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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  July 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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great to have you. thanks for joining us. "the real story" with gretchen starts now. >> thank you very much. we start with a fox news alert. stunning developments in the irs political targeting scandal. a federal judge in d.c. just issuing a ruling moments ago ordering an irs official to provide a statement under oath next month about exactly what happened to thousands of missing e-mails belonging to former agency official lois lerner. hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. big news today on "the real story." the judge also appointing a magistrate judge to supervise discussions between judicial watch -- remember, that's the nonprofit watchdog group that filed the lawsuit trying to get to the bottom of the e-mails, officials at the irs. we'll talk more about this breaking news later in the show. president obama wrapping up a speech on the economy in austin, texas.
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it happened just moments ago. after attending a fund-raiser there this morning. it's just a few hundred miles away from a border crisis that the president says he does not need to see. instead, the president tried to shift the blame to republicans in congress saying they're the ones standing in the way of approving the $4 billion he wants to fix the problem. >> this isn't theater. this is a problem. i'm not interested in in photo ops. i'm interested in solving a problem. and those who say i should visit the border, when you ask what should we be doing, they're giving us suggestions embodied in legislation that i already sent to congress. >> republican senators ted cruz of texas joins me now live from capitol hill. so, senator, it's your fault. it's the republicans fault. >> well, unfortunately that has been the pattern of the obama
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presidency is everything is always somebody else's fault. apr i'm surprised he didn't blame this one on george w. bush. the pattern we've seen is it's all politics all the time. the president looks to blame others. he's in texas right now and he's got plenty of time to do fundraisers with democratic party fat cats and no time to actually visit the children who are suffering, who are facing physical abuse from drug dealers because of the failures of the obama policies. it's really unfortunate. >> you understand the optics of the whole situation. if he goes down there and photographers have those pictures, it will be something he has to own, correct? >> well, i think he wants to avoid accountability. it's interesting to see a number of democratic members of congress criticizing president obama for running away from the humanitarian disaster that his policies have created. congressman down in the valley
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in texas, a democrat, has publicly said it's wrong and it's shocking that president obama would go play pool in colorado rather than come to the border and see the crisis. congressman gutierrez, another democrat, observed it was like going on vacation near a hospital where a relative was in the hospital and not having time to actually go to the hospital and visit the relative. it shows his priorities are raising cash from texas trial lawyers for democratic politics rather than doing something meaningful for the children who are being hurt by the obama administration's policies. >> meantime, senator, i would love to get your thoughts on this ruling just moments ago from a federal judge in d.c. ordering an irs official to provide a statement under oath next month, august 10th, about exactly what happened to thousands of missing e-mails belonging to former agency head lois lerner which shows lerner warning her staff what to say in
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e-mails because members of congress may be interested in looking at them. what do you make of all this? >> i'm glad to see the federal judge beginning to have some accountability for the abuse of power at the irs for the dog ate my homework excuse. if you and i were being audited by the irs, somehow we lost the e-mails and lost our records wouldn't be an acceptable excuse. more broadly, the litigation will proceed and i'm hopeful the court will provide meaningful accountability. we need to see accountability beyond that. we need to see, number one, the house of representatives convene a select committee on the irs. the house has done that in benghazi. that was great thing to do. it needed to be done. we need one on the irs too. but number two, the department of justice investigation of this has been woefully negligent. eric holder has put in charge of the investigation a major obama
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donor who gave president obama and the democrats over $6,000 and just a couple weeks ago i publicly called on the attorney general eric holder to appoint a special prosecutor with meaningful independence to investigate the abuse of power and if the attorney general doesn't do that, in my view the house of representatives should begin impeachment proceedings against the attorney general. we cannot have the chief law enforcement officer of the united states openly mocking and disregarding the law and refusing to investigate the obama administration simply for partisan reasons. >> it's interesting. this organization judicial watch, seems to be the only organization that has forced the irs to have to turn over some of the information so we'll see what happens on august 10th. senator ted krooucruz, thank yo your time today. fox news alert now because sirens are going off all over southern israel today with hamas firing dozens of rockets at the major cities there. in defense, israel now stepping up its air offensive in gaza
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while also mobilizing forces for a possible ground operation. we go live to the israel/gaza border. tell us more. >> reporter: first of all, we've seen probably numerous rockets being fired within the last 15, 20 minutes from gaza behind me there in the distance and by our account about six or seven of them were intercepted by israeli's iron dome rocket defense system. those missiles that get fired from the missile bunkers that we've been showing you the past couple days. speaking of these rockets, there's video that was released today of palestinian militants loading rockets from underground bunkers and firing them. there are two types that have israeli officials concerned in particular. m-75s that have a range of 40 to 50 miles and then m-302s that have a range up to 100 miles.
