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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 21, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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intimidated by the pretty ones. >> who would want to be selected as the average, ugly woman to be part of the armed forces if they know that is part of the criteria. good point. >> hope you have a great day. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> bye. good morning. it is thursday, november 21, 2013. do you like your health care plan? well, you might not. brand-new details on the latest obamacare bombshell moments away. >> imagine you're 35,000 feet in the air and the emergency slide deploys inside the airplane like that right there. how in the world did that actually happen? >> the army wants you to be all that you can be except pretty. are some women just too hot to pack heat? >> is that your question or somebody else's? >> he's been writing that all morning.
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>> if i could do it again, i probably wouldn't have said that. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ ♪ >> it's "fox & friends." >> the question should be the army says we should have average -- according to a secret e-mail, the army is saying women in make and combat. >> we're going to talk about the colonel who sent that e-mail out there. >> this is going to get our facebook page going too. >> in the meantime let's talk about what is up with obamacare. >> i heard it's all better now, up and running. >> they fixed the website and everybody is really happy. >> good. >> everybody is really tired because they were up late last night. a late-night meeting with insurers to get them to try to fix what's going on. president obama met with them yesterday and the insurance commissioners
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left the meeting we thought with some information, but nothing seems to have changed. regulators apparently will continue to decide on their own whether to go along with the recent proposal and let their -- let the people in their states continue to opt in or opt out. or if the insurance policy is going to drop them. >> remember last week the president said didn't intend for all these millions of people to lose their insurance so i'm going to come up with this insurance fix where if you've got one of these subpar, lousy insurance policies you can extend it for a year. so he called the insurance commissioners in. only three states showed up. louisiana, north carolina and connecticut and that's it. it was a little awkward because apparently a number of states were not invited. others decided not to come. essentially this is what he said. this is what i want to do. here's what they said. it is an interesting proposition, mr. president, but we spent three years coming up with this other plan. we don't think this is going to work. here's the louisiana state
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insurance commissioner jim donelon. >> he acknowledged each state has to do what it tkpaoepls appropriate and what -- deems appropriate and what its law requires relative to implementation. we had a great dialogue, no doubt about that. but we also came away agreeing that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should do what he urged us to do last week. >> they had the meeting. they loved being in the white house, probably got a tour. in the end they have to watch out for their own backsides and their own private companies. they warned the president, what he's proposing now would amount to different rules and different policies, might result in higher premiums, not good for you and you, without underlying concerns for gaps in coverage. florida likes it. it allows people to renew their coverage. in indiana they say they will adopt the president's proposal. new york said tpho*efplt
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california is to announce its decision on thursday. more states are saying we'll worry about it on our own. this is such a mess, unquantifiable to even drill down on how bad this is. the insurance companies are now in the middle. and don't you feel as though this is their opportunity to push back after being the battering ram for the president over the last three and a half years? the insurance companies, the bad insurance companies are ruining everything, driving up health care costs and now they look to be the bad guys. thankfully, the president's effort last week to deflect some of the blame to insurance companies doesn't seem to be sticking with the average americans. even among democrats, a new poll came out by cbs, 84% of democrats want to see obamacare altered or repealed. >> you know one of them actually is congressman john barrow from georgia. he was on greta last night. he was saying we don't have a choice here. you have to repeal, rerepeal the individual mandate, repeal the employer mandate. at the very least delay. take a listen.
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>> i think we have folks more interested in defending what they have done than they are in trying to focus on the problems at hand. that needs to change. we need to r individual mandate, the employer mandate. if you can't do those at least delay them so we can mend this thing and get out from under it. >> you're not going to get any revenue. >> you will get revenue. you don't get enough. the whole thing collapses. over the last month or so we've been talking about how about five million americans are going to lose their insurance through the individual marketplace where small businesses they go out and buy it for their less than 50 employees. here apparently is something you've got to worry about, all of us. do you get your health care through your job? most americans do. according to the american enterprise institute, coming up about a year from right now, between 50 million and 100 million americans who get their insurance through work, maybe like you, are going
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to lose it because it does not come up to the standard of the affordable care act. that's the next wave. that's just the preview of coming attractions. i was thinking about this this morning. all these things we've been talking about over the last month about how it's been going haywire since the website went on, the republicans have warned us for years that this was going to happen. a lot of channels haven't talked about it. we've had a lot of voices saying this is going to happen and that could explain why now it seems like everybody, all the news media are reporting the fact that the president essentially sold us a bill of goods. brian, you were talking about a new cbs poll shows that the president's approval rating right now is the lowest it has been in his presidency. he has lost nine points in one month. >> and this is, could explain why a d.c. congressman in speaking out as a democrat really for the people that are going to be suffering, 50 million to 100 million people set
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to possibly lose insurance. as stoupbgd. rush limbaugh says that approval rating you just discussed, listen to his just astute take on why this is happening, why it is significant. because this is not a president that has had a media that's been unfair to him. >> like president bush had, had his approval rating driven down by four to five years of constant hammering. here's rush on the differences. >> this is all on obama. this is, people aren't feeling this way because they have been told. here's the thing, folks. this is why this matters. you and i know that george w. bush approval number, 36%, 37% took the media four years to get it there. the george w. bush approval number was the result of four years of relentless, unstoppable media pounding. the media drove that approval number of george bush down to 36%.
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the heed i can't did not -- the media did not drive this down. obama's 37% approval is all on obama. >> for those people who think every democrat is like that congressman you just brought up, keep in mind, two days ago nancy pelosi said stand tall behind the obamacare act. david plouffe said republicans would be crazy, impossibility they would run against obamacare. debbie wasserman schultz said it is something we will run proudly on in 2014. i don't know if that statement will last more than a week. lani davis last night said don't blame president obama because we all thought this would work and now it doesn't work. don't blame president obama? are you kidding me? >> there are other barrows, other feinsteins who have the mansions out there who are getting out there listening to the people within their state and voicing the concern.
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maybe late but better late than never. >> absolutely. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. we got a lot of news here from the couch. we got a lot of news over there. >> we're going to call these headlines your airport edition. good morning to you, a giant plane lands at the wrong airport and now it's stuck there. the reason? the plane is simply too big to take off and the runway is too short. the drama is playing out at an airport in wichita, kansas. steve, this is a story for you. the cargo plane is a boeing 747 and was supposed to land at the air force base in kansas but landed at the smaller airport instead. no one is saying why this happened. this plane needs more than 9,000 feet to take off. the runway is about 6,000 feet long. boeing is trying to figure out how to handle this situation, what to do next.
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you can tweet us. terrifying moments at another airport. take a look at this. an emergency slide in place in the middle of a flight inside the cabin. it knocked over a flight attendant when it blew up. this was on a flight from fort myers, florida, to boston. take a listen. >> all of a sudden there was a big noise and then it blew up like, you know. it was -- it was scary, a little scary. >> we were all startled. >> i bet that's scary. that flight attendant is okay. the plane made an emergency landing in orlando. no word on why that chute deployed. florida congressman tray radal saying he is not going to step down. instead he's going to take a leave of absence to get treatment for substance abuse. >> i am being held accountable for decisions i
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made in my life. i found treatment and i am working on treatment. like anything in life, i have to rebuild that trust and i fully understand that and i will do that. radel says he will donate his salary to charity during his leave. an incredible photo of a fireball shooting over the sky. this happened in portland, oregon. a lot of people are asking what was this thing. some experts say it was a fireball caused by a meteor. others believe it was one of those clouds left by planes after they go by. the last month there was another fireball that streaked through the sky. thousands of meteors fly through the earth's atmosphere every day but most of them aren't visible to us. those are your headlines. >> that's a boeing based in kansas. it might have been doing what? >> going to get fixed up. they rehab a lot of planes, they have historically in wichita. they only landed ten miles
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short of the actual runway. >> oops. >> great update, heather. thanks. coming up, good news, you can keep your health care plan. the bad news? it's going to cost you try 25% more. why is the president calling it a fix? stuart varney on next to talk about that. >> hello, stu. >> then this is not your average traffic stop which former baseball star just got pulled over with a goat wearing a diaper? another goat diaper story coming your way. ♪ ♪
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could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods. ♪ visit to learn your risk. after meeting at the white house yesterday when all the lights were on, state insurance commissioners are apparently not sold on the president's obamacare fix of one year.
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>> that's right. in a statement, the group said state insurance regulators stress their concern that different rules for different policies would be detrimental and could result in higher premiums for consumers. >> is the president's fix a fix at all? stuart varney here with the details. last week you were critical. now the insurance commissioners are coming in and saying it is not practical. >> not a fix. in north carolina those that have had their plans canceled are now being told you can keep your plan for one more year, but you will pay a lot more for that same plan. 16% to 24% more. i put it to you, that's not a fix. you can keep your plan but you've got to pay a whole lot more for it. >> sounds like a penalty if you keep your plan. >> you're renting your plan. >> it adds to the chaos and confusion of what amounts to a rolling collapse.
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reuters did a poll of state insurance commissioners, what's the state of play across the country. nine states said you can keep your plan but we don't know at what price. four states will not allow to you keep your plan. where do you stand? if you're out there and your plan's been canceled, you don't know where you are. >> chaos? >> chaos is the exact word to do. >> i beg to differ with you. it is a fix for president obama. his ratings are going into the cellar and his political team said we've got to do something. so he said if you've got that thing, i'm going to fix it and you can kick it down the road for a year. >> i beg to differ because it is not a political fix when consumers find out i can keep the plan but i've got to pay a whole lot more for it. that is why it is a failure. >> here is why i say it is a fix. all the media coverage said
3:18 am
last week the president is addressing the problem. how many news outlets are doing this story you're doing right now that you don't know whether or not you can keep it and your rates are going to jack up. >> it doesn't matter because nobody is watching them. they're watching steve, elisabeth, and brian. >> here's what you're forgetting. when the c.b.o. got this policy they say it is going to be deficit neutral and everybody said wait, maybe the president is right. now he's giving waivers to the unions, giving special supplements there, put a waiver on the deploy mandate. now people are calling for a waeufrb on the individual mandate. there is no way that skewed equation is going to get close to balancing out. the other story is going to be the cascade of dollars going into our debt pile. >> yes it is. because the cost to taxpayers of obamacare just keeps on rising. there are constant additions to the cost that the taxpayer has to pay. >> you called it on this show and on your show which by the way airs at 9:20 eastern time. i checked the rundown time. >> 9:20 eastern, everyone.
