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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 18, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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these tweets. people aren't happy at all with mr. marr. follow us on twitter and follow us on facebook. thanks for watching everybody. see you tomorrow. god willing. >> i stand by what i said there. >> the left doubles down on the obama care lies. >> the fact is it doesn't matter what we're saying here. what matters is what happens at the kitchen table of the american people. >> did oprah oprah winfrey use the race card. >> i think there's a disrespect for the office that occurs because he's african-american. >> hi warned us about the sdi dangers of obama care in 2009. four years later, his prophesy is now sadly being fulfilled. >> but the reality is it hasn't worked. it has made people iller.
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>> and the antics of alec baldwin all coming up right here and right now. welcome to "hannity" scott walker is going to be here to respond to reports that a special prosecutor is targeting and harassing his allies. and exclusive interview that you can not afford to miss. but first, things are going from bad to worse for the administration. there appears to be no end in sight when it comes to the president's disastrous health care law. part of the problem is they're trying to defend what is indefensible. this is what house minority leader nancy pelosi said over the weekend when confronted with her famous one line that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in the bill. watch this. >> we have the pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> hasn't that idea that you have to pass it before you know what's in it, isn't that really the problem as you look back on it? there was such a rush to get this done. no republicans voting for it.
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and now there are unintended affects of this that were foreseen at the time that you couldn't know the impact of it, and now this is coming home to roost. >> no, i was saying there is the house and the senate, we get a bill, we go to conference or we ping-pong it and then you see what the final product is. however, i stand by what i said there. when people see what is in the bill, they will like it. and they will. >> democrats won't lose seats next year because of obama care? >> i don't think you can tell what will happen next year, but i can tell you this -- democrats stand tall in support of the affordable care act. >> simply put, that is delusional. also, bob woodward, he predicted this. >> it's a mess. clearly. but what it isn't, and i think you have to look at the question of motive and the president's motive here, even though there are deep problems with the implementation, he wants to do something good for 30 million
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people and get them health insurance. so this isn't watergate, this isn't clinton and monica lewinsky. >> i'm not saying it's a scandal. what it seems to be is rank incompetence. >> there's no question about that, but you see all of the stories and this frenzy out there, the game over, the presidency is over. some people are saying. i think that's not the case. but here's the other side of this, which i would agree with george will on, when you go down the road, it's going to get worse. because you talk to the experts and they will tell you that this is a money issue pit's going to blow a hole in the budget. >> a big hole. in fact, he's right. it's going to get much worse. now, keep in mind, according to the cbo, as many as 20 million people they say could lose their employer provided coverage, that does not include the individual market and small business. joining me now with reaction to all of this and much more, jay buchanan and fox news
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contributor, radio talk show host leslie marshall. they're saying 20 million. we've had experts on this program saying as high as 93 million. the manhattan institute and others analyzing that the government's own numbers suggest over 100 million. so this keeps rolling out month after month, people get the cancellation letter, they get the rate shock, they get the shock, they can't keep their doctor. when does it end politically for the democrats? >> i don't think it's going to end politically in the democrats in the way you would want, sean. and the reason is one, you know the election is a year, it that's a lifetime. two, on the 13th of december, speaking of the congressional budget office, we do have a budget with no solutions put forth by republicans. many americans, millions oof americans stand to lose their jobs. and americans who lose their jobs won't have their health care benefits. so i think that listen a moot point. the website will be fixed. millions, i believe, like i said, talk to me about the -- >> wait, millions are going to -- >> if we don't have the number, then -- >> millions are getting
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cancellations, patrick j. buchanan. millions are getting rate shock, pat. and millions are getting angry. and i think rightly so. how does this play out? >> i think look, we've got several million now that have lost their health insurance. and you' had a real debacle, a rolling disaster for about five or six weeks now, sean. if anything like those numbers that you mentioned, 20 million or 70 million or 90 million, this hemorrhaging of barack obama and his support and his backing is going to bleed on into the new year. and all through it until those employer mandates take hold. i don't think it can survive that kind of beating. when you've seen the beating the president has taken already from what i think we could say at maximum is 4 million or 5 million people who have had their health care insurance canceled. >> and we're dealing with competency on one level and then credibility on another. the comments earlier by new york senator kirsten gillenbrand.
