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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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good night from washington, d.c. and congratulations to all of you. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> secretary shinseki offered me his own resignation with considerable regret, i accepted. >> as predicted here, general eric shinseki head of the v.a. has been fired. the scandal is badly hurting the obama administration and tonight we will tell you how. >> i would argue the president doesn't give himself enough credit for what he has done around the world and for what? >> now even the establishment press is pressing the obama administration. we'll update you on that. >> >> they blame the antiwar movement and people like me for losing the war with a war we couldn't win and five administrations knew that and sent men over there to die. >> also tonight, jane fonda still mostly unrepen dent
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about her radical past is invited to speak at a ucla graduation. appropriate? we will debate it caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ the president fires the v.a. chief. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. today president obama finally admitting that the department of veterans affairs is pretty much out of control so he fired general eric shinseki. >> this morning i think some of youlights heard rick take a truly remarkable action in public remarks he took responsibility for the conduct of those facilities, and apologized to his fellow veterans and to the american people. and a few minutes ago secretary shinseki offered
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me his own resignation with considerable regret, i accepted. >> now, as you may remember, we predicted that would happen when the story first broke. i didn't believe he is up to this job. he has got to go i think and i think he. >> big picture as we cited earlier this week president obama is having trouble leading. he does not seem to be proactive in problem-solving to say the least. best example is the economy which is now contracting after five and a half years of obama economic policies. then there are the scandals one after the other. but the v.a. situation is a bit different because this angers everybody, democrats and republicans alike. simply cannot treat men and women who defend the nation in a dishonest way which is what some v.a. executives did. general shinseki is a patriot. he served his country honorably but he was told point black blank by a
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number of people that there were problems in v.a. hospitals that vets were not being treated in a timely manner. he was told that and he didn't do anything. so obviously he had to go. president obama had no choice. but here's the irony, the president himself knew about the v.a.'s problems. and he did nothing. to be fair, the commander and chief can't run the v.a. but after being elected, the president apparently lost interest in how the vets were being treated in the value system. the president's lack of leadership on the v.a. deal reflects his overall disengagement. yesterday, there was an interesting back and forth at the state department. >> i would argue the president doesn't give himself enough credit for what he has done around the world and that's how the secretary feels, too. [ laughter ] >> for what? yes, exactly? >> i don't mean like. >> i mean, i'm talking what specifically are you talking he doesn't get enough credit for? >> for engagement in issues like iran, what we have done on ukraine, our efforts to
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dive in and engage around the world. >> russia has still annexed crimea. i mean, iran there is ongoing negotiations but is that the success you are talking? >> we are talking about engagement in the world and taking on tough issues that present themselves. >> i mean, with all due respect, that's just bilge. that's just nonsense. mr. obama's foreign policy is dubious to say least. listen to next change on cnbc between home depot founder ken and nbc news foreign correspondent richard ingle. >> name one country with whom we have better relationships with today than we did when he became president of the united states almost six years ago? i'm asking you to give me one country where they have gotten better. >> yeah, i think you would be hard-pressed to find that >> now, ingle is usually left leaning and certainly
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cnbc news is and they cannot point to foreign policy 'success. with more than two years left there is very little they can do with his manage wanted style. there are things voters can do show up in the voting booth. statement can be made. jay carney also resigned today but he was under no duress and that's the memo. top story tonight. reaction to the shinseki firing. with us is geraldo rivera. you didn't predict like i did in the beginning that he was out of there, right? >> no, i didn't jump on board that particular bandwagon until last friday, i thought he would resign over the memorial day weekend feeling it was fitting failure to serve the veterans by resigning on memorial day weekend, did he not. a week later. >> this is why i and not geraldo rivera knew that he was toast and this is -- wait, no, this is very personal, this is very personal, as you know, we have raised $25 million for the track fund.
