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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  November 20, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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we appreciate you waking up with us this morning. we begin with a fox news alert. at this hour, a search is under way for two people who were on board a medical transport jet that crashed off the coast of florida. the two other people on board are dead. the private jet took off from ft. lauderdale international airport and was on its way back to mexico when it went down. officials say two pilots, a doctor and a nurse were on board. nurse were on board. there is no official word of what caused the crash. a distress wacall was made momes after takeoff. >> the united states supreme court clearing the way for texas for new abortion laws that stopp stopped some places from doing the procedure. the law will remain in effect until january when an appeals court is expected to hear arguments. >> florida congressman tray
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radel is under drug charges. his suspected dealer named him as a buyer to authorities. the congressman released a statement. believe me i am disappointed with myself and i stand ready to face consequences of my action. it carries 6 months in prison and a fine of a thousand dollars. this morning virginia state senator cre dean is in critical condition after being stabbed several times for hby his own s. some say the son was going through personal problems. >> senator creigh deeds was one of the best known democrats in virginia having won statewide races here in 2009 for governor. what is not as widely known is people here in his home town say
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his son 24-year-old gus deeds had been struggling with behavioral problems, problems they say boiled over in his home in virginia. the senator was attacked by his own son inside the house with a knife. senator deeds was able to make it outside of the house and walk down a dirt road where he encountered his own cousin. his cousin took him to the cousin's house where they called 911. when police arrived inside the home they found gus deeds dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. they would not comment on reports that gus deeds had been evaluated for his mental facility. the sheriff of that county in virginia since he knows the deeds family well was shocked by this incident and says in the last 24-hours the county sheriff's deputies were called to the home after a dispute.
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>> admissions during the healthcare web site hearing. 30-40 percent of the site is not even built yet. the site is not even secure. elizabeth prann is live with us. >> remember the end of the month deadline the administration set for itself? the technical development official henry choy announcing the entire project is not even finished yet. there is 30 to 40 percent more to go. >> we have to build payment systems to make payments in january. >> 60-70 percent of healthcare got gov nee-- ne to be rebuilt. >> you heard him say the payment system for insurers is one example of what is not guilt yet. is what is built even secure? we heard from security experts
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who agree remains a very vulnerable marketplace. >> do any of you today think today the site is secure? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> this is a hypothetical, do any of you think the site will be secure by december 30th? >> n-- november 30th. >> no. >> no. >> no. >> sebelius lowered the expectation for the past approaching deadline. she said the 30th of november is not a magic go or no go date. the web site and program is still a work of constant improvement. ainsley, back to you. >> elizabeth prann, live from washington. >> hacker david kennedy divulged more stunning flaws when he
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appeared on "the record." it was developed too fast and rushed together opening it up to a lot of security exposures. to fix it kennedy says it's near impossible. >> in order to fix something this complex it is estimated the web site has 500 million codes. window's operating system is 350 million lines of code which is most complicated. it is six times more complex. to fix something like that is near impossible in the short time frame. >> they said the web site was attacked 16 times. kennedy says that number it has to be a lot higher because there appears to be no one monitoring it. >> if you look at it's statistics most web sites on average receive 30-40,000 different types of attacks a month venlt something as popular as healthcare it will be more than that. if they have only seen 16 it means they probably have access to the site or are working on it. >> he went on to tell greta
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during a hearing he received e-mails saying 30 more vulnerabilities were found. he insists the site could have been developed in a way that didn't have a lot of those exposures. >> time to look at who is talking president george w. bush on "the tonight show.">> and jay leno asking if he is enjoying being out of the spotlight. >> president obama is getting all of the late night jokes now. >> better him than me. >> are you glad you aren't president now? >> yes, i am. 8 years is plenty. >> 43 also weighed in on his brother jeb bush possibly running for president in 2016. the fact that their mother barbara bush flat out gave a no answer when asked the same question recently. >> are you surprised what she said? >> i was surprised she even answered the question. this was a woman who when i was getting ready to run against governor ann richards in texas.
