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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  July 5, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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on this holiday weekend, may i suggest we observe a new day, january 20th, the day president obama was sworn into office. may i suggest a name for that day, how about bependence day. have a great weekend. immigration flashpoint, a california town split in two, more and against. waiting for another round of illegal immigrants to be bussed into their community. and a california congressman with a look at a situation where thousands of many illegal immigrants, many of them children, are being held alone. israel boosted forces near the gaza strip after a week of tension.
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clashes between israeli police and palestinian protesters spreading. where will it all end? we'll have a live report from jerusalem. plus, governor mike huckabee will be joining us. he's just back from israel and he will be weighing in on what's happening now. spectacular fireworks on this fourth of july weekend as we celebrate the nation's birthday. some stories that make you proud to be an american. from an up close and personal view of lady liberty to the importance of how one simple phrase "made in the usa," plus a presidential historian on how we've come a long way in such a short time. "america's news headquarters" live from the nation's capital starts right now.
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hello, everyone. federal authorities are saying they will not be announcing when groups of illegal women and children are being moved to new locations for their own protection. the safety concerns stem from heated protests outside a border facility in california. >> it's become ground zero over the immigration battle in the u.s. after a group of protesters blocked young illegal immigrants from disembarking from buses that had pulled up to an immigration center there. but the battle extends far beyond california. many border states have seen a huge flood of young children oftentimes with no parents crossing into the u.s. the u.s. customs believes that over 52,000 children under the age of 18 have been caught. the sheer magnitude of the migration has overwhelmed the u.s.'s ability to tend to them.
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immigration officials even turned away a u.s. congressman who wanted to visit one immigration facility to better understand what is going on behind closed doors there. we know many of the children are infected with communicable diseases. the president is treating the influx, critics say, with open arms. >> that's what makes america special. that's what makes us strong. the basic idea of welcoming immigrants to our shores is central to our way of life. it is in our dna. we believe our diversity, our differences when joined together by a common set of ideals makes us stronger. makes us more creative. makes us different. >> we don't even know who all these people are. they come, they have no identification. border patrols say, we know we're getting more than we've ever gotten from countries where this is islamic terrorism. and we've got people coming from countries where there's a lot of crime.
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>> the president is planning a trip to texas this coming week, leaving on tuesday night. plans to go to three fund-raisers there. but he has no plans to visit any of those overwhelmed immigration facilities. uma? >> thank you for that update. the burning question remains what to do with the nearly 50,000 undocumented children who are here and for the unknown numbers still yet to come. coming up at 12:30, you'll hear from a key member of the house homeland security committee who just returned from a meeting with texas governor rick perry and others at the border who are trying to solve the dilemma. in the meantime, we want to hear from you at home. with a situation like this escalating to a humanitarian crisis, what do you think the solution is to fixing the problem at the border? tweet me. i'm definitely going to read some of your answers later in our show. turning now to tensions overseas and the violence erupting in israel that began with the discovery of the bodies of three israeli teenagers who had been missing for weeks.
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israel's blamed hamas for those murders and now palestinians are engaging in clashes with israeli police fueled by the grisly death of a palestinian teen who was reportedly burned to death in what's being called a revenge attack. let's get the latest now from correspondent david lee miller who's standing by in jerusalem with the very latest. >> according to the palestinian authorities' attorney general, the initial autopsy results show that muhammad abu khdeir was still breathing when he was burned over 90% of his body. an investigation is now under way. but they have not named any suspects and they have not suggested a motive. many palestinians believe the teenager was killed in retaliation for the kidnapping and the murder of three israelis. and now further heightening tension, amateur cell phone video, disturbing video has surfaced that appears to show
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israeli police beating the 15-year-old cousin of the murdered palestinian boy. the cousin, an who goes to school in florida, was taken into custody by israeli police during street demonstrations shortly before the funeral. no criminal charges have been filed. the boy's parents say he was not throwing any stones and accused police of abuse. >> this boy, 15 years old, is he dangerous? he has in his hand a gun, you found a gun? okay. you lock him up. and after you hold him, you hit him again and again and again in his face? >> an investigation is now under way concerning that attack, caught on video. the cabinet minister when asked about the incident said it must be viewed in the broader context of the ongoing violence. following yesterday's burial of the 16-year-old palestinian, clashes took place in east jerusalem and the west bank, and
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in a sign that the violence is spreading. clashes between israeli arabs and israeli jews took place in the northern part of the country. lastly, uma, militants in gaza since midnight have fired at least 14 rockets targeting israel. there were no injuries. but the situation from one end of the country to the other continues to remain volatile. >> it's volatile indeed. one quick question, any reaction from the police, israeli authorities about that cell phone video that you showed us? >> as i mentioned, a cabinet minister addressed it and said it has to be viewed in the broader context of what is happening here. this is the sabbath here. i'm not aware of any official response yet. i expect there will be once the sabbath is over in the next few hours. but the cabinet minister here on a talk show today saying it has to be viewed in the context of all the ongoing events. >> the tensions remain high.
