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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 7, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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thank you for starting your monday with us. power it up or leave it behind the tsa telling travelers headed to the u.s. to turn on your cell phones. the reason, agents want to make sure they are not bombed. >> this new waive ve of securit measures is terrorists are trying to find out now ways to sneak bombs on to flights. we have more on what you need to know. >> charge your cell phones and other electronic devices if you are traveling overseas at some international airports that offer direct flights to the united states. tsa screeners will be asking passengers to power on their electronic devices before they board. devices like cell phones that won't turn on won't be allowed on planes and travelers may have to undergo additional screening. >> our job is to try to anticipate the next attack and
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not react to the next one. >> he ordered the measure based on u.s. intelligence that suggests new al qaeda efforts that produce a bomb that could go undetected through airport security. >> this past we can we directed they step up aviation security last departure at airports coming into the united states. this is not something to over react to or over speculate but something we felt was necessary. >> they won't disclose which airports will be conducting the additional security. >> the more security the better. >> most we spoke to said they wouldn't mind longer lines for a security measure that keeps everyone safer. >> i think it's good. there's nothing wrong with that especially any newark or any international airport. >> more security measures, yeah. everyone would actually embrace
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it. >> iraqi officials are working to determine the authenticity of this new video just released by isis militants. it is said to show the group leader abu back car baghdaddy after declaring muslim cal fai e caliphate. he asked people to continue to quote for god. intelligence officials believe the video is meg mat. there is only two videos of al baghdaddy and this is the only one of him. air strikes on the gaza strip. members of hamas vowing revenge after seven of the members were killed in the strikes. this as six jewish suspects are arrested in the connection of a 16-year-old palestinian boy that
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is seen as a revenge attacks for the murders of the flee israeli teens last week. the cousin of the murdered teen is now out of prison and serving nine days of house arrest. he was beaten by israeli police while handcuffed. the teen claims he did nothing wrong while authorities say he resisted arrest and even attacked the officer. >> that brings us to our look who is talking. this morning israel's ambassador to the u.s. ron determiner is vowing justice will be served. >> if these jews who are going to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law they will not be hailed as heros by israeli public there will not be squares named after them. that's exactly what we have on the palestinian side where you have terrorists hailed as heros by political leaders public squares named after murderers.
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children emulate murderers and are taught to emulate murderers. it's a difference we should never forget. >> series of attacks and violent protests raise concerns about heightened tensions in the region. >> members of congress are headed to tour facilities where the immigrant children are being held. this as the president is set to visit texas but not the border. the major question this morning, what is going to happen to all of those children? steve sent any centanni has mon this. >> the president is asking for 2 billion for border enforcement and members of congress will get a first-hand look at ts the humanitarian continues. 50,000 unaccompanied children crossed the borders so far hoping to join their parents in the u.s. head of homeland security jay
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johnson offered no questions when asked about the border. >> we are looking at options added, flexibility to deal with the children in particular but in a humanitarian and fairway. >> i am sorry. sounds like a very careful response. are they going to be deported or not? >> there's a deportation proceeding for illegal migrant including children. >> some republicans are pushing for immediate deportation. >> the administration needs to immediately deport these children. i know it sounds difficult they are creating a crisis that is going to harm these children. >> they heed to texas fund raisers he will not visit the
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center for these children. >> thank you, steve. let's keep talking about this immigration crisis. should the president go down to the border. is the administration doing enough? log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page after the show for a debate. >> extreme weather caught on camera through fields in iowa. the twister touching down northwest of cedar rapids. several trees were knocked down and few homes were damaged. trained weather spotters reported at least 11 tornadoes crossing down across the state between 6 and 9:00 p.m. last night. new overnight tragedy in new port beach, california, 32-year-old lifeguard ben carlson drowned while trying to save the swimmer. the 15-year-old veteran and the swimmer hit by large waves.
