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tv   Proud to Be an American  FOX News  July 3, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it means a lot to me. i served our country because i was taught traditional service, secondly because i believe in what the nation stands for. >> i think america is a wonderful country with so many opportunities to succeed if we want to. we have the right to say what we want to. i'm very proud of america. july 4th, independence day, america's birthday to celebrate,
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fox news sent tv crews out across the country to ask the question. why are you proud to be an american? you're going to hear from celebrities on the red carpet and in a ceremony during fleet week, marines and sailors tells why they serve and what makes them proud. contributors will share stories about what america means to them and their families and a memorial day parade with america's big cities and small towns. recent immigrants and people whose families have been here since the first independence day. why they're proud to be american. >> the thing that makes america great are the people. trend mendus spirit and love of the country.
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>> first country to be founded in the idea that every person was created equal. >> we're all the children of those who risk everything for freedom. i think that is the fundamental dna that units american s. >> at eight years old my doctors took me to hear a speech and said you've got to go here and you're going to hear the governor talk you may never meet a governor in your life. little did he know i would become one. later i had an opportunity to run for president of the united states all because i live in this country the greatest country on god's green earth. i'm grateful for my freedom and opportunities. on this america's birthday, grateful for the men and women in uniform who gave it to me. >> for europeans seeing the sheer size of america, really takes your breath away.
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europe is crowded we have tiny cars in america, oh, wide open spaces, big sky country. you know you've arrived in a big space and it's wide open. as soon as you step off the plane, i can't come in a boat i stepped off a plane. you know this is open. it doesn't matter who your mom and dad were or what you looked like. you can go as far as you want to go. it's wide open. america feels free. it's a feeling that you can pick it up. it's almost like it's in the wind or something. but you know it. as soon as you arrive this place means freedom. >> we're looking at america, what makes america great. >> if i can say in one word? opportunity. having the freedom and democracy, openness of the country permits people like us
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and businesses to have unequal opportunity in the world. >> that is what america represents my grandfather came to this country in 1919 and you can imagine what he was feeling, leaving a place so familiar with friends, and family. because of the promise of opportunity. because of the promise of a freedom. and opportunity. when you look at america and think about it, what has america given to you? >> the opportunity to never give up the road is not smooth the journey not equal. situations have to be overcome. in this country, you learn from what you need to learn by that road you never give up taking advantage of the opportunity america mermitss -- permits yo.
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>> as immigrants we respect the freedoms and the way you're allowed to live the life you want. >> america stands for sanctity of every person. and that is a hope life can be better. >> the freedom to talk about your beliefs >> we're asking what makes america great. >> ability to participate in forums such as this. we're free to criticize the president of the united states in sometimes very robust and aggressive ways because we don't adree with what he's doing. to the country. that, i think is something that truly makes us unique. even at this point in 2014.
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>> there are very few countries to practice journalism the way you do in the united states without fear of any kind of reprisal was exception of someone chewing your ear off if they're pissed off at you. >> the course of opportunity and liberty is overwhelming if you grow up american, you're lucky to be american. in the lottery of human history if 6% of the planet are americans and we just through the lottery ended up here. another element, is that america is a saviour. more people in the word have been saved and liberated by america than any other in the history of the world. to be a part of that history, that nation that goes around and does that is a blessing in and of itself >> the coverage about disruption mritly political you can still
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have a story. >> our country is the most best chance to prosper. >> that is what makes it great. in other countries around the world there are class systems and government oppressions things in play. here, you work hard, if you're honest and get educated you've got a real shot at it. a lot of luck is involving keep working. and persevering. this is why i love america. i came from very little to talk about the 4th of july. freedom isn't free. individual responsibility will make a difference but america is the greatest country in the world because of opportunity. >> in spite of difficulties we have had this country has come an extremely long way towards true freedom and equality for
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everyone. >> when things don't seem right, we can rely on the constitution to make sure that everybody's civil liberties in guaranteed. >> happy birthday to our country, happy birthday to our country. and many more ♪ >> i love my country. i saw that i live my own live to protect the ones i love. >> i lived all over the world. nothing comes close to america. >> it's what it stands for. you know? everybody has a voice whether agreeing or disagreeing, but they have the right to
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the constitution of the united states. >> we have here unlike the rest of the world, that is what makes us great. >> our true faith to the same. >> my family has been in the military since world war ii. i decided to take the step. >> so help me god. >> so help me god.
