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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 21, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> yes. >> most popular music in this country outside the orchestra stuff can trace its roots back to the celtic stuff, when the scotts and irish -- >> the answer is yes? >> yes. because the music traveled via the rivers. >> got to go. bill: 12 seconds ... new warnings of a kicking time bomb set to implode the obamacare areout. 5.5 million americans losing their insurance plans despite the president saying they could keep their plans. martha: that number could skyrocket to 100 million cancellations right after the mid-term election. martha: i'm martha maccallum. that is a damaging deadline for
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obamacare. "time" magazine just released their new cover. obamacare broken promise. bill: we want to approach this from two angles. stuart varney host of stuart varney on the business network. will the plans cost more, the lessor same. >> reporter: in all likelihood they will cost more. it's a bombshell because it's 50, maybe 100 million cancellation letter will go out to people like you. most people get their healthcare coverage from their employer. those are the plans that have to be can spelled because existing plans do not conform to the level and range of coverage demand by obamacare. this mean 50 to 100 million people will be touched directly
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by having their employer-related plan canceled. millions will get that letter. bill: is this the knockout blow no obamacare or is it hyperbole? >> reporter: i think we are looking at a rolling collapse. the new plans in all likely hood are going to be much more expensive, higher deductibles, higher premiums and new copay and when you present 100 million people with higher payments to pay for 50 million people who have have it free or subsidized. it's a political and economic bombshell. i don't think you can stand up. bill: it will hit in the fall of next year and kelly ayotte is going to take that on. if you want to save money and you are running a company, you look at structural costs. the costs are in health
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insurance in many way. if you are going to save money you want to cut it out. >> you don't go out there and hire a lot of new people. in fact you cut your workforce if you possibly can because your costs have just gone straight up. bill: we'll see how many companies resist that temptation. stuart varney. martha: the issue of the latest broken promise being heralded on the front of "time" magazine. you remember when the president repeatedly said this. >> if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan, period. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. martha: that was part two of the promise. now a new report says that insurance companies are going to limit your choice of doctors and your choice of hospitals and all of this is in an effort to keep the cost down as you can
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imagine. jonah goldberg joins me, editor at large of fox news online and a contributor. he spoke about if you like your plan you can keep it and we interviewed people who said that wasn't the case. jay carney touched on this the other day. you may not be able to keep your doctor or hospital you like either. >> that's right. there are three basic untruths that president obama told. the first was that you could keep your plan. the second was that you could keep your doctor and the third was the asmg family was going to save an enormous amount of money. none of these three things will prove to be true for a large number. americans. because of that the sort of political case of this whole thing is going to come apart even if the website gets up and running and works perfectly. martha: you look at these
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hospitals that are not on the plans or on very few plans like cedars-sinai in los angeles, the may oh clinic, the seattle children's hospital are not going to be part of most of these plans. that begs a big question here. is what we are going to end up with sort of a rich medical system and then the poor and middle class medical system and is that what the president had in mind here? >> yes, that was the unspoken secret about obamacare. it was designed to basically tax the middle class and redistribute that money to the poor in terms of expanding medicaid or getting people on bronze plans that are essentially from a. that was the whole point but they didn't say that. but instead they said everyone would be the winner, there would
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be no losers. middle class people who find it hard to pay for insurance they currently have are told you will have to pay for things you don't need to subsidize poor people. that's what liberalism is about. but they weren't honest about what they were pitching. they were saying everyone is going to come out of this on top and that wasn't true. martha: in terms of this system, like the system we see in england and other countries that have a national healthcare system. you end up in a situation where the may oh cling or seattle children's office may only be reachable for those who have the highest form of healthcare plan. you have everybody else in the middle class -- it seems like the poor and people who don't have coverage may end up in a better situation. you hope at least they will. but the middle class folks who may have had access to some of these better american hospitals
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may not have that anymore. >> we are finding out people can't get the doctors they once had. they can't get the coverage they once had. they can't go to the hospitals in their communities they wants to go to. some lasts are being frozen out by some insurance plans and somn the understand plans. it works both ways. and that's simply because ultimately what obamacare was about was smashing the existing healthcare system and moving us toward the state-run version of it. i always said obamacare was designed to fail, it just wasn't designed to fail this quickly. they are getting the transition toward a single payer which a lot of people wanted, and we get chaos and that may be the ultimate undoing of this thing. martha: jonah, thank you very much. we'll see you next time. bill: state insurance
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commissioners met with the president at the white house. they believe he understands he might not be able to fulfill his promise to let people keep their current plan. >> he made it clear to us he understands the value of state-based regulations and wants to work with commissioners so this continues, it wasn't the president trying to persuade us. he was being i think wanting to make the point that he gets what our value is and how can we help. bill: that was an interesting conference call they had after their meeting. the president promised americans they would be able to renew policies for a year. indiana has already said they will not. martha: 100 million people could lose their healthcare as close as a month before the next election. and insurance companies unable to do anything to fix that
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situation. what will the president do? we'll speak to senator kelly ayotte. send us a tweet @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer and we'll put some of them up on the screen. bill: 140 character or less. bill: some college student reacting to the news they will be losing their insurance. student at bowie university in maryland are having their insurance canceled and they are not happy. >> it makes me feel angry and frustrated. >> student are caught in a trap, they are stuck trying to figure out how to be covered or deal with a sickness. bill: bowie state says they
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should gin their parents' plan for enroll in medicaid. martha: an embarrassing moment for health and human resources secretary kathleen sebelius when the website crashed right in front of you. >> i think it's great this is happening. it's okay, it will come back. you know, that happens every day. martha: okay, that's okay. it will come back. this happens every day. she was visiting a miami hospital. they should have gone that was not going to work out the way they want it to. in tennessee remember this moment, somebody handle were a website for dummies book. some people thought that was rude. she wasn't too happy about it.