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i said i am going to run against governor richards. long pause. she said, you can't win. >> keep from you getting a big head. >> i mean jeb should run for president if he wants to. he would be a great president. >> coming up in our next half hour jay leno gets president bush's reaction to obamacare. stay tuned for that. >> george zimmerman waking up a free man this morning. here he is walking out of jail after posting bail. now he p can't have guns and can't see the girlfriend he was charg charged from. the justice department will decide whether to file civil rights charges against him after being acquitted in the shoo shooting death of trayvon martin. >> the new york police officer accused in the infamous motorcycle road rage assault case will be arraigned today.
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the detective was indicted for gang assault along with felonies by a grand jury later this month. he is one of several bikers accused of traging the driver of an suv out of his vehicle and beating him on the streets during a highway chase. he faces 25 years behind bars if convicted. hundreds of thousands of people across the midwest are trying to recover from the deadly twisters that left a huge path of devastation. the damage from the storm could hit as high as $1 billion. meantime residents continue to pick up the pieces. >> we can finally start moving stuff and throw away what you know is no good and try to save what you can. >> sunday's outbreak included two of the most powerful ef 4 tornadoes that far north in more than 100-years.
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>> it is time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we need to grab the winter coats, hats, gloves everything we need to prepare for these drops in temperatures. >> you need to bundle up in the northeast and midwest and a big chunk of the country. you wonder how that is going to happen. we have a high pressure system in place across canada and it will keep cold temperatures that cold air across canada. take a look over the next few days. a dip in the jet stream a piece of the cold air is going to dep southward and over the next few days a large chunk of the country is going to be looking at very cold temperatures well below average even for this time of the year. so get ready. we are going to be looking at temperatures more than 20 degrees below average for many of us. otherwise for today not too bad. 70s across texas and the area will be looking at those temperatures as well.
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34 in mazula. see the shading of pink and light purple? that is already a hint of the very cold air. temperatures early this morning only in the teens and windchill temperatures below zero. again it will get very cold out there. otherwise as far as precipitation goes for today. we have an area of low pressure out west and it is producing snowfall. we could be facing several inches of snow along the higher elevations of the rockies. in california we are seeing that rain today but we need the rain so it is welcome rain out here. we are in drought conditions across california. a frontal system is bringing in areas of rain. heather and ainsley we do not need it across illinois. most of the people hit hard by tornadoes. cleanup efforts ongoing and we are talking about rainfall today and tomorrow. >> getting hit twice this week. >> did you get your cell phone stolen? do you want to make it
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inoperable? major phone carriers are saying too bad. adam shapiro is here to explain. what is up with this? >> samsung is proposing to install a kill switch in all of the smart phones. it would render your phone inoperable if the device is lost or stolen. but wireless carriers sprint, t mobile even u.s. cellular he says bad idea. the anti theft software is less than perfect it would allow a hacker to disable your phone even if it was nerp lost or stolen. they were urging manufacturers to install the kill switches. >> twitter is has bragging rights against potential advertisers. it released a study with dd 5 research which shows twitter users use 19 percent more than average black friday shoppers, 14 percent more than average sip cyber monday shoppers. twitter users shell out 700 more
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than nontwitter users. they should prepare to delay for airline. they are the on time and late arrivals for 18 major and major airlines over the holidays from it 2010 to 2012. the worst airlines to travel on the holidays are jetblue, express jet and frontier airlines. the best are metha airlines, alaskan airlines and hawaiian airlines. the emergency exits in the studio are located in the back. >> not that we are running for the exits any time soon. >> 12 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up. guess who is coming to dinner? the government. it wants to give your thanksgiving meal a make-over by tossing out some of your favorite dishes. >> the government is not invited. christmas creativity or too
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much. tell us what i think.