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>> i honor you for that. >> thank you. >> those are the vehicles that change lives because the helpless, the men with no arms and legs and women who are blind, this and that, now, have freedom of movement with these high tech chairs and their whole psychology changes, everything changes, general shinseki did not help one iota, did not send a card to did not do anything, nothing. he totally ignored this efforts the folks generated. not the v.a., not the federal government, all right? shinseki should have honored independence, should have made a big deal out of it so that more people would come in he ignored it you shinseki honorable man and served the country well. you are wrong in the sense that he is terrible administrator, he should never have had the position
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he doesn't understand what's going on. >> you tell me when you want to jump in. >> thank you. >> you can't brush over who general eric shin search and rescuey is wounded twice in combat. >> we know it that is why i didn't jump on the particular bandwagon this is the kind of man under ordinary circumstances in a nonpolitical context you would be honoring and we would all be in awe of his service to his country. now, going to the -- you know to the wheelchair, i'm not exactly sure i don't know. >> i just told you -- >> -- i can't be here as a surrogate for general shinseki i don't know how much you reached out to him. >> not at all, the thing was enormous and he had this know about it because these guys are in walter reed and everything else. >> on his behalf i honor that exactly the kind of activism. >> associated with the v.a.'s problems. he was a bureaucrat. >> national context of what
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we have witnessed here. the resignation, the bitter resignation, the reluctant resignation of a man who has dropped the ball. i think that like general david petraeus, another decorated war hero, this fox all star star general lost his way when he got to the civilian bureaucracy. i think. >> all right, that's fair. that's fair. >> he was done -- terrible disservice by dishonorable bureaucrats who had done things emphasized enough. >> with eric holder. >> you have not emphasized enough that there is potential federal fraud here. >> i did last night. >> criminal indictments. >> i absolutely said last night. >> let meet complete one sentence. >> no, president obama should have done that today, he should have said i'm ordering the attorney general to launch a criminal investigation. i'm not. >> the president should have done. this yeah and he did didn't? front of west point graduating class over the weekend and he didn't. >> and he did not. >> i'm not apologist for the obama administration.
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>> you are coming off that way. >> i am not. you are not letting me finish the sentence. >> no, you are too long winded get to it. >> all right. let me get to the real point here. what i was saying is you will soon see federal grand juries and indictments -- >> -- good. for people -- why did they create these fake waiting lists? >> because they wanted more money, bonuses. >> because they wanted bonuses. exactly that is a federal fraud. that will send them to jail. you and i will join. >> there is one more thing. >> applaud the perp walk. >> do you think eric holder is going to do this? come on. >> he have have to do it incumbent on the attorney general of the united states and we call i'm on him to do this because it is the right thing to do. >> fine him. he doesn't do anything. >> you know why they are reluctant to do it? because, once they do it, these guys are going to spin and turn on them. that's why. >> i think that the real story because of your very many news feeling about the man in the oval office. >> no, he is just disengaged. >> one of those scandals not going up.
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it's going down. this will that venomous line was not fair. >> for the bonus. >> that venomous line was not fair. >> i withdraw the characterization. >> the facts are that he is disengaged on an issue. the president is a bad administrator. >> yes. yes. hes had has the real story of benghazi. is it that the president was watching -- >> -- no, it was chaotic. >> eating big macs and watching video games? no. the real story was the administration and the state department failed to provide inadequate security. >> that deals with hillary clinton. does it not. >> of course it does. >> what is the real story in the irs? it's a good idea political tax exemption. again, you had the administration not admitting that's what we have to run on. incompetent at the bus stop of the obama administration. >> as. as i would like to i can't
5:11 pm
give you the whole hour. there is a theme that runs through it all. all right? the bad guys think they can get away with it because nobody is watching? i don't disagree. i don't disagree. >> geraldo rivera, everybody. was i venomous toward him? no, i was not. we would like to you go to bill o' sign a petition. another military thing. go to bill o' to sign a petition to get that marine in mexico out. we ever going to hand it to the mexican ambassador next week. so far 1 auto thousand people have signed this petition asking the mexican government to free sergeant andrew tahmooressi. you can read the petition on bill o' we hope you sign it. jesse watters will deliver the petition it the ambassador. next on the rundown, megyn kelly and i had a lively discussion about money and equality last night. lou dobbs will comment. later, nancy pelosi blaming the v.a. scandal on bush the younger. factor is coming right back. upgrade to the philips norelco shaver series 8000 for the most advanced shaving experience.
