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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 1, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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gm reunited him with his 1979 corvette. last saw them in 1981. it was found in a police lot in mississippi and he says after all this time one of his old cassette tapes was in the deck. thank you for being part of "the real story." john scott is in for shep next. >> i'm john scott in for shep. israel hits back at hamas. the military launching dozens of air strikes in the gaza strip after three kidnapped teenagers turned up dead. now the militants blamed for the killings are threatening new attacks. >> more u.s. troops headed to iraq as the country drops deeper into chaos. ahead, what we know about what our forces well be doing. word of a new call from the head of the militants addressed to all the world's muslims. plus, commuting to work in a levitating car. this futuristic mass transit system about to become a arrest
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in one city. -- a reality in one city. that's coming up on the fox news deck. >> first, from fox news this afternoon, hamas vows to open the gates of hell if israel attacks. but that's not stopping israel from striking back and hard. israel launched dozen of air strikes across gaza after vowing that hamas will pay for the murders of the three israeli teenagers, one of whom was also an american citizen. hamas has not taken responsibility but praised the abductors. the murders ended weeks of desperate searches for the teens. they vanished last month while hitchhiking home from the west bank. israel's prime minister blames hamas. searchers found the students' bodies yesterday, partially buried under rocks and burns. israeli officials say the
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kidnappers probably shot the teens days after they were captured. one of the victims managed to call police, call that ended with gunshots. police thought that call was a prank according to "the new york times." the israeli military has now named two suspects in the murders. they say the men you see here are well-known hamas operatives, soldiers blasted into the home of one of the suspects. so far officials say the men are still on the run. john hunty is live in jerusalem. we are just now hearing that recording of the teenagers' final moments. >> yeah. let me tell you something, it's haunting. what you heard in the recording is first one of the teens speaking in hebrew, telling police over the line, i've been kidnapped, and then you hear in the background shouting and what apparently it is it shouting from the abductors, saying, head down, head down, you hear screaming, and then the gunshots. listen closely.
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>> absolutely haunting. the recording was released as the israel ya teens were buried today. their funeral was attended by thousands, including a memorial service before the actual funeral, and it was attended be both israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and israeli president shimon perez, which is unusual. the teens' deaths have struck a nerve in israel and across the world, including back there in new york and also los angeles. one of the teens, the 16-year-old, has dual u.s.-israeli citizenship and part of his family is from brooklyn. >> we have already seen the do authorities expectzñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? >> well, we have already heard that earlier today rockets were
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launched from the gaza strip into southern israel, and overnight as we saw, the israeli air force struck, bombed 34 hamas targets and also ground troops went into where one of the homes -- blasted into one of the homes where it's believed a murder suspect lives at this point. both suspects remain on the run. israeli military forces are hunting for those people, for those two suspects. so, again, john, tensions are growing. the anger, the outrage, and tension as the violence continues to escalate. it has escalated since the boys went missing june 12th and really now increasing even more. >> john joining us from israel. thank you. joining us now from washington, israel's ambassador to the united states, ron durmer. what we tell us about the search for the suspects, ambassador? >> well, thekññ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ search , and i have no doubt eventually we'll briyñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñng them to.
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our prime minister right before he went into the security cabinet an hour ago said that one of the goals he has with the operation is to bring the perpetrators of this heinous crime, which is essentially the kidnapping and execution of three teenagers on their way back from school to bring those perpetrators to justice and those who helped them, and i have no doubt israel will do so. we're also working to ensure that we can dismantle the terror infrastructure that hamas has built in the west bank, and also taking action against hamas in gaza, which is firing rockets into our cities, about 25 rockets in the last two days. so we're taking action in order to confront hamas, a terror organization committed to our destruction, fires thousands of rockets another our cities, dispatches suicide bombers against cafes and pizza parlors and members responsible for the heinous crime. >> ambassador, netanyahu has cracked down on hamas since the teenagers disappeared. it has been said that he may
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have a tough time finding more targets to good after militarily as a result because of the crackdown that has taken place thus far. >> well, we're a patient country. and the prime minister will make the decisions he has to send a clear message to hamas its actions are completely unacceptable. we hope not only will the message be sent clearly to hamas and also be a clear message to president abbas, the leader of the palestinian authority. president abbas condemned the kidnapping and we appreciate that. we think that's important that the leader of the palestinians did that the problem is the same president abbas is now in a government with kidnappers, cop demming terrorism and sitting in a government with terrorists, and we hope the world will unite now in sending a very strong message to president abbas he must dismantle the alliance he has made with an unformed terror asker committed to israel's destruction.
