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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  November 19, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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153 years since president lincoln gave the gettysburg address. >> check them out. fox news alert. we are waiting on details. virginia senator stabbed multiple times in his home in virginia. >> his son was found in the home and did not survive injuries. senator deeds was floun to the hospital. there is an investigation ongoing. our fox news team will have more. and more on the was in absolute chaos months before the launch. i am bill hemmer. >> i am allyson camerota.
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red flags were raised in march. things were not going well. and mike emmanuel was on the hill. what have you learned, mike. key medicare tech officials told law makers they need to build the website and payments to insure need to be worked out and on the broader problems on the overall health care website. they needed more time. i think it is a dynamically changing environment in which we had more time and that time would have been devoted to solidifying policy. nthree years and this is not something that got plopped on your desk and the law passed in 20 authority ten. >> it raised red flags with top administration officials about issues with the development of
10:02 am kathleen sebelius and tavenener anded to park were briefed in early april and two weeks later sebelius did not raise alarms with law makers. >> we have the federal hub on track and on time. we are moving a head with a marketplace that we will be individually responsible for and working closely with our state partners on their plans and time table for the state based marketplaces. namong the findings in the report released to the government last spring no single decision maker with pour in the development of the website. they depended on outside contractors and the requirements were evolving in the development of. it alisyn. >> mike, thank you for the
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latest. >> we'll bring in bret baier. how are you? >> hi, bill. none of the main witnesses said one of the key support for the website still has 30 or 40 percent more to go. before that aspect of the website is built out that this thing was not even close on october 1st. >> and no, this gets to the heart of the matter. how does this go forward on october 1st and how does the white house not know. it is becoming for democrats and republicans on capitol hill tough to stomach white house chief of staff dennis mcdonagh doesn't know it is not working before october 1st. there was a briefing, according to the memos from this independent consulting firm back in april. the white house is saying they didn't acknowledge the size and scope of the problems but there
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were red flags and warnings and flares and whatever you want to call it before the roll out happen on october 1st. >> the questions are spot on. who knew what and when? it was obvious that kathleen sebelius knew it, right? >> true. >> do we know as to whether the president anyhow it? >> he said he didn't know it and he said i would be talking about kya ct.comand that was a few days before the launch and talking about how people can log on just like kya ct.comand arcs mazon. if there were not knowledge by the president, someone in the white house anyhow and the question is why didn't they tell the president? >> either way depending on the answers, it is a flat out
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embarrassment. is misleading ble inept or lying. >> you get the sense now the white house is lowering expectations even today when they said it was running until november and it would be greatly improved and the vast majority of users, and that means 80 percent. and that leaves you 20 percent. if that is the case then, brett, what is the possibility that democratic law makers jumped on the backs and defected with the party and voted with the republicans. >> today is a microca sym of their property and said that state exchanges are picking up momentum and more people are logging on and that that is going well according to analysis
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and the big picture from where it was and that is not a high bar to get over and they would like to focus on that and the story about the memos and who anyhow when was back in april and taking a lot of momentum and that is a good question about the politics here and there is a lot of tech people who say this website has a long, long way to go before it is able to accept the numbers by march. the documents she they had seven months warning on. this alisyn. >> another hearing on obama care and this one about security flaws on a professional hacker hoired by companies to it test the on line system demonstrated for law makers, and that site is unprotect exclude easily hacked it is a go gold mine for
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criminals. >> a conference call for organizing for america or organizing for action fraying audio blackouts and connection problems. the president hoped to rally support, and he did that during the call but many could not get through on the other end. >> the health care law hitting those in the pocketbook. it passes muster on the new federal rule. and kids are looking at premiums ten types higher than in the past or cancelling the plans altogether. lou dobbes. >> this is sticker shot and a report in reuteres. students used to be able to pay one -- they used to be able to