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we knew all along. we all knew. >> did you feel misled by obam that? >> you should have been more specific. if uh you're offered a health care plan that if you get sick you're going to have to go into bankruptcy, they should never be offered. >> did you feel misled? >> he should have been more specific. >> no, we all knew, we all knew these problems were there. >> if this is true, this is astonishing. what they are saying is that they knew these 5 million policies would be canceled and they deliberately went out and deceived and misled the american people saying you can keep the policies you've got, period. this is a massive deception, i think, that's worse in ways than this bay of pigs he's been presiding over. and yet it goes to his credibility, and the belief. >> "the wall street journal" said that back in july of 2010,
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they knew and that they were debating it internally in the white house, but they didn't have the courage, when they knew the numbers were going to be as high as they are, and that people would lose their coverage and the prices would be higher, they didn't have the decency to tell the people the truth of this country. that then gets to an issue of okay, americans don't trust their government and they don't believe their president. and they think their president lied to them, which he did. how does he ever get his credibility sfwhak. >> no, i don't feel that -- this is not malice. >> he did lie. >> i don't feel it's malice. it's difference between losing your plan and losing your insurance benefits. secondly, the insurance companies didn't need to do that. all they had to do was make an adjustment to so many of these plans. and what the insurance companies wanted to do was make this plan look bad. >> the insurance companies didn't say -- wait a minute. >> what he metropolitan was if you had the plan that complies with this -- >> you can keep it. he said that. he said it and his white house knew better than that.
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>> leslie, let many ask you a question. >> did he need to be more specific? absolutely. but do i feel that he was maliciously -- he did not go far enough in his comment. absolutely. he was not specific enough with his comment. >> oh, good grief. >> but i don't feel that he was doing a no new taxes with the american people. >> why didn't he tell us the truth and should he have told us the truth? i mean look, why not go out and say look, there's a number of substandard plans. you can't keep those. we're going to give you a better plan. tell us the truth. we can handle it. >> guys, quite frankly, pat, pat, you have to remember, and sean knows, my husband is a physician. i own a medical center with my husband and other physicians. and one of the things that we forget here is unless senator gillenbrand has a crystal ball, did blue cross go over every single plan with the president and no eexactly what they were and were not going to do. were they hopeful the supreme court was going to throw this
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out the window and the mandate would be ruled unconstitutional and they wouldn't have to make these changes? >> if millions of plans were going to go out the window, why didn't the president honestly tell us the truth? i think shaup is right. i think he knows health care wouldn't have passed if he said look, we may not like it but millions of these plans are going out the window because they ought to go out the window. they' we're going to have a better plan for everybody. why didn't he fell us the truth? >> his popularity is in the 30s now. >> still higher than congress. >> you know politicians will say anything to get re-elected, right or left. they throw their presidents under the bus often. >> did obama do anything he could to get re-elected? >> i think so. >> i think they all do it. >> good luck in your service. i would sell now while the getting is good. and coming up next, it's a
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hannity exclusive. you thought the targeting of conservatives had ended, think b again. wisconsin governor scott walker here in studio tonight to respond to reports that a special prosecutor is singling out his friends and allies. we'll explain right after the break. also in our new york studios coming up. we'll explain after the break. also in the new york studios coming up. >> the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled >> the only anti-depress sanity strong enough for a second term. with paxil you'll feel like you're giving a speech on a college campus in 2008. or getting bin laden all over again. >> that snl skit is coming up. also, did oprah winfrey play the race card? also the latest on alec baldwin and the trouble he finds himself in? does he need some treatment for that anger problem? straight ahead. d lobster, we pull our seafood from the best waters on earth... like the cold alaskan seas. it's the cleanes clearest water. a haven for crab. [ male announcer ] and the unspoiled cst of maine.
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>> welcome back to "hannity." "the wall street journal" is reporting that a special conspirator has been hired to investigate those involved in the scott walker recall. it was a part of an investigation into possible campaign coordination violations. now, this is the second probe into scott walker's finances and it comes as the governor's 2014 re-election campaign approaches. so to is this yet another example. and what happens if you dare to disagree with the left's radical iology? the author of the brand-new book "unintimidat "unintimidat "unintimidated." how are you, governor? good to see you. good to have you. sorry about the packers this weekend. >> i was at the game. chris christie and i were there together. >> oh, boy.