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>> new images of the september 11th terrorist attacks in benghazi, libya. they show a new level of competitions concentrating the original story of what happened. it gave 30 pages of records and 14 pictures to the conservative group judicial watch. that group is suing after discussing public materials through the freedom of information act. >> lindsay vaughn's hope crashing in colorado. they will be taken off the slope
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on the sled with a knee injury. this after von returned to the snow last february. she was on the schedule to be ready for the olympic games this february. the spokesman for the team says quote we have no reason to believe it is anything significant right now. >> crazy dashcam videos released the moment two fire trucks in tulsa, oklahoma crashed into each other. investigators say four of the 8 firefighters on board were not wearing their seat gets and investigators reveal the buzzers that remind you to put on the seat gets were disabled. three firefighters have been disciplined. show the joe. it is the ad campaign for joe
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boxer. it is the way they are showing the holiday spirit. it has some asking for the ads to be pulled. wnyw reporter mac king gives us a look at the controversy. >> smart opened the way to the holiday themed ads innocently enough. but it buttoned up soon yield to a below the belt party. interpret those motions however you please but it seems to us kmart is insinuating the tolling of those bells comes from somewhere underneath each model's pair of skilled boxers. >> a lot of people are attacking the traditions of wholesomeness of christmas when it is kmart trying to turn it into a chip and dale sort of celebration. >> if you thought i would be shaking those noises get your mind out of the gutter. we wanted to see how the consumer reacted.
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(laughter) hardly the horrified reks as that we saw on facebook page. >> if kmart risked public favor with the show your joe commercial that paid off among shoppers we found. >> yeah. you can get this off of christmas. >> we will have to wait and see if the christmas feeling equates to holiday sales. >> i wish i had somebody to give it to. you have to be careful who you give it to. >> smart sexy holiday ad. >> is it funny or offense i have. shoot us an e-mail at fox friends first@fox we will read your comments later in the show. >> 19 after the top of the hour. coming up there is a new reason to go to bed even earlier tonight. why it is not only good for your body, it could be a cure for a more serious health condition.
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♪>> a oo >> thank you so much for joining us from the streets of new york city. times square light and bright this morning.
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we hope you are starting your day in a good way. we begin with this at 5:23 on the east coast. toronto's mayor rob ford new reality show has been canceled after one episode. according to the sun news record the debut beats the channel's record of 100,000 viewers but coordination was canned. the amount of time and production the show required. the same day the show debuted the council stripped ford of most of its powers and budget. these could cure depression. a report from rye arson university could double a chance of full recovery from depression. it uses talk therapy rather than drugs found that 87 percent of patients who cured their insomnia in talk therapy saw their impressidepression improv.
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>> the children today aren't as fit as you were. they don't run as fast or as far as their parents did. they found on average it takes kids 90 seconds longer to run more than a mile compared to 30 years ago. doctors say this is because kids today are not as active. could it be video games in>> they are giving our thanksgiving meal as little bit of a make-over. thisser pushing healthier holiday recipes. the green bean casserole calls for skim milk not the canned soup and whole wheat low sodium crackers instead of the delicious onion rings that am could in a can. >> stay away from my mom's stuffing. >> bear sighting they are common in lot angeles in the foothills but not in huntington beach, california. people stop in their tracks at the sight of this a bear peeking out the window of a lamborghini.
