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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  December 23, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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in afghanistan, what they need to holiday season. we've got their list and how you can still help. >> norad will be tracking santa. they'll are early reports and a special treat in the after the show show. don't give it away. today's the day. you have to be signed up by today if you want to know that you've got that coverage. at least sure, you've got it by january the 1st. there are some changes, so many exemptions. do you know what you have to do today? good morning everybody, i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom." >> i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. confusion seems about only certainty today. the administration is asking insurers, play nice with everybody and give folks a grace period if they missed today's deadline. martha: the administration says they're seeing a new surgesurge in sign-ups. one million have enrolled in
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obamacare about three months in according to president obama. while some six million americans got cancellation notices because their old policies did not meet the standard of the new law. governor mike huckabee, believes the changes in his mind spell out this is not working. >> we continually seeing the president making all kinds of arbitrary changes to obamacare because this law of the land is beating people up and taking from people the insurance they had and they liked, taking from them the doctors they had and they liked and it was supposed to be $2500 per family less expensive. turns out it is thousands of dollars more expensive for most families. it is anything but the affordable care act. >> peter doocy joins us live from washington dewith the latest. last day to sign up but how is the website working? >> reporter: so far this morning it seems to be working fine. it is very easy to log in
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without having to wait or use new cueing system for times of high traffic. that what that means, 15 hours to enroll, there are less than 50,000 people on the website trying to sign up even though the administration needs six million more enrollments in the next 98 days to meet their year one enrollment targets. top democrats say people need a little more time to know what is in the law and they will be good. >> the bottom line, there are a lot of good things in obamacare that people like. the more people see that the more positive it is going to be. >> reporter: we heard this weekend from another top democrat, joe manchin. he wants 2014 to a transitional year and push all penalties back until the wrinkles in the law are ironed out. republicans don't think a delay of this law will do any good. >> what i would say is, we need to change health care but what they have done, you can't fix this mess. the insurance industry, the
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indemnification industry, regardless what you think about insurance companies, it is on its ear now. >> reporter: today is the day to get covered, today is the deadline to get covered by new years day. people who sign up by midnight tonight have until the 10th of january to make their first payment, gregg. >> what about enrollment numbers in the states themselves. what are they looking like? >> reporter: they're low, gregg. since the final day to sign up for coverage in 2014 is march 31st, we have the chart to show where states are running their own marketplaces, halfway you there the open enrollment period. colorado, 10.8% toward their goal. connecticut 35%. new york, 20%. rhode island, 22%. vermont 8.7%. those are the top five. all the other states with available data running their own exchanges are even further away from their march 31st target. they are all in single digits.
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gregg. >> a long way to go. peter doocy. thank you. martha if. martha: one stay is out with a plan b in oregon. people are getting robo calls for health care coverage if enrollment is not confirmed today. listen to this. >> if you have not heard by december 20 third. bill: it is unlikely your application can be -- for january 1st insurance coverage. martha: that is not good news. charles payne joins us from the fox business network to break this down for us. that is one example going on in oregon. if you signed up or haven't heard back from us or confirmation, you better get out there and do something on your own. >> you better have a plan b yourself. here's the thing, martha. 14 different states have different things. some can pay three weeks from now. this thing is unmitigated disaster. the patchwork is worse. joe manchin sort of being level-headed we need to sort of
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calm down, push this whole thing out and give ourselves room to really do it right is ultimately where it is going to go because at this particular point, this deadline today, this artificial deadline is december 15th, is going to make matters worse. martha: you know, i'm not sure how that would work at this point, charles because so many of these plans have already been cut off. the president already asked the insurers to kind of give people a grace period or let them stay on the plan they thought originally wasn't good enough. perhaps it will be good enough for now. the proof will be in the pudding. when you show up for surgery or show up for the doctor's appointment, it will depend on good graces of the insurance company believe it or not at this point. >> you're right. the administration calling it good faith exemptions. what the heck does that mean? hardship exemptions. there are all kinds of different exemptions out there. just complete confusion. people need to realize the big part of the website that was bronx i'm not sure where we are with it yet, was the back end.
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you may think you're covered. you go on the front end, done all your homework and selected the plan and may even paid by the deadline but that money doesn't get to the insurance company, january third, something happens to you may find out the hardware you're not covered yet. martha: one of the big picture issues, it appears now that the president made a political decision about this he didn't want to back down. he felt it was politically so important for him to see this through. you wonder as if joe manchin is suggesting now, a perhaps a presidential decision to do the right thing to give it more time to breathe might have been a better course for this president. has to be a question he asks himself i would imagine. >> i don't think he just asks himself. i know, it would be crazy but i still think ultimately that is probably where we're going to be. i can not see -- this thing is a crazy patchwork. can you imagine not changing a tire on moving vehicle. like pass ag-oil tankers having
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holes in it the more you patch it and the more confusion. it would-be hoof everyone to put the brakes on it, start all over. as we get closer to the midterm elections there is no doubt in my mind the president will have tremendous pressure from his own party to do just that. martha: have a great christmas. >> you too. martha: you picture a cargoing 80 miles an hour and jamming on the brakes. it is not that comfortable in that environment. i wonder if it is possible to put the brakes on it. let's give a little more time. i don't know. i think some plans have been already unraveled i don't think you can hit the brakes at this point. >> with so many exemptions and waivers one wonders what is left of obamacare. martha: find out first time you try to go to the doctor and hospital. that is where the rubber will meet the road. we'll see. >> this next story certain to be disturbing for millions of holiday shoppers and credit and
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debit card accounts reportedly stolen at target. flooding black market going on sale in millions of cards. the cards are being sold as little as 20 bucks. estimated 40 million credit and debit accounts hacked at target the a the height of the christmas shopping season. chase bank contacting 2 million affected debit and credit card members, putting temporary restrictions on cash withdrawals and purchases. later on, a live report on the emerging fallout for target and what is being done to protect consumers whose accounts have been hacked. martha: four u.s. troops were injured after their plane is shot at during a rescue mission in south sudan over the course of this weekend. the u.s. military is there trying to pull americans out who have been trapped by heavy fighting in that area. it was recently taken over by rebel fighters.