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the swimmer made it back to shore but carlson went missing. his body was found by search crews. it's the first time a lifeguard has died in the line of duty in new port beach. a fire lieutenant is dead while trying to save others. a cluttered apartment over heated and burst into flames. 4-year-old gordon embela was killed after getting trapped inside the cluttered apartment in brooklyn. it is unwavering, it is epic to save lives. he died a hero. that's how he lived. we will never forget him. >> he is the first new york city firefighter to die in the line of duty in more than two years. >> with the long holiday weekend came a surge of violence.
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at least 7 killed. one of the victims a 16-year-old boy was killed that happened when he was hit by a car in a shoot-out since may 40 deaths have been counted each month. >> laughing now gary indiana police arrest three suspects in the shooting death of a police officer. officer jeffery westerfield was found shot to death in his police car wednesday morning. he was respondings to a call of shots fired just before he was found dead. three were arrested in the house near a shooting scene sung day afternoon -- sunday afternoon. he left behind a fiancee and four daughters. >> he would come in kiss my cheek say love you, swee you in the morning. sweet dreams, babe. then he would go to, would. that's the last time i saw him. >> sunday was officer
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westerfield's birthday. he had just turned 47. >> oscar pistorius is back in court on a day that could be dominated by arguments over controversial video footage in australia. it shows him reenacting. it is unclear if twhy the reenactment was done. he wants to reopen the state's case. >> with a $2 million deal on the line donald sterling heads there. why he is changed wife shelly had the right to sell the team for $2 billion. she had two doctors declare sterling mentally incapacitated to make the decision. he was banned for life after making comments for his relief. >> the world's number one tennis player keeping the spot on top.
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novak yodjokovic beating federe. excuse me. he lost last night by taking him back by 5 sets. nearly blowing the lead came back to grab his first nearly victory in nearly 18 months. he dedicated that win to his pregnant wife. >> great win. >> after last week's record close in the stock market, what can we expect this week? here to tell us with more on that adam shapiro. >> good morning heather and ainsley. this morning stock futures were a bit negative across the board. dow jones closed above 13,000 for the first time. s&p 500 closed 15 points from 2000. nads dak is up over 7 percent. blame it on bad weather along
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holiday weekend or maybe hollywood. maybe they released a bad batch of movies. but the july 4th box office is traditionally a big holiday. transformers number one and tammy 21 million. >> they devised a new index for the best vehicles actually named in america. they are as follows. the chevrolet sonic. mid-sized sedan the camry, equinox, cad lashg ts among luxury and the ford f1 is t50 i the topicup. >> endless appetizers program. pay $10 for an appetizer they can order as much as they like of one product. sharing is discouraged they won't police tables should somebody lean over and grab one
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of your mozzarella sticks or two or three. you can pile on the boneless buffalo wings just make sure you hit the gym at some point. >> they are all good for you. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. chaos on the runway as two planes almost collide at a busy airport. how in the world did that happen? >> hey, get out of the water. hey. get out of the water. shark! >> the victim of a terrifying shark attack speaking out about how he managed to escape. as we go to break a look at your weather around the country. if you suffer from constipation, you will likely also suffer from gas.
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>> welcome back to kgsz f"fox & friends first". a plane taxis across the runway in the path of a labdzinding 76. they pull up at the last second. the emergency maneuver a real risk as the air above is full of other planes. the russian 676 eventuallyable
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to land safely. >> they are big, they are green and they are stuck in a moana river. the fuselages were in the water after a plane carrying them went off the tracks. they were on their way to a boeing plant in washington state. they were to blame for the bogged down cleanup. >> the swimmer attacked by a 7 foot long great white shark off the coast of california's manhuman beach. he is speaking out about his terrifying face to face encounter. anita vogel has more. >> seeing my last moments of life. >> steve is out of the hospital now but the scars from happened to him saturday are fresh in his mind and on his body. >> hey, get out of the water. >> while he was on his weekly
2:17 am
long distance switch in manhattan beach he was bit in the tore so by a shark hooked on a fisherman's line. >> i was staring at this shark eyeball to eyeball. he says instinct kicked in he made a decision to fight for his life. >> i used this hand to grab the nose of the shark and try to pry the mouth open off the chest. >> addressing the incident from the comfort of his california home, he thinks the fisherman who hooked the shark used poor judgment. >> knowing there are all of these swimmers, surfers, kids out in the water he should have cut that line immediately. >> some witnesses thought the fisherman involved may have been chumming for shark which is illegal. on saturday officials said they didn't think so and the whole thing was the case of a swimmer and a spark couldsing paths.
