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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 16, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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a picture of the real me without the bells and whistles. also, a behind the scenes look at getting ready for the show. thanks for watching. i'm megyn kelly. see you tomorrow night at 9:00. welcome to "hannity." this is a fox news alert. chaos around the globe. tonight, we'll be bringing you breaking news right here on "hannity" all night. but first, emtreemists are gaining ground in iraq. they continue their takeover of major iraqi citizens as they make their way towards baghdad. the u.s. is ramping up its presence in the region. moving four navy vessels into the persian gulf providing additional options for the administration if they decide to intervene. earlier today, the a.p. obtained video which allegedly shows isis militants taunting iraqi soldiers before they assassinate them. we bring in sam kylie, on the
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ground tonight in baghdad, which by the way, they'll be heading their way towards baghdad. sam, not the safest place to be. >> reporter: it's to so horrify the shia population. the intent clearly is to get one side to attack the other so that then the country can start fracturing along the sectarian lines, leaving isis with their islamic caliphate they win to establish in the north of the country. that's been unsuccessful so far. the former members of the awakening movement was the sunni militias in fallujah and ramadi who joined the central government and united states and british forces to combat al qaeda in iraq as it then was. they are now volunteering their
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services once again to the central government. albeit in return for some concessions, particularly from the government of nouri al malaki, which they perceive to be too strongly biased towards the shia. the developments internationally with the possibility of tehran and washington cooperating over the future of iraq has somewhat reassured locals that the international community is going to do something. but they're also aware that such talk is a sign of desperation of the international community, really struggling for how to deal with what has become an incredibly rapid response by isis and a strongly atrocious videos and stills. and the kurds are the only winners in this, they have invested kircut, which they always laid claim to, the central of the northern oil industry, they are indeed
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engaged in some heavy combat. very unlikely in the long-term they'll give up kircut. so a further fracturing of iraq into the sectarian substates. >> sam, thank you. a senior u.s. official tells fox news that 1,000 u.s. personnel are set to be moved from the u.s. embassy in baghdad. some will be going to jordan, others september to other u.s. consulates, and this news comes as the administration weighs military options in iraq and secretary kerry says the u.s. is having open discussions with tehran regarding this deteriorating situation. jennifer griffin is standing by in washington tonight and has the latest details. jennifer? >> reporter: sean, fox news learned of a new development tonight. syrian warplanes struck two separate isis convoys just inside iraq, using i'm told iranian intelligence according to well-placed u.s. officials. the incident occurred on saturday. it's the first time syrian
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warplanes crossed into iraq since the sunni onslaught began a week ago. this as the iraqi city of tal afar fell to isis fighters today. u.s. officials say armed drones could be flying two to three sorties a day. such drones only carry two to four missiles at a time. >> they may well be one of the options important to stem the tide and stop the movement of people moving around and open convoys and trucks and terrorizing people. >> unfortunately it's not a high volume weapon. it's not something that you can repeatedly use to stop major forces. i'm not sure there is much we can do. i know the national security team is looking at various options, but truthfully this is more of a political problem than
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a military problem. >> reporter: three ships have been ordered closer to iraq. they will join another marine transport ship equipped with ospreys should the u.s. military require airlift. tonight, sunni fighters appear to have shot down an iraqi army helicopter, killing both pilots. u.s. intelligence now believes the insurgents have likely acquired stinger missiles capable of bringing down aircraft. sean? >> jennifer, thank you. in the wake of the controversial bergdahl prisoner swap, we're learning more about the detainees at gitmo. fox's own catherine herridge has the details. >> reporter: the five suspects are accused of murdering nearly 3,000 americans from their high
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security camp here. they're still in the loop according to one of their lawyers. >> they're definitely aware of the swap. i have only spoken to one, but he does not have any hopes anyone is going to swap him. >> reporter: the five former taliban commanders lived in camp six. in exchange for good behavior, they get privileges, including language classes, yoga, a course called life skills, which teaches them how to write a resume. a spokesman told fox news, the detainees learned about the swap in realtime because they have access to satellite tv and magazines and newspapers. >> they knew it was going on. they found out by watching fox and other broadcasts when everybody else did, including myself. so when that happened, they're informed. the mood is pretty much normal.
