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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  November 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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brand new word of the day. do not be an avetrol. boo, huh? that's a nasty word. nobody will know what that means and you can get away with it. thanks for watching. ms. megyn is next. i'm bill o'reilly. the spin stops here because we are looking out for you. breaking tonight with 72 hours to a critical deadline there is a growing list of signals that obama care is in new trouble. as the administration delays yet another part of the law on the wednesday before thanksgiving. welcome to "the kelly file." i'm megyn kelly. we are now just three days away from the obama administration's self-imposed deadline to fix the website millions need to use in the next two weeks or they might not have insurance come january 1. many of those folks had insurance before the law, but it was cancelled as a result of it. tonight a growing number of signs that the obama administration has real fears the site could crash and burn again. it went out for an hour, just on
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monday. this morning, fox news confirmed that the administration is telling supporters they should not rush to visit health in the coming days. isn't that the purpose? they need all the people to sign up. but the message is don't go. not many of you anyway. there are still concerns about how much the site can handle. that's a real problem for the millions of americans who have seen their insurance policies cancelled and must sign up for coverage. must sign up by december 23 in order for them and their families to have coverage in the new year. 5,500,000 people who had insurance, many of whom were happy with the insurance, got their policies cancelled thanks to this law. and now may not have insurance come 2014, thanks to the law. now they are told to stay off the website. not many at one time. on a conference call today an official with the centers for medicaid and medicare services
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warned there is still a lot to do over the next few days cautioning this is not a magical date. they said there will be times when the site does not perform optimally. they say there are hard drive issues, software issues, many of which need to be fixed. this from kathleen sebelius. warning earlier this week, quote, this isn't a magic turn-on switch. the experience is improved every day. from not working at all in the beginning of october. the president, being optimistic today encouraged people who backed the law to talk up the advantages of health care over the thanksgiving holiday. asking them to try to convince their relatives to go enroll. although if the anyone needs help with insurance and enrolling while the turkey is roasting, don't call the call center. it will be closed tomorrow. you can't make this stuff up. the biggest news of all came just hours ago when the
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administration announced millions of american workers will be blocked from using the website all together told they cannot, should not and will not be permitted to use the online health option until november of next year. by the way, it will be after the midterm elections. marc thiessen is a former speech writer for president george w. bush. it's usually no accident when they release news like this late in the day on the day before thanksgiving when people are paying attention to other things. you just go through the laundry list, marc. >> yeah. >> it's like, oh, my. the last one about delaying the ability of small businesses to get on health for a year may have a real impact. and the inability of the website to work as it was meant to work on november 30 is going to have a real effect, too. >> yeah. i think they will be talking about obama care around the thanksgiving dinner table.
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it won't be quite the conversation the president was hoping for. the fact that they haven't relaunched it and they are already making excuses is a troubling sign. think about what they are saying. the day after tomorrow is black friday. if an online retailer -- imagine an online retailer saying don't go to our website on black friday. there is plenty of time until christmas. of course not. for these 5.5 million americans losing health care at the end of of the year, there is not plenty of time. they are about to lose their health insurance, the ability to go to their doctor and have it paid for. this is a humanitarian crisis. they have been trying to get on the website. they drove these people out of health insurance. this was the plan from the beginning. they have been tying for two months to get on and they can't do it. now they say, don't worry. plenty of time. these people are panicking and rightly so. >> it was the plan and dr. emanuel said the plan was to
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take them from the individual market and move them to the federal health care exchanges but now they can't and the call center will be closed and the website doesn't work and they had an outage on monday. they said to sell it but not too much yet uh because we can't handle much traffic. they said maybe we can handle 50,000 visitors at a time. the problem sven if they lucked out and got every one of those 50,000 to sign up it's not enough. the math doesn't add up to get the 5.5 million people re-enrolled in an insurance plan prior to december 23 which is the deadline to be covered january 1. >> that's right. according to the article in the washington post that broke the story, they said they are afraid that 250,000 people will go to the website and that will crash it. do you know how many people go to amazon on black friday? 7.7 million. their nightmare is an online retailer's dream. 250,000 people? of course 250,000 people will go
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there. it take that is many people every day to sign up the to make 5.5 million by the end of the year. if they don't sign up that many every day for 23 days they have millions of people without health insurance on january 1. that will be a crisis that will blow back to them. >> the good news is now if you go on health you can't call tomorrow. but if you get on and can't enroll you get in an online waiting room where eventually somebody comes on and says, we'll send you an e-mail when we think the website will be working better. >> do they even get the irony? if you need to go into an online waiting room to sign up for obama care, imagine what the waiting room will be like when you try to use obama care, if you can get obama care. this is a disaster that's coming
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down on them. and they have no way out. there are millions of people. this is not just about obama care's future. millions of people who had health insurance today and in one month's time are not going to have health insurance. they have to sign up 23 days. it's almost impossible if the site works perfectly and it won't. >> when you hear the white house is reaching out to allies including the siu saying don't promote it. don't get the word out. we don't want people going to health marc, thanks for being here. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> what's the fallout for the small businesses? now a deadline for them has been pushed back by a year. what does that mean exactly? the vice president of media and communications for the national federation of oh independent business which is a small business advocacy group. the nfib had concerns about the law since the start.