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>> hamas says the gates of hell are going to open if israel responds with more military force. rockets have already been fired. what if that coins. >> when you don't confront terrorism the threat grows. from time to time we're forced to confront terrorism. we're different than the terrorists. never forget that difference. they deliberately target our civilians. we go after in surgical strikes to root out the terrorists. unfortunately the enemy fires at our civilians and actually imbeds themselves in civilian areas. they put missiles next to rockets next to schools and private homes, hospitals, and so we have to go and century surgically strike at the you're justs in a way to keep civilians out of harm's way. hamas is a brutal terror organization and must be confront, and i have no doubt the security cabinet in israel will make the decisions it has to make in order to protect israeli civilians. >> it's said hundreds of palestinians took part in the search for the boys how much do
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you distinguish between peaceful palestinian and the hamas members bent of israel's destruction. >> we distinguish them all the time. it's difficult. is a said they're embidded in the civilian population. what is also important, particularly because of what you just said, is we have to also confront a culture of terrorism that has been built within palestinian society, where people who are murders are glorified as heroes. you have public squares named after terrorists, after killers and that is a place i think the international community can play an important role, by telling them this is unacceptable. if palestinian society, from the top and bottom, does not turn its back on terrorism, you're never going to be able to advance peace in the region. the key to advancing peace is to oppose terrorism, both militarily and also morally. the first line in the defense against terrorism is a moral line, and saying this is unacceptable. we hope the world will stand
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with us very clearly in drawing that line. >> ambassador ron determiner, thank you. >> here at home the markets are provenning record territory. the dow closing in on 17,000. the current record, 169 47. looks like the do you will hit a new high today. we'll keep an eye on it. ready for socker in team u.s.a. minutes away from taking on belgium in a must-win world cup game. here's a live look at fans arriving at the arena in salvador. we'll take you there next. plus, the first named storm of the season in the atlantic and tropical storm arthur could cause some serious trouble this holiday weekend. that's coming up on the news deck. (vo) rush hour around here
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ensure t-mobile repays its mumpers. >> less than an hour from now team u.s.a. will face off against belgium for a spot in the 2014 world cup quarterfinal. here's a live look at fans streaming into the stadium in northeastern brazil. the stakes are high but the americans have already exceeded expectations big-time. the last couple of weeks the u.s. beat ghana and advanced to the next round ahead of portugal. team belgium has not reached a quarterfinal since 1986. the last time the u.s. made it that far was in 2002. brian yoenis is life in brazil. >> hi, john. welcome to the center of the sporting world, the arena in the middle of salvador, brazil, 50,000 fans ready to see u.s.a. versus belgium in a win or go home game. i got to tell you, the atmosphere here is incredible. now, in order for this to really go down, they have to go through really talented belgium team,
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led by a 23-year-old eden hazard but u.s.a. has jozy alta door who is back after altidore is back after being injured in the first game. an interesting tidbit before the game. coach klinnsman said he was concerned about one of the referees. he said the french-speaking referee will be able to communicate better with the belgians, comes from nigeria, the same group of the belgians and comes from algeria, eliminated by the u.s. in the 2010 tournament. >> it is what it is. the referee did two games in the world cup, good job,ster good ref, but the sticks that lead to it, from a french speaking ground, the same group that belgium came through, and we're thrilled for algeria, did an awesome job, and you india it's
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the opponent we knocked out in our second and the last world cup. >> well, we lost our feed to brian yoenis in brazil but here on the fox news deck we intend to be watching the game on our giant wall. take a look at this panorama from last week's game. our producer john glenn took the picture. where will you but watching in tweet us,@shep news team, we might read your comments later on. >> beauty might not only be skin deep. that is the word from researchers who say being attractive could help you from getting sick. why is that? we'll explain. a potential game-changer in the saga of foxy knoxy, the
