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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  November 22, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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today, we'll be reporting live from the fox news deck. have a fantastic weekend. >> thankses a lot. have a great weekend. anytime for shepard smith. the white house decided to delay the start of obama care's enrollment, not this year but next year, and republicans are crying foul, because the decision to push back the open enrollment period from october to mid-november 2014 means it won't start until after the mid-term election. politics there? we'll talk about it. the white house says the move is meant to give insurance companies more time to evaluate their experiences during this year's enrollment period. >> this gives them more time to assess the pool of people who are getting insurance through the market places and make decisions about what rates will look like in the coming year.
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>> well, i alluded to this. critics are saying obamacare about it but there's something else at play. here's senator ted cruz. >> it's not surprising they want to move as much as they can after the next election. they're doing everything they can to run away from obamacare because the wheels are falling off. this thing isn't working. >> now some things to know. the delay won't mean anything for people signing up during their current enrollment period. the administration shot down repeated calls from republicans and other critics to delay the signup deadline after all the problems with the rollout. ed henry is live at the white house. ed, let's start with republicans seizing on this as a purely political move today. >> reporter: because originally for the 2015 calendar year, enrollment was supposed to start in october. why is that significant? would have been right on the eve of the critical mid-term elections. republicans are vowing they'll make the healthcare law front and center, will beat up on the
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president as they have been doing for a few years, and they think that will help them take control of the senate back from the democrats. now the administration is moving all that beyond the november 4th mid-term elections and enrollment for 2015, would start on november 15th of 2014. so if there are problems in october, democrats won't be on defense on it. >> it is a cynical political ploy by the administration to hide the additional sticker shock, the increased costs of insurance that are going to come next year. so, for them to delay from a couple of weeks before the election to a couple of weeks after the election, to me is just a naked effort. peeking are going to see through this. >> reporter: another delay announced a few moment others, this one smaller, but if you want coverage under obamacare to start on january 1st this coming year -- originally the
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deadline for enrollment for that was december 15th. now the administration moving that back to december 23rd. they say because of the glitches with the web site. >> i guess you have to hope there's not going to be a problem with that? there's a holiday right in the middle of that between the 23rd and the 1st. something gets-lo in the mail and, bam, on the first you won't have coverage. >> what about how the white house is responding to critics? i watched jay carney's back and forthwith reporters today and they had a lot of questions for him. >> we did. and look, jay is saying the bottom line is what republicans are charging about politics is not true. that it was more about the fact that, number one, you have glitches, as we have all known. they think that's going to lead to a big backlog 2015. they also say for insurance companies who are dealing with cancellations and other things being uncancelled, the last
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thing they need is to deal with this october next year. the other issue is why not? if it makes sense to delay the 2015 enrollment, i asked jay carney, why not push back enrollment for anybody who wants to start obamacare on april 14th, you have to sign up by march 1st. >> why not extend enrollment for 2014, given the web site issues. >> the time period we're talking about here when it comes to enrollment in the next year is much shorter than the six-month enrollment period allotted for the initial year. as you know it extends from october 1st to march 31st. >> so, he is talking about 2014, steppeds from october -- extends from october until march, but given the problems with, the six-month enrollment period may not be enough for people trying to log on and trying to enroll.
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>> that requires requires some m about the web site. the white house is talking about giving insurance companies some time. how about anymore advice for the billions of americans who are seeing their policies cancelled? >> interesting you asked that. the administration just yesterday put out some policy guidance to state insurance commissioners about the policy change the president announced last week on an executive basis, to delay those cancellation notices bay year. -- by a year. they're hopeful states will listen but last night the state of california's insurance board voted to ignore the president's advice and are going forward with the cancellations. >> ed henry, thank you very much. >> let's bring in chris wallace now. live obviously in washington. chris, as my relatives like to say in texas, clear as mud today. what are the politics behind this? >> i don't think they're so muddy. i think it ills pretty clear, --
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it is pretty clear, and just when i think i'm getting too cynical, something like this happens and you realize maybe i'm not cynical enough. you have to remember that one of the keys -- a lot of people were looking to the second year, not the first year signup, because if, as a lot of people fear, the older, sicker population signs up for obamacare but the younger, healthier people don't, then the insurance companies, because they have greater expenses than they anticipated, have to raise premiums substantially in the second year. so there was a lot of, boy, this is going to be tough for them. the signup is october 15th, just two weeks before the election, a lot of older voters will see that their primums have gone up -- premiums have gone up and that could impact how they vote in november, and now, just out of the blue, because of concern for the insurance companies and giving people more time to sign up, they've decided, well, we'll delay it from october 15th to november 15th, so they don't get all of those notices about
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increased premiums. i got to tell you, i was born at night but it wasn't last night. >> are we seeing capitulation here by the president, giving in to maybe some democrats who are feeling pressure for next year? >> i don't know if it's capitulation. we would need democrats in the senate as much as depcrats need to be in the senate. he doesn't want the republicans take over both the house and senate, and they're under a lot of pressure, and if the news when people sign up for a second year of obamacare is as bad as a lot of people fear it will be because of the risk -- the pool of people that are going to end up being in obamacare, older, sicker, more expensive, higher premiums, then they all eave a political advantage in delaying this until after the election. >> or young people who choose to pay the fine us but when they get sick, they're back the er driving up costs.