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thank you very much for that update. joining us with more reaction, the host of "huckabee" right here on fox, governor mike huckabee, who just returned from israel. great to have you here. >> thank you, uma. it's a heartbreak to see the violence escalate all over israel. it doesn't help to bring about any solution. and i really hope that things begin to calm down. but i'm not confident they're going to anytime soon. >> israel is vowing zero tolerance for those who take violence into their own hands. however, it's fast becoming a flashpoint, as you well know, between israelis and palestinians. you've been watching this closely. where is this heading? >> i think the fact is that the israelis will investigate. i'm confident of that. one of the things that most mirror our own country is the way the israelis handle crime. say what you want to, but they treat murder as murder. if this young palestinian boy
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was murdered by an israeli in a reveeng killing, he'll be charged. and one thing you're not going to see, you're not going to see the celebration of that young palestinian's death on the official website of the israeli government like you saw a celebration of the kidnapping on the palestinian website. so people need to understand that there's an enormous level of tension, not a good time, an easy time to be either side in terms of the police or the military. but one thing that has to happen, hamas has got to stop the rocket barrage that is going into towns in that part of the southern end of israel. those kind of indiscriminate rocket attacks are going to be answered by the israelis. they certainly know that. in many ways, there are some radicals who would love to stir up the tension and make things worse. but that's not the way the israeli government wants it to go, i can assure you. >> hamas is denying responsibility for those
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kidnapped and later murdered teenagers. however, israel believes that terror group is directly involved. what does this do for the stability of the region where palestinians and israelis are once again finding it difficult to coexist in the situation? >> one of the reasons that the instability is heightened is because recently the palestinian authority government decided they were going to partner with hamas. think about that for a moment. hamas is even by the state department definition a terrorist organization. so now you have a palestinian government that the u.s. does recognize partnering with a terrorist organization that we don't recognize. i think the u.s. needs to exercise some strong muscle here and say, we're not going to continue any aid whatsoever, no more of the $425 million in aid to the palestinian authority as long as you're going to partner with some terrorists. you've got to separate yourself from that organization or nothing goes forward. and we haven't done that yet. that's the first thing that ought to happen.
