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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  July 1, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i am ainsley earhardt. thank you so much for starting your tuesday off with us. wicked weather in fairfax iowa when a building collapses and traps a man inside. >> oh my god. it rolled right over that guy. >> also in iowa 80 mile per hour winds blows a tarp across a baseball field in cedar rapids. several team members were hit in the head and had concussions. the team manager also dislocated his shoulder. >> illinois also getting hit hard by these storms. in rockford blowing trees down on top of houses and cars. >> check out this amazing lightening village.
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maria molina is stuck in the windy city and is on the phone. >> that system on the move? >> that's right. the storm system is on the move and is expected to have more lightening today. i was canceled at least twice. there were so many flights canceled on the board and many people that stayed the night at the airport. further west across iowa a lot of flooding as well. dangerous conditions out there. we have so many reports of damaging winds also 7 tornadoes not just across iowa but also missouri. these produced a lot of heavy rain. those tornadoes may be confirmed later today. we could be seeing more severe weather. today's main risk is damaging winds.
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there could be large hail and isolated tornado cannot be ruled out. that's across parts of ohio and even further south and also into parts of up state new york. weather wise we have a concern in terms of prop cal weather. we have tropical depression number one formed off the coast of florida with tropical storm warning watches in effect from daytona beach through florida and we are looking at the concern for wind gusts 40-50 miles per hour. there could be isolated tornadoes. that storm system is forecast to be a tropical storm later today. maximum winds 25 miles per hour. we could be looking at rainfall and strengthening and ruining the holiday weekend for millions of americans.
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>> a fox news alert. while you were sleeping israel retaliates after three missing teenagers including an american citizen are found dead. >> benjamin net yaw due saying h hamas will pay. >> here's the mood going on. israel began unleashing the fury launching air strikes. charged the home of one suspected of killing the teens. israel blames hamas for the death of the teens who were abducted while walking home from school. >> your worst fears are realized. it is awful, awfully difficult.
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we haven't absorbed everything yet. we hope it happened shortly after they were kidnapped. >> the young victims who's bodies were found under a pile of rock in an open field in hebron. the teens one an american citizen were identified by their clothing. it appears they were shot. >> when children are taken as an act of war it's beneath contempt. i don't know what to do other than join our voices in prayer, hope that people listen, watch, wake up to the threat we have to our most fundamental human values and realize who our enemy is and figure out what we are going to do about it. >> folks a part of the israeli government claims the teens were brutally murdered by hamas terrorists. they say it is a result of abbas
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uniting with hamas. they hope both sides will refrain from steps that will further hurt the situation. >> rulings from the supreme court each a blow to obamacare and labor unions. first to the decision some companies will not have to follow the healthcare law contraception mandate. the ruling is a victory for closely held companies like hobby lobby and religious freedom. how do they plan to deal with the loss. >> this rule basically says religious liberty trums the law of the land. they conflict with homeowners like the green family owners of hobby lobby.