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why doesn't the white house just delay the enrollment? they're saying not for the current year but for next year. why not just delay all of it? >> that raises a question. if you're so concerned about enrollment next october to delay it to november, why not delay it now, which is obviously much more affected by the problems with the web site. i think the answer is, they just shut down the government because of their refusal to delay obamacare and the mandate, i think there's a feeling -- they may have to do it if there's a lot of problems on november 30th. if the web site still is not working. they're feeling, if we say let's delay the mandate or delay enrollment for another few months, it just gives aid and comfort to their political opponents in congress. >> good to have you here today. thank you very much. you can watch kris this weekend on "fox news sunday." i never miss it. we'll talk with sarah palin about obamacare. the senate detonating the so-called nuclear option on
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filibusters, and msnbc anchor's comments about governor palin. and two senators, bob corker, and ben cardin, on the negotiations over iran's nuclear program. plus, anne romney, who has a new cookbook called the romney family table. that's all on your local fox station and here on fox news channel. i don't miss it. how would you like to be -- this bugs me -- talk on your cell phone during a flight? or listen to everybody else on the plane talking on their cell phone? that's what the feds are considering. but not everybody is on board. you heard my confession. tell us what you think. tweet us at shep news team hash tag cells on planes. we'll read your comments. take a look.
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you may soon be able to use your cell phone while in flight. but not everybody else is liking this. and that's what critics are protesting today. the feds say there would be some restrictionsment you would not be able to use your phone during takeoff or landing, but once the plane hits 10,000 feet, everybody on board could start chatting and texting away. tell us what you think about that. tweet us and we'll read your comments a little bit later. for now, scott brenner is a former senior official at the faa and joins me now from
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washington. scott, i see some smirks. and lots of interesting emoticons on twitter. who does like this idea? >> this -- just when you think flights cannot get any worse, they're about to get worse. the airlines are saying they're not going to allow this because the customers are saying we don't want to do this. but the airlines can make in money. they can make money off it by hooking up with a carrier of one of the cell services to make some money, and then they're going to make some money because they're going to charge you extra to sit in a quiet section of the airplane. >> shouldn't it be reverse? cost more if your sitting in the loud section with the privilege to talk and use their silver service? >> absolutely. unfortunately it's going to happen. but as we like to say, harris, i may not like your phone call, but my phone call is kind of important right now, and so i got to go ahead with that. so unfortunately i think this is something that's going to happen over the next couple of years.
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>> the faa is not in the communications business by trade. their job hopefully is to keep us safe. so what are the downsides of doing this. >> the downsides are for the flight attendant. a flight attendant is trying to get your attention and you have to -- just going to finish this call, hold on, i know plane is burping. it will dedifficult for the flight attendants. >> that's a visual for you. the faa would consider or not consider public feedback on this? >> they don't -- they say they don't have a role. the faa got beat up for years for holding back on allowing electronic devices. now they have gone forward and electronic devices -- you're able to use them on most air craft right now. folks will rue the day they asking for something and they got it. >> i'm just wondering, when you talk about the fcc, and the news business we have certain words we can't use on the air, and i got tell you i travel with my family. i do not want to hear the woman
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next to me cuss out our his because he is cheating on her. so how do they police inappropriate conversation inside of the plane? >> comes back to how your parents raised you, and everybody behave like mature adults here, let's got into those types of conversations on the aircraft. >> you can lecture, see it that helps. above i let you go, scott, just from a technological privilege, how -- perspective, how far is this going to go? at one time you can't have anything on at any point, and that's been inchingway. what are we looking at in the future? >> i think you're starting to see aircraft being equipped with a a variety of technologies nose susceptible to outside interference as from cell phones and tablets. right now when you flaw -- fly often you can log into an airplane based system.
