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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 7, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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on fairs, their upset over this? one says, she would post this in her little girl0s photo album but not on facebook. thank you for your thoughts and being part of the real story for a monday. ?ñ?e to head to shepard smith. >> we'jmñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?re tracking tf the dad who left his son to die in a hot car. there's lots of new information today. new warrants, new details about the mother's moves. including what we have learned about her reaction, when she heard her son was dead. is the nsa looking into your family ping tours -- pick -- pictures, medical records, revealing photos. the vast majority of intercepted communication involve ordinary speaker net useres, not targeted foreigners at all. ladies, want to make more money than the guys? we'll tell you where working women tend to bring in lots more money. let get to it.
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>> good monday afternoon to you and yours. good to be back with you. first from the fox news deck. turn on your phone and your laptop at the airport? or security screeners will take it. that is a knew warning for folks traveling to the united states from somewhere overseas. according to the transportation security administration. so it's not domestic but when you're coming here. they did not announce a reason for the change but intelligence officials say they believe al qaeda is working on a new generation of bombs to smuggle on to commercial airliners. look at the wall over there in a statement tsa officials say the new security measures affect direct flights to the united states and will take effect very soon. they also say that it's devices like phones do not power up, tsa will tell you to leave your phone behind in a foreign country. and those travelers may have to face extra screening. the agency has not disclosed which airports will take up the
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new standard. industry data shows 250 foreign airports have direct flights to the united states. homeland security officials say the tsa does not screen passengers abroad but it can set security standards for flights to america. peter doocy is live in washington. peter, i'm coming back from paris, my phone won'tuzñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?p and i have to leave my phone for the french.bñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? >> yeah, tough luck. holdland security official told me this announcement is the warning of passenger trying to come to the u.s., if their phone or laptop is dead and they can't power it up, a not going on the plane, will be left behind and get it back is between that traveler and whatever country in europe, the middle east, or north africa, his or her flight is originating from. this official tells me that travelers are going to be given other chance to plug their device in to see if they can prove it heat has not been corrupted but the new rule is
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simple. powerless twices will not be permitted on the aircraft. the travel irmay undergo additional screening. the tsa cannot screen passengers outside the u.s. but are able to mandate these changes for passengers landing here. >> tell us more about the intelligence reports that led to this presumably. >> the hundreds of people with american and european passports now fighting alongside extremists in syria, have officials worried that innovative bombmakers, particularly al qaeda, can use those westerners to carry their latest hard to detect explosives and avoid suspicion with those passports. >> you remember earlier in the year tsa told airlines to pay more attention to possible explosives in shoes, in toothpaste, bottles and the like there had been warnings that maybe something was coming down the pike, and especially when syria seemed so fall apart. >> a homeland security official tells me the new policy won't cause delays because people
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usually show opener for international flights anyway. >> yeah, okay. peter, nice to see you. let's bring in tom branch, former deputy director of the transportation -- i guess you can make something that looks luke my iphone that will go boom? >> the developments are very creative, from the al qaeda bombmakers. they're always looking at new ways to transport explosive material, and you have a power source in a cell phone and maybe you get some small amount of liquid or explosive powered powder in there and it's an emerging threat but substantial enough to take the precautions. >> the real concern is not some al qaeda member from the northeast but someone american or western who would have a western or even simply american president after having dealt with al qaeda. >> right. this is kind of the new brand of
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terrorists. they are newly radicalized. there's not a lot known about the associations that they may have. makes them a little harder to identify than people who have spent years in the. movement across the middle east, they carry western r. passports and it's difficult to check, and we don't know to what extent they will participate. suicide bombers or is that too far? a new brand. don't know a lot about it. raises suspicions and requires some action be taken. >> all foreign security is not the same. anybody who has traveled much knows that. i would guess that it be putting restrictions in place for locations where maybe they're not as vigilant as we are around here. >> well, that is exactly what they would be doing. they would probably be looking at perimeter security, how eaty it is to get on the airport. how much do we know about at the backgrounds of aircraft fuelers,
