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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 2, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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on his back and rushed to downtown manhattan where he was killed. many others who fought the terrorists who did it need your help. consider going to this holiday. thanks for watching. >> this is a fox news alert tonight. as scandal plagues the obama administration there are historically bad poll numbers hitting team obama. i'm in for sean tonight. the poll numbers are really bad. how bad? a new survey is revealing that americans believe barack obama is the worst president since world war ii. fox's ed henry is standing by for more. ed? >> good to see you, eric. what's devastating for the white house this is a nonpartisan highly respected poll. if you look at this in terms of voters' feelings about presidents dating back to world war t2 who do you car the worst?
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this is a president now getting deeper into his second term worried about the midterm elections and whether he'll lose control of the senate and the house. what he's trying to do is stay relevant. his spokesman noted the president had lunch with economists trying to find ways to grow the economy. they say at the white house republicans have been blocking the president's agenda. republicans say, wait a second. the president yesterday lashed out at speaker john boehner mocking his idea of a lawsuit to stop the president's unilateral executive actions. they say that is no way to work with congress. listen. >> the top item on the president's domestic policy-making agenda is expanding economic opportunity for the middle class. the president has put forward ideas, many were blocked by republicans in congress, unfortunately. >> how can you think that's construct are tif in moving things forward when you insult the people you are trying to bring together?
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this is not even lyndon johnson, come, let us reason together. it is let me insult you and express surprise that you are not excited about dealing with me. >> interesting. the poll asked what do you think if mitt romney, the republican nominee, had been elected instead of president obama being re-elected. 45% said in this poll the nation would be better off. 38% said the nation would be worse off. interesting. 10% said the same. 7% said they simply don't know. >> thank you. five days after he touched down on u.s. soil, the suspect in the benghazi terror are attack that left four americans dead has stopped cooperating with authorities. he made his second appearance in court today and catherine has the details. >> reporter: fox news is told the benghazi suspect spoke to interrogators before and after he was read his rights but lawmakers with intelligence in homeland security say there wasn't enough detail to act on. >> he was talking.
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again, from the information i have it wasn't a complete analysis. >> wearing a green jump suit with the word "prisoner" on the black, khatallah seemed focused and attentive as the government alleged he's a flight risk accused of a violent crime and witness accounts and forensic evidence will prove the case. this week the attorney general seemed confident. >> i would say the investigation is still obviously ongoing. we are in a good place. i think we have a good case. >> reporter: the public defender didn't contest her client's detention pending trial but complained the government provided access only to limited evidence that morning and the government drew conclusions about khatallah's role in the terrorist attack that killed four americans without providing facts. seasoned national security lawyers say the prosecution will present challenges. >> the crime scene is over in another country that's still not a place where the fbi can
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collect evidence. how do you bring witnesses from libya? how do you swear libyan witnesses in? it will be interesting. >> today the court documents made it clear the evidence supports allegations of premeditated terrorism with no mention of protest or the role of a video. >> thank you. also developing tonight while a surge of illegal immigrants continues to pour across the border, tensions are rising in the u.s. just yesterday, protesters who were waving american flags blocked buses carrying illegals from reaching a processing center in california. william longeness has details. >> reporter: the protest is some americans' way of oh telling the administration this policy of releasing illegal immigrant families into the u.s. is unacceptable. about a hundred southern californians chanting "go home" blocked the road to the immigration center in murietta, south of los angeles, forcing the three busloads to turn back to a similar facility in san
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diego where they will be processed. if there is no criminal record, largely are released around the u.s. statistically, up to 75% will stay either through asylum or by absconding from a court date. murietta residents said, not here. >> i'm sick of seeing my tax dollarses wasted. >> we have enough issueses here. we have our own veterans, homeless mothers, a lot of people living on the streets in l.a. we need to take care of these people first. >> the administration claim it is surge is driven by violence in central america. agents say not true. children say they are coming to live with family. adults are coached, reciting a script claiming credible fear in english. the border patrol caught about 7,000 unaccompanied minorses in 2011. this year it expects 90,000 but i.c.e. deported fewer than a thousand last year. >> i.c.e. is basically going to tell them when you get to your