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rockets were fired a t tel aviv and jerusalem. no injuries. no deaths reported. the big question at this point, will there be a ground assault? will there be a ground offensive? we drove around earlier today and we actually found some troops and some heavy artillery. we have video of it. take a look. we're seeing ground forces amasked here. tanks and heavy artillery and all purpose carriers and infantry. if given the order, they would move ahead with a ground assault. israeli officials have talked about calm for calm. basically cease-fire but today they said that option was off the table. gretchen? >> thank you, john.
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>> 15 seconds is how much time you have to run for your life. imagine having only 15 seconds to find a bomb shelter. >> that's israel's ambassador addressing the u.n. security council just a short while ago offering a stark illustration of the crisis threatening his nation and the entire global community. it's the latest foreign policy headache for the white house. one of many in the region. u.n. warning all of us about missing nuclear materials in iraq. so a terrorist group seizing nearly 100 pounds of uranium supposedly and some islamic militants took control of an old chemicals weapons factory. one official said "we believe enriched uranium has been removed from iraq and this material being discussed came from a university so it's more
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of an academically orientated material." ed rollins is a fox news contributor and bernard is a ceo and they are my guests today. ed, should we be concerned that uranium may be in the hands of militants? >> absolutely. whoever is saying is safe is crazy. you can put that in the hands of terrorists today and they could domestically move it over here. borders are porous. i would be concerned and demand the united nations step in here and demand the return of this weapon. we should be concerned. >> the majority of the american public doesn't want to go back into iraq. when you hear stories about the fact that this uranium may be in the hands of terrorists, shouldn't we all be concerned? >> any time you have nuclear material on the loose is not a good day. the fact is the u.s. said it's not enriched or weapons grade.
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it doesn't seem to pose a great threat. the question is what do we do when a state cannot protect its own security and allows terrorists to get this type of material? one thing we can't do is reestablish control of iraq by more than two to one the americans don't want to see ground troops in there. strong majority say it was the right thing to do to pull out. strong majority said we shouldn't get in there in the first place. it's terrible but it's not for us to go in there. >> the point of the matter is at one point it was and american lives were lost there. and to me this is just another foreign policy crisis for the obama administration. now we're talking about israel and hamas having a ground war in israel and now uranium in the hands of militants in iraq. another headache, right? >> we need to show strength. we can be bipartisan on this. israel is our friend and ally. it's democracy. only democracy there we spent 12 years trying to create democracies in iraq that isn't
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working out very well. at this point in time israel is being bombed from their neighbor by terrorists and they have a right to protect themselves and right to do whatever they think and we should back them up. >> i agree that we have to support israel and the countries that gets attacked has a right to defend itself. my sister is living in jerusalem right now. i think what we have to do is try conditions for a cease-fire. a ground invasion would be quite unfortunate for both sides. i think we could use the fact that there was a cease-fire a year and a half ago as basis for this. unfortunately, we're going to have engage in hamas. the big loser other than the people there it shows that hamas is getting pressured from the right so we'll have to engage with hamas and look at ending that blockade. >> for voters that didn't think foreign policy would be important in this administration, it's been more important than we know what to do with. >> this is a place we can get
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bipartisan support. >> i would agree with that. >> ed, bernard, thank you. the president looking for money to deal with the flood of illegal immigrant children streaming into our country but where is the money really going to go? a senate committee trying to get to the bomb of that right now. the ranking member on that committee joins me live moments away. we'll tell you about a fire racing through an apartment building with deadly results. why the d.a. has been asked to investigate now the cause there. plus, the white house makes an about-face on a decision regarding its bowling alley. did politics play a role?