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caterers, baggage hasn'ters in foreign locations, and the track record of the airline for security itself. so a variety of factors go into determining where you want to implement these procedures. >> all of this sounds great on the surface, but when your sister is coming back from london for the week, and she has her iphone there, which is her entire life, and she is all for this until they want her phone. i can't imagine this is going to go over very well with the 82-year-old in a wheelchair who suddenly has to give up the phone. >> this is always theññ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñm about aviation security. how far do youiñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? go, hu enforce it? i would say the policy to take the phone rather than having it be inspected has to do with foreign regulations, or it's an enforcement mechanism. a way to make you be terribly vigilant about what you carry onboard an aircraft. >> think we'll see this in the
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ute? after all my shampoo is causing enormous problems. >> you never know. every morning the first thing dhs and tsa do is re-assess the threat, see if it's evolved. what intelligence do they have, how substantial, and if they get information that requires precautions you can bet they'll put it in place in the united states. >> the nigerian government now s and women have escaped but hundreds more victims are still missing. here's the new information. terrorist captured more than 60 victims last knight in kidnap that the nigerian government denied happened. villagers say that the women escaped, these same 60 escaped, when their cappers were busy attacking a military post. a separate incident from the kid nopers in the spring with
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terrorists from boca hard rum abducted school girled and threatened 0 sell them. 200 of those are still missing. government officials are working on a number of leads. boca haram demanded a prisoner swap to get the girl's back but the nigerian president says he will not negotiate. israely soldiers caught on camera beating an american teenager. it's brutal, and we have the video ahead. it comes as several israelis reportedly confessed they did indeed kill the teenager's cousin, set him on fire, as part of a revenge plot. and hamas militants are threatening more violence. there's a lot of the information. the blade runner, oscar pistorius, have you seen this new video that has been leaked? he re-enacted the moment he says he shot and killed his magazine model girlfriend, and now his defense team is furious because somebody leaked the images to the news media. will this mean a mistrial? or will we get a verdict this
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11 minutes past the hour. several report tornadoes tore through central iowa during severe storms across the midwest. check out this video. officials say the stormed downed trees and damaged a couple homes. no reports of anybody hurt. national weather service officials are working to confirm
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exactly how many tornadoes touched down but spotters reported at least 11 of them in one day. three suspects confess to killing a palestinian teenager in jerusalem. an official says the men re-enacted the crime for the police. re-enacted kidnapping and burning him alive. palestinians claim it was revenge murder after the killing of three israeli teenagers. israeli officials arrested a total of six jewish men in the palestinian teen imagery's death. the attack sparked violent protests and israeli security forces arrested the american cousin of the murdered palestinian teenager, saying he took part in the protests outside of jerusalem. the boy's parents said he was there but didn't throw rocks and daytona do anything bad they say police brutally beat him. this video shows who masked officers -- look at that -- kicking and hitting the boy, who actually lives in florida but was over there. israeli authorities say the
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footage iskwñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ edited and that's a quote. they've been released -- they have released that teenager on bail. steve harry gap has more on this. what more do we know about this kid from tampa? >> he is a 15-year-old high school sophomore. right now his parents say he has a broken chin and a broken nose. he went over to israel with his parents for the summer to visit relatives. he claims not to have thrown any rocks. he claims he was just aby -- bystander at the demonstration. >> why they attack you? >> i don't know, so i ran. >> they said you were throwing something at them. >> no, i jumped the fence and tried to run away because i just saw somebody running at me. so, i tried to run away. >> he has been released from jail but remains under house arrest in jerusalem. >> what is the u.s.' position and what sort of action is the
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united states taking here? >> right now u.s. officials at the state department saying they're awaiting the results of an investigation by israeli officials into exactly what happened on the ground. >> we remain shocked he was severely beaten, while in police custody, and strongly have condemned that, and in use of excessive force, of course. >> within the next hour we expect to hear from khdeir's relatives in tampa. they're likely to press for his immediate release from home detention in jerusalem. >> and the back and forth continues as it has for decades. thank you, steve. lawyers for the blade runner, the olympic runner, oscar pistorius, the lawyers are accusing a television network of illegally obtaining footage of oscar pistorius, which shows his re-enactment of the moment he admits he shot and killed his model girlfriend. in this re-end actment, there's calling it, pistorius makes a gesture with his hand as if he were holding a gun. the video aired yesterday on a
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television station in australia. but defense lawyers say it was never supposed to go public at all. they say they prepared it for an animated re-end actment of the deadly night. no mention of this video in court today. remember, pistorius said he shot and killed reeva steenkamp because he thought she was an intruder. will the defense gift any sort of relief over this release? why would there. there are judges involved and three of them. there are no jurors. surely judges can handle such a thing. >> at home there's word women are earning more than men, not most places, not even a majority of the places, far from it. but at least in some cities. we'll show you the list and crunch the numbers with kennedy. in parts of passenger jets that weren't even flying ending up in a river. now crews have quite a cleanup ahead. how did that end up there? we'll get to it.