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final destination, they are not going to be grifen a summons to appear. they will be told when you get to the final destination where you want to live, you have 15 days to report yourself to the nearest i.c.e. station, give them an address so they can mail you your summons to appear. >> 40% of border agents now aren't on the border enforcing the law. they are doing paperwork. border agents tell me that immigrants are being driven by word of mouth. being told by family here to get here while the going is good before we crack down. some of the smuggling networks are making 5,000 to 8,000 a head enriching the criminal networks we are trying to stop. back to you. >> thank you. while the immigration crisis in this country continues questions are being raised about the best approach to secure the border. last night charles krauthammer doubled down on why he still thinks the solution is to build a fence. watch. >> if fences don't work, why is there one around the white
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house? if they don't work, why is it that the israeli fence which separates israel from the west banks has cut down terror attacks within iz eel by 99%? fences work. yes, there are parts of the border where you can't have a fence. fine. so you don't have it in those areas and you do heavy patrols. there is no reason why a rich country like us cannot put a fence -- a double fence, a triple fence and patrol it all the time. >> here with reaction to this and more is kentucky senator rand paul. your thoughts on charles krout hammer's idea? let's build a fence or build two if you need to. >> here's the question. didn't we finance and fund and legislate for a fence nearly ten years ago? why was it never built? this is the question why some of us and i am for some form of immigration reform. i have said i can't vote for something that doesn't have border security first. right now we have a humanitarian
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nightmare with every child from central america wanting to come across the border. you can't have are a beacon to the world to come unless you have a secure border. that's why many of us conservatives have been saying we have to secure the border first. >> senator, let's turn the discussion a little bit to another story that's all over the newspapers and tv now. in iraq, it seems to be this caliphate declared and they want to bring in -- want to unite all muslims into it. sir, what is the u.s. foreign policy in the middle east? >> it's a disaster. e thing. we have been funding people who are allied with isis. isis is stronger because we have been funding islamic rebels in syria. there are also people coming from libya as well. libya is basically a jihadist wonderland. syria is becoming a jihadist wonderland. our involvement there is to the
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help the islamic rebels. we say it's moderate rebels, but one of the groups we have given anti-tank weapons to has publically said they will turn the weapons on israel as soon as they get a chance and they will try to take the heights back. we have no idea who we are giving weapons to. guess what? these people will lie and say they are our friends, take our weapons and turn them either on us or israel. it's a big mistake. it is a three or four or five-way civil war. >> let's talk about iran. we are thinking about negotiating with iran. is this a smart foreign policy idea? >> here is what i have said. i can't send my son, your son or any american soldier to fight along the iranian guard to try to retake mousul. if the iraqi shiites won't fight for their own country, if they will run and shed their uniforms, who am i to say american soldiers will take
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their place? i don't think any american soldiers should be on the ground in iraq are. isis is worse for funding allies in syria. libya is worse because they got involved there and there are jihadists all over the middle east. >> one of the things we would agree with is israel. you penned a piece talking about things going on between the palestinian authority and israel now. i believe hamas haven't technically taken credit for the killing of the three teenagers, one american, two israeli. yet they did say they were looking for more of the same. talk to us about what's going on with the palestinian authority, israel and the u.s. >> hamas basically celebrated with glee to the killing of the innocent kids. think most americans would be appalled if they knew american tax dollars could be soon going to hamas. we give money to the palestinian authority but now the authority is joining with hamas in a unity
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government. under current law they could get american tax dollars. two weeks ago i stood up in the is that the and said, let's stand with israel on this. the government has hamas in it. i was moving those exemptions and the democrats shouted me down and the democrats said, no, you know, we're just going to keep the law as it is. i'm going to get up next week in the senate and do the same thing, ask they will to pass legislation to guarantee that no money goes to hamas, particularly on the heels of these murders. i can't imagine how any senator will stand up and oppose me on trying to prevent money from going to hamas. >> so we can explain this to the viewers. so we are sending money to the palestinian authority. on the palestinian authority, on their board, they have hamas members. so we are sending money to hamas.
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>> and the news report said hamas is precisely -- joining this government because they are broke. they anticipate american taxpayers to bail them out at the same time they react with glee to the killing of three innocent teenagers, one of whom was a u.s. citizen as well as an israeli citizen. so, no, i will fight tooth and nail to make sure no money ever goes to hamas. if the palestinian authority will associate with hamas they get no money either. this needs to be set in stone, clarified and i defy the democrats next week to block me on this. i believe the american people would be who identified to know their money could be going to hamas who is really responding with glee to the murder of the three boys in israel. >> senator, president obama called for israel to show restraint. your thoughts on that? >> here's the thing. he wants restraint from israel.
