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tv   Proud to Be an American  FOX News  July 5, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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be more of a healthy you. see you next time. >> the flag means a lot to me. >> i serve our country because first i was taught the tradition of service. secondly because i believe in what the nation stands for. >> i think america is a wonderful country. we have so many opportunities to succeed if we want to. we have the right to say what we want to. >> i am very proud of america. >> july 4th, independence day, america's birthday. hello and welcome to our special program. to celebrate this grand day fox news sent tv crews out
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across the country to ask this question, why are you proud to be an american? you are going to hear from celebrities on the red carpet. you are going to hear from politicians on capitol hill. and during reenlistment during fleet week marines and sailors talk about why they serve and what makes them proud. fox news hosts will share their stories about their lives and what america means to them and their families. and at memorial day day parades and ceremonies in big cities cities and small towns and recent immigrants and people whose families has been here since the first independence day. why they are proud to be american. >> the thing that makes america great are the people. >> tremendous spirit. tremendous love of the country. >> the first country ever to
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be founded with the idea that every person was created equal. >> we are all of the children of those who risked everything for freedom. i think that is the fund mental dna that unites america. >> when i was 8 years old my dad took me to hear a speech by the governor of the state. he said son you will hear the governor talk because you may never meet another governor in your life. he wouldn't know that later i would become one. and i would run for president of the united states and have so many great experiences i never could have dreamed as a child growing up. all because i live in this country, the greatest country on god's green earth. i am grateful for my freedom. i am grateful for opportunities. on this, america's birthday, i am grateful for the men and women in uniform who gave it to me. for a european seeing the shear size of america takes your breath away.
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you spend your lifelike this and we have tiny cars. in america there are wide open spaces and big sky country. you know you have arrived in a big place. it is wide open. as soon as you step off that plane, i didn't come on a boat. i stepped off a plane. it doesn't matter who your mom and dad were. it doesn't matter what you looked like. you can go as far as you want to go. it is wide open. america feels free. it is a feeling and you could pick it up. it is almost leak it is in the -- like it is in the wind. as soon as you arrive this place means freedom. >> wire looking at america. -- we are looking at america. what makes america great? >> in one word, opportunity. having the freedom and the democracy and the openness of this country permits people like us and businesses to have
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unequal opportunity in the world. >> that's what america represents. my grandfather came to this country in 1919. you can imagine what he was feeling, what your ancestors were feeling levering -- leaving a place so familiar with friends and family because of the promise of opportunity, because of the promise of freedom and opportunity. when you look at america and think about it, what has america given to you? >> it gave me the opportunity to never give up. the road is not smooth. the journey is not equal. the situations have to be overcome and you don't succeed in every step of the way. in this country you learn from who you need to learn by the bumpy road and you never give up taking advantage of the opportunity america permits you. >> i think as immigrants we
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appreciate this country sometimes even more than the people who have been here for generations. we respect freedoms and the way that you are really allowed to live the life you want. >> america stands for the dignity of every human person and then that hope, that leave can be better. >> freedom of speech makes the country great. the freedom to truly express yourself and talk about your beliefs. >> tonight we are are asking our panel members what makes america great? >> the ability to participate in forums like this where we can have this debate, and where we are free to criticize the president of the united states in sometimes robust and uh dash dosh aggressive ways because we don't believe in what he is doing to the country. that's something that truly makes us unique even at this point in 2014. >> there are few countries in the world where you can
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practice journalism the way you do in the united states without any fear of any kind of reprisals with the exception of someone chewing your ear off if they are mad at you. that does president happen elsewhere. >> the sense of liberty is really overwhelming if you grow up american you are lucky to be american. in the lottery of human history 6% of the planet are americans and through the lottery we ended up here. there is one other element which is america as a savior. more people have been saved, rescued, liberated by america than any other in the history of the world. to be a part of that history, of that destiny and that nation that goes around and does this as a blessing in and of itself, talking about dysfunction on capitol hell and elsewhere it is a place where you can still have a
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story and that you come from nothing and make it into something and something big. >> on this july 4th weekend, what makes america great is opportunity. our country gives the most people the best chance to prosper. that's what makes it great. in other countries around the world there are class systems and government oppression and things in play. here if you work hard and if you are honest and if you get educated you have a real shot at it. a lot of luck is involved and keep working and percent veering. persevering. i came from little to be here tonight to talk about the fourth of july. freedom isn't free. individual responsibility will make the difference. but america is the greatest country in the world because of opportunity. >> in spite of all of our difficulties we have had, this country has come an extremely long way toward true freedom and equality for everyone.