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>> he's a gracioushost considering he's a cowboys fan. >> and they are the new york giants. >> does this mean a lot to you? does this sound like what they did to tea party groups? >> i don't know. most of this was the first time i read about it saturday over the weekend. although it's never dull in wisconsin, as you know. particularly around election time. and so we'll leave it up to the people who have the insights on that to speculate. but it never is dull in wisconsin, that's for sure. >> you seem to be in a perpetual election cycle because you had the election, then the recall, and now you're up for re-election again. >> next year will be my third time in four years. i'm getting pretty good at it. >> congratulations, i think. difficult thing. why can't -- why isn't wisconsin in play for republicans? you look at michigan, wisconsin, minnesota. you know, there's always the thought that we might be able to get those states. we can win the governor's race, but we can't win a national election there. why? >> in 2000, 2004, we were the
10:16 pm
closest blue state in america in terms of president bush's election and re-election. we're supposedly competitive. i won by about 75 points in june of last year. mitt romney lost by about 7 points. i think the key difference was, and i said it on your show i think shortly after my recall election that mitt needed to show that the r next to his name didn't stand for republican, it stood for reform. for whatever reason, the folks thought it had to be a referend referendum barack obama. and they didn't make the case for what an america would be like you should president romney. the obama was good at defining that r stands for rich guys who cares about rich guy, which obviously wasn't the case. >> they're going to play the race car, class war fair, scare old people. saying the republicans want dirty air and water to a certain extent, i think the reason they play that card is because it
10:17 pm
works. right? >> well, and because sometimes we create a void. i lay out some real optism where i say despite what happened in the presidential election, there are 30 states in america that now has republican governors. that's where real reform is happening. what's the difference between that and what's happened in the last two cycles on the presidential ticket? we've got an optimistic vision we can do that not only in wisconsin, but iowa, michigan, ohio. you go down the line. all those states we talked about, throwing nevada, new mexico, florida, all have republican governors in place, even though they were carried by barack obama. >> you're saying the mistake of the republican party is they need to offer solutions? do you think on every other level they've failed that? because actually, i agree with you. i'm putting together a piece for 2014. and in the piece i'm just laying out what the solutions are. for example, what would your solution be on health care? based -- if you had the ability, you were president, you could repeal obama care -- >> a free market solution where
10:18 pm
you don't have it dependent not only on the federal government but the state government. you and i and our families should make the decisions for ourselves. everyone should have the same tax incentive out there. then as consumer, ewith would be involved. that's how you truly manage costs, not where we're headed where the government will play a more active role in that in the future. >> what do you do for people who have pre-existing conditions and who may lose insurance? >> i think over state lines, all those things can play into that, but you don't need state exchange, you don't need a federal exchange, all these other things. but i do think, to your point, and it's one of the things i highlighted in the book, in the states we're offering real solutions to real people's problems and we're talk about it in ways thatter relevant. how to fix school, how to help businesses grow and do things. >> when i interviewed during the time of the recall, what was the estimated cost? when you came into office for deficit. >> $3.6 billion. . >> and you had a surplus this year?
10:19 pm
>> we just finished with a $760 million surplus. this december, we'll have a third year in a row that property taxes go down because we reinvested another $100 million in the property tax relief. not just in my state but across america, we're showing that republican leaders in the states are getting things done. we should make that same case. one of the frustrating things with the romney campaign last year, that campaign would come into states like ours where we just spent millions of dollars telling people hey, you know what, things are getting better. and then the romney campaign was coming in aing you know what, things are not getting better. the difference is we should have said where republican governors were elected, we should have said do you remember how bad things were before? remember how much better they've gotten in the last year and a half? how much better could they get with a republican chief executive. >> if we could just use our energy resources, we could save the country record time. >> plus, the jobs related to that, north american dependent on energy is another great example. we're not only helping the energy supply itself, all the
10:20 pm
jobs, all the new technology, aulg the innovation. there's so many examples across the board. >> are you running for president? >> i'm running for governor. >> i'm not asking you that. >> i would love to be president of the harley davidson motor company. >> do you drive a harley? >> i do. >> my wife won't let me. >> wear a helmet and don't drink. that's all my wife said. >> let her talk to my wife. would you consider running in 2016? >> i had to work hard to be governor president nop once or twice, i think for the future of my state, i need to focus on being governor. >> would you rather see a governor running versus, say, a senator? >> oh, hands down. i mean, there's a lot of good people in congress and a lot of people i admire in the senate and the house, but i think a governor, particularly an outsider coming into washington. >> chris christie, who is from new jersey, his issues on immigration, et cetera, could he have a hard time in red states?