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thank you for being here. we have been talking about how most of the small businesses, obama care wasn't really kicking in for them now because there was a loophole in the law that didn't require them to sign up until next year. so of what import is this one-year delay that the president just impose d on them in terms of using the health website? >> we have been talking to a lot of business owners and hearing from people every day. they are renewing plans early so they are grandfathered which means they are not required to have such a rich, expensive plan that will be required under obama care for everyone eventually. >> that's the loophole they are exploiting. they won't suffer these things until a year from now. >> it will be ugly in a year. what happened today is more insult to injury. this law is bad for small business. we went to the supreme court and fought it. what happened today is really a
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message that says, do you know what, small business, you are the last priority for the law. >> how? he said you can't get on health it seems like a mechanism to the protect the failing website to say here is a way to reduce traffic. tell half of those that want to use it they are not allowed to, they can't. if they want insurance for their employees in the next year they have to go through an insurance broker which can be much more expensive. they are not allowed to come until after the midterm elections next year. >> it's insulting. you know, we have been insulted as a community. the small business community so many times by this law and unfortunately by this president. today is the latest insult. >> what does it do? if you can't get on the website now, this time next year the small businesses will go on the website and, you know, there have been predictions of sticker shock and when the president delayed a deadline for others a
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couple of days ago they said, oh, he's trying to prevent sticker shock until after the midterm elections. duque that's what this is about for small businesses or oh is it all about keeping them off health so it has a shot at working? >> there is a part of that. if they are going to pick a group to stay away in the meantime to make things easier, fine. why not small business? who cares, right? the a year from now we'll see small business owners having to make a terrible decision of whether to continue offering insurance to their employees. it's going to be heartbreaking and ugly. i think probably deep down it's a lot of the intention of t law. marc said getting people to go into the individual market and into the exchanges is the goal here. a year from now there will be heartbreak in small business families all over america when that decision is made because they probably just won't be able to afford it anymore as a small employer. it's a terrible thing. >> we have covered some of it already on the show. a lot of small businesses chose
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not to wait and take advantage. they are going through it now. the big shoe will drop in a year from now. thanks for being here. >> thanks, megyn. >> a new twist in the story about the top political writer for time magazine and why he told an interviewer that he believes that this health care law does provide for rationing. that there will be rationing once obama care kicks in. that it was real. he tried to backtrack it. today he had a different message. we'll tell you what he said and what the truth is. plus, breaking news late today that the administration is in secret talks with a known terrorist group. we'll investigate what's going on there. monica crowley is fired up. and a major protest planned for black friday. wait until we show you why some of the folks out there on that picket line -- well, we'll tell you what the motivations are. you may be surprised. you may want to hear it before you may want to hear it before you go out to the st so you're telling me your mom has a mom cave?
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will power us all... into the future. ♪ when tens of millions of americans go to black friday deals, many will be at walmart but it is being targeted for what some say is low pay for employees. there are two interesting things you need to know. first the protesters may not be walmart employees at all. second, many of them will be getting paid to picket.