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it's easy to walk into these situations the way it's work. i'm not sure of the's such a great p.r. moment. martha: don't worry, it will come back. bill: massive flooding slamming a major city. have a look right here. some chilling new video of a man trying to save his car from being washed away. we'll show you what happen to him and others in a moment. martha: there is a brand-new deal that can keep our troops in afghanistan for another 10 years. ralph peters is here on that. bill: new developments where a teenaged girl is charged with bullying another girl to death. it could be the sheriff who need a lawyer. >> our goal is these kid never
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bully anyone again, never torment anyone again, and as a result we feel they can move forward with a productive life.
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>> look at this video of major flooding happening in bolivia. you can hear everybody screaming for help along the side. the man believed to be a military officer trying the pull this car as it was dragged by the floodwaters. three soldiers tried to help but the men struggled against the current. cell phone video captured the panic in the crowd as they watched the waters swallow two men. local media reports say the soldiers were 15 and 18 years old. what a tragedy that was.
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>> the agreement will speak for itself when the agreement is approved. as we sit here tonight, we have agreed on the lang that would be submitted. but they have to pass it. i think it's inappropriate for me to comment on any of the details. it's up to the people of afghanistan. bill: secretary kerry announcing a deal with that country. it would guarantee billions of dollars in international aid to the government. only moments ago afghan president hamid karzai dropped a bombshell saying he doesn't want to sign that deal. what now? >> if you listen to what kerry just said in that sound bite it was pure narnsy pelosi. we have to pass this treaty to
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find out what's in it. the whole afghan fiasco is strategic obamacare. obama said he was going to fix afghanistan. great job on that, big boy. now it's not working. so consider how perverse this is. we who freed afghanistan, who poured tens of billions of dollars. who sacrificed already 2,300 lives of our troops. mar far more americans wound and maimed. we are begging afghans to let us stay and continue pouring in billions of dollars a year and they kept reducing what they will let us do. in their december praition for a deal, secretary of state john kerry and president obama put
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america in the position of being a beggar to hamid karzai, the deceitful deplorable leader of afghanistan. bill: 24 hours ago the debate was whether the obama administration would apologize or say that word or say the word mistake. i did not find that word in the document. they said we'll continue to respect the dig knit and sanctity of afghans in their home. no word apology or mention of the word mistakes. >> if you read the statement that with us approved by the white house. it's a non-apology apology. karzai is a better shores trader than we are. he raises spurious demand then settles for 4 or 5 billion
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dollars. no one in washington is doing the fundamental math. what do we get out of this that makes it worth our commitment in blood and treasure? the administration says we don't want al qaeda coming back to afghanistan. the al qaeda is staying at the radisson and hilton thanks to obama's shameless withdrawal in iraq, they are in africa and the subsahara. 150 years ago lincoln promised us a new birth of freedom. obama has given us a new birth of al qaeda. bill: the white house is pushing back on the fact that we could have troops there for 10 years. that would break a fundamental promise the president made when he was running for office.
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>> the promise has made a lot of the contradictory promises and now he's trying to walk some back. the bottom line for the white house is they don't want this to go disastrous. they don't want the taliban in kabul before 201. but if this were only about the money. that would be politics. but it's about the maiming of our troop for no good purpose. the open reason you can argue that we should be there at all in any capacity is to keep killing across the borderer in pakistan. the notion that karzai says this has to be aproved by the loyajerga. it's a meeting of the mob families of afghanistan. bill: a lot of blood and
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treasure. martha: a big plane, and a small airport. that's a major problem. why this jumbo jet may not be able to get back out of the wrong airport it landed in. bilbill: congressman tray a tr . from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list.
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bill: a boeing 747 cargo ship land at the wrong airport.
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you may not think it's a big deal but now it's stuck there. the runway is too small and it can't take off now. no word on how or why it landed at the wrong airport. we are being told the jet has been turned around and should be able to take off in the next few hours. if there is a camera out there we'll show you it's a short runway, not good, good luck. martha: con holding a news conference and apologized for his recent arrest for cocaine possession. he says he will not step down. he will take a leave of absence and will get treatment for substance abuse. >> i'm owning up to my actions and taking responsibility and living it publicly. i have been held accountable for the decisions i made in my life.
6:26 am
martha: peter doocy joins us live in washington. when do we expect to see him back in congress. >> reporter: after the winter recess. that's what the gop told us after speaking to radel. he will donate his salary while away to charity and hoping that everyone he apologized to will forgive this arrest he blames on alcoholism. >> i believe in faith, i believe in forgiveness and redemption. and i hope if there is anything positive that can come out of this, and i know there will be positive that comes out of it. i hope i will be a role model for millions of others struggling with this disease. >> reporter: the fbi and derks a say radel first appeared on
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their radar this fall. and they caught him during a drug deal in du pont circle buying $250 worth of cocaine from an undercover officer and he volunteered there was more cocaine in his apartment. since radel is a first-time offender if he can keep his nose clean so to speak for one year the court will dismiss the case. martha: is he getting pressure the republican leadership to step down? >> reporter: the reaction from the speaker's office is simply this. quote. members of congress should be held to the highest standard and the alleged crimes will be handled by the courts. beyond that this is between radel, his family and constituents. there is a chance the house ethics committee can look into this matter. but congressman radel is calling
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this matter his wakeup call. bill: it will be a race to watch. state insurance commissioners flash the red light. what are their concerns about fixing obamacare? martha: today remembering that fateful trip to dallas. 50 years now since the assassination of president john f. kennedy. >> death is six minutes away. in a warehouse a sniper with a rifle waits. the cheers in the crowd almost muffle the three shots. the area is aswarm with police, and secret servicemen. but shav. whatre we, animals? gillette fusion proglide, for uivaled comfort even on sensitive skin. gillette -- the best a man can get.
