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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 8, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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it. as we mentioned earlier, the president is in texas tomorrow at this time. and senator ted cruz will join us live to respond. don't forget to go to kellyfiles. welcome to hannity, and this is a fox news alert, the influx of illegal immigrants has now reached the tipping point. president obama will meet with governor perry tomorrow. i will be in dallas texas tomorrow for the first cable one on one with the president. and then after that, governor perry takes me on a tour of the border to show you, our viewers, just how bad things have gotten. in a moment we'll be joined by former governor sarah palin. she says it's time to impeach barack obama. >> the pressure grew more intense on president obama today as lawmakers in both parties
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suggested this border crisis could turn out to be his katrina, just like the 2005 government response to katrina that ended up crippling george w. bush. with the political heat getting turned up on the president, he and his adviser shook up texas, it was supposed to be a speech on the economy and thigh fund-raisers. the president is willing to have a one on one meeting with perry, but wants him to join perry for a roundtable and faith meeting with leaders about this issue. i spoke to several surrounding the president on the issue. how do you react to that, that the government is just paralyzed right now, not being able to fix
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this. >> i think the steps this government has announced are indicative of our proactive approaches to dealing with this situation. >> this is president obama's katrina. if he's down there with pictures of thousands of children in jail cells. it's not a good image. >> the president did unveil today a $3.7 billion request for more money from congress to hire more judges, immigration lawyers, cut the backlog of cases. the problem for the president is, he now has some democrats speaking out again henry cuellar saying this could be the president's katrina, because he was too slow to react. and steny hoyer said it may just be a photo op, it may make sense for the president to go to the border, something he's still resisting, because it would show the president is concerns. sean? >> thank you as always.
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we turn now to fox's only carr, he's standing by in murrieta, californian to the where the protests continue in that town, will, what's the latest? >> we haven't seen any buses come here today, it appears to be because of the stand that many of these residents have taken against the federal government. while we haven't seen any buses here, we have seen immigrants go into san diego on a government plane. we're told that there are reports that some have already been processed and released. we've also learned that in already existing detention centers, 60 miles northeast of los angeles, it's adding 650 additional beds. at the same time, the pentagon is being asked by the obama administration to take on even more immigrants. murrieta has become the flashpoint in this national crisis, protesters say they don't want the immigrants in their community, immigrant supporters disagree. >> they're coming in here, with lice and scabies and help rossi.
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they're going to come here and give it to my little brother or best friend's son. >> if we continue to have the separation between us, we're never going to solve anything. >> several hundred people on both sides of the issue showed up yesterday, we've only seen about a dozen. we're learning that several catholic communities in the area are opening their doors to immigrants who have been processed and released already. one congregation held a meeting and decided helping to house the immigrants is what god would want them to do. >> we'll take care of the orphans and the widows and the aliens. and the orphans, okay, we can agree on that. the widows we can agree on that. but when it came to the aliens, there was a problem. >> reporter: we've learned today that around 75 immigrants will be housed in catholic churches
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in this community. >> thank you. joining me now at the hannity big board, a disturbing new report at just how dangerous the illegals flooding into the u.s. really are. we have reports of health issues? and who's really coming in here? >> right, absolutely. border patrol agents are expressing new concerns tonight after it was confirmed 16 illegal unaccompanied minors who belong to the violent el salvadorian ms-13 gang are being sheltered in the nogales shelter. there are six minors who have admitted to committing acts like torture and murder in their home countries before heading north to the united states. the discovery of the gang members was found after graffiti was left in the bathrooms. they were also caught trying to recruit other juveniles in the facility. many gang members operating in