9:15 pm
so they don't work there and they are getting paid to be there. justin wilson is the managing director at the center for union facts. richard fowler is host of the richard fowler show. it's not a good sign when in order to promote your cause you have to pay the people to go out there and picket the store because you can't get any of the actual employees to do it. justin? >> yeah. i think when it comes to the protests it will be like reading a book of where's waldo when it comes to finding a walmart employee. one in 25,000 walmart employees have gone on strike. the unions say we'll have 1500 stores. it's really completely a char e charade. the unions hate competition. what's going on is they are up against the free market competition model of walmart. unionized stores and retailers are saying, come on, we can't compete and the unions say, we
9:16 pm
have to do something. have everyon so they have a slew of community allies, activist groups, a variety of everyone else. the only people they can't find are actual employees. >> they did it last year and found in many locations there were no walmart employees or maybe only one or two out of the hundred or so who showed up. they are being paid, i guess, $50 apiece. the national labor relations board which has more left-leaning people on it they said it's fine. we have no problem if you pay them to protest. that's what we'll see. >> i don't know if the cookie is really cut that way. the truth is one thing we can say about walmart is walmart pays workers like its prices -- low. that's why thousands of workers will go out and strike. >> what's making them work there? if you don't like the pay, don't work there. >> they are looking for a squob. >> you don't like that job, get a different job.
9:17 pm
why work at walmart? >> megyn, they have crowded out small businesses. there is no other option, no other place in town. >> do you know who wins? the american consumer. >> not necessarily, megyn. look at what's happening at the walmart in cincinnati, ohio where the walmart is collecting food for employees. how bad is that? employees don't make more than $24,000 a year. this is a serious problem. walmart is causing a race to the bottom. >> how much would they make if walmart were not employing them? >> megyn, the argument here is about a good job. i think all americans can agree on that. we can agree that we need to have good jobs that pay good wages so they can put a turkey on the table. >> a good job would be nice, justin. the question is the way to get a better paying job at walmart to hire a bunch of fake protesters, many of whom have no beef with walmart but want the $50 gift card. >> here is a great statistic. they are opening a walmart in
9:18 pm
washington, d.c. much to the chagrin of the labor unions who tried to pass a wage bill that only affected walmart but they exempted the unionized stores from the bill. in fact, the unions don't say anything about all their employers that pay less than $25,000 a year. >> i'm not sure -- >> hold on. >> is that true? justin, finish your point. >> so the walmart store has 300 to 400 jobs. they receive 23,000 applications. that's ridiculous. the idea that there are not people who want the jobs because they offer flexibility, extra spending money. instead that we are supposed to demand they are all paid this amount is ridiculous. >> richard, if the employees of walmart are so unhappy why can't they get them to join the protest? >> a lot of workers are protesting. they are joined by clergy, members of -- >> why do they pay them? why pay random union people?
9:19 pm
>> those arguments, nobody can prove that they are paying union members. >> they just took it to the national labor relations board for the right to do it. >> they indicated that walmart is guilty for indim tating 81 workers -- >> you are changing the subject. >> hold on. >> that's are the facts. >> you're changing the subject, pretebding the unions weren't open about wanting this. they were and they won. >> we can continue to make the argument about unions and union jobs. this is about labor. that's what it boils down to. labor and jobs for the american people. a lot of people want other options to work. the only place they can go is walmart. walmart is having a race to the bottom for prices. they are destroying -- >> a race to the bottom because the prices are good. that's what we want. what do by want? race to the top for prices on black friday? i have to go. >> megyn -- >> i have to leave it there. richard, do you want to pay more? go ahead, my friend.
9:20 pm
good to see you both. >> my pleasure. >> happy thanksgiving. >> isn't that the per purpose of black friday? you get the deal and race to the bottom and hope you win at the bottom of the pricing pole. happy thanksgiving to them as well. we are seeing wet, windy highways tonight as the temperatures quickly drop and ice becomes a major worry. the new warning on what to egs expect if you are traveling and where you may run into trouble. did the irs today take a big step toward silencing some of the most powerful conservative political groups in the country -- the very ones they were accused of targeting months ago? the answer is next. >> i want to protect and preserve the america i grew up in, the america that people cross oceans and risk their lives to become a part of. i'm terrified it is slipping away.