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9:20. >> thank you very much. >> straight ahead, this story, unbelievable. this kid survives not just one plane crash but two of them. and this morning he's telling his story. >> remind me not to ride with him. then herbal supplements are safe; right? maybe not. wait till you hear what an investigation turned up. it might make you sick. ♪ ♪ wisest kid, how can i get them to take a break? ♪ [ video game sounds ] whoa! campbell's has super mario soup. m'm. gotcha! [ video game sound ] awww. m'm! m'm! good!
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time for headlines on this thursday morning. an american war veteran reportedly being held captive in north korea. 85-year-old merrill newman
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was visiting north korea with a valid tourist visa when he was pulled off a plane and locked up. our state department refuses to confirm or comment on the case. the reverend billy graham back in the hospital this morning, it is the second time this month he's been treated for respiratory congestion. doctors expect then home by tomorrow. >> americans are spending $5 billion a year on herbal supplements to try and help with fighting colds and boosting memory but new research shows not all supplements are created equal and that some contain dangerous ingredients. shocking. what is behind the herbal hoax? are there any supplements you should be taking? we're going to ask fox news medical a team dr. marc siegel. >> good morning. >> more and more people are taking herbal supplements
3:24 am
to feel better. are there ones we shouldn't be taking at all? >> i don't think you should be taking any without consulting your physician because some of them have side effects with medications you may be on. also studies recently have shown that they may have impurities in them. you don't know what active chemical you're getting. if you're taking a supplement, you don't know exactly how much you're getting. it varies from one place to another. the national institutes of health has a division called the national center for complementary and alternative medicine. they have been studying supplements and one after another they are finding the proof is not there. >> i know there were three that came under fire. echiniche, st. john's wort and ginko. >> check with your physician. echinacea is one where one large group says it works for colds.
3:25 am
another group says no. studies are conflict. i think we need more research on echinacea is fairly well tolerated but can interact with other medications. you want to tell your physician if you're taking it to decrease your symptoms of a cold. >> is this something you should be including when you see your doctor. you should always say what supplements or vitamins? >> absolutely. >> what about ginko? >> it was studied in a trial and was found it does not prevent alzheimer's. it used to be thought to help prevent dementia. it has not been proven. some people think it improves thinking but it interacts with other medications. it can increase your risk of bleeding and can be bad for your stomach. it's got side effects. i don't think the effect is prominent in improving your thinking, focus. >> saint john's wart. >> in europe it is used a lot of for depression and i think it works some what or
3:26 am
fairly well as an antidepressant. the problem is you can't take it with other antidie pressants because they combine the effect together and you get a super effect and have a real big side effect. your thinking can get affected if you're taking saint john's wort. you better tell your physician. >> the thing you are recommending, with consulting your physician first? flax seed oil and biotin. >> i want people to know i'm not against this. i think flaxseed oil really lowers cholesterol. if you can tolerate it without a lot of gas, i think it is a great thing to take. a lot of my patients say i want to lower cholesterol but i ain't ready for statin. red yeast vice another one.
3:27 am
it has a -- red yeast rice is another one. it may help you lower your cholesterol. again, check with your physician. >> and biotin. >> some people say it helps with hair growth. i'm going to try it this morning. >> thanks for great information as always. coming up, this is not your average traffic stop. which former baseball star just got pulled over with a goat wearing a diaper? is that even possible? and the army wants you to be all that you can be except pretty? so are some women just too good-lookin' to pack heat? we're going to find out coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ ma announcer ] your eyes. even at a distance of 10 miles... the length of 146 football fields... they can see the light of a single candle.
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then, repeat customer. easy returns, i'm happy. repeat customers, i'm happy. sales go up, i'm happy. i ordered another pair. i'm happy. (both) i'm happy. i'm happy. happy. happy. happy. happy. happy happy. i love logistics. your shot of the morning. we showed you this video last week. jean claude van damme doing a split between two moving trucks. now we find out actor channing tatum is getting in on the fun. he i am -- he imitated this move on his show but it didn't go so well. >> don't do it. >> ouch. >> someone super imposed
3:32 am
toronto mayor rob ford's face on jean claude van damme. >> look at that. ♪ ♪ >> are those still volvo trucks? >> that's all part of that show they canceled, that reality show. "ford nation." why would they cancel that? >> we've got a story to tell you. apparently too many pretty women are being used in promotional material about the u.s. army, so this morning on "fox & friends" we're going to tell you about how at least one person in the army thinks that rather than looking for a few good men, we should be looking for a few average-looking women. >> that's right. this is colonel lynnette armhart. the army lifting a ban on
3:33 am
women in combat causing an ugly fight. since the colonel posted these comments. in general, ugly women are perceived as competent while pretty women are perceived as having to use their looks to get ahead. she's speaking in terms of the advertising they're having. she says when we show pictures to try to get women involved in combat we should be using maybe a less pretty picture because it might give the wrong idea. >> i guess what she's saying is in battle in real life, in iraq and afghanistan they didn't put on makeup and they're not doing their nails and they shouldn't be showing lip gloss on these ads. i feel for her because she's just trying to get the, trying to adapt to some rules that some bureaucrats gave her, number one. and this was not supposed to be public. this was an internal e-mail that was exposed. this colonel probably served brilliantly and trying to present a female image of one in combat
3:34 am
directly. i hate to see her drug through the mud but this is something you don't say even if you think it. >> perhaps it was someone commanding that she put an e-mail forward -- we don't know with it. why not run with it? why not run a pretty tough campaign? you're also assuming, maybe assume that just women would be looking at those ads. surely men may be enticed to join in based on -- >> i think historically i think they used for awhile some attractive women. hey, look who's joining the army, to get guys to join. >> i've been up to wesley. there are attractive women up there and they are pretty tough. i say they run with that. >> i hope someone in washington is watching right now in the pentagon. adopt elisabeth hasselbeck's suggestion. new campaign: pretty tough. >> do you want to see two women? do you want see a pretty woman and a tough woman or
3:35 am
a pretty tough woman? one woman who is pretty and tough? >> actually go to facebook. our facebook question of the day. should looks matter on the battle field? facebook/fox and friends. >> we know overall, can you leave the military alone? you've got to forget about don't ask, don't tell. that creates an up roar whether you agree with it or not. then you have this, this campaign where they say women have to be in combat. you're creating issues within the military which is the one part of the government that's working. >> this particular colonel was simply saying that the picture, the image used in promotional campaigns is innacurate. she wants it to be accurate. >> she doesn't want to deter anyone who may think do i have to look a certain way? >> pretty tough. you heard it here. >> pretty tough. go army.
3:36 am
>> we've got some headlines from that gal right there. >> you know what's interesting about this? women in war zones, i thought, in iraq, they do wear makeup. women in the military wearing makeup because it helps them feel like a lady in the midst of that chaos there. i like that pretty tough. got some headlines to bring you. remember those two florida teenagers accused of bullying a girl so badly she took her own life. police arrested the girls after one of them wrote this on facebook. i know i bullied rebecca and she killed hers but i don't give a [bleep]. attorneys say they simply don't have enough to prove that the girl was stalked or bullied. what do you think of that? we told you about the horrifying new trend, the knockout game. you see it right there. teenagers come up and they punch complete strangers in the street.
3:37 am
this morning for the very first time we're hearing from one of those victims who was attacked in washington, d.c. listen to this. >> he reached out with his left hand and punched me in the face. i wasn't knocked off my bike. i continued biking as the group of teenagers continued laughing. >> at least seven deaths so far have been linked to this trend. they have been reported in philadelphia as well. it is a story we first told you about on "fox & friends." costco labeling the bible as fiction. caleb kaltenbach, a pass taor, -- pastor, who first spotted the mistake told us about it on the show. listen to what he has to say. >> i looked at the bible and saw it was labeled fiction and i checked all the other bibles and they were labeled fiction. i tried to find somebody and i couldn't. so i took a picture because i'm a social media guy, put it on my facebook and twitter and a lot of people commented on it. >> this morning the store
3:38 am
is apologizing saying -- quote -- "costco's distributor mislabeled a small percentage of the bibles. however we take responsibility and we should have caught the mistake. we're correcting this with them for future distribution." he cheated death twice and now he's living his dream. star high school basketball player austin hatch survived two plane crashes that killed his entire family. and now he's made a remarkable recovery. he signed a national letter intent with michigan. he lost his father and his step mother back in 2011 just ten days after verbally committing to play for the michigan wolverines. that crash put him in a coma. then a similar crash -- a horrific story -- took place in 2003 and took the lives of his mother and siblings. speaking out for the first time since that accident he says he's determined to sign with that team. >> i told people, i said i'm going to play basketball again. there are people who
3:39 am
doubted me. i basically say thanks for your opinion but i'm going to prove you wrong. >> the michigan coach has vowed that he will be welcome to the program in any role that he can play. boy, does that young man deserve it. those are your headlines at this hour. he's worked so hard to get this far. >> finally kind of a happy ending to that story. >> resilience. a story of resilience. >> thanks a lot, heather. by the way, my nephew goes to michigan. >> there you go. we met him. >> yes, james. he's in the theater, in acting. >> i remember that. it is now 21 minutes before the top of the hour. maria molina is joining us. she's inside because it's cold. >> thanks for letting me be inside steve, elisabeth and brian. >> i was against it. they were for it so i was outnumbered. >> let's look at the weather conditions. we have a strong cold front pushing eastward. today you're going to be seeing some of that arctic
3:40 am
chill across parts of denver. your high temperature about 20 degrees. cold airheads east tomorrow. across parts of texas you'll be in the 70's. over the next few days cold air continues spreading eastward and by sunday across the northeast the high temperature in northeast -- in new york city just 32 and 24 in buffalo. that is actual temperatures, not wind chills. more than a foot of snow expected for some of the higher elevations in the mountain states. >> alex rodriguez stole the show yesterday, stormed out of his own grievance hearing after the rule that he would not have to testify. this came after the top secret hearings to overturn a 211 game suspension given to a-rod for allegedly violating baseball's drug policy. after walking out he went
3:41 am
over to wfan and sat down with mike francisa. listen. >> 100% is personal. i think this is about his legacy and it is about my legacy and he's trying to destroy me. >> he made it all personal and he also denied categorically that he ever used drugs but in the past he denied using drugs and then turned out he admitted using drugs. that was to katie couric on 60 minutes. i don't know what to believe but he didn't help himself yesterday. this has got to be one of the craziest traffic stops. joseas pulled over yesterday and he had goats wearing diapers in the back of his car. conseco tweeted this photo saying -- quote -- "just got pulled over with goats in the car. the cop laughed at our goats. awesome." he was traveling with a girlfriend to shoot his documentary on fainting goats. george washington's secret
3:42 am
six is eight on the "new york times" bestseller list. charles krauthammer is number one and bill o'reilly is number two. yesterday bad news for the wimpy kid, it moved to two. the wimpy kid book series. >> 18 minutes before the top of the hour. calling all pot heads. the big-time newspaper, editor of weed, we're not kidding. if you're a pot head, get out a pencil, if you remember where one is to take down the pertinent information. >> he was willing to take a bullet for the president but turned in his badge because of what he saw happening at the white house.