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>> the israeli teens' bodies hadn't been found yet when you arrived there. you met with one of the families. share with us, though, that part of the story when you talked with the family. >> when i first got to israel about a week ago, the first thing i did was go directly to the home of avi and rachel fraenkel whose son naftali was abducked. he's also an american citizen. it's so important that americans understand when you attack an american citizen, regardless of where he or she may be, you've attacked america. i wanted to simply bring some encouragement to the fraenkel family. i must tell you, they brought a lot of encouragement to me. their strength, resilience, their faith, their optimism was overwhelming. even in the grief of their son's death, the public statements that they have made and the countenance and the manner in which they've carried themselves i think speaks well of their integrity and character and
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their understanding that if nafta naftali's death can help focus some type of light on the extraordinary tensions of israelis who are living in ju a judea, it's something they'll have to accept and live with. but they're wonderful people. your heart goes out to any mother who when she puts her own head on a pillow at night has no idea where her son is putting his head on a pillow, if at all. and as it turns out, naftali had already been killed at that point. >> very sad, very powerful. governor, thank you very much. our heart goes out to that family and the other families of those teenagers whose bodies were found and to the palestinian family dealing with their grief at this time. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for joining us. always great to have you on. >> thank you. this is an all-out assault on access to contraception. >> today is a sad day and defeat
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for women, for freedom and religious liberty in this country. >> republicans want to do everything they can to have the long hand of government. and now the long hand of business reach into a woman's body and make health care decisions for her. >> well, that's just some of the reaction to the recent supreme court ruling and the controversial case involving hobby lobby and its bid seeking an exemption from the contraception mandate of obamacare. the company was not willing to cover emergency contraceptions and devices like the iud that end human life after contraception. conservatives say the hobby lobby decision is a landmark victory for religious liberty. our next guest says all this rhetoric is being used to fuel so-called war on women and says it's time for that spin to stop.
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joining us now is holly fiorona. i know you're heated up about this because you believe this is something that does nothing more than to divide and further polarize people across the country. back in 2012, that election cycle, the war on women, the attack on women was fueled by the democratic party and it was a rallying cry. and the gop didn't do as much pushback as some might have hoped, including you. what's your reaction to what you're seeing right now? >> well, first, it's obvious that the democrats realizing that the war on women worked one time, they're going to try it again. it is shameless, baseless propaganda. it has me fired up because it's so false, it's insulting to
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women. it assumes that all we care about is reproductive rights. it assumes we don't care to know the facts. it's insulting to women because it assumes that we have some orthodoxy that we all agree with. we're 53% of the voting public. we care about every issue, every issue that voters care about is a woman's issue, whether it's the economy or jobs or security overseas and, yes, reproductive rights. my goodness, debbie wasserman schultz, the long arm of the law reaching inside the body of a woman -- yikes. that sounds terrifying. but it's just plain false. >> it's always frustrating to me -- along with other women, as you point out about the fact that issues are divided along the lines of reproductive rights, abortion. and it should bother any woman, democrat, independent, republican, about this debate
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going on right now because it seems like if you had any issue that goes against what the pervasive narrative happens to be, that you are against a woman's reproductive rights, feminine issues, it goes on and on. >> it is insulting to all women, regardless of whether you're pro life or pro choice. i happen to be pro life. but whatever you stand on there, regardless of your political affiliation, it's insulting to all women. your viewers know well the facts of hobby lobby. but long before obamacare, the female employees of hobby lobby had access through contraception long after this decision they will still have access to contraception. and in a little known, little reported fact, this mandate to cover 20 forms of contraception doesn't even come from obamacare. it comes from regulations that followed obamacare that were written in the basement of h.h.s. by a bunch of regulators. we don't know who they are.
9:17 am
they weren't elected. they're not accountable. and yet this is about a war on women. it's enough. and we can't just let this war on women play out. >> you're doing something about this. >> yes, i'm doing something about it. >> it goes beyond just fund-raising. >> yes. what we're really doing is motivating and galvanizing, training and tasking women on the ground. we're starting our ground game in six key battleground purple states, virginia, north carolina, new hampshire, michigan, colorado, iowa, states where senate races clearly matter. we're asking women who are in their communities, in their places of work, in their places of worship to reach out and talk to other women. republican-leaning and independent women because we know that women are most influenced by women they know. this all started when i gave a speech several months ago at cpac, the large gathering of conservatives here in d.c. and i talked about the war on women.