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martha: the state understand commissioners warning president obama about his so-called obamacare fix that called on companies to renew those canceled plans for millions of americans. here is one insurance commissioner after that big shutdown with the president. here is what he said. >> he acknowledged each state has to do what it deems appropriate and what the law requires relative to implementation. so we had a great dialogue. no doubt about that. but we also came away agreeing that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should
6:33 am
do what he urged us to do last week. march where joined by utah republican jason chaffetz. what's your take on that. what do you think happened in there? >> it go back to what nancy pelosi said when the bill was getting ready to pass, she said we'll have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. then shouldn'tly the president wakes up and realized what he said was not true. he was misleading the american people. now it left the state commissioners and the insurance companies scrambling to try to make these gyrations that are not fairly in line with what state law i. it add to this chaos that is obamacare. martha: when the president came out and offered that fix he said these company can an was encouraging them to send you a letter that says never mind.
6:34 am
but it sound to me when i read through the transcript of this meeting from yesterday that the president kind of backed down. he said i get it. you already put rules in place, it's hard to reverse this. they said he did not vigorously lobby the commissioners to alter their state regulations. when the president went before the american people the last week or two saying i'm going to make this adjust itment. he was only suggesting that last for 12 month. it was not a permanent fix like we were trying to do in the house. these risk pools are made up of people who participate in these. when i have a different number of people participate it will change the premiums. this is probably going to add to another round of increased costs for consumers. martha: we had a guest we have had many times.
6:35 am
she went on and got another policy, but she said to us, my new policy is basically substandard, it doesn't comply with obamacare but yale get to keep it for a year. her policy would be compliant with what the president he but it could be out of compliance with what the state he she has to have because they changed their regulations to be in compliance with the government, right? >> exactly. that's the problem. every state is going to be able to do this just unilaterally. the president wakes up and said i'm going to change the law. that's not the way the country works and not the way the states work. suddenly all their tables and all the accounting that has to go on to try to calculate what the premiums are going to be. when you have less people participating and a different risk pool and consequently the
6:36 am
premium may be different. martha: are we in a situation where there aren't going to be any fines? for this year because basically the president has said individual could set a substandard plan, that would have been what triggered the fine. are we in a situation where that's not going to happen for probably a year? and what are the implications of that? >> i would hope so. the president gave businesses an exemption. we wanted the individual to have the same exemption. the white house has not taken this position. the white house continued to say they will hold these individual accountable for this. we want there to be good understand product for every american out there. make no mistake about it. but the way the president is doing this with this unsafe, insure website that's out there. the chaos that's what the premiums are going to be. one of the big ways to come is the average family is not going
6:37 am
to save $2,500 per year as the president promised. he couldn't live up to the promise. i have a hard time find out what is good about this. it's not the affordable care act. individual -- we are almost into december. by the time we turn the corper into january, i just worry that the chaos is going to be even bigger than ever. martha: thank you very much, congressman. bill: we are remembering a fallen president in a day that frankly changed america. tomorrow marks 50 years since the assassination of john f. kennedy. the country will paw to mark the historic day. is that city ready to go through this again, casey? >> they are. for the last 50 years a dark cloud has hung over the city of dallas after jfk was sea
6:38 am
assassinated. but tomorrow is all about remembering the legacy that president kennedy left behind. as you know from your work on the documentary you did. the more time passes the more people become obsessed with those conspiracy theories surrounding jfk's death. a new gallup poll shows 61 per of americans believe lee harvey oswald did not act alone on that fateful day. the 35th president of the united states had come to texas in 1963 to garner support for a second term and raise cash. jfk's presidential motorcade made its way through downtown today has. scores of supporters lining the streets holding signs. then shots. hill was a u.s. secret service agent in that motorcade and described what happened next. >> i got up in the back of the car and wedged myself on top of
6:39 am
the back, the top of the back seat between the left side of the car and the right side of the car. i looked down, i could see the president's face, his eye were fixed. there was a hole in the upper right rib of the skull. i could see most of the brain matter in that area was gone. >> 24-year-old lee harvey some walled was arrested for the crime but shot two days later by jack ruby. to this day many people think he had help that day. bill: we are watching from new york. what events do we expect in dallas? >> reporter: a somber memorial is planned. it will be held in between the grassy knoll and the texas school book depository.
6:40 am
there will be a tolling of the bells all around the city of dallas. then a moment of violence at 12:30 central standard time, the exact moment kennedy was shot and america changed forever. bill: casey stegall live there in dallas. tomorrow we'll pause and remember that day. martha: we'll have a lot of that tomorrow. it will be very moving and very interesting. stay tuned for that coming up tomorrow. in the meantime an incredible new video of a volcanic eruption that created new a new island. look at that. i'll tell what you happened there. bill: the president saying republicans need to share the blame fear the botched obamacare rollout. really?
6:41 am
senator kelly ayotte a republican will react to that. >> it's nobody's fault on the republican side the exchange web site isn't working it's no nobody's fault millions of people are losing their existing coverage.
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martha: the fed are rolling not you new rules for tour busses. an ear of of 1,000 people are killed every year object 700 million people travel every year by bus. officials hope some of these new rules will stop deadly crashes like this one in tennessee back in october.
6:45 am
bill: will you be bailing out the since companies? a group of senators introducing a bill that will prevents the government from doing just that. the hole gets deeper by the day. we are not quite sure how we are going to climb out of this hole. will taxpayer dollars be used to subsidize the insurance companies to keep them happy? >> i hope not. insurance companies should not be bailed out. but the president represented to the people they could keep their plans, that wasn't true, and now he's trying to fix it because he's under pressure his own party with the cancellation noticed. built into the law is insurance for insurance company. and in his press release he said we might have to give more assistance to his insurance companies, hard in, a bailout with taxpayer dollars to fix
6:46 am
something he promised was never the case. the administration was warned the way the law was structured, people would lose their plans. bill: that doesn't make sense. the law forced this change. >> the law absolutely forced the change because the mandates within obamacare are why policy are being canceled. now he's trying to get out of it. there is an upcoming election in 2014. many of his members and democrats who voted for this are pressuring to say our constituents with getting cancellation notices. i know mine are. there is a program for three years that if insurers have risks, it's understand for insurance companies which now can put taxpayers on the hook for more because of the promise he made. bill: your bill and others would try to stop it. bill: frankly i don't know what the law is now.