3:43 am
the veteran secret service the veteran secret service agent is here next.
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got quick headlines for you now. calling all pot heads. attention chee ch and chong. the denver post newspaper looking to hire a weed newspaper to manage news on local legal medical marijuana. good luck weeding through those applicants somebody wrote. and it's funny much a government-funded project in amsterdam paid a group of local drunks five cans of beer each day to clean up the streets. cops say it keeps them from fighting and making noise in city parks. in addition to beer they will receive half a packet of rolling tobacco each and every day.
3:47 am
cheers. all right, brian. >> thanks, steve. he spent 12 years in the secret service and for many of those years he defended president obama with his life, and president bush. but after a slew of scandals, he decided to leave it all behind. he's seen it all and says what goes on behind closed doors is actually much worse than anyone could imagine. he writes about it in his new book "life inside the bubble." he's with us now. dan, there's things you can tell us and there's things you can. first off, you like president obama? >> yes, this is nothing personal. he was actually very personal to me and my family. it is not a personal gripe at all. >> president bush? >> great guy. >> in terms of what we don't see behind the scenes, do you see a guy engaged in day to day operations? >> i see a guy overwhelmed with the presidency. it is like giving the guy a switchblade. he was completely unprepared for it. that is why it is so dangerous. that is why he uses it as a
3:48 am
weapon. i don't think he's felt the penalties of it being used against him whereas other people might have. >> you say he's insulated by whom? >> by this staff of sycophants. president clinton had dick morris. president bush surrounded himself with people who would give him what he needed to hear. the president doesn't have that. that is why when it seems the public is so angry and he doesn't understand what's going on, he really doesn't. >> go into some of the things we reported. fast and furious, people say you make too big a deal of it. how big a deal is it? >> a very big deal. the media ignored that story completely. it is one thing to have people dead in mexico but these guns have been used here as well. >> president obama knew about this? >> he had to know about it. but of course i've never seen a president so proud of not knowing. he publicly said he doesn't know anything about anything. >> one of the things that made up your mind to leave the secret services, the one event was the obamacare
3:49 am
debate. you said the public doesn't have any idea how many deals were cut on this? >> it was like a pie. everybody took a slice of the pie. the a.m.a. >> you watched this? >> you're there and you see this carousel of people coming in and out and none of the folks who come in and out are you and i. everybody got a piece of the pie but that pie was jammed in your face. look what's happening right now. i think i had an obligation at some point to say something. >> are you going to run for offers? >> i'm running now maryland sixth district. it will kind of be our last time. we're kind of sick of politics. >> your book is out. dan bongino, thanks for joining us. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. in america, you can't have a government without an election; right? what happens to the small town that forgot to hold a vote? then, pop quiz. what did more damage? the government shutdown or the botched obamacare
3:50 am
rollout? judge napolitano has that answer and hopefully a little bit more. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms. ♪ that's why there's new duracell quantum. only duracell quantum has a hi-density core. and that means more fuel, more power, more performance than the next leading brand. new duracell quantu trusted everywhere.
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3:53 am
the obamacare rollout since october 1 comes right on the heels of a partial government slimdown or shutdown. but here is a pop quiz, which one was more harmful to our personal freedom? the shutdown or obamacare? let's talk to our senior judicial analyst, judge andrew napolitano. >> part of my job is to write this column every thursday. i was thinking about how the
3:54 am
democrats and the main stream media went wild, went berserk overt shutdown. you won't be able to fly. the country won't have defenses, you'll never get your case heard. and the biggest inconvenience was a couple hundred well intended people trying to get into national parks and monuments and the government closed them. fast forward to what happened with obamacare in the past three weeks. 5,500,000 innocent americans were told they won't have health insurance on january 1 because the insurance companies that they used cannot afford the high end, one size fits all policy that the government has dictated we all must have. >> you know what? it's all part of the main stream media narrative about this president. and for the most part, the other channels haven't even touched the perils of obamacare. we've been talking about it here on the channel. we've had many voices such as
3:55 am
yours describing the trouble ahead. how many millions of people have been canceled so far and whatever number it is, it's going to moment ply by ten or 20 in the next year. >> it is because it's going to strike small business. so small businesses have been told that by january 1, 2015, a little bit more than a year from now, you have to provide your employees with these platinum programs. if you can't afford it, cancel it and let your employees go into the exchanges. try and get into the exchanges and you can't do it. so the government has put people into a bind. it has ordered their carriers to provide a product the carriers can't afford or their employers can't afford, and it has failed to make that product available in any other source. what's the natural result? no health insurance. the opposite of what the government claimed it was going to do. >> in answer to your pop quiz, when given the two, which was worse for people, the shutdown or was it obamacare, clearly obamacare. >> not even a close call.
3:56 am
my heart goes out to those 5,500,000 people. it's almost thanksgiving. >> so far. >> correct. it's almost thanksgiving. if they need a doctor from january 1 on, they're going to pay out of their pockets. and they can't get a policy between now and then. this is what happens when the government dictates to us what kind of a policy we have to have rather than we choose our policy based upon what we can afford. >> oh, man. >> i have a feeling this is going to keep going on, steve. >> i do, too. this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> yes. >> judge, we'll be reading your column at >> thanks. >> coming up, she called people who are against president obama racist. colonel allen west firing back this morning at oprah. and call it a tough break. a reporter face plants on live tv. ♪
3:57 am
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is. good morning. it's thursday, november 21, 2013. a breaking story overnight. massive plane lands at the wrong airport and now it's stuck. the runway is too short for it to take off. start paving. she may have a lot of money and a bunch of emmys, but is oprah a march for determine allen west? what he's saying after she called people who are against the president racist. your serve, steve. >> thank you very much. remember this, bob costas talking politics at half time? >> hand guns do not enhance our safety. they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. >> he took a lot of heat for that.
4:01 am
but get ready for some more from costas. we're going to explain hour two for thursday live from new york, right now. >> here ye, hear ye, this is the town cryer! you are watching "fox & friends" >> what's the hiccup for? what are they insinuating? >> i don't know. i don't think they're insinuating the town cryer who came on our program a couple months ago had had a couple. >> he was really good. somewhere he's in costume. >> he was great, brian styles. welcome aboard. we got lots to talk about today. >> we do. really. it can't get much worse. new independent analysis came out, american enterprise institute saying that the obamacare, it's warning obamacare is really a ticking time bomb. that 50 million to 100 million insurance policies could be canceled by next fall. so obviously the question there is, is this an implosion, is this why democrats are calling
4:02 am
for repeal? i mean, not just standing by and saying, well, what can we do? they're saying, for instance, representatives from georgia, last night on greta, demanding that democrats stand up and repeal it before it's too late. >> i think we have folks who are more interested in defending on what they've done than fixing the problems at hand. that's why we need to repeal the mandate. if you can't do that, then delay it so folks can live with it. >> it's interesting because the next round of cannulations, which will be worse, is going to be small businesses and expected to hit employees because once the employee mandate is put into play, every business is going to have to make a decision. am i better off absorbing the fine or continuing to insure my people under these new massive regulations? how can i balance my books? will they use it to get health care off their books for good? bottom line, the average person
4:03 am
thinking they're lucky without an individual plan, not so lucky. we're getting these stories from seattle, from los angeles, from northern california, people, all of them saying now can i not keep my plan, but i can't even keep my doctor. i can't even get into the hospital i want because the hospital is not part of my plan. >> sure. we saw a story if you were watching yesterday, we saw a story from suburban baltimore about college kids who were paying 50 bucks a semester for insurance. now we're faced that the school would have to charge 1800 bucks, so the school dropped the policy completely. now people will have to go ahead and enroll in the affordable care act exchanges for the great state of maryland. but to elisabeth's point about how in this next wave over the next year just before the midterms, close to 100 million americans could lose their insurance, it's because they got it through work.
4:04 am
do you get your insurance through work? right now they're suggesting, according to this a he is i survey, that two-thirds of the people who have insurance coverage right now through their work could wind up losing it. so that could be very, very troubling. >> we thought joe manchin, he was an anomaly, he's a democrat that comes forward and says let's fix it. now people are driving away from the president because in my opinion, he's not fostered those relationships during good times of the now that we're in bad times, they feel no loyalty to the president. these are bad times. right now his approval rating is at 37%, below where president bush was after katrina. it was up very high a short time ago. that's when people were afraid to defy him. now they're saying nancy pelosi's obamacare, which president obama claimed as his own, is a flatout disaster. nancy pelosi says stand tall.
