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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  November 18, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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♪ it can be yours for the right price. yeah. >> smith and wesson pistol owned by wild bill hickcock. >> it was on him when he was shot in the back in 1876. cool stuff. thanks so much for watching. >> here's gretchen and "the real story." today on "the real story" we do have avoid the obama care train wreck if democrats didn't oppose a bill. a feud over same sex marriage. mary says liz is on the wrong side of history. the pope francis effect. reaching out to moderate. a mom takes off from a traffic stop. did police have to shoot at her van full of kids?
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wait until you see the rest of that wild video. hi everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. welcome everyone to the real story. the white house in crisis mode over obama care disastrous roll. two hours from how the president will try to rally a base as his poll numbers don't take a dive. as more dems eye next year's election what will happen to party unity. mike, what explanation did house dems give for voting in favor of the bill president obama threatened to veto. that happened last week. >> gretchen, 39 house democrats voted against their leadership which was saying that this bill would in effect destroy obama care, among them the likely democratic candidate for senate in iowa and michigan, won california house democrat explained his vote. >> the why i voted we want to
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give people individual choice. i'm inclined to think individuals are at best to decide what policy is best for them. again, this bill that we just voted on allows folks to have that choice. >> but, again, 39 house democrats voted for this bill after the president came out and offered an administrative fix last thursday and after the white house threatened to veto it. >> so is a democratic mutiny under way. >> there's certainly democratic heart burn among many lawmakers and concern about fixing aspects of this bill, of this law that are troubling their constituents. among the senators who have been very vocal are some who are up for re-election, mary landrieu from louisiana, mark udall from
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colorado. they have been vocal about this law and came out saying they supported longer extensions of allowing information stay on their health care plan. bottom line the house democratic leader is down playing any suggestion that obama care is in danger. >> i don't think it's in trouble. i think we have to remain calm, get through the website getting fixed. clarify some misrepresentations about it. it's the law of the land. it's an important economic and health stability issue, security issue for the american people. and i believe that in a matter of months many more people will see that. >> reporter: but if the website isn't fixed in a hurry and constituents continue to complain at the level they have been there are signs democratic support for obama care crumbling. gretchen. >> mike emanuel. thanks so much. obama care online mess goes
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beyond the federal level. one state going old school to sign folks up. here's what's happening in oregon. the online exchange has failed to register a single person so the state is forcing 400 people to process some 18,000 paper insurance applications now by hand. at 19 pages each it's scrambling to manually file them all in time for coverage to kick in january 1st. the daily press briefing at the white house with jay carney getting under way. we'll monitor this. we'll let kmoyou know of any ma announcements. >> they are using to measure the improvements that have been made, the improvements in reduction of error messages, improvements in response time. that's one facet. the others are those that start the process but find either because they are not comfortable doing something like this online or they may not spend a lot of time on the computer, may not be
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familiar with the kinds of information they need with regards to their financial situation, may end the process on their own and decide to utilize one of the other methods that are available to them to get information and enroll. finally there are those who have a personal or family situation that is complex enough that the site is not the best place to go to enroll. you are better served by using a navigator, a live person, either through the call in center or in one of the walk in centers that exist all around the country. so it's important to look at when you talk about aiming to have the website functioning effectively for the vast majority of the american people that there is a universe of people who will go on the site but leave it without getting
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through it for several reasons and only one of them really we categorize one of them having to do with technical issues. the goal here obviously is to get people through the system and by the system we don't mean the website but through the system and, therefore, allow them to enroll. >> you've been listening to the spokesperson for the president jay carney. he was taking a question about a report that came out today regarding the fact that by the end of this month, obama care website was supposed to be fixed, then vast majority of people can get on it. now there's a report even by the end of the month 80% of people can get on. 20% of the american public will not be able to access hearth.gohearth.go the obama care fiasco, no surprise to one republican who actually read the bill. senator mike enzi predicting its failures three years ago.