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>> we've got a considerable number of people that we are mandated to protect and we're doing that to the best our ability at the moment. martha: unbelievable situation on the ground there. the u.s. is considering further military action to rescue those who are still stranded inside sudan. >> fox news alert. extreme weather, nearly half a million people across the country are now completely in the dark after a deadly ice and snowstorm knocked out their power over the weekend, leaving them utterly stranded. >> i need guess and i can't gaat into my gas tank. my car is completely frozen. >> we woke up in the morning. all the power is out. we're like, whoa. went upstairs. tons of branches in the lawn. >> oh, boy. maria molina is live in the fox news weather center. quite a mess for some folks. >> dwight a mess. we had reported tornadoes across
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portions of the south over the weaken and record-breaking high temperatures in portions of the northeast. in central park yesterday we saw a high temperature at 71 degrees. that's a record. parts of connecticut like bridgeport also making it into the 750s and down into the atlantic. this storm system breaking records in several different ways across the country. today producing areas of heavy rain across parts of georgia, carolinas, up into the mid-atlantic. we have concern for flooding and there are a number of flood watches in effect out here. be careful on the roadways. we do have icing occurring farther north where temperatures are cold enough. the pink is showing up across the radar in new hampshire and state of maine. as you saw on video making conditions on roadway very tricky. ice storm warnings in maine. freezing rain advisories as far south as city of boston. up to half an inch of ice is a concern out here.
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that will be a major problem for travel. farther west, gregg, i want to show you current windchills. colder than 40 degrees below zero. bundle up. >> unbelievable. maria molina we'll check back with you. thanks. >> thanks. martha: there is new "duck dynasty" fallout as phil robertson breaks his silence about the comments. a major restaurant chain did an about-face, put duck merchandise back on their shelves. >> plus she calls the firestorm over benghazi, a false controversy. susan rice's sit-down with "60 minutes." the interview that has white house critics seeing this morning. martha: are we headed for an obamacare meltdown. a democratic senator's dire warning for the country and his own party. all that on this monday, the day before christmas eve. ♪
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martha: well, phil robertson breaking his silence and not backing down from the comments that led to his indefinite suspension from dike dynasty. according to "the daily mail" online, patriarch of "duck dynasty", said in a bible study class he was conducting at his church this weekend. all i did was quote from the scriptures. they didn't know it. whether i said it or they read it, what is the difference. the since are the same. humans haven't changed. if you give them the bad news they will start kicking and screaming but you love them more than you fear them, so you tell them. lots more to come on this. coming up our panel will take this on. the growing backlash against phil robertson's suspension, leaving one major restaurant
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chain do an about-face over the weekend after huge backlash from the customers. great panel coming up moments away. gregg: but first, west virginia senator manchin, an outspoken democratic critic of the obama care role yet with a serious warning about the health care law. take a listen. >> if it is so much more expensive and coverage is not good as what it haves, you have a complete meltdown. it falls on its own weight. absolutely. gregg: that is not all. manchin, who is a democrat democrat called for delaying the penalty for all americans who don't enroll in obama care in 2014. believes an obamacare meltdown could doom his part's chances, democrats, of keeping the u.s. senate. steve hayes, senior writer for "the weekly standard", a fox news contributor, joins us live. steve, does the senator have it just about right? >> yeah, i think he really does.
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joe manchin, as you point out, gregg, is not somebody come new to criticizing obamacare. but look, we're already seeing in many cases for millions of americans across the country, costs are going to be more significant than they had anticipated. we'll see, for many people the coverage they're getting will not be as good as coverage they had before or maybe unnecessary coverage, coverage that they don't need they will be paying more for. so joe manchin, introduced his comment by saying if this happens, if this happens. i think both of those things are happening now and that does not portend well for obamacare. gregg: as you know the latest happened last thursday evening. the president essentially scrapped the individual mandate for millions of americans who had their policies canceled because of obamacare. he already suspended the employer mandate. you know the other waivers and exceptions and exemptions he has granted could fill a thick volume. "the new york times" the other day tried to list the ones granted just this year and took
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up almost an entire page. what's left of obamacare really, steve? >> well, i mean i think you could make an argument there has been a defacto suspension of the individual mandate. it is very hard to imagine they're going to be assessing fines or penalties or taxes or whatever you want to call them to the people who haven't signed up, given the fact we've seen sort of a rolling set of changes to the body of the law, to the heart of the law. so ironic, when you think about just a few months ago, republicans were pushing hard to delay the implementation of the individual mandate or the assessment of the penalties and obama administration not only didn't agree to do that but suggested that republicans were terrorists for even proposing such a the mare. now i think you can look around say that is in effect where we are. gregg: you know, president obama and hhs used to insist for years and years that, look, obamacare is going to give you a better health care plan at a lower
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cost. has their latest exemption, their latest moves basically conceded that they were absolutely wrong about it? >> well, yeah, in some respects the latest move just makes it clearer they were wrong about it. a lot of critics, myself included before the law was passed it was totally logical on one hand you were going to be covering 30 million more people. you were going to be lowering costs and you were going to do this all but bringing the government in and putting the government in the middle of health care in the united states. it didn't make any sense before they passed it. we've certainly seen it has troubles now. i think senator manchin is right. if we don't see some kind after turn around you could see a melt down. i don't think that will happen immediately because insurance companies have every incentive to want this to succeed at least in the short term. gregg: when you look back, where was the original mistake made?
6:20 am
michael barone in his column today seems to point out this, that it was a mistake, false assumption by president obama that most americans were unhappy with their health care arrangements, when in fact you look at polling data arrangements, they weren't. they liked what they had. he miss understood that the federal accident enough -- government was competent any of to take over 1/6 of the economy. does he have that right. >> this was operation of faith for president obama. the president came in on first day in office. we need to restore the faith in federal government to implement big changes in that he wanted to. that preshapes poses that the president has faith that the government can handle big things. one of the things most distressing for the president and his supporters on the left-hand side of the spectrum, this suggests no, government can't do these big things. government can't be efficient.
6:21 am
this is something he would have learned long ago looking back on whole series of failures of government this size and scope but we haven't learned the lesson apparently. gregg: actually, if he had actually read the truth of the 1930s, new deal legislation he might have thought twice about the whole thing. thanks, steve hayes. good to see you as always. >> gregg, thanks. martha: intense drama, 240 miles up in the heavens the emergency spacewalks now called off, raising serious new questions about nasa's technology. we'll tell you what's happening up there. plus this. [shouting] gregg: wow. this is the latest must-have item, causing nasty brawl. this one has gone viral. we'll tell what you happened here. >> oh, my god.