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welcome back to "the real story." massachusetts firefighters saying seven people have died following a three-alarm apartment fire in the town of lowell north of boston. 48 people lived in the building that held businesses on the ground floor and apartments on the upper levels. witnesses say some tenants actually jumped out of the windows to try to escape those flames. fire officials are asking the d.a. there now to investigate. fox news alert on new action in the border crisis. as we await a senate appropriations hearing that will review the president's request for $3.7 billion in funding. the president now wrapping up the texas trip with a request to the state's governor to help him get that new funding passed.
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>> this is just a very narrow issue. this supplemental in terms of dealing with particular problem we have right now. if the texas delegation is prepared to move, this thing can get done next week. >> joining me now, senator richard shelby, a republican from alabama, the ranking member on the senate appropriations committee. senator, thank you for being here. you just heard the president say that if people would just get in line in congress this whole thing could be done with. >> i think we better think this out. $3.7 billion he's asking for. we are going to have a hearing as you said in just a few minutes beginning and this money is going to be borrowed and this won't be the end of this. why we're here today is because of the failed immigration policy. we don't protect our borders and children, a lot of them are teenagers. they are sent by their parents and encouraged to come to america.
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it's 50,000. it could be 100,000. it could be several hundred thousand. we need to send children back. we need to be mindful that these are children and that we have humane thoughts in us but at the same time we do have laws and we ought to enforce the laws. we ought to enforce our borders. there's no will power in this administration to do that. >> because of the $3.7 billion, it's my understanding that most of that funding will go to the caring of these illegal immigrants and a smaller amount will actually go to securing the border. is that the way you see it? >> absolutely. i think it's going to be about $15,000 according to our numbers for each child that's here. that's a lot of money. we need to send them back as soon as we can. we need to -- as i said be mindful that they are children but we need to secure our borders. this is just the beginning. it's not even anywhere to solve our problems. >> so what kinds of questions
11:18 am
will you be asking when this hearing starts? >> where is the money going to be spent? where is the must be coming from? is this just the beginning. next year we'll have a similar problem? are we going to have a so-called emergency request for more money and more money and the borders are still porous. i'm afraid we've been down this road before. >> are you offended at all that the president seems to say that this is just a political issue? yesterday in his speech when he was in texas, he said, look, some people are just playing politics. this thing could be done with. >> with all due respect to the president of the united states, he didn't even go to the border. my gosh. he went to texas for fund-raising realizing this is a crisis. he's saying we got to have emergency funding. he didn't even have enough respect to go to the border and see for himself what's going on. if he really cared about what was going on, i believe he would go to the border. >> senator richard shelby, republican from alabama, going to ask some tough questions in
11:19 am
just a few moments from now. thanks for your time, sir. >> thank you. new toxicology tests are back in that horrifying story out of georgia. tiny cooper harris left to die in a hot car. his father charged with murder. the new details coming up next. cops say they have video of just exactly what happened on a yacht between an alleged high dollar call girl and a google executive who was found dead on that boat. plus, sports fans watching for news of heat star lebron james. stay at the beach or head home to the buckeye state. that brings us to our facebook question of the day. where should lebron go? cleveland, miami or maybe major league baseball? remember what michael jordan did. tweet me @gretchen carlson. we'll read your comments at the end of the show.