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>> the green family pays double minimum wage. something the president would love to see them do. it's the right thing to do. they said to the government stay out of it let us continue to run our business according with our faith. >> it is is ruling to closely held companies. 90 percent of companies follow the category of a handful of inventors. they say it is a blow to the signature legislative achievement. they will respect the ruling but they don't like it. >> there are a group of women who no longer have access to free contraceptive coverage because of some religious views that are held, not by them necessarily, but by their bosses. we disagree and the constitutional lawyer in the oval office disagrees. >> in the senate majority leader
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harry reid quoted it is time men stop deciding what happens to women. >> thank you, peter. now in the other big supreme court ruling a loss for the unionen as the supreme court decided 5-4 home healthcare workers in illinois who don't want to be part of the union will not have to pay union fees. home healthcare workers are different from full-fledged public employees. these home care workers don't have the same benefits and rights as workers. harris says the ruling is a win for her and her son. >> it says we are not state employees that the person we work for is the person with the disability. i work for my son josh. >> the ruling is limited to only healthcare workers and not all private sector unions. they are afraid it will set a precedence for judges regarding
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public sector employees. we have the world net supreme court decision. and befothe more you keep talki about the hobby lobby ruling be sure to log on to "fox & friends first" facebook page at 6:00 a.m. and we will chat live for you. >> it is president obama bypassing congress to change the nation's immigration system. >> the only thing i stand by and do nothing while waiting for them to get their act together. congress will not do their job at least we can do ours. >> george washington university law professor jonathan turly says bypassing congress is not the best decision. his decision could come at a cost and even his own parties
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may not back him. >> at some point it will cause serious problems for his administration. we will start to lose democrats. they can't say the solution gridlock you have to resolve it on my terms. there's a reason we are not solving this. >> a mexican teen standing on american soil was protected by the constitution when he was shot and killed. the ruling allows the family to go ahead with a civil lawsuit against the agent. >> meetings to form new united government in an effort to keep
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sunni islamists. they cut the rebels out of the government political process. iraqi soldiers have been battling isis for three weeks getting help from russia and the u.s. president obama ordered more troops to beef up security. that brings the troops to nearly 800 troops. >> secret northbounding sa loopholes could allow the agency to get around the bill of rights in order to spy on you. a report says the national security agency could use a legal loop whole to pie pass protection against helping americans. it doesn't exist when you leave the country. if it is kept in an offshore company or abroad it can be collected by the nsa.
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a major development. routine pelvic exam is not necessary and could do more harm than good. this is for women who are not pregnant and don't have any children. it does little to detect cancer or any other serious diseases. it is do or die time for team usa as they get ready to take on belgium today at 4:00 p.m. nose see alitidore has been cleared to play. he has been side lined since he strained his hamstring in the opening match against ghana. if they win team usa will face algeria to make it to the world cup quarter finals. >> the situation for gm worsens. we are learning more about the recalls from the car giant over
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another problem with ignitions. lauren simonetti has more for us. >> another problem. gm calling back 7.6 million more cars in the u.s. over the faulty ignition switches. the total number topping 26 million. monday's recall effecting bigger models dating back to 97 the malibu, grand am and pontiac. three deaths could be linked to this latest switch recall. however, the news came hours after the details of the new compensation plan were announced. the man in charge of that fund says there's no limit on how much he can award to victims and their families. for the first time ever southwest will fly one of its own planes to the destination outside of the u.s. it all starts three hours from now. southwest flight 1804 will start
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from the dc area and head to aruba. southwest ceo says he has 50 potential destinations for the airlines including canada and south america. what's the most american car out there? ford fy -- f150 pickup. camry also. >> thank you very much, lauren. appreciate it. the time is 13 after the top of the hour. coming up a major medical a announcement about vaccines and how they effect children. what every parent will want to earn. bill ayers breaking his silence. >> this is your group mr. ayers. >> does he regret his actions? captain obvious. captain: and here's a tip. when you save money on hotel rooms,
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>> good news for parents, heather, a brand new study by childhood vaccines are again really safe. there can be more side effects but the more serious ones are rare. there's no evidence the measles vaccine increases the risk of autism. happening today the health and human services department issuing reports on obamacare. the agency attorney general expected to release two more reports scrutinizing obamacare effectiveness and efficiencies in the enrollment process. they have safeguards for preventing fraudulent or
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inaccurate information by applicants enrolling in the ints exchanges. >> time now for a look at who is talking. bill ayers leader of the radical group the weather under ground is talking to megyn kelly. as you probably remember the weather under ground a domestic terror group. in an extensive interview ayers refuses to apologize his involvement and doesn't admit to the involvement in the attacks on american troops. >> you don't sound remorseful. >> you want me to be remorseful for the things you didn't do remember than what i did do. >> this is your group, mr mr. ayers. this is the weather under ground that was going to bomb military ops. >> we criticikrited i criticize and now. >> the only reason it didn't happen it the bomb blew up on those who were making it. and when it blew up your girlfriend diana otton was
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killed and you later described her death as valiant. >> the interview airs tonight on the kelly files. >> a stiet trooper pulls over a truck driver but tables quickly turn. why the officer ends up apologizing. >> a man with a passion for hunting. why animal activists are calling foul.