4:05 am
wasserman schultz says stand by it. a guest yesterday said don't blame p. we should fess up and admit we mess up. hit reset, essentially saying this plan doesn't work. where i think we're heading is in what george bush did when the occupation wasn't working in iraq. he got respected hands from the right and left together with three months. they came up with various option on a way out of iraq. we ended up with the surge. if the president is a true leader, he'll say this failed. i tried. -- >> it's his signature legislation. he's not going to do that in a million years because they jammed it down the throats of the republicans. what's troubling for a number of democrats and that's why we heard from manchin and mary landrieu, is they're taking the heat. right now in the great state of colorado, brand-new quinnipiac poll came out and it showed in colorado, it looks like the president's approval rating is
4:06 am
at 36%. but what is really troubling is when asked about president in a couple of years, hillary clinton finishes third -- no, finishes fourth behind three republicans. >> you know what that's going to mean? >> yes, i do. >> go ahead. you want me to say it or you say it. >> what it means -- >> elisabeth, you say it. >> she's going to continue to distance herself from this president, just as we saw her husband do that yesterday. it's interesting, you think it was a little awkward yesterday because oprah winfrey wound up at -- there in the white house to be presented the presidential medal of freedom. bill clinton was also offered and accepted the medal as well after he gave pointed criticism of the president last week. >> sure. if anyone is wondering why some people need to be delayed in being critical of the president, after you listen to this, you might understand why. >> yeah, i think there is a level of disrespect for the
4:07 am
office that occurs and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases, because he's african-american. >> so disappointing. she's one of the most accomplished american, period. she's come over unbelievably hard times as a child to become as even president obama cited last night, the first african-american female billionaire in the country, has her own network, and she sees racism in the criticism of the president. do you see this when harry reid called president bush a loser? is that respect for the office? bill clinton was impeached for his actions in the office! is that racist? >> i don't know that barak obama could have been elected president if he was living in a racist nation. are there racists out there? absolutely. is it a majority of people? no. a majority of people, according to the polls, simply don't like his policies. colonel allen west responds to oprah last night. >> they supply what oprah said
4:08 am
as being a racist, i guess i'm a racist as well because i don't agree with those policies. i understand when you call out the race card that, is the last line of defense for them to try to get to you back off because no one wants to be called a racist and that's the means by which you try to silence people and really that is a suppression of your freedom of speech in this great nation in which we live. >> certainly throwing around a racist accusation is calling someone a racist for disagreeing with they're not would undermine racism when it does occur. >> that's right. >> and the congressman that yelled it out, you lie, i thought was wrong to do it. joe wilson, who we met before, i think he would take that back if he could, even though it turns out he was right. >> he was right. >> but i thought -- you might say rude. i wouldn't say racist. there is so much rude stuff towards the 1600 pennsylvania avenue in my lifetime. reagan was dumb, remember? george bush was incompetent and i will legitimate. bill clinton, we know where he ended up with the monica
4:09 am
lewinsky stuff. where was the racism there? this, to me, is a situation where you've gone six years with almost no criticism of the president. >> this is someone as powerful as oprah in instilling fear of those who may come to critique policy under a cloak of racism when it may not be there. so again, it undermines racism when it does occur. >> do you agree oprah or congressman west? there must be a gray area there. e-mail us, twitter us, or facebook us. >> i will be going in right after this break in the back to answer you on face back. >> down to the loading dock? >> yes. >> and in the meantime, heather nauert is here with some headlines. >> good morning. we have a couple updates to bring you. we begin now with a fox news alert. a giant plane lands at the wrong airport and now it's stuck there. the reason is that it is too big to take off and the runway is
4:10 am
just too short. the drama playing out in wichita, kansas. the cargo plane is a boeing 747 and it was supposed to land at mcconnell air force base in kansas, but landed at the smaller airport instead by mistake. no one saying how this happened just yet. the plane needs more than 9,000 feet of runway to take off. but that airport has just 6,000 feet of runway. boeing trying to figure out what to do next. we're getting great responses from you on twitter. i'll read them in just a second. terrifying moments at yet another airport. an emergency slide inflates in the middle of a flight inside the cabin, knocking over a especially flight attendant. this from fort myers to boston. >> it seemed like all of a sudden it was a big noise and then it blew up, you know? it was scary. a little scary at first. >> we were all startled. >> the flight attendant that it hit is okay. that plane made an emergency landing in orlando.
4:11 am
no word yet on why the chute deplayed. while you were sleeping, congressman radel saying he will not step down. instead, he says he's taking a leave of absence to get treatment for substance abuse. this after being busted for buying cocaine. >> i'm being held accountable for the decisions that i made in my life and i have found treatment and i'm working on treatment and like anything in life, i have to rebuild that trust and i fully understand it and i will do that. >> he says he'll donate his salary to charity during his leave. we all know live tv is filled with surprises. this minnesota reporter learned it the hard way. look at this. >> this is actually unbelievable okay, ow. >> poor thing. she's a reporter for fox 9 in minneapolis. she was doing what we call a
4:12 am
live shot for the opening of this skating rink. the wind picked up, sent her face first onto the ice. she got up quickly and laughed it off. we're getting interesting ideas to deal with that wichita, kansas situation. i'll tell but those later. >> fantastic. we're going to get that 747 where it belongs. >> we're going to help, along with or twitter followers. >> thank you. coming up, someone needs a little anger management. >> (bleep) get out of here! >> wow. what made sean penn go off the rails this time? stay tuned. >> when was he back on the rails? >> i'm not sure. >> while we all wait for the government to fix, this fellow has a better idea. dr. ben carson who took on the president at the prayer breakfast has a simple way to fix obamacare. the doctor is in. good morning, doctor. ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
4:13 am
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4:16 am
we've all heard about the web site glitches and the lack of enrollment since the obamacare rollout. but is it possible that there is a silver lining and is there a real fix? >> dr. ben carson is the author of the best selling book "america the beautiful" and fox news contributor. there is his book there. he's working on a new one. we'll tell you about that soon. he joins us live today. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> because of all the web site problems, the whole world is now focused on it. and one of the things after the backlash is we're realizing this is a classic social welfare program where we're taking from the haves and in some cases, the
4:17 am
barely haves, and giving it to the have notes. >> yes. it is a redistribution program. there is no question about that. i think if you go back and look through some of the statements of some of the people advocating, you can find admissions of that. but of course, that's not what america is about. america is about free enterprise. it's about entrepreneurship and recognize that this country has had the biggest impact of any country ever in the history of the world. people did things the same way for 100 years, 1,000 years, 5,000 years before america came on the scene. within 200 years of america, people were walking on the moon. because we created an atmosphere of entrepreneurship, hard work, innovation, and now we're in the process of trying to be like everybody else and destroying that. in fact, four years ago i was in germany. i was giving a talk at one of the universities as a visiting professor. some of the german doctors came up to me and said, looks like you guys are moving toward our system of health care. the great america. so it means we have the best
4:18 am
system and we should beng, but e you guys are innovators. if you become like us, who is going to innovate? >> great point. >> right now millions of americans are unhappy. policies are being canceled. they're not able to keep the doctors they were promised they could keep. now we're seeing legislators from both sides of the aisle come forward, really speaking for the people. but why isn't there a solution that is acceptable on capitol hill? why is that conversation being stopped? you offer a good fix for what's going on 'cause clearly what's presented is not working. >> and i talked to many people who have some terrific ideas. most of them do focus on returning the relationship to the patient and to the healthcare provider. and that really is the key. get the government out of it. there is plenty of things for the government to do and if we put them back where they're supposed to be and let us, the people, and the free market deal
4:19 am
with things, we can once again be the pinnacle of the world. we can be the example. >> you know, we played a sound bite about two ten minutes ago here where oprah winfrey said people who don't like this president's policies -- no, people don't like this president because they are racist. you don't like the president's policies. are you a racist? >> well, according to that definition, i guess so. but people are so afraid of being called names. america, stop being afraid. buck up because patrick henry said, give me liberty or give me death. nathan hale, my only regret, i have but one life to give for my nation. don't be afraid that somebody will call you a name. we are way beyond that if we're going to move in the right direction. >> okay. courage. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> by the way, we should point out, dr. carson just received a medical freedom award from a medical group. >> this week, right?
4:20 am
>> yes. >> congratulations. >> so well deserved. >> i got a feeling you got a great big award wall, don't you? >> you would not believe it. >> thank you. coming up, you can't have the government without an election, right? so what happens to the small town that forgot to hold a vote? >> then it may be one of the most controversial companies in our nation's history, blackwater. its founder is setting the record straight about its role in the war on terror. that guy joins us live. ♪ ♪ what does that first spoonful taste like?
4:21 am
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4:24 am
he's one of the most -- part of one of the most controversial companies in our nation's history over the last 12 years. blackwater, credited with playing a positive role in the war on terror and one of the most polarizing companies in the world. now its founder and former ceo wants to set the record straight and he has done just that with this book "civilian warrior, details, the rise and fall of blackwater," eric prince in our living room. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> in the beginning, black water was painted as a positive, a private firm helping out our sitting army. what happened? >> you know, we started in the training business and we trained people after columbine. we trained thousands of navy -- >> you're a navy seal? >> i was. we trained thousands of sailors after the cole was blown up and said yes when the government called after 9-11. we provided security, logistics, aviation support. we delivered millions of pounds of supplies to troops, even in combat in afghanistan. >> how were you viewed by the soldiers and the men and women fighting this war? n they appreciated us because we showed up every time. >> one even told you what, that
4:25 am
they had your number? >> yes, sure. the colonel came out of baghdad. he was with 3500 guys and he said that the blackwater call signs were at the top of their dash boards. >> what do you say to people who say we don't need private security firms. that's why we pay tax dollars. >> politicians can have that debate, but contractors have been part of american national security history since the start. as people sit down for thanksgiving dinner next week, think about that. miles standish and others were part of military contractors. the tradition continues and it's inherently american. >> if they hired blackwater to take care of the annex or the embassy in libya, in benghazi, what would have happened? >> i would say with high confidence, the u.s. ambassador would still be alive. the company did more than 100,000 protective missions between iraq and afghanistan. no one, no one ever under our care was killed or injured. >> guess what? we had a private firm that was guarding our guys. they were terrible and weren't
4:26 am
prepared. >> ill prepared, terrible. and most were locals and obviously proved very unreliable. >> not only that, they could have been double agents that provided information to know where the ambassador would be, including the safe room. >> high likelihood they were. >> you have a controversy in the way did she in one incident in particular in iraq and you were vilified for it. when administration changes over what, do you think -- why do you believe you were targeted? >> you know, in the vietnam war, the antiwar crowd went after the troops and criticized them. this time they wanted to go after contractors and because i came from a conservative family, was the sole owner of the business, we had guns and sometimes our men had to use those weapons to defend themselves, became a very easy whipping boy. >> you feel like the state department targeted you? >> they definitely left us hanging. my greatest regret is work for them in the first place because of it very difficult operating to 1,000 page contract, all the guidelines they gave us. but then when it went bad, all of it fell in our shoes. >> some of these navy seals, you guys get out in the prime of
4:27 am
your life, and you want to serve still. and you want to utilize the skills you honed in battle. you didn't make a ton of money when you served. so you can maybe have a mission to stay employed, to keep the guys together. >> we employ guys who served america well and they continue. they volunteered to go back and serve their country in a dangerous place again. >> how big was your force when you had it? >> total deployed, 2500 and 73 of our own aircraft. >> and where is that now? >> all sold. all gone. >> has anyone replaced you? >> there is a lot of other competitors, but no one has really amosed the critical capabilities that we had. >> eric, you're fighting back and doing it with this book and now in oil exploration, trying to do the best to keep us oil independent and make money because you're an entrepreneur. you tell the true story as you see it in your book. eric, thanks for your service and for what you did at
4:28 am
blackwater. >> you bet. >> up next, someone needs a little anger management. >> (bleep) get out of here! >> what is so hard about being a celebrity? what made sean penn go off the rails again? then remember when costas started talking about politics at half time? get ready for more. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you'll only find advil, the #1 selling pain reliever, in one cold medicine. advil congestion relief. it delivers a one-two punch at pain and sinus pressure with the power of advil and a nasal decongestant in a single pill. advil congestion relief.