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crews in montana are working to remove some giant plane parts from a river. the wetteddest looking thing. they fail off a freight train that jumped the track in montana, west of the divide. we have some pictures in the slide show. i'm telling you, never seen anything quite like it. these are the fuselages from 737. three boeing fuselages slid down the embankment into the river. the fuselage is the main part. i don't know why they're green. they didn't have in the seats in them. they're going through an assembly plant. you can see the white water rafting at the bottom. where did the jets come from? officials say the train was carrying six of these fuselages. they were under -- three of them
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stayed on the land and three in the water. this picture taken from a rafter down here who must have felt like planes were crashing in their river. no word on what caused the derailment. the embankment just sort of gave wear. spokesman for the railroad says progress is very slow and too take until tomorrow to clear the river, and one boeing official says the fuselages had nothing in them, just a shell no, seats or electric train counties. he said these were headed to a facility to become part of a 737 which seats 150 people. boeing has experts on scene to see if they can salvage the pieces. the jets that went into the river, three of them on the side, three up top. there are only 23 cities in all of america -- there are hundreds and hundreds of sits but only 23 where women earn more money on average than men, according to a texas news analysis of census bureau
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analysis. so it's one ore analysis. our producer chris has the list. you make more than all the men. >> combined. >> that's kennedy. we'll get to her. chris has this data but i don't nowhere the mic is. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> that could be a problem. >> jessica? >> you hear here? 30 lashes with wet noodle. oh, look at this. kennedy is so helpful. >> we looked at average median salaries over the past 12 months for men and women who worked full time. san francisco came in at thank you number five, women there earn 12% more than men. >> 12%? >> mt. vernon, number, women made 12.2% more than men. in inglewood, by los angeles, 2% more than, number two, indio, california, just near palm springs.
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they make 14.6%. the number one place is not up north. it's not out west. it's actually down south, north carolina, women there outearn member by 27.1%. >> for real? >> yes. >> is there a particular industry or a reason for that? >> that's all that we have. >> just bucking the trend. >> yes, yes. >> all right, thank you. i want to talk to kennedy about that. she joins us over here. the host of the independents on the fox business network. 23 cities in the whole done. >> that's it. >> i guess they're working on it about not going so well. >> if you want to overcome the pay gap there are lovely places to move if you're a woman and starting out and you want to better the boys. there are some great coastal towns. not a lot of big cities on the list. 150,000 was the largest populous of the cities -- >> how is that nobody 2014, that with extreme regularity, men earn so much more than women? >> it's a very complex issue.