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>> announcer: from the world headquarters of fox news it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. my phone rang during the last segment. turns out fresh direct is delivering my turkey for tomorrow. honey, let them in. it's wednesday before thanksgiving. got to get business done. the obama administration tonight accused of launching a new attack on conservative nonprofit groups. the irs is now proposing new uh rules to restrict the spending of the groups when it comes to campaign activities which happens to be the thing democrats demanded the irs do once the whole tea party scandal broke. we had news that the irs
9:25 pm
targeted tea party groups, many of whom are your clients. there was outrage supposedly from both parties. then after the outrage lasted a few weeks, some of the democrats started to come out and say, you know this is really about the groups doing political activity in the first place which they shouldn't be doing. lo and behold the irs just tried to appease the democrats and change the rules. do i have it right? >> you've got it right. changing the rules, by the way, while the game is still in play. we have litigation right now against the irs, as you mentioned. we have 41 clients, conservative groups, christian organizations, tea party organizations. the irs is now engaging in basically this. a post hoc justification for their illegal conduct. they did targeting based on what they deemed to be, quote, political activity or the name of the group, be on the look out list and they are justifying it by changing the rules. for the groups left of center, the progressive groups doing
9:26 pm
this for 50 years have been able to do it without a problem. now the conservative groups have the same idea that you could engage in 501-c-4 organizations and the rules change. that's not going to fly. it's a process we'll object to in the comments section. but this changing the rules to silence speech again by the irs shows that they are institutionally incapable of self-correcting their own problem. they have done it to themselves. >> the other side said, look, the 501-c-4 of the irs code defines a social welfare organization as one that's exclusively to promote social welfare. they said the irs code then came out and said, well, by exclusive we mean they have to operate primarily for the common good. liberals said, you can't say exclusive means you have to do primarily social welfare stuff and the other 49% can be political. is that not a fair objection?
9:27 pm
that is the objection but i don't think it's fair. it was proposed that if a group would acknowledge they were only engaged in 40% of political activity they would automatically get an exemptions by self-certifying. the irs is playing both sides here. you know, george saros and his groups have been funding c-4 organizations for decades. now the rules are changing. but there is something else here that's sinister. the idea that this is going on in the middle of the litigation we've got where the treasury department is being represented by the department of justice and outside law firms. they are changing the rules in the middle because, remember this, our clients' applications are still pend after three years. do you know what they deem inappropriate here? voter registration which is what the naacp has done for decades successfully. i'm glad they have.
9:28 pm
>> they can now shut down your client's applications they have been delaying for three years based on the new rule if it passes and is approved? >> what they will do is say they have new standards now. they have to evaluate the organizations based on those standards. i sent a stack of documents this thick to the treasury department saying we have already given you two and a half feet worth of documents here and you still haven't approved it. i showed it a while back on your broadcast. they are doing a rule change. >> makes it easier to win if you change the rules mid flight. jay, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> and i don't you. we're all set on the turkey. after the top political writer for "time" magazine revisited a controversial exchange about obama care and death panels or rationing. we'll show you his latest take on the matter and bring you the truth next. plus, grab a pencil and take notes. up next, we have the obama care talking points president obama
9:29 pm
wants you to share with your family over tomorrow night's dinner.
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hi. we have a thanksgiving weather warning from the midwest to the northeast and down to the carolinas. temperatures are dropping quickly. the powerful storms slamming the busiest airports in the nation. about 250 flights were cancelled today. a lot of snow in columbus, ohio, earlier. temperatures are expected to dip into the low 20s. bundle up. new fallout from an obama care investigation. enroll america, a group dedicated to helping people sign up for obama care cut ties with an employee after he was caught on camera conspiring to release private data for political purposes. trace gallagher has the update. trace?
9:33 pm
>> because enroll america is a tax exempt nonprofit they are prohibited from engaging in partisan politics. so the conservative watchdog group project veritas headed by james o'keefe did investigating. they sent an actor posing as a democratic operative to speak with the communications director of the texas enroll america. then they posted video of a man named chris terengo explaining how people who worked on the obama campaign now work for enroll america. >> there is a lot of talent that got sucked into battleground and now are working here. >> it's important to understand that we are with on the same d model and we are the same people. >> he then asked for a list to use for political purposes. this is the response. >> i like where your head's at.