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hillary clinton is already rolling out a campaign theme the cancer of inequality. that's a quote from her. last night megyn kelly and i debated whether income inequality is being trumped up for political reasons. >> listen, on the issue of income inequality. it's a good issue for the democrats because there is no question that it exists. >> but there is a reason for it and that's high technology. that's why the began is
5:16 pm
expanding. okay, so you are buying into this a little bit and this is a total fraud. >> it's not a fraud. income inequality exists in the country, bill, of course it does. >> all right, go ahead. >> it exists in a free marketed place. not because of government policies. >> that's true. >> so unless you -- >> -- lack of growth relates to government policy and that's how the republicans say we got into this position. >> unless you banish the free marketplace which a lot of these lefties want to do you are always going to have it? >> now to megyn's point the american pay package for an american ceo is $10 million. median wage for american worker is about $41,000 a year with us now to add 9 a cents much more than 2 cents fox news anchor lou dobbs. on paper there is a huge difference between the fat cats who run the shows and the people who work the mines. but the technology thing is very very real and people don't understand it just today it was announced that what is this guy ballmer.
5:17 pm
>> former ceo. >> is buying a basketball team for $2 billion. why? because is he worth $20 billion. why? because he founded microsoft. all right? so this high tech industry centered in the united states has created unbelievable amount of wealth that has spread its ten nickels out. couple that with the traders who can frayed in a mill will he second all over the world. >> all of that technology has generated this enormous money which is making the gap bigger. we don't really need you tonight, do we? >> who is on after lowe? why don't we wrap it up? looking at 287 times the workers, average workers pay for a ceo. this are in their job about an average about three and a
5:18 pm
half years. this is a myth that is being built up in large measure around the ceo: they are paying high salaries we are inviting the left to come in and say we are going to crush everybody. push those -- hammer those nails back down. instead, instead, business in this country should be trying to elm borrow employees remove restricted stock and stock options as they give the ceo to their workers. >> they don't have to because there is not many jobs. >> they don't have to because that's the other part of the story in addition to the reduction the number of jobs because of automation and technology. we are also watching for crying out loud the import of cheap labor into this country, illegal immigration. much of it. we are watching the outsourcing of jobs to the cheapest labor markets in the world. >> india. >> india, romania, you name it. >> honduras. >> the fact of the matter is the ceos are very good in
5:19 pm
not permitting the outsourcing of the number one job around. >> but all of this happens because there aren't enough jobs for the workers in the u.s.a. because business isn't expanding. the more jobs the higher the wages and then the perks come. >> absolutely. >> we don't have the jobs. >> we have the potential for the jobs. >> potentially. >> business leaders who are just about as feckless in many respects as the political leaders. this is the time for confidence for people to be driving. following through on their imagination. >> what i was trying to get across to ms. megyn last night is this a fabricated political thing, this income inequality. if you let the free market grow that will shrink naturally, all right? because workers will make more money when jobs, when there is competition. >> i agree with you is hundred%. i do not like the expression we allow the private sector
5:20 pm
the private sector. >> the government is squeezing them now. >> that's what i mean private sector allows all of these fools to got. >> the government is con strange the free marketplace. >> no question. >> then they are complaining about there aren't enough jobs. come on. >> and then carrying it out as a campaign issue. >> you bet. and that's what hillary clinton is going to run on, the inequality deal. lou dobbs, everybody. you might want to check out lou's book. border war. dad might like it for father's day. directly ahead. a charge that the american press in general is in bed with the politicians they cover. wow is, that true? then, jane fonda invited to speak at ucla graduation. is that appropriate? those reports after these messages. t!