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central american countries and traveling north are classified as minors, however, many young males are actively engaged in violent cartel and criminal trn when processed through the department of health and human services. ms-13 regularly targets middle and high school students for recruitment. according to students inside the processing center, they're being held for placement in the united states. now, another concern that agents have that are on the minds of agents, we've seen because the agents have been pulled off the border to take care of these kids, now the drug runners out in arizona flooding over the arizona border are running their drugs. we have photos so show you that were taken over the holiday weekend. they were taken off the field. these men carrying heavy packs, operating unabetted with impunity and border patrol
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agents aren't stopping them from flooding their drugs into the united states due to them being in these processing facilities, essentially baby-sitting and changing bed sheets. >> what also contradicts what the government told us yesterday. all of these people were safe and we have nothing to worry about, and we keep hearing about children, and that's not the case in every case, right? >> we're seeing now there's a danger with the types of minors that are coming here, ms-13 gang members are minors and now we're also seeing these dangerous people bringing drugs into the country who aren't being watched by border patrol due to their duties being changed. >> great reporting, thank you for joining us. it's time to impeach president obama, joining us now to explain what she meant, former alaska governor sarah palin. good to see you. >> thank you so much. >> why don't we just explain
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your piece, and then i have a few questions. explain why you think the time is now. do you really want the republicans to move forward with this? >> yes, it is time. a great awakening is due in this cun. and this is the message that will be sent to our president that he is not an imperial president and lawlessness will not be accepted by the american people, that's not what he was elected to do, to create his own laws as he goes along. a little less talk, a lot more action, when we see even gop lawmakers who are recognizing and proclaiming obama's violation of the constitution and then ignoring that constitution and the power they have to impeach, it gets kind of frustrating for the american people. someone has to look out for the working class americans. and the tipping point has been the illem immigration issue, the crisis created by obama, where no one is looking out for the working class of americans,
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including good, hardworking, wonderful legal imgrands, impeachment has got to be the message sent to our president that we're not going to put up with this lawlessness. >> on the issue of the irs i agree with you. that was article ii of richard nixon's impeachment. i want to talk about specifically. when you talk about lawlessness, that means choosing not to enforce immigration laws, unilaterally changing the obama care law, those things that the republicans have said? >> yes, and it also means lying to the american people and fraud. he has allowed fraud -- his subordinates and he himself to fraud the american people on these programs, policies that he has promised will work or will not impact debt or deficits. these have been lies by our president. those are impeachable offenses.
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they have a list of at least 25 impeachable offenses. gop lawmakers know this too. i want congress to do its job. the constitutional power that they have, to halt an imperial presidency, to halt this fundamental transformation of america that is making us an unrecognizable mess of a nation at this time. >> governor, liberal and constitutional professor jonathan turley said we're at a constitutional tipping point on the very law you mentioned. mark levin says this is a post constitutional america. i think a lot of people, i looked at the poll on drugs today, whether people agree with you, it was over 70%. should political considerations come in at all? i interviewed pat buchanan today. he thinks liberalism is now on full display as a failure, politically it would be elusive for republicans, should that matter? >> i think politics come into play more when you consider not
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rocking the boat if you will and allowing the liberalism agendas to fay on their own. all due respect to pat buchanan, and i do respect him, i disagree with him. this is a bipartisan issue. americans, congress, those who are concerned about protecting our constitution and using the one tool that congress has to halt what is going on, this lawlessness coming from the top, the one tool they have, are articles of impeachment, let's get going on that. it's not necessarily a lawsuit being filed by congress, you don't bring a lawsuit to a gunfig gunfight. and there's no place for lawyers on the front line. where are the front lines in america? they are our borders. >>. >> governor, on the issue of lawlessne lawlessness, i agree with you, jonathan turley and mark levin. three very bright people. but if you recall, republicans