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>> happy birnl day, america >> what has america given to you? >> america's given to me a sense of independence i went to west point as a 17-year-old kid and 39 years later retired as a major general. it wasn't because of my family connections or class standings or wealth or family's wealth. just an opportunity to prove myself. that is what characterizes our whole country the idea if you work hard and show up for work on time, and you do your job, by golly this society is going to reward you. it's very, very rare today. >> senator, what makes america great? >> the unique aspect of our experiment where people from all over the world could come and still come to have a better life. and the influx of talent and strength. and incredible abilities has
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made this nation strongest in the history of the world. >> why did you serve? >> it was a tradition in my family. i also frankly part of it was excitement of being a navy pilot. part of it excitement of flying in combat. also, camaraderie the life, believe in country. >> does star spangled banner ever get old to you? >> no. "america the beautiful" i get teary eyed on occasion. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> america is the best nation in the world i traveled around the world and i know we're the best. do you know what makes me love it the most? free speech. if i don't like something, i can say it. that is not true if a lot of countries here, we see something we don't like, we can tell our government don't do that. we don't like it you can't do that in a lot of places. that makes us great. >> i think on july 4th, it's
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time to reflect on it. there are people throughout history have been worth dieing for. one of the things i've learned from my husband is that the love of country is so deep for many. and it's so deep for me as well. when you love somebody willing to sacrifice your life for the country you have to understand a little bit. it's part of our relationship. and going to be a family for many years still to come. >> i'm just so proud of my son, who joined the military. served in afghanistan. he's back now. first lieutenant and all of the west point classmates were just such outstanding people. i was just honored, you know, they'd come by and just flattered at their service. they loved this country. and you know they defend it. they're willing to die for it.
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unfortunately some of his classmates have, already. but, they understand, you know? freedom isn't free. and, it's just overwhelming. it really is. >> happy birthday, america, and go, army. >> are you kidding me? happy birthday, america. go, navy! >> i was around 11 years old in that picture. my father commanding a ba tallin. my father talked about winning freedom. he said that freedom is never free. america is a great reminder of the struggles and what is worth struggling for for the rest of the world. if you can dream it, it's cliche, but it's true. you can be it. >> when it comes to our freedoms to say what we want, that still holds this country. it's still great for that.
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jesse james, that alone sets this country apart. it's not done often in this world. >> no. it's not. my grandmother couldn't read or write. she learned at 35 years old i started in the marines at age 17. here i am now a business woman. i have been fighting for our freedom and democracy. i will never quit. >> what do you makes us great? >> we speak out things we don't believe in. we're allowed to express our voices and opinions >> i know you care about it on liberal side of things. hard work isn't being rewarded? no. it is rewarded. that keeps the dream alive. >> i'm reminded you know, here in this country rips a must one all the time. very yet to see, maybe i've missed it, any rickity boat
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leaving this country for another but again, that could be just me. >> and the rockets red glare ♪ bombs bursting in air ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag was still there ♪ oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ for the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave♪. >> look. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. everybody knows that. well, did you know words really can hurt you? what...? jesse don't go!! i'm sorry daisy, but i'm a loner.
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celebrating those that sacrifice myself. those becoming objective to war >> we'd have freedom and rights if it wasn't for people that fought for us from first world war to ii. my dad was in korea. you know what? we've provided freedom for others around the world. >> so many people they look towards this day and they think about the fire works at night, sometimes, the true meaning gets lost. think about where we were a couple hundred years ago. we'd look to the united states, beacon of freedom. people came here from all over. they still do. if you go to any country in the world and where where would you like to go some day? they say united states of america. why? because i want to be freed
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frooe. it's the land of opportunity where i can become something, it's why so many do. this great country we can express our opinions freely we may not have to agree all the time. that place, i feel privileged to be citizen here, born here and raise our kids here. >> i agree. we're a human all-star team. countries sent their best here, now we get opportunity to be successful. but we feel honored to be here. that is what america means to us. you define it for yourself. >> it means everything to me. you know? when i think about america, tears come to my ooiz when i was a little kid, my parents gave me up for foster care. i lived in a communist country. people were dieing. there is no freedom. my mother gave me up.