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pay $100 per year for campus health care. because of the affordable care act it is $1,800 a year. this is not an isolated incident. >> it is happening cross the country. these are typically university and college plans are great bargains or have been. and buoy state's example it is a traditionally african-american college and the university was forced under the terpwas affordable care to strip it away and throw the students with hope and cross their fingers that they would get something affordable when they went in the state insurance health exchange. that is not happening. >> let me just interrupt you. the administration said the policies were worthless and had a cap of 5,000 worth of coverage
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and if you had any sort of catastrophe or long- term illness. it goes right out of the window and with the affordable care act they have more better or long- term coverage and it comes at a much steeper price. you are going to the heart of the issue. this is no longer a problem with the website as you know. this is a problem for a model for affordable care itself. obama care is a disaster and it depends on the enrollment. and not the age typically for college students. and they need to sign up two and half million people and sign high premiums for low demand for health care. and who are paying lower
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premiums. and lou dobbes. great to see you. >> what dow think? >> do you expect your health insurance cost to go higher or lower. >> and to me at alisyn camerota here is part of her 911 call. >> where is the weapon now? >> do not push me out of my house. please get out of my house. he knows how to do this and play this game. >> phil keating is standing by in the courthouse in sanford florida. we are minutes away from the arraignment. >> hi, alisyn. george zimmerman remains looked up behind me in the seminome
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county jail. 20 minutes from now he will be walked in a courtroom where he will speak with the judge and listen to whether he will be released from jail today on bond. and while in custody, moments ago, his public defender for seminole county spoke to reporters. at this point george zimmerman doesn't have money or a high-priced private attorney who helped to gain his acquittal for the murder trail of trayvon martin and this is what he said about zimmerman's demeanor. >> he's calm and upset and wants to go home. all of this exploded yesterday at the girlfriend's house. his new girlfriend samantha whom george zimmerman moved in with after it was made public he was
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getting divorced from ex-wife shelley zimmerman. she called 911 after she and george zimmerman were having a break up conversation that led to an argument and that led to george zimmerman getting violent and using a shotgun to break her coffee table and pointing it at her and shoving her out of the door. and he made a 911 call becomely to establish on public record and contradicted and said she broke all of the furniture and not him. this is a bit of the girlfriend's 911 call. >> what is going on? >> he has a gun breaking all of my stuff right now. no. i am doing this again. he broke my sunglasses and put your gun in my face and told me to get the (bleep).
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no, get out of here. >> george zimmerman facing three charges, one felony and aggravated assault and a domestic violence charge and a criminal mischief charge. 1:30 this afternoon. 18 minutes from now he will face the judge. . >> we'll watch out and bring you a headline. and said to it be arraigned in minutes and returning live to a courthouse and when the judge's decision. >> and nsa broke privacy rowels and slap on the wrist. and again. and what will be fixed by the end of this month at we'll debate this. >> when were you concerned that the administration would not be ready for april 1st for the starting enrollment. >> i never thought that? >> you made a comment that you
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>> newly released documents and massive surveillance bite nsa. and it broke privacy rules and promised a secret court that it would stop the process and going a head and doing it again and again and again. judge, good day to you. >> good day to you. >> how did we get these documents now. >> it was released by people and we don't know the sources of them. it is not edward snowden documents. and they are concerned about violating the constitution and court that supposedly super vised it. it was brought by the nsa's attention that this was not to be allowed. what did the nsa do other than
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ignore it. and when the court's information. you have no obligation to be accountable for your work you have a tendency to do what you want. nsa yes, thank you and please, thank you. and it will go on. and nsa reports on itself. and isn't that ridiculous. >> and this is the biggest spy agency on the planet and they are spying on the telephone and e-mail and banking records in everyone in the united states and we reloy on them to tell us what they are doing: >> it is a silly putty.