6:47 am
it's been changed so many times. we found this clip about executive purr used by president bush. here is senator obama. >> what george bush has been trying to do is his effort to accumulate more power in the presidency. he's been saying well i can basically change what congress passed by attaching a letter saying i don't agree with this part or i don't agree with that part. i'm going to choose to interpret it this kay or that way. that's not part of his power. but this is part of the whole theory much george bush that he can make laws after he he goes along. i disagree with that. i taught the constitutioner to 10 years. i believe in the constitution and i will obey the constitution of the united states. bill: this is part of george w. bush's theory that he can make laws as he's going along. how many executive orders have been signed to change this law? >> you know, i can't even counts
6:48 am
them. that's the problem. the deadlines within the laws that he unilaterally changed are in the law. the changes he's making by executive order are in the law. so he's trampling on congress and you see the hypocrisy in it. but it goes beyond that. you have a situation where he has done that on more than one occasion. he issue the executive orders in the area where congress should act and change the laws and we can come up with so many examples where there is a pattern of this administration ignoring the law, making the law or changing the law as they see it. think:trampling on the constitution there. bill: why do you think this hypocrisy played out this way? >> i think it's obviously for political purposes that he makes these changes. he delays the employer sponsored
6:49 am
mandate and the healthcare law, doesn't delay the individual mandate. but he did that because he doesn't want people to understand that's the next shoe to drop in this healthcare law. that's delayed until after the next election until 2015, and we have seen individual policies being canceled. but the next shoe to drop is employer sponsored plans where people may lose their coverage they have with their employer. they are trying to delay this because of an election. bill: a lot of noticed will go out before the election. the last word? >> we don't need political solutions. we need real solutions to healthcare that drive down costs. people should's have to receive cancellation notices and where there is more competition instead of less where what we are seeing. not what we are seeing from this administration where there is constantly a new executive order issued that puts taxpayers more on the hook, but doesn't solve
6:50 am
the underlying problems with this law. bill: thank you, senator. martha: there are new developments in the florida bullying case. charges against a teenaged girl charged with bullying another girl to death have now been dropped. why would that be? the sheriff is now the one on the hot seat. >> sheriff brady jug wanted to get me on legal advice on how to practice law. i have got some advice for him. he should get a lawyer and a darn good one because he's going to need it. i'm overhe hill.
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martha: some big developments about a story we have been telling you about on.
6:54 am
two teenagers accused much bullying a friend to the point where she went up to a water tower and committed suicide. now these two girl are off the hook. rebecca sedgwick were bullied to the point where she had to leave her school and go to another one. but it sounds like this legal battle is not over. >> reporter: as far as the charges go these two middle school girls now 13 and 14 were facing aggravated stalking charges. but the attorney for one of the girls he that's not enough. jose baez says he demand an apology. >> i found zero evidence of anything having to do with my clients that would rise to the level of a criminal act.
6:55 am
>> reporter: he's threatening to launch a lawsuit against that sheriff. martha: there has been no back pedaling about this sheriff who was outspoken in the early stages. >> reporter: grady judd was very public and aggressive in this case. he put their mug shots front and center of the two young accused girls and made a public display. he says because of that the girls are getting treatment now and he has no regrets for how he handled the case. >> we are happy with that. our goal is these kid never bully anyone again. never torment anyone, and as a result we feel like they can move forward with a productive life. >> reporter: one result of all the public scrutiny. the mother of of the accused stalkers was thrown into jail for child abuse. martha: there is so much more to
6:56 am
this story and we'll learn more about it tomorrow. jose baez will join us tomorrow. we'll try to find out more about this. the sheriff said from the beginning what he wanted was for this kind of behavior to stop. he said he want thepped to get help and never do it again. bill: i was stunned when this story broke. it will be interesting to get his take on that tomorrow. fox news uncovering a stunning new email showing what officials were saying day before the obamacare launch. martha: passengers getting a lot more action than they bargained for. why this plane was forced to make an emergency landing. >> we heard a loud bang. i saw people looking up toward the front and i knew something
6:57 am
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martha: fox news alert. new details today about what the white house knew and when they knew it. a new email says days best launch high-ranking officials in the white house had quote, fear, the white l the site would fail. why didn't they delay isn't it seems would be a obvious choice. we have a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. we get testimony that 40% of the site on the back end has not been built yet, much less tested? martha: not to worry. just the part where people pay. bill: so the administration blamed many of the sites problems on unexpected number of users. but the email suggests it was expected and they were working on a p.r. campaign to handle the fallout. chief correspondent ed henry broke the news last night.