9:18 am
and the response was so overwhelming from women all over the country of all ages who said, please, please, help us deliver this message. so we're going to, on the ground, as i say, with training and clear goals, we're going to activate women to combat this ridiculous, insulting propaganda, which sadly has worked. we can't let it work again. >> and you're going to push the republican party this time to react to it? >> there are many efforts going on and all of them are important. but from my vantage point and the vantage point of many women, something was still missing. what was missing was a real ground game. what was missing was women really engaged in that ground game and what was missing as well was some very clear focused messages on "enough already." we're women, we've had it. there is no war on women. can we please talk about all the issues we care about. >> all the best to you. >> thank you. >> great to have you in our studio. coming up, we'll continue
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our spotlight on the growing frustration and tensions over the hundreds of thousands of central american children adding to the tensions at ore borders. many of these children have arrived alone. we'll talk with congressman eric stalwell who's just back from the border. and some folks are raising big-time concerns about what happens when the big one finally hits. lots of homes and businesses are sitting right on top of this fault line. and it's known worldwide as america's symbol of freedom and opportunity. talking about lady liberty. we'll show you a very special way to see her up close and personal on this holiday weekend. stay with us. h. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit.
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could help your business didavoid hours of delaynd test grandpa! caused by slow internet from the phone company? that's enough time to record a memo. idea for sales giveaway. return a call. sign a contract. pick a tie. take a break with mr. duck. practice up for the business trip. fly to florida. win an award. close a deal. hire an intern. and still have time to spare. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business. built for business. welcome back, everybody. we hope wherever you may be, you are having a great fourth of july holiday weekend. and when it comes to celebrating old glory, many americans believe their flags are made right here in the good old usa. but what you might not know is many american flags are made
9:24 am
overseas and until recently were also being purchased by our armed forces. claudia cowan has more on the fight under way for american-made stars and stripes. >> it's always a star-spangled day here at north bay industries in northern california, just outside san francisco, a non-profit factory workers stitch together 350 american flags every day for the department of veterans affairs. by law, the v.a. can only buy american-made american flags but other government agencies buy flags made overseas. and that is prompting a battle cry for change. these flags are 100% all american. a fact appreciated by the families of veterans who pass away. >> we try to make the best product possible for veterans. they deserve the best. >> but not every flag is created equal. until recently banners covering
9:25 am
the caskets of service members killed in action and paid for by taxpayers might have been manufactured in pakistan or china. that felt like a slap in the face to congressman mike thompson, a vietnam vet who recently toured the factory in his northern california district. >> i think it's offensive that u.s. flags be made, manufactured anyplace else other than in the united states of america. >> as a result of his efforts, the pentagon is now required to buy american-made flags and other agencies may follow suit. >> what i'm doing is putting a third row of stitches on the header. >> more orders could mean more jobs for people like sue wilson, one of two dozen employees here with developmental disabilities and a sewing machine whiz. >> i love it here. i feel like a million bucks. >> attention to detail and pride of workmanship evident in every flag made here. and in honor of the fourth of july, some flag etiquette to keep in mind.
9:26 am
never led it touch the grown and call the local boy or girl scouts to properly retire your american flag by taking it apart and burning it. uma? >> claudia, thank you very much. still to come, we're going to continue to spotlight the heated concerns over the flood of immigrants crossing our borders, along with security concerns. what do we do with the thousands of people coming in? many of them children traveling alone? we're going to talk with california congressman eric swalwell just back with a firstland look at what's happening on the borders. it's a vexing problem with no easy solution. >> i heard you say earlier, you agree they need to be sent back from where they're from. >> but it's not as easy as touching a child in guatemala and dropping it on the corner. [ male announcer ] this is the age of knowing what you're made of.
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welcome back, everybody. as we've been reporting to you this hour, the crisis at the border is heating up and spilling out onto streets in some states. several people are under arrest after a confrontation with police during immigration protests near a border patrol station in muirietta, california. the sense of urgency is apparent. california congressman eric swalwell just back from texas getting a firsthand look at the overcrowded housing facilities where unaccompanied illegal children have been staying.
9:31 am
here's a recent tweet from the congressman well after his tour of the detention facility for children crossing the texas border saying, saw about 500 people crammed in tight conditions, breaks your heart. congressman swalwell joins us now with his insights. welcome. great to see you today. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, uma, for having me. >> i know you were very troubled based on your reports and your tweet. give us a few more insights on the conditions as they are right now. >> i toured that facility on thursday in southeastern texas. and you saw hundreds of children and mothers in very tight quarters, many of the children have come here by themselves. i quickly learned talking to them that they came here seeking what many of us take for granted and were given at birth, which is opportunity here in the united states. but, of course, i saw the challenges that our border patrol agents faced, not being able to take on so many children.