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i think our mission is really a mission, bill. i think it's to question those who are in power and i'm not seeing that. we have a great american tradition with walter cronkite, with the journalists of the waterfront gate investigation. sometimes when i go to washington it feels like a club. they are more concerned about keeping their contact than just getting the truth. >> that's true. access is the big thing. you know there are exceptions to the rule, mr. ramos, do you not?
5:25 pm
>> yeah, of course there are exceptions but we all have biases. you have your own biases whenever you are covering benghazi or or republican party than the democratic party. >> whoa, whoa, have you ever seen my do a softball interview with anybody. >> i have seen you tough interviews and supporting more republicans than democrats. >> maybe editorially never in an interview. >> transparent when we do our job. i am registered independent. and i'm not partisan. i criticize both president barack obama and speaker boehner. i think if we're transparent, that's a way to do it. >> okay. but i'm a registered independent and i have never done a softball interview in my life. not only on this program or any place else. that's 37 years. now, what is going on though here in the united states, and i'm glad you brought this up. is access. so, a guy like me, i can't get nancy pelosi to come on the program, even though she said to my face she would,
5:26 pm
because the congresswoman knows. >> because can you get republicans, right? >> i never got dick cheney -- i never got dick cheney until he had his heart book. never got him. we never had john boehner. you got boehner. i can't get boehner. >> i spoke with him and i told him very openly, very direct that he is the one blocking immigration reform but the same way i did president barack obama. he has deported more than 2 million immigrants so far and he didn't keep his promise. so, in other words, i think as a journalist, my responsibility, our responsibility, bill, i think is just to question he those who are in power. >> absolutely. >> again, i'm not seeing that. >> i agree with you that most of the big networks don't do that anymore. because they want the access. they want to get in there. and then once you start giving these guys a hard time, they don't want to talk to you anymore. so that's what it is all about. now, you have been a very -- you have been an advocate for immigration reform. what's your vision? what would you like to see
5:27 pm
here? >> you spoke about a sane immigration plan. i don't think we exactly agree on all terms. i think the most important thing is that we have to legalize 11 million people who are in this country. we are also responsible. yet they -- at the same time, millions of americans are benefiting from their work and thousands of our american companies are hiring them. so, we have to do something about it if republicans don't do something about it and boehner is not doing his job and republicans are not doing their job, they are going to lose 2016 and hillary clinton is going to be very happy. so, yeah, i think we have to do something and we can do it now. unfortunately we are going to have to do it before -- otherwise nothing is going to happen. >> you are an american citizen and you came from mexico and did you it the legal way, correct? you did it the legal way? >> there is a legal way. >> whoa whoa whoa, let's stay on you. did you it the legal way. right? >> i did. and it worked out. >> it worked out for you. you are successful here in
5:28 pm
america. and it worked out. so, the other side says, primarily republicans, listen, you don't reward people who even though you are right, there has been benefits from illegal immigration, big business has benefited, agriculture has benefited. you don't reward them with automatic citizenship. now,. >> you are not going to send them back to mexico. >> you can't deport them all. >> they will pay a fine and go to the end of the line and then we also is to say we are also responsible for that not only that it's great for the economy, $200 million in the first 10 years, $700 billion in the following decade. create more than 3 million jobs. it's a great business. >> it might be and it might not. but before you get anything done with the what the republican party wants is a secure border so you don't have everybody coming in to get in the back of the line. >> more secure? you mean more secure border? >> yeah. >> it's more secure than ever before. president obama has deported more than 2 million so far. >> still getting hundreds of
5:29 pm
thousands of people crossing over here. so the republican party. >> the border is safer. right now it's the safest evu a3 >> there is a lot of people still coming over and i think the fair thing to do would be to combine the reform with -- this is the date and anybody coming over, past that date, you get nothing. >> excuse. >> listen, it's politicized, there is no doubt about it we will continue it and we really appreciate you coming on this evening. thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. nancy pelosi outrageously blaming george w. bush for the v.a. scandal. i will deal with her. president obama speaking at a graduation.n. right or wrong. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq.