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gregg: a nasty brawl over must-have sneakers of all things, now going viral. i have to warn you about this one. you may find the images disturbing. [shouting] >> oh, my god. gregg: this mayhem over the new air jordans at a shoe store in stockton, california. local media reports say the police were called in. unbelievably no arrests were made. the shoes can cost as much as 230 buck as pair. similar chaos over the new jordans seen around the country. it was about 20 years ago when the first jordans came out, '84, alan tells us. the same thing happened. there were brawls over it. it is unbelievable. martha: craziness. gregg: 30 years.
6:26 am
martha: wardrobe malfunction, hundreds of miles above the earth. astronauts on board the international space station hoping to wrap up some of that repair work now having to delay the second spacewalk because of problems with the spacesuits. phil keating is live in miami. phil, is this related to that dangerous program that happened back in july? >> reporter: well, martha, there does to be a water element to this but nasa says it is unrelated to that water problem inside the spacesuit helmet that happened in july which led to a gallon of water filling up inside that spacewalker's helmet. that was kind of scary. saturday first of the first of its cooling system repair jobs went almost perfectly. they spent five 1/2 hours removing the faulty ammonia pump and pulling it out of the weigh. it is about size after refrigerator but up there it weighs about nothing. neither experienced any water in their helmet. emergency snorkels inside the
6:27 am
spacesuits were not needed. matrachio noticed in the spacesuit and troubleshooting that and have him wear the same spacesuit. they delayed the spacewalk tomorrow and he will use a different spacesuit tomorrow. martha: if all goes well tomorrow they may not need to go out there on christmas? >> it is possible. nasa planned for two to four spacewalks to accomplish this very important and serious critical job of repairing the cooling system up there. they got saturday's spacewalk done in five 1/2 hours, about an hour earlier than they anticipated. we'll see how things progress tomorrow. nasa animators created this preview for us which shows the one of the astronauts on the station and one attached to the big robotic arm. they will grab the spare cooling module which is up there and bring it over to the gap where the bad was one, and slide it in. getting this right is absolutely critical. >> the other vulnerability while
6:28 am
you've got one loop down, one cooling system down, if something happens to the other one you get into critical situation where you have to shut down most of the space station. >> reporter: from the space station yesterday during their prep day, mike hopkins gave a smile for camera checking out the spacesuit he will wear tomorrow morning. that spacewalk begins after 7:00 a.m. eastern time tomorrow. it should last about six hours. martha, we'll see if they get everything done and give themselves christmas off. martha: we hope so. we wish them well. phil, thank you very much. >> reporter: all right. gregg: a big about face on "duck dynasty." a major restaurant chain that dealt with a big backlash after pulling duck merchandise. is the tide starting to turn for phil robertson? our panel is here to debate it coming up. martha: this is great story this morning a former cheerleader for the philadelphia eagles, turning in her old uniform in order to put on a new uniform.
6:29 am
why the team and fans are cheering for her now. >> i call philadelphia home. that is where my heart is and always will be. i'm a die-hard eagles fan. >> do you have any moves left in you. >> i my e might have a few. i don't know if anybody will be able to see them but i might.
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gregg: the markets just opened. this is the last full day of trading. the dow jones industrial average jumping up immediately about 72
6:33 am
points. talk about getting high on christmas. apple is leading the rally. you have solid growth in the third quarter. so we'll see where it goes for the rest of the day but the markets just opened today. only a half day tomorrow. martha: the latest in this whole saga. phil robertson doubling down defending the antigay remark that is led to his suspension by a&e. according to "the daily mail" online, star of "duck dynasty" telling a bible study group at his church, that his remarks are supported he believes in the bible. saying i quote, i love all men and human. i'm not a hater. all i did was quote from the scriptures. they didn't know it, whether i said it or i read it, what is the difference, says phil robertson. tony sayegh, republican political analyst and campaign consultant and and talk radio news service and kirsten powers.
6:34 am
both friends of the show. good morning to you guys. this is the latest twist in the saga, saying basically i stand by everything i said, tony. >> obviously this man is deeply rooted in faith and family. that is what the entire show is about. anybody who knows the "duck dynasty" franchise understands. these are deeply held beliefs based on his religious views. the idea we have turned them into some sort of growth tech, bigoted remarks making this guy out to be modern day archie bunker i think is rather ridiculous. martha: tony, hold on. some people would say some of the remarks were growth desk. kirsten. >> i think i actually, probably can't say them, can i, on air? 9:30? children around? martha: if you want to. >> there is problem i can't say something this wonderful christian man was saying to "gq" magazine. i'm not questioning his christianity but i'm questioning his understanding of the scripture that he was quoting. people keep saying, in fact he
6:35 am
keeps saying, i was just quoting the scripture. there are words in there definitely not in the bible that he used. he also said multiple times, there is another video came up where he is quoting the scripture and adds on, when asked about what is sin, he said start with homosexual behavior and morphs out from there. he said that to "gq" as well. that is not in the bible. he is making homosexuality the root of all sin. i feel like they're kind of enjoying this attention a little bit too much. i feel like they're, is becoming a more about publicity than talking about jesus. martha: could be. you know, it's a hugely popular show. 12 million viewers, made it the number one non-fiction show out there. that to me is biggest point here. i feel like this is the jumping of the shark of reality television in many ways because they love these folks to be real until they are completely true to their own, feelings on these things. i equate it in ways to the
6:36 am
network and, all a great show until throws open the window and says i'm mad as hell and can't take it anymore. i didn't think you would be that real. >> they're plain-spoken and from the heart. this reality was not done during the programming with the show. this was interview with "gq" magazine where he sees society al decays, not that kirsten, i or you might agree with but his personal perspective point of view. included problem cuety as a skin. not that homosexuality is the penultimate sin. sorry. martha: excuse me. if it is gross and don't like what he said you don't have to watch the show. talk about the commercial side. i want to talk about the commercial side of this because cracker barrel said, you know what? we'll pull all the "duck dynasty" merchandise from our cracker barrels stores. they had at huge outcry from folks who shop there and go there. they came out and said this, put
6:37 am
up a new statement, revised statement, when we made the decision to remove and evaluate certain duke dynasty items we offended many of our oil customers. our intent was to avoid offending and that is just what we've done. what did they do? they scrambled to put it back out on the shelves. they don't want to lose out on any of that christmas shopping. >> free market ultimately reins. network has their own right, obviously observing phil robertson's first amendment right saying we don't want that on our network. the reality the market will drive that decision. cracker barrel reversed their decision. martha: cracker barrel. >> excuse me. martha: from a later retraction. >> other networks reaching out to "duck dynasty" guys offering them a home. whatever we may personally believe about his remarks they were made on his value system. martha: kirsten from -- last
6:38 am
thought, kirsten. >> i don't think he should have been fired. it is reality tv show, right. it is reality, right? they want to see what they're really like. i don't buy idea someone has deeply held beliefs they will be necessarily accepted by society and that they will not upset people. clearly if he said, i don't think blacks and whites should marry each other, i don't know that tony would be defending him. >> that's right. >> we do recognize certain things cross the line. whether this crossed the line. >> he wasn't evan gellizing. >> the language he used was little crude and judgmental. martha: the family said some of the comments were coarse. george will said over the weekend, there is this mistaken right not being offended in the world that people seem to think they have now. it is very interesting to watch the whole thing unfold. thank you both for chatting about it. >> thank you. martha: very merry christmas to both of you, and see you soon. >> thanks, merry christmas.