9:32 am
these border patrol agents in such difficult conditions, uma, they are stepping up and treating these children with decency and humanity. they're spending money out of their own pockets to buy food and provide toys and blankets to hundreds of children coming in every day. it's really stretching them. but they have stepped up. and that is a silver lining in this crisis from what i observed. >> absolutely. you along with other congressional leaders were in texas meeting with texas governor rick perry, trying to find some way to handle this situation, even though there is agreement that this is a humanitarian crisis, there is big disagreement on potential solutions from security to immigration reform. right now, we can't afford to wait for review boards, et cetera. what should be done immediately to prevent this from escalating to the point of no return? >> there's a short-term fix and a long-term fix. the short-term fix is to fix the 2008 law signed by president bush which says that any minor who comes from any country other
9:33 am
than mexico and canada has to be taken care of in the united states within 72 hours. i think we need to fix that in a way that gives more discretion to the border patrol on a case-by-case basis to look at the child, whether they have a family member here or if they've simply come here alone and we can return them to guatemala, honduras or el savard. the long-term challenge is addressing the economy and security issues which are driving these children to our country. right now, those countries have the highest homicide rates in the entire world. and mexico is essentially looking the other way as these children pass through mexico to come through our southern border. >> do you think the president right now is continuing to give the green light to people, letting them know that if their children come to america, they will be allowed to stay? >> it's not the president -- it's actually that 2008 law that says that if you come here under the age of 18 without a parent, we will take care of you.
9:34 am
that's why i think we need to fix that law and go to a case-by-case basis. also the deferred action -- executive action the president took was in 2012. and we saw fewer than 25,000 minors come over when that was taken by the president. and so now we're on pace to have 80,000 minors. but i think this is not children coming because they have an invitation from the president. i believe it's the conditions in those northern triangle countries that are driving them up here. we need to put pressure on those three countries but also mexico. mexico is very culpable in this. they are essentially looking the other way, allowing these children to pass through on trains and buses. >> mexico really does bear a lot of the responsibility. let me ask you quickly, the president is not planning to tour the border when he goes to texas in just a few days. i understand he's planning to attend a fund-raiser there. are you and others on the homeland security committee pressing him to change his plans and why don't you think he's
9:35 am
made a trip so far in that direction? >> i know that secretary jay johnson has been down there and his staff is now working down there every week. so it is getting the attention -- >> don't you think the president should show up? don't you think it would make a big difference to see the president of the united states at the border? >> uma, i think having the secretary of homeland security so committed to this is showing up. i'm not the president's scheduler. i'll leave it to him to decide where he should go. but i believe secretary johnson is committed to addressing this crisis. >> congressman, we really appreciate you joining us today. i know this is very important to you and you're going to continue to follow the developments there. i hope you will continue to update us with what you're finding along the way. >> thank you, uma. >> appreciate it. time to take a quick look at the top stories. the california highway patrol say it's investigating one of its own after shocking video taken by a driver showing an officer punching a woman on the side of the freeway.
9:36 am
an off-duty officer arrived to help the woman. an official is saying the woman had been walking on the interstate, endangering herself and others and that that officer was trying to restrain her. four young children dead after a fast-moving fire sweeped into a group of row homes in philadelphia. the victims were all young children. no word yet on how that fire began. arthur continues to weaken as it moves over parts of canada today. the storm classified as a post-tropical cyclone. the storm is expected to weaken over the weekend. that's a quick look at the headlines. earthquakes are a part of life in california, no doubt. but a recent map is showing a dangerous fault line and has people asking, what will happen to many homes and the people who
9:37 am
are living in them on that fault line when the big one finally comes? we'll talk to an expert who weighs in next. plus, take a look inside the statue of liberty, yes, inside. we're going to show you an incredible work of art. hello! i'm a kid. and us kids have an important message for our grown ups. three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods like cheerios can help lower cholesterol. and where can you find beta-glucan? in oats. and, they're yummy! i'm going back to being a kid now.