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fox news alert because the president is speaking live in austin, texas, fired up right now taking on the republicans. let's listen. >> instead of giving more tax breaks to millionaires, let's give tax breaks to working families to help pay for child care or college instead of protecting tax loopholes that let corporations keep profits overseas, let's put some of that money to work right here in the united states rebuilding america. we can rebuild our airports, create a generation of good manufacturing jobs and make sure those are made in america. let's rally around patriotism that say we're stronger as a nation and give every 4-year-old in america access to high quality education and good
11:24 am
quality preschool and redesign high schools to make them relevant to the 21st century economy and make college more affordable and make sure every worker if you lose your job, you can get good job training that gives you an even better job. >> just a few moments earlier the president was talking about immigration. we'll return when he starts to address that issue again since it's at the forefront right now. in the meantime, a woman police call upscale prostitute facing manslaughter charges now for the death of a google executive. this happened back in november of 2013. she allege ldly left the man dyg on his yacht after injecting him with a deadly hit of heroin and it was all caught on camera. trace gallagher is live with more on this bizarre story. >> reporter: this high priced call girl meets men on a sugar daddy website called seeking and boasted of having some 200 clients and had
11:25 am
an ongoing call girl relationship with a google exec named forest hayes and she met him on his yacht in santa cruz and the surveillance camera shows her injecting hayes with heroin and has a medical reaction and instead of helping, she gathers up her belongings and even finishes a glass of wine. listen to police. >> you can see obviously mr. hayes is lying on the floor. so to conceal that she reaches back in the door and pulls down the shade to conceal the cabin from exterior view and then leaves. again, no attempt to call 911. no attempt to revive mr. hayes who is obviously in significant medical distress. >> police identified her from the fingerprints on the wine glass and matched her to the video by her tattoos and found a trail of e-mails and texts between her and the google exec.
11:26 am
investigators then lured her back to santa cruz by posing as a client willing to pay $1,000 for sex. when she showed up at the hotel, she was carrying heroin. and it turns out, gretchen, that her boyfriend died of a heroin overdose back in september and she's now being investigated for that death. she once wrote this on facebook. quoting here. "it's really nice to talk to someone about killing sprees and murdering people in cold blood and they love it too. no judgment. yay." she's not yet made a plea in this case being held on a million plus bail. >> startling development in that case. you saw president obama delivering a speech on the economy today in austin, texas, pushing his domestic agenda but where was governor rick perry today? he was closer to mexico than the president. while political problems are piling up at the white house, we'll get a live update on the president's trip straight ahead.
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welcome back to "the real story." the president trying to pivot ban back to the economy as he ends his trip from colorado to texas avoiding that potentially awkward scene if he went to the mexican border. but republicans say he can't ignore the growing crisis. now that, well, it's still there, right? not going away. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live in austin, texas. the president is trying to talk
11:31 am
about something different today, right? >> reporter: he is. he's trying to turn the page perhaps stay on his own game plan which was to get out on the road and do some fund-raising for democratic entities. he's been doing a lot of that the last couple of days but also talk up the economy. stay on his game. the fact of the matter is this crisis is overshadowed obviously the entire trip. he's saying here on the road that what republicans need to do back in washington is pass that $3.7 billion emergency request to deal with the crisis but it's very clear what you're hearing from speaker john boehner, a fired up john boehner, is that the president is to blame here and is not going to get a blank check. listen. >> this country succeeds when everybody has a shot. the country does better when the middle class does better. and when there are more ladders of opportunity into the middle class. that's the kind of economy that works here in america.
