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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  January 18, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PST

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walker, how republicans in his state are being targeted by democrats. >> by way, if you you are just tuning in. >> here on "fox and friends" the most dangerous lies patients tell their doctors. >> join us after this show. keeping the government opened and bringing home the bacon all by spending your bacon. hi, everyone, this is "golden bears" congress is passing a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep d.c. funded and it's caulk full of good dis for things like clean cook stoves, guam the virgin islands and salmon. that's just to name a few. so it's all non-essential spending really necessary to keep the federal government krun running? here we are. the golden bears this week, gary b smith, tracy burns, jonas max
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ferris, john lay feel, along with sasha burns, welcome, everybody, john, is this the kind of spending why we're in the mess we're in? >> yes, absolutely. this is how politics are done, since 1980, a debt has taken off, except for a few years under bill clinton's reign, since 28, we offered $17 trillion. there is dlur 15 million in here to study catfish for the usda. inte despite they already do it. in place, we owe china $1.3 million. we have for the borrow money from china against itself. this is insane. >> i think china has 18% of the debt. jonas, you don't worry about this spending bill. you don't think it's too bad. >> it's all essential. it's there to get it passed. that's why it was passed so
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smoothly. it's essentially to get all the congress to vote for. what they did very smoothly this time, not meeting in the middle, having a shut down, the first in numbers, you are talking ab taking discretionary spending back to the previous administration. i don't know we've done that before. >> that is putting us on a positive direction. it's not perfect. we are still in a deficit. this is as good as it will get out of this current situation. i think we should be glad. >> gary, be as good as it gets? >> i think jonas states it a little bit when he says it's essential. it's essential, bus it's the grows that john alludes to that makes politics work. here's the problem, you know, the amount that we're spending vs. what we are taking in is not insubstantial. it's a trillion dollar deficit just in this year alone in this fiscal year and it's mounting as john ashrewds to right up front. so the problem is we have this
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as part of how everything works. you want to get elected. you got to do favor, et cetera. the only solution can be if there is a balanced bucket amendment. not only about funding, because this will goive the left the opportunity to raise taxes, but a balanced budget amendment if there that somehow casts the overall taxes on the american public. that's the way to get things done. so instead of catfish red farming or whatever john says it was, we can keep that money, ourselves, and spend it as we wish. >> well, keep dreaming, gary. part of this, did, however, avert a government shutdown. is there something good to that? >> absolutely. i'm with jonas on as good as it will get. with the government shut down, it's assenine, secondly, it costs billions of dollars. there are ways to matter, there always is. nothing compared to the amount that the government shutdown costs. this is the first time that it actually worked together to pass
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a budget, which, you know, an omnibus they say this is the worst way to do it because all the gets stuffed in there. careening from one price to another, this is really good policy. >> i don't know, tracy, aren't we careening anywhere? >> i think we feed first of all term limits because everyone is just buying tear next vote and someone is going to get all the salmon farmers now to vote for them because we got all the money through spending limits. it's so ridiculous and stupid. it's got so out of hand t. fact that this is as good as it gets is a pathetic statement to the united states of america right now. this is so bad on so many levels, wake up, china owns the majority of our debt right now. >> that is just ugly. >> okay. jo narcs she is talking right to you. >> we own the majority of our debt through our various purchases, social security, whatever. i don't think it's that big of a
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deal the chinese own much of our debt. it has power, from the bank, we go, your mortgage puts you into a position. i do think it's as good as it gets. we saw this automatic kick in. now he was nice but it was kind of across the board in a really bad way. is it perfect? no, but it's an improve him on the cuts we already had. >> john, just a minute. government borrowing, as long as we keep borrowing, we can keep spending, isn't that right? >> yes, absolutely. look. i understand what jonas and sasha are trying to say. we are trying to find the tallest bridgeman for the famous frenchman here. we're saying it's okay they're stealing money. would you call it pork bar el, earmark? they're stealing money from the american people. is that better than a government shutdown? yes, run the thieves out of the
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country. we don't have an option here. i understand that. we are to have a trillion dollar deficit by the president obama administration own budget office to the year 2023. at some point we have got to reign in our fiscal sanity here. >> i don't know, the president of france has been brave of late considering. okay. gary b. >> i think tracy summed it up, the whole word for this seg him, not quality of the segment, but the spending. she said, it's pathetic. it's pathetic that people are on this panel saying, well, that's as good as it gets. it's not that 3w5dz. that's how thing are done we need to get it done. we will keep borrowing, my gosh in a few years from now, we won't be able to pay the interests on what we owe out there. not to mention the fact that it's not quite stealing from the american public but the money they take in is spent on silly things that don't work like the obamacare website, for crying out loud.