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>> we can always rely on our constitution to make sure everybody's civil liberties are ensured and guaranteed. >> ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ hope beret day to you ♪ happy birthday to our country ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ and many more ♪ >> i love my country and i saw that i needed to do it for the ones i love. >> i have been all over the world and nothing comes close to america. >> it is what it stands for. everybody has a voice. whether we agree or disagree with their opinions they have a right to voice it.
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i can solemnly swear i will support and defendant. >> i will support and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> fighting for the rights we have here unlike the rest of the world, that's what makes us great. >> true faith and allegiance. >> no one in my family has been in the military since world war ii. i decided to take the step and go for it. >> so help me god. >> so help me god.
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>> well done. [applause]. happy birthday, america. >> what has america given to you? >> america has given to me a sense of opportunity. i went to west point as a 17-year-old kid and 39 years later i retired as a major general. it wasn't because of my family connections. it wasn't because of my class standing. it wasn't because of my wealth or my family's wealth. it was an opportunity to prove myself. that's what characterizes our whole country. is the idea that if you work hard and show up to work on time and do your job, by golly, this society will reward you and that is very, very rare today. >> senator, what makes america great? >> the unique aspect of our experiment where people from all over the world can come and they come to have a better life and the influx of talent and strength and incredible
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abilities has made this nation the strongest in the history of the world. >> why did you serve? >> it was a tradition in my family, but you i also -- frankly part of it was the excitement of being a navy pilot and the excitement of flying in combat. also the comradery and the life and the belief in country. >> does star-spangled banner get old to you? >> no, but america the beautiful causes a tear sometimes. >> we have known we are the absolute best. my favorite is free speech. if i don't like something, i can say it. that's not true to a lot of countries. if we see something we don't like we can speak up and tell our government don't do that. we don't like it. you can't do that around the world in a lot of places and that's what makes us great. >> eggs specially on july
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4th -- especially on july 4th it is important to remember throughout history our country is worth dying for. some of the things i learned from my husband is the love of country is so deep for so many. it is so deep for me as well. if somebody is going to sacrifice for their own country they have to do that. it is a part of our relationship and it is going to be a part of our family for so many years to come. >> i am so proud of my son who joined the military, served in afghanistan. he is back now, first lieutenant. all of his west point classmates were such outstanding people. i was honored when they would come by and flattered at their service. they love this country and they defend it and they are willing to die for it.
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unfortunately some of his classmates have already. they understand that freedom isn't free. it is overwhelming. happy birthday, america. go army! >> are you kidding me? happy birthday, america. go navy! >> i was around 11 years old in that picture. my father was commanding a battalion. my father talked about winning freedom. he said freedom is never free and america is a great reminder of the struggle and what is worth struggling for to the rest of the world. it sounds cliche, but it is true, if you can dream it you can achieve it. >> when it comes to our freedom to say what we want to whom we want when ever we want that holds this country is still great for that. i think
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that alone sets this country apart. >> my grandmother could not read or write at 31 years old. i saw my parents work their whole life. i started serving at 17 and here i am now a business m would. i was fighting for our freedom and now i am fighting for democracy and will never quit. >> not bad. >> we speak out against we what we are not for and believe in what we do, but we are allowed to express our voices and opinions and that makes us great. >> we lawyer about -- we hear about it on the liberal side of things. they are disadvantaged because of the economy. hard work is rewarded and that is what propels the hope and keeps the dream alive. >> i am reminded that the country is ripped a new one all the time, and maybe i missed it, but any rickity
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boats leaving this country for another country? >> and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air. gave proof through the night, that our flag was still there. ♪ oh say does that star-spangled banner yet wave. for the land of the free. and the home of the brave.