6:39 am
martha: you bet. thank you. gregg: well you might say she turned in her pom-poms for a machine gun. a former philadelphia eagles cheerleader getting a very warm welcome back after she left the team to join the u.s. army. chris o'connell from our philadelphia affiliate has that story. >> reporter: this off her second deployment from afghanistan, first lieutenant, rachel washburn is back to be home. >> great to be home. i call philadelphia my home and where my heart is and always will be. i'm a die-hard eagles fan. >> reporter: she better be an eagles fan. this is the uniform she was wearing three years ago as a philadelphia eagles cheerleader from 2007 to 2010. last time you were here you were in a cheerleading uniform? >> i was. three years now. >> reporter: instead of carrying pom-poms, she now packs an m-16. nowadays, lieutenant washburn serves as arm intelligence platoon leader. before that she was on the army cultural support team, helping
6:40 am
military connect with afghani women. >> us understanding the culture was imperative for us because if we, didn't understand we would never have been able to make a bond with the women we needed to accomplish our mission. >> reporter: at 25 she has already a decorated career being awarded the bronze med and several others. she helped deliver a baby in afghanistan. surprisingly washburn says she actually drew from here cheering experience in her military career. >> there are commonalities between them. both are stressful and require you to remain composed under situation that is make awe little uncomfortable. >> reporter: lieutenant washburn once again made it on to the lincoln financial field jumbotron but this time in a much different uniform. you got any moves left in you? >> i might have a few. i don't know anybody will be able to see them. martha: wow, what a fantastic story. she has a lost moves left in
6:41 am
her, a million different ways in her life. what an impressive woman and story. gregg: what courage. change your career like that. martha: smart, beautiful, love of country. we thank her for her service and all those ways. great, great job. well-done. good story. all right we'll talk about benghazi a bit this morning as well. because it is back in the headlines. do you remember this. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or was it because of a guys out for a walk one night decided they would kill some americans, what at this at this point what difference does it make? martha: susan rice with remarks outraging critics. gregg: is he supposed be in a sleigh? what caused this santa to break out his knee board. martha: he is so athletic. gregg: lot lost a little weight i think. ♪
6:42 am
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visit martha: apparently santa does not always use a sleigh. at a christmas boat parade, here is the proof in alabama, santa entertained the crowd by riding up and down a boogie board up and down the river. he is so agile. all that up and down the chimney makes one very good at athletic feats. folks say it is not just christmas without watching santa ski. we assume mr. clause klaus has time to dry off before the big day. that is relief. good stuff. gregg: national security advisor susan rice raising some eyebrows to say the least with her first comments about benghazi in months. during an interview on cbs's "60 minutes," rice sort of dismissed fallout over the attack which killed four americans including our ambassador and defended the
6:46 am
administration's talking points response. take a listen. >> i don't have time to think about a false controversy. in the midst of all of the swirl about things like talking points, the administration is working very, very hard across the globe to review our security of our embay is and our facilities. that is what we ought to be focused on. gregg:kt mcfarland, fox news security analyst, former deputy secretary of defense during the reagan administration. sounding very much, susan rice, like hillary clinton in her famous sound bite in front of the congressional committee, when she said, what difference does it make? >> i got my story and i'm sticking to it despite what the evidence says. gregg, i watched interview, i was stunned. why is she doing this? they have nothing to talk about. there are no great foreign policy successes. only failures.
6:47 am
the majority was about her as working mom. i have mother. i have five kids. i understand the struggle act. she should have done an interview with stuff she has to talk about. gregg: on substantive stuff she got hammered. they sort of reverted to henry kissinger sat in that office. you knew, henry kissinger. >> i went to that office every day seven years. i knew henry kissinger. i'm a pragmatist like henry kissinger. she is no henry kissinger. henry kissinger at this point had middle east peace negotiations, first ever, ended vietnam war, opening to china. what do they have? benghazi which is disaster. syria they had to be bailed out of. iran they're claiming as great success. that is incomplete at best. gregg: they're arguably still stonewalling on benghazi at least critics say that. >> yeah. gregg: here is another sound bite of susan rice. take a listen. >> she had just gone through an incredibly painful and stressful
6:48 am
week. secretary clintons, as our chief diplomat had to reach out to the the families. had to greet bodies upon their arrival at andrews air force base. if i were her, the last thing i would want to do is five sunday morning talk shows. gregg: that was her explanation as to why hillary clinton didn't dot five sunday talk shows and she did it instead. because hillary clinton was too busy and, she was actually exhausted from consoling the families. and misrepresenting to the families what really happened, the truth of it. >> i was on this show the monday after those interviews on the five shows, i said, there is something really weird here because as ambassador to the united nations susan rice had no responsibility for embassy security. she had no responsibility for terrorism. why was she out there? i gone to check the schedul secretary clinton, head of cia, they were all in town. they all could have done the interview. she should have smelled a
6:49 am
rajaratnam when she was tent to talk with the talking points and actually cratered her career. gregg: hillary clinton told the families that their loved ones died because of youtube video and would go after the producer. we have evidence arguably she knew that wasn't true at all. kt mcfarland. good to see you. thank you very much. >> merry christmas. gregg: merry christmas to you. martha? martha: two days before the celebration of the birth of christ, there are now thanks to enormous amountings of violence in this area very few christians who live in the place where jesus was born. the dwindling christian population in the holy land, and the good work that the christians are doing there to who been left behind. gregg: plus she was declared brain-dead after a routine tonsillectomy. but her family thinks she is still alive. they're fighting to keep her on life-support. we'll break down where the legal bat he goes next.
