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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  June 22, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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that's it for this edition of media buzz. we post our columns, and respond to your questions on video on our facebook page. we start with the fox news alert. secretary of state john kerry is now on the ground in egypt. it's his first stop in his middle east tour, as he tries to rally support with key leaders in the region for a new government in iraq. this, of course, as the radical islamist militants push that country to the potential brink of complete collapse. welcome to america's new headquarters. >> good to see you. sunni militants capturing four more cities in the past two days. including two keyboarder crossings with syria and jordan. the white house saying the al qaeda inspired militants could become a threat to even more countries in the region.
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elizabeth pran live in washington. so, elizabeth, secretary kerry's in the region. right on schedule, correct? tell us what's on his agenda? >> reporter: you're right. the secretary had a meeting today with president. take a listen. >> i think the first thing he needs to do -- to me, this is not just about iraq. this is about syria, this is about egypt, 9 entire middle east. what is our strategy? why do you send troops, what are they going to do? if you don't have an overall strategy? >> i do believe maliki has to go. it is absolutely essential that we stop isis from gaining a foot hold in iraq and syria. it's important that we do make air strikes, that the special operations are on the ground. >> what's on the agenda? experts say he will speak with the newly elected leader about the political transition.
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the nation's security and relationship with the u.s. you heard some lawmakers say there's a much broader goal. obviously after a visit to egypt, he'll then be heading to iraq. >> as the story keeps continuing to unfold rapidly, what's the latest reaction from the obama administration? >> reporter: as you know, they've captured three strategic towns, the first which shares a border crossing into syria. in a recent interview, president obama has repeatedly called for a more inclusive nation. that includes shiite, sunni and kurdish alike. >> what we can't do is think that that we're going to play whack a mole and send u.s. troops occupying various countries wherever these organizations pop up. we'll have to have a more focused, more targeted strategy and we're going to have to partner and train local law enforcement and military to do
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their jobs as well. >> reporter: the administration said they also want the secretary to speak with other allies about ceasing any financial support for isis. >> elizabeth, thanks a lot. secretary kerry meeting with egypt's president and foreign minister today, all part of this push to seek an alternative to iraqi alternative to nuri al maliki. the counterpart discussed the growing crisis and the threat isis poses to the neighboring countries and to the whole region. >> the united states would like to see the iraqi people find leadership that is prepared to represent all of the people of iraq. that is prepared to be inclusive and share power in a way that will maximize the ability of iraq to focus on the real danger at this moment from an external source, which is isl.
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isl is a threat to all of the countries in the region. >> is that possible, or is it too late? john bolt n, former u.s. ambassador to the united states and fox news contributor. ambassador, the secretary of state expected to go to baghdad soon as part of this trip. if he does sit down with al maliki and tells him to quit, do you think he will listen, and more importantly, that this could solve this crisis? >> the fact is that al maliki for some time now has been laying the groundwork for this sectarian conflict that we see by oppressing the sunnis, giving isis and the tribal leaders in the sunni regions cause for discontent that we see spilling out. the administration, i'm afraid, is a day late and a dollar short here. i would love to see a government in iraq that's inclusive, and so on. but the administration has not paid attention to this by withdrawing american troops some
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years ago, which the president clearly wanted to do to fulfill his campaign promises. we lost our leverage. i think it's very hard to put this back together now that iran's influence over al maliki is so great. >> we just heard the president say this morning it's time for a, quote, more focused strategy. what does that mean? >> that's a good question. it's time for a new american president. unfortunately we're stuck with this one for two and a half years. the president has no strategy. you know, we don't have a status of forces agreement while we're on the subject for these 300 advisers. somebody traveling on secretary kerry's plane said to "the new york times" that we're going to work something out here. that was the reason that obama used to withdraw our forces in the first place. now he's putting these 300 advisers in unprotected, with a clear status of forces agreement. what this shows is add hock policy. the president's just reeling around on this. >> that's an amazing point.