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memorial day means remembering those who sacrificed. myself, i am army. we celebrate this memorial day for fallen heros. >> we wouldn't have the freedom and rights if it wasn't for the people who fought for us from the first world war to the second. my dad was in korea. you know what, we are the only write who has fought and provided freedom for others around the world. >> you know, so many people look toward this day and think about the fireworks at night and sometimes the true meaning gets lost. think about where we were a couple hundred years ago. we were a beacon of freedom and people came here from all over. they still do. if you go to any country in the world and you ask where would you like to go some day? they say the united states of america. why? because i want to be free. itit is the land of
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opportunity. it is where i can become something. that's why so many do. >> we love the fact that we can express our opinions freely. we may not have to agree all the time. it is the best place. i feel privileged to be born here and raise our kids here. >> i totally agree. we are the human allstar team. the countries around the world sent their best 200 years ago and now we get the opportunity to be successful and nothing is guaranteed. but we like the game and we feel honored to be here. that's what america means and you canada fine it yourself. >> america means everything to me. when i think about america, tears come to my eyes. when i was a little kid, my parents gave me up for foster care. i lived in a communist country where people were dying and there was no freedom. my mother gave me up.
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she gave me up because she knew that the only way a a for me to get out and to come to america. when we all got united and i became a young man and i started my university training and was planning to become a doctor, there was not a day that went by where my father would not remind me how happy i was i lived in the u.s. he said look at you, son. look at you. look at what you have become. this is america. what more do you want? and for me and for millions of other people, it is the same thing. look at what we have. look at what we have achieved. we are blessed by god. therefore we should be celebrating all the time. there is no place like this country, no place. >> on this fourth of july, we want to talk about america and what makes it so great. i can't think of anyone better
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to start the conversation than george will. your thoughts about this country and why it is so special. >> three things, baseball, corn on the cob -- i'm from the midwest -- and the first paragraph of the declaration of independence that set out the doctrine of natural rights which alone can vector limited government. >> as a journalist living in a country that protects first amendment rights, the right to speech is incredible and we often take it for granted. as a woman i read a lot about human rights and i am constantly thanking god i am born in this country as a woman because it has to be one of the best places to live in the world as a woman. >> i will put in a word for our natural resources and environment. america is a physically gorgeous country. we have the two oceans and the gulf of mexico and giant rivers. we have the rocky mountains and alaska and the great plains and the buffalo and bald eagle. what a wonderful, beautiful,
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gorgeous, fan it is a a stick -- fantastic place to be. >> i have kids that are learning history in school or about government in other places. one of the things that amazes me is when you first tell them that there are places in the world that do not have what we have and do not have basic democracy and capitalism, they express utter disbelief. i find that an amazing thing. >> breaking news to talk about the fact you would see an asian person and say okay, that's a japanese person or you would say a blonde, blue eyed person and say that is a norwegian person. and hispanic and you say maybe they are from mexico and brazil. you could see somebody of any ethnic variety and say that's an american. >> walt whitman put it best, we are a world and the united states always has been and always will be. >> it is funny, growing up i always celebrated independence day.
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it is fabulous. the only thing is i thought it was celebrating my birthday. i am born on the fourth of july. my dad came in 1940 from puerto rico and my mom's parents came from eastern europe. it is a land of immigrants and opportunity and a land of optimism. my dad worked cutting the sugar cane. he came here and was washing pots in the kitchen of a cafeteria and that's where he met my mom who is a waitress. they can remake themselves and make themselves and where everybody has a shot. my beloved country, happy birthday. >> you hear a lot of people in this hour talking about why they are proud to be american. we noah lot of you watching are too. share your pride by using the # proud american. do it on twitter, facebook and instagram. we will look out for your posts and pictures. fox will continue with proud america straight ahead.
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>> it has been a blessing to be here in america. we came here and was part of the american dream. >> my grandfather came here for opportunity and came here for freedom and came here to see his family grow and prosper.