2:26 am
they snapped photos with the an ma'ams some even brave enough to pet it. but alas the bear was not alive and it was all a prank to launch a new youtube comedy channel. >> it is now 25 minutes after the top of the hour. a high school football layer a victim of a racist attack. the entire team is making an unusual decision. >> would you take a ride on this water slide? is that's a question they are asking as they prepare to break records. we should send you to do that. >> 100 percent i would do that. the stomach drop. found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at [ ding ] i sense you've overpacked, your stomach. try pepto to-go. it's pepto-bismol that fits in your pocket. relief can be yours, but your peanuts... are mine. ♪
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>> it is november 20th. brand new details released about a deadly plane crash off the coast of florida. a search for missing passengers. >> a fight over space at the air force academy. part of the military solution's oath that was dropped after all. >> a little girl missing her pet poodle after her mother's ex-boyfriend took off with it. now this 10-year-old is fighting back in a very adult way. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ >> waking you up with the temptations this morning a look
2:31 am
at 6th avenue in new york city. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the pour. we begin with a fox news alert for you. the search is on the way for two people for two people who went on board a medical transport jet that crashed off the coast of florida. two other people on board are confirmed dead. authorities held a news conference updating the search for the missing. listen. >> this is still an ongoing search and rescue case. rescuers have been on scene overnight. and continuing to search for survivors in the water. >> the private yet took off from fort lauderdale airport it was on the way back to mexico when it went down. two pilots a doctor and a nurse or those on board. there was no word what caused the crash but a distress call was made by one of the pilots moments after takeoff. a virginia state senator is recovering after being stabbed
2:32 am
several times. state police say the senator got into a fight with his 24-year-old son cause tin also known as gus. gus stabbed his father in the head and upper tore so area. >> he was able to leave the scene on foot. as he was coming down the hill of his residence towards route 42 he encountered a cousin who was nearby. the cousin was driving near the highway there stopped picked up senator dean and drove him to his residence where rescues responded to the residence and attended to the senator. >> police say gus shot and killed himself. investigation is underway why he attacked his father. some close to the family say he had been haifr problems. senator deeds is in fair condition at the university medical center. >> a man is due in court on cocaine charges. lauren dimarco explains the sting operation that led to hi
2:33 am
his arrest. >> he was charged with cocaine possession in officials say is a buy and bust operation. court documents say the misdemeanor charge carries 6 months in prison and a fine of up to $1,000. they locked the doors to radel's office tuesday afternoon shortly after poll lit co broke the news. the congressman released a statement reading in part i am profoundly sorry to let down my family particularly my wife and son. i struggle with the disease of alcoholism and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. news of the charges all the buzz on capitol hill with many asking questions. >> i saw a news article before i left work him getting caught they didn't mention how. >> an official tells the associated press radel allegedly bought the cocaine from an agent. the suspected dealer named him as a buyer to authorities after
2:34 am
being arrested himself. >> it is hard not to think of it in a cynical way. p congress is at a low point. it will continue and this doesn't exactly help. >> radel scheduled to appear in dc superior court today. >> stunning admissions revealed during the healthcare web site hearings. 30-40 percent of the obamacare web site is not even built yet. to top it all off security experts say the site is not secure. doug? >> if you make it through and enter it through how safe is it? the answers were disturbing, listen. >> do any of you today think the site is secure? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> while the administration
2:35 am
acknowledges there has been about 16 hacked the site. it must be wrong. >> they receive about 30 hackers a month on most web sites. a lot of theefz are going undetected and probably already got access to the site or are working on getting ak sebs to the site. >> he was out of the loop when a government contractor exposed problems months ago. while the web site itself is appearing to be more functional to consumers at least, the real problem is behind the scenes. >> how much do we have to build? 50 percent, 40 percent, 30 percent? >> i think it is an approximation. probably sitting between 60 and 70 percent. it's 60 or 70 percent that needs to be built still? >> because we have to build the payment systems to make payments to issue in january. >> and that may be why we see
2:36 am
the administration backing away from that end of month deadline. incidentally, three of those four ip experts told congress the security concerns with the site are so significant they think it should be shut down right away. >> wow. good to know. >> thanks so much doug luzader. >> time to take a look at whose talking and george w. bush stopping by "the tonight show." comedian jay leno asked him about his legacy. >> i am comfortable for the facted it will take a while for history to judge the decisions i made is consequential or not. i am not too worried about it. biographies in washington they are still writing biographies for the first guy the 43rd guy doesn't need to worry about it. >> george bush ta-- laura bush about the president's heart
2:37 am
procedure. >> when he had the heart scare how scary was that? >> it was scary. it was very scary. >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obamacare. (laughter) >> it was scary but we knew right away -- the very nexts day he had the stint and then he was fine. >> the president talked about his latest hob we which is painting and the family dog, barney. >> allegations that sent workers in the business bureau fab da-- fabricated data. this comes as the new york post says the data was manipulated leading up to the 2012 election. they de manned t -- demanded th agency be investigated. >> we take it seriously month
2:38 am
after month. those numbers are critical to our economy and the ripple effect to the rest of the world. >> we have to get to the truth and make sure the allegation is true and if it is true we have serious cleaning up to do at the census bureau at a minimum. >> the census bureau saying they take the allegations seriously but don't believe there was a widespread problem. >> aaron hernandez scheduled to make another court appearance charged with being accessory to murder. carlos ortiz pled not guilty. hernandez pleaded not guilty to the murder of oden lloyd. he and another associate were in a the car the night he was killed. >> chris brown is expected to update the judge on probation for beating rihanna back in 20079. it was revoked this summer after a hit and run-ins dent.