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she gave me up because she knew that the only way to survive was to get out and come to america. when we all got reunited and became a young man and started university training and planned to become a doctor, there is not a day that went by where my father would not remind me of how happy he was that he lived in the u.s. and look. look at what you have become! this is america. what more can you want? for me, for millions of other people, it's the same thing. look at what we have. look at what we have achieved. we're blessed by god. and therefore, we should be celebrating all the time because there is no place like this country. no place. >> on this 4th of july we want to talk about america. what makes it great.
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i can't think of anyone better to start the conversation than george will. your thoughts about why sit so special? >> baseball, corn on the cobb, and the first paragraph of the declaration of independence. which set out the doctrine of natural rights. >> i think journalist i want to relate to living in a country protecting first-amendment rights, right to speech i'd say as a woman i write a lot about human rights. i'm thanking god i'm born in this country as a woman. it's got to be one of the best places in the world to live as a woman. >> i want to put in a world for natural resources and environment. physically gorgeous country. two oceans. gulf of mexico. giant rivers, rocky mountains alaska, buffalo. we have bald eagle. what a wonderful, beautiful,
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gorgeous place it is just to be. >> i have reached this age where i have kids that are now learning about the government from other places one of the things that amazes me when you tell them there are places in the world that do not have what we have they express utter disbelief. i find that an amazing thing >> you talk about the fact you see an asian person saying okay. that is a japanese person or a blonde, blue eyed person saying that is a norwegian person. but he said you can see someone of any ethnic variety and say that is an american. >> walt whitman said we're a world. in the united states always has been, always will be. >> it's funny, growing up, i always celebrated independence
10:26 pm
day. the only thing is that i thought it was only celebrating my birthday, i'm born on the 4th of july. my dad came in 1940 from puerto rico, my mom from eastern europe. a land of opportunity my dad worked cutting sugar cane. today washing pots in the kitchen in a cafeteria. he met my mom, a waitress there. america is a place people can remake and make themselves everybody has a shot. >> to my beloved country, happy birthday. >> a lot of people in this hour talking about why they're proud to be american. we know a lot of you out there watching are, too. share your hash tag with us, proudamerican. fox news channel is proud to be an american continues straight ahead.
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hurricane arthur making landfall. the category 2 storm hit the banks of southern california at 8:55 p.m. local time. the storm located 55 miles southwest of cape hatteras. its winds reaching 100 miles an hour. thousands are already without power now. even if you're not close to the center of the storm, you could still feel its effects. there are tropical storm warnings for coastal areas and other areas and tornadoes are electricals possible. hurricane arthur has made landfall threatening fourth of july plans for millions along the east coast. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. now back to "proud to be an american."
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american. welcome back to our celebration. coming up more from kelly write and cotton club all stars but first from fox studistudios, mo "proud to be an american". >> america means apple pie. i love america. >> america means prosperity, freedom. >> it made me cry. it's an honor to be a citizen. we're free. >> there is nowhere you can go in the world where you don't feel influence of american
10:32 pm
dollars. >> i would die for america. i love america. >> for july 4, 1776, the nation's independence. the move set in motion a new attitude, self reliance, capitolism, entrepreneurship. this made our country the greatest economic power in history. but it's pioneering spirit that has driven roads. tonight we explore what makes america great with the last man to walk on the moon, captain gene sermon. . >> i was born in chicago. blue collar family. never got into an airplane until i was to two years old dreamed about flying. and that dream and the opportunity that was out in
10:33 pm
front of me allowed me to call the moon my home. that is what america is all about. >> when you talk about coming from a blue collar background, my parents, they both worked we didn't have a lot of money. but i ended up getting a college education, and having great opportunities all i had to do was work hard, put my nose on the grind stone and my shoulder to the wheel and things would work out. >> that is the america that i know. that is the country i want my grandkids to be part of and inherit and grow with it. so they can do and be what they want to be and go where they want to go. in this country they've got freedom to do it. to do just that. >> i my most americans fear they get a fair shake here, if they work hard, they can be anything
10:34 pm
they want. my grandfather came from ireland he was a carpenter and built houses and generations after that, went on to work for greatest corporations in this country. liberty mutual and ibm. he told us you can be anything you want to be and shoot for the top for whatever you were doing. this country has given us an extraordinary amount back. >> not a lot of people banging down doors around the world but trying to bang on our door. what is the greatest country in the world? the american dream. it's better here than anywhere else. to me that is what america means. that is what this day means on the 4th of july. when you see red, white and blue, you can see the american flag. what that tells me is that america is still a place where believers become achievers.