7:01 am
good morning there. you have your hands on the email that suggests that the white house knew more than it led on. >> reporter: right. this is a week before the october 1st launch, september 25th and henry chao, the sort of chief tech guy at cms, the key agency here is emailing on september 25th about a meeting the day before, exactly one week before the october 1st launch and refers to the chief technology officer of the white house, when quote, todd park, and marilyn tavenner, you remember her at r can ns, one of the things todd conveyed was this fear the white house has about being unavailable. why that is at this time of course, that a fear inside the white house allegedly that it would not be available. remember the site, president, see him in the pictures, walking into the white house briefing room one week ago today telling us he was surprised by the magnitude of the problems. my critics call me a lot of things but one thing i'm not is
7:02 am
stupid. i would not have gone forward had known there could be major problems. you have to wonder, and you can guaranty it will come up at today's white house briefing, why if there was quote, unquote fear inside the white house about this being potentially unavailable, they moved forward anyway, bill. bill: the email suggest that is henry chao, who we have gotten to know last few weeks he was worried more about pr and then consumers getting insurance. what did you find in the email? >> reporter: some of his testimony on capitol hill he also cared about consumers whether they would be able to enroll and get health insurance but pr, you're right, later in the same email, henry chao talks about the image of people logging on and not being able to see anything. he said, quote, i'm picturing in my mind all the major print and online publications taking screen shots what is below and ramping up the hyperbole about not being funkal,
7:03 am
suggesting they were worried exactly what happened, us and others in the media looking at website not working. they were trying to find a better, more palatable way to tell people it is not working focusing on the pr there. cms officials pushed back on all this. in part they told me in a statement, we know now we underestimated the volume of users who would attempt to log on the system at the same time, and therefore our testing did not include performance testing at the volume we experienced at launch. what they're saying in the email traffic henry chao was saying the fear inside the white house there would be more users than they expected and they wouldn't be able to handle it. obviously that happened to some extent in addition to other glitches and stuff. the white house believes that shows there is demand for the product. if they ever think the website will be fixed they think the law will be good for the american people. bill: still to come, ed henry from the north lawn. martha? martha: you have another day and a better understanding of what is in the obamacare plan and some criticism arising from
7:04 am
"time" magazine a place that has praised the president many times over the course of his presidency but here is what he has to wake up to this morning and look at on the cover of the magazine, obamacare and the broken promise, it says. bret baier the anchor of "special report" and he joins me now. bret, this is so completely permeated every avenue of media much of which was so praising for the president throughout the course of this. what is the significance of that cover, do you think. >> it is pretty significant, martha. the fact that you're seeing a lot of mainstream media go to this point where it is not just about the website. it is about what the president said, what he promised, what the administration promise and now that is not coming to be true. this meeting yesterday with the state insurance commissioners association and the commissioners themselves, that's pretty telling in that nine states so far are saying you know what? the president's fix doesn't work for us. and there may be more. and, so you're going to run into
7:05 am
this problem where the people who lost their insurance coverage, they're going to be looking for an avenue and if those states say, we're not going to reinstate those plans that are already gone, you're going to have people facing a gap as they head towards january 1st. martha: is this surprising, the tone of that meeting? because from everything i read it doesn't sound like the president really went that strongly at them. you know, it sounded like he said i understand your problems. you guys are the regulators in your state. there is not that much you can do, if you can, it would be helpful but so what? >> yeah. it is interesting they were not brought in earlier. i mean they're kind of running point on all these states and the decisions and what the president said, in that news conference last week, directly affects them and they make the decision on that. so it is kind of strange they were brought in this late. secondly on this whole thing you talked about with ed henry, the white house blew off the independent analysis in march saying that it wasn't technical and while the president was
7:06 am
briefed on it they thought they could fix the problems. well the five days before that these emails are exchanged with senior white house aides, it is, it's really every day, martha, it is another big story. martha: and it raise that is question of why, why wouldn't you delay. but everybody knows, bret, that the backdrop was they had just insisted up and down delaying would be the most horrible thing you could do to the american people. that is what the gop wanted to do during the entire shutdown issue. that is tough political option for them at that point, was it not? >> it was. it was a political date. they had promised it. it was coming. you listen to the testimony people working on website and cms. they were under pressure to get to that date. when you hear that 30%, 40% of the system is not finished, that's the system of actually paying for the insurance. insurers don't consider anyone technically enrolled until they
7:07 am
make their first premium payment. so far, not one person, in the 106,000 in the first month, have made a premium payment. martha: yeah. bret just switching topics here for a moment because as you well know you've been reporting on this morning and our urgent wires are burning up with this issue of harry reid and nuclear option. what is going on with that? >> from everything we hear, senator reid is going to bring this forward. essentially this means pushing through with nominees that have been blocked without the 60-vote threshold. this is a huge deal and there will be a major fight on the floor today if, as we hear, he is going to bring it forward. now what is interesting, it is not about u.s. supreme court justice nominees. the democrats, i think, are fearful that if there was a republican president and this nuclear option was in place, that they would do the same thing and move a nominee forward with 50 votes instead of 60.
7:08 am
that would change the balance of the court. they are talking about every other kind of nominee and this is a big, big deal. changes the way the senate works if it went through and right now, you don't, we don't think he has the votes but they are moving forward. martha: wow, that is something to watch today for sure. we'll see you tonight on "special report" with the whole story on it. thanks, bret. see you tonight. >> okay. bill: the number zero officially until someone pays and there are concerns at the state level. oregon now announcing announcins state website will not be fully functional until the middle of december. they have zero signees as well. oregon spent millions of on the flashy ad campaign to draw attention to it. ♪ ♪ dreaming all the big dreams, long live oregonians, we're free to be healthy, long live all
7:09 am
oregonians, we're free to be healthy ♪ bill: that is not 1972. still the number of people signing up in oregon, as i mentioned a big fat zero. martha: that is the big o means at the end. it is not for oregon. it is for zero people signing up. it's a cute ad. takes us back. very nostalgic. bill: i was two in 1972. martha: it didn't work. so, what do you think? we asked you last hour, do you do you fix the mess we've been discussing throughout the course of this hour? here is what the folks at home are saying right now as they are tweeting today. michael writes, it is time for obama to join the repeal movement and work with democrats and the gop on a health care system overhaul that will actually work. bill: tony says, throw it in the, throw it in the dumpster. that would be a heavy toss by the way. you know how big that law is. martha: ronnie garrison tweets, i don't know, i don't think i know, obama lied about, you know what? i will turn this over, she says, i don't think, i know.