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>> the reality of this new regulation is that if you like what you have you can't keep it. >> senator enzi proposing a fix back then to let americans keep their insurance. dems ridiculousing him, accusing him of fear mongering and voting no on his measure. senator enzi joins me now. good to see you, senator. have you framed senate joint resolution 39 that you proposed back three years ago, i think you were right, weren't you? >> i was right. and i found that in the federal register which is an evaluation by the obama administration of what's going to happen. it predicted maybe 68% of the people would lose their insurance because of the additional requirements that were put into obama care under rules and regulations and when its rules and regulations we have a fix for it that doesn't require harry reid and that's the congressional review act. i put that in.
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the democrats chastised me for saying it couldn't be fixed, this would make it worst. then they voted unanimously against it. they are stuck with it now. >> yeah. it's amazing that we fast forward to three years and look exactly where we are. you were exactly right. i want to move on, those to moving forward because i you know have similar concerns for what's going to happen when small businesses go through the same process. what are your concerns? >> well, i found that they are going aggregate the numbers. for people to think they can go to 29 hours for their employees are finding out that doesn't get rid of employees for them. aggregating them means they multiple the nine employees, the ten employees times 29 hours and still have nine and two-thirds employees so they can't get under that 50 mark. if you own part of one business and part of another business you actually own both of those as far as the numbers. so they got so many traps built into this thing that it will be impossible for the small businessman to be able to comply
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with the law. we need to change the law so that it goes back to 40 hours. that's always what full time was. >> senator, that's interesting because we even heard from the unions saying that the classic work week of 40 hours could change as a result of obama care but what you're telling me today is that there aren't going to be any loopholes for people, small businesses and quite frankly employees are still going face a huge problem. >> yes. if you get into the regulations on this bill, not only could we not read the whole bill so we could know what was in it now they put 0-thousands of pages of regulations and it's hard to keep up with those. i try to keep up with them. i look at the numbers. i'm the accountant on this. there's all kinds of little traps, not just for small business, big business will have them too. small businessmen can't afford to hire someone special to look through these regulations in order to comply with these regulations. and so it's a nightmare. they are ready, fire, aim system
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of handling the website is the tip of the iceberg. >> appreciate the fact that you actually read the 3,000-page bill. senator mike enzi, thanks much for your time today. >> thank you. deadly tornado outbreak ripping through a dozen states from the midwest to the northeast and the south. at least eight bodies found among the devastation. in illinois half a dozen people killed as debris went flying. the twister leveled entire neighborhoods. tearing off roofs, flipping cars, uprooting trees. we go to hard hit manhattan, illinois, garrett i see the destruction where you're standing. what can you tell us? >> reporter: gretchen, the clean up efforts are under way in manhattan as well as throughout much of the state. crews are going through this area. this was a 10,000-square-foot warehouse for a landscaping business. none of these walls are standing. it left the entire building for
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a mile through those fields. now, of course, this was just one of the smaller tornadoes that hit the state in the center part of illinois, washington that's where the worst damage is we're told, 150 to 200 people were injured there. that's where one of the deaths is. the death total is up to eight people as two people had also died storm related death up in michigan. just announce ad few hours ago. of course the search-and-rescue efforts are under way in washington as well as throughout the rest of the state as they search through debris to make sure everyone is accounted for throughout this area. >> garrett, thanks very much for that update. pope francis opening up the tent, appealing to everyone. so can the gop learn anything from him? minister max lacado has his thoughts on that. go to my facebook page,
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again right now. seminole county, florida, police responding to a disturbance about an hour ago, he's been tine a correctional facility in sanford northeast of orlando where he'll be booked. no word on the charges but local reports is he may have been involved with a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. george zimmerman was acquitted of all charges in the shooting of trayvon martin. police showed up at his esstraepestrang estranged wife's home in september. meantime former vice president dick cheney daughters are going after one another. after comments liz cheney made. mary cheney has married her long time partner. listen. >> your sister mary who is married to a woman put out this post. she said for the record, i love my sister, you, but she is dead