10:35 pm
>> happy birthday, america. >> the thing i think most about this country, why i love it is that it tries to live up to the promise to become a more perfect union. >> you can do anything you want whenever you want. however you want. it's like going to a diner, you can order chicken picatta for breakfast. that is like the united states you can do anything you want if you just allow yourself the opportunity to do it. >> a new jersey diner? okay. >> i love our spirit of entrepreneurship. if you look at innovation here to silicon valley to silicon alley in new york, and milennials say they plant to be their own boss one day. >> i did not know that. >> really cool. >> i started a couple companies some have been fantastic. some haven't worked well. there a chance to be what you
10:36 pm
are. >> i want to tag on to that. i'm on my third career. each time this, country afforded me the opportunity to start back up again. it's great to reflect on mazing opportunities that america affords. happy 4th of july, everyone. >> america's ordinary people and thousands of examples of their courage that serve as the bench mark of our lives we expect the heroism of soldiers at battle, courage of police officers and firefighters and first responders in horrific event after event. but i believe the courage and heroism of the seemingly unprepared who are thrust into catastrophic situations and who time, and again, stun us with image nif sense of their actions. the essence of america is it's
10:37 pm
peoples' willingness to die to preserve her freedom, her opportunity, and her way of life for themselves, for their fellow americans, and for the generations who will follow. >> that is very hard to top. beautifully said. one of the great things is someone who is raised in riverside, california who worked as a brakeman on southern pacific railroad could rise to become one of the best radio people in america. >> it's true, allen, he's right. and all seriousness coming from nudging and making something of yourself and believing in your self. in this country, you can believe in your self and fulfill your dreams. >> well, problem is that i'm a genius so i have a leg up on the rest of you. >> america means you're free. >> i was given the privilege to
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and effortlessly turn your photos into finished projects with our snapfix app. visit today. ♪ being born an american citizen is like winning the lottery of life we have freedoms we enjoy as written back in 1776 to enjoy liberties many others don't. >> it's the most wonderful place to live. it's a wonderful world we live in here in america. >> america, happy birthday i'm fortunate to be an mesh
10:42 pm
american. we're fortunate. >> throughout the history of america we've seen people come from nudging and make great livings and raise families and have kids go to college. so the opportunity is this for everyone. >> here is what makes america great. my grand paernts all came from ireland. no place to live, no guarantee of a job, no social security or obama health care. they worked hard, able to provide for their families i started out eight years old as a paper boy, pursuing my dream, first radio then working at the fox news channel the day they go on the air. our key, get government out of our lives, that is my thought on this 4th of july. i hope you, and your family have a great time. many people fought, and died for our freedom to express our views
10:43 pm
have a great fourth. >> it's the diversity. who would have thought i could be successful? my parents, my father was born in russia. he came here at three months old with nine brothers and sisters my mother didn't finish high school. yet they were able to create a life and raise two children we know that there is a poem of give us your tired, your poor. for get the part your huddled passeserning to breathe free i get emotional thinking about it. because you know talks about your refuse of your teeming masses, teeming shore, send us homeless. i lift my lamp beside the golden door it's emotional because it's, we
10:44 pm
will take you if you're not wanted. that is what america is. after 4th of july, let me go around the table saying what is the greatest part being an american and in this country? >> that we're the greatest country in the world ask have freedom to say and do what we want. we don't get prosecuted for it. >> there you go. >> i think greatest part and greatest thing is the free market system. >> is this anything you want to follow on that one? >> i was preparing. >> you don't? >> that is just, i know you love america. we share that, here. i've been doing research.
10:45 pm
and looking back towards family history. they went to wyoming. my great grandfather was a coal miner and homesteader they walked in on one side of the american dream, i walked out on the other side this country still provides that opportunity to immigrants from all over the world and people that happen to be born 4, 5, 6 generations in. >> i'm afraid to ask but what makes america great? that we're not like the rest of the world we have cannabun, muscle cars, nfl cheerleaders and fire works that can blow your fingers off and we have devilled eggs and flare. >> you can be a first generation like i am.
