago and said that israel is doing everything possible to avoid hurting
12:35 pm
civilians and he accused hamas of potentially using their own people as human shields. the gaza strip is a very densely populated area and the militants there frequently fire rockets from civilian areas. the palestinian president, anas is speaking out and accusing israel of what he calls genocide, and this conflict continues to escalate but israel is allowing bad my needed supplies to enter gaza. some were carrying 50,000-gallons of fuel. so they're trying to prevent a humanitarian disaster from taking place but the prime minister underscored that this is a conflict that is nowhere near over. back to you. >> david lee miller for news jerusalem. thank you. let's get to john busse, the assistant managing editor of "the wall street journal."
12:36 pm
the last time we saw this, egypt was the player in the mid whole brokered a peace. >> that's right. >> this time it will be harder. >> also trickier. so ban ki-moon of the united nations, the united states, germany, lots of international pressure to reach cease fire. last time it was egypt, but remember, egypt was being run then by the muslim brotherhood, which had a greater affinity with ham hamas than the current regime in egypt, which comes out of the military, and fractious relationships with hamas. so hamas will not look to egypt to be an honest broker. it's not going to look to the united states to be an honest broker. over the last several weeks the u.s. peace effort in the middle east unraveled. and so our credible there right now is back to where it has been previously when peace efforts unrolfed. >> the palestinian leader, mahmoud abbas came out with statements this afternoon that
12:37 pm
he is of the impression that a ground invasion is about to happen because they're moving people from the border. that can't be what israel wants to have. >> israel doesn't want more casualties but israel we say we want to clear out these rocket installations. we want to get the stockpiles thea they have. blowing up more tunnels where smuggling occurs, but it will face immense international pressure but israel says share dropping missile as a way to scare the residents but that doesn't work. the last time around, civilians came back up on the roof as human shields, thinking the israelis would see them and not bomb the house, and in fact the and now there's increased pressure on israel. >> we see this every fear years. it becomes, sadly, business of
12:38 pm
the day, just a cycle. at some point, this cycle is going to escalate and this is going to spread and that has to be the fear of everyone, it will ignite across the middle east. >> or maybe a way to view this, is hat -- has ignited and this is a chapter playing out between the iran and sunnies in iraq, and rebels there and this is one chapter. remember, iran is supporting hamas. it is syrian missiles firing rockets finding their way to hamas. so this is one story throughout the middle east right now. >> and now we're seeing this caliphate developing. all part of one book. >> interestingly in the case of iraq, the u.s. and iran find themselves on the same said. concerned about the sunni incursion into iraq, taking over facilities and possibly ol' oil
12:39 pm
fields but with hamas and israel they're very much on opposite sides. >> so complicated. our folks are watching all this -- man, allergies are bad -- and will be throughout the night and weekend as well. german officials today asked the top american spy to leave the country. an escalation. germany said, american spy, get out. the latest dustup over the united states' tactics, including those reported nsa wire taps in germany. german media reports that investigators are looking into two men who apparently passed secret moves kind 0 the united states, and last year reports surfaced the nsa was eavesdropping on chancellor angela merkel's cell phone which appears we absolutely were. the chancellor said there needs to be better trust. the white house had no comment on germany's order to kick out the american spy, but a spokeswoman says the united
12:40 pm
states will continue its intelligence relationship with germany. heating up. maybe they'll win the world cup and be distracted. hacker in china broke into the government computer network that stores personal information on every single united states federal employee. chinese hackers got all the stuff on all our federal workers. did you have a drug test? some medical problems? chinese may know now, or do they? that's what homeland security officials are telling "the new york times," reporting the hackers targeted government employees who applied for top secret security clearance remember it's not clear to us how the hackers go not there and how far they got once they were in, but officiallies say there's no indication they took any personal information. just as the nsa doesn't. they say it's also not clear whether the hackers were working for the chinese government. but you can take that. in japan, the powerful storm that made landfill as a typhoon is now in danger of striking the
12:41 pm
fukushima nuclear plant in the north. remember that one? southwest of there heavy rains triggered floods and landslides, reportedly killing a young boy. weather trackers say the storm could still cause even more landslides can even though it has weakened in strength. as for fukushima, this officials say they're working to prevent anymore damage there three years ago, an earthquake and tsunami caused a nuclear meltdown, forcing tens of thousands to leave their homes although authorities lied about it. even when you could see the thing melting down. forecasts warn the storm to smack tokyo. population 13 million. gm is refusing to re-call almost two million vehicles over what drivers call a serious glitch that almost causes them to crash. gm now rerecalling more than 34 billion vehicles.
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a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. a 20-year veteran of the national guard is dead an a shooting at an armory in tennessee. it happened this morning, south andwest of nashville. a 15-year-old now faces charges of criminal homocide. investigators say he broke into the armory and fired several shots. it's not clear yet where he knew the victim or if there was even a motive.