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and that is an excuse and rationale. >> silly putty legal theories are that the nsa can do whatever the ph yser court can do. it is fulled with federal judges but not performing the judicial function. but acting as clericical fors saying this meets the standard and doesn't meet the standard and the court requires someone to resist what the government wants. >> is there a recourse on this? >> the recourse is political. the recourse to persuade congress to clip the nsa's wings by taking some of the budget away. it may happen after the first of the year. >> interesting. stay on it. >> say hello to the beautiful young woman seated next to you. >> thank you, judge. i can hear you.
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and we are -- there are cameras and we will listen to hear george zimmerman try to defend himself from the domestic disturbance. >> and the hits keep on coming from the crack smoking mayor up north and what law makers are doing about that. >> 11 days and counting. and why some critics are saying that the administration is lowering the bar. >> we'll debate the new language they are using. >> it is a program from the standard that the american people will suffer and the physician, the goal is 80 percent of the website will work and get folks through. and in the operating room, if i did it 80 percent that was malpractice. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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>> embattled torpt mayor rob ford vowing to fight on after the city council stripped him of most of his power, and budget and staff. john roberts is live in atlanta. you have followed it closely, what is the latest, john? >> reporter: this thing gets more and more bizarre. a crack- smoking mayor said he's not had a drink in three weeks or smoked crack cocaine in a year. he came in this morning sfripd of his powers and budget and staff and he made headlines as the counsellor tried to elbow him over. and his brother on and he apologized for the accident and warned the counsel against taking action.
10:25 am
and in the end they put him in mayor in name only. and as for whether or not he can continue on as mayor depends on the landscape. and scandal plagued incumbepts lose five percent of the vote. if the fold and vote delawsuited he could prevail and what happens in the next few months makes a difference. ford plans to cope his nose clean. >> we have a team of professionals that are working with me on health issues, i am going to it leave it at that. it is no one's business what i do in my professional life or gym or the professionals i talk. to i assure you, john, that if you don't so a difference in the next 4 or 5 months, then i have to eat my words. >> reporter: in an interview
10:26 am
after the city council voted, he had a come to jesus moment about his lifestyle and it may be that the mayor of toronto was scared straight. >> thank you for the up date. >> and going down to florida now. minutes away from george zimmerman. he is back in court. we'll take you there live now. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. ♪
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seminole county, florida. fox news alert. the arraignment of george zimmerman and following the arrest of 24 hours ago and disturbance from his girlfriend's home. charges assault, battery and criminal mischief and waiting to see george zimmerman walk in there. we are told bite sheriff's department it is expected to start on time. and sanford, florida. what are the charges here? >> we have aggravated assault and allegation that he pointed a shotgun at new girlfriend samaptha who called 911 yesterday. and he is charged with battery and domestic violence and this is a misdemeanor and criminal
10:31 am
mischief for allegedly smashing her glass coffee table at her house where george zimmerman lived with her since august after it was public that he was getting divorced from soon to be exwife shelley zimmerman. they were having a break up conversation and zimmerman a partnerly believed that she was pregnant with a love child and the sheriff department said after further confrontation with samantha she is not pregnant at all. and so they were having a break up argument and that got heated and escalated and that is when george zimmerman turned violent and pointed a gun at her allegedly and shoving her from the back and out of the front door and slamming it shut and looking it and barricaded that front door with furniture and she's calling 911 was all
10:32 am
happening and from outside of the house, that is when sheriff deputies tried to gain access in the front of the house where they know george zimmerman was waiting. and instead and turns the tables and calls 911 himself and according to the sheriff's department they believe it was part calculation by him and because of the previous experience and public records and how it is under the florida sunshine laws and manipulate the story and spin it dp if you will. zimmerman is turning it into a he said, she said situation. we are moments away from the judge hearing zimmerman asking for a public defender and a representative from the state attorney's office will be there and argue over how high the bond will be. and the attorney's office asked
10:33 am