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>> they scam people by claiming they are going to help disabled
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veterans. now they are going to pay. they sent solicitations on behalf of the veteran's national foundation an kept most of the money has to pay $20 million. they gave false information and contained stories about veterans that the charity never helped. they welcome the settlement and are looking forward to improving their services. now the attorney general says 25 million will go towards charities actually helping our vets. >> a small plane crashes near a colorado popular ski resort bursting into flames and killing all people on board. it sounded like the plane lost power before going into a tail spin and slamming into the ground. it took off neen denver heading to eastern utah. the exact cause is under investigation. >> a truck driver gets pulled over in illinois but tells the state trooper he is the one breaking the law. it was all recorded. take a listen.
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>> i don't know what that was about. >> you are speeding. >> you are going to get a ticket for unlawful use of recording. >> by the way you are being recorded. >> you are, too. >> the trooper goes back to the cruiser to write a guy a ticket but when he comes back his mood changes. >> i didn't write a ticket. i didn't want to hurt your record. >> you were helping me drive sail. i understand that. >> we are all on the same road. you should be held accountable to the same standards that i am. >> absolutely. >> the driver posted that video on youtube continued it seed 2.5 milli 2.5 million views and sparked a debate. they are investigating that video but have not yet commented. they started club on the second amendment denied. the university said no because
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he's afraid members might try to change the policy on concealed carry. he says he just wanted to teach people on campus about the constitution and civil rights. >> i'm now to brew on this. a texas tech cheerleader with a passion for hunting is under fire for animal activists around the world. >> they are calling for dozens of her pictures to be banned. she is posted pictures of herself with rhinos, zebras. she went on her first hunt at 16 years old. all of her kills are a result of a fair chase. but activists say it's animal cruelty. they are petitioning to have her pictures removed. should she be forced to take down those photos? send us your comments at facebook, twitter or on
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foxnews.cfox news dot one minute she was checking her e-mail next trying to put out a fire. a lap top pat reexploding. >> he hwhat shia labeouf was sen carrying that could be a hint where he could be headed next. the u.s. post office introduced five digit zip codes. >> the motion picture association of america established a pg 13 rating. thank you daddy for defending our country. fice and thank you for your bravery. thank you colonel. thank you daddy.
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military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance can be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> it is tuesday, july 1st. high winds heavy rain and rising waters still wreaking havoc. a new threat emerging that could change holiday weekend plans for millions. and may come off pay. overnight israel striking back at the terrorists believed to be responsesible.
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he is vowing to go at it alone. president obama said to side step congress to change america's immigration laws. what it will mean for security at the borders. that is up next. "fox & friends" first starts right now. ♪ >> good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday july 1st. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. thank you for joining us. one person is dead in fairfax iowa when a building collapses and traps him inside.