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>> live from america's news headquarters. violent clashes between israeli police and palestinian protesters now spreading into arab towns in northern israel after erupting in jerusalem yesterday. police arresting more than 20 people so far. tensions have been high following the death of three abducted israeli teenager and the apparent retaliatory death of a teen. and a california swimmer now in stable condition after a shark attack. officials say the victim was swimming near the manhattan beach pier this morning when he was bitten by a 10-foot great white shark. the man was rushed to the hospital with moderate bite wounds and lifeguards later closed the beach and now trying to guide the animal further out into the ocean. now back to fox news special "proud to be an american."
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>> ♪ america, oh america. ♪ ♪ now he shed his grace on on thee ♪ ♪ oh yes he did >> welcome back to our celebration of america's 238th birthday. up more from kelly wright and the colton club allstars. from here in the fox news studios to the cities and towns across the country, more are proud to be an american. >> america means good things and apple pie. i love america. >> america means prosperity and freedom. >> don't make me cry. it is an honor to be a citizen from here. we are free. >> there is no where you can go in the world where you don't feel the influence of the american dollars.
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>> i would die for america. i love america. >> on july 4th, 1776, the founding fathers adopted the declaration of independence and declared the nation's independence from britain. there was attitude in the new nation of personal independence self-reliance and capitalism and contra pro inure ship that -- and entrepreneur ship that made this great country. it is the citizens who has driven growth. tonight we explore what makes america great with the last man to walk on the moon, former nasa astronaut. >> lou, i was born in chicago, blue collar family. never got into an airplane until i was 22. dreamed about flying and my dad dreaming of me getting the education he never had. the dream and opportunity in front of me allowed me to call
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it my home. that's when america is all about. >> when you talk about coming from a blue collar background, my parents, we didn't have a lot of money. i ended up getting a college education and having great opportunities. all i had to do was work hard and put my nose to the grind stone and shoulder to the wheel and things would work out. that's the america i know. that's the country i want my grand kids to be part of and inherit and grow with so they can be what they want to be and go where they want to go. in this country they have the freedom to do it. the god given freedom and opportunity to do just that. >> most americans feel they have a fair shake and if they work hard they can be anything they wants. my grandfather came from
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ireland. he was a carpenter and built houses. the generations after that went work with some of the greatest corporations, liberty mutual, ibm. my grandfather said you can be anything you want to be in this country. and high always told us to shoot for the top of whatever we were doing. the country has given us such an ununbelievably extraordinary down back. >> there are not people banging on other people's doors around the world, but they are banging on our door and trying to get access to what is the greatest country in the world. the american dream, though many doubt it, is alive and kicking, and it is better here than anywhere else. to me that's what america means. that's what this day means on the fourth of july. when you see the red, white and blue, i mean, it stands for so much and you see the american flag. what that teals me is that america is still a place where believers become achievers. >> happy birthday, america.
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>> the thing i think most about this country and why i love it is it lives up to the promise to be a more perfect union. tracy, what do you love? >> you can do kneeing you want when ever you want, however you want. it is like going to the diner. you can order chicken ficotta for breakfast. that's like the united states. you can do anything in the country you want if you allow yourself the opportunity to do it. >> we should be specific, a new jersey diner. >> i love the spirit of entrepreneur ship, and i know people are afraid to start businesses, but if you look from new york to silicon valley, and the young entrepreneurs, 80% of millenials want to be their own boss. >> i did not know that. >> i really cool. >> i started a couple companies. some were fantastic and some did not work well. there is always a second chance to be what you are. >> i want to tag on to that.