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>> reporter: while the commander would not confirm reports that they were transferred, he did explain that that $749,000 soccer field is getting a workout. >> plans are under way to set up a gardening area to take horticulture classes. they still play soccer and they also watch soccer on tv. so right now during the world cup, that's pretty big. >> reporter: those who run the camp say some of the programs are a good use of time, because when they're busy, they're less hassle for the guard force. >> yoga, resume, 100 cable channels, soccer and farming. catherine, thank you. back here at home, the crisis at our southern border appears to be getting worse. the surge of illegal immigrants, especially children coming to the u.s. from central america, is now overwhelming border
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patrol agents. fema and the u.s. military are now being asked to help. john roberts is on the ground tonight in mission, texas, with all the details. john? >> reporter: sean, good evening to you, from the u.s.-mexico border. the big question here for the white house is, how do you stop people trying to get caught? because that is the case. a case in point this morning, as we were making our way down to the rio grand, as we crossed over, we saw a couple of women who crossed earlier in the day, they were from guatemala. they were instructed by the coyote to walk up to the levy and wait for the border patrol to pick you up. at the catholic charities near the bus stop, dozens of people have been coming through. most of them women with children or pregnant women or women both pregnant and have children. we talked to people to a person. they say the reason they came here to the united states was to escape poverty and growing gang violence. there's some thought they may have been coached to saying
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that, but even so, you can't help but feel for the young children that they have in tow with them and the thousands of children who have made the journey by themselves. this issue first came to national outrage when the office of democratic congressman released these pictures of overcrowding in a detention facility, many of these unaccompanied children. it became a national embarrassment. the congressman faults the obama administration saying the white house was warned but was still caught flat flatted. >> we've got to do a better job. we have protocols with mexico where we can do expedited returns. we don't have the same thing with guatemala and other countries and they're going to keep coming over here and overwhelm us. >> reporter: truth be told, the system is already well passed overwhelmed and there's nothing they can do to stop it, despite the president's assertions the
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border is more secure. just down the river where we are, all day long over the weekend, jet skiers from a park on the mexican side were running mexican nationals across the river for $100 a head, dropping them off on the american side, even while the border patrol were keeping watch. there is nothing, sean, to stop anybody from coming across. so they get a boat, they touch ground on the american side, wait for the border patrol. they're processed, bought a bus ticket to wherever in the united states they might have relatives and given a notice to appear before a judge. many of them likely will just disappear. sean? >> unbelievable report. john, thank you. so how exactly is the administration responding to the border crisis as well as the chaos around the globe? ed henry is at the white house with all the details. ed? >> reporter: bottom line is, top white house officials say they're concerned about all of
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these kids, some of them unaccompanied, showed up at the u.s.-mexico border. they say their most important issue is making sure that these kids have health and safety. they're dealing with it in the short term, as a humanitarian crisis. but it's clear the administration does not have a plan just yet to deal with this crisis long-term. as for the crisis in iraq, top officials here say the president is still mulling various military options, ranging from usair strikes to potentially sending a small number of u.s. special forces to baghdad to try to tamp down the violence. one option secretary of state john kerry talked about today was a potential alliance between the u.s. and iran. that sent alarm bells around the world about the potential of a military alliance that we could see u.s. air strikes coupled with iranian ground troops, not u.s. ground troops, on the ground in iraq. the pentagon, the state department quickly clarified that secretary kerry was not talking about a military
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alliance, just talking about potential diplomatic talks between the u.s. and iran to pressure the iraqi government to reform. as for president obama, he faced criticism over the weekend from republicans for being in palm springs for father's day weekend. they stress inside the white house the president was getting updates from his national security adviser about the crisis in iraq and as soon as he returned back to the white house, the president convened his national security team to go over those military options. very urgent situation right now. >> ed at the white house tonight. coming up, our top story tonight. extremists continue to more and more iraqi cities, killing anyone that stands in their way. they're literally beheading their way to baghdad. our commander in chief decided it was an appropriate time to hit the golf course. and bob beckel is here to explain why no one in the
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administration seems to know anything until the press brings it to light. plus, tonight, here on "hannity" -- [ inaudible ] >> the washington free beacon obtains recordings from hillary clinton in the 1980s defending a man accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. and is the irs covering for lois lerner? that and much more as we continue here on "hannity." [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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we will not be sending u.s. troops back into combat in iraq, but i have asked my national security team to prepare a range of other options that could help support iraq security forces and i'll be reviewing those options in the days ahead. >> that was president obama last week discussing the growing violence and chaos in iraq. the major cities and towns located on that map right now have now fallen under the control of isis, that's as insurgents continue to swarm in iraq.