6:50 am
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martha: well it is the birthplace of jesus and christianity but fewer and fewer christians actually live in the middle east these days as they find themselves under siege from egypt to iraq, to syria and this graphic is so telling. while christians made up of 20% of the middle east population just 100 years ago. that number is down only to 5%. our next guest returned from bethlehem where he is shooting a documentary on the holy sites. dr. william baker, fordham university and president emeritus of educational broadcasting association. >> hello, martha. merry christmas. martha: merry christmas to you. we see heart-breaking pictures of burnt out pictures in ire why and egypt. look back at horrific stories of
6:54 am
people being killed in churches last year on christmas eve in iraq. it is a sad situation. >> it is but there's also a lot of good news. i've been in and out of the holy land, particularly jerusalem and bethlehem and the holy sites in palestine for the last four or five years and, i never felt threatened. i think there's more good going on in those places than bad. so i'm not at all discouraged, i would never discourage anyone for, from being a pilgrim and going to these holy sites. my brother larry, who is a video journalist and i, came back from bethlehem a month ago. and we saw some of the sweetest, things happening there. only 500 meters from where jesus was born there was a wonderful hospital that is a couple hundred years old started by the french sisters of charity. now it is run by the knights of
6:55 am
malta and it is all, all palestinian doctors and nurses, local people trained there and they take care of about 70% of all of the young mothers in palestine. martha: incredible. >> most of those, most of those people are muslims. and this is a beautiful christian hospital, doing the christian thing. and we went out into the judean desert with them and took care of the poor, the bedouin families and it was very touching. by the way, they asked the people, now it costs a lot of money to run a little hospital like this, but at the ask the people to pay, but you pay about 40 cents or something, because these are proud people. they don't want plain charity. martha: it's a beautiful story about the holy land hospital, as you say, 500 meters from the place where jesus was born. the fransiscans are trying to protect the holy sites, right?
6:56 am
>> the fransy cans, since fran's time, that is seven, no, nine hundred years ago, francis was asked by pope clementiv in the 13th century to work with muslims because there was muslim-christian disharmony back then. he did a good job. since then the fransiscans are taking care of other religions of holy sites for all these years. martha: good news. dr. baker, we look forward to seeing your documentary. >> thank you, martha. martha: merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. gregg: deadline date to sign up for obamacare, unless you don't have to. yeah, that's right. the mounting confusion and uncertainty over the health care law. we are live from washington. martha: plus millions of hacked credit cards used at target could be in the hands of thieves right now. now the emerging fallout for the retail giant and what is being done to protect consumers whose accounts were hacked
6:57 am
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martha: today is the day, folks. it is the official deadline to sign up for obamacare unless you're in one of the groups that got an exemption. that get flexes a little bit complicated. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's "america's newsroom." glad to have you with us day before christmas eve. i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer. you have to sign up for today, if you want health care coverage on january 1st. today's deadline delayed from last week because of all the problems with the website. sometimes it is up. sometimes it is down. there are so many exceptions and waivers and administration reserved the right to change deadline yet again, if new problems come up today. we've white house -- chief white house correspondent ed henley is live from the
7:01 am
white house. >> reporter: we've seen this coming. we've seen all the 11th hour tweaks from the white house. the president a the his news conference before he headed out for hawaii for two weeks was defensive about all of this. their best push back is suggesting that the public does not want to repeal the law. they want to find ways for parties to work together to move forward on this issue. here is democrat chuck schumer. >> i think what most americans want us to do is not repeal obamacare which is what our republicans colleagues are focused on but fix it. the president is working to fix it. we are working in the senate to fix it. we're urging republican colleagues to join to us fix it. >> reporter: republicans this morning, i spoke to one republican aide in the senate, saying i haven't seen democrats working would republicans to actually working to fix the law. the president said repeatedly has a good idea, he would sit down with them. he hasn't done that with republicans. we're sitting with the white house pushing forward with the existing law.
7:02 am
the deadline a lost question marks, today is the deadline to actually sign up, whether people who sign up will have insurance or not on january 1st, gregg. gregg: martha and i are covering this every day. i'm not sure we understand it all. how can most americans that have busy lives doing other things understand it. are republicans now under pressure to come up with with an alternative? >> you certainly heard a lot of pressure from the white house and push back. the president in his news conference late last week was trying to say republicans haven't put forward their ideas. republicans lawmakers insist they have had all kinds of ideas on the table. that is why republican tom coburn says the president's plan is just not adding up. >> obamacare right now causes people to spend more money, have less choice, have a higher deductible and have less freedom. the rollout and ideas hyped the fact that the federal government could manage appropriately 1/6
7:03 am
of the economy is proving itself erroneous. >> reporter: the president may get some first happened experience on all of this. we're expecting as early as today with this deadline looming, the president as they promised for weeks now, will sign up in an exchange himself. we may get that news later today, gregg. gregg: he better get the right exchange. the federal exchange crashed before his news conference on friday. >> reporter: he might be shopping around. it might be around for him. gregg: ed henry, thanks very much. martha? martha: what does happen next? this is the big question. west virginia senator joe manchin, a democrat, has warned that obamacare could collapse if people don't like the product. >> i'm not worried about the glitch, computer glitches. we'll fix that sooner or later. i'm worried about having a product the market will buy and we're not letting people shop. martha: chris stirewalt, fox news digital to politics editor and power play on fox news live.
7:04 am
>> morning martha. martha: it is d-day. the big question is what comes next. >> d-ish day. they have changed the rules so much, so often as to be utterly incoherent. we have no idea really what is going to happen on the other side of this. that is the real danger for this law, is that we are currently in such a period of turmoil. once you factor in the technical props that the government had in building the sign-up for this, are still going on and still plagued with concerns about individual data and everything else, you don't know, by the way, whether today is your deadline or is your deadline the first or as administration suggested the end of january? if you've actually gone through the obamacare website, does it really result in actual insurance? and none of this is known. and uncertainty that is coarsing through this thing has one
7:05 am
cumulative effect which is, people may opt to just wait and see rather than taking a risk. martha: it is pretty ironic after all of this, we find ourselves in a situation where we're sort of at the wishful good graces of insurance companies. when you file something, are they going to say, no way, you don't have insurance? are they going to sort of let you continue your policy or have a policy what you haven't paid for yet. this is precarious situation. i want to play a sound bite from over the weekend on "fox news sunday" this is interesting big picture take how we got here from george will. let's take a look. >> if he had told the truth about the law, about keeping your doctor and your health care, he probably wouldn't have been elected in 2012. second, he would be better off today if in 2012 the chief justice voted other way and struck down the law. it wouldn't be such a burden on this presidency. martha: that is the question, you know. if the president had acted in a less political way perhaps and
7:06 am
more presidential way in terms of the presentation and doing this thing over longer period of time we could be in a very different situation. he has to wonder about the answer to that question, chris. >> if only he would have been honest, if he only would have been honest the moment would be very different to be sure because at this moment as we heard from chuck schumer saying before as democrats now they acknowledge they have to fix what is broken in the law, the president doesn't have much confidence from the electorate. he doesn't have much confidence even from members of his own party. as democrats divide on the subject, about the things that he says, that he can do, he can actually deliver. when you get to this point where there is no law about obama care but what the administration says there is, how do you know that what they say is going to, actually works? martha: very unsettling an unnerving for so many people right now. we'll see. chris, thank you very much. merry christmas to you. >> you bet. merry christmas. martha: thank you.