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it's slow but that technology will degree as more and more demand grows, and once the carriers see the kind of revenue they can generate from folks talking on the phones -- it will be charged as an international roaming call, which is the highest amount they can charge. that's a lot of money. >> as much as we fight it, we try to keep our enemies off planes, does this give them a tool? >> i would -- you know, i guess you could argue that. simply when you can call down and say how many people on the aircraft, where they're sitting. a variety of details. >> scott brenner, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> for your expertise and experience. the teenager accused of killing a popular teacher in massachusetts is also charged with raping her now. we are learning a lot more from documents that the court has now released today. police say they found a note alongside this young teacher's
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body. we'll tell you what it said. you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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>> virginia state senator creigh deeds left the hospital three days after surviving a stabbing a parentally at the hands o of his son, and soon after he left the hospital he tweeted, i am alive so i must live. some wounds won't heal. your prayers and friendship are important to me. on tuesday, investigators say senator deeds got into some sort of altercation with his 24-year-old son, gus deeds. police say the son apparently stabbed his father several times and then shot himself dead. in massachusetts, some details now coming out about a 24-year-old teacher who was found dead, and the crime scene. through court documents we know she was naked from the waste
12:21 pm
down. her throat cut. and a note which read, i hate you all, was alongside her. prosecutors say one of her students, phillip chism, killed the teacher, raping her and killing her with a box cutter in the bathroom before dumping her body in the woods nearby. according to the documents surveillance video shows him with a hood over his head and putting on gloves before following ritzer into the restroom. the teenager was charged with murder, aggravated rape and robbery. he is charged as an adult. why? >> well, under massachusetts law, because of the way that they charged him, first degree murder, has to be charged as an adult. he has to go through the adult system for trial because of the type of charges it is, and that's based on the fact how heinous the actual crime itself was. >> what is the burden of proof
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as an adult? >> they have to prove the claims beyond a reasonable doubt, so that is the burden the prosecutors have. they also said there are two other charges that were brought against him, aggravated rape and armed robbery, and they will also move the court to have those joined with the other charges, because right now those two charges are actually brought against him as a juvenile, even though the first degree murder was brought as an adult. so right now he is going on two different tracks, which is pretty unusual, and then hopefully it will be joined later on. >> does that up the ante, what he -- >> if you're charged with first degree murder in massachusetts and convicted you ha have a mandatory sentence of life without the possibility of parole, and the united states supreme court ruled that that is unconstitutional when it comes to minors.
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so you have a 14-year-old now that faces a mandatory sentence if he is convicted that the u.s. supreme court found unconstitutional. it's going to be an interesting question. hopefully the massachusetts courts will fix that before he gets sentenced. >> let's talk about the documents that came out today. what stands out to you? >> well, the type of crime, the facts of the crime. the evidence that they obviously already have. they have surveillance footage which shows him go into the bathroom rate after the teacher goes in and shows him coming out, getting a recycling bin on wheels, bringing it into the bathroom and coming out with that and that was found near the body. it shows him having the ability to go in and actually almost everything except the actual act is on the video already. >> in terms of evidence, what kind of a case do -- there's a
12:24 pm
student who says she heard the teacher and this 14-year-old soccer player at the school arguing. she didn't know the context but no one actually saw the crime happen. >> they not only have evidence of him going in right after the teacher, him coming out, and the bin, but they also have a lot of premeditated murder to show this was premeditated. he came to school with a box cutter in his backpack, with a mask and gloves, and then when they picked him up he had a backpack and it had her underwear in it and it had the bloodied becomes -- box cutter, and when they asked him, what is this and they asked about the blood, he said, -- the said where did this come from? he said, the girl. so he has her underwear in this backpack when his is picked up hours and hours later. so there's no question. and on top of which there's gene to be dna evidence, some sort of
12:25 pm
fingerprint evidence. he wrote the note saying, i hate you all. which was found near the body. it's hand written. they'll do a hand writhing analysis to see if that matches his handrighting, some sort of fingerprint evidence on that. so that will take some time to get all of that together. but they will have that before they good to trial. >> it's interesting. i heard you and others talk about this case before these documents came out. a lot more to say now, and it sounds like you feel much stronger -- >> absolutely. there's no question that this is about as tight a case as a prosecutor can get. there may also be some sort of dna evidence on her body from her. maybe hair samples they found, all kinds of stuff. the evidence is only going to get stronger as we go forward against him. >> anne marie mcavoy, thank you for being here. >> today as you know from our reporting here on fox news channel, marks five decades since the death of president john f. kennedy, and people from around the world are gathering to pay tribute.