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>> taking out car wind shields and knocking holes in the sides of houses. while the storm only lasted half an hour, the damage will take weeks now to cleanup. thankfully no one was hurt there. a small funnel cloud caught on video in person missouri. the tornado knocking down trees but no other major damage or injuries were reported there. more severe weather expected today. maria molina joins us by phone from chicago where the severe storms caused her flight to be canceled. what can we expect today? >> we expect the storm system to move eastward. there were 500 reports of severe weather including damaging winds, hail and at least 7 reported tornadoes. want to share with you the video i was able to share yesterday when the storms were rolling through parts of iowa and moving incredibly fast at 50 miles per hour. they headed east through flooding in illinois and this was the storm system responsible for the flight cancellations right here in chicago at the
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o'hare airport. many people spent the night at the airport due to flight cancellations. it includes the state of ohio and up state new york, even further south into parts of kentucky. out there we are looking at the main concern not being tornadoes but more damaging winds. these winds could gust in excess of 60 miles per hour. they can cause significant damage including downed power lines. they could bring tree branchs down and again produce significant damage across those areas. switching gears from severe weather we have another type of severe weather not so much in terms of the strong storms that move eastward but a tropical depression that could become the first tropical storm of the atlantic hurricane season. it has formed off the east coast of florida where we have thunderstorm watches in effect a lot of coastal areas. that could see wind gusts 50 miles per hour and some of the outer rain bands we could see
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tornadoes touching down or water spouts. that could be something to watch. the storm system will continue to intensify and move northward along parts of the east coast. >> now to a knocks ne fox news . israel retaliates after three missing teenagers including an american citizen are found dead. >> one palestinian shot dead during an overnight raid for those suspects when he through a grenade at troops. kelly wright has the latest on the situation. >> good morning to you as well. sad news for the three teenagers dying. a few days before the bodies of these teens were found the parents of the american citizen talked to fox news our own mike huckabee expressing hope for the teens to be found alive. >> we are trying to face danger
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in these crazy days. we limit ourselves to preserving the family and the sanity and bringing our story out there. we know the government and the american government and the military and intelligence are doing everything humanly possible to get them back. >> sadly the search came to a tragic end as we now know as the families mourn others are outraged over the death of three innocent teenagers abducted in june while walking from school and found dead buried beneath a pile of rocks in hebron. they had been shot and israel tries to make sense of the senseless tragedy. >> your worth fears are realized and it is awfully, awfully difficult. we haven't quite absorbed anything yet. we hope the kids didn't suffer. it appears it happened shortly after the kids were kidnapped.
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and a half t >> they blame terrorists for the murders and launching air strikes from a an israeli ship. they performed raids and targeted the home of one suspected of killing the teens. >> when children are taken as an act of war it is beneath contempt. all i can do is join voices in prayer and wake up and watch and realize who our enemy is and figure out what we are going to do about it. the outrage and sadness is pal table in israel as well as here in parts of the united states including new york city where people are demanding something be done to stop the violence. heather? >> all right. kelly wright joining us live this morning. thank you. >> two major rulings from the supreme court each obamacare and labor unions. first the decision that some companies will not have to follow the healthcare law
2:36 am
contraception mandate. the ruling is a victory for closely held companies like hobby lobby and religious freedom. how do they plan to deal with this law? doug luzader has more. >> this is a big loss for obamacare the supreme court ruling the president's healthcare law violates the religious rights of family owned or closely held corporations by forcing them to provide certain types of contraceptions. >> they said to the government stay out of it let us continue to run our business and according with our faith. >> we disagree and constitutional lawyer with the oval office disagrees with that con includes with the supreme court. >> the constitutional lawyer in the oval office lost a string of decisions many unanimous saying the president over stepped his bounds constitutionally. law professor and obama supporter jonathan hurley has
2:37 am
been stunned. >> it has been an abysmal 10 days for this admin. he was found to be in violation of 109 ap mendment and violation of separation of powers and now in violation of religious rights in the first amendment. it doesn't get much worse than this for a president. >> the president had said his actions are a result of congress's refusal to meet with them. he will push more transportation spending and once again vow to keep the president on his own with or without congress. thank you, doug. now to the other big ruling. a loss as they vote 5-4 those who don't want to be part of the union will not have to pay union fees. home care workers are different from full-fledged public sector
2:38 am
unions. the ruling is a win for her and her son. >> we are not state employees. the person we work for is the person with the disability. i work for my son josh. >> the ruling, however, is limited to only healthcare workers not all private sector unions. still unions are worried the decision will set a precedent for judges to use across the country regarding public sector employees. we want you to keep talking about the supreme court's hobby lobby ruling. be sure to log on to the "fox & friends" first fan page after the show and we will talk with you live. >> president obama vows to bypass congress and make changes to the system. t his first move is to secure the
2:39 am
southern border. republicans who say are a part of the action are no problems. drentsz are being sent and are speaking out. >> it is shocking, it is unbelievable. >> we have sit zepps that are veterans, american citizens their services and things are being cut because of lack of funds. all of a sudden we can invite thousands of people you process through the myriad of situations and be filtered off in california. >> the president says he ruled out broader recommendations by the end of the summer. >> happening today portuguese police set to question suspects in the disappearance of maddie mccann. she went missing at a resort search years ago. her parents were dining with friends when she vanished. a russian man will be interviewed today. as many as 8 people were
2:40 am
considered persons of interest. >> he wore a paper bag on his head and terrorized people in a show. the transformer star checking into rehab in los angeles. fans spotting him with alcoholic anonymous literature. >> he was arrested outside of the broadway musical "cabaret" charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing. robert downey jr.'s son may be following his father's dark path. they caught him smoking cocaine out of a pipe in his friends's car. the 22-year-old's father who has struggled with drug addiction in the past says we are grateful for the intervention and hopefully it can be another success story instead of a cautionary tail. >> it is 40 minutes after the top of the hour. one minute she was checking her
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e-mail next trying to put out a fire. the lap tap battery explodes. >> if you were watching the rocky series on netflix you are now out of luck. what's going on? we will tell you straight ahead.