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wouldn't stand up -- they have constitutional authority to defund obama care, they could have taken a stand and they didn't do it. i don't have any confidence they would even consider this. do you agree with me they don't have the political backbone? >> that they don't have the cojones to do it, if that's what you mean? >> yes, i was trying to be a little more delicate. >> not me, i go rogue. when you say wait a minute, they had a constitutional tool to unfund obama care and that was just fulfilling all of their campaign promises that they were going to repeal obama care, look what happened to the one or two or three good guys who stood up to fulfill their constitutional duty and campaign promises and they got thrown under the bus, the view isn't very good from under the bus. the american people are going to say, i believe, this time, this
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go around, we learned our lesson, and it will be us. we get the government that we support. we get the government that we vote for but that we put up with, how about we don't put up with this lawlessness. washington is broken. if people care about the country and defense of our republic, they will join this cause of articles of impeachment against barack obama because enough is enough. >> when we spoke last you talked about you are considering leaving the republican party, where are you on that issue right now? >> you know, betten a republica since i was 18 years old, so wholeheartedly believe in every plank in the platform. the blanks in the platform will make this country strong and safe and secure again, i hate to think the republican party will be leaving me. i don't want to leave it, if it keeps leaving me and straining toward that liberal failed
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agenda that barack obama skeweds, then, yeah, i'm not going to hesitate to unenlist myself from a party that i can't support any more. >> governor, thank you so much, appreciate it. you can see her comments on protests continue again tonight against the flocks of illegal immigrants pouring into the u.s., two people from opposite sides of that showdown. and also, are conservatives being censored by costco. d'sousa's book was pulled from the shelves but they're still selling hillary clinton's book. that and much more straight ahead.
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welcome back to hannity, the crisis at our southern border continues to spiral out of control. last week protesters successfully turned away buses filled with illegal immigrants headed for a processing center in murrieta, california. welcome to the show, thanks for being with us. >> my pleasure. >> i guess doug, i'll start with you, you're hearing from all the members in your community. we see what's happening on television, tell us what's going on. >> well, you know, what happened, they've been for eight months bringing in immigrants, doing it in the middle of the night, no one really no, once that number went up, the people reacted. we started with a few dozen, a few hundred, they come in with shipments or try to every 72
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hours, i became aware of it, when my granddaughter three years old was diagnosed with hand and foot disease. my daughter made a comment, i don't understand, we have this sudden spike of this disease recently. i did some research and found out it was a direct result of the spike of immigrants we have. >> was there no notice given the mayor that they plan to drop these people off in your town, your city? >> my city is san diego. thank god we're not murrieta, the people that turned back the buses last tuesday was the murrieta police and the mayor. there were about 50 protesters on the sidewalk, they have every right to be. we all saw the worst of the american spirit with all that racism and banging the flag against the buses. i was there as an observer. >> what racism did you see?
7:19 pm
>> screaming racist comments and making these accusations. >> i didn't see any of those tapes, did you hear anything? >> i'll send them to you. i'll show you -- >> by the way, i abhor racism, i will be with you 100%. with that said, do you not understand we're talking about hundreds of thousands of people that are coming into this country that we don't have secure borders, that we're a country that is bankrupt as it is, and have 100 million in unfunded liability and 17 trillion in debt. would it be lacking compassion to put them on an airline and give them medical attention and reunite them with their parents. would that be a bad thing? >> that's not what's taking place -- >> i didn't ask that, answer my question. >> what would be wrong with getting them on airlines and reuniting these children with their parents. that seems like a compassionate
7:20 pm
thing to do. >> the parents in the united states, yes, that would be compassionate. >> if they're here illegally, would it be wrong to send them back to central america? >> about a quarter of the people leaving central america are -- >> answer my question. >> you have to ask the question with the right premise. >> mexico deports and puts them in jail. >> just like the u.s. >> no, america does not deport, we only deported 1100 kids last year, there were tens of thousands more that came. to me it seems like the compassionate thing to do, get people transportation home, if they need medical assistance, give it to them we cannot as a country afford to take in all the people that want to come here. as we showed last night, 138 million want to come.