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wrong on the issue of marriage. >> yeah. listen i love mary very much. i love her family very much. this san issue in which we disagree. >> mary said we got married in 2012. she didn't hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us. to have her now say she doesn't support our right to marry is offensive to say the least. good to see you both. lars how do you win this one? the cheney parents have also just put out a statement saying it's an issue they dealt with privately for many years. et cetera, et cetera. compassion is called for. >> that's exactly where it should stay. it should stay private. what i find disturbing about this, i have friends of 40 years who are gay. i don't care what they do in their own bedroom. it's their own business. when you bring something to the public sphere and demand
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government acknowledge and sanction gay marriage there's going to be differences. it's sad liz cheney's sister decided to make it a public fight to damage her political aspirations. we hear a lot about personal sfrals the left and yet it sound like as far as the gay agenda no prisoners and yes is the only answer that if you don't agree we'll do everything we can to hurt you. >> it does put both cheneys the sisters and parents in a difficult situation does it not? they disagree on it even though one sister is living a gay lifestyle. liz disagrees with it. should it be out front and center since she's running for office. >> don't know what the gay agenda is. only thing gays and lesbians are asking for is to be treated the same way we are. they demand equal rights because they are equal citizens of this country. in terms of the cheney
11:19 am
situation, look i feel horrible for everybody involved. it's a heartwrenching issue for both sisters and i feel horrible for dick cheney and lynn cheney isn't easy for sisters fighting like this. liz cheney's behavior if she was so offend by the concept of gay marriage she shouldn't have gone her sister's wedding. she did. she claimed she was very happy for her sister mary. now to come out and say publicly she's 0 foopposed to her sister marriage -- >> that's not what she did. >> she did say in general she doesn't agree with it. >> there's a difference between saying i disagree with homosexual marriage which i disagree with and saying that i oppose your marriage. and there's a gigantic difference. >> not at all. >> you're not accepting it. when i speak of the gay agenda i mean there are homosexuals in this country that say you demand
11:20 am
you just not tolerate not just accept that you endorse what we've done. lot of americans don't endorse it. >> i want to move on to something else because there's so much to talk about. listen to robert gibbs who used to be very close to the president talking about his credibility issue. >> he's obviously tremendously frustrated that no one told him the extent of this problem. i think that you as the commander-in-chief and as the president of the united states have to trust all of those around you to implement and i think there's no doubt a deficit of trust that's led to that deficit of credibility. >> so president obama facing a credibility crisis? >> yeah, so. identify said this since this whole debacle rolled out. the president shouldn't have come out you can keep your insurance without talking specifics as to what he was talking about. clearly there's people that doesn't apply to. so if i were the white house right now and if i were democrats in congress i would try to fix this as quickly as
11:21 am
possible. >> lars? >> it's very clear that the president knew this was a lie when he said it. he said it dozens of times in front of tv cameras and knew it was a lie. think about all the controversies where he has claimed to be in the dark and apparently never gone his staff and demanded like most bosses would don't ever leave me in the dark again. he claims to have been in the dark on the irs, nsa, benghazi and every single thing that's happened. >> somebody who was so close to him robert gibbs came out and had some criticism for him. julie and lars i have to wrap it up there. >> you might want to go out and buy your thanksgiving turkey today. why? the largest turkey producer says there could be a shortage of the big birds. we'll tell you why. a terrifying fall in the stands at this football game. twhoopd this guy? what was he doing? we'll tell you. toronto's crack smoking mayor still refusing to step down after the city council took away some of his power. next the council's new plans for him and then you got to hear his
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welcome back, everyone. things are about to get worse for toronto mayor who admitted using crack. the city council gearing up to strip rob ford of his office, budget and staff. make him in effect mayor in the name only. he calls it a coup and challenging it to call for early elections. did you see this happen? >> a fan falls from the upper deck at an nfl game. trace gallagher with the story. >> reporter: he's going to be okay. we don't know his name. we don't know what he was thinking. it happened during the second
11:26 am
quarter of the bills game. the guy was in the 300 section. sliding down the rail. he does a complete back flip and comes one fancy first on the guy below him. the person he fell on to looked to be about maybe 17 years old. the man who fell injured his shoulder. the person he fell on injured his head. look at him he's sliding down trailing and goes over and left leg swings up and then goes backward and then bam all the way back over and straight down on the guy below him. both of those people have been treated and released from a hospital. one man sitting four rows back of where that spot shadow is sent out this tweet saying he didn't speak. he just had that stupid grin as they wheeled him out. gave a thumbs up and the crowd booed. we spoke to the sheriff. they are not issuing a statement unless there's an arrest. right now that's very unclear.