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i am on my third career. i have had success and a lot of failures and each time this country has afforded me the opportunity to start over again and build things up. it is great to reflect on the amazing opportunities america affords. happy fourth of july, everyone. >> it is america's ordinary people and thousands of examples of their courage and the moments of crisis that serve as the best mark of our elevens. we expect the heroism of soldiers in battle and the courage of police officers and firefighters and all of the first responders and horrific event after event. i believe it is the courage and heroism of the seemingly unprepared who are thrust into cat tau traffic situations -- catastrophic situations who time and again stun us with the magnificence of their actions. >> the essence of america is
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the people a's willingness to die to preserve freedom and opportunity and her way of life for themselves, for fellow americans and the jn -- generations who will follow. >> it is hard to top that. that was beautifully said. one of the great things about america is somebody who was raised in riverside, california whoe worked as a brakeman on the southern pacific railroad with no discernible talent could rise to be one of the top radio people in america. >> not a bad observation. what do you think? >> he is true in all seriousness. coming from nothing and making something of yourself and believing in yourself, in this country you can believe in yourself and fulfill your dreams. >> the problem is i am a genius. i really had a leg up on the rest of you. >> america means you are free. >> it is a melting pot and i
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was given the privilege to wear the uniform and go to combat. if i could i would do it all over. >> i am from los angeles. america, happy birthday.
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being born an american citizen was like winning the lottery of life. >> the freedoms we enjoy was written with our fore fathers from 1776 to enjoy the liberties that many other countries don't. >> america means everything to me. it is the most underful place to live. >> it is the wonderful world we live in here in america. >> i am so fortunate to be an american.
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we forget that sometimes. very, very fortunate. >> throughout the history we have seen people come from nothing. the opportunity is there for everyone if they are willing to work. >> happy fourth of july to all of you. here is what makes america great in my view. my grandparents all four came from ireland. most with $20, $25 in their pocket. no place to live and no guarantee of a job and no social security and know obama health care. but they worked really, really hard. they were able to provide for their families and i started at 8 years old as a paper boy. i pursued my dream that first was radio and then got to work at the fox newschannel the day they go on the air. our key now is to keep the dream alive. get government out of our lives that's my thought on this fourth of july. if so many people have fought and died for our freedom to express our views.
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have a great fourth. >> it is the diversity. it is what we stand for. who would have thought i could be successful? >> my father was born in russia and came here when he was three months old with nine brothers and sisters. my mother didn't finish high school. they were able to create a life for themselves and raise their two children. we know they wrote the poem about give us your tired and poor. the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. i get emotional thinking about it because it talks about the wretched masses, the teaming the shore, send us the homeless and the tempest toss to me. it is emotional because it is -- we will take the refutes
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from the rest of the world. that's what america is. >> happy fourth of july, everybody. let me go shed a the table and say what do you think is the greatest part about being an american and being in this country? >> that we are the greatest country in the world. we have the freedom to say what we want and do what we want and are not persecuted for it. >> there you go. >> i think the greatest thing about the american system is the free market system. it is the most successful and the most a advantageous and works the best and makes us the biggest super power on the planet. we have pens like this, flag pens. >> dana? >> when i thought about this this morning because i was preparing, bob. >> what is that supposed to mean? >> you don't. >> that's a joke. i know you love america. i have been doing research and looking back toward my family
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history and my great grandparents when they came separately from italy and went to wyoming and my great grandfather was a coal miner and a homesteader and they walked to america on one side of the american dream and two or three generations later i walked out on the other side. this country still provides the opportunity to immigrants from all over the world and people born four, five, six generations in. >> i am afraid to ask the next one, greg? >> what makes america great? we are not like the rest of the world. we are not them. what is also great? we have cinnabun and indoor plumbing and rib eye steaks the size of your face and nfl cheerleaders and muscle cars and fire works that can blow your fingers off. we have deviled eggs and metallica and slayer. what more could you ask for? >> education in this country. you could be a first generation. my mother was born in puerto rico and father in ireland. i came here with the benefit
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of an amazing education. no matter who you are everybody gets the basic foundation so you can make anything of there. a quality of opportunity and not a result. >> we have base a ball and football. >> and soccer. >> not so much soccer. >> soccer doesn't count. from a personal standpoint is coming from where i came from which is a dark place, i was able to get back into the american scene without being seen as somebody who couldn't do it. >> i think that is a good point. if you rise up and fall back down, you can climb back up multiple times. i think this is the most generous in the world. this country gives to charity like no other nation in the world. >> plus you add our all volunteer mill father armed forces that protect our right to have flag pins.