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>> my wife was born in mexico, immigrated here as a child, naturalized in 2007, she's as disgusted as i am. we're not out here for some racist reason, we're trying to protect our community. in that last load, a third of them had scabies. we had a border patrol agent being tested positive for tuberculosis. they come across the border, they're still in the same closed, put in a facility that not capable of handling them. there's no place to bathe and they're let out on the street. it's illegal to drop off a dog on the road, it's inhumane, and yet the federal government is doing that with people. >> enrique. >> this is a rule of law, we have a federal law coming down
7:22 pm
on us unconstitution ali. >> there's no legal way for people to enter. there's racism in every country. i don't know who this person is i'm talking to here, i'm not accusing him of anything, but we saw the worst of the americans, that racism is unacceptable. western welcoming the migrants, i just gave a teddy bear to a guatemalan child a half hour ago. >> is it racist if people don't respect american law and sovereignty to send them back to where they came from? is that racist in your view? >> no, it's not racist, but it's not compassionate. >> so your definition of compassion is if someone doesn't respect our laws and sovereignty, they should be able to stay anyway, even though they broke our laws? >> when the united states is accepting half of the world's illegal drugs, intervening -- >> when you break the law. >> people don't want to die, and they're leaving. we need to be working together
7:23 pm
with our neighbors. >> that doesn't mine we have to absorb their entire populations. america is a sovereign country, sir. we have to go, we have to leave it there. >> all countries are sovereign. >> conservatives, are they being censored in america? and costco is pulling a conservative author's book from their shelves. he responds coming up. and are liberal policies to blame for hurting minorities all across america. our great, great panel debates that and much more. h. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. we fill our freshly baked flatbread, with bold, unflat flavors. like taste inspired by the freshness of the mediterranean. so you always get flavor that's anything but flat.
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when i came to america, i was stunned by the abundance of ordinary life. the rich guys live well everywhere. i was struck by how good the ordinary fellow has it in america. i was struck by the goodness and idealism of the american people, even when they fall short, they always want to do better. then i saw this sort of ferocious leftist critique of america, that's coming from some of our most intelligent people in america. then i see this metastasize out of the campus, into hollywood, into the media, and now i think into the corridors of government. we're seeing, we call it the shaming of america, an attack on america, it's completely wrong headed. >> that's my next guest, he, of course, the man behind 2016,
7:27 pm
obama's america, a huge hit. soon after the release of the documentary, he happened to be indicted. tonight on the heels of the latest bestseller, costco decided to pull it from its bookshelves. our producers reached out to costco, the statement reads in part. this includes our selection of books. our book buyers are solely interested in book sales and do not favor any political persuasion over another. recently after deciding to sell the book america. imagine the world without her, beginning on june 1st, a decision was made to pull the book on july 1st. that decision was based solely on the number of copies sold during that month. it had nothing to do with the content of the book. after we made the return, a documentary was released about the book, since then there's been heightened interest by our membership base and brisk sales at locations still in stock.