10:46 pm
the benefit to have an amazing education. no matter who you are, everybody gets that basic foundation. so you can make anything of it. quality of opportunity not a result. that is what i love about this country. >> and we have baseball, football, soccer. >> soccer doesn't count. >> what i see from a personal standpoint coming from where i came from, a dark place, that i was able to get back into the american scene without being seen as someone who couldn't do it >> it doesn't matter if you rise up and fall down. you can climb back up. multiple times, and i think this is the most-generous country in the entire world. the country that gives to charity like no other nation in the world. >> add our all-volunteer military armed force that's protect our rights and do all of these things.
10:47 pm
pins and pens. >> i'm wearing a flag thong. >> where did you get it? >> from your bedroom. >> the thought of that. >> i'd like to have one. yes. add that to the collection but this is the point. we can have someone crazy, funny like greg at the table. someone like bob matthat made a incredible come back. and two beautiful children. it's pretty special and other countries in a lot of countries can't say that. >> happy birthday, america. have a wonderful 4th of july. >> america is great for a lot of reasons this experiment of of, by, and for the people this, idea all of us are equal. all of us. no matter where we come from what our religion, sem wall orientation, anything about us, we're all created equal and to
10:48 pm
be treated equally under the law. it's a great concept. we're working towards brand equality and government of, by and for the people in practice. it's a grand experiment the world is envious of us for it. >> great thing i saw in afghanistan, little girl going to school the fact i was able to make that happen? that is what the men and women of this great nation have done in our existence. >> there are people dieing in real life. so i can do this. my father was a vet. my sister. my grandfather. so i get it. that is what america is. >> god bless america... land that i love. i can't say it better than that. ♪ [ music ]
10:49 pm
>> it's given me everybody, given me a voice >> our liberty is born out of those who continue to
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>>♪ so proudly we hailed at the twilights last gleaming. >> it's really stirring to hear the music and see the flag and know what it stands for. >> what makes this country great is the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make everyday to defend our freedom. >> the founding fathers got it,
10:53 pm
give them the freedom and step back and see what they will do. >> america has become the most prosperous civilization ever known to mankind and we benefit from these principles. >> the country is great because it respects individual liberty. it respects the right to be different and the right to be left alone. when the country, meaning the government stays faithful to those rights we have a lot more happiness and a lot more prosperity. my own family background is three or four grandparents from italy having come as young children in the earliest part of the st century. they assimilated into society and gave their children, my parents a lot better lifestyle than they had just as my parents gave me a lot better lifestyle. each generation builds upon the sacrifices of the preceding generation. that's been the pattern of immigrants into america since the country first started.
10:54 pm
we are a nation of immigrants. it has made us and kept us great, which is why we should still welcome anybody that wants to come here. ♪ >> in the united states, there's no limit what you can do. >> i'm afforded opportunities and freedoms that aren't necessarily afforded around the world. >> i love being an american. it's a privilege. >> happy birthday, america. >> we are all equal and endowed by god not by government, not by majorities, not by armed forces but endowed by god with certain una unali unalienable rights. >> freedom has always been a drives force. if there's one word america represents around the world, it's freedom. >> like i tell the crew, you are we wearing the uniform of america's
10:55 pm
varsity team. we're 1%ers essentially if you look at how many people are in the military and what our nation's population is and that's something for them to be proud of. >> the country is the best country in the world. nobody can doubt that. it's true. >> thanks for watching our special show. remember, you can join the conversation by doing this. use #proudamerican on twitter, facebook and instagram. tell us why you are proud to be an american. now, we close our celebration of america with fox news correspondent kelly wright and the cotton club allstars from new york. i'm brian kilmeade. ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies for amber wave of grain ♪ ♪ for purple mountain of majesty
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above the fruited plain ♪ ♪ i'm talking about america oh my sweet america now y'all know that god shed his grace on thee ♪ ♪ yes he did and he crowned thai good oh yes he did with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shining shineing shining sea ♪ ♪ everybody sing with me america oh america now god he set his grace on thee ♪ ♪ oh yes he did oh my and he
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crown crown crowned thy good with brotherhood ♪ ♪ from sea to shineing sea oh m lord god bless america ♪
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you just can't know the name? just no name? until you book. um... yeah, i'd do that! ♪
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it means a lot to me. i served our country because i was taught traditional service, secondly because i believe in what the nation stands for. >> i think america is a wonderful country with so many opportunities to succeed if we want to. we have the right to say what we want to. i'm very proud of america. july 4th, independence day, amer


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