11:32 am
>> this is a problem of the president's own making. he's been president for 5 1/2 years. when is he going to take responsibility for something? >> reporter: in fact, at this very moment, they are beginning a senate hearing back in washington where the president's homeland security secretary jeh johnson is going to be pushing and testifying about this $3.7 billion emergency request but it's hit a lot of road blocks up there on the hill. >> no doubt. so we're seeing two very different focuses down in texas today, right? explain. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, rick perry, the republican governor and president sort of came together yesterday and now they are split back apart. the governor tweeting he's down at the border and a little birdie tells me we may see some of that on sean hannity's program tonight. the president last night said, look, i don't have to do
11:33 am
photo-ope photo-ops. today he had coffee with a university of texas student who wrote letters about how both parents lost their jobs staging a photo-op and the president playing pool in colorado with the governor out there where there was an official white house photo that went out that was a photo-op. >> ed henry live in austin, texas. thanks much. safe trip back. some journalists and reporters are banning together to pry more information out of the white house. president obama swept into office promising to be the most transparent president in history. these reporters say reality is far from the promise. the society of professional journalists firing off a letter to the oval office gripes include blocking requests to talk to specific people, going on background refusing to release information unless the
11:34 am
reporter agrees to not reveal who is speaking and black balling writers for critical articles. what's the real story? katie is news editor for you've had experience. >> the real story here is that the president claimed he wanted to be the most transparent administration in history and he's become the most control freak administration in history because of the information they're giving out. with my own experience when i was covering the operation fast and furious scandal working with the department of justice which is really working hand in hand with the white house when it comes to distributing information, it was very difficult to get information from them. they would either say it wasn't available. the information that they did give to me was highly redacted. they worked with outside very far left groups to smear reporters including myself and whistle-blowers covering that story and the whole host of other things. now you have this society of
11:35 am
professional journalists beganibegan i banning together this is too late. the lack of transparency is nothing new. it's been going on for six years. they are standing up to say something now. >> you said earlier to producers you wish they would have come forward earlier. do you think it would have changed anything? quite honestly, i'm not sure that because this letter goes to the oval office that suddenly the administration is going to say, yeah, let's be transparent. >> i think especially after six years of putting up with it, they're definitely not going to be transparent. if they pushed back at the beginning which they didn't do us today the media is liberal and they didn't want to push back on the white house because they agreed with them on a the lot of things. once they saw a lack of transparency, they got upset about it. one key point that wasn't brought up is that this isn't just about transparency. this is about obama administration having a war on
11:36 am
the press. this is an administration that investigated reporters from the a.p. to fox news. they looked at their phone calls. they looked at their e-mails. they've treated them as criminals in some cases for doing their jobs. this isn't just simply about transparency. this is an administration that's willing to target reporters for what they're doing. >> because some of the gripes were actually black balling writers for actually writing critical articles. many would argue there haven't been enough critical articles in the last six years. be that as it may, i know you experienced it. you are a new author. i want to mention "assault and flattery" is your new book. great to see you. >> good to see you. thank you. the white house throwing a gutter ball with plans to install a new bowling alley. the administration says two lanes currently in the white house complex are badly damaged from years of neglect. 90 minutes after plans to renovate the lanes was reported by "time" magazine, the government suddenly killed the project.
11:37 am
several presidents and staffers have used the lanes to unwind, which are open to white house staff and guests. a "time" spokesman says no explanation was given but the optics likely played a role in the decision. bill hillman wrote a book on surviving the running of the bulls but this week the american was gored not once but twice leaving him with serious but not life threatening injuries. >> it's a serious wound. it's the horn wound of a bull. it's like a gunshot wound straight through the thigh. >> four spaniards has been gored but only one is in serious condition. time to check in with shepard smith reporting live from the fox news deck. i have seen you run down the hall fast to your office. you may be a candidate. >> no chance, no how.
11:38 am
not even armed. >> i'm with you on this one. >> bulls are very big. air raid sirens sounding in jerusalem as hamas and israel exchange more rocket fire and air strikes. united nations calling for a cease-fire. israeli ambassador saying israel is not looking for a band-aid here as he puts it. he's trying to make sure rocket attacks end and for good. what next? that's next top of the hour. see you then. stunning developments in the irs targeting scandal. the ruling from a federal judge just moments ago that is going to shed new light on exactly what happened to thousands of e-mails belonging to lois lerner. the breaking news coming up next. she served our country with honor and now one iraq war veteran is battling her insurance company for the cancer treatment her baby daughter so desperately needs. listen up... i'm reworking the menu. veggies you're cool... mayo, corn are so out of here!