7:07 am
visit our politics page. sign up for chris' daily newsletter. go to gregg: fox news alert. credit and debit card numbers stolen in a breach. for sale on the black market. the breach affected 40 million customers who swiped their cards at stores at the height of the holiday shopping season. a secured news site says anyone can purchase the stolen numbers for as little as $20. mike tobin has the fallout on this. >> reporter: sales at target are off. busiest weekend for the year. sales at target are off 3 to 4%. as you mentioned after credit and debit card data from 40 million people who shopped at target was compromised. according to the many reports the data is being sold on the black market. target trying to win customers back with 10% discount and free
7:08 am
credit seen screening. the last statement from the ceo came three days ago and reads in part. we recognize this issue is confusing and disruptive in already busy holiday season. we want to emphasize issue is addressed and let guests know they can shop with confidence in the local target stores. two million shoppers said atm withdrawals on credit cards are limited to $100. purchases are limited to $300. chase bank keeping retail operations open over the weekend at 1100 different locations to reissue debit cards on the spot, gregg. gregg: mike, this is so huge. surely it seems that this will force some kind of material dramatic change in credit card security? >> it looks like it will change according to the buzz, credit card keep on your wallet. most of europe is on the chip system. the u.s. still uses the magnetic stripe on the back.
7:09 am
that is the same technology as cassette tapes. just about as old. to oversimplify things if you switch to the computer chip, doesn't necessarily make it harder to get data off credit card, it makes it harder to use it. the obstacle is infrastructure. 95% of the europe, european retailers are using the chip, only about 10% of u.s. retailers are equipped to use it. gregg: let's hope the law enforcement gets to the bad guys. mike tobin, thanks very much. >> reporter: you got it. martha: the target data breach is one of the largest credit card thefts in u.s. history, second only to a scam in 2005. that involved tjx companies, the retail giant between tj maxx, marshall's and home goods. 45.7 million card users were affected that time around. gregg: people are finding obamacare a lot more expensive than the older plans they had
7:10 am
for years and liked. the sticker shock that is coming up we'll talk about that. martha: this young girl was declared brain-dead after a routine tonsillectomy. the family wants to keep her on life-support and the hospital wants to pull the plug. the legal battle up ahead. gregg: growing controversy of "duck dynasty." patriarch of phil robertson. coming to his side. >> i'm tolerant of people on issue contrary to mine but i'm not tolerant of the intolerance
7:11 am
7:12 am
7:13 am
the one. >> many gathered outside of
7:14 am
school yesterday, remembering the 17-year-old senior high school student and paid their respects. >> honestly this has been a tragic event for the community. and there are literally thousands of people and we are praying for them. bill: it appears that davis was shot at random. the governmental then killed himself and was likely targeting a librarian. the library and escaped unharmed. martha: it is decision time for those who have yet to sign up for health insurance under obamacare. if you want coverage to start generate first, and roll today is the deadline. but the sticker shock is forcing people to take the cheapest plan available to them, but they could be facing major out-of-pocket costs on the backend with the plan. joining me now is a former economic adviser to president reagan.
7:15 am
how are you doing this morning? >> i'm doing well. martha: individuals go online and they have out-of-pocket deductibles that are like, 3000 or $4000 before that they will receive coverage. >> it's just terrible. you cannot cover 30 million more people, uncap all the benefits, and allow children to stay with their parents and older age. you cannot increase demand by doing that. reducing the medical profession, hoping to contain prices in sticker shock -- i mean, this system is flawed to the very core. every day you're going to see these types of problems coming through until it is repealed. it is a catastrophe, and the minorities and the disenfranchised have a hard
7:16 am
time. they know it is a failure because they wouldn't dare take it themselves. and so you have this flawed system to the very core. and i don't know if you saw the joe manchin interview. but this thing is following under its own weight in the sun we get in and fix it, the better off it will be. speak to the president says hang in there, someone had to figure this problem out and we are the ones who did it. and in the end, everything is going to be okay and he will apparently do this moment on signs up himself and what do you think? >> it is all bravado. anything who knows cannot work. and what i am seeing in this
7:17 am
situation, when richard nixon was president. it is exactly like nixon. this whole thing is coming down and all of these scandals, all of these improprieties in all of these bad systems are going to come crashing down and you have the irs and you have the nsa you have the nsa and have obamacare and you have a bad economy and the skies under such a bad situation. but i don't think obama has it in him to say that i was wrong and i shouldn't have done it and let's reverse that and make things right. he doesn't have the ability to do that. martha: it is a very grim three years, that is for sure. >> we have a great election
7:18 am
coming up in november. and once you get a change in policy, he will be pushed back just like jimmy carter was an we pass the capital gains tax and paul volcker became head of the fed. all of these things happen, prop 13, all of those happened in the last few years. and that same pattern and scenario could happen here, making it a very good outlook. but we certainly have a short period of time and it will be awfully unpleasant for the president. martha: art laffer, thank you for joining us. a merry christmas to you, sir. bill: coming up next, some amazing technology. martha: and an incredible story to help our nation's heroes. >> manning lets it fly, that's
7:19 am
amazing. bill: peyton manning celebrating a new record with a touchdown pass. martha: and leaving cookies out for santa. are your daughters doing that? bill: yes, they are. ♪ ♪ ♪ i bought a car, comes over... and you're like. if you're getting... a good deal or not. led up... all the information... you should be paying.
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martha: broncos quarterback pete and manning back on top. an incredible thrill yesterday over the texans. check this out.