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one would think president obama would be meeting with advisers night and day. but not your president. he jetted off to the west coast for a round of golf, after giving a speech at the university of california irvine saturday where he spoke on the pressing image of climate change. here with reaction is former navy s.e.a.l. carl higby. he served two tours in iraq. good to see you. i want to give people some perspective. these are the iraqi cities that isis has control over. if we look, it's really surrounding the whole area. where are we looking at with baghdad? >> baghdad is actually the same distance east of fallujah azra m -- as ramadi is to the west. we built buildings, we rebuilt any infrastructure we destroyed during the takeover. it's unfortunate, but they are going to take that back. i don't think there's a way to
7:18 pm
defend it. >> we have been talking about isis. there was a report over the weekend, a mass slaughter took place. we have new video leading up to that slaughter. we're going to see it. all of these people that were lined up literally, then all gunned down in brutal fashion. we keep hearing, and it seems to be a talking point that somehow isis is more brutal than, you know, al qaeda. why am i having a hard time believing that, considering they're both brutal terrorist groups that have no respect for human life? >> when we pulled out of iraq, there was nothing left but a power void and the biggest gun is going to reign supreme. >> this is prior to the assassinations of these guys. they're just assassinated one by one. >> this is what happens when you pull out prematurity. the president dropped the ball on this. should we have sent troops over
7:19 pm
there and just left them there? i don't know. but we committed to fight a war on iraq's terms that were not in the interest of american soldiers. >> let's go back to the original map and the video here. the map of iraq and ask this question -- why have they been able to gape so much ground so quickly? in other words, as they -- if we can go back to that map, they've been able to surround baghdad. look at how much territory they've taken. also, the kurds in the north, they're going to break off on their own at this point? >> right. this is something that our leaders, our senior military and government leaders don't understand. these people are not loyal to anything but what supports themselves. that's what we don't reason with. we see this as, okay, we had forces that we trained, that we put a lot of effort into. why are they being -- are they falling? half of the forces we trailed are taking the weapons we gave them and using it to take back
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iraq in a terrorist fashion. >> thanks so much for being with us. joining us now with reaction, fox news military analyst general jack keen. general, let me predict what george w. bush said in 2007, with pin point accuracy, this is what he said would happen and is now happening. watch. >> begin withdrawing before our commanders tell us we are ready would be dangerous, for iraq, for the region, and for the united states. it would mean surrendering the future of iraq to al qaeda. it would mean we would be risking mass killings on a horrific scale. it would mean we allow the terrorists to establish a safe haven in iraq to replace the one they lost in afghanistan. it would increase the probability that american troops would have to return at some later date to confront an enemy
7:21 pm
that's even more dangerous. >> mitt romney predicted the same thing in 2007. a lot of people saw this coming except the administration. your reaction? >> well, listen, when we made the critical decision to pull out in 2011 with all of our forces, that became a death nell to the future. the second thing we did is we pulled away from the geopolitical support with malaki in guiding him. the reason we left troops in germany, italy, japan and south korea after conflict was for influence and to guide the government in the right direction. we had the same intent here. so those two things happened. we pulled away militarily and lost leverage and we stopped guiding malaki. the obama administration, through its ambassadors, disen gauged from malaki, and you see the results. >> let me ask you about iran sending 2,000 revolutionary guards in to fight against the
7:22 pm
sunni group isis. with them sending their group in, and john kerry leaving open the door that we might be in a situation to align with iran to battle isis, there's something very wrong with this situation considering their commitment towards supporting terror in the region, don't you think? >> that's an understatement. the fact of the matter is, we do not need iranian help to help the iraqis. the iranians are going to help the iraqis as they have been for a number of years and will continue to do because it's in their national interest. but here's why we should not coordinate with iran for the help with iraq. number one is, they are our strategic adversary in the middle east. they have totally different strategic objectives than what we have in terms of stability and security. second, syria, which iran is
7:23 pm
propping up, they have aided in the killing of 160,000 syrians and deplacing 9 million syrians, as well. and third, this is the one that bothers me the most quite frankly, is the iranians, since 1980 when they declared the islamic state of iran, have been systematically killing americans for 30 plus years. marine barracks, u.s. embassies lebanon and kuwait. in 1982, for ten years, they began the hostage taking campaign that had nothing to do with the tehran hostages. over 90 of them, most of them were in fact americans and then in iraq, sean, they trained shia militia who systematically killed us for close to three to four years. we should have nothing to do with the iranians. >> appreciate you being with us. coming up, why does every situation take the administration by surprise? you don't want to miss this videotape. when we come back, bob beckel will try to defend the
7:24 pm
indefensible. and then newly unearthed tapes from hillary clinton in the 1980s, defending a man allegedly accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. and sheriff arpaio is next. that and more as "hannity" continues. awesome, amazing, that's epic, bro. whatever happened to good? good is choosing not to overshoot the moon, but to land right on it. good is maxwell house. ♪ good to the last drop good is maxwell house.