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>> we interviewed every fisherman out there to get the full story and make sure we got the facts right. nobody is being detained at this point. >> he didnisn't sure will go bao long distance swimming. >> don't miss the shark attack victim. he will be live on "fox & friends" at 7:52 eastern time. it is time now to brew on this. many of you are heading back to the office of courseser back to work after a long holiday weekend. >> i have got to get out of here. i think i am going to lose it. >> uh-oh. sounds like somebody has the case of the mondays. >> now a survey finds people are the most important factor when it comes to happiness at work. 8 out of 10 people said they would turn down a huge salary
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admitting it was colleagues they didn't like. >> what is more important making more money or working with nice people. send your comments to our facebook page or e-mail us. >> a store up in flames. rockets shooting off as the store burns to the ground. >> not good. one of the largest wrecks in nascar history involving nearly half of the cars on the track. how everyone managed to walk away. nineteen years ago, we thought, "wow, how is there no way to tell the good from the bad?" so we gave people the power of the review. and now angie's list is revolutionizing local service again.
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♪>> it is monday 4th of july has come and gone on this monday morning. the sun is shining. well, talking about the 4th of july 1st of the celebrations turned chaotic when fire tears through two houses in portland oregon. a fire work landed on a porch awning and it burst into flames leaving the attic of one home damaged and the other home destroyed. while crews were battling the fire the neighbors kept onseting off more fireworks. >> here is a group flaunting the fireworks in the case of the crew that were trying their darnest to get this house under control and protect the house next door. >> the mortar star file works are dr dr fireworks are illegal
2:24 am
and they were issued citations and could be charged for damages in the houses. >> a out of control fireworks display in tennessee. can you hear those pops? those ro the rockets that are going off as the fireworks store is erupting into flames. the store completely destroyed by the fire. the fireworks shot off in all n smaller fires nearby. a scare in the air after a woman collapses and stops breathing during a flight from new zealand to los angeles. the crew and a paramedic who happened to be on board at the time tried to save the middle aged woman for nearly 90 minutes but they weren't able to revive her. they were kept on the plane for two hours. the cause of the death unknown. four people in the boston area they have been stricken by a moscow born virus. the victims were diagnosed with a viral disease that is
2:25 am
transmitted -- or two humans by mosquitos. the most common symptoms are fever and joint pain. other symptoms may include headache, muscle pain or rash. the infection lasts about 7 days. the cases don't pose a threat to the public. >> the life's work of a new mexico ranching family threatened by a little mouse. the feds put the meadow jumping mouse on the endangered species list. the u.s. forest service is considering installing 8 foot high fences to protect the mouse which would stop the livestock from grazing. >> it is time now for your monday motivator. a story we think will get your week started off on the right foot. skydiving at 100. that is how one california man
2:26 am
celebrated his birthday. lorne grown was surrounded by family and friends when he took the plunge sunday jumping out of the plane at 13,000 feet. he was strapped to an instructor said he felt safe and comfortable as he had the ride of his life. >> i have never had such a wonderful exciting experience. it is unbelievable. >> at 100 he credits his good health with staying outdoors, eating right and says he is ready to go up again. >> good for him. he looks great for 100 years old. >> good for him. it is 26 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up a trove of cold war era kgb secrets revealed for the television weeks in history. >> a super typhoon has its eyes
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>> it is monday july 7th. we grin with a fox news alert. don't bring your dead phone to the airport or you may not be able to fly. cracking down on security in the wake of a new threat. what you need to know before you fly. >> tensions are mounting in the middle east. six suspects are arrested in connection with a brutal murder of a palestinian teenager. the latest on that growing crisis. >> too close for comfort a fighter jet coming dangerously close to a crowd of people. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:31 am
♪ >> i love it. i love this city. it is monday july 7th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley earhardt. >> half past the hour. we start with a fox news alert. the tsa beefing up security in an effort to keep terrorists from blowing up planes. the tsa they want to them to be turned on if they can't they will not make it past security. the new measures in response to fears terrorists are developing more sophisticated ways to sneak
2:32 am
bombs on to flights. iraqi officials are working to determine the authenticity of this new video released by sisi militants. the video shows him declaring victory on the video after restoring muslim kacaliphate in iraq and syria. he tells them to continue to fight for quote enemies of god. he has a $10 million bounty on his head is rarely being seen in public but intelligence officials believe this is legitimate. there are only two known photographs of the man and this is leaved to be the only video of him. >> fengss are mounting as they launch new air strikes on the gaza strip. we have more on this.