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4:32 am
if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. new poll found mitt romney would beat obamacare if americans could vote for president again today. yeah, he even asked if there is any way we could have a do over. not romney, obama. he was like, i'm getting the hell out of here. this is not fun at all! >> maybe not a do over. what about a recall election? that's what my neighbor said, given everything that's gone on. can we have a recall election? kind of complicated. as it turns out, to his point, mitt romney, right on almost everything. >> right. >> you know what i hear on the radio a lot, people saying
4:33 am
obamacare is such a poor rollout, there has to be a plan behind it towards working to a single payer program. i said nobody would ever want to roll out something so embarrassing as obamacare. doesn't seem right. these are the calls you're getting. people can't believe how poor it was done and how ill it was constructed. >> you've got your radio audience. i've got my neighbor. >> you got your neighbor, that's fine. >> all neighbors, i'm sure, are going to be gearing up, but everybody loves the sports of the olympics. but you may be hearing more politics when the sports when it comes time so bob costadds was promising more coverage. do you remember when he made the half time remarks that sort of caused a little controversy regarding the redskins and also gun control. the gun control, i believe, came first. take a listen to this. >> hand guns do not enhance our safety. they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing
4:34 am
confrontation rather than avoiding it. if he didn't owe cess a gun, and he sandra would be alive today. redskins can't possibly honor a heritage or a noble character trait, nor can it possibly be considered a neutral term. it's an insult, a slur no matter how benign the present day intend. >> after his comments on guns, he said he wished he had been more nuanced and he says he was not challenging the right to bear arms, but the reason we run those two clips is the fact that with the late night coverage over on nbc of the winter olympics in russia, apparently he's going to be asking when possible, in in-depth interviews, some hard questions which could be political of, for instance, putin and the antigay propaganda over in russia. if he had the opportunity, he would talk -- he would inject some political questions into the sports of the day. >> he's been known to do that in
4:35 am
the past. i don't know if it was 2010 or 2012 when he thought there should be a moment of silence for those killed. i think having a separate interview with one thing and certainly want to know what you think. but should it be interjected into the sports? like between the gold and silver medal, maybe not. right before the triple lutz, i'm not sure. but maybe to the side as an ancillary. it is a global arena. >> you lutz, i say hamel camel. i think bob costas is extremely smart, and has a point of view. keith observerman has a point of view. you have bryan gumbel, he is a sports guy again. if you're going to be giving your opinion there, now all of a sudden you got to say, that's bob costas' opinion, he gets paid a loft money and he's always thought well out. are you looking to shut out 50% of the country, or maybe more that thinks bob costas is out of his mind and totally wrong? when keith olberman has a chance
4:36 am
to speak with this, do you think he's going to come out on the conservative points on this? >> it's a global stage, a global arena of athletic and the entire world will be viewing it. the athletes aren't the only one representing our nations. our broadcasters going there and speaking about it are representing our nation as well. >> i liked when howard co- -- cosell would talk. >> a lot of people watch sports to get away from the news. it looks like you could wind up with a heaping helping of it. e-mail us. in the meantime, we've got some headlines and heather nauert. >> amen to that, steve. i agree with you. >> what, the heaping helping? >> the two florida teen-agers accused of bullying their classmate so badly that she took her own life will not be facing criminal charges after all. police arrested the girls last
4:37 am
month after one of them wrote this on facebook: yes, i know i bullied rebecca and she killed herself, but i don't give a bleep. 12-year-old rebecome coo jumped to her death in september after she was terrorized on-line. but attorneys say they don't have enough to prove that she was stalked or bullied. an investigation into why the son of virginia state senator was released from psychiatric care the day before he partnerly stabbed his father and then fatally shot himself. 24-year-old austin underwasn't psychiatric evaluation on monday, but it's unclear why he was released. the head of that agency conducting the evaluation says they called local hospitals and asked for a bed, but they were unsuccessful in admitting him to one. however, the hospital is confirming they had space available, yet they were never contacted. sean penn caught on camera exploding at a fan. look at this.
4:38 am
>> (bleep). get out of here! >> the actor screaming at a guy who just tried sneaking a picture of him on his cell phone. witnesses say penn then grabbed the guy's phone, he threw it to the ground. it happened at a hotel bar in san francisco. really, sean penn? >> alec baldwin says he's got to calm down and rein it in a little. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, if you're in the mood for a soulful musical film this season, we have the answer. >> that's right. based on the play "black nativity," it tells the story of a young man spending the holidays with his family. ♪ ♪ i got a mouth to feed ♪ . >> what kind of parents are you? >> broken hearted kind. >> wow. the cast of the film recently stepped into the fox light with michael tammero. he's here and he told me. how was it? did you like it? >> i haven't seen it!
4:39 am
it's getting a lot of good word of mouth, amazing cast, jennifer hudson and others. it's about a young boy sent by his mom to live with his estranged grandparents up in new york. he's feeling lost and getting into some trouble and his grandfather, who is a reverend, makes him a black nativity and his life is changed. he discovers the life of faith and family. they shot this in mar let me. so what bar -- harlem, so what better place than to have the opening at the apollo that's right. we asked the cast what they wanted audiences to take away. >> it's a movie that really espouses family values, about love, faith, forgiveness. we're so proud of this extraordinary cast that we've assembled. it was a heavenly shoot. i hope they'd feel good time. the music is kicking. the artists, the music is off the charts. >> it definitely has a magic to it.
4:40 am
the power of family, the power of forgiveness, and togetherness, you know. that's what it's about most of all. we all need someone. we need each other. >> jennifer hudson sporting a sleeker, shorter do. she looks fantastic. it opens up thanksgiving. top of my list to see next weekend. so we'll see. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. check out all of his interviews in the fox >> and you can find me on twitter. >> if he's not here, he's tweeting. >> thanks. coming up, can you recognize this man? it's john stossel. >> that guy? >> yeah. he says there are many more doing the same thing, scamming all of us. >> they don't pay well in the business. >> meanwhile, the five people who should never be allowed to touch health care in this country ever again, peter johnson, jr. will list them.
4:41 am
>> this is day one. >> you got to pass it before you hear about the list. >> first, the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1963, this english actress is best known for her role on "desperate housewives." be the first to e-mail us with the correct answer. they'll be getting something special, right, brian? >> i believe so. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. whole grains...
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4:45 am
advertise for candidate. ♪ ♪ don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ >> that's right. millions of americans lost their health care insurance. tens of millions can't use the broken web site. through it all, the president has fired no one. no one has hit the road, jack. so who should be banned forever from running our health care? the obvious ones, kathleen sebelius, pictured left. nancy pelosi, pictured right. but peter johnson, jr. has more names for this hall of shame. >> we were talking about this yesterday. you said peter, who do you think? i said the american people have a lot of thoughts, but i have some, too. kathleen sebelius made all kinds of promises, she's broken every one of them. she's become part of the fantasy land villains of disney world in some way. she can't get anything right. nancy pelosi said they're still looking through and trying to figure out what obamacare will
4:46 am
be. but how about this guy, donald berwick? he's the former cms administrator. he was the guy that was speaking in favor of english, of british, of health care. he had written about the importance of rationing. he's not there anymore. now he's running for governor. he put us in the dumper big, big time. >> he wanted to be governor of what state? >> massachusetts, i think. >> perfect. >> be careful. not good. >> there is somebody we've seen on television tangling with megyn kelly a couple of nights. you suggest ezekiel emmanuel. >> he had a meltdown on megyn kelly and said that somehow it was a self-fulfilling prophecy and that fox was responsible for the web site not going up and the numbers not working out at all. >> how did we do that? >> how about dennis mcdonough? have you heard about him? white house chief of staff. he was supposed to keep the thing on the rails and progress,
4:47 am
monitoring. they had meetings. he was working two hours a day. obviously it was two hours too much concerning what's occurred here. got a whole list. you got mr. park, mr. chiou, miss marilyn tavenner that was running cms. harry reid, max baucus. don't ever let them touch health care again. this is the kind of straight talk that the american people are waiting to hear from the president. no one, no one, steve doocy, has been fired for the greatest screwup in american history in terms of a rollout of a program. >> don't you think -- with the hallmarks of a good leader is someone who says okay, i want to you do this. if you don't do it, somebody -- >> accountability is essential to our government work, to private business working, to our families working. there has got to be accountability. >> you operate a small business.