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welcome back, everybody. underneath an 11-mile stretch of hollywood lies a dangerous fault line and sitting on that fault line, most vulnerable, many homes and schools. that has renewed concerns about what happens when the big one hits. dr. john parrish is a state geologist. i talked with him about new research that's revealing a clear picture of what's ahead. >> california's the most seismically active state in the nation after alaska. so we have a lot of programs here to help communities mitigate and prepare for large earthquakes. part of them, as you're talking about the preliminary fault map that you have, delineates the hollywood fault and prohibits building across the trace of the active fault.
9:42 am
that in itself will save buildings from being destroyed by surface movement. >> so what about the homes that are already there? >> well, everything that was built prior to the zonation may be in harm's way. but the law says that one does not have to remove your home or tear anything down. it will be a natural attrition before anything happens there. it really only affects major built across there new and that trace of the fault. >> were you surprised by the findings of this report, particularly at a time when you're experiencing a lot of seismic activity more recently that we're getting those stories about these earthquakes that are hitting that region? >> we weren't surprised about the fault. i think it's coming as a surprise to a lot of people that they are within this zone of investigation. the hollywood fault is active.
9:43 am
it is something to take very seriously. and for those people who live within this zone, they should be taking a look at what preparations they might want to make. we're talking about catastrophic damage to any structure that actually is on the trace of the fault and is subject to the movement of that fault. that action destroys the foundation of the building. so no matter how strongly the building is built, the integrity of the structure is greatly compromised when the foundation is destroyed. >> i guess the question remains, then, if you've known about this fault for some time, why were homes and businesses allowed to be constructed in this area? >> well, the law is that unless the structures and the developments lie within a known zone, a mapped zone, it's okay to build there. we have just now gotten around to zoning the hollywood fault,
9:44 am
although there had been previous zones there by the city. people build -- if there's no restrictions, they will build wherever they can. >> so in essence, though, we don't know yet of course when that big one may hit. but when it does, i know that the city of los angeles, for example, is taking major steps to try and deal with the emergency response. but from your point of view, what can we expect? >> it isn't just the hollywood fault that threatens los angeles. there are about 100 active faults throughout the greater los angeles area. >> wow. >> and they are taking very good precautions, building codes are very strong. and emergency response is being set up and has been set up. so they are continuing to prepare for when the major earthquake will occur. ♪
9:45 am
it's one of the most iconic symbols of our nation out of new york city. now a special art exhibit letting you see lady liberty up close and personal. brian is live with more on these unique works of art. >> few have ever seen the statue of liberty like this. there's a life-size replica of lady liberty broken into 250 pieces using the same copper material and metalwork technique used to make the statue 140 years ago. he spent three years recreating a curl of lady liberty's hair, folds of her drapery, pieces of her right arm for an art exhibit called "we the people." visitors in new york can see 50 of these pieces at city hall park and brooklyn bridge park. it's hoped to reinvigorate discussions about the statue, its symbolism and freedom. >> people's faces really change
9:46 am
as they recognize, oh, this is a piece of the statue of liberty. and then you think, wow, this is enormous and this is just one little piece. so it's been quite an imaginative experience, i think, for our audiences. >> the actual statue is 151 feet tall, made up of over 250 individual copper pieces which are only as thick as two pennies. she was built in france first, disassembled and then shipped to america in wooden crates where she was reassembled in three months. still nearly a century and a half later, this new art exhibit is helping people see parts of lady liberty they've never seen before, like pieces of a broken chain at the statue's feet. >> this symbolizes the end of rule by britain, the independence of the united states from england. so the end of british rule, the beginning of the united states' freedom. that's what the statue of liberty represents.