2:33 am
>> he is still receiving condolence calls sunday the burned body of the palestinian teenager found last week in a jerusalem forest. the gruesome nature of his death sparked days of conflict between palestinians and israeli police. palestinian president mahmoud abbas calling for a thorough investigation into the crime. >> the child is only 15 years old he's burnt alive. we want to find out who committed the terrorist acts. >> 16 israelis have been arrested in connection to his death. it is widely believed the killings were retaliation for the shootings of three israeli teens who were kidnapped from the west bank allegedly by hamas. benjamin netanyahu appealing for calm. >> i promise we will prosecute those who committed the shocking crime to the fullest extent of the law. there is no place for these kinds of murders in israeli
2:34 am
society. >> when is the appropriate time for u.s. officials to get involved especially after news of the american cousin's videotaped beating by paramilitary police. angel says kadir resisted arrest and attacked the officers. he has been released and is under a 9 day house arrest. they suggested secretary of state john kerry should travel to the region tol conduct diplomacy. >> it is firing out of control. there's a whole lot of reasons for it but this is a time where the united states could play a destructive role. now to the crisis at the southern border as it worsens by the hour. members of congress will visit the children tomorrow while president obama still won't visit the border even though he will be in texas this week.
2:35 am
doug luzader is live with more. >> the president is going to texas on wednesday. he is slated to attend a big democratic financed raiundraise. he is not scheduled to visit the border but that may change. many of the kids streaming across the border they believe if they make it that farther pretty much home free. they are fed up. >> i have to believe when you do not respond in any way that you are either inep president or you have some ulterior motive from which you are functioning from. >> there is no free pass but that assumes any of the immigrants show up voluntarily for their fourth day many are sent to just about every corner of the country.
2:36 am
he will visit later this week but for how now he plans to kees distance from the border which fellow democrats aren't happy about. >> i think he is one step behind. they knew it was happening a year ago last year and they are not reacting fast enough at this time in my personal opinion. >> does the president need to go to the border when he visits later this week? >> he can't be every plates he would like to be or should be. >> in an awkward escape seven different times, seven different ways whether these kids would ultimately face deportation. he dodged that question seven times. >> search times. doug thank you for joining us this morning. now it is time to take a look at who is talking. republican senator lindsay graham says it is time for
2:37 am
president obama to draw a hard line to send these kids home and keep others from crossing our borders. >> i would put on the table cutting off any foreign assistance to these countries. he knows it or not if you get to america you can say he needs to speak to the people in that region with the leadership role thing. children coming here legal ille will be sent back. if you don't you incentivize people who live here. you are not going to have a good healthy relationship with united states you are not going to get american taxpayers if you do not engage in stopping this. let's keep talking about the immigration fricrisis. should the president go to the border? is the administration doing enough? log on to the fox and friends first facebook page #keep
2:38 am
talking. >> girls escape from their terror captors. they were aqueducted by the boko haram militant groups. they were seen saturday morning. boko haram was still in the southern town. police investigating the murder of a 22 month old child who died after his father caught him in a hot car. justin is charged with murder and child cruelty. suspicions growing after her unusual behavior in her son's death. the 30-year-old remained composed in court when a number of shocking allegations were revealed about her husband. he had been texting with six different women on the day their young son died. the first trial is about to