if he is released on bond he will have a ankle bracelet for a year. >> he was famously acquitted in the death of trayvon martin and since that time he's had traffic violations and another domestic disturbance. >> it was only four months ago, he walked out of the courthouse right next door to the jail, a free man and ending a year intense public and media scrutiny over the shooting death of trayvon martin. since that time he did a road trip and got pulled over for spode nothing texas and a warning and ticket here in florida and then in september there was a dust up at the house he was sharing with his wife as they were arguing over who was getting what as they separated and split up the property and shelley zimmerman said george zimmerman punched her father in
10:34 am
the head that day and smashed her ipad in pieces as she videotaped and recorded the argument and 5 or 6 weeks of trying to extract that video, the seminole county sheriff's office was unable to do that and that's why no criminal charges came out of the september incident. >> stand by for us outside of the courthouse. and we'll bring in the trial attorney mr. brown, thank you so much for being here. can you tell us if the lawyers for his girlfriend are able to talk about any of these past insdepts and showing perhaps his violence? >> thank you. at this point, his past violent incidents will not be coming up. they will come up as far as the state attorney office as to whether or not he poses a danger to the community. two questions are considered in a bail hearing, a person danger
10:35 am
to a community and will they come to court. if there is no means was release where the community will be safe and past allegations of violence and the facts surrounding the present circumstances, that he needs to stay in custody and the judge agrees with him that's what happened. >> he's coming in now. how long would you expect it to last before they a ratify in the decision. >> i think those arguments will not take time to be made. the state will bring forth what they have. >> hold on. >> let's listen. >> the first appearance and everybody arrested in the state of florida is entitled to see a judge the day following the arrest. and the initial hearing is to determine whether there is problemable cause for the arrest and reasonable grounds to believe a crime was committed and you may have been the person
10:36 am
that committed the crime. the first to make sure you understand the reason or reasons for your arrest. second, make sure you receive a copy of the charging document in your case an arrest report so you and your attorneys prepare for a trial of your case and third, make sure you clearly understand all of the rights that you are guaranteed as a citizen of the united states. first of all, absolute right to are your case tried by a jury of your peers. six individuals will be chosen to decide whether you are guilty or not guilty of offenses. if you don't agree with the juriy's you can appeal to a higher court and third you have a right to be represented by an attorney in all proceedings and trial and appeals. you have a right to hire an
10:37 am
attorney of your choice and if you can't afford an attorney one will be afforded to you by the state of florida. you have a right to remain silent. and that means it cannot be held against you by the jury or court. you have a right to confront your accusers and means you and your attorney would have a right to cross examine the witness and you have a right to bring in your own evidence and witnesses. and if they will not come voluntarily, the judge a signed to your case can force them to come through the subpeona power of the court and you have a right to reasonable communication with family, friends or attorney and if you have means to do so, reasonable moans will be afforded to you. you have a right to be presumed innocent and not found guilty
10:38 am
unless or until the state of florida can prove beyond a reasonable doubt each element of the charge against you. you have a question of any of the rights mr. zimmerman? >> no, your honor. >> you understand all of those rights? >> yes, your honor. >> good. you have to understand when your next court proceedings is going to be. you are responsible for information told here today dates, and times and places. if you don't appear for your next court appearance i can guarantee that the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest and you will end up back where you started today. final thing we have to do is discuss bond and reasonable conditions of bond based on the offenses as alleged. mr. zimmerman, you understand that the reasons for your arrest is that it is alleged that there was a domestic violence related aggravated assault with a deadly
10:39 am
weapon and a domestic violence and criminal mischief. do you understand that? >> yes, sir. >> did you receive a copy arrest report, sir? >> yes. >> i find problemicable cause for all throw allegation and for the arrest and appoint the public defender's office to represent you on all three criminal charges mr. zimmerman. your next court will be arraignment on january 7th, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in court one a. now we'll discuss bopped and reasonable conditions of bond. i will hear from the state first. >> your honor, we spoke with the victim in this case. she is in fear for her safety and she would like no contact or return. and exclusionary zones and 1308 top fields court.