9:47 am
>> now, the other 200 pieces are spread in over 15 countries, including museums and private collections. uma? >> a great symbol for america. thank you very much, bryan. up next, we'll take a look at the meeting of the fourth of july, why independence day means more than just fireworks and barbecues. presidential historian doug wie will be joining us. check out these fireworks, a rare sight. after the break. we'll tell you how this was all filmed. ♪ ♪
9:48 am
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♪ god bless america >> take a look folks. very cool video going viral today. it's a bird's-eye view of the fireworks display in west palm beach, florida, posted online. a photographer strapping a gopro camera to a drone and getting this one of a kind view. amazingly, though, the drone was not damaged at all during that ride. quite a sight. well we are looking back at the advances america's made during her lifetime. this year marks the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act.
9:52 am
somehow the dreams of our founding fathers remain alive. a presidential historian and author of "all the president's children" joins us now here in our studio. it's a treat having you here in our studio today. thank you for being with us this holiday weekend. let's talk for a moment about obviously this is a very special time that america reflects on its freedom. i know this is the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act so that also brings special meaning to this particular celebration that we're having right how. >> yeah, it does. we started on this road for independence on july 4th. but it's a journey. there were still slaves when the declaration of independence was accepted. and women's rights. and so it's a journey, emma goldman says that you only have as much liberty as you have intelligence to want, and courage to take. and so it's a never-ending process. today a lot of people are dependent on government, on independence. >> absolutely. thomas jefferson saw the role of government as being quite limited. >> he did. he did. jefferson said the more you use
9:53 am
power the less you have. he is, i think dick cheney might have thought he was an isolationist. he responded to the bashary pirates were the islamist terrorists of his day. he was pushed into war. he didn't want to have war. he didn't like heavy involvement of the federal government. >> speaking of war, i always find it quite fascinating how our union stayed to the, how the nation stayed to the during the tumultuous years of the civil war, particularly the way lincoln held the country together. how is independence day celebrated back during that time, 1863, particularly? >> yeah, you know, it was uninterrupted. the first year of the war, lincoln gave an address to congress, congress passed a resolution calling for 500,000 soldiers. and then, 1863, that you mentioned, we had just fought the battle of gettysburg and lee's soldiers were coming to the south and north thought hey i think we've won.
9:54 am
but lincoln had been so disappointed so many times he refrused to address the nation on july 4th. he wanted to make sure they really won. that very day we won the battle of vicksburg, the south was cut in two, it was a turning point in the war. so lincoln gave his july 4th address three days after july 4th. to be sure. >> as a historian, how remarkable it is to even have those celebrations at all, july fourth celebrations during that time of war? >> they go on uninterrupted. the most fascinating thing to me is that in the 18th century there were two political parties, the federalists, the democrat republicans. they celebrated the fourth of july separately all over americas in states, villages and city. so we think today it's real partisan and mean and deadlocked, but imagine democrats and republicans at least we get together on the fourth of july and celebrate together. >> at least one day out of the year. well, it's great -- it's a great thing to celebrate certainly our freedoms and our gifts that we
9:55 am
have as one nation. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. and after the break, a special homecoming just in time for america's birthday. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. celebrex can be taken with or without food. and it's not a narcotic. you and your doctor should balance the benefits with the risks.
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♪ well, it's a special fourth of july for a group of 300 patriot. the "uss howard" returning home just in time to celebrate independence day. the sailors docking in san diego after seven months in the western pacific. all we can say is welcome home, great to have you back. so what do you think a solution is to the immigration crisis at the border? the word comprehensive is the problem. immigration reform has to be done incrementally. christine says i think we need
10:00 am
more border security as well as better processing. stricter rules to enter the u.s. thanks for sharing with us. that's a wrap for me here in d.c. i hope you continue to have a wonderful holiday weekend. i'm uma pemmaraju. make it a great day. hello, everyone. good afternoon to you, i'm julie banderas and welcome to "america's news headquarters." >> and i'm leland vittert. four children are dead following a terrifying row home fire in philadelphia overnight. it destroyed homes and is devastating the community there. >> plus, caught on tape. a california patrol officer beats a woman on the side of a highway. take a look at that. we'll have a live report on this violent confrontation coming up. >> and a possible turning point in ukraine proves they're retaking control of a key eastern city from pro-russian


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