7:28 pm
we have made the decision to reorder the book. joining me to talk about what this is apparently happening here, the author of the brand new movie, america in movie theaters all across the country, dinesh d'sousa. >> it's good to be on the show. i don't often hear of a book being pulled that quick, you're a well known best selling author, and then being put back on the shelves. what do you make of it. >> it's very bizarre behavior, the book came out about three weeks ago. about a week ago it surpassed hillary's book on amazon, it's currently number one on the amazon bestseller list. so the sales of the book have been strong, and then, of course, a few days ago, my movie opened in 1100 theaters around the country. so obviously, that's -- the book is a companion for the film. and so right on the eve of that, costco decides, some top executives issue the edict pull every book from the costco
7:29 pm
shelves. this is absolutely unprecedented and the idea that it's based upon low sales is preposterous. costco features hundreds of books, they even have book signings for people whose books are 10,000, number 8,000 on the amazon list. this is a political decision they made. i think it's because of their alliance with the obama administration, now they're feeling the heat, they're trying to figure out how to wriggle out of it. >> they are, they are putting it back on the shelves. obama's america was the second most successful documentary since the 1980s? it was hugely successful. >> it was the second most successful political documentary ever. and the new film which opened a few days ago, is already in the top ten of political documentaries of all times. in a few days, we're already on that elite list, the other thing that i think is exciting for me, there's a group called cinema score, which interviews people coming out of films to see if
7:30 pm
they would recommend the film to other people. we got an a plus rating, and there are only a handful of films over 30 years, like "forrest gump," "titanic" or "schindler's list" got that rating. people love it. they have the capacity to inspire in people a love for america, that the left has been trying to undermine through the curriculum and through american attacks. >> i have a cameo in that movie, and i'm proud of my little part i played. dinesh, let me put up on the screen the washington post. i want to run through the connections between the president and costco here for a second. the washington post article on obama and their relationship. why obama hearts costco. we have an abc news article on obama and the costco relationship. why $20.89 explains president obama's love for costco. then we have president obama praising costco and his former ceo. play that for our audience. >> i'll be asking our businesses
7:31 pm
to set an example by providing decent wages and salaries to their own employees. and i'm growing to highlight the ones that do just that. there are companies like costco which pays good wages and offers good benefits. profitable corporations like costco see higher wages as a smart way to boost productivity. costco's founder, jim senegal who's been a great friend of mine and somebody who i greatly admire. >> and two of the things to put on the screen, we have the former ceo's donations to president obama in the year 2012, 100 grand. and costco employee donations in '08, $203,000. that's an awful lot of money. so you think this was politically motivated? >> here's the remarkable thing. there's a ceo might like obama, the company might like obama, costco could realize, we have customers all across the
7:32 pm
political spectrum, we're not going to let that kind of politics interfere in the way that we organize our business. i think what's interesting here is that the left in this country has so much intolerance, they're not only trying to go after me through the courts, they also figure, let's try to ruin this guy's livelihood, and make sure people don't see his films, don't buy his books, and the left is willing to wage that kind of a scorched earth campaign through a company like costco. because costco decided to order the back many so somebody else came to them and said what, you have this guy's book? don't you realize he's an an tag annist of obama and then they went into a huddle and said, let's pull the book. clearly, this is a confirmation of a kind of leftist strategy to go after me for the afront to make a second film that deals with the left and progressivism. >> it's back in the stores now. public pressure, denish thank
7:33 pm
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talk to your ctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or gonline to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your mication, astrazeneca may be able to help. what you're talking about here is young black and hispanic men. >> yes. >> what you're talking about is, where is the naacp marching in the street about this issue. >> yes. >> where are the churches, the black churches? this is about drugs, and drug dealers and attitudes and a community that is just imploding, and yet nobody wants to call it out. where's sharpton, where's jackson, you don't see them on this issue. >> welcome back to hannity, that was juan williams on the five speaking about the deadly shootings that have engulfed the city of chicago. and also in new york it's happened here. 82 people were shot resulting in 16 people dying in chicago.