4:48 am
>> yes. >> a firm on wall street. >> yeah. >> you got a whole bunch of lawyers working for you trying to help people out. don't you think part of the reason nobody has been held accountable is this particular president has never run anything before, he has no executive experience? >> he has no executive experience. but the frustration is there are all these surrogates that we're getting mad with who are saying, you did this. but the colonel of the idea is his. he wanted it administered. he wanted it executed and he failed and the administration and the execution by who he delegated it to and by failing to look at the issue himself in a big, big way, unfortunately. >> thank you very much for the affordable care act hall of shame today. >> i'm going up to dallas now. i'll be covering the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination and we'll be in deeley plaza on "fox & friends" tomorrow morning talking about that occasion. >> indeed. travel safely. >> thank you (see you back here
4:49 am
tomorrow via satellite. thank you. straight ahead, the army wants you to be all that you can be, except you can't be pretty. so are some women just too good looking to pack heat? your comments pouring in on social media on that one. go to facebook right now. and do you recognize that guy right there with the sign? he's not really homeless. he's a tv star. it's john stossel. he says there are many more doing exactly the same thing. he was scamming and so are they [ male announcer ] introducing new fast acting advil.
4:50 am
with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box. to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions. [ woman 3 ] to come together even when we're apart. [ male announcer ] in stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and more, swanson makes holiday dishes delicious.
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4:52 am
the answer to the aflac trivia question of the day is
4:53 am
nicolette sheridan. the winner will get brian's book "george washington's secret six" "congratulations. seven minutes before the top of the hour. 'tis the season to be giving. >> as john stossel demonstrates in tonight's' episode of "stossel," not everyone in every organization represent has charity. >> i put on a fake beard and tried begging in new york city. can you help me, ma'am? people gave me money. they gave me money when it said homeless and cold and even gave when i changed it to, need a beer. thank you. >> thank you. >> when we asked givers why they gave, people said things like this. >> that guy looked pretty needy. >> i just begged for an hour, but i did well. i did this for an eight-hour day, would have made 90 bucks.
4:54 am
23,000 for a year. tax free. >> so who should you donate to? let's talk to the guy who is not really homeless. we're talking about john stossel. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> are you suggesting that the people who are begging for money on the streets, we should not give them money? >> yes. it's not i who am suggesting that. the people who work with the homeless say don't give them money. it's a bad thing. you're an enabler. yoenabling their alcohol or drug habit and far better to -- if you really think they're for real and most are not, to try to help them get to one of the social service agencies. >> i think people do like seeing exactly where their money is going. this actually brings me to the next point. you say there are a ton of charities out there that really aren't putting the money where their mouth is, right? you have ones we should -- >> most of the money on fundraising and officers salaries. i give to charities that i can observe personally. but there are also -- which is one way to check.
4:55 am
and there are also charity rating services like charity navigator and the better business bureau. they help. it's not perfect. >> what are some of your favorites? >> i give to central park conservancy because i can see they do a good job taking care of this park when the government let it go to seed. i give o a group called dough fund, men in blue, ready, willing and able. you've seen them around here. they rehab ex-cons and i watch them work. i could see that they walk with spring in their step. they must be doing a good job. i checked them out. they have a good record. >> where exactly do you go to find out? i think everybody wants to know. they see these things advertised. they watch the commercials on tv and you wonder, where is my money going. >> again, there is no exact place to check, but -- >> how much money goes to overhead? you can see it. >> you can see the breakdown. >> what are some of the worst ones out there? >> there are some listed by the tampa tribune that did a study on this and found some of the
4:56 am
make a wish charities -- not the national one. >> kid wish network. >> there we go. only 2% of the money -- 2 1/2% were spent on actual aid. cancer fund of america, less than a percent of the donations were spent on aid. children's wish foundation. international, 10%. this was from their telephone fundraising. so in general, never respond when they call you up. >> what was it like being homeless in your mind and getting this money? >> i felt foolish, uncomfortable. it was just to make the point that the experts say don't give to these people. >> no background check. >> what did you do with the money that was donated to you? >> we donated it to a real charity. it was more than minimum wage. >> the best thing is to watch stossel tonight on the "fox business" network. >> it's where you learn everything. >> 9:00 o'clock. thanks, john. breaking news overnight. a massive plane lands on the wrong airport and now it's stuck there. they ran out of tar.
4:57 am
>> they ran out of tarmac. plus, coming under fire. we'll ask a woman who loves christmas, a man who does, trace adkins, he just released a whole cd of christmas songs. >> he's tall here a cheap, there a cheap. everywhere a cheap... you get it. so what if instead ofjust a cheachoice, you could make a smart choice? like esurance for example they were born online and built to save people money from the beginning. that's what they've always ne. not just somhing they...cheep about. that's insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call.
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check your credit score, check your credit repo, at america's numb one provider of online credit rorts and scores. don't take chances. go to good morning. today is thursday, november 21. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. a massive jet lands at the wrong airport and now it's stuck because the runway is too short to take off. new details how boeing will fix that problem. >> that's embarrassing. meanwhile, do you like your health care plan? well, you might not get to keep it after all. new shocking developments on the latest obamacare bombshell moments away. if you get your insurance through work, it could impact you. >> really? the army wants you to be all that you can be, as long as it's not pretty? apparently some women are too hot to pack heat and to wear
5:01 am
camouflage. your comments are pouring in and we'll read them out loud. "fox & friends" final hour for this thursday or tuesday, it doesn't matter, it's not friday -- starts right now. >> it's "fox & friends"! >> it kind of is like groundhog day where every day we wake up and we got more bad news, unfortunately. after october 1st, all the news about the affordable care act was going to be good if you listen to nancy pelosi and the democrats who passed it. here is the latest, last night the president of the united states met with -- we heard he was going to meet with state insurance commissioners. as it turns out, it was awkward because not all states were invited. some states decided not to send anybody. in all, i believe only three states, louisiana, north carolina, and connecticut, showed up to figure out whether or not to have a dialogue with the president, whether or not his so-called fix, where if you
5:02 am
have one of what he referred to as subpar plans and you extend it for a year, some say that might not be legal, but it sounds like they all said, mr. president, we've been working for three years to implement your other plan. we can't change it right now. >> right. so one of them as you mentioned, louisiana;[/ commissioner, he came out of that really -- really went into it hoping they could come to some sort of agreement or the president would understand their concerns. but he came out feeling as though maybe they're not on the same page. take a listen. >> acknowledged that each state has to do what it deems appropriate and what this law requires relatives to implementation. so we had a great dialogue, no doubt about that. but we also came away agreeing that there was a lot of difference of opinion as to whether or not we can or should do what he urged us to do last
5:03 am
week. >> right. but they're not convinced that he knows their business, the president, more than they know their own business 'cause they're executives in charge of the insurance industry. some states like florida said we'll give it a shot. other states like washington and indiana say no, we're not doing that. new york says we're not complying. you told us to get on-line with this plan. i did for the last 3 1/2 years and now you want me to change on a dime because i had to cancel people while living up to your new standards. to me, this is something because you go into the white house. really intimidating, the president is asking for a favor. they say no. we can't do that. it's not possible. it's probably not going to work. thank you very much. i got to run now. what about the guys who didn't even show up? >> sure. that's a little awkward, that some of them would not even be invited in. we know -- stewart earlier told us that nine states are going to try to keep -- allow you to keep your subpar cut rate policies for a year. four have said they won't. but in north carolina, blue
5:04 am
cross blue shield, which is pretty much the god standard, what they're saying is okay. you're going to be able to keep your plan, but it's going to go up an average of between 16 and 24% just to reinstate the 150,000 plans in that state alone that have been cut. plus, there is news this morning -- this is breaking news -- according to the american intersurprise institute, between 60 and 100 million americans who get their policies through work, there is a real good possibility you do, your policy, one year from now, is going to either be canceled or you're going to be forced into one of the exchanges. that has got a lot of people going, wait a minute. the president didn't tell me that was going to happen to me. i thought i could keep my policy. >> right. >> specifically why some democrats now are calling for the repeal of obamacare. >> yeah. they are jumping off the ship big time. the president doesn't have relationships that he put in during good times. now that there are bad times, so many are using this opportunity to say, i'm out of here.
5:05 am
i'm not aboard on this. we have a lot of people just saying we got to blow this thing up. senator manchin was with us yesterday and said i have a bipartisan plan. put the entire thing on hold for a year. my goodness, stay tuned. we just covered a fraction of the breaking news on this. >> ton to come. >> let's talk about what's happening with the military right now. >> we go from an ugly situation to a pretty one. >> colonel lynette arnheart wrote an e-mail that she didn't want to get public, but it did. >> so this comes after a little context here, the army was lifting a ban on women in combat. so they're looking to advertise, let women know they can partake and get them in. apparently the pictures of the women have been pretty. this e-mail that you alluded to and what was supposed to be private, said, quote, in general, ugly women are perceived as competent, while pretty women are perceived as having used their looks to get ahead. she was questioning whether perception would hurt the
5:06 am
recruitment process there for women. >> because when you look at some of the promotional materials, they feel that too many pretty woman are used in the various promotional aspects of what they're trying to do and the colonel says it simply is giving an inaccurate picture, literally, of what combat really does look like. >> sure. >> so we asked you what you thought. social media has been blowing up. kyle says, quote, it doesn't matter what a woman looks like. as a marine, my question is, can i trust her enough to put my life in her hands? >> they don't think they should be wearing make-up or looking like they're going out. ly wise says they -- louise says they don't try to keep out good looking men. good point. >> this is a great point. robert said if the military starts selecting women or men based on looks, this country is
5:07 am
in serious trouble. >> alexander says, bullets don't care how you look. it's all about the person behind the rifle. i don't care about looks. >> alan says this: maybe they should look for women who can just do the job, just a thought. >> yeah. >> and trina says, who cares what the women look like if they're willing to put their lives on the line? why do we have to look on the outside to value a person's worth? >> you brought up a point, elisabeth, that maybe they're putting very attractive women, maybe models that aren't serving in there to get men. >> i did not bring that up! >> is that true? i thought you did. >> i said historically you put attractive people into -- >> now that you mention it. >> he's the blond man, she's the blond woman. >> maybe they were overlooking the idea that -- >> you never said anything like that? >> look, i think they should run a pretty tough campaign.