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welcome back to "hannity." scandal after scandal continues to rock the obama white house. and every time one surfaces all you hear are excuses from the administration. and the escalating violence in iraq proves our commander in chief is asleep at the wheel. but unfortunately this is the latest example that they learn more from the news that they do from their own administration. watch this. >> we took the fight to al qaeda, dismantling their leadership, putting them on the path to defeat. let me take the irs situation first. i first learned about it from the same news reports that most people learned about this. >> there is no question that we did not anticipate the scale of the problems with the website. >> nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website
7:28 pm
isn't working as well as it should. >> i heard about fast and furious for the first time over the last few weeks. >> what is the biggest geopolitical threat facing america and you said russia. the 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back. >> here with reaction is bob beckel. bob, why do they learn everything in the media? >> it's amazing that some of this stuff is learned -- i would have thought this latest situation in iraq, which we should have never been in the first place and i predicted this five years ago. that said, why they didn't put agents with all the sunnis and shiites and know this was going to happen is beyond me. so i don't know. >> but why -- how is it possible that they learn everything through the media? >> i don't think they learn everything from the media. >> every big scandal they learned through the media. >> you call them scandals, i call them mistakes. >> mistakes, is that what that
7:29 pm
is? the irs thing is -- lois lerner -- what happened was, i thought once you deleted e-mails they were gone, i didn't know because i read the paper today all my stuff is out there. i'm in trouble, man. >> i've seen your -- i know what's in there. >> that's my point. >> listen, you know what? but in your case you get away with it because you're a liberal. so you know they're lying. >> i would saying they're edging to the edge of the truth in some cases, but not anymore than any other administration. the bush administration got us involved in a war -- you never want to talk about it. they got us in a war on a phoney premise about weapons of mass destruction and a lot of people died. >> there's videos of kurds in the north that were victims of chemical weapons. here's the question, if we're going to fight a war, don't you have to finish the battle before you leave? >> it's been going on for 2,000 years. >> we had the battle of iraq
7:30 pm
won, and we left too early because this president didn't want to be there. now he's doing the same thing. the good war he wanted to fight in afghanistan, now he's leaving there. >> they put malaki in office and he got elected saying he would improve the government. he did not. that's why the sounnis have risn up. >> and john kerry's suggestion that we should have an alliance with iran is a good idea? >> no, that's a waste of time. but president obama inherited a war that should have never happened. >> the reality is, he took it and it's destroyed. his reset with russia and putin is a disaster. give me one national security issue that you think he's been successful on. >> i think a number of things with homeland security -- >> no, no, national security. tell me. >> that's what homeland security is about, national security.