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al maliki didn't want a status of forces agreement. we'll go back without them being covered. >> yeah, look, this shows that the administration fundamentally doesn't understand how complicated the situation is in iraq. we have huge interests there. but that doesn't necessarily mean bombing isis at this point, sending in advisers. what we should focus on is the main enemy. the main enemy is the ayatollahs in tehran. their control over the maliki government, and the dissension that they've caused inside iraq. there's time to go after isis. there's nothing good to say about them. we can't allow them to establish a state in the sunni areas of iraq. but in the meantime, we can let the predominantly shiite iraqi army engage with isis, and as henry kissinger said about the iran/iraq war of the 1980s, maybe both sides can lose. >> this morning the iranian supreme leader warned against u.s. involvement. do you fear that iraq can become
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a client state potentially of tehran, and that's where we're potentially going with this? >> i think that's what the al maliki regime unfortunately has become. and it's actually worse than that, since muck tad al sadr came into the picture. this is very complicated. and therefore, we need to focus on what america's core interests are and what the key threats to them is at the moment. that remains iran. nobody should be under any illusion that we can just stand back and let this play out. we have to be very attentive, focus on it carefully and understand our interests, such as stability in jordan. which is now threatened by the war in both syria and iraq. >> now that isis has taken two of the border crossings, one in jordan, one in syria, there's more trouble on the way. ambassador bolden, always great
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to see you. >> thank you, eric. troops in south korea are in a tense standoff with one of their own. a soldier who officials say opened fire at an outpost dmene the country's border with north korea killing five of his fellow troops before escaping into a nearby forest. the runaway soldier is now said to be surrounded. military officials are bringing in his parents to try to persuade him to give up. turns out records showed a permanent veterans affairs administrator knew two years ago that employees in the southwest were falsifying doctor appointment data. and they say failed to stop a disturbing practice. particular employees they say created inaccurate data on patient waiting lists, allowing them to collect bonus pay for reducing delays in patient care. it so happened at the phoenix medical center alone, they say the checks totaled $10 million for this practice over the last three years. last week the acting va
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secretary sloan gibson offered monthly in-person site inspections to try to ensure the policies are correctly now being followed. major developments in the irs political targeting scandal. an attorney representing several tea party groups blasting irs commissioner john koskin on fox news sunday to help lawmakers on friday, claiming the agency simply lost thousands of e-mails from lois lerner and six other key irs employees. >> i've had irs employees who have e-mailed me this week who said all of their servers are not -- it's not one little computer in washington, that there are servers at three different places in the united states. the irs has a contract with a professional e-mail archiving company. i want to know why that fbi has not stepped forward and said what they have done to try to bring in their sophisticated capabilities to understand what happened. >> now, this, as commissioner
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koskin is expected to return to capitol hill tomorrow, to face lawmakers on the house oversight and government reform committee. much more to come on this developing story. although there are new warnings that they are swamping our borders, that flood of central americans pouring into our country, this in the latest border crisis, some are being sent to san diego. the u.s. government will fly hundreds of undocumented immigrants from texas to california for processing. that's all in hopes of easing the work load for the overwhelmed immigration agents who have nabbed more than 90,000 illegals since october. the story live in los angeles. >> reporter: hey there, eric. yes, around 300 illegal immigrants from south america will be flown to the san diego area. two flights taking off on monday, about 140 adults, families, and also mothers, we
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understand, with young children, taking off on those flights. they will be taken to san diego, but also to el centro 100 miles east of san diego. they've expected to continue every three days, and it's not clear for how long that pattern will continue. it was families with young children. no unaccompanied kids on their own. and that'sly prompted this crisis and the action plan we came in from the government late on friday. they said this will really give a false impression to those that arrive here that if you are being moved to a center, it doesn't mean you're here to stay. >> we need to have a system whereby the entire world knows, and if you get here, even if you attempt to get here illegally, you are going to be sent back to your country. instead, what we have is if you
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get here, we're not going to deport you. that in itself is the wrong message. >> reporter: so the immigration enforcement agency hasn't decided whether they'll remain in custody yet or actually release them while the deportation proceedings go ahead. the government is looking for more detention centers at the moment. i.c.e. only has one in pennsylvania. that's got 85 beds in it. the government is hoping to own a 700-bed facility in new mexico. no indication at this time when precisely that will open. but 39,000 adults with children have now arrived in the united states between october and may. and the government's not saying how many of those have actually turned up for their immigration court proceedings. >> that's the question right there. dominic, thank you so much. >> eric, we're hearing from the
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how republicans choosing mccarthy as house majority leader. what can we expect from him when he assumes the new leadership vote. >> i'm a conservative. i believe in the idea of predom and liberty. i come from the grass roots. my family was not republicans. i'm the youngest. i came to this party based upon choice. i believe the constitution matters, that it's not just a few pieces of paper. >> joining us now is david drucker, senior correspondent for the "washington examiner." good to see you, david. >> good to see you, too. >> so why do you think mccarthy was chosen? you've covered him since his early days in the california assembly. in terms of temperament, what does he bring to the table? >> i think you're going to find a leader that listens a lot. and it's very clear to me that the republicans lose a lot with
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cantor's ouster. but what they're gaining in a new majority leader is someone who's going to defer more to the committee chairman and i think listen to the rank and file to where they want to go. ironically, even though mccarthy has been tagged as being less conservative in terms of his voting record than eric cantor, i think he might end up diffusing a lot of pressure that has existed with the insurgent wing of the house republican conference, and others, who just felt like there was too much of a top-down approach and not enough of a bottom-up letting legislation come from the rank and file and get to the floor. >> at the same time, you see in that und byte we just showed he's trying to make an effort and saying, i'm part of this group, too. i am conservative. i worked hard to come to this party. what does his selection say, based on his tone, what does it say about the current state of the gop party? >> well, look, i think what you need to understand about mccarthy is he's not a legacy leader. he's clearly self-made.