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we'll also check in live with our journalists on the ground in dallas, as our nation remembers its 35th commander-in-chief. there are seniors who have left hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors whoompare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pacist, call,
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or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today.
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a fox report now. more of today's headlines from the fox news deck. two of the five children who were trapped in a car after it plunged into a frigid pond yesterday have died. that's the word from a family attorney. he says the other two passengers are hospitalized in critical condition. investigators say it took 45 minutes to pull all those little ones from the water. >> in afghanistan, a spokesman says this afghan president karzai is not staying with the agreement. >> and florida republican congressman trey radel says he check himself into rehab. he pleaded guilty on wednesday
12:29 pm
to cocaine possession. ahead more from the fox news deck. shep has a nice crib. good to be here.
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>> a live look at arlington national cemetery and the eternal flame at the grave of president john f. kennedy. millions of americans remember exactly where they were when he was assassinated and people around the globe are paying their respects as well. >> in arlington, the sound of bagpipes began the ceremony earlier today. the final surviving sibling of president kennedy,, his sister, laid a wreath of flowers at miss brother's memorial. president obama ordered flags at half staff and calling it a day of remembrance.
12:32 pm
in dallas, bells marking the hour of the assassination. dallas' mayor spoke about the president's impact on our world today. >> we applaud a visionary who created a core of young americans to promote peace around the globe. we stand in awe of a dreamer who challenged us to literally reach for the moon, though he himself would not live to see us achieve that goal. >> and it has been and continues to be a somber day as our nation remembers its former president. casey stiegel is live in dallas. tell us about the turnout there today. >> reporter: close to a thousand people filled dealy plaza.
12:33 pm
that's the early estimates, despite the pouring rain and temperatures dipping down into the 20s at times, unseasonably cool here in texas. you know, we saw all kinds of people attend this memorial. you saw people who were young kids at the time. those who brought their own children out to the grassy knoll on that day, and you saw many young people, school field trips, those who were not even born in 1963. testament of a man who inspired a country, even in death. >> his words changed lives. his words changed history. rarely has a commander in chief addressed the nation with such command of language. >> we should also tell you, 1963 was the year president kennedy made this trip to dallas,
12:34 pm
because he was trying to fundraise and also gain support to run for a second term as president. >> there have been so many other events, too casey. >> yeah. not just here in dallas but all around the country for that matter. aside from this main memorial in the big "d," you have celebrations going on all over the dallas-fort worth area. a number of volunteer projects inspired by president kennedy because you know he founded and helped establish the peace corps, an organization all about volunteer work. there have been works of art placed up all around the city of the late president. concerts being held, even panel discussions, including a dallas police officer who worked on the jfk investigation, and a doctor who was on the trauma team at nearby parkland hospital where president kennedy was taken and later died. so, every american today pausing and remembering a man whose life
12:35 pm
was cut tragically short 50 years ago. >> thank you very much. moving on now to other news, it is now the nsa versus the u.s. constitution. the feds' controversial surveillance program under screwed any in -- under scrutiny today. they're arguing the bulk collection of our records against a lawsuit filed by the aclu. word broke about the program when edward snowden revealed the classified documents the government has. the lawsuit argues the nsa is violating privacy protections under the constitution. the feds say their search for so-called metadata only happened if they have reasonable suspicion. but the aclu claims the patriot act does not authorize such widespread spying.