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would he be saying the same thing if it were three americans attacked by terroristses? no. i think the idea of restraint, we should be getting involved in cutting the aid. if he wanted to do something to support the situation he should come forward publically to support my bill to cut off aid to hamas and the palestinian authority. really the night this happened , do you realize hamas lobbed 20 more missiles into israel and also israel had to respond? israel is being attacked on a daily basis by hamas. for the president to, think it is presumptuous for the president to get involved in telling israel how to defend themselves. >> less than a minute or so. the poll today said president obama is now considered the worst president since world war ii. thoughts? >> i think he's disconnected some with what the people want. the people want jobs. the people want an economy that functions. they want a president who is not against american business. they want a president who will defend the country. you know, we were sorely
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disappointed by secretary of state hillary clinton who, when asked to defend the embassy, wasn't prepared to defend the embassy. i think there is discontent in the country. >> so you don't want to give him the honor of giving them the number one spot yourself? >> i think really people are maybe disappointed with what happened in the 2012 election. reconsidering that election. >> buyer's remorse. we'll leave it there. senator rand paul, thank you very much. coming up, isis declares a new islamic state in iraq and syria. how far will the radicalism spread and how should america respond? we'll debate those questions next. later, as americans get ready to celebrate independence this friday, we'll examine how thanks to the obama administration our nation is now a growing dependence on government handouts. juan williams will weigh in. that and more on this busy news night as "hannity" continues. h..
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if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history , not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you would choose this time. the world is less violent than it's ever been, it is healthier than it has ever been, it is more tolerant than it has ever been. >> that was president obama weeks ago making the claim that the world is safer than ever under his watch. a new pew research study shows in muslim countries concerned about extremism is on the rise as threats from militant groups like isis and boko haram continue to grow grou.
7:18 pm
joining me now, former spokesman for the u.n. rick gr are inell. welcome. isis declares an islamic state. president obama seems to be caught off guard on everything in syria and iraq. what's america's mideast policy? >> if we had a president that had vision and a strategy it would be to advance liberty, to give the middle east syrians who have seen 180,000 die. have an option that there is a third path that doesn't have to be autocracy of assad or militancy of islam and radical ideology but liberty. without the green revolution and other reforms and the arab awakening we have a vacuum filled by are radical islam. it's not isis that we have to worry about but the neo call fate that's funding groups like isis, pushing them to advance against the waste west. as we disappear, our interests
7:19 pm
will disappear and islamism will be on the rise. >> you bring up a good point. rick, what is america's interest there? what should we do there? >> our only interest is iran. that's our priority. we have to be very focused on what iran will do. in 2005, we had really in the bush administration pushed the iranians and the syrians out of lebanon. we were focused on syria. because iraq was calm. we really had this region beginning to look like a place that we could be comfortable with. we clearly saw that when obama came in. i would say his foreign strategy is to go to war or ignore the situation. we can't have an america that looks at those choices. we have to have something much
7:20 pm
more -- >> what. >> where do we go? >> there is a big problem in the u.s. media and with pundits to focus just are on the aspects of foreign policy. we need a diplomatic strategy. i will give you the perfect example. when iraq started to implode, our secretary of state john kerry didn't immediately go to the region. he had a plane. he had his own plane. not like he couldn't get a ticket. he absolutely could have jumped on the plane within the hour, gone over to all of the capitals in the renal agion and worked o plan. we need diplomacy with mus sill. >> president obama said he would send $500 million to syrian
7:21 pm
rebels. do you think this is a good idea? rick, you can answer after that. good idea? do we know who the syrian rebels are? >> we were calling for this at the beginning of the revolution when there was hardly any al qaeda and slowly surprise left them out of jail. he decimated the moderates and fund it is islamists. yes, i would rath arer see us finally send money. we can vet the jihad versus those there to defeat assad. >> can we vet it? >> listen, pull up the full screen. there is a picture that was from may of 2013 there is senator john mccain standing with who were supposed to be syrian rebels. isis is claiming some of the people in the picture may have jumped ship and gone to isis. if we are hanging out, shaking hands, sending $500 million of our dollars and our young kids to assist rebels we don't know
7:22 pm
who they are. >> two things. not only two sides to the conflict. there is a third side. the rebels haven't been forthright enough in saying not only are we anti-assad. we are anti-isis and al qaeda. yes. people like senator mccain haven't been clear enough saying we have to be anti-brotherhood. it's not that hard on the ground to say we can fight islamism and pick out those for a jihad versus the ones who are not. aleppo in the north is more islamists. >> aren't they mercenaries? isis claims to have $2 billion. that means they will pay an army who may have been against them before. they might get a lot of people taking the military uniforms off over here and putting on an isis uniform. >> i think it may be too late in syria to be picking sides. one of the things i want to be really clear is that we have a humanitarian response. through the u.n. we can have are a good humanitarian response. however, we have to stay focused
7:23 pm
on the iran issue here. >> we are allowing it to happen. >> one of the things we have to do is have a u.s. strategy that doesn't let iran happen. >> to the extent we want to push back iran, there are things we can do. it may involve not only diplomacy with muscle but targeted military strikes. however, arming rebels at this point, i think it may be too late. this should have been done a long time ago. i go back to the fact of focusing on iran so they don't take advantage. >> honestly, guys. we are dancing sheik to sheik and that's dangerous. as we get ready for independence day we look at the dependence on government handouts. later, sean sat down with jason robertson to talk about his new book. that as "hannity" continues. stay with us.