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and he came up winning leadership election after leadership election. he was elected leader of the california state assembly, the minority leader right after his election. while some of that was due to term limits and you didn't have longtime lawmakers in the legislature anymore, he knows how to cultivate relationships. he knows how to make friends. he understands the political terrain of every member's district. he understands what they care about, he understands what the voters care about. i think in some ways what this says is, if you want to be a leader in congress, then you've got to do the work. and kevin mccarthy has spent a lot of time of doing the work, cultivating the relationships. so when this came up all of a sudden he was ready to go, and he had the trust of his members. >> let's talk about the kevin mccarthy agenda. i do get the sense he's inclusive, but he's got to take a leadership role, even though he's only in this position for 12 legislative days. as a shorttimer, will he
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structure his strategy in a way to make a dramatic short-term impact, or pace his plan so he's a viable option for a long-term leadership position in the national arena of the republican party? >> i don't think he's looking at this like the 12 legislative days we've been talking about. in fact, given his political responsibilities to raise money and travel the country, hopefully grow the gop majority in the house, this will be a big job and a lot more than 12 days. i think you've already seen his style, as he discussed on fox news sunday today, deferring to house financial services chairman jeb hensarling and say let's let the import/export bank expire. that's significant for a gop leader. speaker boehner is still going to be a large influence over policy and politics. kevin mccarthy's going to work with him. as far as mccarthy's concerned, this is for the next two, three years. >> we'll keep an eye on it. david drucker, thank you so much. >> thank you.
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turkey club. the fastest pencil sharpener. the fastest elevator. the fastest speed dial. the fastest office plant. so why wouldn't i choose the fastest wifi? i would. switch to comcast business internet and get the fastest wifi included. comcast business. built for business. well, fans all across the country getting together to cheer on america. the u.s. men's team taking on soccer giant portugal today in their second world cup game in brazil. so if our team wins, they will advance to the next round. david lee miller joins us live from jack dempsey sports bar in new york city. there you are, david. what's happening? give us the details. >> reporter: i hope you have set your watch. the usa takes on portugal in a
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little less than six hours now. here at jack dempsey's across from the empire state building. fans have already started to arrive. this is a very significant game. especially if you consider what happened last night. a tie at the world cup. that means today's game is even more important for the u.s. if the u.s. is victorious, it means the u.s. is going to be able to advance in the world cup. here at jack dempsey's bar, they are preparing for hundreds and hundreds to arrive. a few days ago, when the u.s. played its first game in the world cup, there were 800 people in the room where i am now, standing. and by the time the game was over, they actually had to seal off the streets, there were so many people. we should add that it looks like what's happening here is not unique. world cup parties are the rage from coast to coast. take a look at some tape
9:26 am
recently recorded in seattle. and houston. and you can see the number of fans who have been pouring out. the american outlaws, the official fan club for team usa, which started in 2007, now has 135 chapters coast to coast, and growing. so again, about five and a half hours until the big game. no matter where you are, it is something you're going to want to see. back to you. >> oh, for sure. all right, david lee, sounds good to me. thank you. go team sglausmt absolutely. meanwhile, coming up on sunday house calls, heard about this? the cdc at the center of a major medical mishap. up to 80 employees exposed to anthrax. what happened, and is the public at risk.arning. today his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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