7:23 am
>> peyton manning, he lets it fly and it is caught by tomas. there is a record for peace peyton manning. the new single-season mark. martha: great to watch that one again. his 51st completed touchdown pass. reclaiming the record from tom brady, most in a single season of 51 touchdowns. peyton manning says tom brady may try to break it again next year, they'll might trade it back and forth. congratulations to him and a great moment for him. bill: a routine tonsillectomy and adapt. this child is still on life support.
7:24 am
the independent doctor approved by the family in the hospital overseen by a judge will perform a brain exam today and tomorrow and the doctor will present the findings to that judge. we have arthritis all here breaking the case down for us. it is good to see you. the tensions between the medical professionals and the families and the judge really have to examine things. >> yes. and think about the shock family. who dies from a tonsillectomy? i had my tonsils taken out 40 years ago. now with modern technology, she was bleeding and they gave her a cup and a bucket and they never call the surgeon back in. so in the world of civil liability, or she can prove
7:25 am
those statutes true, there's a severe problem here and no one is coming in to render appropriate aid and that is worth so much more than if she dies quickly. because unfortunately there are mathematical calculations. she's a 13-year-old choral commandants depending on her, you don't know she was going to be a brain surgeon or a ballerina. it is sick how this goes in and and they put a price on her life and it's a lot less the more quickly that she passes on. so the parents have a right to have some doubt. as coldhearted as that sounds. bill: you don't die from
7:26 am
something that is so routine. and therefore the negligence is assumed and the burden rests upon the defendant to disprove it. >> that's right. so it's so obvious, what took place here. and in performing all of these tests, i like to talk to the doctors. they are saying we cannot give false hope. they performed all these different types of tests. she doesn't blink they put pain points on different parts of her body and there was no reaction. and it's like, is she going to come out of this? well, it's cruel situation. the mother is not ready to let go of her 13-year-old alanna taber tonsils taken out. bill: and in california, they have no ability to do this. >> that's right, if the family members would have to go before the panel.
7:27 am
we are convinced that our loved one won't recover is what they have to do in other states. bill: good to see you, arthur. martha: cutting edge technology helping wounded warriors resume their daily lives. an amazing story is coming up. bill: and a stray bullet hit a teenager in the face. she was okay thanks to a lucky break. >> i was wearing my glasses and they help to protect me
7:28 am
7:29 am
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7:31 am
bill: welcome back. the holidays are not so merry for military personnel who have not only become dependent on government programs like food stamps and rental assistance, but they are also facing potential new cuts in the new year. a national security correspondent is live with us from washington. this must be terribly shocking to many people that so many of our vets on food stamps. >> well, the pentagon says that the number is very small. a soldier's basic pay is $18,000. and it's well below the federal
7:32 am
poverty line. this includes a nonprofit think tank that says 340,000 veterans received public money for housing and 900,000 veterans were on food stamps. we spoke to some of the nations wounded being treated at walter reed hospital and it's run by the nonprofit and they explain their financial hardship. >> to get these guys to say that i need to go on food stamps his leg very difficult. they don't want to do it. >> many go to the food pantry because they are too proud to have food stamps or apply for them. >> about 5000 other than estimated 44 million americans receive food stamps, about .01% of those receiving food stamps across the nation according to the pentagon. bill: who is filling the gap, helping them make ends meet? >> well, and nonprofit groups
7:33 am
and operation homefront. both began after 9/11. operation homefront help please run on electricity bills and recently they filled grocery bags like these in the dc area and they expect many more requests in light of this decision to cut the retirement benefits. it. >> over the last 12 years we have seen so many changes and it started out a lot with rent and utilities and even basic home repairs. we have been shocked shock since 2008 to see the growth in the number of requests for food assistance. since 2008 when the economy went south, we saw 400% increase for food assistance alone. >> without groups like operation homefront, many of these troops and their families would be falling through the cracks this holiday season. bill: thank you so much and happy christmas to you.
7:34 am
martha: a good follow-up, a nonprofit group helping wounded veterans take the next step forward in their lives. take a look at this woman soldier and this man is they take steps these high-tech devices that are called an xo suit. it's a bionic device allowing them to stand up and walk again. this man was injured in an explosive device incident and this is the person who raised the money to help the charity out and create this device. thank you for your service. >> thank you for having us. >> you have walked in one of these suits. tell us just a little bit of the
7:35 am
process. >> i was wounded in april of 2011, i was the worst injured out of the vehicle. as bad as the days was, it couldn't have gone any better because we got out and it was pretty crazy and i was able to live a normal life again. martha: so you were strapped into this suit and you are able to walk. what was that moment like for you? >> standing up was surreal. you know, standing up and being eye level with people again was just an amazing experience and i enjoyed it so much and i didn't know it would be a possibility for me speak you tell us what you're trying to do to develop the suit.
7:36 am
>> it is made by xo bionics and the transitions from a military base to medical device and we thought about the idea and we said how can we not be a part of this. martha: there are 100,000 approximately veterans that were wounded. they only get $2700 per month in terms of the wounded benefit given to them. so this is such a long road. how much the suits do the suits cost and how much money you need to raise to that people can get them? >> a cross between the software package you have and they are about $150,000. we need a 1.4 million raised in our campaign. we have staggering statistics and for us to raise the points necessary for that, it is a long
7:37 am
road. martha: how did it change your life, dan? >> i can reach the top of the cupboard again. and just to be able to get around the house and do daily activities like cooking and i can actually stand. it's life-changing and the wheelchair is great for getting around, but it doesn't put you on eye level with everyone else. martha: this technology is so amazing. and you can see your future when you look at these pictures, a whole new life for people who thought that they were going to be confined to a wheelchair for ever. >> absolutely. not just for paralyzed individuals, but those who have suffered from a stroke. allowing them to stand up and walk again as well. it's a powerful thing.
7:38 am
>> we started with sending basic supplies and as the war was winding down, we thought that we wanted to focus on something new. and so we came across this and we reached out to the bionic company and they contacted us and the next thing you know, between us and our facility in california, we created it. the real reason you can take a step back and mention that the day he was injured was my daughter's fifth birthday. i was home, i had pizza and birthday cake while he was being medevac to kandahar. so that is why we do what we do. martha: chris, you had done six years and then reenlisted when your injury happened. and, you know, just everything i've read about you. it doesn't sound like you have any regrets? >> no regrets at all. it was a blast and i got to travel the world with some amazing people.