2:39 am
get underway. opening statements began today for one of the friends who. he through out a backpack filled with fireworks that he took from dzhokhar tsarnaev's room. if convicted on all charges he faces 25 years behind bars. the long holiday weekend brings a surge of violence in chicago. more than 50 people have been shot in the last three-days. at least p victims are dead one of them a 16-year-old boy hiding under a car during a shoot-out there have been 40 months in each state. in 99 connecticut passed a law allowing judges to temporarily cease guns from people seen as a danger to hem sthemselves or to
2:40 am
others. lawmakers are considering similar laws after several mass killings across the country. they will stop mass killings but opponentses fear it could violate the constitution. >> to an extreme weather alert japan gracing for a super typhoon. the it is past a large u.s. military base in okinawa. many of the buildings are designed to power the -- weather around the powerful winds. it will pack wind justs up to 150 miles per hour. land slides and massive flooding also expected. >> t-shirt celebrating president george bush eights time in the white house. they are $27 each and were put on sale in honor of bush's 68th birthday. they issue a print that reads, i
2:41 am
miss w along side the picture of the president. profits will go to the rnc. >> the time now 40 since after the top of the hour. they are making customers shop how can they pay? >> one of the largest checks. how everyone managed to give it away. 3rd and 3. 58 seconds on the clock, what am i thinking about? foreign markets. asian debt that recognizes the shift in the global economy. you know, the kind that capitalizes on diversity across the credit spectrum and gets exposure to frontier and emerging markets. if you convert 4-quarter p/e of the s&p 500, its yield is doing a lot better...
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>> the faa drafting new regulations to permit small drones to be used from everything from tv news conferenconfer coverage to monitoring props.
2:45 am
they lift the ban on flying drones. >> officials defending a new report that found the nsa was spying on ordinary americans way more than terror suspects. between 2009 and 2012 they col nexted information from neighbors e-mail addresses and about 5,000 private photos. nsa officials saying that is just routine. they say for every terrorist target monitored communications on nine innocent bystanders is collected. >> a treasure trove of russian kgb file episodes uncovered. they were smuggled out of russia in 92. they describe saab taj, booby trapped agent under cover in the
2:46 am
west. it was released by a tame bridge university. they became one of the most intelligent sources ever by british american agencies. >> there is growing concern among mornings. as a result many of you are changing where you are shopping and how you are paying. gloria from the fox business network is here. >> good morning to you. proof of backlash stemming from a rash of data breeches and cybercrime. not one but two studies show that consumerings are changing where they shop and how they pay. the national consumer league finds consumers are blaming retailers outright for making their information vulnerable. the other study found that nearly two-thirds of americans are more likely to pay in cash now after hearing so much credit card information has been stolen. what's worse one in 3 people who are notified are found as
2:47 am
victims of fraud. their trust in retailers significantly decreased and consumers don't keep confidential. they want them to do a better job of protecting their agenda. they want stricter penalties. ainsley, back to you. the time is 37 minutes rafr the hour. to close for comfort. >> the biebs is back in court food tore his bad behavior after he was caught drag racing. first let's check in with brian kilmeade to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> i am excited about the facebook for the show. the tsa cracking down on phones.