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ex-boyfriend who stuck by accused kill iramanda knox seems to be changing his story. a tropical storm off the coast of florida, arthur. it's expected to strengthen for the house weekend. meteorologist janice dean has the later and is live in the fox extreme weather center. >> the good news is i'm joining you for the world cup game at 4:00. the bad news is, yes, we have to watch this storm over the next material e several days, and i think this storm is strengthening a little more than we originally anticipated. you can start to see the thunderstorms wrapping around the center of the storm, and this is a very broad system. so-so -- so it could affect a lot of the east coast, the watches are up in all the areas you see shaded in orange, and we could actually have a hurricane within the next 12 to 4 -- 24
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hours. new advisory, the hurricane hunters inside the storm investigating so we'll certainly bring you the very latest. right now, as of the latest advisory at 11:00, looks like we could have a landfall around the outer banks on friday. the 4th. and the east coast has to watch this. here's the latest european model, hugging the coastline, bringing strong winds, waves, heavy rainfall, and then friday, we think potentially a landfall across the coast of north carolina, and then this will scoot off shore but again, any more tracks towards the west will affect a little more real estate. there's the forecast rainfall. the bulk of the reason staying offshore but we are going to have to watch this very, very carefully over the next several days. also watching the potential for severe weather across the great lakes and the ohio valley. more break news after the break. she's still the one for you.
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the ex-boyfriend who said he was with amanda knox the night her roommate died says he can't remember if she was with him all night. both foxy knoxy and henges are appealing their murder convictions in italy. prosecutors say knox, an american exchange student and her then-boyfriend killed knox's roommate in 2007 as part of a drug-fueled sex game. in a news conference the former boyfriend said knox's story after the murder was imagination and hallucination. he did say he still believes she is independent. knox returned to washington state after a court overturn her conviction after she spend four years in prison. a different court then convicted her again.
12:22 pm
she slow vowed to never willingly return to italy. >> if you want to avoid being sick helps to be really good looking. a conclusion from a new study. researchers at the university of cincinnati studied men and women between the ages of 24 and 35. they say they rated the aattractiveness of each person on a scale and found the more attractive people were, the less likely to suffer from a wide range of health problems, everything from diabetes to high cholesterol to depression. so in theory these models in the ribbon are healthier than other folks. researchers also found that more attractive people take fewer sick days at work. helps prove that good looks are a sign of healthy genes. dr. tammy, what is the reason for these findings? >> well, thanks for having me. i think there are a multiple reasons. one is that attractive people are treated better by society. this results in less stress,
12:23 pm
less inflammation, and inflammation is the source of all of our diseases that negatively impact our health. also, apracticetive people get paid more, so perhaps they have better access to health care, and we in our society think of attractiveness at symmetrical and perhaps that signifies a better genetic code on the inside. and lastly, there's a study that showed that breast cancer did not re-occur and women who had a greater social connection, and attractive people seem to in studies, have more friends. so i think there are several reasons here where this may actually be true. >> obesity, for instance, can bring on type 2 diabetes if you're not overweight, you're less likely to avoid that kind of thing. simple explanation, isn't it? >> absolutely. and a lot of people use food as
12:24 pm
a companion, and so there's a risk there with isolation, and diabetes is inflammation, and cortisol produces body fat. when you're attractive, are you happier? when we look good, be feel good, and perhaps we make better halve choices, including what to eat. >> you hear talk about the healthy glow. maybe people who just are sort of happier on the inside generally are more -- less likely to get ill on the outside. >> absolutely. but i do think that it affects both ways. when you get a haircut, everybody has a spring in their step. so, i think that feeling good and looking good do go hand in hand in some cases. >> dr. tammy joining us from washington. thanks. thank you. >> hundreds more u.s. troops headed to iraq as that country
12:25 pm
struggles to unite against isis militants and their supporters. we'll break down the role of our military in this crisis, and wait until you hear the message that the militant leader has for all muslims. a cofounder of the dating app, kinder, is make something graphic accusations against one of its executives. details from her sexual harassment lawsuit and the company's response, coming up.