10:21 pm
>> well, i think any of the 30 republican governors would make a compelling case to be the next chief executive. look at whether it's chris, look down the line. bobby jindhal, a lot of good republican governors. >> all right. but you're inclined for a governor not a senator? >> i think america -- >> paul ryan. >> you heard me say this before. >> you're getting defensive. >> i love paul. i was the leader of his fan club. if there was an official fan club, i would be president. but in the end, i think people historically want executives to be the chief executive. and on top of that, i think to beat lilry clinton, we've got to have somebody from the outside of washington. >> governor, good to see you. appreciate it. >> coming up next tonight, right here on "hannity." >> i think there's a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases, and maybe even many cases, because he's african-american. >> oprah winfrey lands herself
10:22 pm
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10:26 pm
received is because he's an african-american and if he wasn't an african-american, if he was a white guy, he wouldn't have to deal with quite the same confrontation? >> has it ever crossed my mind? it's crossed my mind probably as many times as it's crossed your mind. it's probably crossed my mind more time thans it's crossed your mind. just the level of disrespect. when the senator yelled out you're a liar. do you remember that? yeah, i think there's a level of disrespect for the office that occurs, and that occurs in some cases and maybe even many cases because he's african-american. >> now, unfortunately, this is not the first time that liberals have played the race card and i'm sure it won't be the last either. joining me steven hayes and from the american values institute, alexis mcgil-johnson. is it disrespectful when president obama, the way le and
10:27 pm
his campaign treated mitt romney or when he said their plan, they want dirty air and water and they want kids with down syndrome and the elderly to fend for themselves, which is a lie. is that disrespectful when the president does that? >> look, i think that's part of politics. on the same side, you know, when we're talking about obama care being, you know, nothing more than death panels. i think what was happening in this conversation with oprah is that she actually was trying to make it seem as though most americans dislike the president because of race. i think they just dislike him because he's liberal. i think that's really where we have to have the conversation. >> nafs my point. does anybody think that knows me that i would be against hillary clinton if she was proposing the same exact things that barack obama was -- >> oprah has lost it. how racist could america be. she's a black, and she's a billionaire. you have obama who's black, he's the president of the united states. how racist could our country be?
10:28 pm
oprah is bitter. she's a bitter billionaire -- >> why do you think she's bitter? >> she's back stabbing americans who put her on the map. who knows how her network is doing. >> i always thought she was a searching, interest interesting personality because she always seemed to be searching for good things in life. where does this comment -- i never met her, i don't know her. but that was always my impression. that she really wanted to share good things with meem. >> she's the last person who should be playing the race card. she grew up dirt poor and look at the example she can make for others, if i can do it, you can do it, too. no matter what your challenges are. >> let me ask you this question. in 2008, the question was brought up a lot whether or not america had tran sended issues of race and would elect a black president. >> sure. obviously that's the basic fact she overlooks in making her case. he was elected twice. if there were many people who disrespect him because he's black, he wouldn't have been re-elected. but i thought the most interesting thing came actually
10:29 pm
in the sense ttence after what showed. it's something nobody says but everyone is thinking it. she's making a substance free argument that she can't back up. there are no facts to actually make it that slanders a good chunk of the american people. how is that courageous? >> i think it's grounded in a little bit of research, right? i think most americans are very, very valuable, right? very egal theriegaletarian. but there is research about the negative perception that we've embedded over time that's not unrealistic. this is not about whether or not people are big r-word racist. i don't think most americans are racist. but if you look at the mind sciences, there's a whole field about how we embedded these negative stereotypes. that's what's happening. here. >> are black americans -- we have the numbers come out just in the last week and a half, that the labor participation raitt in the black community is