7:31 pm
i think what he's done with the nato allies, a lot of things have worked out all right. >> name one thing that you can point to where the world is better off because of the obama doctri doctrine. >> advances in homeland security and the number of people exported from the border back home. >> that's a joke, right? >> they take out the maximum every year. >> we've got more people now flooding into this country. wait till you see the next segment. >> what i'm telling you is, they sent out like 500,000 last year. >> this is sort of like the question the state department couldn't answer about hillary. one thing that you can point to where he was successful. is the economy doing better? >> so much better. he brought us back from the verge of a depression. you never give him credit for that. he saved general motors. >> you would vote for him again, wouldn't you? >> against who, these
7:32 pm
republicans? that's about the weakest bench since little league. >> take care of your allergies. >> i will. >> that's all the time we have with mr. beckel. when we come back, wait till you see this video that continues to spiral out of control. we'll check in with sheriff joe arpaio. and the mess the white house has gotten into, and two years of lois lerner e-mails have vanished. that's what the irs claims happened. and hillary clinton defending and helping get off on a technicality a guy that raped a 12-year-old girl. ♪
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welcome backing to "hannity." the humanitarian and national security crisis at our nation's border is getting worse by the hour. droves of unaccompanied children are arriving each day, many bussed over to crowded facilities where they face horrible living conditions. now the brave men and women dealing with this mess are allegedly being told if they dare to speak out about the situation, they will be disciplined or possibly even charged with a crime. here with reaction, maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio. joe, i know that would never stop you from speaking out, but we had a report earlier in the show, john roberts is down at the border. all weekend long, people are paid $100 to get on boats to go across the border. they put their foot on american territory and we just take them to phoenix or tucson or some
7:39 pm
other facility. what are we doing here? why don't just send them back across the water? >> put them in an airplane, $400, send them back to where they came from, it's cheaper, more humane. the border patrol are too busy changing diapers and not going after illegal immigrants and done peddlers. i think the president knew this was going to happen, so it's going to help him on his executive orders, if congress doesn't take this mission up. but it might backfire because of the inhumane situations. the media finally got with it. i was on your station ten days ago talking about this, so i'm glad that now it's gone into the media, and the government officials are talking about it. >> but what i'm trying to understand here, if i were to take a truckload of illegal immigrants and bring them to tucson or phoenix or maricopa county, what would happen if i got caught?
7:40 pm
i assume i would be arrested, mug shots, the whole bit, right? >> well, i wouldn't bet on it, because there's a lot of court decisions, especially after me in the department of justice trying to put cuffs on me. so i lost some of my authority, but we're still working it. no, i don't think it's going to happen. >> but the point is, the government is dropping illegal immigrants off, and now eric holder is talking about giving them attorneys and doctors and the american taxpayer paying for health issues. apparently there's staff and other health issues that are serious in these facilities, right? >> you're right, that's a legal situation. you know our arizona attorney general is thinking of suing the government. but it's more than just a legal problem. it's a political problem that's occurring on immigration. you know that, sean. it's been going on for quite a while. but i think they don't understand, the white house, that they opened up a can of worms on this.
7:41 pm
we'll see how it settles. this is a great country. you're trying to tell me we can't keep people from coming into our country if you had the desire to do it? i don't buy it. there's something wrong. >> what's the latest in your battle with the white house? >> they're still after me. the doj state battles me. i'm the elected sheriff and i'm going to keep doing what the constitution says i can do. >> are you still giving out baloney sandwiches there? >> i took all the meat there. it's now vegetarian. >> is that cheaper? >> yeah, 8500 people. >> i watched you walk through your jail. you're like a rock star, even though you treat prisoners the way they should be treated. >> maybe i'll get half the vote, that's okay. coming up, the irs claims it lost two years worth of lois
7:42 pm
lerner's e-mails. really? >> the washington free beacon obtains audio recordings from hillary clinton in the 1980s okd of raping a 12-year-old girl and helping him walk free. avo: waves don't care what age you are. take them on the way you always have. live healthy and take one a day men's 50+. a complete multivitamin with 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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welcome back to "hannity." the washington free bee cop has unearthed some audiotapes of hillary clinton from the 1980s, which she's discussing her role in a case defending a man and of raping a 12-year-old girl. on the tape, she seems to suggest that she knew the man was guilty the whole time but used a legal technicality to allow him to plea to a lesser charge. listen.