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i'm lea gabrielle with the fox news headlines. rescue workers pulled more survivors from a building that collapsed in southern india. police say nearly 30 people are dead. cops arrested six construction company officials on charges of negligence. >> back here at home, look at this. >> oh, my god. rolled right over that guy.
12:28 pm
>> a blowing tarp injured at least four workers at minor league baseball game in iowa, happened during a thunderstorm. officials say three workers had possible concussions. and a woman in wisconsin dok her wedding ring. this after swallowing it five years ago, she said tucker ate an entire popsicle, including the stick, and he threw up and there was the ring. we'll have much more from the news deck right after these messages. óqoqúúñ@
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breaking news now. several people reportedly hurt in a chemical explosion at the general motors metal stamping plant in marion, indiana. one worker reportedly in critical condition. local station reports tanks exploded. gm reportedly issued a statement saying a small explosion occurred and emergency responders had the situation under control. three employees were taken to
12:31 pm
the hospital, others treated on site. the local fire chief reportedly says four people were hurt. the leader of the militant group, isis, is calling on muslims round the world to move to the new islamic state it declared in parts of iraq and syria. in just released oddover recording he urges scholars, doctors, engineers, people with military experience to join the movement. this comes as iraq's leaders struggle to form a new government. kurdish and sunni lawmakers walked ute of a parliament session in baghdad after arguing with members of the country's shiite majority. western leaders say iraq needs a new government to unite its people against the militants' bloody offensive. the united nations said last month more than 2600 people died in iraq, mostly civilians. analysts say that's a level of violence the nation has not seen since 2008, during the war. amateur video shows isis fighters parading their military fire power through the streets of northern syria.
12:32 pm
the footage appears to show a giant scud missile but analysts say it probably doesn't work. jennifer griffin is at the passenger. how much of a set back is this. >> the iraqi government disbanded in less than two hours for what should have been a crucial session to get a new national unity government until the soup anies and kurds walked out after the iraqi orchestra played the national anthem. prime minister nouri al-maliki gave in indication he would step aside. what this latest from u.s. officials? >> well, defensive because, remember, the president sent secretary of state john kerry to tell the iraqi leaders that in order for the u.s. to happen they needed to settle quickly on a new unity government. they were supposed to start that process today by choosing a new parliament speaker. >> look, it would have been better if they chose a speaker today. i agree with you. it would be better if they did it before the 8th.
12:33 pm
but this is a difficult process, a lot of moving parts. >> meanwhile, isis is moving towards the capital, baghdad. the u.s. military says there are now 750 u.s. troops on the ground in iraq. >> jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. joining us now, stewart holliday, the former u.s. a ambassador for special political affairs at the u.n. ambassador holliday, what are the choices that the u.s. has now? what are the options? what can we do? >> well, in the longer term, there are three candidates jockeying right now to replace ma lick can i. there's are maliki. there are a lot of back-room negotiations for who would be the best candidate for us, including ahmed which hilaby who had a strange relationship with the u.s. i think the u.s. will, as president obama said, while we won't put troops ton the ground we're going to hold out the prospect of air strikes, particularly to defend baghdad
12:34 pm
if it looks like their offensive will continue and hopefully that will force the iraqi parties to come together in a new ghost government. >> what about this call for support that the leader of isis put out, asking other folks from the muslim world to join them in their fight? is it likely he is going to get that kind of support and perhaps reinforcements? >> well, he already has. i think there's a very grave danger here that radicals will be coming in from places, potentially with eu passports. i know australia is concerned that people will heed this call. it's going to be a very important effort to control those borders and help contain. the problem is they're between the syrian border and the iraqi border there, in the west of the done country. we don't have any control over that border. so, yes, it's a big problem. >> does nouri al-maliki have any support at all in the u.s. government right now? >> i think it's basically a show at this point.