10:40 am
topelifd. and additional address. 1010 sand lake road in alta springs, florida. in addition, your honor no possession of firearms or ammunition and any new address that he live at be weapon- free. we are requesting that he not be allowed to travel outside of the state of florida and reling quish his passport. your honor, if i could put other things on the record. the victim indicated there was a prior domestic incident a week and half ago that involved a choking. she is in fear for your safety and indicated they discussed breaking up and he mentioned suicide in the recent pass due
10:41 am
to those factors and he indicated there was nothing to do. we feel the victim's safety is a concern and state request 50,000 bond. >> i am not going anywhere near that. mr. doudy would you like to make an argument? >> on behalf of our office we would like to address the court. non behalfful mr. zimmerman. regarding the issue ofbond, our client doesn't have opposition to the no return and no weapons and not have any contact with this particular person. judge, pursuant to the bond schedule it should be bond at 4900. he is a long- time central court florida resident and significant ties to the communicate and no
10:42 am
prior convictions. he would have location in the central florida area where he would stay at that does not involve contact with that particular person and our client is asking for a 4900 bond in this matter. nmr. zimmerman, do you still have personal possessions, i read the arrest report and seemed like you were getting ready to move out of the top field court address. do you have possessions there? >> yes, sir. >> here's what we are going to do. bond at 9,000 which is 8900 on the aggravated assault and 50 for the misdemeanor for special conditions. first is, you cannot return to 1308 top field court other than you are permitted one time to go back in the a companyment of law enforcement to obtain personal possessions and you will have to have law enforcement accompany
10:43 am
you there. you cannot go to tennessee sand lake road. and third, you can't have contact with samanta shied. and in case you are not aware. not by person or phone or mail or fax or facebook or no contact at all. and next possession of weapons or ammunition on bond in part for her own safety and your own safety it may seem like. and i am going to order impact monitoring device to keep you away from her and those locations to make sure there are no further alterkayings between the two of you. as far as the passport, did you ever get your passport back after your last trial? >> i am not sure. my former attorney may have it. >> i am not worrying about your
10:44 am
passport, i will put on condition no traveling outside of the state of florida while you are out on bond. those are the special condition to be reasonable and reasonable amount based on the additional allegation of a previous unreported battery by stanningulation and that is the reason for the increase in bond. i am not increases for anything in the past. as far as i am concerned this is a brand new case. >> thank you, judge. >> increased bond and special conditions and we'll see you back on january 7th. we took your case first to accommodate the press. madam state attorney anything else? >> we are requesting that indicate that a third party has gone to retrieve instead of him going to the residence i believe that would insure more safety
10:45 am
for the victim? >> that would be wiseanyway. one of the things that might still be there is a weapon or ammunition. it is better if it is not in mr. zimmerman's possession. you will have to have a third party to go get your personal possessions that may remain there. anything else to add? >> judge regarding that condition, mr. zimmerman would prefer to go there and obviously have several law enforcement officers and not touching the weapons or ammunition. i am not sure there is another person that can accompany to retrieve personal belongings. if he would be allowed to go there himself? >> no, i think it is best if someone else go ez there. i will leave that as reasonable condition of bond.
10:46 am
>> he is reduce or waive the cost of that monitoring device. >> i will waive the cost. >> thank you, judge. >> and judge how many feet? . >> 1500 feet to those two areas. >> thank you, your honor. >> we'll see you back january 7th, 2014. best of luck to you. >> you have watched the first court appearance of george zimmerman. the state asked that he be held on 50,$000 bond and the judge didn't let him go free and requesting a $9,000 bond. and we'll get your reaction to all of this. >> my basic reaction is. that this man is hanging by a string and a border line psychotic at this point.