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time to check out what
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america is clicking on today. the future of nba superstar lebron james up in the air. is he going to stay in south beach or take his talents back home to cleveland? one source says he's talking with his family. another says he's biding his time before announcing something on his website. let's meet an abandoned dog that now has a home. shannon found that dog under a tree with the words free written on the fur on her side and i need a home on her head. shannon took that pooch in. a police department figured out how to attract fans on facebook. post a photo of a stuffed duck. it's happening in maine where they call it the duck of justice. after 20,000 new fans, you can say they quacked the code to social media. new breaking developments in the irs political targeting scandal but this time not on capitol hill. government officials appearing before a federal judge today in
11:43 am
washington d.c. judicial watch is the group that filed the lawsuit and tom is the president of that group and he's my guest right now. tom, great to see you again. what happened? what is the breaking news about what's going to take place on august 10th? >> well, it was an extraordinary court hearing today with an extraordinary ruling by the judge emmett sullivan, federal court judge. we have a freedom of information act lawsuit to get documents from lois lerner and other irs officials about the tea party targeting. we now know those e-mails supposedly were lost and we got a hearing today and the judge ordered the irs to submit a written declaration under oath. written testimony under oath within 30 days by august 10th describing what went on with lois lerner's e-mails and other computer issues at the irs, what they're doing to get those records, and if by any chance there's any issue related to the
11:44 am
treasury inspector general investigation of the irs' withholding or destruction of this information. on top of that, he also appointed a magistrate judge to supervise discussions between judicial watch and the irs on how to get these records. find out where records may be. it's an extraordinary series of rulings. >> so this was a huge victory for the american people today you could argue and for judicial watch because i know that one of the things you were concerned about in trying to get these records was, first of all, lack of transparency. but also that you could have a third party there to make sure that the right thing was going on. is that what this magistrate judge will be? >> potentially. initially the third party is judge sullivan who is demanding the irs submit to him under oath testimony that they'll be held to account for about what went
11:45 am
on. you know, we argue they had an obligation to tell judge sullivan about this disappearance when they knew about it. the irs lawyer today said they didn't really have that obligation legally. really extraordinary to see. judge sullivan was asking do you know if the fbi is investigating? the irs lawyer didn't know. the irs lawyers told judicial watch that 2,000 computer crashes occurred since the beginning of the year. they haven't talked to lois lerner. it's going to be very interesting to see what they put under oath in 30 days. >> was there any lawyer there from the department of justice today as well? >> what happens is the department of justice has attorneys that represent the other agencies in this type of litigation. so you had the department of justice attorneys from the tax division of the justice department representing the irs in today's hearing. >> i see. all right. so on august 10th, just so everyone is clear on this, who
11:46 am
from the irs is going to have to submit a statement under oath about what really happened to those e-mails? who? >> that's the question. they're going to have to come up with an official who has information that he or she can swear to about what went on with lois lerner and other e-mail issues. >> they can't claim the fifth? >> this is the agency talking. this is the agency going under oath in federal court. it's a major development for those of house want accountability. >> you will be there on august 10th? will you be allowed to hear this? >> they will be filing with the court this written testimony. it will be written down and it will be filed in court so everyone can access it eventually. >> as we've said from the beginning, tom, in many interviews we've done together, it's amazing the amount of information and progress your group has been able to get in this crisis and scandal while we watch congress do hearing after hearing, luckily you are there getting some of the results.
11:47 am
great to see you again, tom. keep us up to date. >> thank you, gretchen. an iraq war veteran whose infant daughter has a life threatening brain tumor is battling her insurance company over its last-minute refusal to pay for a life saving operation at the hospital treating that beautiful child. and just a few days ago this family was this big. it increased by one as every moment leading up to their son's birth was captured on tape including the over the speed limit drive to the hospital and the rather unusual delivery. we'll bring it all to you coming up next. >> i can't make it. >> you can. breathe. breathe. when you run a business, you can't settle for slow.
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11:51 am
armed suspects. this is chino, california. that is east of los angeles. investigators say they're trying to make contact with the men barricaded inside the house you see there from the champer shopper shot. they believe the two men robbed a person at gunpoint. meantime, heartbreaking story out of texas. an iraq war veteran whose infant daughter has a life-threatening brain tumor is battling the insurance coverage over the last, minute decision not to allow the treatment. tessa is the mother of baby savannah. tessa and savannah, it's so great to see you. i know it's a heartbreaking story. you have been through some much agony with the wellness of your child but this stems back to the hallway. tell me how.