2:39 am
this is the first time in court after he was arrested last month for attacking a man outside of a hotel in washington, d.c. >> robert hopkins a man who fell off the railing in buffalo is having a bad week. first a stadium incident. next he was banned for life from buffalo stadium. now he also lost his job at a marketing firm. according to a company statement quote eric mower and associates is very concerned about sunday's incident and we were revooef -- relieved the injured were released from the hospital. rob hopkins no longer is employed at ema. >> it won't take that long to get down from the water slide. it will be the tallest and fastest water slide when it opens in kansas next year. the exact height not known yet. but it will be taller than the 135.5 foot won the height of the
2:40 am
world record holding slide in brazil. >> 65 miles an hour. i am not so sure. i don't know. >> but now it is time for your first degree weather update with maria molina. >> we have to grab the coats, hats, gloves. >> we are talking very cold air. the coldest we are seeing so far. it will feel like winter for you. temperatures well below average. we have this large area of high pressure across parts of canada. that's really where the cold air has been bottled up. especially as we head into the weekend. monday and tuesday we will be seeing the cool temperatures across parts of the northeast including right here in new york city. blue and even purple. temperatures well below average. 70s across texas, 43 across
2:41 am
portions of the great lakes and 45 for the high in new york city. i want to show you this we are expecting the storm systems to impact parts of the rockies in the west. mountains now and freezing rain will be possible across sections of the midwest. >> thank you maria. >> the time is 25 minutes to the top of the hour. it may cause flight delays. justin bieber in the spotlight again but not for his music. now he is being dissed a world leader.
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>> welcome back. the air force committee said they removed the phrase so help me god in three oaths of the oath book. they demanded to know why the phrase was removed saying it does a disservice to those who wish to pledge their fidelity to god. it was an editorial oversight and said next year the handbook will be revised to include the phrase. a massachusetts high school canceled the rest of their football season after racist graffiti is painted on the house of one of the players. teammates are targeting 13-year-old isaac phillips with racial slurs and graffiti. he is one-quarter african american. his father is half african american and his mother is caucasian. the season has beens cancelled
2:46 am
while an investigation is underway. his father is angry. >> it is 2013. it doesn't matter what color you are. i hope someone steps forward. kids like that don't deserve to be on the football field. >> this isn't the first time he has been bullied. he is attending a different school nearby. >> a 10-year-old girl in michigan is suing her mom's ex-boyfriend for custody of her dog. she and her mother moved out last spring and he agreed to take care of the dog temporarily. now the attorney says he is attached to the pet and he wants to keep it. the case goes to trial next july. >> a california solar company backed by president obama's owners is starting to follow sol lin -- solyndra's path.
2:47 am
>> good morning. republican senator from alabama just requested tax payer fund grand rapids by solar panel installers. they warned in a letter to jack lieu it could become the next solyndra unquote. it has been granted federal tax credits while losing $222 million according to kno s in an august report from barrens and charges solar cimight have over estimated the fair market value of the products to obtain higher credits. solar city responded to the comparison saying the forces which drove solyndra into bankruptcy deeply declining solar panel place is what has driven the success of their business as the declining prices call many mourns to go solar, unquote. the inspector general is looking
2:48 am
into whether the company misrepresented the fair market value of the solar p panels. they ever the leader in the u.s. in leasing solar panels to consumers. the company is backed by entrepreneur and ilan musk a high profile donor to president obama's campaign. taking a look at the stock on tuesday it was down about 8 percent, ainsley. >> joe, thank you so much. >> the time now about 10 minutes until the top of the hour. you can skip your morning workout. researchers say they know the secret to being skinny and it doesn't involve the gym. >> every girl loves some bling. this woman loves it so much she is having it surgery implanted into her body so everyone can see it. ho ouch. >> let's check in with steve doocy to see it on "fox & friends." >> she will be popular at the tsa line at the airport. >> i thought i saw a ruby in there.