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♪ welcome back to "hannity." for the 238th time america is preparing to celebrate, the day colonies declared independence from great britain. but before we do that , i want
7:27 pm
to take a minute to reflect on our independence. folks, america has changed. we are strong and proud people built on a rock are solid work ethic. we have evolved recently for the worse. 55% of all americans have relied on the government for a handout. 46 million americans are receiving food stamps, up 14 million since obama took office. 9 million workers are on dibl disabilidi disabili disability. all the while, more and more takers are in the court and fewer makers are p pulling it. barack obama are and his min i don't knows tell us how great the recovery is. are really? gasoline is up 100% and food prices are at an all time high. sadly americans' median household income has plummeted. bom no miracles is an oxy moron. may i suggest we start observing a new day.
7:28 pm
january 20, the day president obama was sworn into office and may i suggest the name for the day be dependence day. joining me with reaction, juan williams and co-host of "outnumbered" katie pavlik. i hope you heard that rant. what do you think of dependence day? >>it's ridiculous. one of the things i love about america. we are the land of opportunity. people from all over the world. love america. honor america as the land where you can make something of yourself. when you talk the about us and the problems with the obama nomics. we see unemployment at the lowest level since the great recession. you don't have context that says the economy just about hit the skids before this president took office. >> if you have all the people who left the work force under barack obama you would have a different unemployment rate are.
7:29 pm
katie, are we becoming a dependent nation? >> absolutely. all we have to do is look at the numbers to prove it. in 2009, 11% of american households were on food stamps. in 2014, 20% of american households are on food stamps. why is that? because unemployment is not down. the percentage of unemployment that the bureau of labor statisticses gives us is a bonus false number that doesn't show us the whole unemployment picture. we have 90 million people out of work. you said it in the beginning of the segment. there are a lot of people, almost half, who are not paying income tax for the federal government. what does that mean? the people who are actually paying taxes are pulling the cart. the fact is president obama likes to talk about fairness and equality. when is it unfair to the american taxpayer to be pulling the weight for the rest of the country. >> here are the numbers you can't refute. president obama took office. the price of gas was $1.83.
7:30 pm
it's now $3.69. a 100% rise in gasoline. food, all-time record highses for food misses. household incomes have gone down. i'm not making the numbers up. the american public is squeezed. >> you're cherry picking. i don't are think there is a question that the american public is getting squeezed. inflation is about zero. people blame the policies of the fed and wall street is at an all-time high. again, these are context things. katie says, oh, the pun employment numbers are bogus. they are the same numbers, same criteria used for every president in every time. all of the sud issen you want to change the rules because you want to bash obama. look at the reare al ti. here in washington, we have a congress -- a republican majority in the house that will not do the basics. will not do the basics in terms of a highway trust fund that could put americans to work. will not do the basics in terms
7:31 pm
of an immigration policy that big business says will stir the american economy, stimulate growth. this is holding us back. people don't believe in america. >> you forgot one thing. it will cost the american people a lot of money. >> who's paying for it. >> you invest in edge education. >> investment is just another liberal term that means spending more taxpayer money. it has to come from somewhere. creating a trust are fund. didn't we spend a trillion dollars on the stimulus package that was supposed to rebuild roads and bridges? that got wasted because the government isn't good on spending money on things that count. further when it comes to the unemployment rate this isn't about bashing obama. this is about the fact that an unprecedented amount of oh people left the work force. on food stamps let's give the viewers a visual. during the great depression we saw people lining up in food and bread lines. we don't see it because of the
7:32 pm
way the food program is put on plastic cards they swipe at the grocery store imagine 47 million people standing in line three times a day waiting if for food. it would be lines forever. miles and miles long. we don't see it because we have a different system now. >> wait, katie. are you saying that's a bad thing? >> yes, i'm saying 47 million people who potentially would be standing in line to get food three times a day is a bad thing, juan. >> i think you just made the case, katie for a compassionate, conservative government run are by a democrat like obama -- >> juan. >> -- or a republican like bush. >> it's not compassionate. >> especially the elderly, the veterans and our children. those are the people -- >> guys, we only have a minute. i will take it around quickly. katie, i travel the krand talk to people. people aren't happy. things aren't good. all the headlines from the white