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or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery. common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. i did not know what it was like to be a non-smoker. but i do now. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. unresolved problem seeing' tonight, graduation speakers as you know are overwhelmingly liberal on college campuses. some are down right radical. enter jane fonda the most far right person in the u.s.a. she has been invited to speak at ucla's graduation for the theater arts. because ms. fonda is a successful actress, that seems appropriate. however, jane fonda committed treason during the vietnam war and she got away with it so there is that. joining us now from washington fox news media analyst ash burn see her howard kurtz on media buzz here on fnc. so i have a problem with
5:34 pm
this. i will tell you why in a element no. but i want to get your take. >> i am not defending jane fonda. i'm going to put that out there right away. jane fonda did something that was absolutely reprehensible. my uncle is a vietnam veteran. for that, for what she did and her statements i cannot forgive her. however, bill, that does not mean that we should take away her right to stand in front of a microphone and say what she thinks. >> who is doing that? who is taking her way her right to stand in front of a microphone. >> nobody is. >> what's your beef. >> i think what you are say something it's uncomfortable and controversial simply because she is a public figure who maybe didn't agree or stated things that you or other conservatives didn't like. >> i'm not a conservative. number one, i'm independent. and you will get a lot of letters from true conservatives scolding you. all right. here is where you are terribly misguided. >> let's hear it. i have been waiting for. this number one to be
5:35 pm
invited to speak at a commencement address is an honor, would you agree? >> i would agree. >> okay, it's an honor, it's a privilege. not something that you are entitled, to nobody is all right. >> no. but if you are invited. if you are invited. >> but it's an honor and it is a privilege. so it's not a right. number two, who pays for ucla? people of california? >> people of california, a taxpayers. a lot of vets. a lot of vietnam vets. >> then they should protest. >> families of dead vietnam vets. >> then they should protest. >> absolutely. so they are insulted, right? many of them are not all many. so they are insulted. so i'm the chancellor at ucla and i'm going, you know what? i'm not going to do this because the woman is so dubious, her past is so controversial, that even though she is an accomplished actress, i'm not going to offend the people who fund this university, the taxpayers, am i wrong, ms. ash burn?
5:36 pm
>> here is where i think you need to consider what's happening across the country. condoleezza rice, for example. >> you are not going to make that eequivalencey, are you? condoleezza rice to jane fonda are you going to do that. >> i'm not comparing condi to jane. what i am saying is liberal students took away her right to speak by protesting, breaking glass doors and she finally did the lady like thing and withdrew. now, is that what should happen here? we are a nation of tolerance, bill. and i'm kind of surprised at you as a lifelong journalist that you don't think that she. >> i don't want to take anything away from anybody. i think it was inappropriate to invite ms. fonda and actions of condoleezza rice. it's not even in the same ball park. we are talking about treason here. >> you are putting words in my mouth. i am not saying that considers is in way in equal to jane fonda. i think jane fonda is
5:37 pm
reprehensible. i don't like what she said. >> was it appropriate to invite her to do that. >> isn't that what free speech is all about and what tolerance is all about. >> not a free speech. >> they are allowed to do it. >> sure they are allowed to do it but it's appropriate issue and a this is inappropriate to the taxpayers. many of whom have people who got hurt in vietnam or died. it simply is. >> i agree with you. i understand that. >> a lot of good actresses around who they could have gotten, that's for sure. >> she did barbarella. what was that? i don't care that she won two academy awards. >> i admire jane fonda's skill on the stage. she shouldn't be giving any commencement address. inaprop i can't. thanks for lively debate. when we come right back, mcguirk and kilmeade. they will stir it up as well. gwyneth paltrow and edward snowden on the docket. we will deal with all of them in just two moments. nd.