11:27 am
but what is clear is that if he hadn't landed on somebody his injuries likely would have been significantly worse, gretchen. but both of those people are going to be fine. >> that's amazing. the fancy first may have been the key. trace thanks so much for that report. heartache in the heartland, tornadoes in several states. ahead where folks need to be on the look out for severe weather. taking lessons from the pope. for the republicans? party leaders say they can learn from pope francis to broaden their base without sacrificing their core value. what do you think about these sons we can take from the pope. tweet me at gretchen story #therealstory. we'll read your comments at the end of the show. clay.
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welcome back. clean up now under way after those deadly tornadoes all across a dozen states. >> our father who art in heaven. give us this day -- >> scenes like this played out over and over the intense storms claiming at least eight lives. illinois governor pat quinn declaring disaster areas in seven counties. our meteorologist is in fox cream "weather center" with much more. >> this will go down as one of the top five november outbreaks. and look at the storm reports.
11:32 am
82. that's preliminary tornadoes. a lot of them across illinois and indiana. 42 reports of hail and over 500 reports of wind. but it's the pictures that really tell the story of the devastation across the midwest. many states were affected. illinois was really the worst affected in terms of deaths. their worst tornado outbreak in terms of how many died because of it. right now we're tied for third here but, again, these are preliminary numbers and i think the number is going to go down a little bit. but it will be one of the most prolific and it really stretches as far north as michigan which since 1950 never had a tornado that far north across the u.s. the storm right now, the low pressure associated with the storm is in canada. the exiting cold front is offshore but we still have very gusty winds and a lot of delays
11:33 am
across the northeast. gretchen, back to you. >> she was not in the administration for the botched obama care roll out but all the controversy may still hurt hillary clinton. some call her the mother of obama care because her health care overhaul started in the '90s. remember. it was then hilary care. and included the individual mandate. joining us now is political editor at town good to see you. so hilary care forerunner of obama care. will this now haunt her as she moves forward potentially to run in 2016? >> it could. it will be interesting to see how republicans play this line of attack and how hillary clinton herself and her squad plays defense. hilary care may feel like ancient history to a lot of voters. it was attempted at least in the early to mid-'90s. it didn't go anywhere. in many ways it was more draconian than obama care in terms of mandates on employers.