2:47 pm
>> i am wearing a flag thong. >> you are you really? >> where did you get it? >> i grot it from your bedroom. >> the thought of that, what do you think about that? >> i would like to have one. add that to the collection. we can have somebody crazy and funny at the table like greg and bob who made a great come back in these life and has two great children. we are all at the table and have something to say in a different and unique perspective. people in other countries can't say that. >> happy birthday and have a wonderful fourth of july. >> america is great for a lot of reasons, but not the least of which is of and by and for people. this idea that all of us are equal. no matter where we come from and where we are going and no matter the relig -- religion and the sexual orientation and
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we are all to be treated equal under the law. it is a great concept. it is by and for the people. it is a great experiment and the world is envious of us for it. >> the greatest thing i saw in afghanistan was little girls going to school. the fact i was able to make that happen, that's what the men and women of this great nation have done. >> there are people dying in real life so i can do this. my father was a vet, my sister, my grandfather and i get it. that's what america means. >> ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love i can't say it better than that. >> it is an land of end less opportunities. it has given me everything, a voice.
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>> our liberties and our freedoms are born of the sacrifices of those who continue to serve and give everything they have for us.
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test test test
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♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ at the twilight's last gleaming ♪ >> it's really stirring to hear the music and see the flag and know what it stands for. >> what makes this country great is the sacrifice that our men and women in uniform make every single day to defend our freedom. >> you trust the people. give them the freedom and step
2:53 pm
back and watch amazing things they'll do. >> america has become the most prosperous civilization ever known to mankind. and we benefit as a result of these basic principles that govern our society. >> the country is great because the respect individual liberty and respect right to be different and left alone. and when the country, meaning the government, stays faithful to those rights, we have more happiness and prosperity. my own background, three of four grandparents, from italy having come here as young children. they asimulated into american society and gave their children, my parents, a lot better lifestyle than they had just as my parents had given me a better lifestyle and more opportunity than they did. each generation builds upon the sacrifices of the preceding generation. that's been the pattern of immigrants into america since the country first started. we are a nation of immigrants.
2:54 pm
it has made us and kept us great, which is why we should still welcome anybody that wants to come here. ♪ >> in the united states there's no limit what you can do. >> i'm afforded opportunities and freedoms that aren't necessarily afforded around the world. >> i love being an american. it's a privilege. >> happy birthday, america. >> we are all equal and endowed by god, not by government or majorities or armed forces but endowed by god with certain unalienable rights. >> freedom has always been the driving force. if there's one word that america represents around the world, it's freedom. ♪ >> it's like i tell the crew, you are wearing the uniform of america's varsity team.
2:55 pm
we're 1% and have to look how many in the military and what our nation's population is and that is something for them to be proud of. >> the country is the best country in the world and nobody can doubt that. it's true. >> thanks for watching our special show. remember, you can join the conversation by #proudamerican on twitter, facebook and instagram and tell us why you are proud to be an american. we close our celebration of america with fox news correspondent and cotton club all-star from new york. ♪ oh, beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ for amber waves of grain ♪ for purple mountains o majesty
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above the fruited plains ♪ ♪ i'm talking about america oh, my sweet america ♪ ♪ god shed his grace on thee ♪ and he crowned thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining shining sea ♪ ♪ everybody sing with me ♪ america oh, america ♪ god he shed his grace on
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thee ♪ ♪ and he crowned thy good, oh, yeah, with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ oh, lord god bless america i'm mom at the playground and the dog park.
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the kids get trail mix, and you get a delicious milo's kitchen chicken meatball. i wish you liked my cooking that much. milo's kitchen. made in the usa with chicken or beef as the number one ingredient. the best treats come from the kitchen.
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good afternoon. thanks for joining us on this saturday july 4th weekend. we hope you're having a great weekend. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> good to see you leland. topping the news this hour, emotions boiling over amongst protesters in california as they continue the blockade of busloads of i am kbrants flooding into their city. we have a live report for you. >> growing outrage.


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