12:36 pm
jonathan hunt is live. >> reporter: we heard two side of what is a mallty facetted debate. 'lawyers for the aclu in court asked that -- said the phone tracking program that tracks the calls, hundreds of millions of them, on american citizens and foreign citizens, amounts to what the aclu called the largest surveillance operation ever conducted by a democratic government against its own people, and they said it violates both the first and fourth amendment of the constitution. i spoke to aclu member after the court hearing today. he summed up their case. >> the constitution places limits on the kind of investigation that the government can engage in. the government can't drain the entire ocean in order to catch a
12:37 pm
few fish but that's what it's down here. >> reporter: what the aclu wants is an injunction to immediately stop the phone-tracking program. they did not get it today. no decision from the judge, and no indication when that decision will come. >> what's the government's response to all this? >> well, the government says that they are not collecting actual data from these calls. the content of the calls. they say they don't actually listen to the find -- phone calls. they don't actually record the conversations. they say they're collecting metadata, when those calls are made, who whom those calls are made, how long those calls last, and they only investigate further if they have what they call reasonable suspicion. they also argued in court today that this program has been authorized and reauthorized by congress under the foreign intelligence surveillance court. what the aclu says is that many
12:38 pm
members of congress, who voted to authorize and re-authorize this program, didn't actually know what it meant and we only learned the details of it through those documents released to the media by the former government contractor, edward snowden. that seemed to be a point the judge picked up, how many members of congress actually knew what they were authorizing. whatever the decision from this court, though, this is going to end up at the supreme court. >> jonathan, very interesting you. said it, i said it. reasonable suspicion. perhaps they'll dig into that and tell us what they're looking for. thank you very much. a designer drug known as spice is deadly. spice is synthetic marijuana and police say they often find it in gas stations and convenience store. they say dealers market the drug as a cheap high, but it can definitely kill you. heather joined police for a first-hand look at their fight. >> the detectives begin their
12:39 pm
search and quickly focus on a locked door in the back. >> they do not have a key to this? >> start forced entry. >> police, police, they sheriff's office, search warrant. >> with the background secured the detectives fine drug pair fell nail ya and pacts of spice behind the front counter. >> this is all considered spice or k2, synthetic marijuana. >> trying to market it to kids. >> this is under the counter. they used to sell it prominently displayed. >> until -- it was right up here. >> florida has been pro-active. spanning 1 -- banning 127 compounds. >> it's amaze that i go add chemicals to the plant and that makes it so toxic, but they keep changing the chemical compounds so they can stay a few steps ahead of the law. >> except not anymore. >> how is that? >> i have the authority by
12:40 pm
emergency order if they flick a new one to also ban that. so, they're running out of chemicals and we're going to stay ahead of them. >> you can watch the rest of the story and more on this weekend's fox files." holiday us your trivia game. familiar with iconic items? some of the most famous memorabilia is in our studio. it's going up for auction soon. look at the ruby slippers. i won't fit my feet. indian jones' whip. how much will that go for? [ male announcer ] this is pam. her busy saturday begins with back pain, when... hey pam, you should take advil. why? you can take four advil for all day relief. so i should give up my two aleve for more pills with advil? you're joking right? for my back pain, i want my aleve. ♪ the joint is jumpin' osteo bi-flex® elps strengthen your joints.° like calcium supplements can help your bones,
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what is it? >> the stuff that dreams are made of. >> one of the most memorable and
12:44 pm
best movie lines, and here it is. that was humphrey bogart and the maltese falcon, and all of that is about to hit the auction block next week right here in new york. items from classics like indian jones, ben-hur, wizard of oz, and everybody likes to drop by the fox news deck when they have stuff like this. a portion of the auction proceeds go to a nonprofit group to protect movie history. we have the director of entertainment memorabilia. what does this go for? >> we're not publishing the estimate but i can tell you it wag have a seven-figure estimate on it. very expensive piece. this the greatest piece of movie memorabilia. the maltese falcon. the one you saw in humphrey
12:45 pm
bogarts hand. this has a bent tail feather and you can see that on the screen. >> i'm curious about this. how does this stuff still exist? >> these were scooped up but over the decades the studios have liquidated a lot of their props and costumes. in the late '60s and '70s it wasn't their business to hold on to them, so they've gone in private hands. >> some are rep mix kaz, some are real. the whip from indian jones. >> and the last crusade. >> you don't want to give us exact pricing. can i talk about it? >> these we have prices on. this one i belief is $20,000 to $30,000 for this whip. >> this going to help turner classic movies or everybody.
12:46 pm
>> a portion benefits the film foundation, my company is partnering with turner classic movies to bring this jeer. >> i wore red today because i was hoping to slip these -- she came in here with people that are protecting this stuff. i can't get these on my feet. >> not very many people. >> size five and a half. you said she was very, very petite. ruby slippers. tell me about these. >> actually a 50th anniversary rep mix cal of judy garland's shoes. they made a very limited edition from her mold and it has the exact label, an exact replica of what dorothy wears. >> has her name in there. >> exactly. i made by the people who made the originals. so these are rare. the onlies are worth millions of dollars. these are 12,000 to 15,000. >> let's move on.