9:34 pm
you're going by rule 17. now rule 17 is to do whatever it takes. >> i will talk to one person i think will be open to having this conversation behind closed doors and i will get back to you on that. >> enroll a confirms that terengo resigned saying we don't enroll people in coverage. so we don't have any sensitive personal data. we are fully compliant with all relative laws and regulations. there is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. but cause of action, another government watch dog group that calls itself nonpartisan and nonprofit doesn't buy the response. it's now filed a complaint with the irs saying enroll america has violated its tax exempt status. let's not forget that congress is also looking into health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius for soliciting huge donations for enroll america. the texas communications
9:35 pm
director is out but the problems linger. megyn? >> this is the irs crack down on other groups, most of which are conservative as jay was outlining for us. this controversy is strangely not addressed in either the president's or the democratic national committee's talking points that have now been distributed to the country for how to handle the issue of obama care if it happens to come up at your thanksgiving day dinner. this from barack obama's team. watch this. >> what did you want to talk about? >> we know you don't have health insurance. >> we love you no matter what but tts time to get covered. >> that's it? health insurance? >> it's important. >> i know. i'll do it. i just -- thought -- never mind. >> it's not just the president who thinks people want to talk
9:36 pm
about obama care over thanksgiving. the dnc released talking points for your republican uncle. we can't do anything about highway congestion but we can make sure you have the information to answer a question about president obama's record on jobs or a ridiculous argument about the affordable care act. so helpful, trace. >> you know, funny you mention that. i'm going to a ritzy thanksgiving dinner in malibu. there are some known obama care lovers and some people who have been burned by the affordable care act who will be in attendance. mix in a couple glasses of wine and talking points from both sides will be discussed thoroughly at the dinner. >> can't wait to hear the reports on friday about the fights that happened on the day before because somebody was actually offering a dnc talking point othver turkey. >> yeah. >> thank you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and to you. can you imagine? let me consult my talking
9:37 pm
points. i know the answer. i have it right here, republican uncle. we have a "the kelly file" follow up. after time magazine's mark hallperin appears to reendorse his prediction that there will be rationing under obama care one day after he disavowed that. this is indicative of where the main stream media is going on an issue that was highlighted on fox news and for many people prior to the passage of the law but was dismissed as crazy talk. now this is "time" magazine's mark hallperin who went on the steve mallsberg show and said the following about rationing under obama care. >> i think they focused on the death panels which will be coming. call it what you will. rationing is part of it. >> i agree. it will be a huge issue. that's something else about which the president wasn't straightforward. >> you believe there will be death panels, rationing? >> it's built into the plan.
9:38 pm
it's not like a guess or a judgment. that's going to be part p of how costs are controlled. >> halperin quickly tried to walk it back tweeting in monday interview i did not say death panels nor do i believe aca contains them. was speaking of political policy challenge of cuts. my bad. today he says this. >> i didn't use the phrase death panels. i don't think there are death panels in the affordable care act. >> there aren't? >> that's what it was saying. >> point i was trying to make and i did make is what there is in the law is something intended to lower health care costs which will produce rationing. >> michael cannon has written about this for and is the director of health policy studies at the cato institute. michael, here is the question i have. last night you said this board is coming into existence under obama care. it will exist and will have a
9:39 pm
huge role in health care. can tell people that they will not get certain procedures. you said the anti-rationing language is completely toothless. how can this board tell seniors that they are not going to get a procedure because some board says no. >> well with, the way i-pad works is it comes up with proposals. unless congress knocks them down and to block a proposal you need 60 vote nts the senate. those proposals become law. the secretary of health and human services has to implement them. there is a prohibition on rationing in the law. it says ipad cannot ration. what if i pad says we'll do it anyway? we'll define rationing ourselves to mean if we deny care for a cost ineffective service or they come up with a definition. >> they have a definition for rationing. >> and they say we'll deny the treatments and it doesn't count
9:40 pm
because they are cost ineffective. well, the secretary -- if congress doesn't override it the secretary has to implement it. there is no way to stop it from implementing that law. the reason is that if you can't get 60 votes in the senate, you can't block it. there is no way to challenge the laws that they write judicially. obama care exempts and dictates from judicial review. >> who will be on the board? when it matters, who will be on the board? >> senate democrats push the button on the nuclear option so now it takes only 51 votes to put someone on just like any other presidential nominee except for a supreme court nominee. so now the president, if the president and 55 democrats in the senate want to, they can put all 15 members on the board. they will serve until 2020.