7:48 pm
>> here to respond, rick unger, peter johnson junior, and david limbaugh. everybody is entitled to a defense. we'll start there. but i had him take a polygraph, which he passed and destroyed my faith in polygraphs. she goes on to say she got him off for time served, which was two months, for raping a 12-year-old girl. if a republican did that, david limbaugh, would that not be a war on women, a media onslaught? i think it would be. >> that's the point. there would be a double standard. as a lawyer, i find it difficult
7:49 pm
to attack hillary for representing someone she was appointed to represent and not -- >> she said she did it as a favor. >> that's what i was going to get to. one article said she agreed to be the court appointed attorney. i never had that choice. when i was appointed to represent a murderer, i didn't want to do it but i had to do it. the article suggested she had a choice. if she had a choice -- >> i heard the recording. she said the prosecutor called me a few years ago and had a guy accused of rape. he wanted a woman lawyer. would i do it as a favor for him? >> that suggests that she isn't as zealous in advocating for women's rights as she would have us believe. also, the casual laughter on the tapes that we hear suggest that she doesn't take this kind of thing seriously. i think we ought to note the double standard that liberals hold conservatives to when they talk about the fabricated war on women. >> peter, everybody is entitled
7:50 pm
to a defense. you're one of the best lawyers in new york. i could not in good conscience, if i was an attorney, take on a client that i knew on a client that i know raped a 12-year-old girl and laugh. >> it is a matter of conscience. you shouldn't take a case you don't believe in. if you know a person is guilty, you shouldn't take a case and i won't take that case. but this is an interesting reality check in terms of hillary clinton's sensibilities a side of her we haven't seen before, now, on tape. this is going to be examined carefully. they expect the liberal community will use this to bolster her. that somehow, she's a defender of the constitutional rights. >> time served for a child rapist? >> she points out there was a gap in the evidence
7:51 pm
she took advantage of it and got an expert in new york to turn n expert in new york to turn prosecutor. a agree with you, sean, but i'm telling you -- 2x2 technicality to get him off? >> she does. >> she has a belief. in my mind, if i believe that person is guilty for raping a 12-year-old girl -- >> you would step out of the case. >> yes, i would. >> once you're in the case you're in the case. >> she chose to take it. >> but she did not necessarily >> that is not true. she said it was after the polygraph she commented. >> let me just say have you an obligation to step out of a criminal case if you know, if you know that this person is guilty. you are not there to perpetrate a crime. >> i agree.
7:52 pm
i agree. >> knowing, believing are two different things. >> right. exactly. >> i agree with what david said in the name she was doing her job as a lawyer. very to tell thu is not going to be significant for liberals or could be serve ti -- conservatives. >> but in the polygraph comment she revealed she thought he was guilty and was laughing about it. never believing polygraphs again. computers lois learner suggesting every lois learner e mail is missing from the point in time in matters do you believe that? >> i believe missing 18 minutes of the nixon tape was richard nixon readingnáñ poems to his w of course i don't believe it. >> of course you don't. if you look an 18 and a half minute gap tooking article 2,
7:53 pm
wasn't that he endeavored to'éa obtain in violation of constitutional rights? >> made an inference here. the inference is that there has been monkey business in terms of the e mails now, congress is saying to the white house, give me the e mails you received. >> telling the other way. >> on one hand,3çv#ñ saying go snow den? >> that is what one of the representatives is going to the nsa for. be careful. >> people, always say the white house has their hands off. what is the white house doing? proactively? what is eric holder doing? counsel? i agree it when i see it. >> why did they wait a year? >> you're right. >> andy mccarthy talks about
7:54 pm
chief executives being held responsible for underlings q4 obama is never held accountable for anything this, is most of the most outrageously unaccountable... >> a 9 .o9ñ look. why when this announcement came out, why wasn't there someone to crashed computers the justice department is going through servers trying to find the e mails again. yet, they didn't. >> they exist. >> i agree. >> coming up, more "hannity" right after the break. ♪ they lived ♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪
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series and start your day each weekday morning with fox and friends 5:00 to 9:00. thanks for joining us, we'll see you here tomorrow night. good night. the roirlg factor is on. tonight: >> happening extremely difficult for all of us. >> does it mean it was all for nothing? >> well, it really seems to be that way today. >> a general who served in iraq apparently believing america blood and treasure was weationed -- wasted there. now al qaeda army is threatening to take over. what should president obama do? we'll tell you tonight. >> are you concerned about what will happen to the iraqis if we leave? >> i'm concerned about what is happening to the iraqis right now. >> if the president does bomb the al qaeda army, can you expect some on the far left to object because it's always america's fault. is it not? we'll have a report.


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