10:30 pm
at a 31-year low. have his policies been good for the black community? for women in this country? in other words, core constituencies that elected him in huge numbers. >> i they're not good for anyone, no. and especially which is ironic, the black community who overwhelmingly supported obama for both presidential elections. high unemployment. what is he doing for energy, for example. people are getting higher energy prices. and obama care. we had a college come out last week, students there who were saying that they were harmed because their insurance had been canceled anticipate they can't afford the obama care coverage. >> i think that's exactly right. the policies haven't been good for anybody. but i also think that now is a time, an precisely because of that for republicans to make a strong case, to make a broad appeal as chris christie says to show up. to make your argument. so if you're invited to do a debate on b.e.t., do the debate
10:31 pm
on b.e.t. that's one things republicans hadn't done in previous election cycles. i think they would be wise to do it this time. >> i don't think that's a bad idea. i don't disagree with that. last whord. >> look, i think there are a lot of plays that republicans can do outreef. changing your policies to be a little more friendly and a little msh dr. >> personal responsibility? and not play the race card which is what the left does all the time. >> free mark -- >> but that insinuates. >> and black americans believe in personal responsibility? >> people believe that america's race problems would be solved when older generations of southern whites die. is that outrageous or what? >> i think that what she's talking about generationally. generationally -- >> that people need to die? >> dealing with race than previous generations are. >> what you just said was a lot
10:32 pm
better than what oprah said. >> well, i'm not oprah. >> good to see you all. coming up next on "hannity." >> your advice is stay away from nationalized health care. i think you're very clear on that. >> listen, if you get nothing else from what i'm saying this evening, please do not make that mistake. if there are any congressmen watching this who think yeah, it moo eight be a bit fairer. you know, i promise you that it is worse for doctors, patients and taxpayers. >> whdemocrats didn't listen. coming up next, explaining what we got ourselves into and how t. and later, he just can't seem to help himself. we'll explain what alec baldwin has done this time that may cost him his job. and don't forget, we want to hear from you. we want to hear your thoughts on the program and more. the day we rescued riley, was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people
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welcome back to "hann >> my next guest british member of the parliament warned what would happen in this country if obama care was passed and fully implemented. here's what he said on this very program. >> your advice to america is stay away from nationalized health care. i think you're very clear on that. >> if you get nothing elsewhere what i'm saying this evening, please do not make that mistake. if there are any congressmen watching this yeah, it might be a bit fairer. i promise you, it is worse for doctors, worse for patient, worse for tax pairs. >> can you explain with some specificity bhie you are giving such a dire warning to the people of the united states? >> because if you're our friend. if you see a friend about to make a terrible mistake, you try to warn him. we've lived through this mistake for 60 years no uh. it began with the best of intentions. it began because people thought it was wrong for those who weren't well off and didn't have
10:38 pm
the best health care to be treated differently. and they thought it was a nice togetherness solidarity thing. but the reality is it hasn't worked. it's made people iller. we spend a lot of money and we get very bad results. you look at survival rates for cancer or heart disease. we are well down on all the leagues. we have very few dock forps we disincentivized people from practicing medicine in this country. >> sat sadly, his prophesy is now our reality. his brand-new book "inventing freedom -- how the english speaking peoples made the modern world." it's now out in stores across the country. sir, good to see you. >> great to be back. >> i've gotten to know you and you answer it in this question. you love america, you love this country, you love what we stand for. have we changed? are we in the middle of chang g changing? >> look, i have huge confidence in the american people.