12:35 pm
i don't think he has support in terms of -- all i think departments agree hees not the right guy for the future because he is not reaching out to the other parties, and until the government can brokery deal with the sunnies, that will be the only thing they can use to take advantage of the fact that the isis or isl is losing popular support as they gain territory. they're losing support based upon the atrocities they're committing going to take a sunni leader to give them cover. >> president obama says he doesn't want u.s. boots on the ground but had ordered 0200 more forces in to protect the u.s. embassy now. we're closing in on a thousand. does it suggest that this inability, this failure, to keep any forces, residual force on the ground in iraq, was just a bad idea? >> it was a bad idea. and the blame largely goes to mall -- maliki for not coming to
12:36 pm
agreement on a treaty that i would woo allow u.s. forces to remain. there was a desire to put this behind us, and of course it's not going to get behind is fast. the forces going in there will be focused on the new forces on securing the green zone, the embassy there, and still reinforcing those other troops. they'll play the advisory role the president talked about. >> over the next two weeks, can the military situation be turned around, do you think? >> i think it's tough to tell. i do believe there appears to be some slowing down of the offensive. obviously people realize the stakes, there are other governments like iran that are pouring equipment in there. the u.s. advisers there -- yes, very ironic situation, the fact that the u.s. and iran are in effect on the same side in this one, as well as the syrians. shows you how complex this region is.
12:37 pm
but we have to keep our central command forces in the region, on alert so we can use air power if we need to, to halt the advance if it continues. >> ambassador, good to have you on. >> thank you. >> well, a fired cofound irof the popular dating app, tinder, says she lost her job after her boss called her a whore. one of the many allegations in a harassment suit she filed against the company and its exec if advertise. the lawsuit includes copied of text messages her boss sent her, many too obscene to read on tv. a company spokesman said an inappropriate messages were sent but accusations against the company are unfounded. trace gallagher is in the west coast news hub. what other allegations are in this suit? >> the woman who filed the lawsuit, named wendy -- whitney wolf, and she claims she is the one that came up with the name continueder -- tinder, and she s
12:38 pm
quitted with the growth of tinder, and sending you around the u.s. to visit sororities was the best investment we could make on the marketing side. then she start dating another cofounder. the relationship went bad and she claims he began to harass her, seeing a young female cofounder makes the company seem like a joke and sending her texts like this one, quote, if you then me i will bark back bike -- like a psycho. she claims he criticized her future boffed boyfriend saying, you prefer to social climb middle age muslim pigs that stand for nothing. it's unclear what she is seeking in the lawsuit but clearly it's in the millions. >> she claims the behavior went to the very top of the company.
12:39 pm
>> she claims the company0s ceo told her, her ex-boyfriend -- if they didn't get along it was her fault and she would be fire and another top company executive told her, he didn't care. he didn't feel like he needed to address her problems and he could still sleep at night, and then she said, what if i resign with severance? and she was told this by a ceo, there's absolute lie no grace period for someone who quits. your employment continuing is not likely an option at this point. now, tinder responds by saying, quoting here, we unequivocally condemn these messages but believe miss wolf's allegations with respect to tinder and its management are unfounded. tinder, so you know, has 30 days now to respond to this lawsuit. >> trace gallagher in our west coast news hub, thank you. breaking news. a small single engine plane with landing gear problems is now
12:40 pm
circling the airport at san antonio. the pilot reportedly trying to burn off fuel before attempting an emergency landing. airport officials report ledly say at least four people are on board the plane. the plane, beechcraft bonanza, a six-seater, single engine. the plane's left main gear is not coming down. we're monitoring this. we will bring you the news as it happens.