2:49 am
>> the man responsible for building the obamacare web site admitting a huge chunk of it hasn't even been built yet. payments still can't be processed. >> plus george w. bush sitting down with jay leno. wait until you hear what he says about these things. never before seen brand new cars about to hit the road. it can wind up in your garage. >> the mayor making all sorts of headlines for his behavior. keith ablow is breaking down the antics. he is going to try to figure out whether the mayor is normal or nuts. we have a busy three hours kicks off 10 minutes from now on your channel for news. you are watching "the fox news channel.
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three, two, one. radar tracking. >> blastoff. not one, two or three. nasa sending 29 satellites into space overnight. the rocket could be seen in the sky, the record breaking 29 satellites inside will measure different aspects of the space environment. the f.a.a. is putting new restrictions on overweight pilots and air traffic controllers. pilots with a b.m.i. of at least 40 or with necks within 17 inches must be evaluated by a sleep specialist and treated with sleep apnea before being able to go to work. weight can be rebated to sleep problems -- can be related to sleep problems which can lead to problems for pilot.
2:54 am
>> poor sleep quality can result in higher body fat by affecting hormones related to appetite. eye jewelry, thaerts. a tiny piece of platinum or gold surgically implanted behind the clear skin in the white part of the eye is actually being offered for the first time in new york. >> it's going to be a conversation maker. i will be able to tell people what it is and it will be unique. it will be my unique factor. >> the procedure has been done, they say hundreds of times in europe and los angeles and dr. chen believes it is safe. >> it's a piece of platinum designed for insertion on the top of the eye. it is not inside the eye so there is no risk of blindness or any visual effect. >> the procedure costs about $3,000. the jewelry has not been f.d.a. approved. >> there is an international twitter drama this morning. justin bieber hang out with the president of mexico or
2:55 am
not? he posted this tweet earlier this week saying i met amazing mexican believers and the president of mexico. but the mexican president was quick to respond with this tweet saying the office denies the meeting with the singer justin bieber. bieber responded with this clarification saying correction. i met the president's family and all their friends at a private meet and greet. therpb very -- they were very nice. bieber's tour is already troubled. >> the time now about five minutes till the top of the hour. coming up, a car crashes while going over 200 miles an hour. the amazing ending you'd have to see to believe. >> another k-mart ad coming under fire. we asked what you thought about this. your responses are comingi' up next. slowing metabolism?
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time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a giant panda cub at the national zoo makes her first steps at three months old. the small steps caught opbd zoo's panda cam. next bad, milk may not be doing your body good. researchers found milk does not necessarily make bones stronger. for some it could lead to a higher risk of hip fractures. finally the ugly. this crash breaks a car into pieces. the car going 209 miles per hour. unbelievably the driver only minor injuries thanks to safety equipment. >> earlier in the show we showed you boxer ads from k-mart. show your joe's. some people say the ad should be pulled. we ask you is it stun ni or offensive. cheryl says for 20 years there have been hot
3:00 am
victoria's secret catalogs, et cetera. what is the issue with hot men in a fun commercial? >> bobby says it is racy and reminds me of miley's award show performance of blurred lines with robin thick. >> it isn't in good taste. >> thanks to everyone who responded. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it is wednesday, november 20. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we begin with breaking news. while you were sleeping a plane crashed off the coast of florida leaving at least two people dead. a press conference was held moments ago. we have the brand-new details tphoufplt >> brand-new details about the obamacare website. believe it or not, a big part of it still has not yet been built. >> we're probably seeing somewhere at between 60% or 70%. >> that needs to be built? >> we still have to build the payment


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