5:08 am
that's what i'm saying. >> that's what you said. >> yes. you don't hear me? >> joel, could we get some name tags for brian for the rest of the show? steve and elisabeth. >> i knew one of you said it. i knew i wasn't talking. >> while i harm brian, heather nauert has breaking news. >> hey there. good morning. we've been telling you about this story all morning long about the dreamliner that landed at the airport that was just too small to handle it. we've got an update for you. it has been stuck there overnight because the runway is too short for it to take off. so boeing is now saying it has a fix for the problem. a tug has turned around the plane. it's now at the end of the runway and they say it will be able to take off in about five hours. they're just waiting for a new crew. the plane was supposed to land at mcconnell air force base, but landed in wichita instead. no one is saying how this happened or what the actual fix is just yet. we're getting great responses from you. and then another airline story to tell you about.
5:09 am
terrifying moments in florida. an emergency slide inflates in the middle of a flight inside the cabin. it knocked over a flight attendant on a flight from fort myers to boston. >> just seemed all of a sudden, there was a big noise and then it blew up like, you know. it was scary, a little scary at first. >> we were all startled. >> the flight attendant that it hit is okay. the plane was able to make an emergency landing in orlando. we don't know why the chute deployed just yet. and while you were sleeping, florida congressman trey radel holding a press conference and says he will not step down from office. instead he's taking a leave of absence to get treatment for substance abuse. this after he was busted for buying cocaine. >> being held accountable for the decisions that i made in my life and i have found treatment and i'm working on treatment and like anything in life, i have to
5:10 am
rebuild that trust and i fully understand it and i will do that. >> he says he'll donate his salary to charity during his time on leave. we all know this way too well. tv is full of all kinds of surprises, especially with live tv. but this minnesota reporter learned it the hard way. look what happened. >> actually really unbelievable. okay, ow. okay. >> a gust of wind -- this happening to a reporter for fox 9 in minneapolis. she was doing a story about the opening of a skating rink. that's when the wind picked up and september her face first into the ice. she quickly got up and laughed it off. it's so darn cold there in minnesota, gusty winds. i like the name tags. >> we apparently need them over here. >> very nice. >> i knew one of you made the point. >> all right. >> i'm glad you're listening. >> this is hurting our relationship.
5:11 am
>> it really is. was it good? >> the relationship? >> elisabeth, the story from minnesota, the land of 10,000 face plants, did that seem familiar to you? >> yes. >> yes, it did. >> the year was 2010. down goes elisabeth. what happened here? >> what are you doing? >> let's just say i feel her pain. kristy yamaguchi was teaching me how to skate and clearly i'm not a great student. that hurt, by the way. now i wear a helmet. >> where were you when you fell is this i know on the ice. >> this is the skating rink. >> so sue trump. >> no, i'm not. >> you look like the little boy in "the christmas story" whose tongue gets stuck to the pole. >> you know what i'm noticing? your upper body and arms are so strong, you prevented your body from actually slamming into the ice. >> i'm actually stuck, like steve said. nothing you say is sinking in
5:12 am
today for some reason. thank you for the memory. so i feel your pain. >> flashback. >> yes. i had blocked it out. >> see what name matches the prompter, then they read. >> it looks like it said steve up there. so i will say this. veterans struggling to pay their bills now being thrown out of their houses. our next guest, legal expert bob massi, will explain how these heros in similar situations can fight back. then it looks like it's my turn. she calls people who are against the president racist. the white house gave oprah an award. tell us what you think. e-mail us, tweet us, or go on facebook. >> people are outraged bynk you. ♪ ♪ too big.
5:13 am
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welcome back. he's a 67-year-old veteran, hero to this country who took his daughter into his home after she suffered some hardships. now that veteran can't afford his house. he wants a loan modification, but the bank will not budge. he's not alone. what can somebody in this situation do to stay in their home? here for more on this story and other stories, fox news legal analyst, bob massi. how did you come across this situation? >> i interviewed the guy in las vegas. it's a sad story. his one daughter is sick. she's living with him. his other daughter is getting divorced. he took in his two grandchildren. he's a vietnam veteran. his wife died three years ago. he's been trying to get a loan modification, brian. under a loan modification, what's one of the thresholds? hardship, guys! hardship. what more of a hardship? he's only looking for a
5:17 am
$250 reduction. and they will not give him the modification. >> what can do you if you're in this situation? what can we do to help this man? >> i'm trying to help the guy out now, trying to work with him to see if we could push this lender, fight it as hard as you can. say wait, what do you want from this man? this is like the typical type of situation even to the extreme to try to help a man. we're going to try to keep pushing for the modification, because if we don't get it for him, this is a man literally that will be out on the street with his family and grandchildren. >> all right. so how can we make a lender aware of the hardship or should we just tell them what we want? does it matter our situations? is there any way to plead our case to a bank? >> what you give them is your financials. so whatever you have to show hardship on modification -- brian, if i may, we've been reporting that things are better in the housing market and they
5:18 am
are. thank god. but the reason i bring this story to our viewers is this is happening still all over america. you bring the financials to them. you give them hardship letters. you show them the cons. you -- conditions. you explain the circumstances and all we're asking for is have a heart. what's happened, brian, even with the housing market getting better, these are human beings and families that are living in these homes. >> you're not talking to me. you got to talk to banks and say that. i get it. but it's the banks that have to get it. >> you know what the problem is, brian? it's all a spread spreadsheet. there is mo blood running through their veins. they look at the spreadsheet and say this guy's hard system is so bad -- hardship is so bad, there is no way he can make the payments. are you kidding me? he's looking for 250, $300 a month type of reduction. where is this man going?
5:19 am
he's 67 years old, for god's sake! help the guy out. no heart. that's the problem. and there is people like this all over america that are still suffering. >> and is the next step foreclosure? could they take his house and others, they could take it back? i heard the banks don't want your house back. >> let me tell you something, they're taking houses back, still in foreclosures because the fact that people don't pay, then they have to take it back. yes. the consequence at this point is this, and i talked to the guy the other day, couple things. one, if we can't get it done, short sale the house or number two, the foreclosure. here is the deal, i told him straight up, listen to me, if these guys won't do it, no more payments, bank as much money as you can. we'll do everything we can to forestall this foreclosure so that you can live here and bank your money so you can get a place eventually to move out, be able to take care of your kids and grandkids. this is a comments tear that people should be outraged by and it's still happening in america. >> thanks so much. appreciate you bringing the
5:20 am
story. 19 minutes after the hour. remember when bob costas started talking politics at half time? get ready for more. then this is not your average traffic stop. a form baseball player, and he was a star, he hit a lot of home runs, got pulled over. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions.
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got quick headlines for you. two florida teen-agers accused of bullying their classmate so
5:24 am
badly, she took her own life, not facing criminal charges. 12-year-old rebecca, the girl there, jumped to her death in september after being terrorized, bullied on-line. but attorneys say they don't have enough to prove that she was stalked or bullied, they say. and an american war veteran reportedly being held captive in north korea. that guy right there. 85-year-old meryl newman was visiting north korea with a valid tourist visa when he was pulled off the plane and locked up. state department refuses to confirm or comment on his case. we'll keep you updated as we can. elisabeth, over to you and maria >> thanks. here at fox news, we have a one of a kind mentoring program whose mission is to promote diversity and develop careers inside the television news industry. the ailes apprentice program was created by our own chairman and ceo, roger ailes, to change the face of television news. our own maria molina co-hosted
5:25 am
the program's annual graduation ceremony and she's joining me now to share some of her special moments from such an inspiring events. >> yes. very inspiring. this graduation is always a highlight for us as an organization. it's the one time we take a moment to celebrate our future and that's not something we take for granted around here. the ailes apprentice program provides a unique opportunity to four individuals every year, giving them the opportunity to learn the business from the ground up with a mentor by their side. this year's graduation was especially inspiring because the theme was about breaking boundaryies. >> to be the first of anything, i didn't run for that. i ran to represent people. i have never thought of myself as anything else other than an american. >> former governor of virginia, douglas wilder, was the event keynote speaker and set the inspirational tone for this year's graduation.
5:26 am
>> i lived so close to the church in richmond where patrick henry made his speech, six blocks away from where i was born. give me liberty or give me death. i would ask my mother then about thomas jefferson's speech, all men are created equal. did it mean me? she said oh, yeah, it meant you. when a boy's mother tells them that, you can't forget it! and no one could ever tell me differently. >> then one by one, the graduates accepted their awards and reflected on a remarkable year. >> one word that came to my mind was fear. for me it goes back to taking risk. once you've achieved something you were once fearful of, the reward is even greater. that's when you find out what you're made of. that's what this program gave me. >> first time i met mr. ailes, i was nervous, excited, and i wanted to hide. i remember he said one thing to me, if you're not the first person that your boss thinks of when he needs something done, then you have to ask yourself,
5:27 am
why aren't you? that stuck with me because it means you need to be the best at all times and if not, you need to be working on heading in that direction. >> i want to start off by thanking our ceo, roger ailes, for his inspirational leadership and tireless commitment to the program. thank you so much for everything. to mr. ailes, thank you. i can't thank you enough for giving us the resources, the tools and platform to elevate our careers to the next height. thank you. >> then the advertising pioneer, who was the only african-american working on madison avenue in the 1950s, talks about the upside of adversity, and motivated him to be his very best. >> i did not let the world define when i was. in most cases, the barriers were a gift to my ultimate success. roger ailes is doing a magnificent job in turning what unfortunately is the american
5:28 am
dna of profiling what a black person can do given the opportunity anyone can do great things. >> then the chairman and ceo, roner ailes, spoke, revealing why he started the program a decade ago. >> i had this idea ten years ago because i saw many young minority people in our intern programs and so on. but we couldn't find them. i said, where did those kids go? they were good. they said, they don't have access to us. i said, well, then we're going to create the access because i have absolute confidence that once they're in here, they will perform. >> wow. perform they have. many past graduates have risen to very influential positions inside the company and continue the program's mission of paying it forward by mentoring and
5:29 am
helping anyone who crosses their path. elisabeth? >> well said. certainly everyone is thanking mr. ailes for his commitment to that program, the entire network is better for it. tomorrow, you are going to actually meet the four apprentices when they stop by the studio. we'll find out more about their journey, what they learned along the way, and what they're planning to do next. so to learn more about the program and some of the work that the apprentices have put together, visit our web site at thank you very much for bringing that today. we have breaking news. jobless numbers expected out any minute. we're going to bring them to you up next. plus, this ad coming under fire. is it just fine or over the line? we're going to ask a man who loves christmas, trace adkins. he's here and he just released a whole cd of christmas songs for us. can't wait to hear.