7:39 am
and we will be lifelong friends. martha: a merry christmas and thank you so much for your service. thank you for being here with us. we wish you so well. there's a lot of people out there that want to know how they can help. >> or website and you can like us on facebook or follow us on twitter and if every one of your viewers were to donate $20, we could have so many veterans standing up. martha: think about that, folks. soldiers think about donating. thank you so much for your service and for coming to visit us today. we wish you a very merry christmas. it is a pleasure to have met you both.
7:40 am
>> growing support for phil robertson. to the network go too far in? in response to his anti-gay comment in our panel will weigh in on that. martha: and eyeglasses protecting more than just this young girl's vision. help may have saved her life. when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i could have been dead but i'm so glad that the glasses saved me
7:41 am
you know how painful heartburn can be. for fast, long lasting relief, use doctor recommended gaviscon®. only gaviscon® forms a protective barrier that helps block stomach acid from splashing up- relieving the pain quickly. try fast, long lasting gaviscon®.
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martha: a teenager is crediting her bad eyesight for saving her life. this 16-year-old fell asleep in her home on the couch when a car drove by and opened fire. the ball bullet stopped by the bridge of her glasses.
7:44 am
>> my glasses were a blessing in disguise. martha: wow, what a story. her family now plans to move. police believe that the shooting was gang related. gregg: growing support for phil robertson. the duck dynasty star was suspended after he made some controversial comments about homosexuality. and now mike huckabee is defending him, saying that he is a victim of an unfortunate double standard. >> i think it's come to a point in our culture and if you want to take a point of view that is traditional, error old-fashioned christian values and somehow you're supposed to just shut up and keep that to yourself. but if you want to advocate for
7:45 am
same-sex marriage, you're supposed to be very tolerant. gregg: joining us now is michael graham, a radio talkshow host. let's start with this. there are great many people who believe his marks were offensive and crude. is this an opportunity to set the record straight and get educated? >> i do think it is an opportunity to engage on this issue and folks who believe what phil robertson believes. but we need to find ways to actually have more engagement on this. i also think that governor huckabee went on to say that obama had the same ideas since 2008. i disagree because he based that opinion on his christian teachings and i think that he was taught to come around.
7:46 am
they're probably a lot of folks who thought it was expedient to come around. but i think we need to learn to teach people like phil robertson, how can we teach them to come round to this? because the fact of the matter is that god loves gay people in the service teaches us to reach out to our opponents with gentleness and that is not what phil robertson said. gregg: has a any network mishandled this thing? or they have a critical? >> that's a good question. they are definitely being hypocritical. to stand up and say that this guy has been so offensive that needs to be removed from the sphere of public conversation. except for the 11 hour nonstop marathon that we'll have over christmas. it was brilliantly handled by any because they have no principles and they aren't offended by what he said and
7:47 am
they're going to blow up the numbers even more. so from shameless cynicism, they get a big thumbs up. gregg: unless the family decides to go elsewhere to another network. but something that surprises me even more. phil robinson insinuated that african-americans were very happy in the jim crow days. and that is not getting very much attention. these were usually laws that resulted in insidious acts of violence against african-americans. does mr. robertson need to get educated? >> absolutely, absolutely. i'm bothered by that fact that we are not seen as much attention on us. but i see the finger-pointing rests on us in the media that we are focusing more on the
7:48 am
homophobic comments in what he said about african-americans. very simply, people who were having a conversation. i don't think he is a racist. i actually don't think that he's a homophobe. because many of the people he worked with at any networks are homosexual. and i'm sure that he has worked with african-americans and i think that he just needs to be corrected and yes, he can disagree on same-sex marriage. that is not what he was saying. >> many say he should be able to say what he wants. but not exactly. the first amendment deals with our interaction of the government. and this is private enterprise in a private company that has every right to do what they
7:49 am
want, fire, suspend, sanctions bill robertson, and that is getting so lost in the debate. isn't that? >> yes, you're absolutely right. annie, stop the programming now if you're really offended by it. if i had a guest on my show that supported cannibalism, if i really did find his opinion so terrible, i would cancel the show. but they are still broadcasting this hate. and the a&e executives -- they must be held hostage because wells would they broadcast all this hate. martha: thank you both so much. take care. martha: let's go to jon john scott and find out what is happening now. jon: you know what data is?
7:50 am
the day before christmas eve and the deadline date for obamacare. the last day to sign up for coverage. in the latest chapter in the supplement saga. now we are hearing about a surge in e.r. cases being blamed upon nutritional supplements and what you need to know. when you thought it couldn't get any worse? micro seeds. seeds that don't recline very coming to an airline near you. martha: okay, thank you and we will see you soon. retailers are using a new technology to track her every move. what they are learning about your shopping habits and what they are doing with all that information. that is coming up on today's to go before christmas. get out there and finish up that
7:51 am
shopping. gregg: let's check in with nora on where santa clauses coming up next ♪ ♪
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martha: what is giving retailers and edge? devices that track shoppers, keeping tabs on your cell phones to identify your movement and shows santa claus where you shop. you don't have to send him a letter in the morning to tell him what you want. adam has more on this. >> absolutely, some of it's creepy, some of it, it's kind of cool. but what's interesting about this is that with all the talk
7:55 am
of online shopping, 90% of all purchases happening this holiday season will still happen in a good and old-fashioned store. they are teaming up and smartphones are old-fashioned now. one of the companies that we talk to his base in boston. and what they do is simple. you download the company's application, depending on where you are. and then as you go around a particular store, it messages your phone, offering discounts just for you. >> we are giving the consumer a full-screen experience. giving information, giving you deals. and it will make you a smarter
7:56 am
and better shopper. >> we recently visited a couple of stores and fao schwarz says they are doing this because of technology and then we saw the deals pop up on smartphones, including one for 20% off a certain i am. >> it gives us great confidence that we are on the forefront of where we need to be within the world of retail. we retail meets technology. and kenneth cole is also using this technology as well. and so the go to a certain part of the sword, they move things around. gregg: today is the last day to sign up for health care insurance. coverage begins january 1.
7:57 am
continuing coverage in the rollout will continue.
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martha: wouldn't it be great if we could buy one extra suit with your donation at soldier be patient on the website is having some problems. so many were trying to donate. we thank you for that. merry christmas to everyone. i will see you tonight at 9:00 p.m. i will be in for megyn kelly. gregg: have a great day and "happening now" starts right now. jenna: today's top headlines. jon: a connecticut teenager caught in the middle of a drama. locked up in a psychiatric ward. our legal panel weighs in. her parents are accused of medical abuse. and dietary supplements. are they doing more harm than good? and a cheerleading coach is accused of having


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