2:48 am
you won't be able to board a plane perhaps if it is not powered up. if you have an iphone it is never powered up. i don't know what we are going to do. one of the local residents is here live to talk about a revisit to the entire thing and a great white shark attacks a guy that person will be joining us with their amazing story. donald trump is here. bret baier is here, i am here, the crew is here? make sure you watch. cl
2:49 am
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close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. welcome back to "fox & friends first" . a freak accident at a 4th of july demolition derby claims the life of a utah man. the man was serving as a
2:52 am
derby official when one car was hit by another and then it went flying over a dirt mound hitting steel. >> the gasoline in the air he loved. he loved the cars, the rev of the ep gin. he loved all of that. >> i believe he lived life with no regrets. >> the winning drivers at the derby are donating money to the family. >> there is this incredible video of the terrifying moment a fighter jet flies dangerously close to a crowd at an air show in england. >> can you believe that? you can see some of the people ducking, running for cover. the jet barely missing people flying ten feet over their heads. it landed on a runway right behind them. >> halting production of the new star wars movie.
2:53 am
harrison ford broke his leg after a spaceship fell on top of him. the studio says the film is on track for its december 2015 release. justin bieber due back in a miami courtroom today expected to plead guilty to reckless driving. he was charged with a d.u.i. in january. cops say they caught him drag racing with marijuana and xanax in his system. >> time now for your viral videos. forget the tortoise and the hare. how about the tortoise and the dog. these two playing a competitive game of soccer. you're wondering who won. the tortoise may have been disqualified for taking a bite out of its competitor. >> one dad setting a new
2:54 am
meaning in rock a bye baby. [music] >> the dad says every time his little girl is upset he plays the nine-inch nail song copy of a and she immediately stops crying and sometimes she starts dancing. >> just file this under adorable billy the puppy desperately trying to jump on to the bed and see a newborn baby but no matter how hard he tries he can't get up there. >> it is now six minutes till the top of the hour. talk about a grand entrance. a baby boy arriving days early and moments before mom could make it inside the hospital. >> would you rather have a higher salary or nice co-workers? your comments are pouring in on this one and we will share them up next. ♪
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2:57 am
three minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. the t.s.a.'s new safety procedures requiring some passengers flying to the u.s. to turn on their electronic devices before getting on the plane, this amid new fears al qaeda may be trying to make bombs that airport security cannot detect. israel watching new airstrikes in the gaza strip killing at least seven members of hamas. it follows the arrest of
2:58 am
six jewish suspects and the brutal murder of a palestinian boy. disgraced los angeles clippers owner donald sterling heads to court today to determine if his wife had the right to sell the team for $2 billion. >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. she almost made it to the emergency room. a new jersey woman giving birth inside a car in a hospital parking lot. the baby boy arriving four days early. it couldn't wait another minute. mom and baby doing just fine. up next, the bad. humpty dumpty literally falling off a wall and smashing into pieces at an oregon amusement park. made of cement, humpty dumpty had been sitting on that wall since the park opened in 1970. officials say they hope it won't take all the king's horses and men to put him back together.
2:59 am
>> code zero 400 looking like a demolition derby with this 25-car pileup. bush flipping completely over during the enormous crash. amazingly no one was hurt. >> time for your brew on this responses. a new survey finds the most important factor when it comes to a job is happiness. >> i've got to get out of here. i think i'm going to lose it. >> sounds like somebody's got a case of the monday's. >> eight out of ten people said they would turn down a huge salary if it meant working with colleagues they didn't like. so we asked you, what is more important, more money or working with nice people? dean says the work environment by far. doesn't matter how much i'm paid if i despise working there. tom says it all depends on the money. my co-workers can make me laugh and enjoy the job but none of them help me keep the lights on. and susan tweeted us saying
3:00 am
this, you spend half of your life at work. being happy with those surroundings is more important than the extra money. thanks to everyone who responded. don't forget to keep talking about the immigration crisis. should the president go to our border? are they doing enough? let us know. "fox & friends" starts now. good morning everyone. it is monday, the 7th of july, 2014. i'm anna kooiman in for elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with a fox news alert. charge up that smart phone. don't even think about boarding a plane. the new t.s.a. rule that will change the way you fly. but why? a live report straight ahead. >> and as the immigration crisis intensifies, the president is heading to texas, but he's not going to visit the border? >> the president can't every place he'd like to be. >> really? and now even democrats, some of them, are saying the president needs to show up and do more.


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