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>> breaking news. back to san antonio international airport where four people onboard a beechcraft bonanza are sweating it out. the left main landing gear will not apparently come down. the pilot has made several low passes across the runway, trying to get the gear to drop. normally there are redundant systems that will get your gear down in cases like this, put so far no joy. the pilot has not been able to get his left main landing gear down, and so far, no solutions to the problem. they have been burning off fuel, trying to reduce the possible of a fire. lea gabrielle is with us, a former pilot and something of an expert. what's next.
12:44 pm
>> the next thing is -- i mean, in the navy, they taught to us actually try to shake the airplane around to get the landing gear to come down. there's not much to do if it won't come down. eventually roy just try to make the landing as best of you can, keep the weight off the gear and see if you put it down without incident. >> the real problem is if in you bring it in with left gear that collapses and potentially you could snag a wintip, the beechcraft bonanza is a low-wing plane, that is, the wings extend from the belly of the plane you could potentially snag a wingtip, cart we'll -- cartwheel around and have problems. >> a very dangerous situation these people and pilot are in. the good thing is they already have emergency crews on the ground, and also the fact that they're aware of the fact that one of their gear did not come down, that's important.
12:45 pm
we go through a landing check lift were before we land and want to make sure our gear us down so it's good the pilot knows the situation and is working to decrease the fuel load and make themselves lighter. >> also reduce the possibility of a major explosion. the more fuel you burn off, obviously the better off you'll be if there is a fire in the event of a belly landing you'll have a lot of sparks and the possibility of an explosion. >> it's a good point you make. different scenario, the pilot may choose to do a belly landing. different airplanes have different emergency procedures. i'm not sure about this aircraft. and most likely they'll even be talking on the radio with experts experts who can go through some alternatives. >> the big jetliners in this situation, when they want to reduce their fuel load, they have the option of dumping their fuel but in these small aircraft, you don't have that
12:46 pm
capability. the only way this pilot is going to be able to get rid of the fuel he is carrying is to burn it, and to fly around and around and around until he gets as much of that fuel out of the wing tanks as possible. >> i've been in a similar situation where i had an emergency landing and we had to bring everybody else in to land first so i had that time where you're doing a lot of thinking landing as perfect as possible. so home sure he is going over it in his head. i'm sure -- giving him a little time to just breathe and figure out how to executing this landing, trying to make it as smooth as possible. there's cameras on station, there's the emergency crews, and and hopefully they'll be able to support him as he comes in. >> san antonio international airport, it's going to be a very wide and a very long runway. hitting he runway won't be the problem. just hitting it in a way that keeps as much of that plane intact as possible, and keeps those four souls onboard alive. that's the challenge.
12:47 pm
>> a good point you make. the cartwheeling issue is a very, very dangerous situation. i saw an airplane in the navy almost cartwheel, where he basically lost a little control when he was landing, started swerving, and almost cartwheeled out. that can cause the airplane to flip, very dynamic crash so hopefully that's not something that we'll be seeing here. >> the plane appears to be making another approach, whether this is going to be its final approach for landing, we don't know, but you see it there in this video from our san antonio affiliate. the king continue lights are on. a beech bonanza, single engine plane, four people on board, coming enough with landing gear problems. the rear gear on the left-hand side side will not drop. are they going to actually touch down and make a belly landing or make another low pass so that the tower and folks on the ground can actually get a look at what seems to be hanging up the left gear. we don't know.
12:48 pm
these are live pictures coming in. and we'll see what this pilot and what the tower have decided to do here. >> a good point you make. sometimes you do a low pass just to have people on the ground tell you, is my gear actually down? looks like he may be touching down. see here in just a second. kind of getting a bit of -- qrñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñhe lifted back off again. >> goinuz do another3qñ?ñ?ñ?ñ?ñ? go-around. in some situations they might actually try to get him to touch down on the right gear, the right gear we understand is -- has been extending, and try to jar the left gear loose, but they opted not do that in this particular pass. >> i think it's a good idea if you are going to be burning the fuel, why not make a few passes-get a sense of the conditions of the field every field is different. it's hot, tumortime, sometimes heat coming off the runway that can create turbulence, there
12:49 pm
could be different wind conditions inch this situation you want to make this as perfect of an approach as you possibly can. as you said maybe touch down on the good wheel, try hold off the other wing as long as possible, but eventually that other wing is going to come down and create a bit of a dynamic situation. so the slower you can get, the better. the lower the fuel the lower the weigh you have and the slower he can get in on this approach. >> the beech bonanza, a very capable and popular plane. this one is in trouble. more in just a moment from san antonio, texas, where four people onboard this single engine aircraft are sweating out out ruth now. landing gear problems. they have to apparently make a belly landing. back with more after this.