11:34 am
it was more disruptive to people's at the time present health care situation. it ended up dying, withering on the vine. here we are years later and hillary clinton might be gearing up to run for president. one thing i might be curious to see, gretchen, is whether or not her 2007 and 2008 position is actually more damaging to her politically than hilary care of the '90s because hilary care was obama care in '07 and '08. barack obama argued against the individual mandate tax before he adopted it with his own plan. >> we remember that from the debates when they were both becoming the presidential candidate. i want to bring to you this. because really what started this whole thing with regard to democrats jumping ship from the president last week with regard to obama care, which president clinton coming out and saying, you know, if you make a promise you should be able to keep winter the american people and said now he would like to see is
11:35 am
a woman in the white house in his lifetime. interestingly enough we didn't hear anything from hillary clinton last week or this week regarding her thoughts on whether or not you should keep your health insurance. >> she has no comment on that one, fwret chen, she wants to stay away from this. i don't blame her politically. her fingerprints are on obama care and she wants to stay quiet which i think makes sense for her not attach herself to what is currently a really difficult failure of a law for democrats and i think what was interesting about president clinton coming out and giving that permission slip to fellow democrats to criticize the president on that broken promise, fwes who made the exact promise about virtually the identical program, hillary clinton in 2007 and 2008. she made almost verbatim the same pledge if you like your plan you can keep it. president obama, candidate obama
11:36 am
attacked her then took it for himself and made the same promise and that's fallen through. >> very interesting analysis. thanks so much. >> thank you, gretchen. right now possible divine inspiration for the gop. leading republicans and conservative activists say their party can broaden the field by taking lessons from pope francis as the new pontiff is proving adept as reaching out to the unconverted and tackling controversial issues while remaining faithful to his catholic mission. me now max lucado. >> thanks for letting me on the ram. >> this is an interesting analysis. it has to do with pope france sis' common touch. some conservative catholics don't approve of it that much but others are saying wow, you know, i hadn't paid attention to the pope for a long time. could the same thing be helpful to the republican party? >> what i admire about the pope is his ability to reach out to
11:37 am
all people. with a compassionate touch without compromising his convictions. what i think that does, gretchen, it opens an opportunity for honest dialogue. if our goal is to remain partisan and divided as a society we'll demonize one another and point fingers. if we really want to have genuine dialogue over very difficult issues, i think we can follow the example of the pope. he opens the for, welcomes people to the table, embraces them as fellow human beings and said let talk it through. >> right from the beginning in his first weeks of being pope, even his security detail was like whoa, whoa, he was starting to go past the rope lines and things like that. it's even deeper, he's been very inclusive, more approachable. he talks about humility and those are the same things that some people argue, you know, hey that could be helpful in politic taos. >> inclusive is not a bad word. you know, for those of us who have tried to make jesus christ
11:38 am
our model in our life he was inclusive. the only people he was hard on were religious people. in fact he was criticized because he seemed to hang out with the drunkards and troublemakers. he was criticized for that. i think reaching out to people, creating an opportunity where honest dialogue can happen is a very christ-like feature. >> this friday max has a movie coming out based on his best selling book called "the christmas candle." here's a sneak peek. >> forgive my ignorance what is this christmas candle? >> it's no different than old wives tales, an old bible story. >> it's miracle. >> how thrilled are you to see your book go to the big zpleen >> it's exciting. we have such a great cast. susan boyle makes her debut. samantha bark.
11:39 am
a phenomenal cast. >> don't you have a cameo. >> i do. i'm a butler. you got to know to look for me. >> i'll be looking. i'll open the door for anybody. i'll tell you. ate lot of fun. >> this is a movie it's rated pg but i'm assuming it's a good family -- >> it's wonderful family movie. wonderful bring your neighbor movie. wonderful holiday movie. it's a celebration of the christmas story of people in gladbury england passing through a tough time and there's this candle that is touched once every quarter of a century where prayers are answered. this reverend doubts it. these people want it. ate wonderful blend much what's happening. >> you know all about it because you wrote the book. people can check it out this friday. thank for being here. >> thank you, gretchen. >> george zimmerman arrested again few months after he was acquit in the shooting death of trayvon martin, plus a traffic stop turning into anything but routine. what led police to fire on a
11:40 am
minivan packed with kids. who was in the wrong? our legal panel weighs in. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? [ female announcer ] some people like to pretend a flood could never happen to them. and that their homeowners insurance protects them. [ thunder crashes ] it doesn't. stop pretending. only flood insurance covers floods.