5:30 am
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>> we're here with the fox news business alert. the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 323,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week.
5:34 am
that's less than expected. nicole petallides is live with us now to talk more. >> a little better news than expected. she will break it down. she's in wall street. let's go right over to -- >> she told me she's now working out before her live hits in the morning. >> she must be getting up at midnight. >> or running down there. >> if you love trace adkins, he's going to be with us in just a minute. he's got a brand-new christmas cd out and we've never had this many people -- >> celtic. >> either way it sounds great. >> i know! we got a great big orchestra in the studio. heather nauert doing the news. >> i've never seen so many musicians. all right. we've got news now to bring you
5:35 am
first. we told you about the horrifying trend called the knockout game where teen-agers punch meet strangers -- complete strangers in the street. today is the first time we're hearing from one of the victims who was attacked in washington, d.c listen. >> he reached out with his left hand and i wasn't knocked off my bike, but they continued laughing. >> at least seven deaths have been linked to that trend so far he cheated death twice. he survived two plane crashes that killed his entire family. hard to imagine this. back in 2003, there was a crash at that took the lives of his mother, brother and his sister and it put hatch in a coma. then in 2011, another plane crash killed his father and his
5:36 am
stepmother. that happening just ten days after hatch was committed to play basketball for the michigan wolverines. this morning we've got an incredible update for you. he just signed a letter of intent to play for that team. listen. >> i said i'm gog play basketball again and there are people who guided me and i said thanks for your opinion, but you're wrong. >> he worked so hard to get to this point. the michigan coach says hatch is welcome in the program in any role. congratulations. and talk about an unusual traffic stop. former athletic slugger, jose canseco pulled over inside his car. goats wearing diapers. he tweeted this photo saying, i just got pulled over with goats in the car. the cops laughed at the poor goats. awesome. apparently he was traveling with his girlfriend to shoot a documentary on his show on
5:37 am
goats. let's head over to you. >> remember when bob costas said this? >> hand guns do not enhance our safety. they exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it. >> get ready for some more controversial statements like that. costas says he's going to started aing more politics during the olympics coverage. i don't know what's going on there. i could use some entertainment. steve said, he should stick with sports. i have more comments from bob costas. joe writes this, some people such as myself watch sports to escape politics. steve doocy -- another tweet. i stopped watching shows with
5:38 am
bob costas because of his political rants. a man that used to play football and now is dominating the music world, trace adkins. you're watching the game. he's all excited about his christmas album and not excited i'm here. elisabeth, we don't get along. trace, you're watching a football game and all of a sudden you hear about politic, political statements. does that bother you? >> i mean that, didn't really bother me too much. i don't listen to costas much anyway. i'm doing something else at half time. >> that's right. >> getting a refill. >> i'm doing something else at half time anyway. >> usually getting ready for the third quarter. >> there you go. >> trace has a brand-new cd out for digital file -- >> album. >> an album. thank you. we're going to talk about that in a moment. there it is right there.
5:39 am
>> i screw it up every time. >> stop hollering at me! i'm very sensitive. >> you're sensitive? >> i'm very sensitive. >> really? >> yeah. >> we should ask your band how sensitive you are. >> because you've got this new christmas album out, have you seen this new ad that k-mart is running where it has a bunch of guys who are in good shape and then they are bell ringers and reveal the table and suddenly they start ringing their -- or jiggling rather than ringing, it's called show your joe. what do you think about that? >> i laughed out loud the first time i saw it. >> in fact, you recreated it just a moment ago. >> i just did! i'm a little upset. >> show your joe. >> then the guy at the end. i'm a little upset i didn't get to do that. >> you just did it! >> i think you just did. we have the bells going?
5:40 am
right. >> i think it's hilarious. i can understand why some people may be offended by it. but i'm not. my sense of humor -- i laughed out loud. now i don't sit and watch it when it comes on. i don't watch guys in boxers doing that. but i thought it was hilarious. >> as a show, we should be more open to pelvis use. >> underserved market. >> exactly! like fainting goats. >> i wonder if there is another market. >> two documentaries i have to make now. >> i don't know how you -- you have a tour coming up. >> shut up, kilmeade! >> see what i have to deal with all day? >> go ahead, i'll move on. >> go somewhere else. >> all right, fine. >> thank you. >> the king's gift, as brian leaves, we'll get to visit. the cd is great. the celtic sound. >> yes.
5:41 am
it's not seltic, brian! >> he's going to get some bells. and the christmas tour, what can you tell can you tell us? >> we're having a lot of fun doing it. it's really something that's completely different from anything we've done. it's way outside my comfort zone. about a third of the show narration. we give anecdotal history about a lot of these carols that we've all grown up hearing, but we had no idea where they came from. some of that stuff is very, very interesting. it is for me. >> you've been on this program many times. you've sung live many times. i got to tell you, you just did a little sound check a moment ago, this is the most beautiful song i think you've ever done. >> musically, this is the most beautiful project i've ever been part of. 12 piece ensemble. that's what we have to have to recreate this. >> we are going to hear him perform live in about five minutes from right now. >> that's right. >> thank you. thanks, brian!
5:42 am
>> coming up, she called people who are against the president racist. then the white house yesterday gave oprah an award. your comments are pouring in. we're going to read them coming up. ♪ ♪
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
something you guys are burning up social media about right now, yesterday oprah winfrey got an award at the white house from the president of the united states. it's curious -- there she is right there in the east room receiving the medal of freedom. congratulations. curious, though, is that it was just last week where oprah said people who don't like this president don't like him because they are racist. here is oprah. >> disrespect for the office that occurs and that occurs in
5:46 am
some cases and maybe even many cases because he's african-american. >> we had colonel allen west on the program -- on the channel last night. he disagrees. we asked you what you thought and let's go ahead and take a look at social media. gary says, oprah winfrey, we are judging our president by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin. david smith says, i don't care what color they are, it's the policy that matters. truth commands respect. false teaching does not. keep coming. elisabeth, over to you? >> well, the labor department just releasing brand-new weekly jobless numbers. 323,000 first-time unemployment claims were filed last week. that's less than experts expected. nicole petallides joins us live from the new york stock exchange to discuss. good morning. >> good morning. good morning, everybody. that's right. the experts and the economists were expecting 335,000 claims. we got 323,000.
5:47 am
so it shows that things are slightly better than expected. it's the lowest level that we've seen in almost two months. that being said, you did have the veterans day holiday, which could skew the numbers a little bit. and it will be interesting going into the holiday season because a lot of these retailers and such may actually be beefing up for seasonal shoppers and the like. >> nicole, we also are hearing that there are popular tax breaks set to expire in 2014. >> let's do some of the most above lar ones that people understand. how about your teachers? you're going to have to give your teachers gift cards or something because they used to be able to deduct up to $250 for supplies for the classroom. they won't be able to do that anymore. teachers don't make that much anyway. they're important to all of us. also the pretax benefit where you put money away to pay for your parking or metro card or bus or something. that, too.
5:48 am
and energy efficiency credit. for example, when trying to beef up your home in a more energy efficient way, those types of credits also dwindling in 2014. so we'll be watching that. a quick note, target today is going to be on the down side. they said the consumers are facing higher taxes and unsteady employment and that curtails their spending. target and also wal-mart and kohl's and so many of these retailers will be watching that because the consumer is still very fragile. back to you. >> thank you for joining us live down at the new york stock exchange. up next, trace adkins performing a song off his new christmas album. first we'll check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. good morning. >> he's such a little guy, isn't he? brian dwarfs that guy. elisabeth, good morning to you. a new warning on the second wave of cancellations and this makes
5:49 am
the first round of obamacare look like a mere ripple. and why is the president blaming republicans? senator kelly ayotte is here to also, we put together a panel of doctors. if you like your hospital, you might not be able to keep your hospital. martha and i will see you in ten minutes, top of the hour i'm overhe hill. my body doesn't work the way it used to. past my prime? i'm a victim of a slowin? i don't think so. great grains protein blend. protein from natural ingredients like seeds and nuts. it helps support a healthy metabolism. great grains protein blend.
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5:52 am
we are so glad to be back with country music star trace adkins. he's back to sing a song for us off of his new album. his christmas album. "the king's gift." >> here is tannenbaum. take it away.
5:53 am
♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ i love you all your branches ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ i love thee all your branches ♪ ♪ your boughs are green and somber filled ♪ ♪ and do not fade ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ i love ye all your branches ♪ oh, christmas tree
5:54 am
♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ your candle shines so brightly ♪ ♪ o christmas tree ♪ o christmas tree ♪ your candle shines so brightly ♪ ♪ each bough does hold its tiny light that holds each toy ♪ ♪ o christmas tree ♪ o christmas tree ♪ thy candle shines so brightly brightly ♪ ♪ o christmas tree ♪ o christmas tree
5:55 am
♪ such happiness you bring me ♪ o christmas tree ♪ o christmas tree ♪ such happiness you bring me ♪ for every year the christmas tree ♪ ♪ fills each house with harmony ♪ ♪ o christmas tree ♪ o christmas tree ♪ such happiness you bring me ♪ o tannenbaum ♪ o tannenbaum ♪ i love thee all your branch branches ♪ ♪
5:56 am
♪ ♪
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
filling us in on some hollywood stuff. >> hollywood billionaire stuff. >> you officially just kicked off the christmas season for us with that song. >> good. >> puts you in the mood, doesn't it? >> in the after the show show, trace adkins -- will answer the question, is celtic music the roots of country music. but you can't answer now. answer real quick. >> answer real quick?
6:00 am
>> yes. >> most popular music in this country outside the orchestra stuff can trace its roots back to the celtic stuff, when the scotts and irish -- >> the answer is yes? >> yes. because the music traveled via the rivers. >> got to go. bill: 12 seconds ... new warnings of a kicking time bomb set to implode the obamacare areout. 5.5 million americans losing their insurance plans despite the president saying they could keep their plans. martha: that number could skyrocket to 100 million cancellations right after the mid-term election. martha: i'm martha maccallum. that is a damagin


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