7:10 am
sometimes twitter punctuation is difficult. obama lied about keeping our insurance and doctor and because i lost both and it needs to be repealed. bill: gary rights about this. the answer would take more than 140 characters. that is all twitter gives you. martha: tweet longer. there you go. keep those coming. send them to us @marthamaccallum and @billhemmer. we're watching them throughout the show. bill: they roll in, just like one after the other after the other. martha: people are not happy. bill: 10 minutes past. problems pile up for the site, prominent democrats are starting to get worried. starting? lanny davis says it is time to start over. >> everybody has to look at facts and let the facts drive you, not ideology drive the facts. there are a couple things we need to do to hit the reset button to try to fix this, rather than give up. bill: so a democratic aide even saying, quote, this could be the demise of the democratic party? really? martha: plus, if you like your doctor and your hospital you might not be able to keep them
7:11 am
it turns out. our panel of doctors will discuss how this all is actually going to work. bill: also horrifying new game that is not child's play, knocking random people unconscious on a city street. >> are they going to take somebody's money? are they going to take their cell phone? no, they're just going to knock you out? there is no purpose for it whatsoever. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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bill: so a jetblue flight making an emergency landing after an evacuation slide opens after takeoff. that's not cool. the jet was flying from fort myers, florida, to boston when the chute partially deployed inside of the cabin. >> we heard a lot bang and we, i saw people looking up towards the front. i knew something happened but it looked to me like something happened but i couldn't tell. but i think what it was is that chute inflated and -- everyone
7:15 am
was pretty calm and they let us down quickly. it was a weird feel. we knew something wasn't right. bill: i bet. i never heard of that before. inside the cabin! no injuries. passengers forced to use the year exit of that plane. >> that is a warning. there are new reports today that democratic lawmakers, are quote, seething with anger over the obamacare rollout. according to "the hill" they're worried this debacle could bring about, quote, demise of their party. fired up. steven sigmund served as communications direct or for former new jersey john corzine and monica crowley, radio talk show host and fox news contributor. this is attributed to congressional staffers which is always tricky to pin down. they're seething with anger, steven, about the pspects for the next election and ticked off at president obama not making changes to make it better for
7:16 am
them. >> anonymous hill staffers leaking to press is news like a dog barking. this is what they do every day on both side, on both sides of the aisle. they are getting nervous because the politics of is not worked well for democrats but you have to look at this in larger picture. democrats are enormously united over last 10 years and it worked for them and in national elections. they have won three of the last four national elections. martha: before obamacare. >> actually not true. obama care was in 20102010 election. only thing that worked for republicans guy wanted to repeal lost a presidential election mitt romney. martha: but before any of came into play. >> republicans on other hand have existentialal crisis in the party, any republican who happens to even talk about compromise or moderation gets attacked by tea party. martha: want to stick to the point in terms of what the impact is or is not for democrats. let's take a look at poll number came out, this is "cbs poll", that we looked at, it looks at
7:17 am
democrats and their support, approval of the health care law, and look at this slide. democrats approve, 74% in october. now they're at 58%. that is a huge slide. and maybe most importantly for election purposes, look at independent number, 38%, down to 27%. that is not a congressional staffer, monica. that is folks responding to a "cbs poll." >> in fact also in the "cbs poll", martha, it showed upwards of 84% democrats who were polled would like to see obamacare repealed in its entirety or in part. that is why you have these staffers and democrats on capitol hill really worried about this because they would like to make some changes now because they're reading the tea leaves. they're hearing from their constituents losing their doctors, losing their plans, losing access to hospitals and having their hours reduced, losing work because of obamacare. they're hearing from those folks and they're saying look, you have to make some changes. when those members of congress go to the leadership, whether it is the president in the
7:18 am
white house or harry reid and they're met with a total wall of resistance, we're not making any changes to this we are not budging. then what do they do? they're between a rock and hard place. martha: what do think do at this point? >> look at core question of polling. polling on this over last three years and core question, should you have health care reform or should you repeal obamacare, the numbers have not moved. they're at 35% say repeal obamacare. they said it -- martha: you need to start living in the present okay. >> this was yesterday. this was in the poll yesterday. that was the polling in october and that was the poll yesterday, after this horrible rollout. martha: but here's what we're seeing numbers right now. you can do this in an apolitical way, right? this is politically problematic. now it might all miraculously get better, right? people might say, wow, i logged on really like the health care. that is not what we're living in this moment. if you were working for a democratic congressman, would you tell him and president obama wants to come campaign with you, what would you say at this
7:19 am
point? >> i say depend where you are. if you're in democratic district, 100% i want president obama to campaign because he is still very popular there. if you're in a swing district i might not. and i don't disagree, let me make something clear, i don't disagree right now that this is politically problematic for president and democrats. there is no question. they have to focus on it and fix it. there will be broader questions by november 2014. remember a month ago we were talking about demise of republican party because of shutdown. >> it will only get worse. it will not get ther. these are beginnings of the problem, not the end of the problem. we're talking about the president's popularity. that same poll showed him down to 37%. that includes a lot of democrats. >> 41, 42% in other polls. >> talk about democrats campaign, terry mcauliffe in state of virginia, they never mentioned obamacare when the president came in. we're getting word that president and democrats backing away from obamacare. they're not embracing it. >> terry mcauliffe won the
7:20 am
election? martha: you got to believe, you got to believe people are wondering if that is going to happen -- >> republican state for 20 years. tea party candidate who lost. martha: everybody has to be realistic about how people in america are feeling about this. and they aret. this unlike any other political issue i ever covered touches more human beings around this country than anything we ever looked at. we'll see how it works out. steven, monica, always a pleasure to have you both here. bill: martha, you just mentioned it, is the leadership in the senate about to change the rules on so-called nuclear option. we're awaiting that on the floor of the senate. we might get word in 10 minutes. security experts are warning that the crippled website is open to computer hackers around the world. >> would any of you advise american citizen to use the website with security issues exist. >> i wouldn't. >> unanimous no, don't use the website because of security risks? >> i say security would have to
7:21 am
be studied a lot more carefully. bill: find out what is wrong with that security and what if anything is being done to fix it. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love. infrom chase. so you can. great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? the last thing you need is some guy giving you a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch.
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there are signs both political bparties in washington get it: washington is lagging behind the country on this... ...this issue has been around far too long... and yet, we wait. reforming our immigration system would dramatically reduce our nation's debt... grow the economy by 5.4% ... and take bold steps to secure our borders. on this, both parties say they agree: democrats... we are very very strongly in favor of moving immigration reform... and republicans... i wouldn't underestimate the house's ability to pass the immigration bill...