7:33 pm
house saying unemployment rate goes down, things are getting better, the obama recovery isn't translating to main street. people on main street are fed up and mad. they are sick of this. >> all the people in washington, including republicans and democrats in the white house are stuck in their bubble and the d.c. beltway wasn't affected by the great crash of 2008 and the obama economy until this point. it is different in america. people are hurting. entitlements aren't opportunity. they hold people back. we have seen it through a lack of economic growth in the past six years. >> juan, you have three seconds. >> i just say if katie wants to kick the old people under the bus -- >> oh, come on. >> that's not america. >> the old kick the old people and children under the bus. we'll leave it there. coming up, sean sat down for an interview with a big star from "duck dynasty." that's next. later, fox & friends ainsley earhardt takes us inside an honor flight with remarkable
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welcome back to "hannity." he's a member of america's favorite tv family. now "duck dynasty's" jase robertson has a new book "good call, reflections on faith, family, and fowl." he talkses about the time he was thrown out of a new york city hotel. >> you are the only robertson i haven't met. you're ducking me, dodging, avoiding me. what's up with that? >> man, i don't know. i try to stay away from the media as much as possible. the last time i talked to you i was in the duck blind. we had this weird conversation
7:39 pm
between duck hunts and duck shoots. that was interesting. >> you're out duck hunting with your dad. we talked for 40 minutes but every few minutes you'd go, hang on. then -- [ quacking ] -- bam! i'd say, did you get him? i got him. >> is that exciting, or what? >> i'm in new york. that's more exciting than the craziness in the street where people talk to themselves saying quack, quack, quack. >> i don't know how you do it. i walked through new york. i was just like, man, there is way too much concrete here. it's too busy. i felt nauseated. the people were fine. i just feel a lot better out in the wild, me and the woods. >> yeah. let me ask you. is it true you came to new york and you were in your hotel lobby and they escorted you out of the hotel? >>p yeah. >> what happened? >> they did.
7:40 pm
i had been there like an hour. i had to go to the bathroom. i looked around and said, hey, where's the bathroom. this is weird. the guy is going to escort me to the bathroom? i felt weird about that. we took a left turn. he pointed across to central park and said, have a good day, sir. i thought, what just happened here? he's back inside the hotel. i thought, oh, my goodness, i just got kicked out of a hotel i'm staying at. i walked back around. >> yeah. did it hurt your feelings? >> no. if people don't know who i am, they see me as a potential threat. that's fine. >> not everybody in new york has a big beard. >> it didn't bother me at all. >> like all the robertsons you married over your head. i met your wife. she doesn't like the beard. >> no, she doesn't like it at
7:41 pm
all. she loathes the beard. >> why don't you shave it for her? >> here's the deal. every year i would grow my beard out during duck season since i was about 18 or 19 years old. then i would shave when i started dating her because i wanted to keep her. it was a gift. after we got married for putting up with me during duck season, i would shave the beard. since the show happened and we film year around they're like, you have to keep the beard. now she has to live with it. when she compliance about the beard, i say, look, i'm doing my job here. this is work-related. it really doesn't work that well. >> yeah. you have some funny dating philosophies about high school dating. what are they? >> i made a vow to stay pure until i got married. i noticed real quick that was going to be tough unless i identified right off the bat
7:42 pm
what my intentions were. so i would just share my faith and tell whoever i dated from minute one. look, i'm not going to lay a hand on you. i'm going to treat you with with respect. i had a couple of girls get out of the vehicle. i thought, well, okay, now we know. missy was the first girl when i gave my speech she felt, well, you are the type of guy i'm looking for. so we hit it off. obviously, you know, we had a spiritual relationship. it created a great foundation for our marriage. it was difficult. but it's something we go back to that we rely on as a foundation for the things that we had to do during that process to get through it. and achieve our goal. it was great. believe it or not. i have three kids. we figured it out fairly quickly. it all worked out. >> did you see me beat willie in basketball? >> i was shocked when i saw that.