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everyone is willing to say, well, that's just how things are done. that really is pa thet ec. >> that's kind of what you are saying. we are kind of congratulateing ours that we actually get a spending bill through. >> you know, that is pretty unfortunate but that is the state that we have gotten to. absolutely, the problem is, people can say as much as they want. but they want compromise, which is what the took. but at the end of the day, people who vote in primaries don't want compromise, they want the absolute opposite. so you can't throw all the bones out unless you have people voting. >> tracy, is all this spending, though, holding back economy? >> oh my god, for one, it's not being used on anything important. i love salmon as much as the next guy. do we need to keep studying like this? you keep talking about borrowing from peter to pay ball. they have for the money left. it make foss sense. i use the word assenine, yes. that's what this is.
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you can rick monetary. >> gary, b., you can respond. >> oh, i don't know whether it's assenine, i'm going with tracy this fact that we are spend sock much money that we don't have. that's and sasha is right, we should throw all the bugs out, start from scratch and elect all libertarians in my opinion. >> there we go. >> we are spending $400 billion less we don't have than a few years ago. houston had a $1.5 trillion discretionary bucket. now that is gong, it's not the old american budget. i think we can work through that. it's not that bad anywhere. >> okay, if that didn't get you fumed up. how about a push to hike the federal gas tax? >> that's what we have always done in america. >> we also account for the
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monies we spend. >> being account, neil. >> i wish you are right. >> i am right. >> okay. fine. >> all right, neil's gang is looking into where the $120 billion bucks we shell out every year to fix roads is actually going. that's at the bottom of the hour, but up here first, the administration hoping the magic of star power and a $50 million dollar ad blitz will be a slam dunk for obamacare. will it just be another slam on us? the taxpayers? >> edroom in tallinn, estonia and the southbound bus barreli down i-95. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had thpower to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert, at least two americans are dead following a terrorist attack on a restaurant in kabul. the two worked at the university of afghanistan. at least 19 other people were killed including three united nations's workers. a combomer reportedbomber set o
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bomb. taliban is responsible. an autistic teen was not murdered but likely brown drowned instead. witnesses saw them running from a park if okay. police believe he tell into a fork city river and could not swim to shore. detectives rufrr recovering human remains and medical examineers trying to make a positive i.d. i'm kelly wright. keep it here on fox fuse. >> the blitz is on. the obamacare ad blitz. >> tell me, monday, something is going to happen and you will need a quasi-sales plan so make sure you get oboum care. >> that's a part of a $52 million obamacare ad campaign a. part of the entire pr push costing nearly $700 million per
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year. and guess who is paying for it. you, me, that's why some lawmakers are pushing for a law requiring federal agencys to include a paid for by taxpayers disclaimer on the ads. gary b.s. that a good idea? >> i think it's a good idea we have a disclaimer the ad, period. do people really need magic johnson to get health care? then he aslooud lewds to quality heck cheque obamacare, somehow, which is the biggest of all. last year brenda, we spent about a billion dollars on advertising, a drop in the bucket. we don't need it.
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this is the new american invention we spend on. okay. good, now i know that, i love the federal government. sasha, ads are the american way. >> think back. uncle sam wants to you do it. the u.s. army, but to know, i'm not in full support of that. look. at the end of the day, obamacare is here to stay. it's not going anywhere. okay. it's not going to go. so the more effort that's made to make it a disaster added to how the administration did on its own, the more it's going to cost and the harder it's going to be to implement. it's not leaving. so, yes, it's good, absolutely. having the states actually work with the federal government to make it work will also get the thing moving.
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>> tracy, aren't you embarrassed if it's paid for by taxpayers on the pa ja ma boy ad? i'm embarrassed by that. >> look. if they are trying to appeal to the younger population, there is a lot who don't know who magic johnson is, with all due respect. he's an old bugger now. if you will advertise, advertise properly. they can even do that right these days. they don't know what they're doing, they can't make it. let's say they can't mailke ads. >> we know who john is, he's the real champion here, john, what do you think about this? >> i love magic johnson, by the way. i am not that demo. i have a website that profits from bad rick kids. if you want to go straight to me. other than that, look instead of spending money to employ an motivate. hire employees, instead of making something coiffure, don't pass something that is so unpopular. imagine if george bush had to
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spend taxpayer money highlighting one of his plans the democrats didn't like. i feel the same way about this, the same way if george bush had done the same thing. i agree with gary b., don't spin taxpayer money on this. >> a little detail, magic johnson did do nate these ads. jonas, what do you think? >> look, it would be great if the government didn't have products and services that had to be marked to the public. that's reality of this health care plan. it need people in it to be cheaper. if the government can sell it to more people, all premiums will go lower because there is more young people in there footing the bill. it can be very effective? probably not. look, as far as the disclosure. we can have the disclosure on the ads, what about the national guard, do we want to disclose years? if advertisement is questionable. at the end of the day, they need soldier, they got to advertise,
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they need people in the affordable care act to get our premiums down so you want ads. that's the way it is. >> thanks, guys. nsa not okay. president obama calling for reforming the way the spy agency sfoop snoops. but does it go far enough to protect you and your business?