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built for business. breaking not of san antonio, texas. i'm john scott on the news deck in for shep today, along with hey gabe goal. just so hopes we both fly single engine planes but she has flown jets for the u.s. navy and landing on aircraft carriers. we have a very serious situation in san antonio. four people on board, beech bonanza, having landing gear problems. the pilot apparently cannot get the gear to stay down successfully. it appears they may bring this thing in for a belly landing, and the idea is to do that as safely as possible, but you know this pilot is sweating bull'lls right now as -- bullets as he anticipates -- or or should, couldn't assume it's a male. >> could be a woman flying.
12:54 pm
they have been coming around doing low approaches to get a sense of the conditions of the field, and also because they're burning fuel right now to try to decrease the weight so they can come in at a slower approach, get as slow as possible to make it less of a dynamic landing, and also perhaps people on the ground, the ground crews, might be giving them information, telling them what it looks like from the ground. sometimes when you're flying the plan you can't see if your wheels are down. you might have an indicator that is supposed to tell you when you have landing gear down and locked. sometimes the indicator might be wrong but you actually have all three wheels down. in the case appears they don't. we see the plane coming back in on approach again. they've done at least one low approach, getting a sense, perhaps, for what the conditions are like at the field, and john, as you mentioned before, one of the real concerns here is that if it comes down with just one landing gear up, could cause the
12:55 pm
plane to swerve, flip, and go into a cartwheel, so i'm sure they're thinking through how to do this approach. looking at the emergency proceed ores, looking at the operating manual to see if they're anything you can do, and you might try to jiggle the plane around to get the gear to drop, the flaps are down. that would -- well, me a indicate this will be an attempted landing. looking live at this beech bonanza, a very popular, very capable, very expensive lingle engine plane with no landing gear. it's going to have to come in and make a belly landing at some point. isis this it? we don't know. >> looks like they're coming in to make the belly landing. very smooth from the pilot there. >> very well done. you know they'll be chasing it instantly with the firefighters and the -- they're going to try to get everybody off the plane in case there are residual sparks. >> they're getting out as fast as possible. >> one, two three, the pilot,
12:56 pm
all four people out of the plane safely. you see the smoke already boiling up from underneath the belly. there's an awful lot of friction when metal flies on concrete, -- >> they're high-firing it. i would be high-firing you right now. that's a great landing. >> it's going to be a warm day down there in san antonio, texas. those guys are very happy with the result. we don't know the back story. we just know the pilot did a great job of bringing in a crpled plane. you've been there. >> i've been there and i know what it feels like to get on deck safely. you spend a lot of time thinking it true but don't know how it's going to happen until it happens. they sure did a great job and i'm sure day relieved to be out of the airplane right now. >> the old pilot's expression, it's much better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than being in the air wishing you were on the ground. these guys have seen both sides of that equation today. here's a lack at the replay as
12:57 pm
that stricken beech bonanza, very capable, popular plane, 74,000 of them to have -- have been built. "your world" is next.
12:58 pm
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you in? because the stock market party is back on. new month, new quarter, new records, for the dow and s&p 500. here's what had the dow getting oh, so close to 17,000, a level it has never seen. and all ten market sectors at one point in green, something that is rarely seen. signs that factories are humming and everything from cars to computers are selling. for the economy, not exactly off to the races but for buyer who can take anything they can get, definitely on the map. >> the dow jones industrial average hate in all-time