7:24 am
and yet, we wait... americans are tired of empty rhetoric. it is time for every leader to come through on their promise... and fix our broken immigration system tell congress: the time is now. fix america's broken immigration system. bill: all right. the big question right now, on capitol hill is whether or not senator harry reid, the majority leader, will bring forward the nuclear option to allow the passage of certain nominations for some of the lower court, not the supreme court, but some lower court nominations to go through on a clean majority in the senate rather than the off votes that has been, historically required for that. we could get a vote as early as 10:30. we don't know for sure if he will bring this for the. there is lot of buzz going on capitol hill about this. even some suggestions on the gop side perhaps this is a way to change the conversation away from obamacare and health care
7:25 am
debacle as all these folks head home for the thanksgiving who he day. we'll keep you posted on the latest. the vote could come as early as 10 -- 10:30. bill: new warning that the obamacare website is riddled with security flaws putting sensitive personal information for millions of americans at risk. security experts warning that the website may have already been hacked or will be soon. given the security issues, americans should not use the website yet. whoa. here is what all four of them had to say on the hill when asked about that. >> do any of you today think today that the site is secure? >> no. >> no, no. >> no, no. >> no. bill: one of those four at the table, dr. rubin, professor computer science and director of security information institute, johns hopkins, university, baltimore, maryland. doctor, good morning to you. thank you for your time, sir. >> huy, good morning. bill: you were invited by
7:26 am
democrats. the other three witnesses were invited by republicans. give me your take about those who suggest, take the website down, start from scratch. it is the only way to insure its security, what do you think of that? >> sure, when you look at a system such as or any other website for that matter you have consider two different levels of security consideration. one of them is, whether or not there's some fundamental architectural design problem that could lead to long-term security risks that can't really be easily fixed. the other is whether there are certain simple oversights and simple problems in the design that can easily be addressed. bill: i see. what did you, what did you conclude on this? is it a easy fix or not? >> well, on the easy fixes, on the things that have been publicized to date, they have all been easy fixes. the other question can't be
7:27 am
answered that easily. what i recommended in the hearing on tuesday is that there be a thorough review of the security architecture by security experts, independent experts to look at it, and to perform a review which i haven't been given access to that system. bill: i see. so if you do that, if you do that, how long would that take, doctor? >> well i think a lot of it depend on seeing how much of the design documents are available. if the experts have the engineers who designed and built the system available for interviews, and how much of the code is security critical. simply a review -- typically a review of like this takes three or four weeks for a smaller system. i think it might take two or three months to do a thorough security system. bill: whoa. we're talking february or march. said to be at high-risk. will take months to repair. pretty much confirmed that now. it may have already been
7:28 am
compromised, what some other experts on the panel said the other day, hackers are definitely at it. in 15 seconds, doctor, do you recommend americans logging on and putting personal information on to this website today? >> well, i think that it really depends on the level to which these americans need the insurance. someone like myself who already has health insurance i'm not going to log in and put my personal information there. but if you're someone who is in desperate need of getting insurance coverage, then i think this website is an option although, you know, i've been concerned about the security problems that we've seen, even ones that have been easy to fix. bill: doctor, thank you for your time. for those most vulnerable, for those in need of it, that is a big step to take right now. doctor, thank you for laying that out. from baltimore. thank you, sir. >> thank you. martha: coming up ahead, dr. siegel will join us. he wants to tell us what he thinks the biggest obamacare lie
7:29 am
is and he said it is not that you can keep your doctor. bill: the newest islands. say hello to some brand new beachfront property. martha: it might take a while. bill: it is true. condos are coming. ♪ when you have diabetes like i do, you want a way to help minimize blood sugar spikes. support heart health. and your immune system. now there's new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar,
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7:32 am
>> what is going to happen on
7:33 am
the floor of the united states senate? there have been some votes coming up that have failed. we are getting reports that henry reed may use the nuclear option to put them through. we don't know what is going to happen here. there is reed on the floor. i cannot hear him. but if he is on this topic, we will pipe in. if this is the route they go, it will set up off fireworks through washington, d.c. republicans are saying that this is a good way to distract from obamacare. >> we will get back there. kennedy's cousin could see freedom today after a bond hearing is going to get underway after winning the appeal for the new trial. he is serving 20 years to life
7:34 am
in the 1975 killing of a neighbor when they were 15 years old. what is the likelihood he is released on bail? >> reporter: the prevailing guess is he is going to be released on bail. but as we have seen with this case, anything can happen. the defense has been arguing that since his conviction was overturned because the counsel was ineffective he is no longer a convicted felon and should be allowed to be released on bail. they say he has support in the community. and in the year 2000 when he was charged he surrendered himself
7:35 am
and made all of the court appearances. his attorneys say he is going to spend time with his son who is now 14 years old. his son, martha, by there way is one year younger than martha moxley who was murdered. >> it took such a long time were the conviction to come forward. the family fought for justice. will he face another trial in the case if he is released? >> it is not concern if there is going to be another trial. apart from the bail hearing that is taking place, the state of connecticut is fighting other th than -- overturning -- this.
7:36 am
and he might plead out to manslaughter and get credit for the time served. >> she was beaten with a golf club coming from this garage. we have watching to see what happens. >> millions have found out if they want to keep their plan they will not be able to do that. and now you might not be able to keep your hospital either. we put together a panel of medical experts. renea elmers. gill is here. and dr. mark siegel is here with us as well. going to start with the ladies, representative elmers, what is this about not a being able to keep your hospital? >> the plans have been canceled
7:37 am
and the plans that are being offered as options on the exchanges, if you get on the exchan exchange, and finding out the hospitals you are associated with isn't going to be able to provide them care. and same thing with the doctors >> it was the plan, the doctor and now the hospital? >> absolutely. in georgia, in my congressional district, and in atlanta, well star health system, emery university and some of the top hospitals in the state are not in these networks. so if you like your health plan you can keep it. if you like your doctor you can keep it. if you like your hospital, you
7:38 am
can't keep it either. >> what happens? do people have to seek out another place for care? >> they would have to go out of network. it is my understanding if they do that, in most cases, they would have to pay hundred percent unless it was for emergency care. the medicare program has been hit $716 billion to pay for >> what can be done about this? will folks start feeling it in january? >> that is the question. and why we passed the bill that says if you have your plan and like it you can keep it. women make 80 percent of the health care decisions and women have been told the health care plan that is affordable care act to them wasn't adequate and our president and democrats know better.