10:39 pm
and the beauty -- >> i'm glad you do because i'm losing confidence by day. >> i'm losing confidence in some of your leaders. >> me, too. >> but the people are always wider than the experts. it's true in your country, it's true in my country. and there's a great autocorrect mechanism built into the constitution where the population can impose itself on the government when the government is getting too big. >> you know what makes me worry that that is not true. after a period of time when you condition people mentally, they are prepared to look for the government for answers, you stop teaching them the constitutional liberties and constitutional government. they think things are in the constitution that don't exist there. >> that's absolutely right, especially in a country that defines its by its ideas, not by its territory or by its ancestry or by its creed. you can become an american wherever your parents came from, provided you sign up for the ideals. the flip side is if you lose the ideals you lose your identity as
10:40 pm
a country much more thoroughly than a place that is defined by space or race. you need to teach kids that they are heirs to a sublime inheritance. >> i agree with all that, but europe has a government rationing body with their national health service. you look at greece which is bankrupt. spain, portugal, ireland, all these countries that are now literally suffocating because of the growth of government and the indebtedness. it seems like america is moving in that direction more every day. >> well, on one measure, obviously it is, which is the level of state spending. you know, it was funny, right at the begoing of his presidency, when barack obama was asked if he believed in american exceptionalism, and he said i believe in american exceptionalism, just like the greeks believe in greek exceptionalism. i thought he could have mentioned any country. the more i see the u.s. debt grow, it's suspicious that he
10:41 pm
picked greece, isn't it. and if enough people become dependent on the state, whether as employees or as welfare beneficiaries, sure, people eventually start behaving and voting like greeks. >> when i first read the title of your book "inventing freedom how the english speaking people made the modern world." i know that people will criticize it without having even read the book. >> sure, sure. >> you expect that? standard operating procedure, right? >> i'm sure moment it goes on sale, there will be ten reviews on amazon saying this is outrageous and all the rest of it. before they could have possibly read it. >> the beauty of ang lo sphere principles is they take root anywhere. what the indian writer calls the blood of the mind, not the blood of the body. angelos fear principles are why hong kong is not china,
10:42 pm
singapore is not indonesia, why bermuda is not haiti. if you have rule of law and personal freedom and individual liberty, it can take root in any society. >> is it possible -- you say it can take root in any society. i look -- i believe through the prism of history, and i hope i'm wrong. i pray i'm wrong, that we're going to look back as this era, as a rise of the radical islamist. and america even gave f-16s and tanks and billions of dollars to the leader of egypt, who was a member and former head of the muslim brotherhood. it seems like we don't get it. >> well, i think the most important geopolitical question of this century is whether india defines itself primarily as an anglo-sphere democracy or an an asian superpower. and india, by the way, is one of the largers muslim populations in the world, but without the associated problems of --
10:43 pm
>> radicalism. >> right. that's because it's a common law democracy. like your country, it has its imperfections, of course it does. perfection is not for this life. but it is a place where governments change peacefully, the army doesn't internear in politic, and above all, there is a common law system where the individual -- >> and you think this could be adopted and advanced, even in areas where today if we were to predict dmoktization in certain parts of the world, you think it can happen anywhere? >> yes. but here's the tragedy, right? in the places where it was first developed, in the core anglosphere territory, your country and mine, the system is being betrayed by its own children. >> scary, isn't it? >> isn't it? >> i love the book, love your riding. it is a great admonition. oyou're an american hero. >> your current president has a great way with words. so let me pair phase him. if you want to keep your way of life, you can keep your way of life. if you want to keep your
10:44 pm
constitution, you can keep your constitution, period. no one can take it away from you. >> wow. well said. coming up ex-in, left wing lunatic alec baldwin flew off the handle again. and this time it's cost him a gig. and later -- >> it treats a whole range of symptoms. the benghazi, the petreus scandal, the time that j-z and beyonce went to cuba and obama care website problems. >> saturday night, they nailed it and it's tonight's "video of the day." you won't want to miss it. what they think will fix the president's second-term blues. , but still not getting relief? try dulcolax laxative tablets. dulcolax is comfort-coated for gentle, over-night relief. dulcolax. predictable over-night relief you can count on.
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welcome back to "hannity." alec baldwin was on tape uttering a homophobe inslur that can't be repeated. he addressed the situation in an of-ed threatening to quit the show and show business all together. the remark obviously called a stir. and her daughter took to tweets to defend him my dad is far from a homophobe and a raisist. he also got caught screaming at female fox 5 wnyw reporter on friday. take a look. >> i honestly do not. >> do you want to apologize. i asked you a question!