9:41 pm
so the end of the term of the next president and that next president can't do anything to remove them. >> i get the point. they have a lot of power. but the other thing you said last night that i want to get to is you said there is only an eight-month window in the year 2017 for congress to ever change or block the ipad law. they want to get rid of it. you say they have 7 or 8 months in 2017 to do it? >> under the statute. that's what it says. congress can only repeal it during that brief eight-month window in to 17. this provision of the t law is just absurdly unconstitutional. it's the most unconstitutional part of obama care. in fact, the ninth circuit will be hearing a lawsuit brought by the goldwater institute challenging obama care's constitutionality in january. >> so if we have a republican president come in in 2016 and
9:42 pm
say a republican senate and republican house repeal obama care, is it still living? do they have to act again in 2017? >> one congress cannot bind a future congress except with a constitutional amendment within the states going along with it. so this part of obama care is absurd and the house has voted to repeal obama care over and over again. it would disappear along with the rest of the law. it show use the mentality of the people who put the law in place. this is an example of lunatics running the asylum. they thought they could constrain a future congress from undoing their hand work. >> all right. we'll continue to talk about it. people are interested in the board. one of the many things we had to pass before we could know what was in the bill. thank you, sir. >> any tile. -- time. >> fresh off the heels of a controversial deal with iran you
9:43 pm
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the jerusalem post revealed that the united states is in secret indirect talks with hezbollah, a known foreign terrorist organization that's targeted and killed americans. the secret talks, said to be managed by british diplomats who transfer the information to the united states. monica crowley is a fox news contributor who served as a
9:47 pm
policy assistant to president nixon has information on this. london is mediating these indirect secret talks according to the jerusalem press which cites a kuwaiti newspaper. how reliable is this? >> given the context that the reports we got in light of the new iranian deal that secret talks between the united states and iran have been going on at least since march, it may, in fact, be happening through the british channels of the united states talking to this terrorist organization. >> why do people care that we should be talking indirectly to hezbollah. >> here's why it matters. hezbollah is one of the world's foremost terrorist organizations. they have targeted the united states and american interests over several decades. remember hezbollah targeted the u.s. embassy in april of 1983 killing 17 americans, a couple of months later in october of 1983 bombed our marine bar racks in beirut killing servicemen. they continue to target the
9:48 pm
united states and israel. there is nothing to talk about here. hezbollah has not come forward, much like iran. they have forced war, weapons of mass destruction or acknowledged israel's right to exist. the fact that the united states is granting legitimacy to this organization. >> it's led to a change of perception and opened the door to dialogue with hezbollah in addition iran. has there been a change of perception when it. comes to hezbollah? are they more willing to not kill us today than they were in 1983? spl n spl. >> there's no change in doctrine or attitude. there's been no change in hezbollah's conduct. remember, hezbollah is a terrorist organization in lebanon. that's the cat's paw for iran. iran controls, equips,
9:49 pm
subsidizes, trains, militarizes hezbollah. >> why is it controversial that we are talking to them? we are talking to iran. >> iran is one of the biggest terrorist states. >> we are talking to the cat. why not the paw? >> now we are talking to the cat's paw. u.s. policy has been we do not negotiate with terrorist. iran is a state-based supporter of terrorism. that's one thing. i completely oppose the talks with iran. now going into talks with a client organization of iran that's bent on israel's destruction, that's made no change in the policy toward weapons of mass destrubss or the united states of america. i saw the post on this. it's designed to try to get hezbollah to join us in the fight against agencies which said, there are links between al qaeda. they are working together, at
9:50 pm
least on some level. they say the objective of the talks is regional stability. hezbollah is one of the greatest disruptors of the middle east. nothing prungt tif will come out except to grant hezbollah legitimacy. hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain.
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blackwater got a black eye, not saying it was justified or unjustified, not offering a judgment on that. why do you think that was. do you think there was a campaign meant to do that for your former firm? >> the conduct of foreign policy and military policy has been controversial. the u.s. hasn't even bothered to declare a war since world war ii. the anti-war left went after the troops in vietnam and this time easier to go after contractor js,work we did and my family background made it a very easy target. we take you through the book and explain contractors aren't new. we've been on the battlefield since the founding of the country up until today and will continue. as the government has to cut defense spending, the private sector is a great way for them to get a price check and more efficient look how they can do things cheaper better and
9:56 pm
faste faster. >> i know the firm exploded after 9/11 and we found ourselves involved in two wars and didn't have the training and your group stepped in. do you think that has the fought for us? >> it has the past and present and the private sector has always answered the call when the government needs it. that's how the government does it. we have the largest defense budget in the world. >> thank you. >> details on kelly files thanksgiving next. ladies 5 pocket jeans for only $10. and a wildgame rage 4 game camera with free viewer for under $100. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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a special presentation here. a "the kelly file" salute to our tomorrow night a very special presentation. guaranteed you will love it. welcome to "hannity." the country was played and lied to by the administration about obama care. tonight to help us set the record straight about what the health care overhaul means for you and your families for the entire hour we'll be joined by a studio audience made up of doctors and pundits. you will hear from medical professionals about how your coverage will change thanks to this law. first let's remind the viewers how from the beginning the administration tried to use doctors to help sell the big lie. remember this? [ applause ] >> i am


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