7:43 pm
i can't believe he's stooped to that level. he missed a lay-up. >> two. >> that's embarrassing. >> it is embarrassing. >> i tell you this. if you come and try to play me, you have to step it up. i won't be missing any lay-ups. this is what i do. >> listen, this is what i do. i played street ball my whole life. the other part of it is i tried to play him one on one. he said, no, let's h.o.r.s.e., but we'll play f.o.x. >> i don't know if you have noticed but i'm in better shape than willy. i'll play you one on one. bring your wallet for charity. >> i'll bring as much as you want. i got money. the book is "good call, reflections on faith, family, & foul". >> thanks for having me ft we're on a book tour showing support for the people who support our show and are buying the book. >> appreciate you having us.
7:44 pm
>> have a good time. be safe on the road. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> in honor of independence day, fox & friends ainsley earhardt takes us inside an honor flight with truly amazing veterans. means keeping seven billion ctransactions flowing.g, and when weather hits, it's data mayhem. but airlines running hp end-to-end solutions
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welcome back to "hannity." the fourth of july is known as america's birthday. amidst all of the barbecues and fireworks we should all take a moment to think about those who fight and fought to keep this country free. ainsley earhardt got to take an amazing trip with great americans. >> the greatest force ever hurled against a hostile shore. >> transport planes with paratroopers. >> thousands of americans boarded planes and headed across the ocean not knowing if they would ever return. many of them did not. now some of those who did are boarding planes once again. they move a bit slower than the teenagers they once were in world war ii and the korean war, but for many of these vets it's the trip of a lifetime. it's called an honor flight, a trip to the nation's capital to tour the very memorials that were built to honor them.
7:50 pm
>> we fly world war ii veterans to washington free of charge, show them the monuments. it's awesome being around the veterans. it's just an honor to do this for them. we feel we owe them a good bit. >> this is a welcome home. we didn't have it back in those days. >> bringing back memories? >> it sure does. >> from the moment the plane touches down in washington, the south carolina vets are greeted as heroes. >> it's an honor to be here with the greatest generation and say thank you, god bless you is. >> thank you. >> it's a pleasure to see something done for the korean veterans. because it's taken about 63 years for this to come about. i'm glad to see it. i'm glad to be here to witness it. a lot of us are gone already. >> an emotional day? >> oh, yes, yes. >> bringing back memories? >> oh, yes, yes. >> i said to them, welcome to
7:51 pm
the nation's capital and their memorial. this is very good. >> yes. >> i'm glad you could make the trip. very good. >> we're happy that we could, too. very happy. they have done so much for us on this trip. >> what's it like to be here? >> well, it's kind of heartwarming in a way. able my guardian to see this. >> motional? >> i said where are you on pearl harbor day? he said, ma'am, i wasn't born.
7:52 pm
in all, more than 100 veterans made this trek. >> what is this like to be in washington and the memorial with your daughter? >> it's unbelievable we can do this. >> it's wonderful. you're getting emotional? >> yes. >> it's emotional for everyone. they're spending time with them the honor flag staff. >> the emotional part is visiting arlington national cemetery, the tomb of the unknown soldier. some have told us hardest part is knowing some that fought overseas never made it home and will never take an opportunity to take a flight.
7:53 pm
>> i he the world war ii veterans. there aren't too many of us left. and the lord blessed me by bringing me back. >> i'm just surprised at the honor and i appreciate it so much. i feel like i don't deserve it. >> after a long day, it's time to head back to south carolina. where a surprise awaits. the airport is packed with thousands of people, all waiting to give the vets a true hero's welcome home.
7:54 pm
for many, it's decades overdue. it's never too late to show gratitude of a nation. >> what a fantastic program. coming up more "hannity". right after the break. stay with us.
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8:00 pm
celebrates. have a great night, everybody. >> the o'reilly factor is on, tonight: >> as soon as the buses arrived, protesters took to the middle of the street refusing to move out of the way. >> go back! >> don't belong here. >> go back. eventually police and border patrol agents gave up. >> a nasty confrontation in southern california as feds try to move illegal immigrants into a small town. all over the country the anger is growing over the immigration chaos. we have a number of reports tonight. >> will this have political effects for the white house in the fall? >> i have no idea. that's not really the consequence. [ laughter ] >> the white house press corps laughing at the presidential spokesman over his dodging on a question on