7:39 am
this is the issue. we need the senate to act so we can protect the patients receiving care. >> mark, i want to bring you in. dr. siegel, what do you think of the reaction and what do you ad vise your patients? >> obamacare is stretching to cover too much and insurers are trying to save money and cutting fees and won't accept the best hospitals like seattle children or mayo, places where the cost is higher because the care is better. what is the solution? bill, i have one, less than 140 characters: scale it back. this is based on a culture of fear. if you don't have huge health insurance you are naked or uncovered. something is going to happen to
7:40 am
you. me meanwhile patients use insurance unnecessary. they come to me and want to know what i think. we have to scale back insurance in this company and obamacare expands it. >> we have breaking news. but mark, i want to direct viewers to our website for an edtorial you wrote saying the biggest lie is more health insurance means more health care. we will pick that up with you. >> repeal it and start over is a better plan. >> thank you both. >> big question on capital hill is whether or not reed will push forward the nuclear option and make it audible probably for the senate to pass through the president's lower level.
7:41 am
let's listen for a moment. >> it is time to change the senate before this institution becomes obsolete. the president pledged this congress should be more bipartisan than the last. mr. president, we are told in scripture, let's take the old testament for example, book of numbers, promises/pledges/vows one must not break his word. in january they promised to work and process nominations in a time playmatly mater.
7:42 am
the president listed a qualified n nominee. >> he was doesn't want the senate to be obsolete. more on this.
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> all right. everybody pay attention to what is going on the floor orf the sn ate because reed is playing the groundwork for what he would like to see to eliminate the nuclear option because he says the senate is obsolete. there is a 140 day wait to get to the floor for a vote and he
7:46 am
would like to see them pass the vote for a 51-vote margin rather than the 60 that is required on these. let's bring in mike emanuel. you were reporting on what the motivation might be for having this talk now. tell us about that. >> republicans will tell you that democratic colleagues are freaking out about the rollout of obamacare recognizing that it is isn't going smoothly and they a are getting heat from their partners. this is coming as the united states senate is going home for two weeks at thanksgiving. so democratic senators might be worried about getting an earful
7:47 am
and perhaps they can talk about senator obstruction. a lot of people think it is an effort to change the topic after reed is a strong supporter. >> it is plausible reason for why this might be brought up. they are going home for two weeks and likely to get an earful about what their experience has been. in terms of the what the likelihood is he could get this through if they decide to put it for a vote, what does that look like? >> senator reed is a crafty politician, knows his numbers in terms of what they are willing to support and not, odds are he has counted heads and knows he has the numbers to change the rule. why this is called the nuclear option is because of course a
7:48 am
lot of people expect it will blow up the united states senate. the minority parties will stop working on everything saying you changed the rules and the one leverage we had was to hold up a nigh nominee to get information. a lawmaker will put a hold saying they want information on the subject they are looking to, they are given the information and the hold is lifted. it maybe taken away in this case. >> one thing that prevented it from happening in the past is the fear the party has when they are not in power. >> looking at history, senator reed was against this in 2005.
7:49 am
the struggling economy could be taken a toll on more than your wallet. now being unemployed could change your dna.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> boy, this is getting interested. now you have senator mitch mcconnell talking about his belief that obamacare was pushed through the congress. not one republican voted for it. and he is responding to what harry reid brought up with the nuclear option and the sentiment that the change in subject might
7:53 am
be underlining harry reid's agenda. we will keep an eye on and let you know if anything develops. >> on the new economy segment, new concerns the effects of the sluggish economy could be felt for decades. long-term unemployment affects how you age. john roberts is on this. >> men, who have been unemployed an average of 500 days are aging more quickly than people with jobs. researchers looked at the chromosomes, the end caps of the chromosomes that function like the plastic tip on the shoelace,
7:54 am
the longer the heathier. but in long-term unemployment that had been shortened and they were aging faster than their peers are jobs. >> it started to affect one of the key markers at the celluar death and things that bring on diseases and health problems. >> the stress of unemployment is affecting people's dna and that leads to heart disease and cancer. >> i guess you asked what can be done and the answer is get a job. >> even though, once those are shortened there is not much you can do. if you are currently unemployed you can do what it takes to get yourself fit. but it speaks to the need for
7:55 am
policies to get the millions of people back to work. >> this study confirms what i have been saying. that a high unemployment rate isn't a sign of an unhealthy economy, can -- it is a sign -- of unhealthy people. >> they didn't find that in the women dna and they believe it is because women are not as employed as much in finland where the study took place. >> it turned out the white house feared the website wasn't going to work, but moved ahead with the launch anyway. more on that in a moment. more on that in a moment. ♪
7:56 am
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is ♪
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martha: that will take you right back, right? throwback thursday. that is what we get to do every week. we highlight a moment in history we find special and today's throw back thursday takes us back to 1976, bill. bill: nicely done. "rocky" starring newcomer sylvester stallone premiered in new york city. martha: with a made over 220 million making it lying movie. bill: nominated for 10 academy awards and won three that year. martha: the iconic theme song is inspirational music. the statue they put on the philadelphia steps. years later, rocky balboa remains one of the lasting characters of 20th century.
8:00 am
i love "rocky." it's a great film and he wrote it. this young sylvester stallone. some sequels got a little out there for me. my boys love them. this boy does too. bill: breaking eggs is classic. yo, adrienne. martha: bye, everybody, have a great day. >> breaking news on today's top headlines and brand new stories you will see here first. jon: new island just born. where it is and how it came to be. plus a woman on trial accused of enlisting her brother and son to murder her soon-to-be ex-husband. the guy is still alive and testifying against her. uncomfortable. one of these cars could be yours. they're up for auction if you've got the bucks, you can get the car, and it is all "happening now."


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