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know the president has made this one of his social hallmarks, closing the income gap -- >> the white house needs to work on it, too. >> they do, because in 2009, the income gap was 13%. american earn aing more than women, and now six years later it's 13%, still exactly 13%. >> i am surprised that it still exists. women have pretty good lobbies and you would think that a female candidate, a woman candidate, would start jumping up and down and screaming, why does this gap exist? it's not ozzie and harriet. >> not enough women scream up and jump up and down for promotions and raises, and women want to get along in corporate culture, and some ways women want to be the new men, and if you really want to make as much as your male counterparts you have to use more aggressive tactics, often times, and we also have very different -- we have different patterns of employment, especially when women opt out to have kids which
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is the most important job a woman can have. >> obviously. but like this company, you can get four months off, half of it paid. and the guys can gate couple of weeks, too. >> what is happening nowdays -- my husband and i experimented with this in our own lives -- having and flexibility, and invest neglect partnership. there are times when my husband works more or i work more. we split things up, and you have to think unanimous traditionally. can you have it snail don't think that's necessary for every person, but there are new ways of trying, and i think often times the argument about the income inequality gap between men and women is a distraction. >> from what. >> from actually doing the work and doing the very best you can, and i don't want to see young women enter the work force and claim that they're somehow victimized by a set of circumstances that may or may not be beyond their control. if it is within your control go out, do your best, and ask for
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the promotions and raises. >> can you see the person in human resources or the corporate boardroom who says, let's get a woman so we don't have to pay as much. >> if that were the case every fortune 500 case would be stocked with women. there is a did spirity. sometimes -- disparity. sometimes it's complex and something we have to overcome. stop the battle of the sexes. >> see you tonight at 9:00. thank you. police in a case of a father who left his son to die in a hot car are searching the family's home for light bulbs and there is so much more to this. the mother, the answers the mother has given, are, well, -- they're not pretty. i've been away for a week but just catching up on the case. >> really disturbing. nothing fits right now. >> it's starting to fit.
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just not the way we would like to. there are more words out there but they're gone. i don't know, the first day back from vacation. i william just say, we'll be right back.
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a fox report now and more headlines from the fox news deck. at least 14 people died and nearly 70 others hurt in shootings in chicago. police say the city's murder rate has dropped this year, as cops crack down on gangs. emergency officials now say a 32-year-old lifeguard drowned while trying to rescue a swimmer last night off the coast of southern california. the swimmer made it back to shore safely. the fire cheer says it's the first death of a newport beach lifeguard on the job. and watch this. they're at it again. time for the annual running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. on day one, health officials say
12:29 pm
four people were hurt but not seriously, even though a bull did manage to gore one runner in the thigh. each year we count up the gore examination the deaths in pamplona. óqoqúúñ@
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we're now getting a look at the search warrants in the case of the father accused of letting his baby roast to death in a hot car. the release comes as the boy's mother now comes under scrutiny in a drama that has seen bombshell after another. detectives caught the boy's mother talking to her husband in the interrogation room at the cop shop, when they grilled him about leaving his toddler in the scorching car, and according to investigators the wife asked the husband, did you say too much? the father is a guy named ross harris. he told police he forgot to drop his son off at the daycare. investigators say he knew the toddler was in the car for seven agonizing hours. they say ehe even came out to put items in the car during the
12:32 pm
day and still left his son trapped inside. according to detectives when daycare worker told the wife the son never showed up, her very first reaction,%gñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ, wasd must have left theñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ e car. seriously. remember, police say both parents admitted they searchedded the internet for information on hot car deaths. the wife sat calmly in court last week as detectives released more explosive details. while the little boy was slowly dying, probably took a couple of hours, in there for eight, dead after two, the father was texting pictures of himself naked to not one but six different women. police say one of them was not a woman. but a teenager. the wife did not reaction in court to that at all, just stared straight ahead and chewedder he gum. she spoke during the boy's funeral and raised eyebrows when
12:33 pm
she said she would not bring her son back, even if she could. the mom talked about her own awkward teenage years, and the troubles she faced in life. she said of her now-dead son he won't have to suffer through the death of his grandparents, won't have to suffer through the death of me and ross. instead, police say he suffered a slow and excruciating death of his own, at the hands of his father. and maybe more. we're in the atlanta newsroom. search warrants are out today. what are detectives trying to find now? >> they're primarily looking for computer records, specifically data on the father's iphone, on cd-roms and external hard drives that might shedlight on his finances, web searches and marriage. he told investigators he was happily married but authorities say they found evidence he had been sending what they described as inappropriate sexual communications with other women,
12:34 pm
investigators say the father had made comments to other family members bat life insurance policy he had on his son. the warrants seek information on that. as well as records on the couple's outstanding student loans, car loans and credit card debt. investigators plan to examine the father and9oñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? son'l records. harris claimed his son was healthy ask developing normal prior to the incident. apparently, shep, investigators want to verify that. >> one of the items in the search warrant was something about light bulbs in the family home. what is the significance of that? >> that's right. well, justin ross' story to investigators is that he didn't realize that -- or justin ross harris, his story to investigators was he didn't realize he had left his son in the suv until he was on his way home in the late afternoon. investigators say that surveillance video shows him return to the car to drop off some light bulbs that he had purchased during a break in the middle of his work day.