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does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene. available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel, biotene can provide soothing relief, and it helps keep your mouth healthy, too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene -- for people who suffer from dry mouth. thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight, two hot topics, first up new york city mayor michael bloomberg scolding liberals in an address he gave at a harvard commencement. >> today, on many college campuses, it is liberals trying to repress
5:42 pm
conservative ideas, even as conservative faculty members are at risk of becoming an endangered species, that is probably nowhere as true than it is here in the ivy league. >> wow, give giving a little poke there. here now to analyze is brian kilmeade and bernard mcguirk. this is suspect your wheel house, mcguirk. >> when you think it's college. you think of me, right? >> no. >> you are a dropout. >> ivy league. this guy, formerly food fascist of new york city. is he speaking, giving them some stage advice. we know academia is infested with closed minded liberals. that's a being if a. just look at that kid that taped the professor up in connecticut, going republican, you know, nazi racist. >> all the polling shows very few, many 12% of the professors nationwide are conservative, but i admire bloomberg for going to harvard and poking him. he didn't get boos,
5:43 pm
kilmeade. >> he didn't. >> in fact i listened to the whole thing 25 minutes. obviously i have touch time. bernie will have to stay. i listened to the whole thing. he got cheers. when he brought up his situation this has to be open to conservative, too. he actually got cheers and he pointed out that at this year alone, smith and brandeis all said we are voting out or they walked away from commencement speakers. last year it was hopkins and swath more. by next year. >> let's just let jane fonda go to all the schools. whip around is the thing. but, i do admire bloomberg and i know he has done some controversial things in new york city. because, to do that up there. >> it also applies to the lefty general on gay rights for example, if you express even plight dissent you get backed by what gill mar called the gay mafia. he marched in the.
5:44 pm
parade. there will be backlash. >> when gwyneth paltrow says stuff that concerns veterans then we have to get involved. here is what the lady said you come across comments about yourself and friends, how in war you go in this bloody dehuman mizeing things and something is defined out of it my hope is as we get out of it we will reach a new level of conscious, she is mad because she is getting hammered divorce and makes the war analogy. i am going to surprise everybody, this doesn't bother me. >> i saw a lot of it with sports. people say hey, we will go to war on sunday. >> i don't think she meant anything derogatory at all. >> no, i do think that she does feel like she is somewhat under siege. >> i think she has been hurt. >> she is going through a divorce which is brutal and i just think she has herself out there.
5:45 pm
the only thing i would add to this is if you want to be an actor and be very rich. you can't have everything. you have to have the scrutiny along with the money or else you go to local theater. >> even though you understand it intellectually a lot of people get hurt emotionally and she has. do you want to weigh in real quick? >> i love on the divorce front, love is a battlefield. she has acted in movies. been real bombs and thinner than a lamp post. battle of the bawj,. >> what does that mean? >> kilmeade. >> kilmeade, that's it it okay? >> enough. >> now we have to move on. we have to move on to the pinheads of the week. we'll have them in a moment. this is interesting.
5:46 pm
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back of the book segment tent, pinheads of the week here once again mcguirk and kilmeade. so kilmeade has selected a european reporter who thought he was interviewing the winner of a tennis match when the loser was actually in front of him. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. i lost. >> you lost? >> okay. >> so what happened out there? >> are you serious? >> did you watch the match? >> no. i didn't. i was told that you won. i'm sorry. >> how great is that? >> i think i saw you do that on "fox & friends." >> how do you do that? >> you know if you work the locker room you get their tackles or interceptions incorrect. they want to take a wham. if you miss an inning. this guy missed the entire match. >> but he got into the pressroom. >> so what do you want to talk about? >> i just don't like tennis.