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♪ >> look way back in central park you can see an american flag flying in the distance. i have never noticed that. 6th avenue leading to the park this morning. hackers on attack targeting thousands of power plants. the security form semantic says a hacking scheme is responsible for the shutting down of power plants in europe. the group of attackers used the million wear campaign to spy on power plants. they believe the hack attack originated in eastern europe and in russia. >> one minute she was checking her e-mail the next she was trying to put out a fire inside her pennsylvania home after her lap dtop blew up in her face.
2:45 am
>> it blew up. my shirt caught on fire. i got my shirt off singed my hair and probably my face and all. >> she used a shirt and water from her dog's bowl to put out mini fires all over her family room. she suffered first and second degree burns. no word on what caused the battery to explode in the first place. >> poor thing. >> college students taking out loans the interest rates are going up. rates for undergraduate staffer loans increase from to 4.66. graduate loans 5.41 to 6.2 loans. plus loans increasing from 6.41 to 7.21. the average borrower will pay $4 more per month. >> now to a fox business alert. we are learning about another big recall from general motors. this comes just one day after the automotive giant announced
2:46 am
the compensation plans for the victims of their faulty ignitions. lori rothman bring us more on this story. >> good morning, lori. >> good morning to you. it is a dubious record but the number of recalls hit a new record as general motorser announced another separate recall covering 7.6 million vehicles. gm has now recalled 26 million cars this year. the overall tally of recalled cars in this country 39 million. the latest recall is unintended ignition key rotation which led to 7 crashes and three deaths. the driver nudges the key out of the ignition the car can automatically stop. among them chevrolet malibu, 98 it 202 oldsmobile and oldsmobileal layer row including the pontiac grand prix. make sure you check your dealer for the exact model.
2:47 am
they said they would not limit compensation to victims and their families. it will take a $1.2 billion hit to the earnings may see repairs up from the prior estimate of 7 million. >> 47 minutes after the top of the hour. what happens when jessie waters tries to get into the national women's association conference. >> he is in a new fight. how he changed the town's 4th of july celebration. first let's check in with steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> coming up on "fox & friends" call it a victory for religious freedom. they rule in favor of hobby lobby in the contraception mandate case. we will have the latest fallout straight ahead. rudy giuliani will join us live along with governor mike
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huckabee and lauren ingram. plus we have the all american companies that are hiring this patriotic week. busy three hours kicks off 12 minutes from now on your channel for news. and i am so thankful to angie's list for bringing us together. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. >> terrifying moments as a guide is almost taken down by a flying rock. look. >> spectators standing by as a textile factory is blown up in the czech republic. one man was filming and it flies right past his head. he was not injured, though,
2:52 am
thankfully. >> rob port is back feeling rejuvenated from rehab. he finally acknowledged he has a problem: >> it is obvious my alcohol and drug abuse had a serious, serious impact. >> ford went on to say he was ashamed and embarrassed and humiliated. he swiftly moved on to talk about his reelection campaign. >> the national organization for women gets together for an annual conference. this year bill o'reilly sent jessie waters to new mexico to find out what women want. he didn't get very far. >> what are you trying to accomplish? >> i object to the term gal. i am not a gal. >> what is a nice girl like you doing in this place like this. >> the structure is having men
2:53 am
be dominant. that's changing but we want to give it a little push. >> i want to fight in the war on women. where do i sign up for that? >> join a chapter. >> i have been working out, feel the muscle. if you want protection i might >> that's being sexist. >> i was? why? >> because you're offering to protect me. >> don't get saucey with me. >> should i protect you? can you? >> there is an all-out war on woman raging now. >> do i get a weapon for the war? ♪ >> i'm not sure what you mean. >> you're not allowing me to cover the event. how are you guys doing? >> we're here to fight this war on woman. there is a battle going on right now. the management doesn't want you on the property so, unfortunately, sir, we'll have to ask you to leave. >> i feel like a p.o.w.