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fox news alert for you now. george zimmerman back in police custody. these are aerial pictures of the arrest scene just outside of orlando florida. seminole county police confirm they 'arrested zimmerman. he's being booked at the correctional facility in sanford. no word on the exact charges. joining me now trial attorney rebecca woods and a federal prosecutor. here we go again. if you're george zimmerman don't you never do anything again? >> you don't ever do anything again you're george zimmerman. just really stand on your good works and try to do more better
11:44 am
work, charitable work. we don't know what happened here all we know is there was a domestic disturbance at a home. the police responded and he's in custody in seminole county. >> the fact that you take somebody into custody, help me understand this. does that mean they believe charges are pending? do you always take somebody into custody in a domestic disturbance? >> that's a great question because the fact of the matter is a lot of times and correct me if i'm wrong they will take somebody into custody for preliminary questions and i think what you're getting at it doesn't mean they will formally charge him. having said that this will throw fire on the pile as far as, i told you so, i told you he was an accident waiting to happen, i told you he was out of control and it will be unavoidable. >> what about fact you bring up the old case, trayvon martin, the unarmed teen killed down in florida by george zimmerman. he was acquitted of those charges. but does that case play at all into this case? >> what happens is people are human, they have memories. so, sure, it's going to play in.
11:45 am
when the police arrive at the scene and see george zimmerman -- we don't know what happened here. we don't know if he had a weapon. there will be a recognition factor. when you get to the police station, if there are charges if you get to a grand jury or a jury you're going to have recollection. >> yes. the point is even more right on the point if you look back to the simpson case which, obviously, not directly analogous but somewhat the next question can you take into account sentencing for someone with the new offense can you take the old one into account, technically yes. and then you're acquitted. >> he was acquitted but in the civil proceeding. >> good point. >> in the civil proceeding he was found negligent. >> what began as a routine speeding stop trooper wound up firing on the minivan. officers tried to pull a woman over speeding. she stopped.
11:46 am
was ordered out of the van. here's when things get ugly. she tries to take off. her 14-year-old son gets out. confronts the overseas. after a scuffle the boy gets back in the van. with the family locked inside the officers try to smash there way inside. >> open the door. open the door. open the door. >> so the family then takes off. as you can see. as they did one officer fires three shots. mother eventually stops and is arrested. doug who is to blame? >> this sclasic mois a classic . the people were noncompliant. the mother drove away. the next kid says the police cannot smash the vehicle when it's not imminent threat to them and can't shoot the vehicle when it's not imminent threat to them. everybody is at fault at the end of the day the police are more
11:47 am
at fault. you can't pump bullets into the van. >> why would you shoot tevan. there was any defense? >> honestly i can't see a defense for the police officers in this case at all. yes, as doug said if the person in the van were an imminent threat to police or others, there are different states in illinois, new mexico, in certain places you can pursue how aggressively in new york now we have a lesser pursuit. if there is a high-speed chase the police are told to back off. >> for the safety of others. >> new mexico more aggressive. but not to a level like this where there's a woman in a car with her children. now she, i'm sure her defense -- >> she's not blameless. she drove off. >> i'm going to say she will say i didn't know if they were real or fake and then they were coming at me. >> they charged her. >> they did. >> i was scared. >> they are. >> absolutely. >> back to entrepreneur shall point. we'll keep our eyes on the
11:48 am
george zimmerman situation. continue to brief you throughout the show if anything else happen. thank you. >> an outbreak of a deadly disease hitting one university hard and the extreme measures the feds are taking. country music couple faith hill and tim mcgraw splitting up. say it ain't so. faith addresses the rumors that their marriage could be over. ♪
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... ... ... ... ... ...
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>> welcome back. here's what america is clicking on, macy's bolting rocker joan jett on a float in the parade.