5:50 pm
we think he is out of a job right now mcenroe would have -- there would have been violence. >> mcguirk is -- has zeroed in on the edward snowden interview with nbc news, roll it. >> are you looking for clemens or amnesty? would you like to go home? >> i don't think there has ever been any question that i would like to go home. i mean, i from day one have said that i'm doing this to serve my country. clamnesty? >> i'm doing this to serve my country. now, whether amnesty or clemency becomes a possibility is not for me to say. that's for the public and government to decide, but if i could go anywhere in the world thanks place would be home. >> awe. >> he sounds like dorothy from the wizard of oz. >> just so if people don't know, snowden was the nsa whistle blower who compiled a bunch of
5:51 pm
stuff and put it out on the net and there -- you know, he's been called a traitor. so your beef, who is the pen head, snowden orilliams or who? >> actually both. williams for channelling his inner mario lopez billy bush interview. interviewing a traitor like he's leonardo decricaprio give me a break. he should come home and be a good wife to his cell made in the federal prison when he gets back here. to be serious, offer him a deal, come home, do a little time and if there is another terror attack and if what you did stopped us from preventing that -- >> a lot of people support him. they say he did a good thing. >> on the radio show, non-strap he's a patriot. it's sickening. i love his explanation, i didn't want to go to russia. i wanted to go to cuba. >> he could have within a whistle blower here. i would have put him on a
5:52 pm
program if he said look, i have a lot of questions. >> he'd have to pick up the pace a little. >> he would have to pick up the pace a little. my pen head is nancy pelosi and it's obvious, easy, the woman has to be stopped. roll the tape. >> maybe when we go into war we should be thinking about its consequences and ramifications. you would think that would be a given, but maybe it wasn't. and so we go into a war in iraq, go into afghanistan, leave afghanistan for iraq with unfinished business in afghanistan, ten years later, we have all of these additional veterans in the past five years, 2 million more veterans. >> so she's kind of partially blaming the va scandal on bush and cheney because they engaged the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> blah, blah, blah. >> yeah, look, you can descent from those wars and i wouldn't call her a pen head for doing that, but the issue is, mismanagement of the va under the obama administration. that's the issue.
5:53 pm
>> and stop poll lit sizing it. >> do you have a parting word? >> i just want to note i was brian kill meat in the first segment. we lost her first name. >> it's a time thing. >> we have to compact. >> did i tell you you look good in yoga pants? >> you told me on the break. >> we have to have a little thing where they vanish. how to get the most out of z summer. the tip moments away. thnology, thnology, you can get to those hard to reach places for the ultimate shave wet or dry. guaranteed. visit now to save $50.
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america's poor leadership is spot on. bob ryan, arizona, you were wrong, bill, we americans do not want wish wash on any level but you slipped giving the president the benefit of the doubt. we're fair to barack obama which is why i call him out on something, it means something. not like the folks who despise and hate him for everything he does. doesn't mean anything. steven monroe, washington bill your talking points on weak leadership is one of the best, no more presidential interviews for you, no more concern, steve. i'm here to give you the facts. wherever the facts take us, that's where we'll go. we don't care about the consequences. green cove springs, florida, president obama wasn't wishing w washing when he fired crystal. he said mr. obama seemed disengaged. interesting point. lynn terry, hawaii, bill, would
5:58 pm
have been nice for you to criticize the president's leadership before the 2012 election. i did many times, lynn. i just don't attack him personally and that's what some on the right don't like. allen, thailand, i feel for the marine in prison in mexico but find it curious he was riding around with three weapons. he was essentially homeless. all of his possessions were in the vehicle but i agree with geraldo that we have to check this story out. that's why i didn't jump on the bandwagon in the beginning. all right? the sergeant may have been doing something but he's getting beat up in prison, we believe that. he shouldn't be there in the first place. he called 911. he should be back in the usa. darron, canada, can non-u.s. citizens sign a petition? yes. we have signatures and asking folks to help us get the sergeant released. simply go to this weekend and sign the
5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
for the things you want to do, avoid the chaos, have a nice summer. planning ahead is good. that's it for us tonight. website and spout off, o'reilly at word of the day, in bilge. the spin spots here. i'm megyn kelly live in new york with breaking news tonight on a rare slap down for the department of justice, plus, team clinton on defense pushing a new story to america about the debacle in benghazi. >> did you see personally the cable on, i believe, it was august 12th. >> senator ron johnson talks about the questions mrs. clinton answered today and the ones she didn't. plus, why is the administration not doing more to help a woman sentenced to death for being a christian. >> there is a lot of violence going on in muslim countries. >> this outspoken critic of islam thinks she