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. >> coming up, the president says he's clamping down on nsa snooping. but is it to late already in its clutches.
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. >> the same week we find out the nsa can collect data from a computer not connected to the internet and reportedly collects millions of text messages daily,
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president obama announcing reforms to limit nsa snooping. but, john, does it go far enough to protect individuals and businesses? >> no, virtually, there is very few limitations put on this. as a candidate, he says this would never happen, surprise, surprise, guys say whatever they have to, to get elected then they change when they're in office. you already have foreign companies saying they don't want to do business with american companies because of this at some point we have to reign this in, 206 million text messages a day they are gathering. this is absolutely out of control. >> sasha, too far? not far enough? >> not far enough. i think it was smart to put it out to congress and the intelligence committee and the okay to do what happens with the cullpability to everybody, but it also, hopefully, creates a better policy.
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>> i don't know what the policy is right now. gary, b. and if the aim is to stop terrorism, should we really be reigning this in? >> exactly, brenda, i guess my thinking to obama's segment is irrelevant. does anyone believe what is going to change with the nsa? do we think we will stop spying on our friends in europe? i think we will continue to psy spy on them. they will continue to spy on us. you know, look, when the irs abuses power, i am all for clamping down, when obamacare says i'm all for getting rid of it. i see the history of the abuses with the nsa, john implies that xaen foreign countries have stopped trading with us, i doubt. on the flip side, can i see the positives that we've had, we probably stopped numerous terrorist attacks. we prevented crime, all those other things the nsa should do. i think the nsa should probably
7:24 am
at this point stay intact, keep doing what it's doing. >> tracy, where are you on this? i totally agree with gary, that is a tough one. materials are ahead, that i are trading crap over wifi we don't know about right now. ars fam, money, you name it. it is is over the air waves as we speak. we are behind the 8-ball. i don't think we should advertise that we tapped into murk el's phone every once in a while. they are five steps ahead of us, the computers that they pass were people they are watching, foreign, they are watching that could go harm to us. i think gary is right. this is open field, they kind of have to figure it out. >> jonas, they are tapping out, too. >> let them tap out. i think the president went too far, actually. it's the use of the data and the safety in protecting data from hackers. though, we should be focusing on the actual collection of all this data. i think it's economically the cheapest what i to fight a lot
7:25 am
of our problems with terrorism and other things. to gary's point, we haven't seen an abuse of the use of it. yeah, they're checking a lot of da that. i can't imagine going through data and see we can go through text message force the last three years. why would we want that da to? look what target did with our data. i would rather have the cia and nsa in charge of this and not farm it out to corporate america. i don't think there is anything wrong with the collection if it's used properly. >> thanks, guys, thanks to sasha for joining us. well, this scandal baby prank isn't just scaring incident victims to promote a movie. it's about to give investors a nice surprise, the name next. [ cellphones beeping ] ♪ [ cellphone rings ]
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visit truecar.comoney,com,t and never overpay.yer's remorse. a good deal or not. "okay, this is the price,"sman comes and you're like.ells you, . >> predictions, john, take it
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away. . >> harley-davidson, how cool is that guy? >> it's going down. >> end your prediction, gary b. >> i think best buy showed that bricks and mortar stores are becoming relic. ups takes advantage of online triples in the next years. >> they couldn't get us christmas giftsdz. >>cracy e tracy, your prediction? >> independent senator in vermont bernie sanders hiking the minimum wage. it will hurt the mom and pops and therefore the economy. >> jonas, your prediction. >> the viral video of the devil damien is great promotion, it's really for out makes and robotics up 25% in a year. >> okay. john what do you think of that? bull or bear on robots?
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>> i love the commercial barrel less stock. >> no devil, he, sometimes he's a little devilish. kaput to on interests coming up. then business block continues. neil, take it away. [ music playing ] . . >> already. some are calling it obamacare numbers game that simply is not aide i aiding the taxpayers. good morning, i'm neil cavuto. with a federal judge upholding subsidies in 34 states are covered under the new government exchange and that can continue and fewer young americans are signing up for the health care law and that continues, we got serious cost problems with this law. you have to ask yourselves this, is this thing measuring up? or are its costs been up? no wonder charles spain fed up and taking taxpayer bailout. is he


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