2:54 am
now. >> you don't have to feel that. >> you guys are going to trade for me later. thank you very much. >> how come we were denied credentials. >> i am not going to talk to you. >> you're a feminist. you're not afraid of fox? >> i'm not going to talk to anybody. >> iep on your side. >> i'm sure you are. >> you're going to protect me if some of these women get out of hand. >> this is an awesome story as we get ready to celebrate independence day. a kentucky's town 4th of july parade was going to be canceled for lack of interest. that is when retired army staff sergeant glenn phillips was shocked to hear his town of liberty, kentucky, would not be having their annual 4th of july parade so the army vet took to facebook and garnered enough support to "respect what our country is all about."
2:55 am
>> for today's five at 5 we're telling you about the best towns to celebrate the 4th of july ranked by "travel and leisure" magazine on patriotism, food and fun activities. number five, boulder, colorado. do you love fireworks? you don't want to miss this show at colorado university. number four, new town, pennsylvania, all about the sweets. "travel and leisure" says it has the best ice cream in the country. >> number three mahina, hawaii. best barbecue and gore yus weather. number two, bend, oregon. first, flagstaff, arizona, the centerpiece of its july 4th celebration, a huge parade downtown. >> five minutes till the top of the hour. the accident that will make you flip out. >> a texas tech cheerleader under fire for these photos. she is calling foul but is that fair? your responses next.
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because you can't beat zero heartburn. woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc is the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. before you leave the house here's what's happening today. severe storms packing high winds, hail and possible tornadoes heading east. president obama vowing to bypass congress to overhaul the country's immigration system. the u.s.a. taking on belgium in the world cup action. star striker jozy altidore has been cleared to play. heather? >> time now to take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. parks in boston going high
2:59 am
tech. the city installing benches where you can charge your cell phones. dozens of movies disappearing from netflix, such as "rocky." finally the ugly. a teenager in massachusetts hitting a major bump in the road for her first time behind the wheel. hit a tree, flipped the car. luckily no one was injured. >> time for your brew on this responses. a texas tech cheerleader taking lots of heat from animal activists for posting these pictures on facebook. they want them banned. should she be forceed to take down the photos? >> bill says how can so few control what we do. the world is upside down. >> rob says if you hunt for fun and not to eat, it is wrong. if people benefit by eating it, it is okay. >> steve says is this anything that is not offensive? she should not have taken the pictures down.
3:00 am
if you don't like it, don't look. we appreciate everyone who responded. >> chat with us on our fox friends first facebook page. we'll be talking about the scotus decision in the hobby lobby case. >> "fox & friends" joins us now. bye. >> good morning. it is tuesday, july 1. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. the supreme court smacking down a major part of obamacare in the name of religious freedom as outraged protesters compared it to apartheid. >> i think it's also really important to remember apartheid in south africa was justified on religious grounds. >> are these even close to the same thing? we are going to break down all those angles for you. >> who needs the constitution any way? the president pointing fingers at the republican party vowing to bypass congress once again. >> i'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as i can on my


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