12:35 pm
police apparently want to see how many light bulbs the couple had in storage to determine whether harris had a need to purchase those additional bulbs on the day of his son's death or whether it was perhaps just an excuse to go back to the car. >> jonathan, thank you. let's bring in from atlanta now, criminal defense attorney, esther, nice to see you. >> good to be back. >> it's not nice the way this thing is laying out. the mom arrives at the daycare, and daycare is like, your kid never showed up. oh, dad must have left him in the car. and then, and then, when they're in court, she is not upset. you won't have to suffer through this, and oh, by the way, daddy took out what appears to be a $22,000 life insurance policy on a baby. i don't know how you are just seeing this now. >> there are a lot of bad facts against those -- the father and the mother, and i don't know if the mother is involved but she is not helping herself with any of her public comments or any
12:36 pm
comments that were observed while she was talking to her right after she learned of her child's death in the kalb police department. she was heard asking, did you say too much? too much of what? she asked to see her shoes and not her child who she had just been told he was dead. she appeared to be incredibly, incredibly detached. and we know everyone grieves differently. but her detachment is just so bizarre, considering what she has gone through. she has not been angry at her husband. she got a standing ovation at the funeral because she said she was not angry with her husband. she even talked about maybe having more children and what a good father he would be, and she is kind of in another world right now. if that's what she is talking about. and saying she wouldn't bring her son back even if she could? every word that comes out of her mouth is not helpful to her or
12:37 pm
her husband at all. and it's very reminiscent of what atlanta and the rest of the country went through last summer in the andrea snyderman. she was indicted because of things she said which were strange and bizarre, and her own strange and bizarre behavior. she was indicted and involved in the murder of her husband. so, people have to be careful what they say. it gets put -- >> people have to be careful who they kill -- listen, listen. >> should be put under amicroscope. >> the judge said that this may be a death penalty case, and just from that i wonder if it's you're thinking he might be trying to get one of these to roll on the other one. >> yes. i'm surprised at that. lee anna harris does not have a lawyer, at least one that has come forward, and trying to make a deal to go against her husband in this case. he was the one who was found with his son. he was the one who put him in the car. the natural flip would be the
12:38 pm
wife against the husband, which would strengthen any death penalty case the state may want to bring. but they're both in it together, i'm sure the authorityings are trying to pit one against the other. that's what happens when you have these type of horrific cases and possibly two people involved, and then in georgia there's no spouseol immunity. normally a spouse can choose not have to testify against their -- the other spouse, but in cases with domestic violence, or the death ofqwñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ a child or a child, there is no spousal0-ñ?ñ? protection. she could be forced to testify against hers, -- against her husband and the only protection she would get is she could be prosecuted or be in jeopardy of being prosecuted, and at that point the state could offer her immunity and she would have no choice but to testify. >> man. is a night to see you. >> a lot to think about. >> a long week, a new investigation now confirms that most internet users caught up in
12:39 pm
the government surveillance program are everyday, ordinary people. they say, oh, we're only looking for terrorists, people looking overseas. it's not true again. most of the people, the government has taken their information, has not done anything and they're not under investigation, the government just taking all their stuff. the "washington post" newspaper reports its reviewed government documents which the nsa leaker ed snowden provided and they show that 90%, 90%, of account holders were not targets of anything. the post claims nearly half of those files contains names, e-mail addresses or other details the nsa marked as belonging to american citizens or residents. now, remember, by law, the nsa may target only foreign nationals located overseas unless investigators gate warrant. some of the information was supposedly valuable, like, revelations bat secret overseas nuclear project. but analysts say a great deal of the data was basically useless.