12:45 pm
check out this smash and grab from south florida when a sledgehammer didn't do the trick, they crashed the truck through the front doctor of an atm and gotqqe with a bunch of phones and ipadded and may be the same robbers who rip off another store around the same time. the young humback whale is back in the ocean after hmm 40 -- almost 40 hours stuck on a beach in australia. staff from seaworld made a special bet to pull the whale back into the water. >> officials at general motors say they will not re-call nearly two million pickup trucks even though though drivers say rusted out break -- brake lines almost caused the trucks to crash. they say it's up to drivers to get their brake lines checked. >> ordinarying to the ntsb this affects full-side pickup trucks and suv that were made --
12:46 pm
including the chevy silverado. jerry willis is with us. gm is getting it left and right. >> they say it's a maintenance issue. they say they have safety kit you can buy. they're available through the dealers and the aftermarket based on time studies should cost $500. >> seriously. >> so you fine that -- >> for brain -- brake lines? and i'm supposed to check my brake lines. >> everybody is getting upset with gm, just another issue. gm has re-called 17 times more vehicles than they have sold this year. >> seriously? >> absolutely. >> three months after gm's ceo testified before congress, drivers are still filing cases.
12:47 pm
what is happening there? >> so still cases being filed against the country. ken feinberg with run the fund to get victims money but people are still dying. a young woman, laura goss, 27 years old, about to graduate from law school. plows into the back of a semi tractor-trailer truck in her saturn ion. her air bag does not deploy. days before her death she received a letter saying your saturn has been re-called. so this is happening all the time. >> i was going to say, special report. event television coming this afternoon, don't miss this. fox business nut, network. what is going to happen? >> ken feinberg is running the victim compensation fund, he is on. ralph indianaar -- made anyway d ralph nadar is on, victims and a whistleblower, and new numbers
12:48 pm
on how many people may have died as a result of these ignition switches. was it 16, as gm is now saying? no. it may be more like 5,000. >> oh, so you're going to have ken feinberg faces off with the victims. >> not facing off but we'll have everybody on set, so it's going to be a great show. >> an hour and 12 minutes on the fox business network. if you don't get it. >> you should demand it. >> thank you, jerry, see you then. north korea, always good when the story begins with that. north korea released its latest batch of photos showing lil' kim looking at things. this time it's a rocket firing drill. we like to watch north koreans looking at things. look at this. what's happening here? >> there's the photos. highs him ongoing ewan -- --
12:49 pm
north korea is banned from firing missiles or rockets but they do that all the time. he looks content, like it's a fireworks display. look how much fun this guy is having. >> all of them are happy except this man. >> he reportedly told his troops to be ready for combat and prepare for words and action. here's another picture here. kimkim jong-un looking at thing. this is him checking out a soviet sub. >> he is big on that. he is looking at things. >> and here he is looking at his -- and also looking very lonely. >> he is inspiring. lil' kim, working for you, looking at things. when it comes to gambling.
12:50 pm
not off that casinos lose. but big casinos who were betting on success and atlantic city are finding themselves coming up short. casinos not making enough money in atlantic city. i recommend we send rick leventhal. dollars to doughnuts when we come back it's rick -- is it -- it's rick live -- leventhal. bit all on black.
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12:54 pm
dropped more than $2 billion since 2006. one of the reasons is there's so much competition now. risk -- rick, what is happening at the casino? >> it cost $2.4 billion to build and it's massive facility so operating cost are astronomical. they're losing $2 million a week. they don't have enough gamblers to pay for it. 57 stories, 1500 rooms, 6.3 million square feet of space. critics say it's not user friendly and there's into many other options. so rebel goes on the auction block next month and could sell for as much as $100 million but if know buyer is found owners say they will close in september and showboat right next door planning to shot down at the end of august.
12:55 pm
union workers held a rally, protesting the scheduled closing that will cost another 2100 jobs. >> right now there are just sigh of 1,000 casinos in 41 states. most people don't have to drive far to go to a casino. so, to make the extra effort to come to atlantic city, there has to be a compelling reason, and rebel did not enough of those customers. >> and he thinks one or two more casinos could close. >> i'm hearing everything isn't bad there. >> well, it isn't, a lot of the kinds are still making money. harrah's made money, taj majal. caesars in the black, and then you have the golden nugget, which kloss 12 million -- lost 12 million in 2012 but gained 10 million last year. we spoke to the gm and me mayor.
12:56 pm
>> the question becomes home other survivors. >> we're in transition period. transition periods are tough but we have to re-invent ourselves like we have done so many other times before and become something more than just gaming. >> so the plan is to focus more the entertainment and beach and draw more conventions. >> they've been talking about it for dedicates. i still say bet it all on black. when it comes to good nutrition...i'm no expert.
12:57 pm
that would be my daughter --
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block. goal! on this day the u.s. women's defended the cup against the china. the u.s. and china were favorites to win it all and during the final match, the rose bowl in california, they battled it out for 120 minutes scoreless so came down to a shootout. with the score tied 4-4, the u.s. defender brandy chastain knocked one past china for the win. she ripped off their jersey in
1:00 pm
celebration. that's the iconic image of that match, and the u.s. women took soccer's cop honor 15 years ago -- top honor 15 years ago. great to have you in today. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> the president taking off without taking a lookback as the border outrage keeps building. so close yet so far. the president flying back to the white house this very hour, ignoring repeated calls to see first hasn't the thousands of kids flooding the border from central america illegally, all this as the katrina comparisons keep mounting. >> i hope this doesn't become the katrina moment for president obama, saying he doesn't need to come to the border. >> it's a katrina moment, right? >> and you're going to -- >> g. >> and not going to the border