10:47 am
he had multiple incidents involving his wife and father-in-law and now a choking incident a week before and now this. a person who has so immersed in the gun culture. he was lionized by many and some at least as a hero and he had no clear direction in his life. and he feels assailed and threatened and on the other hand empowered and he has an a rrobegans about him. >> it is her word against his. >> it always is. >> how does she prove her case and he had a gun. and he pointed at her and did what she described on the 911 call? >> i think it is very telling because it is in real time and she is yelling at him as he is performing the acts. you took the shell out of that shotgun and used the but the of that rifle to smash my things
10:48 am
and you are going crazy and you are destructive and this is my house and you don't tell me to get out of the house. in a domestic dispute there is always two sides. there are two realities and given the weight of the evidence, the judge was prudent in this case and not punitive to george zimmerman. he could have hit him with higher bail or no bail because of the risk of violence. >> it was a typical restraining order. >> 1500 feet. >> and this has to play out. i would suggest to george zimmerman. he is a man in need of help and counseling. >> given the litany of things out lined. track tickets and domestic violence. why would the judge not take those in account. >> he has to legally say that. legally as bill suggest this is
10:49 am
the incident he is now accused and facing criminal charges and has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he had committed these fences. the fact of other altern kayings might come in terms of sentencing. this is facts and circumstances of this. >> trayvon martin was tried and he was acquitted and that is behind him now. and as you rightly point out, the judge will decide on this case now and depending on how the facts unfold. charges are serious now. >> we have ponder and i don't know if there is an answer to this, bill. how much of this acting out now is a function of the trauma he went through in this event. and how much it was present the night trayvon martin did in his life. >> thank you, geraldo. >> and so 150 years ago today.
10:50 am
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a modest president delivered the gettysburg address. >> reporter: to understand why it echos down through the ages, one need to look no further an at dress itself. >> shown by those who fought and
10:54 am
died at g eeettysburg and from t reminder, that dedication, we do in fact draw that devotion to that cause for which they gave that last full measure of devotion. that is what keeps it perennial and blooming for us. >> reporter: the 16th president spoke here 150 years ago at the dedication of soldier's national cemetery only for two or three minutes and that includes five times he was interrupted by applause. >> he tended to write with something of a lyrical style. when you read this out loud, there is a certain lyricism to the address that is very pleasing.
10:55 am
>> just last month, smithsonian magazine published a photograph of the scene and a former disney animator believed he has identified president lincoln in that crowd. if confirmed, it would be the second photograph of the 16th president on this site. >> thank you. >> well, at the top of the hour. stick around for this. texas senator ted cruz will be here. first, do you know what the word of the year is? >> we asked some of fox news's best talent to demonstrate it for you. you don't want to miss this. ♪ do you want to since i won't remember ♪
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and our networks are getting crowded.
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t if congress, the fcc, and the administration free up... more licensed wireless spectrum, we can empower more... people to novate, create new technoloes and jobs... and strengthen the economy. america is the world's leader in wireless. free up linsed spectrum today, so wireless... let's keep it that way. can do more foamerica tomorrow.
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♪ >> all right the oxford dictionary naming the world "selfy" as the word of the year. self portrait with a cell phone. >> look at this. shannon looking great. from our washington bureau there. also from washington. mike emmanuel. and how clever is the guy to frame the capitol building behind his left shoulder. >> great. he's our chief white house correspondent and he has a note there saying "call on me". >> we have janice dean. the author. nicely done. pucker up. >> and phil keeting. live on the scene. you can see his camera there. waiting for george simmerman to
11:00 am
show up. >> those are world class. we'll take one of us. right on. thank you for watching. we have to roll and take a selfy. it is what we do after the show. >> the real story starts right now. >> thank you very much. we start with a fox news alert the man acquitted in the shooting death of travon martin back in court again. george simmerman arraigned on charges aflt s after allegedly judge freed him on bond and he is due back in court. >> many questions in the center of a congressional hearing today as documents show the administration was warned yet


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