12:40 pm
including folk' person pictures, medical records and pointless internet chatter. shannon has the news from washington. this is stunning they have all our stuff. i can't believe it. >> you don't seem that surprised, shep, so you won't be surprised to find out they collected all kinds of personal stuff not relative to national scoter, things like you mentioned, medical records, academic transcripts and apparently a lot of risque photos out there. a senior administration official tells fox, the administration has always acknowledged that the government does incidentally intercept data and there nor rules in place -- there are rules now to minimize the collection, retention and dissemination of information it scoops up. the official says the rules are approved by both the attorney general and foreign intend intelligence surveillance -- intelligence surveillance court and meant to minimize affect on americans. >> i love the tag line. the feds are telling the local police-don't tell anything about
12:41 pm
this cell phone surveillance. we don't want regular people to know we're collecting all their stuff. is that a fact? >> this is interesting. it's called often the stingray technology. sends a signal your cell phone, thinks it's talking to a cell phone father sends back location of the phone and other details. privacy experts are worried about what happens to all that data that gets collected. >> we see the nsa building a huge facility in utah just for data storage and processing. and law enforcement really loves to store data, to keep it to be able to potentially analyze it at some in definite opinion in the future. >> mccall says she has evidence the fbi is specifically instructing local law enforcement agencies to hides the fact they're using this technology, and acknowledge aclu spokesman says the marshals are doing the same thing for local police departments in florida. >> the head of the terror group
12:42 pm
so vicious and really so spontaneous that al qaeda kicked it out, is apparently not sweating all the warnings from the west. in fact, he is reportedly going public for the very first time, even as troops in iraq try to hunt him down. he is the leader of the group that is getting all the attention, and he is getting it for something he is apparently wearing. what's up with your wristwatch? that's ahead.
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12:45 pm
investigators in iraq say they're analyzing video that shows the leader of the brutal isis militant group making its first public appearance. in what really is his territory now. that's according to a spokesman for the iraqi military. at least two militant web sites posted the video over the weekend. it shows, apparently, abu baghdadi on friday, delivering a sermon in the mosque in the northern city of mosul. the man says, i am not better than your or more -- better than you or more virtue to us thanout but critics say he appears to be wearing an expensive watch, maybe a rolex, an interesting fashion choice for the leader of a group dedicated to fighting westerners. isis has taken control of huge sections of iraq and syria and declared its own state there. there is a bounty on his head
12:46 pm
and hundreds of military advisedders are in iraq. thompson --son is with the center for international study and is live. he is out in the open. this is a big deal because -- >> well, it's a big deal because, one, it contrasts very sharply with the bunkered existence of al qaeda here inship in pakistan, and disavowed baghdadi so this shows he is secure and lends authenticity to him, and to the gains isis has made over the past several weeks, indeed over the past several months, and all of that positions him, baghdadi, as the natural leader of the global jihady movement and that's bad news for us because of the recruit. boost against the morale goose
12:47 pm
it gives, the funding boost, but also bad news for al qaeda senior leadership, which is clearly competing with him. >> i wonder what you're supposed to do about this. you don't want to get up in middle of a civil war. if saddam were still in charge, with the no-fly zone, how do you approach this sort of thing? >> well, this is incredibly difficult to say the least. trying to strike isis positions or go after baghdadi himself with a drone or other means would be very difficult in territory he controls, that is rife with weapons, ieds, and civilians. very difficult to use precision strike weaponry here, even if we get good intelligence on the ground. this will be a very difficult approach, and i think we are going to take some time to get a sense of the battlescape where he is and where his main commanders are before we act.