12:47 pm
>> this is charlton heston's helmet and other material that he wears in the chariot scene in ben-hur. the gauntlet and the sandals. >> i'm somewhere in between dorothy and charlton heston with my shoe size. >> who can participate? people are watching at home. >> anybody can participate. all you need to do is contact my company, go to our web site as bonam', and all of the information about registering will be there. you just need to contact our company and register for the auction, and then you -- if you want to come in person, you can. if you want to bid on theber net, you can. >> we have a few more items. >> this is a yearbook -- the only'll yearbook in which norma jean baker appears. young marilyn monroe.
12:48 pm
the next year she dropped out of high school and gets married. this is the only high school yearbook, this edition, from university high school in los angeles. >> gives people an idea if they want to help the foundation out and also own this, -- they want me to point to marilyn. >> right here. she actually looks like several other people in that row. 800 does this could go for. people could have this. >> we have very expensive items but we have a lot of affordable things. these are laurel and hardy bowler hats. this is a -- >> can i put this on? you probably don't want me to. >> i prefer not. >> i could tell you didn't. so people buy these as a pair? >> this is a pair, we're offering them together. $15,000 to $20,000 for these. >> people love to collect these manuscripts because they have director and producer hand writing on them. >> this is a very early draft of
12:49 pm
a script for the wizard of oz. this is by a writer named noel langley. he came up with the idea first that the people in kansas should mirror the people in oz. is this a spoiler? >> i lived in kansas so i belt i know every inch of this. >> and the guy that came witch the idea the slippers should be ruby. >> one last thing. >> this is a drum majorette jacket worn by shirley jackson. this is like a 18-month-old form. >> we have dorothy here, shirley temple. a lot of great stuff, memorabilia, thank you very much for coming in and sharing that with us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thousands and thousands of wasps are coming to the united states from overseas, and believe it or not it could actually be a good thing for farmers in and a billion dollar
12:50 pm
industry because they have been struggling. >> we'll see what all of you have to say about using cell phones on planes. i have seen a couple of tweets in favor of it. but most of the responses, a lot of you are not happy about this. stay with us.
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
this hour, actually before we even are even got start i tweet this out about a new faa proposal would allow passengers to chat and text on their cell phones. critics say this could be controversial and loud. let's see what some of your are posting on twitter: i would rather talk to my wife on the cell instead of the guy i don't know next to me. okay. >> cell phones should only be
12:54 pm
used if a flight delay occurs, diverted, or other emergency. otherwise, too noisy. >> cells on planes? horrible idea. toy want some loud mouth gabbing on their fine. finally, i'm not in fav of cell phones on planes but might be more interesting than the awful movie they play. a couple people think it's going to be a moneymaker for the airlines. i hash tagged -- i might lose my grace if people start cussing at me around my kids. farmers in california say they're using a small but powerful weapon to battle a growing danger to the citrus injury. wasps. a tiny bug has been hurting groves. the species can carry and spread a certain kind of bacteria that damages the trees. wasps are apparently the only known enemy of those little bugs so farmers hope the stinging
12:55 pm
insects are the answer to the problem. will carr is live with more. >> reporter: so far nothing else has worked so that's why they're bringing in these wasps and not bringing them in from anywhere close to here. in fact they're flying them from from pakistan, install an effort to save jobs and billions of dollars. the citrus industry in california is a $2 billion industry, and this bug is called the asian citrus -- it carries a disease and if it infects and kills the trees, it kills the jobs and the bottom line. so they're spreading 75,000 wasps throughout california to try to kill this bug. it has already killed thousands of jobs in florida. that's why growers in california are spending $15 million a year to try to attack this disease before it potentially kills their bottom line. >> thank you very much. we are not done yet.
12:56 pm
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on this day, in 1963, at about this time, the nation was crowded around television sets, and the news was deep in the coverage of the story that changed america forever. with the crack of a rifle a young president was dead, and if you were old enough to remember it you know exactly where you were when you heard the news. lee harvey oswald took aim from the sixth floor of the texas school book depository and gunned down john f. kennedy, the nation's 35th commander in chief, today people in dallas, washington, around the world, remembering. ♪ >> the flame burned to the graveside, a flickering reminder of the moment jfk died, 50 years
1:00 pm
ago today. 50 years ago this very hour, john kennedy was now dead. for the better part of two hours, and the new president, lyndon johnson, is making a call, this call.


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