11:52 am
cattle ranchers complained they did not want a peta activist representing their state. the rumors are absolutely not true, accord are to faith hill. they're staying together despite tabloid reports of trouble in paradise. >> your turkey may look a little smaller. the turk questions had double gaining weight this year. >> new development in a major health scare. federal health officials allowing vaccine not used in the united states after princeton university reported its seventh case of meningitis this year. so scary for parents and grandparents, you send your kids off, and now meningitis? why would these cases continue to be spread when the first one was march and the kid went away
11:53 am
for the summer. >> that's is concerning. it suggests man the bacteria is still living on the campus, aside from those particular kids. it might be on computers, keyboards, glasses, drinks that people drink from. so, the fact that the cases are spread out is a reason we're concerned, because it can spread to more people. >> we're concerned because people die from this disease. there have been no deaths yet in these seven cases, but now we come to a point where maybe the school is going to vaccinate 8,000 students with a vaccine not approved in the united states. >> sounds like a risky move but i national favor of it. the reason is, if these cases keep keep popping up, the bacteria is continuing to live. so people coming to the campus for thanksgiving or people leave, could spread it to other places. so it's important to vaccinate people so that at least they don't care the bacteria elsewhere, they don't get
11:54 am
infected with it and spread it. >> so it takes a while for fda to approve things. the fact that they're allowing it, would that mean they might have been close to approving this or could it mean -- sometimes people have fear of getting vaccine and think they'll actually get the disease. >> people worry about different things, and there are risks. without the rigorous fda approval we don't know what the risks are, but the reason they're making this move is because the disease itself is so dangerous, and the fact they're not able to stop the spread, even with other campaigns on the campus. >> it will be interesting to see whether or not the school mandates the vaccine or gives the choice to the parents of the kids. that will be interesting, since it hasn't been approved. i have to wrap it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. faced certain death at an animal shelter, but a rescue group would have none of that. the mission to find new homes for these pooches, some of them just new borne puppies.
11:55 am
>> it's amazing people would do this, getting the opportunity to save 30 dogs is a big deal. i think it's great. afternoon ars and feeling good, but her knee pain returns... that'swo more pills. the evening's event brings laughter, joy, and more pain when jamie says... what's that, like six pills tod? yeah. i could take two ale for all day relief. really? and... and that's it. [ male announcer ] this is kathleen... for my arthritis pain, i now chse aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy open red arthritis cap.
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>> welcome back. investigators trying to figure out why two men died in a mine in colorado, killed by carbon monoxide poisoning after a gas leak. this is 270 miles southwest of den virk 19 others treated for minor injuries. the workers were wearing their reps ratter -- reps republicans raters d. >> an amaze going story. 30 dogs, including newborn pups, find a new home, thanks to a pittsburgh-based animal rescue group that organized a mission and flew down to virginia,
11:59 am
plucking the pooches to safety. half the dogs will stay in the pittsburgh area. the rest will have new homes in buffalo, new york. >> you guys are showing off today on mary cheny saying her sister liz is on the wrong side of. history opposing same-sex marriage. >> from jersey patriot, the federal government should not be legislating civil matters like this, especially when our economy is crumbling. >> and one tweet: it's up to each state. i your state is okay with it, fine. if not, fine. keep government out of marriage completely. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts and special think to martha mayer from anchorage, alaska, sent me a 1943 issue of a magazine called "real story. putt putt dedicated to the women of america at a time when wives,
12:00 pm
mothers, and grandmothers, took industrial jobs while our servicemen were fighting world war ii. how cool ills that? thanks for being part of the "the real story." shepard smith is reporting now from the fox news deck. >> watching three developing stories right now. first, massachusetts, four people found dead in one home two adults and two little kids. we're expecting new information in a news conference from police at any minute. we'll have it for you. george zimmerman arrested again. there's the new mug shot. we're waiting for the 9-1-1 call. and a live look at a scene in toronto, where -- well, it will be, anyway -- where the city council is moving to strip the crack-smoking mayor of more of his power. his fox news interview. >> i admitted to using illegal drugs in the last year. okay. i've admitted to drinking too much. okay. >> and there's much more to come from north america's mayor. so let's


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