12:48 pm
unfortunately the iraqi forces might act before hand in order to regain legitimacy and may make matters force. >> for now this is not a matter about them wanting to come get at us. the first thing on everybody's mind is not getting at us. the want this islamic caliphate, and that has to be the goal of the region of,s to top them from doing that it. >> to get to that goal he has to remove the leaders that are in position now across the region, jordan, saudi arabia, in israel, in lebanon, and then iran and turkey and other places. of course, that means engaging those forces. that would be very difficult for him to do that. but look what he has been able to do in eastern syria and in much of iraq. he holds territory. he scared the uniforms right off the backs of iraqi soldiers and police, and he has them on the run. at this point there's something
12:49 pm
of a holding position, a stalemate, but this man and the group isis, or is, is definitely not done. >> thompson --son with us, nice to see you. thank you. >> the fight over immigration at the united states-mexico border led to reports only serious health problems. feds say some illegal immigrant children entered our country, carrying a deadly virus. we'll have the details on that and the growing protest another a border patrol facility in california. this began as almost all politics. now we have a problem.
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12:53 pm
after two children who came in the united states illegally carrying the deadly swine flu virus, the h1n1 virus, border officials put the detention facilities on lockdown to keep this from spreading. all of this is happening as officials started to transfer busloads of immigrants from overcrowded facilities in texas -- that's an understatement. they're bulging at the seams -- so to facilities in other states and one of the places is murrieta, california, 60 miles north of san diego. last week there protesters blocked a bus'load of migrant families from entering the station. the feds say more than 50,000 kids have come to our country since october. will carr is in murrieta this afternoon. i wonder how many protesters -- i see them back there with their american flags. how many people showed up today? >> they're still here and we have seen 100 both protesters
12:54 pm
and supporters come here throughout the day. both sides have been pretty fired up. the protesters tell us that their biggest concern is that immigrants are allowed to come to the pressing center here in murrieta. they will be processed and released into the community, where they're concerned about diseases and footing the bill for food, clothing, housing, the supporters tell us, though, at the same time, that the families they're -- they're worried about the family, especially the kids being treated in an inhuman way. the mayor tells me so far federal authorities are literally not telling him anything about their future plans. >> it's extremely frustrating. this has been part of the frustration since day win one when we started to ask questions, some answers were given. others were unknown. >> planeland full of immigrants in san diego a little earlier today, and we have been told, and there are reports, that apparently those immigrants are heading to chula vista, not
12:55 pm
here, but that's not stopping protesters from leaving just in case the bus shows up. >> there are more supposed to be coming to murrieta? >> reporter: well, that what's the mayor says, he continues to ask federal authorities, and he says he can't get any answers. he says that because of last week and everything that played out, six people were arrested on friday, they're not taking any chances when it comes to security concerns. they're going to leave authorities here just in case any of the buses show up today or the rest of the week. >> will, thank you very much. there's no word that any of these immigrant children who were brought over here based on the violence in their own countries will be releaseed in those towns. my name is karen and i have diabetic nerve pain.
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
set to release its first al numb 20 years. different gillmor tweeted the news over the weekend, and wrote, pink floyd album out in october, called "the endless river." that took everybody by surprise. got retweeted a few thousand times. the new album will consist of unreleased songs. >> on this day back in 1863, old abe lincoln officially ordered the united states' first national military draft. union army leaders decided they needed fresh troops during the civil war. earlier that year, congress passed the enrollment act, which allowed a military draft on a national scale. the law forced all men between the ages of 20 and 45, to enroll, but they could opt out for a $300 fee. just shy of 6,000 bucks, i'm told in today's money. the government ended the draft in 1973, but the u.s. first ordered men to serve the nation 151 years ago today.
1:00 pm
when news breaks out, we'll break in, because that's what we do here on the fox news deck. breaking news changes everything. the dow is off a little bit but neil cavuto mows more about than than i do so we'll turn it over to him. have a great afternoon. >> thank you, shepard. welcome back. vacation is over. to our vets now, but is anyone in congress scrambling now? welcome everyone. as congress returns from the july 4th break it has 16 working days before its next break. the august recess, and still no break for our veterans. they're still waiting for care and still waiting for answers and they're waiting for anything to our senior producer on how long they might have to wait. >> they're still not much further along than just before the fourth of july break here. trying to get a way to get this va bill through. it's been passed by the house, passed by the senate. they need to blend these bills together and the hangup is