11:52 am
>> well, i was -- i stained some combat injuries over three years ago, and they began a board to medically retire me. normally supposed to be a one-year process, but with the va backlog, my active duty orders expired and it went on for another two years. during the interim, we were put off of the tri-care insurance and my children then went on social security. >> see if you can get her to take the pacifier. i know about that. basically you were supposed -- you were retired and an injured veteran. two tours in iraq. supposed to get this insurance. it didn't happen. you have been on backlog and now you fine out this beautiful child has a life-threatening brain tumor, right? >> yes. >> and you cannot get the
11:53 am
surgery she needs to live because the insurance company that you had to get, because you weren't covered by the va, won't pay for it. >> yes. that's right. >> now, tell us what happened when you were coming over to be interviewed. >> where, gretchen? >> i know, i'm sorry. she is upset. savannah -- >> sorry about that. >> that's okay. maybe you can hand her to the photographer. tell me what happened when you were coming over to the interview. you got a calling are right? >> yes, we got a call, just in the car, actually, that the superior insurance is reconsidering our case to have her surgery at texas children's, and hopefully they'll have an approval for us by the end of the day is the message i received. so they're working with texas childrens to process that.
11:54 am
>> the bottom line was you cannot afford the surgery without the insurance, right? >> yes, yes, unfortunately, it's the -- the way it was worded to me, an all or nothing treatment. either pay for all of it or not covered. >> of course, your daughter needs this surgery because she has the tumor that is inside of her brain and she is only a few months old. >> yes. >> all right. i feel for you, tessa, and i'm so glad you can tell your story and i hope the insurance company will allow this child to have the surgery this coming tuesday. will you please keep us posted on how she is doing? >> yes, i will. thank you so much. >> all right. tessa, and thank you for your service. well, what a story. right? well, we are on the lebron watch. where will king james reign next? we'll share your tweets. >> good things come to those who bait.
11:55 am
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a dad cap tours his third son's birth, literally, from start to finish. the father capturing video of the way to the hospital. how did he do it? he used go -- go -- pro to record his over the speed limit drive. his wife is sure the baby is not going to wait, and she is right. she delivered right outside the hospital doors. >> i'm not getting -- oh, god. oh, god. i can't sit down. >> you have to sit down, you have to silt down. sit down so i can catch him. >> turns out the mom is a child -- birth educator but will reassure her students what happened to her is very rare. i bet first-time moms feel good about that. >> check oust what this guy reeled in. 480-pound halibut. his fish will not be in the
11:59 am
record books due to a technicality. the game fish association rules ban the use of the tools other than a net or gaff or hook pull for landing fish. too bad for him. a lot of speck late on where nba star and free agent lebron james will land. we asked you where you think he'll be playing. desk wants to see him head to phones, saying, got knows -- to phoenix, god knows we could use better players, and mike says, lebron has done everything he can do with a basketball and could compete as a baseball player. >> gordy says, he is overhyped and overrated. he wants the all-star to retire. really? no, don't e-mail me about him retiring. tommy thinks he should stick with the heat in southern florida. thank you for writing and being part of the "the real story" today. a lot of breaking news from the border story to the irs. pay attention to august 10th.
12:00 pm
a big date with lois lerner's e-mails and the irs. shepard smith is reporting live now. >> a google exec give accused call girl, drugged and accusations of murder. a seamy story of heroin and sex onboard a yacht and now reports the suspect may have done something like this before. cops say a man wore a fedex uniform, walked into a home and gunned down nearly an entire family. murdered adults and children together, but one young girl survived, and she may be the hero of the day, having helped police stop him before he could kill again. let's get too it. >> good thursday afternoon to you and yours, first from the fox news deck on this thursday afternoon. the suspected gunman fromzp(c te


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