7:38 pm
is it liberal policies, especially when it am coulds to guns that are hurting minorities across america. here to debate this, please stop helping us. how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. jason riley is back. and juan williams and the newest member of the fox team, we're honored to have her. stacy bash. great article on you in the daily news today. we're so glad you're here. >> thank you very much. >> i'm proud of you. we've been fighting about politics now. it's getting harder and harder every day. you are in obama's camp, i'm totally with you, we need to protect these communities, protect these kids, we're not doing it in big cities and they're doing. >> you and i have agreed on this for some time. i wrote a book about this. it's a whole thing in there about bill cosby saying, why does is that kid getting arrested. there are too many black and hispanic men and jail, and they don't talk about, people who
7:39 pm
make excuses for criminal behavior, don't protest against the drug dealers and the gangbangers -- >> they're ruining the community, it's like a cancer. >> it's not that you and i have not disagreed on this issue. by the way, everybody pay attention to o'reilly's book. >> please stop helping us, how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed. explain that. >> what i'm saying in the book, sean is blacks ultimately help themselves by developing the habits and attitudes and characteristics. >> it's everybody. >> blacks have to do what other groups have had to do to rise in america. to the extent that a government program gets in the way of that self-development, however well intentioned it is, it does more harm than good. >> you mean the policies warrant supports. >> well, juan's right about culture, the black left does not want to talk about culture. the shootings happen, they want to talk about gun control,
7:40 pm
racial profiling. they don't want to talk about black pathology, black criminality, black behavior, that stems from the breakdown of the black family. >> i would say -- >> i would say -- >> let me -- she's the newest member. >> stacy, go right ahead. >> you took a political position during the last campaign. i remember reading the comments about what you said, you swore to mitt romney, and it became personal and racial. >> yes. >> why? >> i don't know. i don't know why. which is why i'm writing a book too, and it's called not black enough. because i don't understand it. but to talk about what they were saying, it's because what they're dealing with are the symptoms in the black communities and it's not just the black communities, it's the poor, disenfranchised really. and they're dealing with the root of the problem, which is that we're spending $4.7 trillion on welfare, how about spend that on education.
7:41 pm
>> even in new york, stacy, look at charter schools, 80% pass rate. the public schools, 30%. liberals are looking to close them down. >> they don't want to -- >> who's jesse jackson, al sharpton -- >> the teacher's unions. school choice rates off the charts among the black parents, the black leadership does not represent the people they claim to represent. >> let's be clear. the argument and i have experienced this argument personally is, you know, you're talking about personal responsibility. what about structural racism in the united states. and i don't think anybody is saying, there isn't racism, the point is, what you can do to help yourself. and if you read jason's book, jason's talking about theft of people in that community. the poorest community can take the strengthen in themselves. i'm a big advocate -- >> i want to put my seal of approval, this book is phenomenal. everybody should read it. >> it's not that they're not working, they're hurting in many
7:42 pm
cases, the obama administration looks at all this crime in black neighborhoods and want to get the drug dealers out of jail sooner rather than later. send them back to the ghetto sooner rather than later. >> unbelievable. >> the latin word for education, to bring forth from within. isn't that predicated on the belief that every kid, every child was born with talent? >> yes, and all of this wasted talent -- >> we are all capable of of the american dream. for some reason, the liberals believe that, you know, black, hispanics -- >> you can say that, that's fine. >> are we missing a chromosome or something? are we -- we special groups take care of us. and we need welfare. we can't take care of ourselves. i come from the south bronx, to be on welfare was not a good thing. it was frowned upon, that meant you were lazy, you didn't want to work, you didn't want to hustle. that was it. >> let me tell you, what's the name of your book going to be? >> not black enough. >> i'm interested in reading
7:43 pm
that. >> you guys are, i'm going toco just have to say this controversial author and this one. coming upton, the benghazi terror suspect made another court appearance. katherine is coming up with the breaking details. why is the administration now describing the attack as premeditated? whatever happened to the youtube talking points? dana perino is here straight ahead. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd. i'm d-a-v-e and i have copd. i'm k-a-t-e and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way my volunteering. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay.