10:50 pm
! do you want to apologize. i asked you a question. get the [ bleep ] out of here. >> i did nothing wrong, alec. back up, back up. >> to get to the bottom of all of this and what's wrong with this guy, robbie ludwig and from vh 1's morning show, good to see you. all right, first offal a all, id came to his defense. we had a huge twitter fight and we're going back and forth. i got a tweet from his daughter asking me to stop fighting with her father. what am i supposed to say? i stopped. i said i will honor your wish and i stopped. i said why are you writing me and not him? >> well, i think she's protecting her father and she feels she needs to. and also she seems like the kid of a divorced family. where she gets in the middle and she tries to fix things. so it sounds like that's what --
10:51 pm
>> i don't blame her, but -- >> she probably also sees her father's vulnerability and sees you as not being vulnerable. >> it's kind of sad, though, when you have your daughter, i believe she's, like, 18, the one fighting your media firestorms out there. and has to apologize on her dad's behalf. i know i would be pretty sad if that was the case. but let's make a point here, guys. we're watching that video of alec in front of a sea of reporters in his manhattan -- on his manhattan street. if he didn't want it to be a circus, then why is he walking arnt o around outside provoking people? >> i would just say the opposite. hi, good to see you. i'm sorry i can't talk everybody. thank you for coming. >> he's out of control, though. he acts like a rage-aholic. he almost act loosie -- like hes better than anyone else and can't handle it when things don't go as scripted.
10:52 pm
he gets tantrumy like a little boy. i'm not going to do acting anymore. he wants to be begged to stay in the game. >> in light of the fact that he may lose his tv show, i guess, over this. we've got to look at it through the prism of the network he works for. you have martin basheer suggesting sarah palin deserves the same punishment from an 18th century slave master who forced people to defecate and urinate in people's mouths. >> when mrs. palin invoked slavery, she doesn't prove her rank ignorance, she confirms if anyone truly qualified for a dose of discipline from thomas thistlewood, then she would be the outstanding candidate. . >> i'm glad cheney didn't tip over. he's the new poster child for ha health care in this country. he is an enemy of the country in my opinion, dick cheney is. he's an enemy of the country.
10:53 pm
lord tame him to the promised land. i don't even wish the guys go to hell. i just wish he would get out of here. you know that right wing shut, laura ingraham? she's a talk show shut. >> first of all, it's a ridiculous comment that was made by him and i think that he definitely owes her an apology. but at the same time, though, i believe that her comments were taken out of context. and i think this whole thing is blown completely out of proportion. >> but it's also one thing to critique somebody based on politics. we almost allow that. that's what makes our country exciting in some ways. it's very different to attack someone else's sexuality. >> fired or not fired? >> i think he should be fired. >> you're fired. >> get out. donald trump, fired. >> coming up next, our choice for tonight's video of the day will be review vealed. a "saturday night live" skit
10:54 pm
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>> welcome back to "hannity." there was no competition when it came to choosing tonight's video of the day. we selected the winner. it was a clip from this weekend's "saturday night live." they came up with a cure for the president's second-term blues. you don't want to miss it. >> depressed? run down? like you just can't win? are you the president of the united states? then you may be suffering from if thetial depression. -- presidential depression. it feels like even your friends have turned against you. >> the enrollment period was a disaster. >> and it's beginning to affect your work. ask your doctor for paxil. second-term strength.
10:59 pm
the only anti-depressant strong enough for an embattled second term. so you can get back on your feet and start running the country again. with paxil, you'll feel like you're giving a speech at a college campus in 2008. or geing b igetting bin laden. all over again. so you can turn those approval ratings upside down. and paxil second-term strength treats a whole range of symptoms like benghazi, sa scandal, the irs scandal, the ap scandal, the pes trey yus scan ball, the time jay-z and beyonce went to cuba and of course, obama website problems. warning paxil is not covered by obama care. he promised it would be but it's not. and for that, we apologize. >> yes, we still can. with paxil. >> and now there's paxil
11:00 pm
republican strength for when you have to answer to congress. >> that had to be one of the best skits i've ever seen. that's all the time we have left this evening. don't forget to start each morning the regime's goal. 80%. >> the way to look at that figure. of say 10 who go on the system roughly two won't get through. to accept 20% failure rate. >> but, again, the


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