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i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. this is a fox news alert, the suspect in the benghazi terror attack that killed four americans appeared in federal court today for the third time since arriving on u.s. soil. we're learning more and more about the case. the government is laying out against khatallah. fox's own katherine heritage is standing by with more. >> this seems to be a clear conflict between the documents that describes the benghazi assault as hatred of the u.s. and the u.s.'s explanation that it was a spontaneous response. some suggest the plot was
7:49 pm
hatched even before the protests began in the middle east and north africa. in the days after the attack on september 11th, 2012, the defendant voiced concern and opposition to the presence of an american facility in benghazi. khatallah knew the people he was helping would attack the state department consulate and the cia an ex-on september 11th. >> the limited sort of place holder indictment that we've seen so far puts a lie to the administration's talking points about a spontaneous video and all the rest of it. i mean, this is 180 degrees from the administration's first talking points. >> on the strength of their case, the government prosecutor seemed to tip his hand today, stating there are novel legal issues to prosecuting the case here in washington. given the 2012 attack took place thousands of miles away in
7:50 pm
libya. and the forensic witnesses and evidence is located there. judge cooper who is new to the bench in washington and federal national security cases set september 9th for the next trial date, saying there are challenges ahead for the criminal case. sean attack was premeditated? for months on end we heard about a youtube video. joining us with dana perino. this debunks a total contradiction of the tale we were told. >> the spontaneous spontaneous d the reason four americans were killed. >> the american people know that was a made up story. the problem is to me the obama administration has not admitted that it did not have any sort of factual basis to say the video
7:51 pm
caused it. just listening to catherine now, very to wonder if one of the reasons they did not arrest katallah until now is because they're hoping to run out the clock because evidence did not support what the administration is saying. >> there were five major news organizations. "new york times," cnn, fox news and others, five, that had access to this guy, we knew who he was. and we didn't do it. >> i thought it's a good point i think the reason you see this disparity is that back in the campaign of 2012 the theme is that general motors is alive and al qaeda is on the run. when you're putting a document before a federal judge, you damn well better tell the truth. or you're guilty of filing false documents. in this case, they had to tell the truth, the truth comes out.
7:52 pm
>> that shows the strategy and tactic of running out the clock. oh, it's old news. it's pushing two years ago, dude? remember? it's going to be their argument. this happened so long ago. what difference does it make? though i know what she was saying when she said that the other thing is that the indictment is less than two pages long. people who are familiar with how these types of indictments work say that that is remarkably, disturbingly, short. if the government has more information on his long slow boat ride to america -- >> why isn't it longer -- >> maybe it exists and it's on lock down third issue is why do they bring him here? if this is all they have, then what are they going to do? >> i don't foe. i hope he's convicted.
7:53 pm
>> i agree he doesn't belong there. >> i think the safety ask security is this is not law enforcement to me, it's terror. he should have been at gitmo. you mentioned safety and security. there is a difference between this guy and katallah. with a motorcade and body guards compared to four public servant that's begged for someone stepping up when this started and they're just left there to die. amazing this guy, the alleged perpetrator is so well protected. and victims just left to die. >> are you surprised indictment is so short? >> it seems so. usually it goes on and on. >> maybe there is more? and they're holding back. >> indictment should layout the case. >> there is one plausible scenario is that he gives them information providing intelligence that then ties back
7:54 pm
to other things so they can try to find more information and they don't want to give up the goat and make those trails go away >> i wish that were the case i doubt that with every fiber of my being. >> i'm a big believer in giving them the benefit of the doubt. . >> i want one sister soldier moment. >> killing bin laden is what they would say. >> really? >> had is eric holder's department. we've run out of benefit of the doubt points. >> good to see you bonl. appreciate you being here, coming up next, more "hannity". straight ahead. if you suffer from constipation, you will likely also suffer from gas. introducing new dulcogas, which starts working to eliminate gas bubbles in minutes for effective relief. dulcogas, from the makers of dulcolax- nothing relieves gas faster.
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8:00 pm
in dallas with governor rick perry after his meeting with the president. and memorial day, thursday, that is a "hannity" special thursday night. thanks for being with us, we'll see you back here, from dallas, tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> take all the children home with me. >> we're all americans. america. >> president obama taking a pounding on immigration. even as his left wing base does not want to solve the problem. is a social civil war brewing? >> not many are showing up for their hearings. >> i don't know i don't have the number in front of me, john. >> closer to 10% than 100%? >> >> most illegal aliens defying u.s. law again once they get into the country. but little is being done about it. tonight, we'll tell you why. >> also ahead, does charles krauthammer trust anyone in the american media? and is it